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Thread: Create-A-Servant 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThirtyFour34 View Post
    Still a Reality Marble tho. The question is whether or not Gil would pull Ea...
    Yeah. The fight depends on whether or not Gil pulls Ea. If he doesn't then Grimm wins. If he does then Gil wins. Though I suppose it is technically possible for Grimm to escape in time if he uses the right abilities with his NP.

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    Please someone remind me to finish my damned Kusuma Bangsa sheet.
    Sasaki Kojirou Avenger when?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MehKitteh View Post
    Please someone remind me to finish my damned Kusuma Bangsa sheet.
    Please finish it.

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    Selamat Hari Merdeka!!


    Class : Rider
    Alternate Class : Ruler, Caster
    Identity : Soekarno
    Origin : Indonesia (20th Century)
    Alignment : Lawful Neutral

    Sukarno, also spelled Soekarno (born June 6, 1901, Surabaja [now Surabaya], Java, Dutch East Indies—died June 21, 1970, Jakarta, Indonesia), leader of the Indonesian independence movement and Indonesia’s first president (1949–66), who suppressed the country’s original parliamentary system in favour of an authoritarian “Guided Democracy” and who attempted to balance the Communists against the army leaders. He was deposed in 1966 by the army under Suharto.

    STR : E
    END : E
    AGL : D
    MGI : A
    LCK : B
    NP : A++

    Riding : C++
    A Class Skill of Rider and Saber class Servants, denoting the ability to ride mounts and vehicles. Though he is a Rider, his Riding skill is rather low, and Rider can only ride several animals or vehicles with slightly above average skill, he gained 2 plus modifier so that he can use his mount Noble Phantasm.

    Magic Resistance : E
    A skill that grants protection against magical effects. Differing from the Resistance effect that merely rejects Magical Energy, this ability cancels the spells altogether. Rider cannot cancel spells, but magic damage is reduced somewhat. Although he is a modern Heroic Spirit, Rider has some degree of magic resistance due to the reverence of the people of Indonesia towards him.

    Presidential Privilege : A
    A skill that's similar to a limited version of "Imperial Privilege", denoting one's authority and leadership as a President of a nation. At this rank, skills such as "Charisma", "Golden Rule", "Military Tactics" and other similar skills that are within the (limited) authority of a president can be displayed at C rank, though his Charisma is B-ranked. As the first president of Indonesia that has once been titled "President for Life" and has reigned for 22 years, Rider possesses a high-rank of this skill.

    Incitement : A
    A Skill that functions as the acquisition of the words and gestures to lead the citizens and the masses. Especially, when employed against an individual, it functions as a sort of mental attack. Rider's numerous motivational and nation-rallying speeches that he conducted as the president and war leader of Indonesia has manifested as this skill at A rank.

    Librarian of Stored Knowledge : C
    A skill that denotes the ability that makes it possible for a clear recall of knowledge from memory with a successful Luck Check, even if the information perceived in the past was not consciously acknowledged at the time. Thanks to Rider's precocious mind and photographic memory, he is capable of remembering a wide range of knowledge. He was also fluent in several languages, Indonesian, English, Japanese, Arabic, German, French, Balinese, Sundanese, Javanese, Dutch and possibly some other languages.

    Noble Phantasm

    Garuda Pancasila
    The Five Basic Principles
    Rank : A++
    Type : Varies

    O, Garuda Pancasila
    I am your supporter
    A patriot of Proclamation
    I am willing to sacrifice myself for you

    Pancasila the basis of the land
    The people right and prospering
    My nation's character
    Let us go forth
    Let us go forth
    Let us go forth

    A Noble Phantasm that manifested as the sublimation of the 5 basic foundational principles of
    Republic Indonesia, the Pancasila, which was composed by Rider himself as the representation of the common goal and principles of all Indonesian peoples. It is composed of five principles which Indonesian contends are inseparable and interrelated:

    -- A divinity that is an ultimate unity
    -- A just and civilized humanity
    -- Unity of Indonesia
    -- Democracy guided by inner wisdom and representative consensus-building
    -- Social justice for all Indonesians

    As a Noble Phantasm, these principles manifested in the form of a Phantasmal Beast, the Garuda Pancasila, the national symbol of Indonesia that symbolize this national ideology. Unlike the Phantasmal Beast that served as the mount of Vishnu, this version of Garuda Pancasila is a different entity. It is a phantasmal beast born from the foundational ideal of all Indonesian people, the Pancasila, and thus, it has 5 powers based on Pancasila itself.

    Its appearance is similar as depicted in the national symbol of Indonesia, a gigantic golden Javan hawk-eagle, with a heraldic shield on its chest, symbolize the five silas, or principles. The eagle's claw grips a scroll that is inscribed with the text "BHINNEKA TUNGGAL IKA" which means "Unity in Diversity". The eagle also has another symbolistic appearance in the number of its feathers:
    The number of feathers on each wing totals 17
    The number of feathers on the tail totals 8
    The number of feathers below the shield or base of tail totals 19
    The number of feathers on the neck totals 45
    These numbers correspond the 17/8/1945, which is the date of Indonesian Independence Day (which is the day I'm writing this).

    The shield in the chest of the Garuda, aside from symbolizing Pancasila, also serves as the power source of this Noble Phantasm. The badge or symbol inscribed on the shield differs according to the situation, each represents the different 'sila' or 'principle' that serves as the power for this Noble Phantasm. The Garuda can change its "form" depending on the symbol on its chest's heraldic shield.

    Ketuhanan Yang Maha Esa
    Worship Of One Supreme Divinity
    Type : Anti-Unit (Self)

    The star symbol, which represents the first principle: "Belief in One Supreme God". When the shield assumes the form of this symbol, the Garuda will change its attribute and characteristic into a Divine Beast. In this form, the Garuda cannot be harmed by Servants or Weapons with the attribute from the 5 officially acknowledge religions in Indonesia: Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. They can still damage the Garuda, but their attacks will be just 1/5 of the initial damage. In this form, the Garuda also receive bonus damage against Servants with low religious belief.

    Kemanusiaan Yang Adil
    Lawful Justice Of Civilization
    Type : Anti-Unit

    The chain symbol, which represents the second principle: "Just and Civilized Humanity". Symbolizing the law and justice system of the nation. When the Garuda assumes this form, its golden feathers will turn darker, it's claw will become sharper and longer and two gigantic spiked chains will appear on each of its wings, representing the aspect of Indonesian law. The chain has a special magical property similar to a certain Golden King's chain, but instead of getting more powerful on Servants with Divinity, this chain has a greater effect on those with "Chaotic" or "Corrupt" alignment or attribute, and unlike the Chain of Heaven, there's only a pair of this chain.

    Persatuan Indonesia
    Unity Through Diversity
    Type : Anti-Army

    The Banyan (beringin) tree symbol, which represents the third principle: "Unity of Indonesia". Indonesia is the 4th most populous country in the world, with various religion, cultures, ethics, and languages. Normally it would be impossible to unify such varying group of peoples as a United Nation, but thanks to this principle, Indonesia manages to do it. When the Garuda assumes this form, it will create a "nest" in the form of a gigantic banyan tree, which is known for having expansive above-ground roots and branches, as an ideal conceived by Rider, representing Republic Indonesia as a single country with many far-flung cultural roots. As long as Garuda still nested in the tree, Rider can control and manipulate the gigantic aerial roots of the tree to attack the enemies with its sheer mass and quantity.

    Kerakyatan Terpimpin
    Democracy Under One Leader
    Type : Anti-Unit

    The bull symbol, which represents the fourth principle: "Guided Democracy". This is because Indonesians saw bulls as a highly social animal that always lives in a large group. When the Garuda assumes this form, the eagle will become smaller, into the size of an actual eagle, but at the same time, it will greatly multiply into a formation of hundreds of eagles, each is controlled by one consciousness, symbolizing the concept of "Guided Democracy". With its sheer numbers, it is capable of overwhelming enemies relentlessly from the sky like a rain of swords.

    Keadilan Sosial
    Inexhaustable Prosperity
    Type : Anti-Banquet

    The rice and cotton symbol, which represents the fifth principle: "Social Justice". The rice and cotton represent sustenance and livelihood, and also represents the rich natural resources of Indonesia. When the Garuda assumes this form, it will be able to produce an infinite amount of eggs, which can be used as an unlimited supply of food.


    Likes : Unity, socialism, independence, woman.
    Dislikes : Feudalism.
    Talents : Speech, engineering.
    Natural Enemy : Soeharto
    Catalyst : His kopiah
    Although in front of peoples he appears to be a charismatic and noble leader, Rider is actually a flirty, flamboyant and somewhat eccentric man. In his life, he had married to 9 times and had affairs with many other women. However, his dedication and determination to realize the hundred of years struggle of national independence is also genuine.

    Due to his precocious mind and photographic memory, his way of thinking is a bit different from other people. But despite his intelligence, he is really bad at managing economy, he thinks that everyone should fulfill their own needs with their own effort, not with help or interference from other people, a fatal thinking that would eventually lead to his downfall.

    He is constantly haunted by the thought of the mass killing in 1965-1966, a series of massacres of alleged communist, Chinese, aristocrats, and foreigners, that takes place across the nation, it is considered to be the worst massacre in Indonesian history. His wish for the grail is to remove these massacres from history.

    I was thinking to make a Caster!Soekarno, but then this idea struck me...
    Please forgive this ridiculous and wanked up sheet...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MehKitteh View Post
    Please someone remind me to finish my damned Kusuma Bangsa sheet.
    Finish it today, bro.

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