​"What's wrong, having trouble keeping up? Come on, we've barely started!"

Servant Lancer


True Name: Pheidippides
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Origin: Greek
Gender: Male
Likes: Glistening sweat, Pouring sweat, Flying sweat!
Dislikes: Fine dining
Natural Enemy: Atalanta, Achilles

Class Skills:
Magic Resistance C:
Cancel spells with a chant below two verses. Cannot defend against magecraft on the level of High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals

Personal Skills:
Crossing Fields B:
A skill that allows for quickly moving over the field of battle. Though the top speed is great, there is a limit to obstacle avoidance and terrain adjustment.
Essentially, a weaker variant to the more flexible Crossing Arcadia skill.

Runnerís High A:

A state of mind whose activation is out of the userís control. When activated, the user reaches a state of euphoria and heightened senses, where active thought fades away and the unconscious takes over. One no longer feels pain and exhaustion, allowing one to fight beyond their physical limits and negate mental interference. At its peak, itís essentially a composite skill of Instinct, Bravery, and Battle Continuation.
It is not a permanent ability nor one that can be controlled. Only when the situation is right, a Servant will automatically slip into this form and truly reach their maximum fighting potential.

Last Words D:
A skill denoting the weight of oneís words in proportion to oneís state of health. A form of ethos gained from the feats and pain that lead to those few words. When one is about to die or is fatally injured, their words will be instilled with additional power to instill specific emotions within the listener. The effect is strong enough to rival mental manipulation magecraft.
Lancer at his death was able to spread the feeling of joy to the entire city of Athens with a single sentence, completely eliminating the anxious panic in the city.
Noble Phantasm
Joy to You

Rank: B
Type: Anti-Unit (Self)

A recreation of Lancerís greatest feat. Once Lancer starts running, he will not stop until he reaches his goal.

Lancerís speed increases greatly, allowing him to cross long distances very quickly. The built-up momentum of his running becomes itself a weapon that can crash and blow away opponents that stand in his path. As long as Lancerís mind can keep up, the speed can be used for precise movements as well, allowing close-combat maneuvers.

However, the true strength of the noble phantasm is not the speed but its ability to be used continuously. Once activated, Lancer becomes an unstoppable force, in more than name. He will not stop running, no matter what damage is inflicted on him or what stands in his path. As long as his legs are attached to his body, he will always be in motion, with or without a head on his shoulders. The Noble Phantasm isnít short-term either; it can last for hours without end.

But once the Noble Phantasm ends, itís over. Lancerís life force, which was powering the Noble Phantasm, will have run dry and heíll collapse and fade away shortly after, like a candle reaching the end of its stick.

Pheidippides was a courier in Ancient Greece. During the first Persian invasion of Greece, Pheidippides served as a messenger of Athens, delivering news between cities and requesting aid from allies. His most famous endeavor occurred during the battle of Marathon. He ran back-and-forth from Athens to Sparta to request reinforcements, pushing his body to the very limit. When the Battle of Marathon was finally won, he made his final journey and ran from the battlefield to Athens, never resting. When he arrived, he was at the last inch of his life and with his dying words delivered news of the victory.

His story is the inspiration for the modern day sporting event, the marathon race.


A super high-tempo muscle head with boundless energy and mindless determination. He believes strongly in the concept of hard work and guts; if you canít accomplish something, it just means youíre not trying hard enough.

Always on his feet, inactivity is practically a sin for him; he eats his food quickly, sleeps a minimal amount, and doesnít bother with all that pre-fight trash talk. Heís the type that gets really into something once he starts it and ďnever gives upĒ until he feels he has succeeded. When he finds a worthy rival, heíll continuously challenge them until he wins, especially when it comes to racing. His favorite food is a beef bowl.

In combat, he uses his superior running speed to great advantage for hit and run tactics with his spear, but he can easily be taunted into in-fighting.


Achilles: Ah, dammit, I lost again! One more time, please. Iíll definitely become the fastest!
Atalanta: Címon, nee-san, letís race. You never accept my challenges. Iíll definitely catch up to you, I promise.
Artemis: UmÖ actually big bro Orion said heíd teach me his special running form today soÖ could you let go of him please?