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Thread: Create-A-Servant 2

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    That's a good Connla, you've got a solid grasp of the character right there.
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    somewhere on some continent, in some random city of some merit.
    true name: athena.
    class: lancer.
    alternate classes: caster, archer.

    hight: 5"6
    hair: black, worn long and loosely around her shoulders.
    apparel: wears a set of tight fitting armor. with sofía written on the breastplate which translates from greek to english as wisdom.
    armament: her armor which gives her minor boosts in strength and agility.
    eyes: gold.
    skin tone: olive.
    body tone: she has a muscular yet feminine body type.
    alignment: lawful good.
    natural enemies: Arachne,Ares.

    strength: B+
    agility: B
    mana: C
    endurance: B.
    luck: E.
    NP: A+++.

    backstory: the greek goddess of war and wisdom, she was born from the head of zuez, she helped nature and watched many heroes as well as gave blessings to many sides during battles, at the same time she gave many curses. noticing the decline of the AoG she decided to enter the throne of heroes by placing 2/3 of divinity into mortal weapons in order to become mortal herself and died in battle entering the throne of heroes, simmer in fashion to tamamo no mae.

    personality: she is kind and wise women, thou she is arrogant as one would expect of a former god, she refuses to be summoned by a men but if push came to stuff she would begrudgingly accept the contract, and then at a moments notice mill the man for a female master as she feels is goes against her maiden vows and her honor to be servant to a man. she has been in at least one holy grail war thou based on her hazy recollection of that war she admits her master in that did so unintentionally and in fact been trying summon persues using a fraction aegis, but in a sort of glitch had summoned her
    instead of Perseus.

    class skills.

    magic resistance, B.
    Do to having fought many powerful gods and monsters she possess a reletivly high rank in this, it takes magic attacks of tier 3 or higher to get past her magic resistance.

    Personal skills.

    Worriers wisdom, B+.
    A compiste skills of eye of mind and military tactics, she can plan ahead of battles with expertise and is rarely unprepared for a battle, as well as during a battle scan think multiple steps ahead of her enemies.

    instincs, B.
    Being a former God of war she possess a naturally high rank in instincts, and sense most oncoming and incoming attacks as well as can sense blood lust.

    Athenian warrior familiars.
    She can call upon ten nameless Athenian warriors to battle along side her as familiars.

    Divinty, C.
    Do to having put 2/3 of her divinity into two Nobel phantasm's she is only 1/3 of a god, thou she had to in order to be accepted into the throne of heroes, when her third noble phantasm is activated her rank temporary increases to A.

    charisma, A.
    As she was also the God of wisdom she posses the ability to lead entire nations and cities on her own.

    Name: stratigikí
    Title: dórama tis epitychiménis stratigikís
    rank: A+++
    range: 1
    type: antipersonnel
    appearance: it appears as a long 6 foot bronze spear with gold glow, and green lightning sparking out of it.
    A noble phantasm which represents the aspect of Athena involving successfull strategy and tactics as well as advantage, the NP changes its very nature to be what Athens openers weakness is if the opener is a heavy magic user it will become an anti magic spear, against someone with a dragon aspect it will gain anti dragon aspects, against Hercules it will simply change it nature to a different A rank ability so that all of his lives can be taken, etc. however against multiple servants it will only be able to focus on one servant at a time.

    Name: aegis
    rank: A.
    type: anti unit.
    a shield made with medusas head it can block most attacks so long as there not a higher rank, but when activated it possess the ability to cause fear in her openenents with less man then her are forced to flee throu fear, while those with higher or equal mana are have there senses dulled with crippling levels of fear, for people with strong wills like Gilgamesh of artoria or those with high ranks in bravery can be easily fought but there senses will still be dulled. The Shield also posses the other third of her divinity.

    name: Athena.
    Title: essence of the Godess of wisdom and war.
    Rank: C+
    Range: self.
    Targets: 1
    type: antipersonnel
    when both her spear and aegis are activated she gains for 2 ministers her godly hood, once is this achieved her divinity is increased to A and all her parameter are increased by ONE rank and she gains and she gains immortality allows her to regenerate although this only lasts for 1-2 minutes.
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    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Epithet: "The Master"
    Origin: English Literature/Africa
    Strength: C+
    Endurance: C+
    Agility: C+
    Mana: A+
    Luck: D+
    NP: B

    Class Skills
    Existence Outside the Domain: EX
    This skill represents a Foreigner who was not born on Earth, a being outside of reality and the
    known universe. The great jungle of the Congo went unexplored by Europeans until 1867, remaining the hidden jewel of Africa to all but the scant few who managed to exist within. Bloodthirsty natives, mysterious diseases, and the harsh African sun deterred even the bravest for many years. It is an alien world to all those who consider themselves “civilized,” and even to some of the tribes that live there. No surprise then, that Foreigner chose to reside in such a domain.

    Divinity: B+

    Foreigner’s divine nature does not officially come from his bloodline, but from the eldritch being he encountered deep within the Congo jungle. Infamously, Foreigner is one of the few individuals of his class who was known to have paraded his status as a demigod to the natives he lived with. Because of this insistence of the owner, as well as the relatively high hierarchical position of the god he consumed, Foreigner has achieved a bonus modifier to this Skill. His exploits were made into a (heavily censored) international bestseller, as well as a Vietnam-era action movie.

    Insanity: A

    A Mental Pollution-like skill gained from contacting an evil god that can easily erode the fragile common sense and morals of humans. However, the main qualification for the Foreigner class is to defy this erosion, either by maintaining their integrity as they descend into madness, or instead of being consumed by madness, they consume the madness itself. An obvious example of the latter, Foreigner had once been a notable officer of the Dutch East India Company before his contact with the being that slept within the jungle. Strong willed, he feasted on the madness that lay thick on his mind, contorting into something unrecognizable and twisted that rejoiced in only the most basic and hedonistic human pleasures.

    Personal Skills
    Presence Concealment: D
    Presence Concealment is the capacity to hide one's presence as a Servant. It is a common Class Skill of the Assassin class.
    Hides one's presence as a Servant. Suitable for spying. A low ranking of Presence Concealment unbecoming for an Assassin to the level that a Servant can infer one's presence at once. Foreigner earned this Skill initially by hiding from society itself in the heart of the jungle before encountering the being that would fundamentally change him. Despite conceptually embodying the fear of the unknown in both senses of the word, Foreigner’s rank in this skill is heavily redacted due to a lingering sense of shame.

    Sadistic Charisma: A
    Charisma is a composite Skill consisting of a person's charm as well as the natural talent to command or unify an army or country. Increases the ability of allies during group battles. A rare talent, and an ability inherent to Servants of the Saver class. Sadistic Charisma is a variant of the original Skill, emphasizing one’s nature as a bloodthirsty tyrant. Whether appealing to their underlings’ own sense of sadism or simply through fearmongering, it has increased effectiveness against those with Evil or Chaotic alignment, with decreased effectiveness against Good or Lawful alignments.
    A self-titled king and demigod of the “savages” of a certain tribe in Africa, Foreigner used his own repressed violent nature to chain the natives to his will.

    Whited Sepulchres: A
    A Skill embodying Foreigner’s existence as a “conceptual hypocrite.” The phrase “whited sepulchre” comes from the biblical Book of Matthew. In the passage, Matthew describes “whited sepulchres” as something beautiful on the outside but containing horrors within. Foreigner, as an allegory for European society as a whole, proved utterly that base impulses lie beneath the actions of any man, no matter his background. To add insult to injury, as it were, Foreigner encountered very similar sepulchres in the Congolese settlement where his journey came to an end, at the dreaded Mountains of the Moon.
    Allows Foreigner to summon spear-like white spires from the earth to be used as stabbing implements. Perhaps ironically given his nature, this skill has a chance to summon the maximum potential of “spears” when Foreigner is exposed to dense civilization. Contact with an enemy will leave a “Black Spot” infection that will grow over time.

    Noble Phantasm
    Heart of Darkness
    The Horror! The Horror!

    (Anti-Unit/Squadron, B)
    A Noble Phantasm crystallizing Foreigner’s more human legend, and more specifically the tale written based on his life by Joseph Conrad. This is the concept of the abyss that stared back, the fear and realization that society hangs on the barest of threads at all times. The God of the Red Flux, the being Foreigner met and subsequently consumed, fashioned this heart for Foreigner so that he may continue to act as its host.
    It is a Core Reactor composed of living eldritch flesh and a vaporous substance as black as space. The reactor itself is embedded in a spear made of ivory, laced throughout with eldritch runic designs. Directly, Heart of Darkness uses Whited Sepulchres as a conduit for its effect.

    It is a Noble Phantasm with pure, chaste, typically Knight Class heroes in mind. Much like the concept of an Alter form, the full concept of a Servant is hardly ever expressed through one specific Class. Heart of Darkness removes this barrier, allowing the Grail to perceive the target in its historical entirety. Every conceivable instance of the target is layered one on top of the either, inevitably depriving the Servant of any Class-specific benefits. Noble Phantasms will have their name and legend muddled with the truth, limiting their rank. Skills such as Innocent Monster, one based on the denial of the truth, will also have their effectiveness lowered. If the enemy has a natural affinity with being a Berserker despite being summoned in a different Class, a lowered state of madness will be imposed, and vice versa.
    Because of Foreigner’s origin, it carries additional effectiveness against European Servants.

    For each enemy infected with the “black spot” and thus adding additional power to the reactor of Heart of Darkness, a “stack” is earned. After a certain number of stacks is earned, the spear that houses the Heart will begin to unlock through seemingly hidden interconnected junctions. The final product can only be described as “a space age blaster rifle, or something.” Firing the rifle will consume a stack, but releases a bolt of blood red fear energy. The energy is potent enough that firing it in the mere presence of normal humans will cause them to succumb to existential fear and die on the spot.

    Tree Men of M’bwa
    The Cold Dead Ones

    (Anti-Unit, C)
    A Noble Phantasm belonging squarely to the eldritch being Foreigner encountered and became in that dark African jungle. As the story inspired by the god’s exploits would later tell, a white pyramid in the Mountains of the Moon was discovered to be surrounded by grotesque trees that vaguely resembled men. The trees, which are indeed a form of botanical zombie, will come to life and attack anything within range. After subduing prey, the zombies will spit a paralytic sap down the throat of their enemies, before being carried off to be planted. Once planted and allow to mature, the prey will soon die and metamorphose into another tree man, additional “branches” sometimes having not been properly pruned beforehand. The tree men themselves are cold to the touch and possess no blood, their composition incredibly like that of a plant. However, like actual trees, the tree men are still susceptible to things like fire.
    Foreigner himself is capable of replicating the paralytic sap, needing only to infect a single target before the forest of tree men will self-perpetuate as they hunt. Resistance to the sap is based primarily on a Poison Resist check.


    Kurtz is a central fictional character in Joseph Conrad's novella Heart of Darkness. A trader of ivory in Africa and commander of a trading post, he monopolises his position as a demigod among native Africans. Kurtz meets with the novella's protagonist, Charles Marlow, who returns him to the coast via steamboat. Kurtz, whose reputation precedes him, impresses Marlow strongly, and during the return journey Marlow is witness to Kurtz's final moments.

    Kurtz is an ivory trader, sent by a shadowy Belgian company into the heart of an unnamed place in Africa (generally regarded as the Congo Free State). With the help of his superior technology, Kurtz has turned himself into a charismatic demigod of all the tribes surrounding his station, and gathered vast quantities of ivory in this way. As a result, his name is known throughout the region. Kurtz's general manager is jealous of Kurtz, and plots his downfall.

    However, over the course of his stay in Africa, Kurtz becomes corrupted. He takes his pamphlet and scribbles in, at the very end, the words "Exterminate all the brutes!" He induces the natives to worship him, setting up rituals and venerations worthy of a tyrant. By the time Marlow, the protagonist, sees Kurtz, he is ill with jungle fever and almost dead. Marlow seizes Kurtz and endeavors to take him back down the river in his steamboat. Kurtz dies on the boat with the last words, "The horror! The horror!"
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    I really like this sheet, but the White Sepulchres skill doesn't quite jive. Skills are supposed to be something that can be acquired or modified by multiple heroes in theory, but this reads more like an NP. Furthermore the whole 'black spot' thing feels sort of tacked on when compared to the rest of the sheet, which goes together just fine.

    Also, props for actually remembering poison checks are a thing. Nasu certainly doesn't.

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