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Thread: Fate Extra PPSSPP setting

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    Fate Extra PPSSPP setting

    So, uh, lately im replaying fate extra original since I never did finish Caster playthrough.

    Im attempting to play it on Android Galaxy S4, with ppsspp. But most of the time its downright unrendered, or theres this white blocky effect.

    Can someone help me with the setting?

    Thanks in advance.
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    this might be relevant
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yato View Post
    this might be relevant
    Not really relevant, he is just asking for settings.

    Maybe this will help (my brothers setting, dunno if it will work for F/E +, v1.0.1):

    Mode: Buffered rendering
    Frameskipping: 4
    Auto frameskip: ✓
    Prevent FPS from exceeding 60 (speeds up GoW): ✓
    Alternative speed: 0
    Postprocessing shader: Off
    Rendering resolution: 1 x PSP
    Display resolution (HW scaler): Native device resolution
    Mipmapping: ✓
    Hardware transform: ✓
    Software skinning: ✓
    Vertex cache: ✓
    Lazy texture caching (speedup): ✓
    Retain changed textures (speedup, memory hog): ✓
    Disable slower effects (speedup): ✓
    Spline/Bezier curve quality: ✓
    Upscale level: Auto
    Upscale type: xBRZ
    Anisotropic filtering: Off
    Texture filtering: Auto
    Screen scaling filter: Linear

    (others not mentioned: it's unchecked).

    His phone is Sony Xperia E4G, and he probably set for better performance, or something.

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    this might be relevant
    Wrong. Emulators are perfectly legal.

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