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Thread: So I started watching the Tsukihime Anime.

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    So I started watching the Tsukihime Anime.

    And TBH it doesn't seem that bad!
    Now I've currently only watched the first 2 episodes, so maybe it gets a lot worse later on, but I mean; with the whole; "There is no tsukihime anime" dumb meme-thing, I was expecting it to be harry potter-movies level of adapted awfulness. Though it's no Fate Zero, it currently doesn't seem to be any worse than 2006 FSn or UFO UBW.

    It's very different from the VN, almost different-route different, with Shiki seemingly being portrayed as an emotionless guy, and Arcueid as a tragic figure from the start, rather than the happy vampire I know and love; (I'm watching the eng dub, so it may be being portrayed differently. Though its dual audio, so I sometimes check it against the Japanese audio to compare, and though the japanese audio seems slightly better acted, the tone doesn't seem too different, especially for Arc, Shiki maybe seems more normal/like he is in the VN, in the jap dub) Many of the best scenes (IMO perhaps the best scene in any type moon work ever; is the first meeting between Shiki and Arc -How many murder mysteries start with YOU as the killer?) have been cut out or done incorrectly, And the visuals are certainly far behind any UFO work, and even 2006 FSN.

    However after watching the first episode, I found I enjoyed it, downloaded the rest of them, plan to watch them all, and anticipate enjoying them too! Maybe It's because I watch anime adaptions of visual novels I enjoy, that I'm happy to see an almost "new take" on the VN in the anime, because it gives me something unexpected to watch, where I dont always know whats going to happen next. Maybe, unlike UFOs UBW which pissed me off with its deviations, Tsuki is so far different that it jumps out of the other side of the uncanny valley, and I can simply consider it a different route, rather than an incorrect one. Maybe the Tsukihime VN's inherent structure of different routes that dont fit together as well as, and leave more plotholes than, FSN, lends itself better to an unfaithful adaption. Maybe it's simply not that bad.

    But though it's not GREAT why do you think it got SUCH a bad rep?

    P.S: No terrible spoilers pls.

    Cheers guys.

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    There are already threads for this, don't create new one too late.

    Like this or this

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