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Thread: Bugs & Errors

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    #notes doesn't have any admins, but there's pretty much always a mod around that'll help
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    We're all Zurvan
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    i am incorrect and regret my posting decisions
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    But that is how you get murdered. Don't go places with people
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    One of the truths of life, power levels don't matter and are for retards
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    When I die I want dataminers to lower me into my grave so they can let me down one last time
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    This forum is 100% thirst lol.
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    nothing is more beautiful than battle

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    To contextualize a bit, dude couldn't connect, I patched him through to Seika, Seika fiddled with the spam settings, he can now connect, I told his to arrange a meeting with an Admin outside of the forum so they could narrow the problem so they can turn the spam protections back to normal.

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