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Thread: Matou Shinji and the Broken Chains (HP/FSN CYOA)

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    As for how much you can count on, it depend on how long it takes you clear a floor. Unlike the trials of insight, these levels can actually go quickly, provided you're strong enough to one-shot the bosses (or close to it). For example, the first level of the trial was over in minutes, as Elesa just fried the swarm of metallic birds with copious amounts of sith lightning.

    Killing a lindworm might take a bit more time/effort than that...
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    What Does Shinji know about Lindworm, actually? The information of wiki is pitiful. Apparently, it's a man-sized semi-lizard? Maybe flying? Sometimes with poison breath (like Fafnir)? Time for Wisdom check.

    Weaknesses? Usual size? Magic resistance? Notable abilities? Eating habits? I'll take anything at this point.

    Also, how viable is my plan? Can Shinji perform transfiguration of such difficulty, or should I leave it as a joke it was intended to be?
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    Shinji is not that advanced in transfiguration. Turning something into an animal is beyond him.

    Lindworm - flightless example of dragonkind, with poison/acid breath and extreme magical resistance. Carnivorous. Usually massive in size, around 8-30 meters in length and at least 1 meter across.

    Has some weakness to ice and anti-dragon noble phantasms. Absorbs and is healed by earth-based magecraft and is capable of earth manipulation.
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    With the agent outfit set up with movement, mag. def and stealth prana emission, there are few choices we could go with here;

    We could try a variety of things, such as using invisibility + a noisy distraction as bait to sneak through the chamber (bonus speed would likely help). We could also try to induce torpor through a sleeping draught. We could have Shinji playing bait while Elesa goes through the chamber and then flow-walk to her. Or fight after chugging down strength and girding potions to get better odds.

    I imagine the lindworm possesses high magical resistance and sturdy leather/scales as well, so it's probably a good idea not to engage it as our first move.

    In any case, I would be inclined to take a dose of fire protection in case we can't react fast enough to absorb (with the staff) a potential fire-breath.

    But yeah, bezoars can't hurt here to deal with poison. As for acid, I suggest Piccolo's main teaching - THE DODGE.
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    Good thing that the thing is asleep. So, let's try to sneak it first. On the oother hand, we can detonate some corrupted water ofuda in its mouth much easier while it's unresponsive.

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    The enthusiasm is staggering.

    [x] Sneak attack. Use Corrupted Water ofuda to aim for the sleeping lizard's weak points: mouth, eyes, (ears?). Loud point blank Explosive ofuda and spells to confuse it. Fusion and scythe attack to cut it's extremities... Oh wait.
    - [x] Strength potion.
    - [x] Vitality potion.

    It's the Challenge of Force. Chances are, we even won't be able to advance on the next floor without killing this thing, so let's make the opening strike as overwhelming as possible. Better go all in from the start then discover that the door is closed and have a "fair" fight.
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    Sorry I have been distracted by other things to input my thoughts. Plus write ins of this nature just makes my head hurt.

    You know now would be an excellent time to try out Shinji's NP. He does not know what it does. If we can manage to gain a Lindworm mount...

    That being said we still would need an actual plan.

    Loud point blank explosions is not going to confuse it for long and in fact is likely to enrage it. It is a land dragon, it does not fear much. Now you are right the scythe is likely the best source of damage against it expect man that puts us in very dangerous range.

    Range alpha strike it options from Shinji are rather limited to water and yin. But water is not in large supply at the moment.

    Sealth option Issues: This is an earth element focused creature. It likely able to feel the vibrations on the ground so if you approach close enough it will know. Plus large pana uses are going to alert it. And even if you get to the door it could be locked and/or resistant to fading.

    But I think we need an ice opening attack if we are not going to risk fully trying to avoid the fight, which I really really doubt we will manage with all of its senses.

    Crazy plan time!

    [X] Elesa and Shinji fly to the top of the room (50m up) by flight/fading respectfully. From there they quietly cast ice spells and use Shinji's water manipulation to slowly grow a large ice spike over the creature. Then they crash the ice spike into the creature breaking it off with a combined physical blow to the spike. And then they fight the creature while fused and using our normal bag of tricks.

    For the love of god people please help refined this plan or poke holes into it. Its the best I got for how to create a large opening ice attack on it. But it certainly is a risky plan. Hopefully 50 m up is far enough that it will not wake up by their presence and as long as they slowly feed prana into the making of the ice spike, the monster will not awaken up by it.

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    Well, might as well aim for the added damage. Something of note is that the wyrm is more vulnerable to magic than physical feats, even if it's not by much.

    I don't see anything outright shocking with your plan SL. If anything using the element of surprise to strike a weakness should help in dealing with the Lindworm - any significant wound that reduce mobility or sight would work for me.

    If I really had one thing that I would change is that I wouldn't aim to defeat the beast but rather weaken it enough to be able to go pass this floor as unscathed as possible. Fight yes, but only until an opening shows so that you can run like a madman.

    Stay away as much as possible to avoid the poison claw/fangs and keep moving so you don't get in contact with that breath attack. Save stamina and prana where you can.

    Having discussed with Alf, trust me when I say you don't want to be wounded / exhausted (nor under ailments) for what awaits.

    And yeah, we have to get the beast out of the way even if we aim to sneak, since it's asleep right where the exit is.

    Will be on irc for a bit if you guys want to discuss.
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