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Thread: Cards Against the Nasuverse – a fanmade Cards Against Humanity expansion

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    You can play it on a phone, but it's impractical. In my experience.

    The Type Moon wikia page has a chatroom that's never in use. We might be able to take advantage of its perpetual vacancy.
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    Black card idea:

    "Nine Lives ___ Works."

    An idea for a white card:

    "Using your future self's arm as a prosthetic."
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    I keep hearing about people playing this but how do you actually play it

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    The technical side is outlined in the OP, the actual rules are just "fill the blank spot(s) in a sentence, let judge pick the card he likes most: Offensive Edition".
    Quote Originally Posted by ほうれん草 View Post

    I'm trying to watch anime FFS

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    Im sorry, but i have to ask this

    Do we actually need to pay to play this
    Quote Originally Posted by mewarmo990 View Post
    you don't need to think about it that hard
    Quote Originally Posted by castor212 View Post
    I dont get it
    Quote Originally Posted by mewarmo990 View Post
    nothing makes sense

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    Nvm it was the website
    Quote Originally Posted by mewarmo990 View Post
    you don't need to think about it that hard
    Quote Originally Posted by castor212 View Post
    I dont get it
    Quote Originally Posted by mewarmo990 View Post
    nothing makes sense

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    Cool Finally! An Update!

    Kara no Kyoukai
    -Explaining to your employee that you won't be paying him for a month, and then asking him to lend you some money.
    -Ryougi superiority.
    -Shiki Tohno's failure to live up to the Shiki Ryougi standards.

    -Getting mauled by a not-werewolf.

    -A new route that looks like a Satsuki Route, but turns out to be the Nrvnqsr route.
    -A goddamn explanation for the mere existence of the name 'Nrvnqsr.'
    -The logic behind pronouncing 'Nrvnqsr' as 'Nero.'
    -Kohaku's super secret lab.
    -Hisui's cooking.
    -Whatever Nanako is supposed to be.
    -However Nanako manages to hold things with one hoof.
    -The sheer amount of abuse Nanako puts up with.
    -Stealing Ciel's curry.
    -Eating Ciel's curry.
    -Currying favor with Ciel.
    -Inversion impulse.
    -Inversion sexpulse.
    -The most dangerous little sister ever.
    -Turning Satsuki into a vampire.
    -Giving Arcueid the wrong answer.

    Carnival Phantasmagoria
    -Allegedly declaring that you need nothing in life but money, women and meat.

    -Gas leaks.
    -Taiga's Tora Shinai.
    -The bone of my sword.
    -An Illya Route.
    -Rin's gift for technology.
    -Kentucky Fried Kayneth.
    -Kayneth's Fried Circuits (why should I have to choose?)
    -Repeatedly killing the few to save the many, and suddenly realizing everyone's dead.
    -Shirou Potter and the Goblet of Mud.
    -Kaleido Ruby.

    Fate/Grand Order
    -Mashu's secret senpai body pillow.
    -Skintight Chaldea Battle Suits.
    -The size of Sir Galahad's tits.
    -Our goddess, Scáthach.
    -Bathing in the blood of a hundred dead girls, and then bitching about being misrepresented as a vampire.
    -Complaining that you had no idea people would think you were an evil psychopath, and then revelling in the massacre of more young women.

    -Unstoppable Casko cuteness.
    -Tamamo's wake-up strategies.
    -Ignoring Tamamo's innuendos.
    -Repentance through crotch violence!
    -Discovering Nero outsourced a harem for you without your consent.
    -Melting all life on Earth into orgasming bloody sludge by using the planet as a dildo.

    Strange Fake
    -The surprisingly merciful deaths of Tubaki's parents.

    Beast's Lair
    -Grail Works Ltd.
    -Overwhelming condescension.
    -The scent of blood.
    -Power so diabolical, that only Spinach can safely wield it.
    -Non-specific criticism.
    -Finally getting Draconic to shut the fuck up.

    -Hideous Type-Moon nekos.
    -CrazyCloverClub Doujins.
    -Fate GO!
    -Sakura's Senpai-phone-wallpaper.

    Black Cards

    -I ended up in the Tiger Dojo because of _.
    -You can draw _ as many times as you want if you know the shape of it.
    -The need to hide your Magic Crest, because it looks like _.
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    *pops in*

    I know absolutely nothing about this, just dropping in to let you know your sig still calls it "Cards Against FATE" even though you requested a thread title change.

    Quote Originally Posted by celsius View Post
    If Saber and Shirou got married... Would that make Shirou the Queen of Britain?

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    PrillyaVerse Partial Update.

    Black Cards:
    -If Taiga's an elementary school teacher, who's Shirou's homeroom teacher in the PrillyaVerse? _
    -What's next on Ruby's list of whims? _

    White Cards:
    -'Taking Bazett's hand.'
    -An unfaithful magic wand.
    -The most powerful enemy we've faced yet.
    -Lousy English voice acting.
    -A perverted magic wand.
    -Beatrice's grotesquely deformed right arm.
    -Removing Beatrice's tongue.
    -Whatever that ugly giant thing Gil turned into was.
    -Bazett's glowing hands.
    -Upping the inappropriate sexuality in the magical girl genre until it finally offends its fans.
    -Kuro's needs.
    -Forcing everyone to listen as Ruby goes off on a messed up tangent.
    -More Iris to love.
    -The male to female ratio.
    -ShotaGil's smarmy personality.
    -Giving Shirou an actual harem.
    -Leysritt's obliviousness.
    -Changing Zelretch's name so that it doesn't sound ridiculous.
    The millions of things you don't want to know are going on in Ruby's mind.
    -Asking Sapphire if she's her sister's keeper. (Because she totally is)
    -Being surprised that Sella is uptight no matter what universe she's in.
    -Simulation Mode!
    -Finally seeing Taiga in a superhero costume.
    -What Karen considers a hobby.
    -Forcing Miyu to emote.
    -The dread in our hearts as we wait for Kotomine to show up.
    -Liquidating all of Bazett's assets.
    -Bazett's part-timer curse.
    -The moment you remember that Iris is only one year older than Illya.
    -The kind of shit that'd go down if Illya discovered her mother's REAL age.
    -Irisviel's semi-maturity.
    -The absurdity of Irisviel giving anyone a ride.
    -ShotaGil's glorious penis.
    -Giving the top of Zelretch's head a three second cameo.
    -Complaining about being seen with the outfit you're forcing someone to wear.
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    Why not call it Cards Against Alaya?

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    This is how I start to visualize what a Fort anime would look like Kratosirving's Avatar
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    Drac, new card idea for you to write. The image speaks for itself.

    Fortissimo EXA//Akkord:Bsusvier Video Walkthrough: COMPLETE (thread here)
    Fortissimo EXS//Akkord:Nächsten Phase Video Walkthrough: COMPLETE ^
    Kadenz Fermata//Akkord:Fortissimo Video Walkthrough: COMPLETE
    Kisekitsukai (Seventh Code) Playlist
    Mahoutsukai (Magi ) Playlist

    Quote Originally Posted by Elf View Post
    I've always done and said what I feel and I don't let the opinions of others guide my actions. I've always marched to the beat of my own drummer and I will always march to the beat of my own drummer.
    Quote Originally Posted by Five_X View Post
    How does this work and where does it go?

    08:36 <Spinach> Opti took the words right out of my penis.

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    The moment you realize that none of the Heaven's Feel endings actually fix the real Sakura problem.

    Being too emotionally lazy to realize you actually care about your students.

    Giving Sakura to the short end of the stick. Again.

    The Neverending Sword Factory


    Polygamist Castration Fist!

    A desperate need to touch Tamamo's soft, fluffy tail.

    Tamamo's weird-ass priorities.

    Tamamo's apparent inability to differentiate punches and kicks.


    A complete and utter inability to stand out.

    Forcibly trying to build a personality for yourself.

    Grand Order

    Giving Atalanta an apple.

    Wanting Medusa Alter and getting MedusAvenger instead.

    Wanting Medusa Alter, getting MedusAvenger instead, and then wondering why the fuck you ever wanted Alter in the first place.

    MedusAvenger's incalculable levels of awesome.

    The crushing letdown that is IshtaRin.

    Crushing his wife, making his only friend rot before his eyes, destroying his city, and spilling the Elixir of Life into the sea after he spent years searching for it to make him love you.

    A horny Tiamat.

    The horrors known by the servants living next door to Medb.

    The misery of being Medb's roommate.

    Medb induced insomnia.

    Coming here to piss on you.

    Crying for Mashu

    The heartbreaking Mashu's death scene that will never, ever happen.

    Whoever Mysterious Heroine X is.

    A Sexy Irish Lancer Squad.

    The logic behind lion-headed Edison.

    Thomas the Lionheaded.

    Discovering Thomas Edison really DID have the head of a lion.

    The disappointingly genderbent Quetzequatl.

    RAINBOW Saber!

    Double-RAINBOW Saber.

    Asking Nasu when Sigurd is coming out.

    Saber Wars

    A Gil who isn't a complete and total douchebag.

    King Hassan's slow walk.

    Assassinating a person from the front.

    Assassinating a manticore.

    Assassinating a ghost.

    Failing to perform a proper Archer's Noble Phantasm because they let her keep Excalibur.

    Using Prydwen as a surfboard.

    Using Prydwen as a surfboard without dad's permission.

    Literally worshipping Beach Scáthach.

    El-Melloi Case Files

    Rolling around on a big rock.

    Most certainly NOT setting aside time every day to watch a children's TV show.

    Gray's suspiciously familiar affinity for stuffed animals.

    An obnoxious box, in a cage, up a sleeve.

    Fate/Empire of Dirt (doujin project)

    Casual Brynhild

    Giving Scáthach's design such an upgrade that her canon design no longer does anything for you.


    Never EVER reading the Kohaku route so that she stays funny.

    Feline acceptance.

    Black Cards (I made quite a few this time!)


    Sir Tristan left the Knights of the Round Table because Arturia couldn't understand _.

    Grand Order

    Bedivere's prosthetic arm is made from _.

    If you disobey Kiyohime, she'll become _ and kill you with _.

    Even though Lancer-Medusa wasn't twice their height, Stheno and Euryale still bullied her because _.

    If Ishtar had been summoned during the Fifth War, Gilgamesh would _.

    Summoning Ishtar during the Fifth War would result in _.

    Jaguarman wanted a theme song but all she got was _.

    Nasu made Edward Teach a perverted dimwit because of _.

    If Gilgamesh catches you coming on to Enkidu, you're in for _.

    El-Melloi Case Files

    A _ is a UFO?

    In a way, you could say that _ is in the business of gathering _.
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    Yay, more cards.
    Credit for many of them goes to soah1086

    F/GO Expansion 4 (I think):

    Giving Bedivere a hand.

    Transforming Enkidu into a dildo.

    Liz’s kinky dragon tail.

    Raiko’s massive breasts.

    Barbatos, god rest his soul.

    Arash’s suicidal tendencies.

    Letting Fou handle the camera.

    The reason for Da Vinci looking like the Mona Lisa.

    The result of combining the Mona Lisa with a steampunk mech.



    Yet another goddamn saberface.

    Watching Bryn doing naughty things to D’arcness.

    Unlimited Salt Works.

    Lion King; the breast king.

    Out-kissing Kuro.

    Unlimited Maintenance Works

    Jeanne D’arc.


    Eightfold Assbeatings of Ameterasu.

    Altera’s headsparkles.

    Summoning Gudako as Avenger.

    Stealing Kintoki’s Motorcycle.

    Bigass whales.

    Bryn’s soothing voice.

    Bad Civilization.

    Good civilization.

    Calculating the exact amount of money you spent to roll your waifu.

    Forcibly forgetting the exact amount of money you spent to roll your waifu.

    Quetzalcoatl’s rape face.

    A half-ton Tiamat dakimakura.

    Moves like Cleo.

    Illya’s Maid Switch.

    Proof of the Desire Sensor’s existence.

    Black keys… Black keys everywhere…

    A ten-foot-long Gorgon dakimakura.

    Brynhildr’s beloved.

    Nitocris’ magical breast enlargement.

    Serenity’s thighs.

    Atalanta’s ears.

    Kintoki’s glorious boobs.

    Crashing full speed into a wall with Okita.

    Ishtar’s defenseless anus.

    Uncle Vlad’s sewing skills.

    Showing up naked to the next summer event, because Nero just does that kind of thing.

    Trying to figure out whether Tristan is awake.


    Dating Mashu with Lancelot’s supervision.


    Fou, the world’s most adorable killing machine.

    Gilles’ seductive gaze.

    Gatcha salt.

    Taiga’s sexy mob boss costume.

    EXTELLA Expansion 1

    Archimedes’ geometric superapocalypse tattoo.

    Removing Archimedes’ shirt.

    Removing Archimedes’ shirt to prove he’s evil.

    Smug, smarmy Smarchemedes.

    Corrupting Elizabeth… sorta.

    Getting smacked by Titan Altera.

    Whatever the hell ‘Velber’ is supposed to mean.

    The JK idol tail.

    Liz’s dragon ‘breath.’


    A cat that won’t film men.

    Kohaku’s demand for Nasu to work harder.

    Mapo Tofu.

    Black Cards:

    Kuro needs a mana transfer STAT! Unfortunately for _ they’re the closest.

    King Solomon’s three Noble Phantasms: He Who Has Mastered All, He Who Begins All, and He Who Is _.

    Solomon thought he planned for everything, but _ proved to be his downfall.

    In her latest concert, Liz had a song about _.

    Ritsuka caught _ trying on _’s outfit.

    I regret not rolling for _.

    To be Lancer is to suffer, but it’s even worse to be _.

    _ should have died instead of Olga.

    _ was the savior we needed, but not the one we deserved.

    _ is clearly a trap.

    With Jeanne indisposed, _ was the one to save France.

    Kojirou Sasaki could kill _ because when you think about it, a _ is just a bigger swallow.

    For optimal primate murdering, Fou took the form of _.

    For the last time, her name isn’t Matthew! It’s _!

    _ is _ civilization.

    Not even Mashu can block _.

    Killing Goetia only nets you _.

    When all else fails, Medea can still use _ to keep Issei out of her room.
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    -Historically accurate Servants
    -The boner of my sword
    -Merem Solomon, the greatest pokemon master ever
    -A loli who terrorized London
    -Shiki's score in Fruit Ninja
    -A priest heavily opposing the abortion of a local teenage couple (Heaven's feel reference)
    -The awkward moment when a Magical Girl spin-off turns into Heaven's Feel
    -A kid idolizing the man who indirectly murdered his family
    -A peerless army brought by the loyalty your sheer awesomeness inspires
    -A scumbag general who forces his soldiers to fight even after they've been reduced to dust
    -The EXTREME care that Shiki Tohno must take when he masturbates
    -Fucking up the rules you set

    -Your origin is _____
    -¡Excalibur _____, sword of promised _____!
    -Unite your _____ to reach victory, I shall praise your efforts.
    -The path of _____ is great, ¡Never tarnish it!
    What is a savior? Is it someone who comes in dire times, riding a white horse and wearing a shining armor? Is it a messenger of the gods who shows mankind the road of redemption? Or just someone brave enough to defy common sense and devote his life to others?

    No... In the end, it's simply someone who saves others. Therefore, a savior is useless in times of peace.

    That's why we wanted you to come.

    This war... Shall bring forth the salvation we all sought.

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