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Thread: Create-A-Servant 2

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    I think not...

    here is a list of my servant sheets(new and improved format for my servant sheets)

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    True Name: Paul Bunyan
    Class: Caster
    Alignment: True Summer

    Strength: C++
    Endurance: A
    Agility: C
    Magic: A
    Luck: C
    Noble Phantasm: EX

    Passive Skills:

    Territory Creation EX:
    At the point of its creation, the Territory and Caster exist as one and the same, allowing instinctual control as soon as its placed.

    Goddess' Divine Core E:
    Through the awakening of some hidden part of her saint graph, her divinity is more thoroughly expressed. Though she still remains, in her words, a half baked bunrei.

    Active Skills:

    Monstrous Strength (Frost) A+:
    Inherited from the father of all giants, Caster receives a permanent plus modifier to her strength. Caster mainly used it for emergency cooldown.

    The Whistling River B:
    An entity from one of the stories of Paul Bunyan, it's true nature is that of a Nature Spirit but manifests as a river that wakes people up through a shrill whistle. Caster had gone through lengths to subdue it when it spit muddy water in her hair. She repurposed it into a hose to cool down with.

    Familiar (Giants) C (EX):
    A personal skill that was inherited from the father of all giants, one that allow for the creation of other giants as her 'children'. However as Caster doesn't understand it's true nature and the fact that she simply uses them as blue collar workers, the rank is lowered.

    Goddess Metamorphosis E+:
    Due to the events of a certain lostbelt, one of phantoms that comprised Bunyan had become more realized, thus transforming her into something resembling a goddess. However, due to Bunyan's natural inclinations, the rank is lowered.

    Noble Phantasms:

    Aurgelmir: The Grand Body That Created The World B (EX):
    This Noble Phantasm connects Caster to the texture of the world that was created from the body of Ymir. She can use it for many things like summoning mountains, the sea, clouds, etc. However due to animosity of the world towards mankind conflicting with Caster's intentions, the effectiveness is lowered. However, against a true threat to both Humanity and the World, no hesitation is given and it's true power is unleashed. Is eerily similar to Marble Phantasms used by a certain Princess of the Moon.

    Ymir Fetch: Goddess Tossed Icicle C:
    A derivative from the original noble phantasm. In this instance, Caster summons a supersized icicle for Babe to run after and catch. This is based off the anecdote where Caster played fetch with several icicles.

    Caster's true name is Paul Bunyan, a giant known from early American folklore. However due to the summer heat and another undetermined event outside her notice, another aspect of her saint graph awakened causing a class change to Caster where she became more self aware. This led to a decision to become a goddess in order to better help humanity. Though underneath the new-found divinity, doubts still lurk.

    Very little changes to her usual personality were made, except for being a bit more professional during 'work'. However, she becomes quite… terse when interacting with the Nordic servants (I.e. Sigurd, Brynhildr, Valkyrie etc).

    Note: This is pretty much my first servant sheet. Feel free to comment
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    Archer of the fire

    "i'm Archer. I'm your servant, but if you think i will bow, you got another think coming"

    Class: Archer
    Alignment: True/neutral
    Region:Middle East
    Height: 128cm
    Weight: ??(it's hard to weight fire)
    Likes: convestation, her name, humans
    Dislikes: being alone, forgetting things, humans
    Talent: learning
    Armaments: fire
    Natural Enemy: water elementals, saints


    Str: C
    End: C
    Agi: A
    Mna: A
    Lck: D
    NP: A


    class skills

    Independent Action(C): It is possible for a Servant to stay in the world for one day without a Master. Because of her original nature, it can be a bit hard for Archer to act on her own.

    Magic Resistance(A): Cancel spells of A-Rank or below, no matter what High-Thaumaturgy it is. In practice, the Servant is untouchable to modern magi, so it would not be an exaggeration to title the Servant a "Magus Killer".

    personal skills

    Ultimate Adversary(B): A skill granted to those who are considered an "enemy of the humans" and it allows for archer to, if the identity of the servant is known, to replicate characteristics of their arch-nemesis in their stories. However, since Archer is only supposed to oppose Humanity, this skill won't activate against those of Divine or monstrous nature.

    Self-transformation(B): A skill that marks Archer as an existance that will "Grow up from now on". become evil if expected to be evil; become good if expected to be good, not having a personal identity for the majority of her life has left the broad personally of Archer easily influenced now that she has one.

    Fiery spirit(EX): A skill denoting the user as a nature spirit of the fire element. Archer is a high level Fire spirit and a such, has complete control and immunity over fire. Furthermore, she is sensitive of nearby heat sources, which is useful for enemy location, and can manipulate the general shape of her body attaining the equivalent of Rank B in Shapeshifting.

    Noble phantasm

    I Am Smoke, We Are Fire
    Djinn Afarit

    rank: Anti-army, A

    Archer's noble phantasm is a remnant of her original nature as part of a Hive mind. By pulling in the strands of her past, Archer can temporarily reestablish her link with other like her, summoning them to aid her in battle.
    Each of the summon spirits look identical to Archer in appearance and are mentally conneted to her, transmitting information to her about their experiences. Furthermore, they all have the equivalent of the skill Fiery spirit at rank A.
    Archer doesn't really have a limit to how many she can invoke at a time, bit each individual increases the amount of mana spend bt a significant margin. Also, prolonged used interferes with Archer's sense of self, causing bouts of confusions, lapses of memory and has the risk of eventually leading to complete amnesia.
    This Noble Phantasm is considered a ranged technic and is the reason Archer is in her class.


    Archer's name is Iblis, a figure frequently occurring in the Quran, commonly in relation to the creation of Adam and the command to prostrate himself before him. After he refused, he was cast out of heaven. Due to his fall from God's grace, he is often compared to Satan in Christian traditions. In Islamic tradition, Iblis is often identified with Al-Shaitan ("the Adversary").
    However, that is not really Archer's origins.
    Archer is, in actuality, a high rank nature spirit of the fire element called an Efreet or Afrit. Efreets, like some other spirits, share an connected hivemind where they all share the same thoughts and feelings or, in short, they are all &quot;Efreet&quot;. Archer however was forcibly cut off from said system by a inexperienced mage&apos;s faulty ritual and, lacking a proper name and identity, was given one that was closest to her nature.


    Initially, Archer is somewhat abrasive and haughty when dealing with humans, as her identity demands, but ultimately her personality is not yet formed and will respond to her Master's personality.
    If her Master is a good person, her positive traits will exalted and she will turn into a charismatic and heroic presence. However, if her master acts with cruelty, she will turn into the ultimate Villain.
    In the end, she is like a child brimming with potential, be it for good or evil.

    here is a list of my servant sheets(new and improved format for my servant sheets)

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    Are you doing an elemental series? I'm curious if there's going to be a water and earth one too. Also, after reading up a bit on Iblis' legend, I realized that he'd actually be a good candidate for the evil of "Comparison" now that Primate Murder is gone, as his sin was comparing himself to Adam and envying how God favored him over the angels.

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    I am planing on it, i just have to find appropriate candidates, but i think I already found the earth one.

    I guess your right about the comparison, but power wise even actual real iblis would not be beast-level, since Quran specify that he is not that powerful actually.

    here is a list of my servant sheets(new and improved format for my servant sheets)

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