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Thread: Create-A-Servant 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoydGolden View Post
    That reminds me, when was the last update? It couldn't have been that long ago... right?
    Last update was Page 191.
    Yes. It's that long. Jeez, you peoples are so lazy

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoydGolden View Post
    That reminds me, when was the last update? It couldn't have been that long ago... right?

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    Wow, this could take days...
    I almost gave up.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Good thing back then there's more discussions and reviews than the actual Servant Sheets...

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    This may help. NMR-3 compiled this about 100 pages ago.

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    thx, i will continue it.

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    Should I also include sheets from the Monthly Contest?

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    That should do in that tread, i think

    here is a list of my servant sheets(new and improved format for my servant sheets)

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    Apparently, Bird of Hermes has already compiled most of these sheets...

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    Create-A-Servant 2 Masterlist

    Index by NMR-3 and Bird of Hermes

    Archer - Bass Reeves by WhatShouldNotBe
    Archer - Bass Reeves by WhatShouldNotBe
    Archer - Colt Peacemaker by WhatShouldNotBe
    Archer - George Washington by Bird of Hermes
    Archer - James Bowie by RoydGolden
    Archer - Lucky Luciano by Ail Don
    Archer - Punxsutawney Phil by Ail Don
    Archer - Ulysses S. Grant by WhatShouldNotBe
    Archer - Virgulino Ferreira da Silva by JetKinen
    Archer/Rider - Hiawatha by Funderfullness
    Archer/Rider - Lillian Frances Smith by Ymir
    Assassin - Allan Pinkerton by Ail Don
    Assassin - Charles Manson by Ail Don
    Assassin - Pteskawin by Ail Don
    Assassin - Santa Muerte by Ail Don
    Assassin - Spymaster 711/George Washington by 4score7years
    Assassin - Virginia Hall by Zh1212
    Assassin/Caster - Br'er Rabbit by Dozer095
    Assassin/Rider - Dorothy Gale by Alexcoene
    Assassin/Saber/Lancer/Rider/Caster/Berserker/Gunner - 711 (George Washington) by 4score7years
    Avenger - J. Robert Oppenheimer by WhatShouldNotBe
    Berserker - Andrew Jackson by Ail Don
    Berserker - Galvarino by WhatShouldNotBe
    Berserker - George Andrew Romero by Zork Knight
    Berserker/Brawler - John L. Sullivan by Ail Don
    Berserker - La Llorona by asterism42
    Caster - Benjamin Franklin by Alexcoene
    Caster - Elvis Presley by RoydGolden
    Caster - George Washington Carver by Zh1212
    Caster - H. P. Lovecraft by MehKitteh
    Caster - H.P. Lovecraft by Bird of Hermes
    Caster - Henry Ford by Zork Knight
    Caster - Jimi Hendrix by I Am The Table
    Caster - Noah Webster Jr. by Ail Don
    Caster - Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs by Zork Knight
    Caster - Sarah Winchester by WhatShouldNotBe
    Caster - Walt Disney by Zh1212
    Gunner/Assassin/Rider - Bonnie&Clyde by venomking
    Lancer - Richard Nixon by Endabend
    Lancer/Berserker - America by Ail Don
    Rider - Jean Lafitte by CritHit
    Rider - Sibyl Ludington by Dionysian_Lumberjack
    Rider/Archer/Gunner - Theodore Roosevelt by Endabend
    Rider/Saber/Lancer/Archer/Caster/Berserker/Assassin - Amelia Earhart by ItsaRandomUsername
    Saber - Babe Ruth by Ail Don
    Saber/Archer/Berserker - John Carter of Mars by WhatShouldNotBe
    Saver - Antônio Vicente Mendes Maciel by Zork Knight

    Ancient Mesopotamia:

    Arabic Mythology & History:
    Avenger - Muhammad by MehKitteh
    Caster - Abdul Alhazred by Zork Knight
    Caster - Scheherazade by Bird of Hermes
    Rider - Manas by Funderfullness
    Rider - T.E. Lawrence by Ail Don
    Rider/Lancer - Sinbad by Alexcone
    Ruler - Saladin by Spartacus
    Saber - Saladin by NMR-3
    Shielder - Dhul-Qarnayn by Funderfullness
    Shielder/Saber/Archer - Nusaybah bint Ka'ab by Funderfullness

    Archer - Ned Kelly by WhatSholdNotBe
    Assassin - Namorrodor by Diablo Interceptor
    Caster - Rainbow Serpent by WhatShouldNotBe
    Rider - Old Tom by Spartacus

    Archer/Ruler/Rider/Saber - Edward IV by Ramseph Boltstar
    Archer/Saber - Sir John Hawkwood by Zh1212
    Assassin - Arturia Pendragon by Brunestud Incarnate
    Assassin - Culhwch by Ail Don
    Assassin - Guy Fawkes by Bird of Hermes
    Assassin - Lawrence John Wargrave by Sherlock1110
    Assassin - Oswald Mosley by sutaa
    Assassin/Lancer - Constantine of Dumnonia by Constructman
    Assassin/Saber/Caster - Sir Kay by RoydGolden
    Avenger/Rider - Captain James Hook by Alexcoene
    Berserker - Boudicca by Legends Storyteller
    Berserker - Efnisien by Zh1212
    Berserker - King Arthur (Lion) by Nuclear Consensus
    Berserker - Mina Harker by Bird of Hermes
    Berserker - Richard III by 4score7years
    Berserker - Tom o'Bedlam by Ail Don
    Berserker/Saber/Caster - Uther Pendragon by Bird of Hermes
    Berserker/Assassin - Spring-Heeled Jack by Alexcoene
    Berserker/Monster/Beast/Avenger - Vortigern by Draconic
    Berserker/Saber/Assassin - Sir Gaheris by Bird of Hermes
    Caster - Bladud by Alexcoene
    Caster - Edward VI by sutaa
    Caster - Herbert George Wells by sherlock1110
    Caster - Isambard Kingdom Brunel by asterism42
    Caster - James Watt by RoydGolden
    Caster - Morgan le Fay Alter by Ymir
    Caster - Morgan Pendragon (Lily) by Gally
    Caster - Nathan Mayer Rothschild by Constructman
    Caster - Sherlock Holmes by venomking
    Caster - Titania by Mr.Obsidian
    Caster/Assassin - Morgana le Fay by RoydGolden
    Caster/Berserker - Isaac Newton by GilgameshKingOfMemes
    Caster/Rider/Shielder/Berserker/Avenger - Marcus Antonius by SSW
    Caster/Saber/Berserker - Uther Pendragon (Alter) by Bird of Hermes
    Caster/Saber/Ruler - Morgan le Fay by Ymir
    Lancer - Jack Meridew by sherlock1110
    Lancer - Jaufre by Alexcoene
    Lancer - Lleu Llaw Gyffes by Ail Don
    Lancer - Queen Victoria by asterism42
    Lancer - Sir Bedivere by RoydGolden
    Lancer/Saber - Percival by Bird of Hermes
    Rider - Arthur Harris by RoydGolden
    Rider - Black Bart by zh1212
    Rider - Cartimandua by Ail Don
    Rider - Gulliver by SSW
    Rider - Horatio Nelson by GilgameshKingOfMemes
    Rider - Robert I by asterism42
    Rider - Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim by Jetkinen
    Rider/Archer - Henry Morgan by Ail Don
    Rider/Ruler/Saber - Æthelflæd by Gally
    Rider/Saber/Berserker - Kay by Bird of Hermes
    Rider/Saber/Lancer - Bedivere by Ymir
    Ruler - Guinevere by Ymir
    Ruler - Æthelflæd by Bird of Hermes
    Saber - Artoria Pendragon by Frostyvale
    Saber - Bran the Blessed by Ail Don
    Saber - Galahad by zikari8
    Saber - Green Knight by Sunny
    Saber - Jack the Giant Killer by Jetkinen
    Saber - Thomas Hobbes by 4score7years
    Saber/Berserker - Accolon of Gaul by Alexcoene
    Saber/Berserker - Macbeth by Crying
    Saber/Caster/Berserker - Uther Pendragon Lily by Bird of Hermes
    Saber/Lancer/Berserker - Sir Balin by Bird of Hermes
    Saber/Lancer/Rider/Archer/Berserker - Sir Ywain by Shrapnel
    Saber/Rider - Sir Kay by Alexcoene
    Saber/Rider/Berserker - Cai by Ymir
    Saber/Rider/Berserker - Ywain by Ymir
    Shielder/Lancer - Galahad by Draconic
    Shielder/Saber - Sir Breunor by Master of Chaos

    Caucasian Mythology & History:
    Archer - Koapla by Ail Don

    Archer - Ao Guang by Theoneandonlyz
    Archer - Hou Yi by Dante_Serge
    Archer - Sun Shangxiang by Bird of Hermes
    Archer/Lancer/Rider/Caster/Assassin - Jiao Yu by Hakuro
    Archer/Saber/Berserker - Erlang Shen by WhatShouldNotBe
    Archer/Saber/Lancer/Striker - Sun Shangxiang by RoydGolden
    Assassin - Goujian of Yue by zikari8
    Assassin - Ip Kai-Man by JetKinen
    Assassin - Wong Fei-Hung by Skull
    Avenger - Mother Lu by Dionysian_Lumbrjack
    Berserker/Caster - Mao Zedong by Adlet
    Caster - Sima Qian by Constructman
    Caster - Sima Yi by asterism42
    Caster - Wen Shi by Funderfullness
    Caster/Shielder - Qin Shi Huang by GilgameshKingOfMemes
    Lancer - Drukpa Kunley by WhatShouldNotBe
    Lancer - Hong Hai'er by Zh1212
    Lancer - Xia Jie by Hakuro
    Lancer/Rider - Zhao Yun by Bird of Hermes
    Rider - Guanyin/Olga Marie Animusphere by zikari8
    Rider - Mizi Xia by sutaa
    Ruler/Saber/Rider - Liu Bei by RoydGolden
    Saber - Hong Xuiquan by Funderfullness
    Saber - Lu Dongbin by WhatShouldNotBe
    Saber - Terracotta Warrior by Mr.Obsidean
    Saber - Yuenü by Gally
    Striker - Zhang Sanfeng by WhatShouldNotBe

    Christianity and Judaism:
    Archer - Nimrod by Alexcoene
    Archer - Saint Barbara by AvengerEmiya
    Archer - Valentine by asterism42
    Archer/Berserker - Nimrod by Hakuro
    Assassin - Cain by Prix of Heroes
    Assassin - Cain by RoydGolden
    Assassin - Judith by Adlet
    Avenger - Naamah Alter by Daneel Rush
    Avenger - Olga of Kiev by Funderfullness
    Avenger/Caster/Ruler - Abel by RoydGolden
    Avenger/Ruler - Mary Magdalene by Bird of Hermes
    Banner/Saber - - Blandina by PBlades
    Berserker/Lancer/Caster/Assassin - Cain by RoydGolden
    Berserker - Satan by Fish11 (2/2)
    Caster - Jezebel by asterism42
    Caster - Lilith by Adlet
    Caster/Saber/Assassin/Berserker - Lucifer "Satan" Morningstar by venomking
    Caster - Pope Formosus by Funderfullness
    Caster - Saint Cyprain by Funderfullness
    Caster - Saint Walpurga by Spartacus
    Caster - Seth by RoydGolden
    Caster/Beast/Rider/Assassin - Lilith by Adlet
    Caster/Ruler - Raphael by Zork Knight
    Grand Berserker - Cain by Aridwolverine
    Grand Rider/Ruler/Archer/Caster - Noah by Adlet
    Lancer - Aaron by Ail Don
    Lancer - Cain Lily by RoydGolden
    Lancer - Jezebel/Izebal by Tsuruzao
    Lancer/Berserker - King Saul by Alexcoene
    Lancer/Caster - Gideon by RoydGolden
    Lancer/Ruler - Longinus by Zork Knight
    Rider - Elijah by RoydGolden
    Rider - St. Christopher (genderbent) by PBlades
    Rider/Caster/Ruler - Saint Nicholas by Alexcoene
    Rider/Caster/Ruler - Saint Romanus by Adlet
    Rider/Caster/Saver/Ruler - Jesus of Nazareth by Alexcoene
    Rider/Ruler/Archer/Caster - Noah by Adlet
    Ruler - Francis Xavier by Jetkinen
    Ruler - Israel by Jetkinen
    Ruler - Lazarus by Ail Don
    Ruler/Avenger - Josiah by ByblosXX
    Saber - Saul by Alexcoene
    Saber/Archer/Rider - Simon Bar Kokhba by RoydGolden
    Saber/Lancer/Rider/Caster - The Knights Templar by Ramseph Boltstar
    Saver - Metatron by Brunestud Incarnate
    Saver - Michael by venomking
    Saver/Avenger - Lucifer by Fish11 (1/2)
    Saver/Avenger - Lucifer by Fish11
    Saver/Saber/Rider/Caster/Ruler - Yeshua Bar Nazareth by RoydGolden
    Savior/Avenger - Jesus by venomking

    Classical Mythology & History:
    Archer - Apollo by asterism42
    Archer - Aristaeus by Funderfullness
    Archer - Brutus of Troy by Constructman
    Archer - Myrina by Ail Don
    Archer - Scipio Africanus by SSW
    Archer - Talos by WhatShouldNotBe
    Archer - Telemachnus by Alexcoene
    Archer - Telemachnus by You
    Archer - Ulysses/Odysseus by Hyperversum
    Archer/Assassin - Brutus of Troy by Alexcoene
    Archer/Lancer - Camilla by Bird of Hermes
    Archer/Rider - Iris by Ail Don
    Assassin - Brutus by SSW
    Assassin - Helen of Troy by AvengerEmiya
    Assassin - Herostratus by Shikyo21
    Assassin - Julia Vipsania Agrippina by SSW
    Assassin - Nisus and Euryalus by asterism42
    Assassin/Lancer/Berserker - Cronus by GilgameshKingOfMemes
    Avenger - Clytemnestra by asterism42
    Avenger/Caster - Pandora by GilgameshKingOfMemes
    Beast VII - Gaea by RoydGolden
    Berserker - Corineus by Alexcoene
    Berserker - Ino by Funderfullness
    Berserker - King Midas by RoydGolden
    Berserker - King Midas by You
    Berserker - Talos by Constructman
    Berserker/Beast - Scylla by Alexcoene
    Berserker/Rider - Pirithous by RoydGolden
    Berserker/Rider/Caster/Assassin - Bacchus by Hakuro
    Caster - Agrippina the Younger by Bird of Hermes
    Caster - Arachne by LeadDemon
    Caster - Orpheus by asterism42
    Caster - Orpheus by asterism42
    Caster - Orpheus by venomking
    Caster - Tiresias by SSW
    Caster/Assassin - Circe by GilgameshKingOfMemes
    Caster/Assassin - Daedalus by RoydGolden
    Caster/Assassin/Ruler - Julia Agrippina by Gally
    Caster/Assassin/Ruler - Julia Agrippina by Shrapnel
    Caster/Berserker - Arachne by venomking
    Lancer - Adonis by asterism42
    Lancer - Caeneus by Ail Don
    Lancer - Meleager by RoydGolden
    Lancer - Philip II by Ail Don
    Lancer - Telegonus by SSW
    Lancer/Rider/Berserker/Monster - Damasen by RoydGolden
    Rider - Arion by Funderfullness
    Rider - Bucephalus by Ail Don
    Rider - Cynane by Ymir
    Rider - Diomedes of Thrace by Funderfullness
    Rider - Endymion by asterism42
    Rider - Gaius Julius Caesar by SSW
    Rider - Helen & Clyteamnestra by SSW
    Rider - Jason Alter by RoydGolden
    Rider - Jason by RoydGolden
    Rider - Medea by Bird of Hermes
    Rider - Omphale by asterism42
    Rider - Perseus & Medusa by WhatShouldNotBe
    Rider - Phaea by Alexcoene
    Rider/Archer/Assassin - Sciron by RoydGolden
    Rider/Berserker - Oedipus Rex by Bird of Hermes
    Rider/Saber/Archer/Avenger - Cynane by Gally
    Saber - Damocles by RoydGolden
    Saber - Galatea by Funderfullness
    Saber - Perseus by WhatShouldNotBe
    Saber - Remus by Sunny
    Saber/Lancer/Rider - Constantine the Great by Adlet
    Saber/Rider/Shielder - Flavius Aetius by RoydGolden
    Saber/Rider - Iolaus by RoydGolden
    Saber - Meleager by venomking
    Saver - Hercules by venomking
    Shielder - Pallas by RoydGolden
    Shielder/Lancer - Aeneas by Bird of Hermes

    Assassin - Thutmose III by Bird of Hermes
    Avenger - Akhenaten by Diablo Interceptor
    Berserker - Arsinoë II by Daneel Rush
    Berserker - Thutmose II by PBlades
    Lancer/Caster - Hatshepsut by Bird of Hermes
    Rider/Caster - Khufu by Funderfullness

    Fairy Stories:
    Assassin/Berserker - Bloody Mary by Bird of Hermes
    Assassin - Goldilocks by Magikewl
    Assassin - Hansel & Gretel by Dessert Taiga
    Assassin - The Big Bad Wolf by Alexcoene
    Assassin - The Big Bad Wolf by Legends Storyteller
    Caster - Cinderella by You
    Caster - The Beast by Alexcoene
    Caster - The Little Mermaid by Bird of Hermes
    Rider - Black Knight by Mr.Obsidian
    Rider - Little Red Riding Hood by Bird of Hermes
    Rider - Santa Claus by Bird of Hermes


    Germany and Germanic Peoples:

    Rider - Chu Dong Tu by Funderfullness




    Maritime South-East Asia:

    The Netherlands:


    The Slavs:

    Sub-Saharan Africa:
    Berserker/Saber/Lancer/Archer/Avenger - Nyabinghi by Funderfullness
    Caster - Modjadji by Funderfullness
    Lancer/Archer - Anna Nzinga by Funderfullness
    Lancer/Berserker/Caster - Shango by Funderfullness
    Rider - Yennega by Funderfullness

    The Nasuverse
    Caster - Ritsuka Fujimaru by Nuclear Consensus
    Saber - EMIYA by venomking

    Arcueid Brunestud by Brunestud Incarnate
    Berserker - Warcueid by Brunestud Incarnate

    Index by ThirtyFour34
    Berserker - Cain by RoydGolden
    Archer/Saber - Sir John Hawkwood by SleepMode
    Rider - Qi Jiguang by Skull
    Assassin - Lawrence John Wargrave by sherlock1110
    Lancer - Odin (Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg) by RoydGolden
    Caster - Herbert George Wells by sherlock1110
    Berserker/Lancer/Rider - Pele by Ail Don
    Saber/Rider/Berserker - Helgi Hundingsbane Volsunga by Gally
    Rider - Tam O Shanter by sherlock1110
    Berserker - La Llorona by asterism42
    Rider - Horatio Nelson by GilgameshKingOfMemes
    Berserker - Parvati by Funderfullness
    Assassin/Berserker - Bloody Mary by Bird of Hermes
    Assassin/Caster - Thespis by Ail Don
    Rider - Caligula by RoydGolden
    Berserker and Assassin - Lernean Hydra and Karkinos by Diablo Interceptor
    Caster - Hephaestus by venomking
    Assassin/Avenger - Julia Vipsania Agrippina by Gally
    Caster - The Little Mermaid by Bird of Hermes
    Caster/Berserker - George Washington Carver by SleepMode
    Lancer/Avenger/Assassin - Asushunamir by Ail Don
    Saber/Rider - Iolaus by RoydGolden
    Caster/Saber/Assassin/Berserker - Lucifer Morningstar by venomking
    Saber - Jean-Jacques Rousseau by sherlock1110
    Caster - Zahhāk by Diablo Interceptor
    Caster - Nyai Roro Kidul by Spartacus
    Saber - Nameless Sociopath by venomking
    Lancer - Jack Merridew by sherlock1110
    Caster - Maria Anna Mozart by Funderfullness
    Berserker - John Proctor by sherlock1110
    Caster - Phantom of the Opera by Zork Knight
    Rider/Caster/Assassin - Su Daji by Bird of Hermes
    Saber - Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix by ScarfDyedShadow
    Archer/Caster - Ludwig Wittgenstein by sherlock1110
    Saber/Caster/Rider/Shielder - Hugues de Payens by SleepMode
    Rider - Zhuang Zhou by sherlock1110
    Caster - Uathach by Nuclear Consensus
    Berserker - Heracles (Lily) by Funderfullness
    Archer - SUgawara no Michizane by asterism42
    Caster - Lord William Henry Beveridge by sherlock1110
    Berserker - Typhon by asterism42
    Assassin - Disgraced Assassin by SleepMode
    Archer/Rider/Saber - Eurydice II of Macedonia by Gally
    Assassin - Arsène Lupin by Skull
    Caster - John Muir by sherlock1110
    Caster - Peter III of Russia by GilgameshKingOfMemes
    Saber - Kriemhild by the god of world-0
    Rider - Gerda by the god of world-0
    Lancer - Saint Longinus by EonADS 2.0
    Assassin - Little Red Riding Hood by the god of world-0
    Assassin - Abigail Williams by sherlock1110
    Berserker - Lepold von Sacher-Masoch by sherlock1110
    Archer - Penthesilea by the god of world-0
    Lancer - Grim Reaper by Diablo Interceptor
    Archer - Houyi by Arkanian
    Saber - Thornbjörg Eireksdóttir by Daneel Rush
    Caster - Skimir by Arkanian
    Rider - Rostam by Arkanian
    Saber - Percivale by Arkanian
    Caster - Cain by RoydGolden
    Lancer - Suibhne mac Colmain by Sunny
    Rider - Werner Voss by EonADS
    Rider - Titus Quinctius Flamininus by SleepMode
    Berserker - Death by the god of world-0
    Archer/Gunner - Cain by sherlock1110
    Caster - Ada Lovelace by KAIZA
    Assassin - The Red Death by sherlock 1110
    Assassin - Petrus by MehKitteh
    Rider - Edina V. Rickenbacker by EonADS
    Lancer - Psyche by RoydGolden
    Caster - Loo-wit by EonADS
    Saber - Gadjah Mada by MehKitteh
    Caster/Ruler - Thomas Danforth by sherlock1110
    Archer - Bagoas by Funderfullness
    Berserker - Flavius Theodosius by RoydGolden
    Rider/Saber/Berserker - Sir Ywain by Bird of Hermes
    Caster - Juana Ines de la Cruz by Funderfullness
    Saver - Loo-wit by EonADS
    Ruler - Tsagaglalal by SleepMode
    Saber - Lucius Tiberius by Skull
    Caster/Rider - Conchobar mac Nessa by Bird of Hermes
    Lancer - Mó Mŭ by Daneel Rush
    Assassin - Mohini by Bird of Hermes
    Retainer/Saber/Lancer/Berserker - Saito Musashibo Benkei by RoydGolden
    Assassin/Saber/Caster - Nie Yinniang by SleepMode
    Rider - Neil Armstrong by Sunny
    Archer - Bahrām V Gōr by Daneel Rush
    Caster - Toriyama Sekien by Maxinne
    Saber - Ryuko Emiya by the god of world-0
    Assassin - Lucifer Morningstar by venomking
    Caster - Der Zauberlehrling by Skull
    Caster - Helel Ben Shahar (Lucifer) by the god of world-0
    Rider/Caster/Ruler - Joan Anglicus of Mainz by chem24
    Caster - Scheherazade by You
    Saber/Lancer/Assassin - Lityerses by RoydGolden
    Rider/Berserker - Henry Every by SleepMode
    Rider - Chiyou by Daneel Rush
    Assassin - Follower of the Hassan by Bird of Hermes
    Assassin - Tiberius by asterism42
    Caster - Wu Zetian by Funderfullness
    Archer - Lucifer Morningstar by venomking
    Saber - Soujoubou by Obsidian Pharaoh
    Assassin - Theodore Robert Bundy by sherlock1110
    Ruler - Anselm d’Aosta by sherlock1110
    Caster - Vseslav the Sorcerer by Blastedspider
    Lancer - Valdemar IV Atterdag by Daneel Rush
    Rider - Agamemnon by zikari8
    Assassin - Kawashima Yoshiko by Express
    Caster - Menelik by Funderfullness
    Assassin - Akechi Mitsuhide by ThirtyFour34
    Rider - Hernán Cortés by ThirtyFour34
    Rider - Genghis Khan by ThirtyFour34
    Lancer - Orestes by Express
    Berserker/Saber/Assassin - Cut Nyak Dhien by ThirtyFour34
    Berserker - Wraith by venomking
    Lancer - Envy by venomking
    Rider - Alexander von Humboldt by Express
    Archer - Pride by venomking
    Caster/Rider/Berserker - Boudicca by Omida
    Caster - Sima Yi by ThirtyFour34
    Beast VIII/Master - Riyo Gudako by zikari8
    Lancer - Thjalfi by WhatShouldNotBe
    Caster - Sweeny Todd by venomking
    Caster - Nunuku-whenua by ThirtyFour34
    Archer - Crossbow Head by Daneel Rush
    Archer/Rider/Berserker - William I by Omida
    Saber - Meleager by venomking
    Archer - Matilda dei Canossa by Express
    Rider - Kamehameha I by Skull
    Caster/Avenger - Said Idrus by ThirtyFour34
    Caster - Zeno of Elea by RoydGolden
    Caster - Gwydion by Express
    Saber - Arturia Pendragon by Omida
    Rider - Malin Kundang by ThirtyFour34
    Caster - Naamah by Daneel Rush
    Caster - Abe no Seimei by Omida
    Beast(Avenger?) - Satsuki Yumizuka by the god of world-0
    Ruler - Isaiah by Aridwolverine
    Caster - Ce Acatl Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl by venomking
    Rider/Ruler - Takeda Shingen by massive_jojo_reference
    Caster - Natsume Sōseki by Skull
    Rider - Elagabalus by Funderfullness
    Caster - Kamehameha I by zikari8
    Lancer - Pyrrha by zikari8
    Launcher - AR-78-2 by zikari8
    Archer/Caster/Rider/Saber - Marcus Licinius Crassus by ThirtyFour34
    Shielder - Arthur Pendragon (Summer) by asterism42
    Archer - Medea (Summer) by zikari8
    Shielder - Hector (Summer) by Nuclear Consensus
    Lancer - Odin by the god of world-0
    Rider/Caster - Marie-Georges-Jean Melies by chem24
    Beast VI/T - Manaka Sajyou by the god of world-0
    Rider - Vasuki by asterism42
    Archer/Rider/Caster - Apollo by venomking
    Lancer - Meleager by Bird of Hermes
    Caster - Chiyou by Daneel Rush
    Berserker - Commodus by Express
    Mooncancer - TT by the god of world-0
    Avenger - Boudicca (Summer) by the god of world-0
    Ruler/Caster/Berserker - Saint Symeon by SleepMode
    Ruler/UltiMaid - Šiduri-Sâbîtu by Daneel Rush
    Berserker - Uesugi Kenshin (Summer) by Spartacus
    Rider/Assassin/Saber/Ruler - George Washington by venomking
    Lancer/Rider/Saber - Pyrrhus of Epiros by ThirtyFour34
    Ruler - Merlin by the god of world-0
    Ruler - Medb (Summer) by Omida
    Archer - Hou Yi by KAIZA
    Assassin/Berserker/Avenger - Bogeyman by Aridwolverine
    Caster - Eduardo de Valfierno by Funderfullness
    Ruler/Caster - Plutarch by ThirtyFour34
    Saber - Cormac mac Airt by Express
    Ruler - Paris of Troy (Summer) by Sunny
    Saber/Rider/Assassin - Hang Tuah by ThirtyFour34
    Caster - Grimm by Aridwolverine
    Rider/Caster/Ruler - Soekarno by ThirtyFour34
    Ruler/Lancer/Caster - Hammurabi by RoydGolden
    Berserker/Shielder/Lancer/Saber - Ajax by venomking
    Saver - Kalki by Clyton
    Berserker - Cacus by Daneel Rush
    Lancer - Nestor by Express
    Assassin/Berserker - Melankomas by venomking
    Archer/Berserker - William Tecumseh Sherman by Aridwolverine
    Avenger/Caster/Watcher - Invidia by ThirtyFour34
    Lancer/Saber/Ruler - St. Maurice by RoydGolden
    Rider - Keumalahayati by ThirtyFour34
    Caster - Erastosthenes by Express
    Rider - Lemuel Gulliver by pinetree
    Berserker - Satanael by Aridwolverine
    Rider/Assassin - Theseus by Bird of Hermes
    Saber - Fergus mac Leti by Express
    Berserker - Yossele by Omida
    Caster - Aji Saka by ThirtyFour34
    Archer - Penelope by asterism42
    Caster - Ō no Yasumaro by Omida
    Saber - Tsukahara Bokuden by massive_jojo_reference
    Rider - Jesus Lily by Express
    Lancer - Peter Pan by Hawkeye
    Alter Ego/Saver/Beast - Yaldabaoth by Aridwolverine
    Saber - Sir Marok by RoydGolden
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    Grand Assassin/Beast/Avenger - Cain by venomking
    Rider/Saber/Archer - Mehmed bin Murad (Lily) by sherlock1110
    Saver - Amaterasu by the god of world-0
    Assassin - Chiyou by Daneel Rush
    Saber/Rider - Almos by Omida
    Rider - Takeda Shingen by Spartacus
    Saber - Kriemhild by the god of world-0
    Rider/Berserker/Lancer - Sun Wukong by Aridwolverine
    Rider - Hippolytus/Virbius by ThirtyFour34
    Avenger - Origin Spral by Criarino
    Saber/Berserker - Tom A Lincoln by Alexcoene
    Rider - Ganymede by Ordep
    Caster - Phemonoe by Sunny
    Caster - Alexander Graham Bell by ThirtyFour34
    Archer - Hou Yi by the god of world-0
    Berserker/Archer/Rider - Pasiphaë by Alexcoene
    Archer/Beast/Berserker - Hou Yi by Theoneandonlyz
    Saber/Berserker/Monster - Fafnir by RoydGolden
    Saber - Kamiizumi Nobutsuna by massive_jojo_reference
    Saber/Rider/Caster - Liu Bang by SleepMode
    Archer/Caster/Rider - Tom Swift by Alexcoene
    Tower - Nimrod by Ruisu
    Beast VII/L - Lilith by the god of world-0
    Caster/Lancer/Berserker - Heinrich Kramer by ThirtyFour34

    Because I'm kinda lazy, I didn't bother to put these sheets into their respective category and just put them in the order of their post date, so if you're kind enough, please feel free to remake this, also feel free to point out any mistakes.

    I will probably update this list if there's a new sheet. Maybe.
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    Incomplete as it may be, thank you for your effort.

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    It's greate compilation, but I might ask, can you remove nameless sociopath, as I am deleting it, it's the sheet that shall have no name for it is so bad, even I would rather die then read it.

    - - - Updated - - -

    After I get some breakfast and my caffeine fill for the day I'm ganna do H.H Holmes I was ganna do him in Halloween but I got over 50 halloween servants for that.

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    OH MY GOD! i just noticed the mistake on avenger sheet, this is SO embarrassed.

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    well, you commit mistakes and then learn with then, i alredy fixed

    here is a list of my servant sheets(new and improved format for my servant sheets)

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    VIII - Interlude Around the Bonfire

    I - Name Unknown
    II - The Enemy
    III - Rome Under Fire
    IV - Chaos
    V - Gathering of Hunters
    VI - Cornucopia
    VII - A Reason to Die

    VIII - Interlude Around the Bonfire
    Among the Servants summoned by the Assassin-class Chiyou and her Grail of unknown origin, she was the one summoned in the Rider class. A voluptuous woman in the garb of an exotic dancer, she would normally walk upright, proudly presenting her beauty and her regal elegance. At the moment, however, she was skulking in the alleys of the ravaged city of Rome, seeking to avoid drawing the attention of any of its maddened citizens. Dealing with wanton beasts would be an unnecessary hassle. Even if there were not a need for stealth, Rider would probably not walk placidly through the city streets. Her shoulders were slumped and a thumb was squeezed between insidious teeth biting in frustration.

    She was in a terrible mood.

    Capturing the amnesiac Assassin should have been a walk in the park with Saber as an escort. However, the Chaldean pests got in the way and Saber somehow ended up beaten by the demon brat of all people. Upon returning to Rome, she was unceremoniously left behind by her Master with a single instruction. She infiltrated the city and had the good fortune to find the Master of Chaldea unguarded. Instead of delivering his head to her Master, she was betrayed by that infuriatingly smug Caster and sent running with her tail between her legs.

    Her blood ran hot beneath her skin. It demanded retribution for her humiliation. She wanted to grab that puny Assassin girl by the horns and rip them off her head. She wanted to grab Caster’s hair and run her face along the ground until it became unrecognizable. She wanted to rip the Chaldean brat’s tongue off with her own teeth.

    Spitting the blood from the thumb she had bitten, she skulked her way towards the Aventine Hill. Then her retribution would begin.


    Night had fallen. He was exhausted, to the point he could only offer halfhearted thanks to Momu as she massaged his tense shoulders.

    He had already plenty of experience witnessing horrible things, but it still took a toll in his mind. He guessed it was good not to become too accustomed to evil; it was just exhausting. There were only so many scenes of people killing, raping, and even eating each other he could take.

    And he just couldn’t stop it. Rather, he couldn’t stop everyone. Even if he did something about those standing in front of him, scenes like that were taking place throughout the entire city. He couldn’t send Lancer Alter and the others to stop every single maddened Roman. He was tired, and following the fights against the Lancer Waldemar Atterdag and Rider Chiyou, his legendary companions were also tired. Even worse, Lancer Alter was not receiving magical input from Chaldea—he had to take the entire burden of sustaining her.

    They needed to rest. So, they sought an emptier part of the city where they hoped not to be bothered, until a people-repelling bounded field grabbed their attention. Inside, they found an unexpected helper.

    “Caster!?” Momu, who recognized the small figure for who she was, also showed herself the most surprised by the Servant placidly sitting by a bonfire in the middle of an empty market square.

    “Hmm. I doth not bethink there is enow meat f'r everyone, but feeleth free to rest by the fire. We shall not be bother'd hither.”

    A part of him thought he should stop being surprised by the physical appearance of Servants. So the Caster-class Chiyou Momu had spoken so highly of turned out to be the littlest girl Servant he had met thus far. No biggie. Really, whatever, she had roasted chicken.

    So, they rested and ate. Most of them did, at least. The albino Caster and the Servant following them from the shadows for a while kept an eloquent distance, neither partaking from the meal provided by Caster Chiyou.

    “Master,” Lancer Alter finally opened her mouth to speak, having just finished devouring a whole chicken. “Without Chaldea’s backup, we have to think carefully about our next move. I managed to defeat Lancer, but…”

    “I am utterly ashamed,” said Momu behind him. “I was not decisive enough, and Rider retreated after her dragon made the breach in the wall.” Her words and voice were regretful, but there was a fire in her eyes visible through the mask. “You can rest assured I will make up for this failure.”

    That was when he tried to make sure he was not bothered by her failing to defeat Rider Chiyou, but his Servant spoke before any words could leave his mouth.

    “The matter is, at this point I do not even know how many Servants we are dealing with.” She shrugged, and the young man pointed avoided staring the excessive sway of certain parts of her body. “In the end, it matters not—I will crush anything that stands in our way, but there is value in knowing who the enemy is and who is not.”

    “Indeed, at long last you bring up a decent point, Black King of the Wild Hunt. In recognition of this, we will grant the privilege of our knowledge.”

    The albino Caster haughtily walked closer to the fire, her steps dainty like a princess walking down the stairs to the royal gala.

    “Didn’t she just want to join the chat?” he muttered, and he could swear something like a snort came out of Chiyou Caster. While he could not see through Momu’s mask, he was almost sure she was smiling. For whatever reason, it was almost as fulfilling as the meal just consumed.

    “First of all, it is about time for you to come out, Assassin. Even the boy is aware of you by this point. Either he possesses privileged perception, or your capabilities as an Assassin are simply that lacking. In either case, do us all a favor and reveal yourself.”

    What emerged from a nearby alley was an apparition of terror: a figure clad in black armor and a hooded skull mask. With not a single inch of skin exposed, it was difficult to tell the gender of this new Servant. Then again, King Hassan was way scarier.

    The newcomer sat down where Caster had been moments earlier, clearly not intending to say a single word. Apparently satisfied, Caster turned to address the rest of the group.

    “Thus far, five aspects of Chiyou have manifested as Servants: Assassin, Lancer, Rider, Caster, and Archer, in that order. Assassin brought with her a wish-granting device, which she used to summon seven Servants under her command.”

    “So Archer is here, after all?” Momu pondered.

    “That one hath her own priorities. It would be delusional to desire f’r that one’s cooperation.”

    “Yes, you’re probably right. And we are all better off without Berserker around. Saber…”

    “If 't be true that one wast hither, there would not be a crisis to begin with.”

    “…Your Eminence, please do forgive me for asking, but why do you keep talking like that?” Momu finally asked everyone’s question.

    “…I fav’r ‘t.”

    “Well, you are obviously not doing your Master’s bidding, Caster.” Artoria pointed out, ignoring the Caster Chiyou averting her face with the most adorable pout.

    “We have no master but ourselves,” declared the other Caster, dressed in the elegant black dress contrasting with her clear skin. “And now that the Assassin Chiyou has departed to parts unknown, the others too have chosen to act true to their selves. Ironic, to a degree.”

    “Except for Rider,” pointed out the Master. “When I saw her with you she seemed fairly loyal to Assassin Chiyou.”

    “That is to be expected of a pathetic wench whose only hope for survival is by kneeling at the feet of the strong,” Caster declared, her voice and her expression clearly declaring their disgust towards the exotic dancer.

    “In any case, Saber and Lancer have been defeated,” said Artoria. “Caster and Assassin are right here. Then there is Rider who we met at Germania, and Archer who attacked us when we arrived here. Where is Berserker?”

    “There is none,” replied Caster. “Assassin Chiyou summoned a second Caster. But she is gone; left right after Chiyou. So did Archer, for that matter. Do not mind her—her true identity is that of the King of Magic’s Queen; she would not become an enemy of Chaldea of her own free will.”

    The young Master was left hoping for the chance to meet the original Servant Naamah.

    “What about the other Assassin?” Momu pondered. “The one who traveled with us?”

    Indeed, there were three Assassin-class Servants in that realm.

    “That one was the very first to arrive,” replied Caster. “If anything, we could say Assassin Chiyou manifested in this timeline because that one was already here. Why or how she came here…we do not know the details, meaning they are irrelevant.”

    It made the Master roll his eyes. Either she truly dismissed them as unimportant to her, or she just would not share them. He was not so slow or so dumb as to not notice the way the two Chiyou swayed between staring at her as if mesmerized, and then looking away in something like a mixture of fear and disgust. Being honest to himself, he also could not take his eyes from the albino girl, but he was too acquainted with Stheno and Euryale to know this wasn’t a Charm effect, or Mystic Eyes or something of that nature. He was not enamored with her—the very opposite: her albinism aside, she looked as plain as a girl could be.

    Yet there was something about her.

    “Refrain from staring that much, Master, unless you wish to throw away your humanity.”

    His questioning look was everything Artoria needed.

    “I do not see it as clearly as those two,” she said, gesturing towards the Lancer and Caster Chiyou. “But I can at least understand the uncanny pull she has on you, for I also feel the same.”

    Lancer Alter’s choice of words brought to his mind the concept of the “uncanny valley”, and then it clicked.

    And it terrified him.

    “What…is she?” He whispered to his Servant, his voice hollow as if he had just been drained of all hope.

    “I do not know who she is, but she is utterly inhuman. No, she is an existence that erodes humanity solely by existing. I must ask you to stay away from her, Master.”

    “We cannot feel insulted by your words, but you should nonetheless refrain from speaking so rudely in my presence.”

    Realizing that not a single word of their hushed conversation had escaped Caster’s fine hearing, the Master and his Servant stared at her in deep alarm. An instant later, they both realized they were staring again and promptly turned their faces away. Caster smiled quietly.

    “So-ahem, so the threats remaining here right now are the two Riders,” Artoria Lancer Alter said after clearing her throat. “But that is only if we care about this city at this point. Master, I say we dedicate our efforts to locating Assassin Chiyou.”

    “Only death awaits at the end of that path,” immediately refuted Caster. “We do not mean to insult, but it is a fact that you cannot defeat her.”

    Momu turned to her Caster-class counterpart.

    “Can you defeat Assassin, Your Eminence?”

    “…normally, I would be confident in mine own ability to overcome that one, but there is something regarding this particular iteration that keepeth bothering me. I cann’t come to an understanding of that one’s purpose.”

    “Isn’t she aiming to become an Evil of Mankind?” honestly wondered the young man, going by his exchange with the original, Heroic Spirit Chiyou.

    “Absolutely not. Chiyou hath no interest in becoming one of the Seven,” Chiyou Caster promptly refuted, even sounding disgusted by the idea.

    “Then you answered your own question,” replied Caster. “She aims to become something else.”

    The two Chiyou nodded in unison, clearly understanding something that still eluded the Master and his Servant.

    “But that still doesn’t tell us how she is doing it. What does she even gain by destroying Rome?” Momu then said, but the Master of Chaldea already had part of the answer.

    “The Cornucopia.”

    “Indeed,” agreed Caster. “Having used her own wish-granting device for the first part of her plan, she needs a second one for the second part. As for the attack on Rome, it has already fulfilled its purpose.”

    “What do you mean?”

    The young man asked intently, but he only got an intent stare in response, framed with that smile that, he already knew, projected her believed superiority over all things. Caster fixated her penetrating gaze on him, her (red? Gold?) eyes paralyzing him without any magecraft. Again, it was not beauty that struck him, but the unconscious awareness of there being something awfully abnormal about her. Now that he had become aware of the issue, it was brought out more starkly upon catching sight of her mathematically perfect features.

    “I need not answer that question,” she finally declared. “Am I wrong, Black King?”

    The Master looked at his Servant, whose eyes were wide open, both alarm and restrained fury visible in them.

    “She wanted us here,” she concluded. “She wanted us to come here, Master! Her objective is Chaldea!”

    “More precisely, her objective is the ‘present time’ of a world along the proper axis,” Caster added. “The original form of Banner of Chiyou is a red comet, shining high in the sky. Now that you have seen the fall of this Rome, what do you think would happen, boy, if that red radiance shone over an entire hemisphere of your world?”

    It did not need description. He did not need to think about it. It chilled him to the bone. And Caster wasn’t done.

    “Chaldea is the only think that could get in the way of that plan, yet it is the only means through which she can execute it. The attack on Rome was a lure to bring you here, and the means through which she removed this timeframe from the established History of Man, effectively isolating it as a reality designated for removal. She further used her Grail to block any outside interference, all to ensure the success of her plan.”

    “Damn it!” Artoria punched the hard soil. “It’s just like Solomon!”

    Caster nodded, visibly satisfied that Artoria got it. The two Chiyou watched with nervous excitement, as they too came to realize the magnitude of the plot laid out by their Assassin counterpart.

    “We ask a new question of you, Master of Chaldea: what do you think will happen when Assassin removes that block?”

    He knew. Of course he already knew.

    Chaldea would immediately strive to make contact with him, definitely led by an overly worried kouhai. And the moment communication was established, Chiyou Assassin would be able to locate Chaldea.

    “The Cornucopia…is not just for her ‘transformation’,” he concluded. “She needs it to leyshift.”

    Truly, nothing good ever came from wish-granting devices.

    Caster nodded, and he somehow knew she needed say no more.

    “Master!” Artoria stood up abruptly. “Then it’s all the more urgent we find her and beat her—”

    Any thoughts of going after Chiyou Assassin were blown away by a surge of light and a powerful, beastly roar, both from the same direction.

    “That…was way too close from here,” Momu said while quickly moving to protect the Master. Her words carried the sense of “too close to be a coincidence”.

    “It’s…a Servant?” Artoria was surprised yet another time. “A new Servant is being summoned?”

    Neither Caster moved from their seated positions, instead the albino gestured the skull-mask Assassin to do so in her place.

    “Hmph. It seems Rider has made her move, after all. Assassin, go with them and keep an eye on things. Assist them only if you think your own life is threatened otherwise.”

    “Yes, M—um, ma’am.”

    Caster looked up, and so did the Master. The rumbling storm clouds—which he had completely forgotten about inside Chiyou Caster’s bounded field—moved ominously, crashing with and merging into each other, while lightning flashed in their depths.

    “You are saying that was Rider’s doing?”

    “Have you already forgotten, boy? Rider had a mission in this city, as commanded by her Master. Now move already. Even if you do not go to her, she will come to you.”

    She then looked to the east, where the roaring of beasts echoed from far beyond the city’s walls.

    “And you would be mistaken to assume Chiyou Rider is finished for the evening. She already breached the wall; she probably thinks the city in her grasp. Either way, do not expect to sleep tonight, child of Chaldea.”

    “Will you fight with us, Your Eminence?” Momu asked her “sister”.

    “Not yet. I will when I must.”

    “Let’s go, Artoria, Momu.”


    “Whatever it is, it will be crushed by my lance, Master,” assured the black-armored Lancer, already atop her mighty steed.

    Two Casters watched the group depart towards the source of the light, closely followed by an Assassin rather poor at stealth.

    “Hmph. He is not bad for a human, that child,” Caster spoke, perhaps to herself, and seemingly uncaring of Chiyou Caster’s attention. “He listens carefully to what is said, and pays attention to what is not said. He might entertain us, after all.”

    “Ye hast magnanimously partaken of your wisdom, Mistress of the Highest Throne, but ye hast purposely omitted sharing just what it is you art after.”

    For the first time, Caster laughed. Briefly, but powerfully. Vividly, yet malevolently.

    “As we thought, you know of us. Accept our praise with pride. Nevertheless, the answer to your question is the exclusive privilege of the last Servant standing in this dying world.”

    Chiyou shook her head at the unfathomably evil disdain emanated by her fellow Caster.

    “But we could voice the same thoughts concerning you, Sequencer of the Seasons. How long will you wait before making your move?”

    “I am a-hiding nothing,” refuted Chiyou, turning her face away from Caster to stir the burning wood of the bonfire with her bare hand. “I fight when I must.”

    With those words, the petite Caster stood up and began to walk in the opposite direction to the Chaldeans.

    “While they engage Rider and Berserker, I will defeat the Rider aspect of Chiyou.”

    Caster studied the small Servant’s profile, concealed as it was by the skull of a massive bovine she wore as a helmet. After a few moments, she shook her head disdainfully.

    “You…have divined your own fate in this manifestation. A most foolish thing to do. Oh well, I shall seek for enjoyment in watching how you face your demise.”


    Indeed, it was as Caster had said. Despite the alarming information he had received, and the new emergency they were moving to investigate, the thoughts of the Master of Chaldea were directed towards what remained unsaid; the answers yet unrevealed. There remained issues such as where Chiyou Assassin got her first Grail from, or the nature of her impending transformation, but there was a different, tiny detail, that refused to leave the forefront of his thoughts.

    When he, Artoria, and Drake first leyshifted to this timeframe, they did not arrive to Rome.

    Not Rome, but Germania.

    The disturbance Da Vinci first detected was not in Rome. It was in Germania.

    Chiyou Assassin was about to execute a plot that could truly destroy mankind, but his thoughts could not shake off a different Assassin-class Servant.
    Servant Introduction
    “Servant Caster, Chiyou.
    As long as thee standeth to protect the Great Tree Known as Time, and the correct course of the History of Man, this one shall accompany thee to the utmost of her ability.”

    Chiyou (Caster)


    Source: Art by BLADE
    Class: Caster
    STR C
    END B
    AGI C
    MGI A+
    LUK A+
    Noble Phantasm EX

    Height & Weight: 128 cm, 34 kg
    Source: Chinese literature and philosophy, “Guanzi
    Region: China
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Female
    Attribute: Sky

    She will hate you if you treat her like a child. She will despise you if you treat her like a woman—or rather, as an object of attraction and lust. She feels nothing for you, so feel nothing for her and you’ll be fine.
    The aspects of Chiyou can be divided into two groups: the “Rebels” and the “Servitors” (it is preferable to use this word to avoid confusion when using the word “Servants”). The Rebels—Saber, Rider, Assassin, and Berserker—represent different facets of the better-known legend of Chiyou: the warlord and nemesis of the Yellow Emperor that would be deified as a God of War. The Servitors—Archer, Lancer, and Caster—represent the facets of Chiyou in which she is depicted as subservient to the Yellow Emperor: Archer as tomb guardian, Lancer as bodyguard and wife, and now Caster as his chief minister.

    The Chiyou placed into the Caster class is the one presented in the ancient political and philosophical text by Guan Zhong, the Guanzi. After Huangdi created and established the five phases (wŭxíng) to rectify the seasons of Heaven, his chief minister, Chiyou, illuminated the way of Heaven and was therefore charged to become the sequencer of the seasons. This simple tale states the main argument of the Guanzi: harmony between man and Heaven is not a consequence of rejecting conscious activity and acting according with nature; on the contrary, only the conscious creations of the sages can bring order to both nature and man and thus make such a harmony possible. The idea of Chiyou as Huangdi’s minister rather than his opponent reflects the different shapes the Chiyou legend took during the Warring States era, according to the different political ideas and arguments the legalists of that era wished to preach.

    Caster gives the impression of a quiet, morose little girl. It seems her true appearance should not be that of a little girl, but it was made that way because of the Innocent Monster Skill. If Lancer is “loli-mama”, Caster then not-quite-proudly claims the “loli-grandma” spot. Her general apathy cannot conceal the sharpness of her mind, and certainly does not try to conceal her austere severity. Dedicated to protecting “the proper order of things”, Caster exemplifies the Lawful alignment. It is only when she must act to protect the world and humanity from chaos and anarchy that she shows a semblance of emotion and an awe-inspiring fire in her eyes.

    Caster is not a leader. Rather, she is a top tier follower, but she has the highest standards concerning whose lead she will follow. Masters will find themselves facing her silent disobedience if they perform with anything short of tactical brilliance. Really, it might be better to just let her act on her own will and spare yourself the hassle. Only those Masters who choose a chaotic path risk her betrayal.

    Together with Archer, Caster is the aspect of Chiyou most distant from the “common image” of Chiyou better-known by the world. This also reflects in her behavior as a Heroic Spirit and her attitude towards the other aspects, who treat this Chiyou almost like a stranger. They respect her as the third most powerful among the seven, but there is no real closeness in their dealings with her.
    Skills & Noble Phantasm
    Class Skills
    Item Construction – C
    The Skill to manufacture magical items, from implements of war to items for daily use. Caster can only craft tools for geomancy and divination, as well as auspicious charms. The combined effect of these items, when used on herself, is enough to provide a plus-modifier to her LCK parameter (shown above).

    Territory Creation – A+
    The Skill to build a special terrain that is advantageous to oneself as a magus, such as for the purpose of collecting mana.

    In Caster’s case, the rank does not reflect her ability to create a Workshop or similar structure, but the fact that anywhere can become a favorable territory for her, as long as she has a proper grasp of the local geomancy and the proper tools to harmonize with the local leylines. Of course, places with poor circulation of magical energy are of little help no matter what she does.

    Personal Skills
    Divinity – A
    The measure of whether one has Divine Spirit aptitude or not. It also has an effect which reduces special defensive values called 'purge defense' in proportion to the Divinity's Rank. It can break through Skills such as Protection of the Faith and Enlightenment of the Sacred Fig.

    Caster possesses a strong Divine Spirit aptitude as a descendant of divine Shennong who was herself deified in life.

    Innocent Monster – E
    An attribute possessed by Servants whose true history and existence have been distorted by the monstrous reputations and gossips they accrued across the course of their life and thereafter, without concern for the actual person's will or appearance. As a consequence, the Servant's abilities and appearance have been rendered to conform to the specifications of their legend. Incidentally, this Personal Skill cannot be removed.

    Because there is no record of the physical appearance of this particular aspect of Chiyou, her appearance is defined by the most popular elements of Chiyou’s “legend”, yet distorted by the obscurity of her specific aspect as a Caster. The transformation carries no detrimental effects save for its visual impression of her size and attire, but it also possesses no merits whatsoever. She does like the sharp horns, though.

    Way of Heaven
    – B+

    The Way of Heaven is stillness of mind; that is, a mind that is not disturbed by anything. The still mind of the sage is the mirror of heaven and earth. From stillness comes fullness, and from fullness, origination. The Way of Heaven exists as a description of proper rulership, but as the Zhuangzi dictates: “The clear understanding of the virtue of Heaven and Earth is what is called 'The Great Root,' and 'The Great Origin;' – they who have it are in harmony with Heaven, and so they produce all equable arrangements in the world – they are those who are in harmony with men.”

    At this rank, interference effects of the same rank or lower are nullified. In the same manner, her own interference effects have a greater chance of success and, if they involve attack rolls, their critical rate is increased.

    Caster is a minister, so she cannot claim the position (and rank) of a ruling sage. Nevertheless, as the chief minister, her rank in this Skill is second only to the emperors’ themselves.

    Wŭ Xíng – A+
    The conceptual scheme at the foundation of Chinese mysticism. To call it a mere thaumaturgical system would be to ignorantly dismiss its value and its importance as the framework for Chinese thought. It is a system for medicine, music, martial arts, military and political discourse, geomancy and agriculture, as well as it is for magecraft.

    As one of the original practitioners and masters of this system, Caster possesses the highest rank in this Skill. Her ability to exert control over the world around her is second to only the Yellow Emperor’s.

    Noble Phantasm
    Sìjì Pèi Wŭxíng
    Combination of Four Seasons with Five Phases

    Rank: EX
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1
    Maximum Targets: 1 person

    A simple and imperfect realization of the ideal of harmony between man and the world. Chiyou steps into the shoes of the sages and reconstructs the world using man as the foundation. The idea is “balancing the world with the order of the body”, but the concept of “balancing” is abandoned to turn the thaumaturgy into a weapon. Effectively, upon placing a hand on the target and invoking the Noble Phantasm’s true name, she forces the world to reflect the target—a pseudo-Reality Marble that projects not her soul, or even the target’s soul, but the state of the target’s body and mind.

    If the target is poisoned, then the world around them becomes poisonous. If the target is on fire, the world itself ignites and becomes hell on earth. If the target is cursed, the world seeps out curses and aims to engulfs all creatures nearby. If the target is diseased, the world itself becomes diseased; a realm where it is not feasible to live. If the target is happy, spring will blossom around them. If the target is sad, winter will spread its frigid cloak upon the land. If the target is deranged, the world warps and reshapes itself to reflect the target’s warped mind, going as far as to rewrite the laws of physics. The whole of the target’s self is manifested into the world; Caster has no control on the effect her Noble Phantasm will have on her surroundings, except for her choice of target.

    From this point onwards, I will use this somewhat simpler format for my Servant profiles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by the god of world-0 View Post
    OH MY GOD! i just noticed the mistake on avenger sheet, this is SO embarrassed.

    - - - Updated - - -

    well, you commit mistakes and then learn with then, i alredy fixed
    You can edit posts, you know. Just click the little button on the bottom.

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    I know, i alredy did it

    - - - Updated - - -

    Nope, i did change ... to atender.
    I swear, myself sometimes

    here is a list of my servant sheets(new and improved format for my servant sheets)

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    Man every time I try to create a sheet for Holmes is just terrible, I mean I greate ideas for his phanatsms but can't think of good background and skills for him

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    Quote Originally Posted by venomking View Post
    Man every time I try to create a sheet for Holmes is just terrible, I mean I greate ideas for his phanatsms but can't think of good background and skills for him
    Well, Mental Pollution is an obvious choice for him, and there's a "serial killer" Skill already existing in canon that you could use (Murderer Of The Misty Night). Possibly an original variation to represent his own style of killing though. Other then that, maybe something based off how he claimed to have the soul of the devil in him or, since you mentioned his heart continuing to beat after his execution, a low rank in Battle Continuation?

    ...I don't want to suggest too much though, since I have my own H.H Holmes sheet still in the works and I don't want ours to overlap too much.

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    Et Gladiator...Porphyrogennetos...Et Auriga

    Source: artist name is medori
    Class: Berserker
    Alignment: Neutral Mad
    True Name: Commodus
    Origin: Historical, Rome

    Strength: C+
    Endurance: C+
    Agility: D
    Mana: E
    Luck: C
    NP: C

    Class Skills
    Mad Enhancement: (D)
    Mad Enhancement is the Class Skill that characterizes a Berserker, raising basic parameters in exchange of hindering mental capacities. In some cases, it also affects and/or seals away some techniques, Personal Skills and Noble Phantasms.
    Strength and Endurance parameters are up. Language ability is simple. Continuing complex thoughts over long periods of time are difficult. Specifically, Berserker becomes bored and irritable quickly if a conversation should sway from his favorite topics; those being gladiator fights and himself.

    Personal Skills:
    Golden Rule (Entertainment): (B)
    A variant of the Golden Rule skill, one centered around the astronomical prices an entertainer might charge for their services.
    An emperor of Rome in his own right, and obviously able to take command of the imperial coffers as much as he may want. However, Berserker takes it a step further as he basically forced his citizens to witness his gladiator matches--in which he was the star, of course--and charged Rome up to a million sesterii of non-taxable funds each time they underwent the esteemed privilege of watching Berserker fight. Truly, the affliction of money all celebrities possess at some level, fitting for the progenitor of athlete celebrities with exorbitant paychecks. Although if you ask someone else, they might tell you it’s more similar to a greedy clown performing for children’s birthday parties than anything else.

    Divinity (False): (C+)
    Divinity is the measure of whether one has Divine Spirit aptitude or not. At high levels one is treated as a mixed race of a Divine Spirit, and the level declines when the Heroic Spirit's own rank as a Monster or Demonic Beast raises. It can also decrease due to one's dislike for the gods. Those who have A Rank Divinity or above has reached the throne of a god. Divinity (False) possesses half modifiers in terms of purge defense, a Heroic Spirit with a theoretic rank of A in Divinity (False) would only have half the pressure from the World alleviated.
    A fundamentally different kind of Divinity than the one usually expressed through Imperial Privilege, as usually befitting a Roman emperor. Berserker was unique in his fastidious claims of being the reincarnation of Hercules--erecting dozens of statues everywhere, including defacing the Colossus of Nero and replacing it with himself in the guise of Hercules-- and even Romulus after a certain point. Of course, none of these claims were true, but it seems he’s deluded enough to believe it anyway. A sort of Self-Suggestion skill that’s run rampant. He’ll be quick to point out however that his successor Severius had him canonized if only to make peace with Berserker’s family.

    Imperial Wisdom of the Ring (Secutor): (EX)

    A knowledge base accrued as one who lived their lives in the ring as a gladiator. Be it through the machinations of slavery, voluntarily, or otherwise; the skillset of a gladiator could be said to be fundamentally different from what another class of warrior might experience, even if only slightly. It provides a suite of skills relevant to the specific class of gladiator that manifests only when in one-on-one combat, as well as a bonus effect that an enemy possessing the same skill as the wielder will be treated as Ranked-Down. At A rank, all the relevant skills can be displayed with a proficiency of B~A rank. Since a gladiator is no more than a slave and thus not a teacher, these skills cannot be taught to a target under any circumstances.

    As one who participated in the ring as a secutor--a heavily armored class armed with the standard gladius, a large heavy shield, and a rounded helmet designed specifically to counter the retiarius class--Berserker’s relevant skills are Instinct, Wisdom of Predicament, Determination of Steel, archery, Giant Beast Hunting, Sadistic Charisma, and Honor of the Battered.
    However, because of the [Imperial] modifier to the skill, as well as the fact that most if not all of Berserker’s fights were heavily staged in his favor, he can only display these skills at E rank. To make up for it, an opponent featuring any of Berserker’s proclaimed skills will have their own skill ranked down by two.

    Noble Phantasm
    Cleander Pugione
    An Age of Rust and Iron
    (Anti-Unit, B)

    Taking the form of the gladius equipped at his side; Cleander Pugione is studded throughout with gems and gold leaf, embossed nerium vines winding around the handle. Something that looks more akin to a coronation tool or a prop than a legitimate weapon, Cleander Pugione houses the “slow burn” destruction of the Roman Empire.
    While attacks of the Huns might have resulted in a romantic, climactic end to the two thousand year rule of the Romans, it was Berserker’s actions that directly caused its decline. Had he not been made emperor, could it have been possible to avoid Rome’s destruction when it had happened? Berserker’s complete apathy towards politics, destruction of the economy, and actively avoiding or delegating his responsibilities turned Rome according to the historian Cassius Dio from “an age of gold to an age of rust and iron.”
    A simple Noble Phantasm in practice, upon activation of the True Name the gladius and Berserker himself become cloaked in a flurry of rust-like particles. Should the particles make contact with any metal, it will immediately be reduced to its rusting point and shatter at even the slightest breeze. Precious metals as well will revert to useless crystallizations of carbon, even something like jewel magecraft will fail against Cleander Pugione. If the gladius strikes an enemy Noble Phantasm distinctly made of metal or natural substances, a Luck check is performed. If the Noble Phantasm has Phantasmal or Divine properties, three Luck checks are performed.


    Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus Augustus Herculeus Romanus Exsuperatorius Amazonius Invictus Felix Pius was an absolute megalomaniacal madman who ruled from 177-192 AD. The first and one of the only Roman emperors to grow up with a blood-relation concurrently serving as emperor, Commodus grew up with little responsibility or stress before assuming command of the empire. His father Marcus Aurelius, who was known as a “philosopher king”, forced Stoicism down his son’s throat since day one. Commodus, of course, decided to be the Roman equivalent of a frat boy with a trust fund in retaliation, even during his and Marcus’s joint rule--which Marcus had set up in order to ensure his son’s successorship. Marcus’s life had been marked by constant war with the Germanic tribes, seeing it as a great achievement for Romen. Commodus, on the other hand, immediately halted war with the Germans as soon as his rule turned solo, even negotiating a peace that was beneficial to the Romans. Did Commodus see the vast waste of resources and manpower against the Germans as something entirely avoidable, or was he just a lazy coward? You decide.
    Commodus’s rule was peaceful from a larger standpoint as well, mostly because he spent all his free time performing as a gladiator, much to the shock and humiliation of the Senate and nobility. But Commodus didn’t care. He figured that if he kept the army and the plebs happy, he could basically do whatever he wanted. And he was mostly right, until he began forking over all his state powers to his secretaries so he could go play gladiator all day. After going through at least three prefects who were assassinated due to their rampant corruption, Commodus kind of snapped. Commodus reinvented himself as the second coming of Romulus, even going as far as to rename Rome and its entirety in his honor.
    Is it really any surprise he got assassinated by a dude named Narcissus?
    He can also be summoned in the Archer class, similar to how Nero is summonable as a Saber simply because she says she's proficient in swordsmanship.

    Not a Ryuunosuke Pseudo-Servant (probably), just a funny coincidence.
    It took way too long to settle on that last skill and I'm still kind of unhappy with it.

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    Thx. You know before I even do it these phanatsms are still good for an assassin right.
    The first was going to be the murder castle, and it was like reality marble which encomses a thousand smaller reality marbles, which each act as an assassin trap that can only work against a servant once, and the second was a phanatsm that is activated upon a servant or any individual figuring his true identity on there own, and places a curse of death that garunteed that servants death before said servant can tell any buddy his identity, and still lingers even if he dies and is based on the fact that even after he died those that were related to him in some way died mysterious deaths.

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    okay, here is something

    So, i wanted to do someone to stand on the power-level of my last sheet, and could not noticed that some classes have much less servants than others. Then i end up having this realy crazy idea.
    This is the final product of that idea

    Mooncancer: TT
    Str:★, End:★, Agi:★
    Mna:★, Lck:★, Np:N/A
    Aligment: chaotic/good
    Gender: female
    Height: 165cm
    Weight: 53kg
    Place of origin: moon
    Armament: chakrams, shinai
    Likes: her otouto
    Deslike: anything that is not her otouto
    Talents: teaching, not cooking
    Natural enemies: manaka sajyou

    Self-modification(EX): this is the skill to remodel oneself. The AIs manufactured by the Moon Cell are furnished with an absolute order of "do not improve its functions". But TT,like another AI did in another reality, began to expand her own functions. In order to enhance her calculation abilities, she predated・decomposed through the black noises NPCs, AIs and even Servants on top of that and employed them as her own memory.

    Aurea boura(A): a sliver holy grail. is not something that TT would usuly have, but She claims that "it is a class skill that every mooncancer has". Actuly she is just jealous and copying someone.

    Magic resistence(A): the ability to cancel spells of"A-Rank"or below. TT's resistence comes from her abnormal type of existance, at least is what she is says.

    Bad ending prevention(A): a skill born from the influence of "another her" from a diferent reality, she constantly recives "tips" on the better corse of action, she can share this "tips" but they will usualy sound like simple jokes.

    Two stars(EX): a misterious skill, it is said that the two star represents the lights of war and love. It is unknown what kind of principle・authority it is, but that power's origin lies in a past that nobody can reach. On a simple eye, its a skill that ignores defense and evasion by making her attacks events that "absolutely happens". as a matter of fact, there is no one who TT cannot defeat as long as She uses this skill.

    Star chakrams of battle(EX): the weapons used by TT, a pair of bronze star shaped chakrams (one with five points, one with four points). They are the lights of mars and venus molded into weapons, She can combine then into a giant sphere of light that She calls "tiger meteor"

    Noble phatasm:
    Cursed Crushing Cry: C.C.C(anti-existance: unknown):
    An attack on existance utilizing TT's control of theMoon Cell. It uses the maximum output of her "Two stars" skills .
    Two stars can also be called "Shukra mangala:absolute right of destruction". like another advance AI, TT compiled and absorbed many goddessesfrom the abyss of the Moon Cell, but insted of fertility goddesses, She favoritates war goddesses. she uses the combine autority of this goddesses to enforce the unrefutable fact of the certain destruction of all things.
    then used, the sky turns red and a giant TT apears, holding a shinai that she plaints on the ground while letting out a fearsome scream.This scream is her enforcing her will unto the world, who has no choice besides erase his own existance.

    Lore: TT is a advanced AI that resides on the far-side of the moon cell, in a alternate reality where the one to achive the status of "Anti-heroine" was a teacher and not a nurse. The chance of that happen is said to be lower than 00000.1 percent, so her existance is even more imposible than that of a similar being.
    She was the cause of a incident in the moon cell, but ultimately refuses to give informantion about that, so is hard to know how much of her reality is diferent from other realities, also TT means Tyranical Tiger.

    Appearance: TT bears a resemsemble to fujimura taiga with short light-brown hair and eyes.
    TT wears a tiger-striped open haori over a black kosode and hakama with a red obi.

    Personality: She has a attitude of a devious onee-san and is prone to tease people. when she takes a liking of someone, she will take that people as her otouto/imouto.
    She claims that she can do anything besides cooking, but doesnt seem to do anything all the time.
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    here is a list of my servant sheets(new and improved format for my servant sheets)

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