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Thread: Create-A-Servant 2

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    There was an idea I had a long time ago, about two brazilian servants, but I was postponing it... I WILL WRITE IT UNTIL NEXT YEAR, TOGETHER WITH THREE FANFICS AND TWO MAGES! I WILL DO IT! Somehow... I hope
    (yey! my first historical servant will be Zumbi dos Palmares!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoydGolden View Post
    Valentinus: I wasn't sure about his NP at first, since it seemed like the most generic possible "saint" NP rather then anything associated with Valentine in particular, but when I read his background and came across the "composite saint" stuff it all came together. Very interesting idea for a Servant, reminds me a little of the Nameless Crusader sheet I wrote ages ago on the old thread.

    Some parts don't quite feel as fleshed out as they could be though. Returning to his NP, while it works conceptually it's still really vague and I don't have a clear idea as to what it could actually do in a Grail War. You say it lets him channel God's power, so I'm imagining him shooting holy lasers and healing people and other archetypal examples of "white magic", but the sheet itself doesn't specify.

    His Wedlock Skill has a similar combination of a cool concept and kind of underwhelming execution. What are the effects of the spiritual connection it creates (Telepathy? Sharing abilities?), and what kind of "protection" does it grant? Furthermore, I can't help but wonder if anything special would happen if he married two Servants together, or a Servant and their Master for that matter...
    Yeah, I see your point now. Though I have to say, it was partially intentional.

    As mentioned in the description, the Wedlock skill borrows from the concept of “marriage”, in all its nuances. The “divine protection” here is any metaphysical aspect, supernatural effect that can be possibly connected to the bond of matrimony. If you still need a more concrete description, think of it as a extreme version of the Combination skill: both parties will receive a feast of buffs so long they remain together.

    As for the Noble Phantasm, I deliberately avoided going into details on it since I would have touch on the sensitive topic of “the nature of Christ“. In simple terms what En Kyrio does is turn its owner into “a downgraded version of the savior”. The saint thus become able to do anything that the Son of God could, just not as well as Him. If you still have troubles picturing it in your mind, think of it as the Church’s variation of True Magic: although limited to things that can be defined as “miracles”, he can perform any supernatural feat that fit that description - even things things that violate the natural laws of the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Criarino View Post
    There was an idea I had a long time ago, about two brazilian servants, but I was postponing it... I WILL WRITE IT UNTIL NEXT YEAR, TOGETHER WITH THREE FANFICS AND TWO MAGES! I WILL DO IT! Somehow... I hope
    (yey! my first historical servant will be Zumbi dos Palmares!)
    Dude, i don't want to be rude, but you don't need to announce everything you do.

    Just post it once you're ready.

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    Source: (X)

    Name; Quasimodo
    Class; Berserker
    Armament: Bell clapper
    Alignment: Insane Good
    Source: France, The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    Attribute: Man
    Traits: Human, Deformed

    Strength: B+
    Agility: B
    Endurance: B+
    Mana: D
    Luck: D
    Noble Phantasm: A

    Likes: "Es..merelda", ringing bells
    Dislikes: Priests, whips, being called a monster
    Talents: Ringing bells
    Natural Enemy: Claude Frollo
    Wish: To cure his defomrity

    Class Skills:
    Madness Enchantment: B
    The class skill of the Berserker, In exchange of reason one gains a massive boost to their power. He was prone to massive fits of blind rage whenever he saw people he loved be hurt, and this rage continues into his new life.

    Personal Skills:
    Natural Born Monster (False): B
    A skill representing one as being a monster from birth. From the time he was young to his death, many thought from his horrendous appearance that he was a monster, even his own father.

    Eye for Art: E
    A skill representing one as being infatuated by art. He spent his entire life ringing bells at Notre Dame, and has since learned to recognize the vibrations of certain songs and beats. The chance is next to none, but he can possibly deduce a Noble Phantasm if it has do with music relating to bells.

    Beauty of Trouble With Women: D
    A type of awareness that has been raised to a level of a curse. Mainly related to encounters and interactions with females. He had an infatuation with Esmeralda, but as he understood she would never love him back he lost his hope of them falling in love. He can be temporarily captivated by women who remind him of her, such as a certain French Assassin.

    Noble Phantasm
    Notre Dame
    The Heartbeat of Paris

    Range: 1~20
    Max Targets: 1~15

    The only place Berserker truly called home, his exact memory of every inch of the cathedral lets him recreate it onto a certain area, taking the illusion of a Reality Marble.

    In this space, he has access to the many bells of Notre Dame, from the quiet little bells that sound of birds, to massive bells that roar with the might of the thunder, every bell has a specific effect it can bring if rung individually to allies and enemies. But, Berserker never liked hiding with restraint.

    Upon it's true activation, every bell shall ring in an ear shattering blast capable of temporarily distorting magecraft and the World's influence itself. With the great blast of the bells, all who Berserker sees as his friends shall hear a pleasant melody that promotes healing and defense, while all he sees as enemies shall hear a painfully loud blast that tears at their flesh and uproots their very soul. Berserker himself is immune to both the injuring aspects and the beneficiary aspects, as he can hear neither with his deaf ears.

    Berserker is Quasimodo, the protagonist of Victor Hugo's 1831 story Notre-Dame de Paris or as it's more commonly known, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Born to gypsies, he was abandoned at Notre Dame and replaced with the healthy baby. He was raised and cared for by Archdeacon Claude Frollo, who in order to protect him from the citizens of Paris ridiculing his horrific appearance, raised him in the bell tower of Notre Dame and taught him to be the bell ringer. This unfortunately lead to him becoming deaf as his ears were routinely injured by the blasts of the bells.

    His life took a turn for the worse when his father and master Frollo was enchanted by the gypsy street dancer Esmeralda. Torn between his devotions to the church and his obsession, he ordered Quasimodo to capture her. Not wishing to be harmed or harm others, he complied but was subsequently captured by Captain Phoebus, which ended in him being publicly whipped and left out in the sun the next day. Begging for water, the girl he intended to capture the night before gave him water, and he was enchanted by her kindness.

    Yet, after doing all he could to help her, including sliding down a rope and bringing her into the church to declare sanctuary and nealry killing Frollo, she could never love him and his repulsive appearance, having fallen in love with Phoebus. He still helped her, even pouring molten lead down onto a crowd to buy time for Phoebus and is men to arrive to save Esmeralda, it was all in vain as Frollo murdered her when she fought against him. In blind rage, Quasimodo threw his father off the cathedral, killing him.

    Having killed all that he loved, he slowly walked out of Paris, and clung to Esmeralda's corpse that had been thrown out to be feasted upon by dogs. He died holding her still corpse, and when their bodies were excavated and they attempted to separate his skeleton from hers, his bones crumbed into dust.

    A kind, yet still grief ridden and heavily disturbed man, he has tragically become the very thing he never wanted to be, a monster. To his Master, he'll often follow without complaint as he would to his father, but if he sees them trying to win the war purely to get someone else to love them he will beat them down with his bare hands.

    The best way to utilize Berserker is to treat him as person, not as a tool or monster. Doing this will ensure his obedience and friendship, and he will be far more kind to others and his Master, having higher chances to use his bells to help allies and harm enemies.
    I only ever saw the Disney movie until I sat down and listened to Christopher Lee reading it last weekend. Debating on making Frollo and Esmeralda Servants too, maybe Phoebus. R&R's are appreciated, as I'm not sure what to even make of it myself. FC may not work as I'm not able to use Imgur atm, if it doesn't work let me know.
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    Never expected to see a Hunchback of Notre Dame Servant, interesting work.
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    Has anyone done the Winged Hussars yet? If not I might give it a shot when I get a chance.

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    He's neat. Not sure why Notre Dame is E~A++

    Quote Originally Posted by Bylackbre View Post
    Has anyone done the Winged Hussars yet? If not I might give it a shot when I get a chance.
    Don't think so.
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    hey I edited my character a bit it's not finished but I want to know if its better

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowPrincess24 View Post
    hey I edited my character a bit it's not finished but I want to know if its better
    Well, I never saw the first version but I think female Saint Germain is an interesting idea. You're probably headed on the right track, so I'd look forward to what it'll be when you're done.
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    Servant Saber

    "May I ask you a favor? As you can see, these legs of mine do not move well. If you do not mind, could you bring me to the middle of the enemy army,
    and then, if you do not mind, please escape and leave the rest to me. Once you return, the battle will be over. Thank you very much."


    True Name: Tachibana Dosetsu
    Origin: Japanese History
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Likes: His Daughter
    Dislikes: Foolish generals
    Talent: Mahjong
    Image Colour: Viridian
    Natural Enemy: Amakusa Shiro Tokisada

    STR: C
    END: B
    AGI: E
    MGI: C
    LCK: B
    NP: C

    Class Skills:

    Magic Resistance D:
    Protection against magical effects. At this rank, single-action spells are nullified.
    Existing in an age in which mystery was thin, Saber's resistance to sorcery is slightly higher than expected due to monkhood.

    Riding E-:
    The ability to ride mounts and vehicles. At this rank, Saber has trouble riding a mount, especially unstable ones.
    In terms of pure riding technique, he does not fall behind from warriors in his age, but his physical disabilities cause him great trouble in doing so.

    Personal Skills:

    Demon of the Battlefield C:
    The martial prowess and ferocity of one who has been awarded the name of ‘oni’. Users of this skill possess tenacity and killing intent on the level that it physically increases the power of their attacks. Those who fight them will swear they were possessed by a demon. At this rank, Saber can deliver heavy, superhuman blows far beyond what you’d expect from his aged appearance.
    Despite his physical disabilities, Saber fought through 37 battles, often times at a disadvantage, yet managed to preform remarkably. His impressive war record, martial skill, and fighting strength earned him the name “Oni Dosetsu”.

    Eye of the Mind (True) B:
    A heightened capacity for observation, refined through training, discipline and experience. A danger-avoidance ability that utilizes the intelligence collected up to the current time as the basis in order to predict the opponent’s activity and change the current situation. At this rank, the user is capable of calm analysis of battle conditions even when in danger and deduce an appropriate course of action after considering all possibilities to escape from a predicament.
    Saber was known as one of the wisest of the Otomo retainers, both in and out of battle. His long life and impressive war record have granted him a plethora of fighting experience that leads him to see the optimal moves in combat. Unlike many Eye of the Mind users, Saber can apply the skill to large-scale battles, analyzing the flow of the battle conditions, and lead his allies to the best strategy.

    Paralysis B:
    The physical condition in which a part of one’s body has lost its function. In Saber’s case, the entire left side of his body is completely paralyzed. Thanks to this skill, Saber takes a drastic rank down to his agility.
    Despite this disability though, Saber was able to survive dozens of battles and defeat much more able-bodied. His skill and technique are at a level that his paralysis is barely a disadvantage.

    Noble Phantasm:

    Lightning Cutter

    Rank: C+
    Type: Anti-Unit

    Saber’s sword famed for cutting through lightning. Formerly known as Chidori, it was renamed in honour of this feat. When Saber was struck by lightning, he used this sword to slay the Thunder God residing in the lightning bolt, allowing him to survive. Having slayed a Thunder God, the sword has been imbued with some divine properties and magical abilities.

    Upon drawing the sword from its sheath, it becomes infused with magical electricity. The enhancement effect is similar to Mana Burst. The electricity cannot be released for long-ranged attacks; the sword’s effectiveness is solely limited to close combat. In addition, the sword gains a bonus modifier against Divine enemies.

    When the sword’s true name is unleashed, Saber can execute a sword thrust with the power and speed of a lightning bolt. The blade itself becomes lightning and strikes down the target. The attack is nearly instantaneous from start to finish; it is unlikely that an enemy can dodge it through speed alone.

    If one manages to survive the attack, an Endurance check will occur. Failing the check will cause one to be partially paralyzed much like Saber.
    Saber’s True Name is Tachibana Dosetsu, a samurai from the Sengoku Period. He served as a retainer to the Otomo Clan, and was renowned for his wisdom and battle record. His amazing tenacity and successes despite his physical weaknesses earned him the name “Oni Dosetsu”.

    Dosetsu demonstrated great bravery from a young age. By the time he was 14, he led an army of 3000 and destroyed an army of 5000. From then on, his military exploits continued, winning many battles. One day, when he was still a young man, a lightning bolt came down from heaven and struck him as he was hiding from the rain. In the brief moment between life and death, Dosetsu used his famous sword, Chidori, to cut down the Thunder God inside the lightning, allowing him to escape with only one half of his body paralyzed.

    After that incident, he renamed his sword to Raikiri and had to rely on a palanquin to carry him into battle. Despite his inability to move well, he continued to lead his army through 37 fierce battles. He conquered the Tachibana clan’s Tachbana Castle, and became the new head.

    Eventually, he died at the age of 72, fearlessly leading an attack on Neko’o castle. Having left no sons, his daughter, Ginchiyo, took over the Clan and inherited her father’s sword. To this day, Dosetsu is remembered for his legendary sword and demon-like combat record.
    A well-meaning old man whose strictness and mental fortitude can come off as scary at times. He conducts himself with a powerful presence, seemingly glaring at everything that comes into his view. Despite this, it is clear that he is simply trying to protect those that he holds dear and his rigid demeanor is something he has adopted to do so.

    He strongly believes that the weak have no place in battle. He does not look down on weak people and believes that there is no fault in weakness. Instead, he simply finds it a shame for people to throw themselves into danger and die. To him, there is no need for such tragedy and the weak should be allowed to live another day so that they may shape the future. Martial arts is but one possible path for a human; not knowing it is not weakness but the result of luck. If a weak person is forced to fight, it is due to the incompetence of the general who was forced to use weak men. As such, Dosetsu fights to protect the weak so that they do not have to.

    Dosetsu’s selfless spirit and strong philosophies made him very well-loved by those who knew him. They were impressed by his strength of character and became inspired to their lives for this person.

    Perhaps due to his old age, Dosetsu can at times be stuck to the thinking of his era and be stubborn to change. Being a Buddhist Monk, he is highly religious and unreceptive to other beliefs. He strongly opposes the spread of Christianity and such advances.

    Overall, Dosetsu is an inspiring warrior with a strong sense of values. He is a little rigid but he is always well-meaning and looking out for those around him. His wish for the Grail is the preservation of the ideal Japanese lifestyle so that the common man can life peacefully away from war and foreign influences.


    “I am Tachibana Dosetsu of the Saber Class. With my sword, I will vanquish those who stand before me. With my fan, I will lead those who follow behind me. Stand back and leave this to me.”

    Kojiro: “I have heard that you are called the Lightning Swordsman. If you do not mind, I’d like to test your skills.”
    Raikou: “Minamoto no Yoritomo… although he is from a different time, I admire his abilities. Seeing him, I am reminded that even I have much to learn.”
    Ginchiyo: “My daughter, have you caught up to me yet?”
    Iskander: “The famed Lightning Conquerer of the west, I presume? Unfortunately, I believe our world views are incompatible.”
    Amakusa: "You... how far do you intend to submit our country to this God of yours?"
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    Dosetsu: The one thing that I like from Japanese Servants is that they are
    easy to read because I'm a lazy schmuck
    . Great job at someone I have no idea about though, and that Lightning-Step-Slash sounds great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MehKitteh View Post
    Dosetsu: The one thing that I like from Japanese Servants is that they are
    easy to read because I'm a lazy schmuck
    . Great job at someone I have no idea about though, and that Lightning-Step-Slash sounds great.
    To be honest, me too. I guess that's why I've done so many Japanese Servants. That or general weebiness. Thanks!
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    TRUE NAME: henry Lincoln Johnson.
    CLASS: assassin(best class i could think of)
    ALTERNATIVE CLASSES: gunner, archer, and berserker.
    aliases: black death.

    (enhancement by NP, do to the nature of the NP)
    STR: C+
    agility: C
    mana: D
    endurance: B
    luck: C

    HIGHT: 5''4
    WEIGHT: 130
    EYE COLOR: green.
    HAIR COLOR: jet black.
    CATALYST: the french rifle he used in battle.
    alignment: lawful good.

    class skills:
    presence concealment, C+.
    while he did use stealth in many battles, he was never legendary or highly proficient in it, and the rank is only as high as it do to his noble phantasm, at this rank his presence is concealed as long as he doesn't move or keeps his distance, and his presence is hard to track.

    personal skills:

    a skills which encompasses a servants bravery in battle, giving resistance to mental pollution or mental based attacks. assassin was a brave worrier who had no hesitations walking into battle, and would risk his life for his friends and comrades without a second hesitation once even taking on five germans with a knife to protect a single comrade. at his rank he can easily shrug off most mental interference and would require mental interference the NP level to get to him.

    battle continuation, C+
    a skill which allows a servant to contuensly battle for longer periods of time then normal even despite grave wounds, assassin once took 21 wounds was still able to kill five men, and help his comrades fight off and kill the other twenty.

    Harlem cry, B.
    A skill given to all African American Servants who fought for or played a major role in rights for African Americans. It a combination of independent action and magic resistance, at this rank assassin can live around 4 years without master and can resist most forms of magecraft, another component of this skill is absolute resistance to command seals as well as resistance to anything trying to control Servants with this skill, thou this means they cannot be enhanced with command seals.

    mort noire, the life of the man known as black death, C-EX. range:self, type anti personal- anti army.
    an NP that represents the life of assassin, a life of overcoming hurdles. this NP enhances all of assassins arsenal, parameters, and skills to the level necessary to fight the current trouble, thou he only is given just enough to be able to kill the current enemy servant or servants, if wounded he gains in parameters thou he must be wounded severely for any noticeable change, this is NP is passive active. in some cases his skills and arsenal(french rifle which shoots mana enhanced bullets, same for the lugger.)
    are brought to the phantasmic level, and in one case most of his parameters were temporarily increase EX thou in that war he was up against enkidu, and he still died.

    tueur allemand, C-A, anti-unit.
    the knife he used in love made NP meant tot represent him killing five germans single handedly. the NP activates in this order when the first condition being wounded is meant a single strike turns into five allowing assassin to hit five random parts of a servants body, or cause damage to five servants randomly on there body, thou the attack can be still be dodged or blocked. the second condition is that it is night then the attacks target install lethal areas, and if the 3rd condition is meant protecting somebody who cannot protect them selfs his attacks can reverse causality making an attack similar to gea bolg.

    backstory: born to a povershed family during the jim crow period of the south, his life was filled with hardship and prejudice constantly living in unjust conditions, he eventually joined the harlem hell fighters and was trained as soldier, and was noted for being exceptionally good, thou the prejudice did not end there most of his time on the ship was spent cleaning latrines and other unsavory tasks. and was only allowed to fight under the french flag in a way that was insult, however he was honored and not treated as unfairly as he was in the united starts army, and skill and prowess on the battle field gave him the nick name black death. he even one the highest possible honor for the french army, however when he was sent home after the war, his fair treatment ended and he died hurt, penniless, and alone.

    personality: his personality is one of fairness, he will not create others with disrespect or unfairness if it is not earned, he holds heroes such as king author and goerge Washington in contempt not for what they did do, but for they failed to do or did even try to do. he is an adventurous type who will protect his master to the end as long they treat him with respect. his wish for the grail is to create a world were man kind is incapable of having any kind of prejudice.

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    Johnson: Interesting sheet for a historical figure I'd never heard of before. His stats are mostly fine but both his NPs are way too wanked for a modern hero. For the first NP, cut the part about raising his stats to EX rank. For the second, nix the causality warping and swap the night-time bonus effect of targeting lethal areas to when he's protecting innocents instead, which seems far more important to his feat then that it just happened to be performed at night.

    Also, lasting for 4 years with Independent Action is totally insane. Most Grail Wars last for around a month at most, so you should tone down the effect accordingly.

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    I am Kamsa, Son Of Ugrasena and a tyrant ruler of the vrishni kingdom. What, Scared because you summoned a villain? hahaha you are an ammusing one master.

    Name: Kamsa
    Class: Berserker
    Alternate Classes: Avenger
    Weapon: Scimitar
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Origin: Hindu Mythology. India.
    Natural Enemy: Krishna.
    H/W: 202cm/99kg
    Likes: War, Conquest, Subjucation of his enemies, Fine women.
    Dislikes: Heroes, Imbeciles, His kingdom not being stable.

    STR: B
    END: B
    AGI: C
    MANA: C
    LCK: E-

    The Demon King of the vrishni kingdom and the archenemy of Krishna. He is the brother of devaki, Krishna's mother. and in his previous life he was known as the fierce demon Kalanemi

    In his childhood he was trained by yadavas, Famou warriors, He could slaughter an entire army and singlehandedly rout an army, this impressed jarasandha, king of magadha, and he (jarasandha) made kamsa his son in law. with his help kamsa grew powerful and vanquished the gods Indra Varuna and Kubera in Battle

    He is one of the most evil beings in Hindu Mythology As he ussurped the throne of The vrishni kingdom from his father Ugrasena and Ruled as a nothing but a tyrant. However while he was not a benevolent leader he was a good warrior and defended the kingdom, although none would take his own kingdom from him.

    Or so would he think. until vasudeva told kamsa that the Child of His Sister, Devaki would kill him, this made Kamsa Shiver in fear, but Vasudeva told him that he would deliver her children to him.
    In the end one of his most horrid acts was killing the first six infant children of Devaki showing his true nature of villainy and evil. In the end the seventh child was saved by the goddess Yogmaya, and the Eight Child, Krishna. would Brutally kill Kamsa.

    Class Skills
    Mad Encancement: EX
    While He retain a normal capacity to think, His personality is always evil, he basks in battle and can be referred to as a sadomasochist and will enjoy every kill he makes to an extreme degree. it is impossible to get him to stop his senseless slaughter without sacrificing atleast two Command Seals. his capacity to think will gradually decrease during battle as the result of his sadistic constitution skill.

    Personal Skills
    Tyrant's Mind: B+
    A skill unique to Berserker. it is made to represent his Evil nature as a tyrant ruler. with this skill active he will always feel the need to Subjugate or Kill his enemies but is not forced to act so. it is possible to seal this skill with a command seal but is not advisable. This skill also aguments his effectivnes against Good Aligned servants

    Sadistic Constitution: B
    This skill auguments one's aggresion in battle. the longer one fights the more aggresive one becomes. In Berserker's case the skill will further incerease his damage but he will lose the capacity to think if used for too long.

    Demonic Defender of the State: EX
    If he is fighting on his territory where he secured the ley lines. when fighting in his territory he will get incereased combat capabilites.

    Past Life Reincarnation: A
    A skill that represents a one being reincarnated in past seperately from his current form, it is simmilar to Innocent monster and demon king skills. before being born berserker in his pervious life was known as Kalanemi. a fierce demon. because of this skill his skin will appear slightly reddish in colour. and he his fangs will appear large he may also occasionaly have a demonic type of voice.
    he also recieves a boost in mana from D to C

    Noble Phantasm
    O, Vasudeva Deliver the children of devaki to me, no one shall question the legitimacy of MY RULE! AND NO ONE SHALL KILL ME!!!
    Six times slayer of Krishna
    (Anti-Unit/Anti-Army) (B)

    A noble Phantasm that represents the Ferocity of him killing the first six children of devaki as they were born. During the first Six Strikes he makes on the any six enemies. Each one of them will curse the enemy with a certain death at the hands of Berserker. however the limit is that the he will never be able to kill the seventh enemy with it the seventh time for the Next 29 Days. and if he strikes someone the eight time with the noble phantasm he will also be killed if aditional 12 days dont pass. representing his death at the hands of the eight soon krishna.

    This noble phantasm requires alot of mana to perform and if the servant being attacked has a high divinity or saint skill the effect will be weakened.

    Artoria Pendragon: A Benevolent king? Dont make me laugh. every king in his lifetime feels an urge to slaughter. be it mild or strong. You must have felt one too. King arthur.

    Archer: A Malevolent hero? an anti hero?? Interesting... well atleast you aren't a heroic fool like that brat krishna.

    Medb: Wait don't tell me... there is another villain summoned? a tyrant even. Well i think we will get along just fine huh?


    Notes: Probably my first attempt at an actually evil servant. i dont think i did to well but i tried to capture his villainy as best as i could.
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    Potential idea: Pseudo Servant Horae with the track girls
    Quote Originally Posted by Sandstorm77 View Post
    He's just putting the bone of his sword into other people until it explodes and lets out parts of him inside them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by asterism42 View Post
    Potential idea: Pseudo Servant Horae with the track girls
    Sorry for the grammar nazi but Potentional* i mean i make a lot of mistakes too but the obivous ones just irk me.

    nvm the mistake is on my part

    Also i think that irisviel would be more fitting. for capturing that greek girl-white hair theme.
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    This is a V2 of my earlier Illya Caster sheet. This time, I’m actually going to need to apply this to my fanfiction, though, so I’ve changed it a decent portion.

    Anyways, the sheet:

    Class: Caster
    Alternative Class(es): Saber, Assassin, or Berserker
    True Name: Illyasviel Emiya
    Aliases/Other Names: Second Magus Killer, Blue Mirror, Miss Lily
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Origin: The Future

    Personal Traits
    Likes: Philosophy, strategy, stories
    Dislikes: Lavender, cherry blossoms, spicy food
    Talents: Music recognition (?), storytelling
    Natural Enemy: Cu Chulainn, EMIYA [Archer]

    MANA: EX
    LUCK: A

    Class Skills

    Independent Action (A): The ability to sustain oneself without a supply of mana from one’s Master. At this rank, Caster is able to stay incarnated even without a Master and resist Gaia’s corrective impulses. However, a Master is required in order to access Prismatika or utilize her more esoteric techniques. In her life, Caster steeled her emotions and let go of all attachments during her degradation into a machine-like force.

    Territorial Creation (-): The ability to establish a perimeter for one’s purposes. However, due to Caster’s Personal Skill Time Alteration, this Skill is sealed.

    Item Construction (-): The ability to create items and wepaons made out of mana. However, due to Caster’s Noble Phantasm Prismatika, this Skill is also sealed. While theoretically able to classify Prismatika’s abilities as a facet of Item Construction, it would be easier to call it a result of the Noble Phantasm itself. If properly described, Caster’s Item Construction would be roughly ranked EX-.

    Personal Skills

    Time Alteration (EX): A skill which allows for Caster to alter the flow of time in her body (and in her case, her surroundings), also known as Innate Time Control. At this rank, Caster can utilize her techniques connected to the Fifth Magic to their fullest extent, with their fullest efficiency. Her techniques include the creation of shields that alter cause and effect when breached (Lily Petals), the ability to accelerate time outside of her body (technically giving her +-statistics in her Agility parameter) (Space Accelerate), and even the ability to stop time completely (Mirror Blue). However, this Skill seals Caster’s Class Skill of Territorial Creation.

    Wish-Forged Projection Magic (B++ [A+ in Prismatika/EX in Kiritsugu]): A skill which allows for Caster to copy and create Mystic Codes and weapons through Prismatika even when outside the Reality Marble, via a combination of Wishcraft and Projection. At this rank, Caster can create weapons based on Noble Phantasms (process more accurately described under Prismatika’s entry under Noble Phantasms). Outside of her Reality Marble, however, barring her techniques in Time Alteration, weapons created in the World during direct combat must be equal to or lower than an B++-ranked offensive Noble Phantasm. While this still allows for the creation of pseudo-weapons similar to Gae Bolg, weapons of an A-rank are unable to be created in the outside world. However, if given enough time and the original weapon’s layout, Caster can fully replicate the Noble Phantasm.

    Techniques (not classified as NPs individually but have equivalent NP values stated)
    Time Alter: Lily Petals (A-) [Barrier]:

    A series of Bounded Fields layered upon each other, protecting Caster from physical and energy damage. Similar to Rho Aias, there are different layers of defenses, with each layer becoming stronger as the layers are breached. However, unlike Rho Aias, any damage to the shields themselves are not reflected upon Caster. Instead, all damage is negated upon destruction of a layer, as it reverses the object’s ‘time’ by imparting Innate Time Control onto the object, returning it to its wielder in the condition it was when it breached the layer at the same speed it arrived, in the same direction. In layman’s terms, a weapon that breaches the shield will be reversed and flung back at the wielder. This technique, while not qualifying as a Noble Phantasm in of itself, is designed to combat techniques and especially close-combat weapons, especially against close-combat specialists and Servants. However, Lily Petals require an immense amount of mana to maintain, especially for extended sequences of time and multiple layers. Using multiple layers at once actually decreases the effectiveness of its defensive properties, reducing Lily Petals to an incredibly dense mana shield if seven petals (the maximum amount of petals usable) are launched. Lastly, the petals have no inherent resistance to pure mana attacks, like mana-enhanced explosions and beam swords, nor weapons that affect cause and effect. For instance, Gae Bolg’s thrown ability, once the first layer is pierced, will continue to drive through the layers, as its alteration and assurance of causality has already been stated beforehand.

    Time Alter: Space Accelerate (C+) [Anti-Unit (Self)]:

    The enhanced version of Kiritsugu Emiya’s Innate Time Control, allowing for him to utilize it to utilize his body as a sort of Reality Marble. However, in its form as one of Caster’s esoteric techniques, the technique serves as a safer, but more mana-intensive method of accomplishing the same goal. When the technique’s name is chanted, Caster casts a multi-directional Bounded Field around herself, which creates a space around her unaffected by the World’s corrective impulses. Functionally, it operates upon the same basis as Kiritsugu Emiya’s Time Alteration, allowing Caster to move in a small space by adjusting the flow of time in the field. She can also alter the degree as to how much time is being accelerated, from Double Accel to Hex Accel. While incredibly useful, the mana requirements for even Double Accel thanks to the Field requiring a constant, overflowing stream of mana to protect the inside of the field make the technique inefficient, though effective. The amount of mana required to power the lower tiers of Space Accelerate is unremarkable in the greater sense, but higher tiers require incredibly high amounts of mana to sustain and power.

    Time Alter: Lily Deploy (?) [Anti-Unit]:

    The application of transferring weapons from Prismatika to the World itself. This is Caster’s method of weapons transfer, in the same vein that Tracing is Shirou and Archer’s method of transferring weapons. Similar to Gate of Babylon, weapons and Codes can be launched asymmetrically and from multiple directions, potentially forming a solid sphere of weapons around the target. An advantage of Lily Deploy is that the transfer requires no words to be stated, nor any warning. If Caster wills it, the portal immediately appears, and weapons come flying out.

    Time Alter: Mirror Blue (EX) [Support]:

    The complete stoppage of time temporarily across the World itself, a true demonstration of an aspect of the Fifth Magic and Caster’s (incomplete) path to the Root. When Caster activates Mirror Blue (a testament and dedication to Aoko Aozaki’s magecraft and the original name of Caster’s magecraft), the World itself comes to a halt. Gaia, existing outside of time, recognizes the event as something that should not be, and reciprocates the stoppage of time by attempting to disperse Caster’s mana. This causes immense pain to Caster, even in her form as a Servant, and the amount of mana required to even sustain a full minute of it would put the Grail’s power itself to shame. As a technique, the amount of mana required to stop time would make it qualify as a suicide attack, an act of desperation to aid another.

    Noble Phantasms
    Tōsaka: All Memories Are But a Dream (C) [Anti-Unit/Anti-Memory]:

    A black Chinese falchion wielded and altered by Caster, in the same vein as its ‘wedded’ blade Emiya, both based off of Kanshou and Bakuya, yet completely separate Noble Phantasms from Kanshou and Bakuya, due to Caster’s usage of it in life. Due to the sheer alterations made to Kanshou and Bakuya by Caster, she has turned them into complete separate entities, into Tōsaka (to honor the face of her first true friend in life, who was killed by her worst enemy, yet whose face and memories Caster forgot) and Emiya (to serve as a reminder of her and her father’s follies following an empty dream).

    Tōsaka, unlike Archer’s Kanshou, is more reminiscent of its Overedge version, though thinner than it. Appearing like a black void, with carvery demonstrating the abyss, the void that her memories went during her life as an assassin, the blade represents Caster’s loss of her memories as she steeled her mind.

    Tōsaka is primarily a close-quarters Noble Phantasm, due to its innate ability. When the target (assuming if it is a normal person) is struck by the blade, their memory will be sucked into the blade itself, with them feeling like something is missing, but being unable to place it. If hit enough times, the target will become amnesiac, a blank slate of a person. When the target is a Servant, Tōsaka is much less potent, as it ‘merely‘ makes the Servant forget the true name of one of their Noble Phantasms (the blade does not remove the memory, but ‘encrypts’ it) until their memory is jogged. However, this can stack, and will keep working as long as the Servant has unsealed Noble Phantasms. However, after removing all Noble Phantasms, the blade becomes nothing more than a powerful blade. Another thing to mention is that Servants with Skills that cloud their mental judgement or prevent mental alteration are unable to be effected, making Tōsaka’s abilities mostly useless against Berserker-class (Mad Enhancement) and Ruler-class Servants (Protection of the Faith).

    As a Wish-imbued Projection, Tōsaka can dull the opponent’s senses if it manages to land, and if used enough times, reduce enemy Servants’ physical parameters by a semi-rank (A+ to A, B- to C). However, it will not take away the knowledge of Noble Phantasms unless the original is being used.

    Emiya: All Dreams Are But an Illusion (B+) [Anti-Unit]:

    A white Chinese falchion wielded and altered by Caster in life, in a similar vein to its ‘wedded’ blade Tōsaka. Just like Tōsaka, Emiya is still a blade. However, due to their separation and differences thanks to Caster using them for different purposes, the two formerly ‘wedded’ blades have gained different abilities and properties.

    Before continuing, it is worth mentioning an effect that occurs when Tōsaka and Emiya are imbedded into a shared ‘point’ or ‘space’. Because of their properties as estranged weapons, and yet sharing a connection that holds them together, the blades will react to each other, by beginning to tear that ‘point’ or ‘space’ apart. If a construct either conducting or made up of mana is stabbed by both blades, the bonds that hold the construct together will be severed completely. Unlike Rule Breaker, however, the imposition of this effect destroys all contracts and constructs, and does not steal them. The ‘repulsion effect’ can destroy an entire set of Command Seals, and if used against beings made of mana (eg; Servants), can completely dissipate their existence. Applying the effect, however, is harder than it seems at first glance. As Caster is a Servant, she can only wield one blade at a time, or she will in turn be torn apart by the repulsion effect. She must also the original blades, not Wish-imbued Projections, or else the effect will not take hold.

    While Caster usually uses Emiya as a Wish-imbued Projection, the original copy can be used as a launched projectile, imbued with a small portion of Caster’s Innate Time Control. When launched, the Innate Time Control propels Emiya like a bullet, applying Time Alteration to accelerate time and directly hit the opponent before they can even react. If Caster’s aim is perfect, it can turn her opponent from a living being to a mess of blood and guts. This applies to both human and Servant, unless that Servant happens to be Hercules.

    The powerful ability that Emiya holds is also its greatest hinderance: it requires nigh-perfect aim to execute properly, due to its power and force. While Caster has parameters which would generally be considered impressive for Caster-class Servants and achievements in life that fueled her legend, she (at least, in her Caster incarnation) is not a pure fighter. In fact, unlike another EMIYA in the Throne of Heroes, Caster never had aptitude in archery or developed Eye of the Mind, even in her other possible incarnations. Using Time Alteration in conjunction with Emiya could be used, but even in slowed time, Caster cannot precisely aim unless she is within close range of the enemy.

    As a Wish-imbued Projection, Emiya can be used as a auto-deployment missile of sorts. When launched in conjunction with Time Alteration and overloaded with mana, it becomes a Broken Phantasm like Caladbolg II, first traveling directly to the target’s general area of proximity, and then exploding. While not as impressive as Cu Chulainn’s Gae Bolg fighting against EMIYA [Archer]’s Rho Aias, the explosion created is extremely powerful, being able to tear through an area like a bomb.

    Prismatika: Disillusion (E~A++) [Reality Marble/Anti-Unit]:

    Caster’s Reality Marble, or the manifestation of her mental landscape. The landscape manifests as a nigh-perfect replica of the Einzbern mansion, burning in the background, and snow falling down. In the ground, the ground is littered with craters and icicles protruding out from the soil.

    Inside Prismatika, opponents’ Mana parameters are dropped a full letter grade (A to B, D to E) if they do not possess some type of Neutral alignment (excluded are Lawful Neutrals, True Neutrals, Chaotic Neutrals, Neutral Goods, and Neutral Evils). Furthermore, due to the nature of Caster’s inner world, the imposition of time is completely stopped and cut off from the outside world, meaning that no time passes between the activation of Prismatika and its dissolution in the outside world.

    Prismatika’s traits enhance, but do not fully power Caster’s Time Alteration. Without Prismatika, Caster would be limited to casting her techniques Space Accelerate (a revision of Kiritsugu Emiya’s Innate Time Control, making it more expensive mana-wise, but safer) and Mirror Blue (Caster’s magum opus in life). However, with Prismatika, Caster is able to fully utilize and realize even her conceptual discoveries that were never applied, which manifest as her three other techniques. The inclusion of the Reality Marble also makes the usage of her limited-scope techniques feasible in combat, as they can be easily powered so long as they do not enter magnification. However, due to the nature of the Reality Marble, large stocks of mana must be invested to actualize Prismatika itself.

    Within the Reality Marble, Caster can forge weapons that are Noble Phantasms, using her skills in Wish-Forged Projection to ‘instantly’ create the weapon, thanks to Prismatika’s properties. Because she does not possess Shirou Emiya’s ungodly skill in Structural Analysis, doing so requires access to the weapon in question in order to first visualize it. Once her mind has gained a full visualization of the weapon, however, its original physical model will be stored within the Reality Marble as a design, and will become able to be recreated. The weapons are created by first Projecting the physical structure of the weapon, then using Wishcraft to make the weapon be recognized not as a Projection, but as a Noble Phantasm. For example, if she decided to create a lance that was ‘like Gae Bolg’, she would first complete a physical Projection of a spear, then imbuing the Projection with a ‘history’ designed to attribute the new weapon as a newer version of Gae Bolg. This allows for Caster to basically create Noble Phantasms out of midair, allowing for her to place new attributes or attributes based on the Noble Phantasm’s concept. However, due to the fact that it is merely ‘inspired’ by the original weapon and a newer version, similar to the line of progression with Gram to Caliburn, it will suffer from a lack of Mystery, lacking either the same degree of ability or the complete removal of the the ability altogether. If Caster manages to gain full knowledge of the weapon, however, she would be able to replicate it and cleanly reproduce it using Wish-Forged Projection, given time, to an extent which would match the original Noble Phantasm being copied. Another example is if she decided to create a replica of Excalibur. The pseudo-Noble Phantasm that is inspired by Excalibur may be able to retain its ability to summon a pillar of mana resembling light, but its potential power would be lesser. It could and would function like a copy of Excalibur, but the sheer amount of work needed to replicate a Divine Construct even with the Reality Marble actualized would be impractical.

    However, weapons that Caster is familiar with, while possible and easy to Project, are unable to be warped. Tōsaka and Emiya can be fully replicated inside Prismatika, but their primary abilities are lost, in favor of degraded abilities in comparison to the originals. This also applies to other weapons from her life, like the original versions of Kanshou and Bakuya.

    Furthermore, there are specific downsides to the Reality Marble. While Caster has more potential mana to use to launch Projections thanks to being a Servant and could theoretically utilize her weapons in a manner similar to Gate of Babylon, she must create new copies of weapons in order to launch them. Even with Prismatika active, the required time to Project and imbue traits for a volley of swords is 5 seconds. It takes much longer for sustained fire, and also costs a great deal of mana to maintain.

    Kiritsugu: Infinite Rotation of Steel (EX) [Anti-Ancestor/Suicide Attack]:

    The culmination of Caster’s last memories, her magecraft, her ancestors’ legacy, and her embodiment as a ‘Hero of Justice’. Acting as an enhanced path to the Root itself compared to her discoveries in life, it allows for her to draw upon weaponry that she should and does not have access to.

    When activated, using an incantation that serves as an alternative aria to activate Prismatika, Caster draws upon her path to the Root in life to access knowledge in regards to weapons and swords. By doing so, Caster expends much of her mana and abilities to perform Time Alteration in order to access the route to the Root, practically sealing the Skill altogether. In short, using Kiritsugu is akin to stabbing oneself in the heart to accelerate themselves towards a goal.

    By using Kiritsugu, Caster’s Wish-Forged Projections become not mere copies, but weapons on par with the originals. They gain power by Caster’s ‘reversal of time’ and route to the Root, usually unseen due to her skillset, placing their creation dates far in the past, and therefore imbuing them with a thousand years’ worth of Mystery. This action alone can turn even the most mundane of Projections into a sacred weapon or object. For example, a Projected kitchen knife could be turned into an ancient weapon used by a godslayer to slay a god in theoretical mythology from a possibility in a different world, becoming an incredibly powerful blade with Anti-Divine properties. Should something like a Noble Phantasm already created by Caster and based off of something like Excalibur be imbued with a thousand years’ worth of Mystery, it would turn the Projection into something resembling a Divine Construct, thanks to its forging date.

    The drawback for Kiritsugu’s nearly divine properties and abilities, able to draw upon both the Second and Fifth Magics (the Second for the weapon designs and overflow Mystery being invested into Projections, the Fifth for the path to reach into the Root), is the surefire death of its owner due to the limits of the World itself. Due to its very technique drawing Caster dangerously close to the Root, any attempt at overreach in terms of Projection would most likely result in her being subsumed into the Root. This would include something like Ea, which, while theoretically possible to recreate using the knowledge of the Root, is a Divine Construct beyond replication. Other Reality Marbles are also unable to be summoned, as they are individual representations of others, not Caster. Even if Caster should use Kiritsugu without suffering a fate resulting in her being subsumed into the Root, the sheer amount of mana required to power both the Reality Marble and its final form would put the Grail’s own power to shame.

    It is possible for Caster to survive, however. Should something akin to the Third Magic be applied to transfer Caster’s ‘soul’ from her crumbling body to a container or such, she would be able to ‘survive’. However, by doing so, the original body will begin to alter, and become shaped into Caster’s form as a human.

    Caster’s True Name is Illyasviel Emiya, known in life by many as the Second Magus Killer, Blue Mirror, and Miss Lily. As with other members of the Emiya-Einzbern family inscribed in the Throne of Heroes (like EMIYA [Archer], EMIYA [Assassin], and Justeaze [Ruler]), her story is deeply entwined with the Holy Grail War.

    Born in Germany in 1986 to Kiritsugu Emiya and Irisviel von Einzbern, she was to be the incarnation, the human sacrifice which contained the Lesser Grail for the 5th Holy Grail War should it ever have begun. While raised by Kiritsugu and Irisviel during her first 8 years of living, she was abruptly sent back to Germany in the midst of the chaos of the 4th Holy Grail War, in which Irisviel was sacrificed to become the Lesser Grail, while Kiritsugu Emiya fought a bitter battle with Kirei Kotomine, ending in a draw which coincided with the destruction of much of Shinto, Fuyuki.

    The patriarch of the Einzbern family, Jubastacheit von Einzbern, sought to ‘train’ Illyasviel, by getting her to believe that Kiritsugu had abandoned her and killed her mother, then using her to get revenge on Kiritsugu Emiya for destroying the Grail and betraying the Einzberns. However, in the aftermath of the Fuyuki Fire, Kiritsugu isolated himself from the world, and began to prepare a mission to retrieve Illyasviel and save her from the Einzberns. In the year between the fire and her retrieval, Illyasviel’s conviction and belief that Kiritsugu would save her let her resist the callings of Angra Mainyu, appearing to her as a mirage in the form of Irisviel.

    While Kiritsugu saved Illyasviel, it came at a great cost. Kiritsugu’s body was rapidly drained, stretching the sheath of King Arthur, Avalon, and its healing to its meagre limits. Angra Mainyu decided to spare Kiritsugu, but burnt down the Einzbern mansion in Germany in a manner similar to the Fuyuki Fire. And Illyasviel, in the middle of all of this, had her perception of the world as a whole shifted and distorted, as the fires blazed around her. Unbeknownst to her, this was the moment her Reality Marble actualized.

    In the interim time between the 4th and 5th Holy Grail Wars, from 1995-2004, Illyasviel lived in Fuyuki. Kiritsugu was able to teach Illyasviel all he could before he died in 1999, and she adapted accordingly into the Fuyuki environment, shedding the Einzbern name for the Emiya one. She met Rin Tohsaka, a fellow magus, who, unaware of Illyasviel’s true heritage, became friends.

    At the beginning of her Grail War, she was identical in every way to Illyasviel Emiya: both of them were shy, quiet, yet social at the same time given the right circumstances. However, when the HGW began to take a turn for the worst, with her best friend Rin being killed by Berserker, Illya began to question herself. “How can I be a superhero when I can’t even save the closest ones to me?”, she asked. Because of this, when she and the Miyu of her world allied and holed up in the abandoned Einzbern castle to hide from Sakura’s rampage across Fuyuki after Rin had been slain by Sakura and her Servant stolen, the two began to form a romantic relationship, formed upon their mutual attraction to each other and their similar ideals related to heroism.

    Thanks to their inactivity, however, Sakura was allowed to roam unrestricted, provided that she did not reveal the existence of magecraft by Kirei. Nearly all of the remaining Masters and Servants were killed, with some of the Servants becoming corrupted and reborn by Sakura’s ‘Servant’ using her skill in Imaginary Numbers to warp the Servants into a mold more befitting Sakura’s needs. This included Archer Origin (known as Hercules in life) and Berserker (her own Servant, known as Cu Chulainn, who lost all remaining sanity). Thanks to Kirei tipping her off, Sakura planned to storm the Einzbern mansion.

    Doing so with Archer Origin and Berserker in tow, Sakura attacked the mansion. Berserker and Archer faced off against Saber, while Illya and Miyu faced Sakura. While Berserker proved to be an immense challenge, Archer stayed out of the fight until Berserker had been slain by Saber in personal combat. Then, Archer utilized his Noble Phantasm Nine Lives to attack Saber, whose sustained damage ended up killing her, but not before Saber launched Excalibur to vanquish Archer as Nine Lives moved across the space. Sakura, seeing that she was disadvantaged, retreated.

    In the aftermath of the battle, Miyu was mortally wounded, stabbed by Black Keys in numerous places while bleeding out. However, in an act of desperation, Illya implanted Avalon in Miyu, which, while effective only for a few minutes due to Saber using her sheer willpower to stay alive and maintain a connection of mana between her and Avalon, helped to heal her injuries before Saber faded away.

    Illya proceeded to go to Kirei Kotomine, the Overseer of the Holy Grail War, and ask for amnesty, after her Servant has been defeated. Kirei then unexpectedly stated that he will offer the temporary use of a Servant, if she kills Sakura. He stated that because of Sakura’s actions, she has crossed the ‘line’ in regards to the War’s regulations. Illya, while naturally resistant to the idea, realized that she has no Servant. Kirei stated that if she wins, then she would win the War, as all other Masters have been defeated. By doing so, then she will have achieved her dream. Then, he asked a simple question to her:

    “Do you want to be a hero of justice? If so, then return here tonight with the news of Sakura Kotomine’s disappearance.”

    When Illya heard this, her mind shifted completely. While something felt wrong just interacting with Kirei, she realized that this was one of the many sacrifices that must be made to become a hero of justice, to protect the one she loves.

    “I’ll take it.”

    And so, she went forwards, taking Gilgamesh along with her to take down Sakura once and for all.

    The confrontation took place at Ryuudou Temple’s courtyard, where Sakura attempted to use her status as the primary Grail conduit to unleash the Grail. With Gilgamesh’s aid, Illya managed to get to Sakura before she could complete the ritual. The two engaged in combat, with Sakura’s injuries greatly hindering her, while Illya relentlessly attacked her, holding sheer fury for the fact that Sakura tried to kill Miyu. Meanwhile, Gilgamesh took out many of the Grail’s shadows, but thanks to his sheer arrogance, was overtaken by the shadows, similar to a potential scenario down a different road. However, the intervention of Kirei allowed for Sakura to be distracted long enough for Illya to inadvertently draw upon her Reality Marble, and Project a sword from the visions she had of Caliburn. As the replica fired its beam, Sakura and the shadows were completely torn apart by the sheer mana, turning into vaporized nothing as the light faded from the dead of night.

    Illya, stumbling and unaware of her surroundings, due to the insane mana cost of creating the Projection, came across Kirei as she attempted to exit. Kirei was surprised, stating that he expected her to try and back out. Illya, in her ragged state of mind, was confronted with Kirei’s words: “Rejoice, girl. You have won the Holy Grail War, just as with Kiritsugu Emiya.” As he leaves, she collapsed to her knees, tears in her eyes, with bile and acid lining her throat.

    “You have become a superhero.”

    In that moment, Illya turned her mind to steel.

    She and Miyu would remain in contact shortly after the damage caused by Sakura had been covered up and repaired by the Church and Magic Assocation. However, both of them would grow distant, as Miyu became disgusted by Illya’s methods while conducting missions for the Association. This all came to a head about 10 years after the end of the 5th Holy Grail War, when Miyu disappeared without a trace from their joint residence in England. Without moral support to maintain a facade of still being relatively human, Illya truly embraced becoming a superhero.

    This caused her to steel her emotions. Unlike the Shirou Emiya of another world, who used his dream to guide him, Illya went down the route of Kiritsugu Emiya, unfettered as she strove to be a ‘superhero’. Her definition of this was wildly different from Kiritsugu’s, as she does it all for the sake of ‘protecting’ Miyu. This came in the form of assassination of dangerous mages, Dead Apostles, and other beings similar to Angra Mainyu. However, the sheer brutality and cruelty of reality in relation to her ideal wore it down to the point of turning her into a machine, an embodiment of justice. As her life progressed, she began to lose her memories, of lighter times spent with her surrogate older sister, of interacting with Rin in Fuyuki and Luvia in London, and even that of Miyu, in their days spent in isolation during the War. However, the emptyness that filled her also allowed for her to devote all of her spare time to research into her father’s magecraft. As she progressed, and two decades passed, she made a breakthrough into Innate Time Control, allowing for her to construct a Temporal Bounded Field for the first time. This was noticed by the Magic Association, who placed a Sealing Designation on her.

    However, during this time, Illya also expanded her horizons in regards to Innate Time Control, eventually reaching a point where she could momentarily stop time in a given space completely without Gaia’s interference inside the space. Keeping this hidden from the Association for the time, she embraced her known abilities in time manipulation as the daughter of Kiritsugu Emiya, and the title of the Second Magus Killer. However, her barely remaining ideal still remained, as the years passed.

    30 years after the end of the 5th Holy Grail War, Illya went on her final assigned mission. Located in Old Fuyuki, a worn-down, ghetto-esque area located where Ryuudou Temple used to be, she was assigned to assassinate a group of rogue mages who had taken a hundred prisoners hostage inside an abandoned residential area, most notably, a relative of an Association lord who had been kidnapped.

    Arriving there, she completely obliterated the outlaws, whose shoddy arcane magic was utterly useless against Illya’s uses of Innate Time Control. However, as she progressed through the lair, she encountered more and more of the hostages killed in increasingly grotesque ways. In her mind of steel, however, she took the visions as they came, and kept moving through the lair.

    Finally, she reached the basement. Inside, the leader of the mages, an insane madman, desperately tried to stall Illya. As he talked, she slowly took a step forward, gathering mana to create a lance entirely made of mana. He retreated into a deeper chamber, locking the doors magnetically, to which Illya responded by cutting straight through the doors with her Projection. Finally, he pulled out an incredibly long rope, and revealed two people, both with their necks loosely tied with the rope. Both were abused and tortured, almost the point of death, and Illya recognized one of them immediately: the lord’s relative. However, something about the wide, frightened eyes of the other seemed familiar, eerily so. When he gave Illya chance to free one, in exchange for the other’s death, if she stated her decision within 30 seconds, she remained quiet. A part of her suddenly recognized the second person, and screamed for Illya to free her. However, Illya stays still, as both of them, mouths muffled, screamed.

    Suddenly, in the last second, Illya’s mind of steel shattered. The eyes of the second woman, she realized and recognized their eye color, their face, and all of their body.

    She yelled, and as the mages’ leader gleefully tears off the vocal restraints of the dying Miyu Aoki, she attempted to activate Time Alteration.

    Only, as she moved, she could only hear Miyu’s hoarse voice barely breathe:

    “Go to hell with your precious ideals.”

    She was too late. The noose came up, and both Miyu and the Association lord’s relative asphyxiated, as Illya watched in stunned disbelief.

    Tears began to stream, as she began to break down. As the mages’ leader chortled, he was decapitated by Illya’s Projection of Tōsaka, before she collapsed into a pool of sorrow, anger, and realization.

    It was at this point that she changed for the last time. She fell off the reported map completely, rumored to have isolated herself inside the ‘Phantom Citadel’ created out of the abandoned Einzbern castle just outside of Fuyuki, which oddly enough, was unable to be detected by normal means, both magical and non-magical. She gained a sense of zen, a realization that her ideals failed her, something that other members of the Emiya family in other worlds failed to accomplish in their lifetimes. Because of her previous accomplishments, however, as an assassin in both the moonlit and normal world, she possesses enormous reputation, enough to have her name known throughout the entire world. Officially marked as having gone missing the day she arrived in Fuyuki, she ended up having her status as a Sealing Designate increased, causing the Association to actively pursue her. During this time, Illya discovered a method through going further with the Emiya family magics and her father’s applications: she found a connection to the Root. By using the Emiya family crest as a direct conduit to the Root in conjunction with her techniques, she discovered her magnum opus, the culmination of her family’s search for the Root: the complete stoppage of time in the entire World, utilizing a flow of power from the Root itself to ‘add’ time to the timeline and separate herself from the rest of the World, allowing her to move through paused time.

    However, this breakthrough, to which the Association notices, was enough to order the assassination of Illya. By the time Enforcers came to the mansion, however, Illya had committed suicide by poison, having transferred her books and knowledge to possession of a friend who was part of the Church, and having also set up a series of traps inside her citadel, where if her Magic Crest was touched in any way, the mansion would be blown sky-high by numerous mana explosions. As she took the poison, she saw the sunrise coming over the landscape, and smiled. As she began to waver, she saw her inner world come to life around her, the snow and frost biting against her. Despite this, she accepted her fate, as she created a Wish-Imbued Projection of Avalon, and held onto it as she collapsed, dying with a smile on her face.

    Author’s Note
    Damn, it’s finally done.

    I’m the writer of Prismatic Illusion over on FFN, so it’s good to know I’ve got this to plan ahead for the juicy stuff coming when I finish the FUCKING PROLOGUE

    -oh sorry.

    Anyways, this is the provisional route I’m taking for Caster. I know that it might seem incredibly overpowered, what with the connection to the Root and all. But it’s counteracted by the fact that in most situations, it will kill Caster.

    I wasn’t sure how to classify the techniques, though they’re more like No Second Strike than a true Noble Phantasm.

    On the topic of knowing how to utilize the Fifth Magic, it’s a logical extrapolation from having both the entire Emiya family crest (IIRC, Kiritsugu only got a portion, and look where he got), and the drive and devotion to his memory. It’s partly circumstance, partly pragmatism, and partly admiration for her father. I held back on true reversal of time, as I haven’t read Mahou or Tsukihime, so it’s limited to the reversal/mirroring of effect and a worldwide timestop that’s really damn costly.

    Anyways, I hope it was OK. It’s been a WIP since August, so it’s nice that I’ve gotten somewhere with this.

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