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Thread: Bugs & Errors

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikiri View Post
    the Mashu emote is :matthew; instead of :mashu: / :mash:

    please fix it
    WAI. I should know: I named it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Trubo View Post
    Recently put the mobile version of Firefox on my phone because I wanted an adblock and wasn't aware of a good one on Chrome. However, textboxes on this site don't wordwrap, not do they display text in the normal fashion (i.e. the box is completely whited out if not in the box, and gray box with white text when the box is active).
    Any other reports of this? Sounds just like what happens to me when BL tries to load on a really bad connexion with the normal skin, if that's of any interest.
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    I use Firefox with AdBlock Plus and everything looks OK.
    I wish I was like you, easily amused.

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    Oh, I'm using the ublock extension for firefox. And yes, I've seen that before on my home computer in the situation that Seika described.
    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi_Leonhart View Post
    Then I will ask that you pay closer attention
    Quote Originally Posted by Mcjon01 View Post
    So if I'm reading this right DP is saying that the feature almost everybody hates that is bad and makes the forum objectively worse will never go away because that would negatively impact another feature that nobody has ever used and most likely never will use just in case someday, someone wants to use it. Is that right?
    Quote Originally Posted by You View Post
    It's like if someone told me "make me a milkshake" and i was blind and they gave me the ingredients and I made a milkshake because milkshakes are good, but it turns out that milkshake was a bomb.

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