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Thread: Create-A-Servant 2

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    Class: Rider

    True Name: Jan Žižka z Trocnova a Kalicha

    Alignment: Neutral Good


    Strength - B
    Endurance - A Agility - D
    Magic - C Luck - C Noble Phantasm - A+


    Class Skills:

    Riding - B
    Most vehicles and animals can be handled with above average skill, even vehicles that did not exist in the time period one was alive in, for they are no exception. However, cannot ride the likes of Phantasmal Species such as Monstrous Beasts.

    Magic Resistance - C
    Cancel spells with a chant below two verses. Cannot defend against magecraft on the level of High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals.

    Personal Skills:

    Dignity of the Rearguards - C
    A unique Skill that displays more power the more disadvantageous the situation (such as defensive battles, military withdrawals, etc.) is. Despite his being constantly put into dangerous battles, Rider’s status as ‘one that has never been defeated’ means he is never in a truly disadvantageous situation, and cannot use this skill to its fullest. Because of a certain skill, its rank has been reduced.

    Military Tactics - B
    Tactical knowledge used not for one-on-one combat situations, but for battles where many are mobilized. Bonus modifiers are provided during use of one's own Anti-Army Noble Phantasm or when dealing against an enemy Anti-Army Noble Phantasm. Because of a certain skill, its rank has been reduced.

    Incitement - C
    A Skill that functions as the acquisition of the words and gestures to lead the citizens and the masses. Especially, when employed against an individual, it functions as a sort of mental attack. Rider employs this in a motivational manner and as a replacement for Charisma. He is known for rousing entire villages to beat back invading armies with his pointed words. He was also famous for goading his enemies into breaking themselves upon his shield wall with his sharp taunts. Be it friend or foe, Rider will always have something to say. Because of a certain skill, its rank has been reduced.

    Innovation - Knight Slayer - A
    A special Skill granted to heroes who brought about revolutions in their eras. It is a conceptual revolution of subjecting the old with the new. Rider’s conquests are said to be the ‘end of the glory of knighthood’, after which the martial prowess of a single person would become irrelevant on the battlefield. Indeed, after Rider’s death, the requirements for becoming a Heroic Spirit changed drastically. Similar to a certain other revolutionary on the opposite side of the world, this skill grants Rider modifiers leaning more in one's favor the more Knight-like the opponent is. It takes into account not only disposition, but also fighting style, Skills, and Class, providing a bonus against all three Knight classes, as well as Riders. This skill also prevents him from being summoned into any Knight Class, despite otherwise qualifying for both Archer and Saber. Since he has been summoned as a Rider, the ranks of all his other personal skills have been reduced by one and he has lost access to his second Noble Phantasm. If one were to ask Rider which class he’d prefer to be summoned in, he would laugh and say something along the lines of “There’s no container that can hold me! Then again, Gunner has a nice ring to it…”

    Noble Phantasm
    Vozová Hradba: Soaring Iron Castle
    Type: Anti-Army
    Rank: A+

    Rider’s military accomplishments centered around his idea of training peasant militias to man mobile wagon forts. Armed with Rider’s knowledge and early mass-produced handheld firearms, his humble army devastated vastly larger forces. These wagons became a source of fear to enemies, being unassailable mobile fortresses from which waves of death might arise. Most famously, Rider deployed his wagons on a hill surrounding Prague, then halted one of the great Crusades in its tracks despite being outnumbered and facing the greatest knights of Europe.

    Today these wagons are known as the predecessors to the tank, and are laughably obsolete. However their miraculous accomplishment remains embedded in the public consciousness. Many attribute it to Rider’s tactical ability, and yet...

    “Can you not hear their cries? It was God’s blessing that gave these people the strength to fight. He proclaimed that the lamb shall at long last overthrow the lion.”

    Vozová Hradba is a recreation of that miracle, where by the grace of God the Hussites took back their country. It manifests as a series of iron wagons resembling tanks, that move under their own power. Instead of summoning these wagons, Rider converts other existing vehicles into armored wagons by touching them. This process saves magical energy and hearkens back to their humble origins. Some element of the original vehicle is retained. Depending on the original’s quality, the end result may have its own distinctions. From every direction these wagons can fire barrages of lead, up to a range of over a kilometer, though accuracy drops quickly. Naturally, these attacks carry the effects of Rider’s Knight Slayer Skill. In that regard Vozová Hradba is very similar to the Noble Phantasm of a certain Demon King on the other side of the world.

    The terror of these wagons is not in their offensive ability, which although powerful is nothing unexpected. Neither is it especially quick; on the contrary, once manifest, Vozová Hradba is the opposite of mobile and relies on a constant barrage of fire to deal damage. Instead, the wagons are dangerous for their sheer resilience and durability. Far from being simply tough, Rider’s battle lines weathered the full charge of the Teutonic Order unscratched.

    Although it is classified as an Anti-Army Noble Phantasm, the toughness of Vozová Hradba is such that to damage it, one requires at least an Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm. It was known as a ‘mobile castle’ in life. This resilience doesn’t extend to conceptual attacks, making it more vulnerable to magical assaults from Casters or reality-bending Noble Phantasms. Still, as proof that training and individual perfection cannot defeat cold, hard steel, it is a fearsome mobile fortress that stands in the way of any warrior that dares to call themselves a Hero.

    It started with two young men named Jan, both of whom desired to fix the world they’d found themselves in.

    “I will cleanse the corruption from our church,”
    said one. “And bring God to the people.”

    “I’ll become a great knight,” promised the other. “And remind people of what chivalry is.”

    Neither dream would come to fruition. Jan Hus, the first, would be tried and executed by the Catholic Church after being accused of heresy. He had only wanted to heal what he perceived as a wound, and never realized the true depths of evil that had infiltrated his beloved church.

    Upon hearing of his friend’s death, and of the Crusade that the Pope had sent against his followers, Jan Zizka, by then already a commander of some renown, would throw down his coat of arms and abandon his noble title. If killing reformers and peaceful worshippers was chivalry, he would have none of it.

    In the face of the strongest cavalry on earth, he turned to the humble, the farmers and tradesmen, and asked them:

    “Are you content with being oppressed by those who would have you call them heroes? Do you want to tell your children bedtime stories about tyrants and traitors? If not, then come with me! We’ll create a story we can be proud of!”

    The rest was history. The faith that Zizka had lost in his childhood heroes instead solidified within his own breast. He became a loudmouthed braggart, who would needle friend and foe alike with jabs to get them fired up. It was an act, to cover up his true peaceful character. When he broke the Crusaders’ charge for the first time, he shed tears from his remaining eye.

    For Jan Zizka had always loved knights. He had been raised on tales of King Arthur, on paladins and princes and mighty warriors that beat back evil. He had wanted to be a humble hero, and was now slaughtering those false saviors by the dozen.

    There was no saving them. The Teutonic Order was a shambles, and the Catholic Church was run by greedy old men with no connection to God. The greatest Kings of Europe had gathered not to defeat some evil beast, but instead to bully peaceful worshipers.

    What did that make those knights? Only monsters in the shape of men.

    Zizka fought until he died, and was content with the legacy he left behind. But he did have a wish. His last thoughts were of his friend. If only, he thought. If only Jan Hus had succeeded in reforming the Church, and not left me this terrible burden, our dreams might have been real…

    Miscellaneous Information
    Fighting Style: Wades into battle with a heavy mace or flail, swinging wildly. Is not averse to using guns and fighting dirty, but will not tolerate poisoning or inhumane tactics. Though his wagons classify as a mount, Rider prefers to ride on the horse he had in life, summoning it as an unremarkable phantasmal steed.

    Speaking: Big and loud. Lots of words. In public, loves to either anger people or motivate them, usually both at the same time. In private, he is reserved and humble and reveals his noble roots.

    : Plays chess and reads the Bible. On being exposed to information about the modern world, he immediately fell in love with giant robot anime.

    : Was summoned into the form he had in his youth, when adventuring with his friends. Despite this he is still missing an eye, likely because all of his statues depict him as such. Rider is thankful he isn’t missing both eyes, as he went completely blind later in life and he would prefer not to repeat the experience, citing how difficult it is to command an army that way. When not armoured, he is the type that would wear lots of heavy clothes, including at least two sweaters and a fur-lined hat at all times. On a random note, if summoned in Japan, Rider would take on the form of a young black-haired girl in a military uniform, keeping only his eyepatch.

    : Knights. The Church. Jan Hus. Mobile Armour. Guns. Hot blood.

    : Knights. The Church. Arrows. People who are content with their lot in life. Oppression.

    Other Heroes
    : Adores the Knights of the Round Table, and would treat kindly any of Charlemagne’s Paladins. Respects all folk heroes. Despises Assassins on principle. Somehow, would get along swimmingly with Spartacus. Would at first be amiable to Oda Nobunaga, but upon learning of the slaughter at Honnouji, they would certainly end up fighting to the death. Has a soft spot for saints and religious figures, and would never willingly harm one unless he had unambiguous proof that they had shamed their title. Wouldn’t stop him from being rude to Jeanne d’Arc, though, as she was against the Hussites he supported.

    : Married because it was expected of him, but there was no passion in it. The only person he was ever close to was both a priest and male, so he kept his feelings a secret, occasionally thinking “if only”. If he were to fall in love it would be with someone humble, pious, and charitable.

    : This version of Rider, at least, is only moderately religious. He views his anti-Crusade more as a defense of his best friend’s last wish than something approved by God. Rather, he thinks warfare is a disgusting thing, so clearly God would never encourage it. Were he to be summoned by a faithful Master, Rider might manifest with skills such as Protection of the Faith, Prayer of Faith, or Zealotry. As a side note, Rider’s friend Jan Hus is also a Heroic Spirit, suited to be a below average Caster-class with an anti-Saint Noble Phantasm that would be very effective against the likes of Jeanne d’Arc and Saint Martha.

    Note: Though I had the idea before seeing it, I did find out that someone had already made a Zizka sheet. Mine ended up similar in some ways, but I’d call it more coincidence than anything. Originally meant for Reclamation, I modified him a little to post here.
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    Super Robot Wars made this sheet A++

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    What are Jan's Spirit Commands? Iron Wall, Inspire, and Hot Blood are obvious.

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    Now that people are posting up all there discarded /Reclamation entries, I really ought to polish up mine and post it up here... Still not quite satisfied with the personality section, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DecieverSupreme View Post
    What are Jan's Spirit Commands? Iron Wall, Inspire, and Hot Blood are obvious.
    Strike, Snipe, Miracle

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    Here's the newly updated Big List of Servants in bare code:

    Note that this also contains the previous list and is sorted by class name. Should make life easier for everyone.

    Spoilered for being fuckhuge:


    Archer - Bass Reeves by WhatShouldNotBe
    Archer - Bass Reeves by WhatShouldNotBe
    Archer - Colt Peacemaker by WhatShouldNotBe
    Archer - Daniel Boone by Biamwput
    Archer - George Washington by Bird of Hermes
    Archer - James Bowie by RoydGolden
    Archer - Lucky Luciano by Ail Don
    Archer - Punxsutawney Phil by Ail Don
    Archer - Ulysses S. Grant by WhatShouldNotBe
    Archer - Virgulino Ferreira da Silva by JetKinen
    Archer - Wild Bill Hickok by Aridwolverine
    Archer/Berserker - William Tecumseh Sherman by Aridwolverine
    Archer/Caster/Rider - Tom Swift by Alexcoene
    Archer/Gunner/Avenger - Wyatt Earp by Saron
    Archer/Rider - Hiawatha by Funderfullness
    Archer/Rider - Lillian Frances Smith by Ymir
    Archer/Rider/Assassin - Curupira by Criarino
    Assassin - Abigail Williams by sherlock1110
    Assassin - Allan Pinkerton by Ail Don
    Assassin - Charles Manson by Ail Don
    Assassin - Pteskawin by Ail Don
    Assassin - Santa Muerte by Ail Don
    Assassin - Spymaster 711/George Washington by 4score7years
    Assassin - The Red Death by sherlock 1110
    Assassin - Theodore Robert Bundy by sherlock1110
    Assassin - Virginia Hall by Zh1212
    Assassin/Berserker/Avenger - Al Capone by massive_jojo_reference
    Assassin/Caster - Br'er Rabbit by Dozer095
    Assassin/Rider - Dorothy Gale by Alexcoene
    Assassin/Saber/Lancer/Rider/Caster/Berserker/Gunner - 711 (George Washington) by 4score7years
    Avenger - J. Robert Oppenheimer by WhatShouldNotBe
    Avenger - Robert E. Lee by Aridwolverine
    Berserker - Andrew Jackson by Ail Don
    Berserker - Galvarino by WhatShouldNotBe
    Berserker - George Andrew Romero by Zork Knight
    Berserker - John Proctor by sherlock1110
    Berserker - La Llorona by asterism42
    Berserker/Brawler - John L. Sullivan by Ail Don
    Caster - Benjamin Franklin by Alexcoene
    Caster - Ce Acatl Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl by venomking
    Caster - Eduardo de Valfierno by Funderfullness
    Caster - Elvis Presley by RoydGolden
    Caster - George Washington Carver by Zh1212
    Caster - H. P. Lovecraft by MehKitteh
    Caster - H.P. Lovecraft by Bird of Hermes
    Caster - Henry Ford by Zork Knight
    Caster - Jimi Hendrix by I Am The Table
    Caster - John Muir by sherlock1110
    Caster - Juana Ines de la Cruz by Funderfullness
    Caster - Loo-wit by EonADS
    Caster - Noah Webster Jr. by Ail Don
    Caster - Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs by Zork Knight
    Caster - Sarah Winchester by WhatShouldNotBe
    Caster - Walt Disney by venomking
    Caster - Walt Disney by Zh1212
    Caster/Berserker - Necronomicon by Bylackbre
    Caster/Ruler - Thomas Danforth by sherlock1110
    Grand Avenger/Rider/Berserker/Lancer - Ahab by Saron
    Gunner - Joaquin Murrieta by Shield_Back
    Gunner/Assassin/Rider - Bonnie and Clyde by venomking
    Lancer - Richard Nixon by Endabend
    Lancer/Berserker - America by Ail Don
    Lancer/Berserker - Cuauhtemoc by RoydGolden
    Lancer/Caster - K'abel by Funderfullness
    Lancer/Rider - Ahab "Lily" by Saron
    Rider - Captain Ahab by Saron
    Rider - Edina V. Rickenbacker by EonADS
    Rider - Jean Lafitte by CritHit
    Rider - Neil Armstrong by Sunny
    Rider - Sibyl Ludington by Dionysian_Lumberjack
    Rider/Archer/Gunner - Theodore Roosevelt by Endabend
    Rider/Assassin/Archer/Gunner - Dick Turpin by Slick146
    Rider/Assassin/Saber/Ruler - George Washington by venomking
    Rider/Saber/Lancer/Archer/Caster/Berserker/Assassin - Amelia Earhart by ItsaRandomUsername
    Ruler - Tsagaglalal by SleepMode
    Saber - Abraham Lincoln by Slick146
    Saber - Babe Ruth by Ail Don
    Saber/Archer/Berserker - John Carter of Mars by WhatShouldNotBe
    Saber/Berserker - Abraham Lincoln by Slick146
    Saver - Antonio Vicente Mendes Maciel by Zork Knight
    Saver - Loo-wit by EonADS

    Ancient Mesopotamia

    Arabic Mythology and History


    Archer - Ned Kelly by WhatSholdNotBe
    Assassin - Namorrodor by Diablo Interceptor
    Caster - Rainbow Serpent by WhatShouldNotBe
    Rider - Old Tom by Spartacus


    Archer/Rider/Berserker - William I by Omida
    Archer/Ruler/Rider/Saber - Edward IV by Ramseph Boltstar
    Archer/Saber - Sir John Hawkwood by SleepMode
    Archer/Saber - Sir John Hawkwood by Zh1212
    Assassin - Agatha Christie by TresserT
    Assassin - Arturia Pendragon by Brunestud Incarnate
    Assassin - Culhwch by Ail Don
    Assassin - Francis Walsingham by Zork Knight
    Assassin - Guy Fawkes by Bird of Hermes
    Assassin - Juliet Capulet by Slick146
    Assassin - Lawrence John Wargrave by Sherlock1110
    Assassin - Oswald Mosley by sutaa
    Assassin/Archer - Sebastian Moran by Bylackbre
    Assassin/Lancer - Constantine of Dumnonia by Constructman
    Assassin/Saber/Caster - Sir Kay by RoydGolden
    Avenger - Boudicca (Summer) by the god of world-0
    Avenger/Rider - Captain James Hook by Alexcoene
    Avenger/Saber/Berserker - Hamlet by Master of Chaos
    Berserker - Boudicca by Legends Storyteller
    Berserker - Dorian Gray by Saron
    Berserker - Efnisien by Zh1212
    Berserker - King Arthur (Lion) by Nuclear Consensus
    Berserker - Mary Tudor by TresserT
    Berserker - Mina Harker by Bird of Hermes
    Berserker - Richard III by 4score7years
    Berserker - Romeo Montague by Slick146
    Berserker - Tom o'Bedlam by Ail Don
    Berserker/Assassin - Spring-Heeled Jack by Alexcoene
    Berserker/Monster/Beast/Avenger - Vortigern by Draconic
    Berserker/Saber/Assassin - Sir Gaheris by Bird of Hermes
    Berserker/Saber/Caster - Uther Pendragon by Bird of Hermes
    Caster - Ada Lovelace by KAIZA
    Caster - Alexander Graham Bell by ThirtyFour34
    Caster - Bladud by Alexcoene
    Caster - Edward VI by sutaa
    Caster - Elizabeth I by Bird of Hermes
    Caster - Gwydion by Express
    Caster - Herbert George Wells by sherlock1110
    Caster - Isambard Kingdom Brunel by asterism42
    Caster - James Watt by RoydGolden
    Caster - Lord William Henry Beveridge by sherlock1110
    Caster - Morgan le Fay Alter by Ymir
    Caster - Morgan Pendragon (Lily) by Gally
    Caster - Nathan Mayer Rothschild by Constructman
    Caster - Sherlock Holmes by venomking
    Caster - Sweeney Todd by venomking
    Caster - Titania by Mr.Obsidian
    Caster - Weird Sisters by Zork Knight
    Caster/Assassin - Morgana le Fay by RoydGolden
    Caster/Avenger - Martin Luther by massive_jojo_reference
    Caster/Berserker - Isaac Newton by GilgameshKingOfMemes
    Caster/Rider/Berserker - Boudicca by Omida
    Caster/Rider/Shielder/Berserker/Avenger - Marcus Antonius by SSW
    Caster/Saber/Berserker - Uther Pendragon (Alter) by Bird of Hermes
    Caster/Saber/Ruler - Morgan le Fay by Ymir
    Lancer - Jack Meridew by sherlock1110
    Lancer - Jaufre by Alexcoene
    Lancer - Lleu Llaw Gyffes by Ail Don
    Lancer - Peter Pan by Hawkeye
    Lancer - Queen Victoria by asterism42
    Lancer - Sir Bedivere by RoydGolden
    Lancer/Saber - Percival by Bird of Hermes
    Lancer/Saber/Rider/Shielder - Galahad by 34
    Rider - Arthur Harris by RoydGolden
    Rider - Black Bart by zh1212
    Rider - Cartimandua by Ail Don
    Rider - Gulliver by pinetree
    Rider - Gulliver by SSW
    Rider - Horatio Nelson by GilgameshKingOfMemes
    Rider - Mary Tudor (Santa) by TresserT
    Rider - Robert I by asterism42
    Rider - Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim by Jetkinen
    Rider - Tam O Shanter by sherlock1110
    Rider - Tom Thumb by Biamwput
    Rider/Archer - Gwyn ap Nudd by Voyager
    Rider/Archer - Henry Morgan by Ail Don
    Rider/Berserker - Henry Every by SleepMode
    Rider/Ruler/Saber - Æthelflæd by Gally
    Rider/Saber/Berserker - Kay by Bird of Hermes
    Rider/Saber/Berserker - Sir Ywain by Bird of Hermes
    Rider/Saber/Lancer - Bedivere by Ymir
    Ruler - Guinevere by Ymir
    Ruler - Merlin by the god of world-0
    Ruler - Æthelflæd by Bird of Hermes
    Saber - Artoria Pendragon by Frostyvale
    Saber - Arturia Pendragon by Omida
    Saber - Bran the Blessed by Ail Don
    Saber - Elizabeth I by god of world-0
    Saber - Galahad by zikari8
    Saber - Green Knight by Sunny
    Saber - Jack the Giant Killer by Jetkinen
    Saber - Percival by Arkanian
    Saber - Sir Marok by RoydGolden
    Saber - Thomas Hobbes by 4score7years
    Saber/Avenger/Rider - Faerie Knight and Black Knight by Saron
    Saber/Berserker - Accolon of Gaul by Alexcoene
    Saber/Berserker - Macbeth by Crying
    Saber/Berserker - Madoc ap Uthyr by Saron
    Saber/Berserker - Tom A Lincoln by Alexcoene
    Saber/Caster/Berserker - Uther Pendragon Lily by Bird of Hermes
    Saber/Lancer/Berserker - Sir Balin by Bird of Hermes
    Saber/Lancer/Rider/Archer/Berserker - Sir Ywain by Shrapnel
    Saber/Rider - Sir Kay by Alexcoene
    Saber/Rider/Berserker - Cai by Ymir
    Saber/Rider/Berserker - Ywain by Ymir
    Shielder - Arthur Pendragon (Summer) by asterism42
    Shielder/Lancer - Galahad by Draconic
    Shielder/Saber - Sir Breunor by Master of Chaos

    Caucasian Mythology and History:
    Archer - Koapla by Ail Don


    Archer - Ao Guang by Theoneandonlyz
    Archer - Crossbow Head by Daneel Rush
    Archer - Hou Yi by Dante_Serge
    Archer - Hou Yi by KAIZA
    Archer - Hou Yi by the god of world-0
    Archer - Houyi by Arkanian
    Archer - Sun Shangxiang by Bird of Hermes
    Archer/Beast/Berserker - Hou Yi by Theoneandonlyz
    Archer/Caster - Xiao He by SleepMode
    Archer/Lancer/Rider/Caster/Assassin - Jiao Yu by Hakuro
    Archer/Saber/Berserker - Erlang Shen by WhatShouldNotBe
    Archer/Saber/Lancer/Striker - Sun Shangxiang by RoydGolden
    Assassin - Chiyou by Daneel Rush
    Assassin - Goujian of Yue by zikari8
    Assassin - Ip Kai-Man by JetKinen
    Assassin - Wong Fei-Hung by Skull
    Assassin/Saber/Caster - Nie Yinniang by SleepMode
    Avenger - Mother Lu by Dionysian_Lumbrjack
    Beast - Chi You by Daneel Rush
    Berserker - Chiyou by Daneel Rush
    Berserker/Caster - Mao Zedong by Adlet
    Caster - Chiyou by Daneel Rush
    Caster - Sima Qian by Constructman
    Caster - Sima Yi by asterism42
    Caster - Sima Yi by ThirtyFour34
    Caster - Wen Shi by Funderfullness
    Caster - Wu Zetian by Funderfullness
    Caster - Yandi Shennong Shi by massive_jojo_reference
    Caster/Shielder - Qin Shi Huang by GilgameshKingOfMemes
    Lancer - Drukpa Kunley by WhatShouldNotBe
    Lancer - Hong Hai'er by Zh1212
    Lancer - Mó Mŭ by Daneel Rush
    Lancer - Xia Jie by Hakuro
    Lancer/Rider - Zhao Yun by Bird of Hermes
    Rider - Chi You by Daneel Rush
    Rider - Chiyou by Daneel Rush
    Rider - Guanyin/Olga Marie Animusphere by zikari8
    Rider - Mizi Xia by sutaa
    Rider - Qi Jiguang by Skull
    Rider - Zhuang Zhou by sherlock1110
    Rider/Berserker/Lancer - Sun Wukong by Aridwolverine
    Rider/Caster/Assassin - Su Daji by Bird of Hermes
    Ruler/Saber/Rider - Liu Bei by RoydGolden
    Saber - Hong Xuiquan by Funderfullness
    Saber - Lu Dongbin by WhatShouldNotBe
    Saber - Terracotta Warrior by Mr.Obsidean
    Saber - Yuenü by Gally
    Saber/Rider/Caster - Liu Bang by SleepMode
    Striker - Zhang Sanfeng by WhatShouldNotBe

    Christianity and Judaism

    Alter Ego/Saver/Beast - Yaldabaoth by Aridwolverine
    Archer - Lucifer Morningstar by venomking
    Archer - Nimrod by Alexcoene
    Archer - Pride by venomking
    Archer - Saint Barbara by AvengerEmiya
    Archer - Valentine by asterism42
    Archer/Berserker - Nimrod by Hakuro
    Assassin - Cain by Prix of Heroes
    Assassin - Cain by RoydGolden
    Assassin - Judith by Adlet
    Assassin - Lucifer Morningstar by venomking
    Avenger - Lunar Cain by zikari8
    Avenger - Naamah Alter by Daneel Rush
    Avenger - Olga of Kiev by Funderfullness
    Avenger/Caster/Ruler - Abel by RoydGolden
    Avenger/Ruler - Judas Iscariot by Voyager
    Avenger/Ruler - Mary Magdalene by Bird of Hermes
    Banner/Saber - - Blandina by PBlades
    Beast VII/L - Lilith by the god of world-0
    Berserker - Cain by RoydGolden
    Berserker - Satan by Fish11 (2/2)
    Berserker - Satanael by Aridwolverine
    Berserker - Yossele by Omida
    Berserker/Caster/Rider - Ahab by Saron
    Berserker/Lancer/Caster/Assassin - Cain by RoydGolden
    Caster - Aaron by forginblade
    Caster - Cain by RoydGolden
    Caster - Helel Ben Shahar (Lucifer) by the god of world-0
    Caster - Jezebel by asterism42
    Caster - Lilith by Adlet
    Caster - Naamah by Daneel Rush
    Caster - Pope Formosus by Funderfullness
    Caster - Saint Cyprain by Funderfullness
    Caster - Saint Walpurga by Spartacus
    Caster - Seth by RoydGolden
    Caster/Beast/Rider/Assassin - Lilith by Adlet
    Caster/Lancer/Berserker - Heinrich Kramer by ThirtyFour34
    Caster/Ruler - Raphael by Zork Knight
    Caster/Saber/Assassin/Berserker - Lucifer "Satan" Morningstar by venomking
    Demon Caster - Mephisto by Aridwolverine
    Grand Assassin/Beast/Avenger - Cain by venomking
    Grand Berserker - Cain by Aridwolverine
    Grand Rider/Ruler/Archer/Caster - Noah by Adlet
    Lancer - Aaron by Ail Don
    Lancer - Cain Lily by RoydGolden
    Lancer - Envy by venomking
    Lancer - Jezebel/Izebal by Tsuruzao
    Lancer - Saint Longinus by EonADS 2.0
    Lancer - Saint Sebastian by asterism42
    Lancer/Berserker - King Saul by Alexcoene
    Lancer/Caster - Gideon by RoydGolden
    Lancer/Ruler - Longinus by Zork Knight
    Lancer/Saber/Ruler - St. Maurice by RoydGolden
    Rider - Elijah by RoydGolden
    Rider - Herodias by Daneel Rush
    Rider - Jesus Lily by Express
    Rider - Jonah by Funderfullness
    Rider - Jonah by Funderfullness
    Rider - St. Christopher (genderbent) by PBlades
    Rider/Assassin/Berserker/Avenger - Cain by Saron
    Rider/Caster/Ruler - Joan Anglicus of Mainz by chem24
    Rider/Caster/Ruler - Saint Nicholas by Alexcoene
    Rider/Caster/Ruler - Saint Romanus by Adlet
    Rider/Caster/Saver/Ruler - Jesus of Nazareth by Alexcoene
    Rider/Ruler/Archer/Caster - Noah by Adlet
    Ruler - Anselm d’Aosta by sherlock1110
    Ruler - Francis Xavier by Jetkinen
    Ruler - Isaiah by Aridwolverine
    Ruler - Israel by Jetkinen
    Ruler - Lazarus by Ail Don
    Ruler/Avenger - Josiah by ByblosXX
    Ruler/Caster - Valentinus by Master of Chaos
    Ruler/Caster/Berserker - Saint Symeon by SleepMode
    Saber - Saul by Alexcoene
    Saber/Archer/Rider - Simon Bar Kokhba by RoydGolden
    Saber/Caster - Lilith (Golachab) by Daneel Rush
    Saber/Lancer/Assassin - Lityerses by RoydGolden
    Saber/Lancer/Rider/Caster - The Knights Templar by Ramseph Boltstar
    Saver - Job by Funderfullness
    Saver - Metatron by Brunestud Incarnate
    Saver - Michael by venomking
    Saver/Avenger - Lucifer by Fish11 (1/2)
    Saver/Avenger - Lucifer by Fish11
    Saver/Saber/Rider/Caster/Ruler - Yeshua Bar Nazareth by RoydGolden
    Savior/Avenger - Jesus by venomking
    Tower - Nimrod by Ruisu

    Classical Mythology and History

    Archer - Apollo by asterism42
    Archer - Aristaeus by Funderfullness
    Archer - Brutus of Troy by Constructman
    Archer - Commodus by RoydGolden
    Archer - Medea (Summer) by zikari8
    Archer - Myrina by Ail Don
    Archer - Penelope by asterism42
    Archer - Penthesilea by the god of world-0
    Archer - Scipio Africanus by SSW
    Archer - Talos by WhatShouldNotBe
    Archer - Telemachus by Alexcoene
    Archer - Telemachus by You
    Archer - Ulysses/Odysseus by Hyperversum
    Archer/Assassin - Brutus of Troy by Alexcoene
    Archer/Caster/Rider/Saber - Marcus Licinius Crassus by ThirtyFour34
    Archer/Lancer - Camilla by Bird of Hermes
    Archer/Rider - Iris by Ail Don
    Archer/Rider/Caster - Apollo by venomking
    Archer/Rider/Saber - Eurydice II of Macedonia by Gally
    Assassin - Asklepios by ThirtyFour34
    Assassin - Brutus by SSW
    Assassin - Diomedes by Zork Knight
    Assassin - Helen of Troy by AvengerEmiya
    Assassin - Helen of Troy by Omida
    Assassin - Herostratus by Shikyo21
    Assassin - Julia Vipsania Agrippina by SSW
    Assassin - Karkinos by Diablo Interceptor
    Assassin - Nisus and Euryalus by asterism42
    Assassin - Tiberius by asterism42
    Assassin/Avenger - Julia Vipsania Agrippina by Gally
    Assassin/Berserker - Melankomas by venomking
    Assassin/Caster - Thespis by Ail Don
    Assassin/Lancer/Berserker - Cronus by GilgameshKingOfMemes
    Avenger - Clytemnestra by asterism42
    Avenger - Lycaon by Skull
    Avenger/Caster - Pandora by GilgameshKingOfMemes
    Avenger/Caster/Watcher - Invidia by ThirtyFour34
    Beast VII - Gaea by RoydGolden
    Berserker - Bellerophon by NatNut
    Berserker - Cacus by Daneel Rush
    Berserker - Commodus by Express
    Berserker - Corineus by Alexcoene
    Berserker - Diomedes by Zork Knight
    Berserker - Flavius Theodosius by RoydGolden
    Berserker - Heracles (Lily) by Funderfullness
    Berserker - Ino by Funderfullness
    Berserker - King Midas by RoydGolden
    Berserker - King Midas by You
    Berserker - Lernean Hydra by Diablo Interceptor
    Berserker - Lycaon by Funderfullness
    Berserker - Lycaon by Hakuro
    Berserker - Neoptolemus by asterism42
    Berserker - Ophiogenes by aridwolverine
    Berserker - Talos by Constructman
    Berserker - Typhon by asterism42
    Berserker/Archer/Rider - Pasiphaë by Alexcoene
    Berserker/Beast - Scylla by Alexcoene
    Berserker/Lancer/Rider/Assassin/Shielder - Diomedes by Clyton
    Berserker/Rider - Pirithous by RoydGolden
    Berserker/Rider/Caster/Assassin - Bacchus by Hakuro
    Berserker/Shielder/Lancer/Saber - Ajax by venomking
    Caster - Agrippina the Younger by Bird of Hermes
    Caster - Arachne by LeadDemon
    Caster - Aristoteles by Master of Chaos
    Caster - Erastosthenes by Express
    Caster - Hephaestus by venomking
    Caster - Herodotus by massive_jojo_reference
    Caster - Herodotus by massive_jojo_reference
    Caster - Orpheus by asterism42
    Caster - Orpheus by venomking
    Caster - Phemonoe by Sunny
    Caster - Prometheus by RoydGolden
    Caster - Tiresias by SSW
    Caster - Zeno of Elea by RoydGolden
    Caster/Assassin - Circe by GilgameshKingOfMemes
    Caster/Assassin - Daedalus by RoydGolden
    Caster/Assassin/Ruler - Julia Agrippina by Gally
    Caster/Assassin/Ruler - Julia Agrippina by Shrapnel
    Caster/Berserker - Arachne by venomking
    Grand Caster - Proteus by ThirtyFour34
    Lancer - Adonis by asterism42
    Lancer - Caeneus by Ail Don
    Lancer - Gorgo by Bird of Hermes
    Lancer - Meleager by Bird of Hermes
    Lancer - Meleager by RoydGolden
    Lancer - Memnon by RoydGolden
    Lancer - Nestor by Express
    Lancer - Orestes by Express
    Lancer - Pheidippides by zikari8
    Lancer - Philip II by Ail Don
    Lancer - Psyche by RoydGolden
    Lancer - Pyrrha by zikari8
    Lancer - Telegonus by SSW
    Lancer/Rider/Berserker/Monster - Damasen by RoydGolden
    Lancer/Rider/Saber - Pyrrhus of Epiros by ThirtyFour34
    Rider - Agamemnon by zikari8
    Rider - Arion by Funderfullness
    Rider - Bucephalus by Ail Don
    Rider - Caligula by RoydGolden
    Rider - Cynane by Ymir
    Rider - Diomedes of Thrace by Funderfullness
    Rider - Dioscuroi by Bird of Hermes
    Rider - Elagabalus by Funderfullness
    Rider - Endymion by asterism42
    Rider - Euryale by Zork Knight
    Rider - Gaius Julius Caesar by SSW
    Rider - Ganymede by Ordep
    Rider - HelenandClyteamnestra by SSW
    Rider - Hippolytus/Virbius by ThirtyFour34
    Rider - Jason Alter by RoydGolden
    Rider - Jason by RoydGolden
    Rider - Medea by Bird of Hermes
    Rider - Omphale by asterism42
    Rider - PerseusandMedusa by WhatShouldNotBe
    Rider - Phaea by Alexcoene
    Rider - Titus Quinctius Flamininus by SleepMode
    Rider/Archer/Assassin - Sciron by RoydGolden
    Rider/Assassin - Theseus by Bird of Hermes
    Rider/Berserker - Oedipus Rex by Bird of Hermes
    Rider/Lancer/Archer/Berserker/Caster/Avenger - Otrera by RoydGolden
    Rider/Saber/Archer/Avenger - Cynane by Gally
    Ruler - Paris of Troy (Summer) by Sunny
    Ruler/Caster - Plutarch by ThirtyFour34
    Ruler/Lancer/Assassin - Moirae by Bylackbre
    Saber - Damocles by RoydGolden
    Saber - Galatea by Funderfullness
    Saber - Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix by ScarfDyedShadow
    Saber - Lucius Tiberius by Skull
    Saber - Meleager by venomking
    Saber - Meleager by venomking
    Saber - Orestes by asterism42
    Saber - Perseus by WhatShouldNotBe
    Saber - Remus by Sunny
    Saber/Lancer/Rider - Constantine the Great by Adlet
    Saber/Rider - Iolaus by RoydGolden
    Saber/Rider/Shielder - Flavius Aetius by RoydGolden
    Saver - Hercules by venomking
    Shielder - Hector (Summer) by Nuclear Consensus
    Shielder - Pallas by RoydGolden
    Shielder/Lancer - Aeneas by Bird of Hermes


    Archer - Hathor by Express
    Archer - Wepwawet by Funderfullness
    Assassin - Thutmose III by Bird of Hermes
    Avenger - Akhenaten by Diablo Interceptor
    Berserker - Arsinoë II by Daneel Rush
    Berserker - Thutmose II by PBlades
    Lancer/Caster - Hatshepsut by Bird of Hermes
    Rider/Caster - Khufu by Funderfullness

    Fairy Stories

    Assassin - Goldilocks by Magikewl
    Assassin - HanselandGretel by Dessert Taiga
    Assassin - Little Red Riding Hood by the god of world-0
    Assassin - Shadowman by Saron
    Assassin - The Big Bad Wolf by Alexcoene
    Assassin - The Big Bad Wolf by Legends Storyteller
    Assassin/Berserker - Bloody Mary by Bird of Hermes
    Assassin/Berserker/Avenger - Bogeyman by Aridwolverine
    Caster - Cinderella by You
    Caster - Grimm by Aridwolverine
    Caster - Jack Frost by SadisticOrange
    Caster - The Beast by Alexcoene
    Caster - The Little Mermaid by Bird of Hermes
    Rider - Black Knight by Mr.Obsidian
    Rider - Cinderella by TresserT
    Rider - Little Red Riding Hood by Bird of Hermes
    Rider - Santa Claus by Bird of Hermes
    Rider - Santa Claus by CritHit
    Rider - Tommelise by the god of world-0


    Archer - Forgotten Hunter by Constructman
    Archer - Gaston III de Foix-Béarn by PBlades
    Archer/Caster/Gunner - Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier by Bird of Hermes
    Assassin - Arsène Lupin by Skull
    Assassin - Catherine Monvoisin by Ail Don
    Assassin - Jeanne de la Motte by god of world-0
    Assassin - Marguerite de Bressieux by Daneel Rush
    Assassin - Milady de Winter by asterism42
    Assassin - Rene Descartes by Ail Don
    Assassin/Avenger - Reynard the Fox by Voyager
    Assassin/Caster - Francois Villon by NMR-3
    Assassin/Caster - Madame de Montespan by Saron
    Assassin/Saber/Rider - Ganelon by Bird of Hermes
    Avenger - Jacques de Molay by Zh1212
    Berserker - Black Knight by Black_Knight
    Berserker - Charlemagne by Mr.Obsidian
    Berserker - Charles VI by asterism42
    Berserker - Quasimodo by Saron
    Berserker/Saber/Rider - Roland by Bird of Hermes
    Caster - Comte de Saint Germain by Legends Storyteller
    Caster - Georges Cuvier by Saron
    Caster - Marie Curie by asterism42
    Caster - Marie Skłodowska Curie by asterism42
    Caster - Melusine by Zork Knight
    Caster - Nostradamus by asterism42
    Caster - Perenelle Flamel by Zh1212
    Caster - Phantom of the Opera by Zork Knight
    Caster - Rorthbart by Skull
    Caster - Sebastian le Prestre de Vauban by Express
    Caster/Rider - Atlantes by Spartacus
    Lancer - Charlemagne by Zork Knight
    Rider - Charles Martel by You
    Rider/Archer - Napoleon Bonaparte by Adlet
    Rider/Caster - Louis XIV by Bird of Hermes
    Rider/Caster - Marie-Georges-Jean Melies by chem24
    Saber - Chevalier de Saint-Georges by Diablo Interceptor
    Saber - Jean-Jacques Rousseau by sherlock1110
    Saber - Jehanette Jeanne la Pucelle by Ymir
    Saber - Louis XIV by Nuclear Consensus
    Saber - Louis XIV by Zork Knight
    Saber - Meriadeuc by You
    Saber - Olivier de Vienne by Bird of Hermes
    Saber - Three Musketeers by Zh1212
    Saber/Caster/Rider/Shielder - Hugues de Payens by SleepMode
    Saber/Lancer/Rider - Jehanette la Pucelle by Gally
    Shielder - Ruggiero by Bird of Hermes

    Germany and Germanic Peoples

    Archer - Albert Einstein by WhatShouldNotBe
    Archer - Saint Ursula by Funderfullness
    Archer - William Tell by venomking
    Archer/Assassin - Wilhelm Tell by Master of Chaos
    Archer/Caster - Ludwig Wittgenstein by sherlock1110
    Archer/Lancer/Berserker - Brunhild by Nuclear Consensus
    Assassin - Irma Grese by Funderfullness
    Assassin - Kriemhild by Ymir
    Assassin - Mata Hari Alter by zikari8
    Assassin/Caster/Saber/Berserker - Gudrun by Bird of Hermes
    Assassin/Saber/Archer/Caster - Kreimhild by Shrapnel
    Avenger - Loki/Shinji Matou by RoydGolden
    Berserker - Leopold von Sacher-Masoch by sherlock1110
    Berserker/Archer - Ferdinand Schorner by Saron
    Berserker/Saber/Archer/Lancer/Rider - Dietrich von Bern by Adlet
    Caster - Adam Weishaupt by Legends Storyteller
    Caster - Der Zauberlehrling by Skull
    Caster - Dietrich Eckart by Adlet
    Caster - Doctor Faustus by Maester1216
    Caster - Fritz Haber by Zork Knight
    Caster - Gottfried Leibniz by 4score7years
    Caster - Johann Sebastian Bach by Skull
    Caster - Ludwig II by ylas
    Caster - Maria Anna Mozart by Funderfullness
    Caster - Odin by venomking
    Caster - Pied Piper by venomking
    Caster/Avenger/Berserker - Gunnhilde by Ail Don
    Caster/Berserker - Heinrich L. Himmler by Adlet
    Caster/Lancer - Sifr/Luviagelita Edelfelt by RoydGolden
    Lancer - Hagen by plmtrkn
    Lancer - Ulrich von Liechtenstein by Zh1212
    Lancer/Archer/Caster/Berserker - Adolf Hitler by Adlet
    Lancer/Caster/Berserker - Adolf Hitler by Adlet
    Rider - Alexander von Humboldt by Express
    Rider - Frederick I by Spartacus
    Rider - Frederick II the Great by Adlet
    Rider - Manfred von Richthofen by Ail Don
    Rider - Werner Voss by EonADS
    Rider/Archer - Erwina Rommel by Adlet
    Rider/Berserker/Caster/Archer - Adolf Hitler (Summer) by Saron
    Ruler - Friedrich Nietzche by TresserT
    Saber - Frey by RoydGolden
    Saber - Gudrun by Ymir
    Saber - Kriemhild by the god of world-0
    Saber - Kriemhild by the god of world-0
    Saber/Berserker/Rider - Dietrich von Bern by Bird of Hermes
    Saber/Rider - Gottfied von Berlichingen by Saron
    Saver/Ruler - Oskar Schindler by Saron


    Rider - Chu Dong Tu by Funderfullness



    Alter Ego - Himiko by Sunny
    Archer - Minamoto no Tametomo by Funderfullness
    Archer - Nasu no Yoichi by zikari8
    Archer - Sugawara no Michizane by asterism42
    Archer/Ruler/Rider - Hondawake no Mikoto/Hachiman Daimyojin by massive_jojo_reference
    Archer/Saber/Caster - Emperor Jimmu by Bird of Hermes
    Assassin - Akechi Mitsuhide by DessertTaiga
    Assassin - Akechi Mitsuhide by ThirtyFour34
    Assassin - Katō Danzō by GilgameshKingOfMemes
    Assassin - Kawashima Yoshiko by Express
    Assassin - Kiyohime by zikari8
    Assassin - Kutsuki no Osamu by sutaa
    Assassin - Matsunaga Hisahide by Zh1212
    Assassin - Tokoyo by RoydGolden
    Assassin - Yamata-No-Orochi by Bird of Hermes
    Assassin/Saber/Avenger - Ishikawa Goemon by Alexcoene
    Avenger - Hashime by asterism 42
    Avenger - Izanami-no-Mikoto by MehKitteh
    Avenger/Caster/Berserker - Emperor Sutoku the Tengu by Adlet
    Berserker - Oda Nobunaga by AvengerEmiya
    Berserker - Uesugi Kenshin (Summer) by Spartacus
    Berserker/Avenger - Honganji Kennyo by massive_jojo_reference
    Berserker/Saber/Caster - Sengo Muramasa by Saron
    Caster - Abe no Seimei by Bird of Hermes
    Caster - Abe no Seimei by Omida
    Caster - Akechi Mitsuhide by JetKinen
    Caster - Gracia Hosokawa by Bloble
    Caster - Izumi no Okuni by asterism42
    Caster - Jurojin by TresserT
    Caster - Natsume Sōseki by Skull
    Caster - Oda Nobukatsu by zikari8
    Caster - Osakabehime by Adlet
    Caster - Takiyashahime by TresserT
    Caster - Toriyama Sekien by Maxinne
    Caster - Ō no Yasumaro by Omida
    Caster/Assassin - Akechi Mitsuhide by Zh1212
    Caster/Rider/Assassin - Takiyasha-hime by Kamillia
    Demon Archer Assassin Lily - Oda Kipposhi by Jetkinen
    Lancer - Sanda Yukimura by asterism42
    Lancer - Tomoe Gozen by zikari8
    Lancer/Caster/Berserker/Avenger - Izanami-no-Mikoto by Alexcoene
    Retainer/Saber/Lancer/Berserker - Saito Musashibo Benkei by RoydGolden
    Rider - Jurojin (Santa) by TresserT
    Rider - Takeda Shingen by Spartacus
    Rider - Urashima Taro by Alexcoene
    Rider - Usui no Sadamitsu by zikari8
    Rider/Ruler - Takeda Shingen by massive_jojo_reference
    Ruler - Isukiri by zikari8
    Saber - Empress Himiko by Bird of Hermes
    Saber - Hijikata Toshizou by Arashi Leonhart
    Saber - Horkew Kamuy by Funderfullness
    Saber - Juuchi Yosamu by JetKinen
    Saber - Kamiizumi Nobutsuna by massive_jojo_reference
    Saber - Kawakami Gensai by CritHit
    Saber - Kondou Isami by zikari8
    Saber - Sasaki Kojirou Lily by MehKitteh
    Saber - Soujoubou by Obsidian Pharaoh
    Saber - Tachibana Dosetsu by zikari8
    Saber - Tsukahara Bokuden by massive_jojo_reference
    Saber - Uesugi Kenshin by Bird of Hermes
    Saber - Uesugi Kenshin by Spartacus
    Saber - Yamato Takeru by Arkanian
    Saber - Yasuke by Zh1212
    Saber/Berserker - Hosokawa Tadaoki by Ail Don
    Saber/Berserker/Assassin/Caster - Susanoo-no-Mikoto by Alexcoene
    Saber/Lancer/Assassin/Berserker - Yamato Takeru no Mikoto by Adlet
    Saver - Amaterasu by the god of world-0


    Maritime South-East Asia



    Post-Classical Italy


    Sub-Saharan Africa

    Assassin - Boxo-kob by Funderfullness
    Berserker/Saber/Lancer/Archer/Avenger - Nyabinghi by Funderfullness
    Caster - Menelik by Funderfullness
    Caster - Modjadji by Funderfullness
    Lancer/Archer - Anna Nzinga by Funderfullness
    Lancer/Berserker/Caster - Shango by Funderfullness
    Rider - Yennega by Funderfullness

    The Netherlands

    The Slavs

    Uncategorized Others

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    Thanks for compiling everything NMR-3. Another update to the OP would probably be nice once we meet the page 450 milestone. As a nitpick, I'd say that Daneel's Barbatos should really be under Judeo-Christian rather then Nasuverse. By your logic, alternate versions of any character who's already shown up in canon (like my Caligula Lily) would fall into the Nasuverse category, which clearly isn't the best way to organize things.

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    I'm being very nitpicky, but Honnoji is the place where Nobunaga died and not a place where he commited any sort of brutality unless you consider Seppuku that.
    I think you're thinking in Mt. Hiei

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoydGolden View Post
    Thanks for compiling everything NMR-3. Another update to the OP would probably be nice once we meet the page 450 milestone. As a nitpick, I'd say that Daneel's Barbatos should really be under Judeo-Christian rather then Nasuverse. By your logic, alternate versions of any character who's already shown up in canon (like my Caligula Lily) would fall into the Nasuverse category, which clearly isn't the best way to organize things.
    I seem to have gotten the short end of the stick in this compilation. There seem to be two Rider Chiyou's (I'd guess one of them is Saber). Also, "Jiang Barbatos", being in fact La Befana, belongs to Post-Classical Italy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daneel Rush View Post
    I seem to have gotten the short end of the stick in this compilation. There seem to be two Rider Chiyou's (I'd guess one of them is Saber). Also, "Jiang Barbatos", being in fact La Befana, belongs to Post-Classical Italy.
    Speaking of doubles, Hermes' Bernardo Del Carpio is also listed twice for some reason.

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    I have mixed feelings on Ghatotkacha being put only in the Indian section... But no matter, as long as it's in the index, I can live with it.
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    Class: Berserker
    Identity: Herostratus
    Gender: ???
    Origin: Historical Facts (4th Century BC Greek)
    Alignment: Chaotic Mad
    Attribute: Man

    STR: D
    END: D
    AGL: D
    MGI: C
    LCK: C
    NP: C+

    Mad Enhancement: B
    The Class Skill that characterizes a Berserker, raising basic parameters and strengthens one's physical abilities in exchange of hindering mental capacities and/or in exchange for their sense of reason. In some cases, it also affects and/or seals away some techniques, Personal Skills and Noble Phantasms. At this rank, all parameters receives rank up, but also takes away most of sanity. Berserker can still initiate conversation with others, but the topic is limited to [making others to remember his name].

    Sabotage: C++
    A Skill that provides bonus modifier to implements used to deal damage against [structures], such as from Fortress-type Noble Phantasm or communication network. This Skill also allows one to bypass defensive barriers of Bounded Fields. The rank of this Skill has been heavily lowered because of his Mad Enhancement… or so it was supposed to be, it seems that some sort of reverse effect occurs thanks to his Mad Enhancement, and Berserker instead received 2 plus modifier for this skill. After all, wreaking havoc to destroy a building works just as well as a planned, coordinated sabotage.

    Information Exposure: C-
    A Skill that is the opposite of [Information Erasure]; where information such as [true name] and [appearance] and [actions] of the Servant will be deliberately and forcibly exposed to the memories and records of all eye witnesses. At higher lever, this Skill may also prevent the memory from being [forgotten] from the memories and records of the witnesses. However, as a lingering effect of a curse placed upon him by the priests and magus of Ephesus even after his death, this skill’s effect is limited only to exposing his [actions].

    Core Preservation: E ~ EX
    A skill which allows the preservation of the Servant’s spiritual core from damage by conceptually modifying their own core into something beyond their Saint Graph; it is essentially a skill which allows one to preserve their own [existence]. Berserker managed to obtain this Skill via his Noble Phantasm which conceptually modified his spiritual core into [fame], at [maximum fame], Berserker’s core will still be intact even if his physical body is destroyed over and over again, which make the only way to defeat his is to make people forget him.

    The Name That Shall be Remembered
    Rank: C+
    Type: Anti-Unit (Self)
    Range: 0
    Max Target: 1

    “But the iniquity of oblivion blindly scattereth her poppy, and deals with the memory of men without distinction to merit of perpetuity... Herostratus lives that burnt the Temple of Diana, he is almost lost that built it... Who knows whether the best of men be known? or whether there be not more remarkable persons forgot, than any that stand remembred in the known account of time?”
    --Sir Thomas Browne

    Berserker’s [proof of existence], it is a Noble Phantasm named after Berserker’s true name; a name that should have vanished long ago beneath the sands of history as a damned memory, a cursed name of a Greek slave that has forcibly carved his name on history by burning down one of the Seven Wonder of the Ancient World; the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus. The name itself has became a symbol--a metonym--for those who sought fame or notoriety by any means possible, even by discarding their own live.

    The concept of [herostratic fame] itself has been sublimated into a Noble Phantasm; it is a continuously active Noble Phantasm that preserves and strengthens Berserker’s [existence]—not as the arsonist that burned down the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, but as the Servant summoned by the grail. Based on the height of Berserker’s [herostratic fame], his physical parameters, Sabotage and Core Preservation skills will gain a rank up based on the scale of his notoriety. The maximum effect is gained when at least a quarter of the world’s population acknowledges Berserker’s [existence]; at this scale, his physical parameters will be boosted to rank A, his Sabotage skill to A++ rank and his Core Preservation skill to EX rank.

    Damnatio Memoriae
    The Memory That Will be Forgotten

    Rank: D
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1 ~ 10
    Max Target: 1
    A curse that Berserker receives after his death, it is a damnation that supposedly and purposefully made to remove his name forever from history, which ironically backfires and made his name even more famous. Upon becoming a Servant, this curse, which has became a vital part of his legend as a [proof] of ironically overcoming an eternal damnation, has ironically manifested as a Noble Phantasm that can produce a same curse.

    A curse that will wipe out records of a person’s existence from recent memories, though its effect and scale is very limited compared to a certain Noble Phantasm that can erase a person completely from history and even from the Throne of Heroes. If used on a Servant, it serves as a curse that will temporarily tamper with their Saint Graph and depending on the target’s Luck; some Skills, Parameters or even Noble Phantasms may be disabled or weakened in the process.

    Because he is summoned as a Berserker, a command spell must be used to activate this Noble Phantasm. Also, each usage of this Noble Phantasm has a slight chance to backfire to Berserker himself, which would result in him wiping out his own existence.

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    Three things about couple of my guys in that list: Marie Curie is listed twice, the link for Empress Anna goes to the wrong place, and Tam Lin is erroneously listed as Irish (he's British).
    Quote Originally Posted by Sandstorm77 View Post
    He's just putting the bone of his sword into other people until it explodes and lets out parts of him inside them.
    Quote Originally Posted by AvengerEmiya View Post
    Genderswaps are terrible, but I think I and other people would hate them less if Fate didn't keep ignoring actual heroines throughout history and folklore. Like, why bother turning Francis Drake into a woman when Ching Shih and Grace O'Malley exist?

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    Jonah is posted twice and Jabir ibn Hayyan is marked as a Shielder for some reason.
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    From the sound of it, double entries are a common problem with this compilation...

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    At least there is one.

    This is like the only active thread here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gally View Post
    At least there is one.

    This is like the only active thread here.
    Well, the Magus thread is pretty active now as well, what with the contest and all.

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    I should really finish my sheets btw. It's bugging me.

    - - - Updated - - -

    And ok, so the creation threads are the only things active here.

    It makes me sad.

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    Yeah by the way people were giving out their Writer's Blocked list of Servants earlier so I'm gonna throw Edward VIII and Ismail al-Jazari into that.
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    Class: Foreigner

    STR: C++
    END: B++
    AGI: C-
    MGI: D
    LCK: C

    Class Skills

    Existence Outside the Domain (EX): This skill represents a Foreigner who was not born on Earth, a being outside of reality and the
    known universe. Besides existing beyond the fabric of this three-dimensional reality, Foreigner also chose to reside in Antarctica,
    the last region on Earth to be discovered by mankind, unsighted until the 19th century. Even then, it was difficult to access due to
    its hostile climate, lack of resources and isolation. The sheer amount of mystery surrounding this Terra Australis forms the basis
    for Foreigner's power just as much as her actual exploits.

    Divinity (B): Foreigner's divine nature does not come from her bloodline, but because her powers are derived from the contact with an
    eldritch being that she encountered during her fateful voyage to the south. Oddly enough, the same voyage and the same eldritch beings
    served as the inspiration for a story of a fictional Antarctic expedition written by a certain horror writer.

    Insanity (B): A Mental Pollution-like skill gained from contacting an evil god that can easily erode the fragile common sense and morals
    of humans. However, the main qualification for the Foreigner class is to defy this erosion, either by maintaining their integrity as they
    descend into madness, or instead of being consumed by madness, they consume the madness itself. In this case, it is the former; Foreigner
    has shed her military discipline and her pride as a knight and has doubled down on her enthusiastic love of exploration and the Antarctic.
    Because of this, she has a particular affinity for nature, especially wastelands and the creatures that inhabit such places. Furthermore,
    her mental map of the world has had the "fog of war" inverted; those places that are unseen by human eyes are as familiar as the back
    of her hand. Encountering human civilization, however, is like standing on an alien planet that defies all logic.

    Personal Skills

    Frozen Armor (EX): Foreigner's main defensive ability is an aura of extreme cold that allows her to form armor made of ice over her body.
    It can grant up to two + modifiers to STR and END at the cost of reduced AGI. Foreigner's skin can grow so cold that her ice-armored form
    can reach 30 meters tall, given time. Her appearance is evocative of a certain White Titan with added aquatic features such as fins and a
    tail. However, it is meant to be the form of a Ningen, a massive humanoid cryptid reportedly native to the waters around Antarctica that
    shadows Japanese whaling vessels. Despite its name, this skill is not an ability to construct armor, but rather a narrow application of
    the Territory Creation skill, which allows the "point-blank" reproduction of the thick ice shelf of Antarctica. Foreigner's claim to fame
    was giving her name to many geographical features of the frozen continent covered in a shelf of solid ice over a mile in thickness.

    Voyager of the Storm (A): The talent to sail ships. Because leadership ability is a necessity to captain a ship, this skill functions as
    Charisma and Military Tactics each at rank B. Foreigner was a lifelong member of the Royal Navy, quickly being promoted to Captain after
    undertaking several Arctic expeditions and maintaing the health and good morale of her men. For her expedition to Antarctica, she was
    awarded the Gold Medal of the French Geographical Society, knighted and elected to the Royal Society.

    Sea of Life (B): A skill that reflects the meaning of the phrase "the ocean is where all life is born", representing Foreigner's affinity
    for the ocean and the tenacity of life to flourish in even the most hostile places. It confers the effects of Animal Dialogue and a form
    of Battle Continuation with respect to environmental hazards. This skill comes from Foreigner's passion for scientific study and those
    same passions being shared by the rest of her crew. Due to her current class, though, it is more based on instinct than academia.

    Noble Phantasms

    Tekeli-li~Groth-Golka, Demon Bird God of Antarctica (C+, Summoning)

    An autonomous creature known as a shoggoth, created by the Elder Gods as a servitor race. It's default form is a large amoeba-like creature
    made out of iridescent black slime, but it can take any shape Foreigner orders it to. For thematic reasons, it takes the form of a six-foot tall
    albino penguin. Foreigner controls the shoggoth through hypnosis, ensuring absolute obedience at the cost of creativity and initiative. She can
    summon any number of them, but her control weakens the greater their numbers, so she limits her force of minions to the single digits.
    Her minions are a threat to Servants only in large numbers, so normally they serve as scouts and labor. However, as a last resort, Foreigner
    can consolidate their mass into a single creature and summon Groth-Golka, an eldritch being that dwells under the ice of Antarctica. This
    beast resembles a pterosaur and is more than capable of going toe-to-toe with the average Servant while bearing Foreigner as a mount. Using
    her Noble Phantasm in this manner seals it afterwards as a failsafe against the beast gaining free will and being let loose on the Earth.

    HMS Sedmelluq~Vessel of the Mountains of Madness (A+, Anti-Army, Anti-Fortress)

    Foreigner's two ships, the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror were the namesakes for the two active volcanoes she discovered in Antarctica. Said
    to be unusually strong, the two warships were sturdily built to withstand the recoil of their thirteen inch heavy mortar cannons, able to fire
    high-trajectory shells over considerable distance to bombard enemy positions on land. If she were summoned as a Rider, just one of these
    ships would be enough, but as a Foreigner connected to Antarctica's very geography, her ship changes drastically. Instead of wood, the hull
    has been converted into a sort of igneous rock, after the volcanoes Foreigner christened, and the mortars deal catastrophic damage equal to
    a volcanic eruption. As a matter of course, the ship can fly, burrow and travel underwater. The structure of the ship is unchanged aside from
    a six-pointed star being mounted on the prow; this serves to unleash the ship's true form as a giant worm-like creature, greatly increasing its
    size, strength, durability and number of cannons, capable of taking great damage and unleashing an equally devastating barrage of mortars.

    Sir James Clark Ross was a British naval officer and explorer. He is most famous for his exploration of the Arctic and Antarctic, becoming
    one of the more well known figures of the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration. He explored what is now called the Ross Sea and the Ross Ice
    Shelf, as well as the volcanoes Erebus and Terror, named after his warships. Also accompanying him was Joseph Dalton Hooker, who went on
    to become one of the greatest botanists in Britain and a friend of Charles Darwin after his observations on the flora and fauna of the frozen
    continent. Ross' ships were heavily built to support their three-ton mortar cannons, which made them uniquely suited for navigating the
    dangerous sea ice. The expedition was in three parts, with the ships heading north to Tasmania or the Falkland Islands when the winter
    made things too dangerous. After two and a half years, Ross returned to England with many writings containing data on the magnetism,
    botany, oceanography and ornithology of Antarctica, a virtually unknown continent shrouded in mystery.

    A colleague wrote, "Few people of the present day are capable of rightly appreciating this heroic deed, this brilliant proof of human courage
    and energy. With two ponderous craft -regular "tubs" according to our ideas- these men sailed right into the heart of the pack ice, which all
    previous explorers had regarded as certain death... These men were heroes in the highest sense of the word."

    Alternate FC (nsfw)

    Final thoughts: Someone should make Mick Jones as a Foreigner.
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