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Thread: Create-A-Servant 2

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    Create-A-Servant 2

    Welcome to the Create-A-Servant thread, where you post your hypothetical Servant sheets to demonstrate your creativity, imagination, one-millionth version of an army-summoning NP, and absolutely appalling grasp of Wikipedia-culled history.


    Create-A-Servant 1, because the index got so huge we couldn't fit it all in one thread.

    Current Index

    Mythology and History

    Caster - Elvis Presley by RoydGolden
    Assassin/Caster - Br'er Rabbit by Dozer095
    Caster - Henry Ford by Zork Knight
    Archer/Rider - Hiawatha by Funderfullness
    Caster - H.P. Lovecraft by Bird of Hermes
    Archer - George Washington by Bird of Hermes
    Berserker - George Andrew Romero by Zork Knight
    Caster - Jimi Hendrix by I Am The Table
    Saver - Antônio Vicente Mendes Maciel by Zork Knight
    Caster - Benjamin Franklin by Alexcoene
    Rider/Saber/Lancer/Archer/Caster/Berserker/Assassin - Amelia Earhart by ItsaRandomUsername
    Assassin - Charles Manson by Ail Don
    Berserker/Brawler - John L. Sullivan by Ail Don
    Archer - Bass Reeves by WhatShouldNotBe
    Archer - Ulysses S. Grant by WhatShouldNotBe
    Rider - Sibyl Ludington by Dionysian_Lumberjack
    Berserker - Andrew Jackson by Ail Don
    Saber/Archer/Berserker - John Carter of Mars by WhatShouldNotBe
    Assassin/Rider - Dorothy Gale by Alexcoene
    Berserker - Galvarino by WhatShouldNotBe
    Assassin - Pteskawin by Ail Don
    Caster - Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs by Zork Knight
    Archer - James Bowie by RoydGolden
    Rider/Archer/Gunner - Theodore Roosevelt by Endabend
    Archer - Lucky Luciano by Ail Don
    Caster - Sarah Winchester by WhatShouldNotBe
    Archer - Colt Peacemaker by WhatShouldNotBe
    Archer - Virgulino Ferreira da Silva by JetKinen
    Lancer - Richard Nixon by Endabend
    Caster - H. P. Lovecraft by MehKitteh
    Avenger - J. Robert Oppenheimer by WhatShouldNotBe
    Assassin - Santa Muerte by Ail Don
    Archer - Punxsutawney Phil by Ail Don
    Assassin/Saber/Lancer/Rider/Caster/Berserker/Gunner - 711 (George Washington) by 4score7years

    Ancient Mesopotamia

    Arabic Mythology & History
    Ruler - Saladin by Spartacus
    Caster - Abdul Alhazred by Zork Knight
    Shielder/Saber/Archer - Nusaybah bint Ka'ab by Funderfullness
    Caster - Scheherazade by Bird of Hermes
    Shielder - Dhul-Qarnayn by Funderfullness
    Rider/Lancer - Sinbad by Alexcone
    Rider - T.E. Lawrence by Ail Don
    Saber - Saladin by NMR-3

    Rider - Old Tom
    Archer - Ned Kelly by WhatSholdNotBe
    Caster - Rainbow Serpent by WhatShouldNotBe by Spartacus

    Saber/Lancer/Berserker - Sir Balin by Bird of Hermes
    Lancer - Sir Bedivere by RoydGolden
    Assassin/Saber/Caster - Sir Kay by RoydGolden
    Berserker/Monster/Beast/Avenger - Vortigern by Draconic
    Archer/Ruler/Rider/Saber - Edward IV by Ramseph Boltstar
    Saber - Artoria Pendragon by Frostyvale
    Lancer - Queen Victoria by asterism42
    Assassin/Lancer - Constantine of Dumnonia by Constructman
    Caster/Assassin - Morgana le Fay by RoydGolden
    Caster - Nathan Mayer Rothschild by Constructman
    Caster - Titania by Mr.Obsidian
    Shielder/Saber - Sir Breunor by Master of Chaos
    Saber/Lancer/Rider/Archer/Berserker - Sir Ywain by Shrapnel
    Berserker - Boudicca by Legends Storyteller
    Rider/Ruler/Saber - Æthelflæd by Gally
    Berserker/Saber/Assassin - Sir Gaheris by Bird of Hermes
    Assassin - Culhwch by Ail Don
    Berserker/Assassin - Spring-Heeled Jack by Alexcoene
    Berserker - Tom o'Bedlam by Ail Don
    Lancer - Jaufre by Alexcoene
    Assassin - Guy Fawkes by Bird of Hermes
    Avenger/Rider - Captain James Hook by Alexcoene
    Caster - Morgan Pendragon (Lily) by Gally
    Arthur Harris by RoydGolden
    Caster - Isambard Kingdom Brunel asterism42
    Assassin - Oswald Mosley by sutaa
    Caster - Bladud by Alexcoene
    Saber/Berserker - Accolon of Gaul by Alexcoene
    Berserker - Richard III by 4score7years
    Caster/Saber/Berserker - Uther Pendragon (Alter) by Bird of Hermes
    Rider/Archer - Henry Morgan by Ail Don
    Saber/Rider - Sir Kay by Alexcoene
    Caster - Edward VI by sutaa
    Saber - Thomas Hobbes by 4score7years
    Shielder/Lancer - Galahad by Draconic
    Lancer - Lleu Llaw Gyffes by Ail Don
    Saber/Berserker -Macbeth by Crying
    Ruler - Æthelflæd by Bird of Hermes
    Rider - Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim by Jetkinen
    Berserker - King Arthur (Lion) by Nuclear Consensus

    Caucasian Mythology & History
    Archer - Koapla by Ail Don

    Archer/Lancer/Rider/Caster/Assassin - Jiao Yu by Hakuro
    Saber - Hong Xuiquan by Funderfullness
    Archer/Saber/Lancer/Striker - Sun Shangxiang by RoydGolden
    Archer - Sun Shangxiang by Bird of Hermes
    Ruler/Saber/Rider - Liu Bei by RoydGolden
    Lancer/Rider - Zhao Yun by Bird of Hermes
    Caster - Sima Qian by Constructman
    Saber - Terracotta Warrior by Mr.Obsidean
    Berserker/Caster - Mao Zedong by Adlet
    Avenger - Mother Lu by Dionysian_Lumbrjack
    Rider - Mizi Xia by sutaa
    Lancer - Drukpa Kunley by WhatShouldNotBe
    Saber - Lu Dongbin by WhatShouldNotBe
    Saber - Yuenü by Gally
    Caster/Shielder - Qin Shi Huang by GilgameshKingOfMemes

    Christianity and Judaism

    Classical Mythology & History
    Assassin - Herostratus by Shikyo21
    Archer/Lancer - Camilla by Bird of Hermes
    Rider - Medea by Bird of Hermes
    Caster/Assassin - Daedalus by RoydGolden
    Rider/Archer/Assassin - Sciron by RoydGolden
    Saber - Damocles by RoydGolden
    Lancer - Meleager by RoydGolden
    Berserker/Rider - Pirithous by RoydGolden
    Rider - Jason by RoydGolden
    Berserker - Ino by Funderfullness
    Berserker - Talos by Constructman
    Rider/Berserker - Oedipus Rex by Bird of Hermes
    Rider - Jason Alter by RoydGolden
    Caster/Assassin/Ruler - Julia Agrippina by Shrapnel
    Berserker - King Midas by RoydGolden
    Berserker - King Midas by You
    Caster - Agrippina the Younger by Bird of Hermes
    Assassin - Nisus and Euryalus by asterism42
    Rider - Arion by Funderfullness
    Archer/Assassin - Brutus of Troy by Alexcoene
    Berserker - Corineus by Alexcoene
    Saber/Lancer/Rider - Constantine the Great by Adlet
    Caster - Orpheus by asterism42
    Rider - Diomedes of Thrace by Funderfullness
    Caster - Orpheus by asterism42
    Berserker/Rider/Caster/Assassin - Bacchus by Hakuro
    Archer - Brutus of Troy by Constructman
    Rider- Phaea by Alexcoene
    Assassin - Helen of Troy by AvengerEmiya
    Saber - Remus by Sunny
    Rider/Saber/Archer/Avenger - Cynane by Gally
    Archer - Telemachnus by Alexcoene
    Archer - Telemachnus by You
    Saber/Rider/Shielder - Flavius Aetius by RoydGolden
    Saber - Perseus by WhatShouldNotBe
    Archer - Myrina by Ail Don
    Lancer/Rider/Berserker/Monster - Damasen by RoydGolden
    Berserker/Beast - Scylla by Alexcoene
    Archer - Talos by WhatShouldNotBe
    Rider - Bucephalus by Ail Don
    Shielder/Lancer - Aeneas by Bird of Hermes
    Rider - Perseus & Medusa by WhatShouldNotBe
    Archer - Aristaeus by Funderfullness
    Caster/Assassin/Ruler - Julia Agrippina by Gally
    Avenger - Clytemnestra by asterism42
    Assassin/Lancer/Berserker - Cronus by GilgameshKingOfMemes
    Beast VII - Gaea by RoydGolden
    Archer - Apollo by asterism42
    Archer - Ulysses/Odysseus by Hyperversum
    Lancer - Phillip II by Ail Don

    Rider/Caster - Khufu by Funderfullness
    Lancer/Caster - Hatshepsut by Bird of Hermes
    Berserker - Arsinoë II by Daneel Rush

    Fairy Stories
    Caster - The Little Mermaid by Bird of Hermes
    Caster - Cinderella
    by You
    Rider - Black Knight by Mr.Obsidian
    Assassin - The Big Bad Wolf by Alexcoene
    Assassin - The Big Bad Wolf by Legends Storyteller
    Rider - Little Red Riding Hood by Bird of Hermes
    Assassin - Hansel & Gretel by Dessert Taiga
    Caster - The Beast by Alexcoene
    Assassin - Goldilocks by Magikewl
    Rider - Santa Claus by Bird of Hermes


    Germany and Germanic Peoples


    Rider - Chu Dong Tu by Funderfullness



    The Māori

    Maritime South-East Asia


    The Netherlands

    Post-Classical Greece and the Balkans

    Sub-Saharan Africa
    Berserker/Saber/Lancer/Archer/Avenger - Nyabinghi by Funderfullness
    Caster - Modjadji by Funderfullness
    Lancer/Berserker/Caster - Shango by Funderfullness
    Lancer/Archer - Anna Nzinga by Funderfullness
    Rider - Yennega by Funderfullness

    The Nasuverse
    Caster - Ritsuka Fujimaru by Nuclear Consensus

    Arcueid Brunestud by Brunestud Incarnate
    Berserker - Warcueid by Brunestud Incarnate

    Angel Notes

    Red Dragon


    Please point out any mistakes such as incorrect links, incorrect classification, incorrect categorization, incorrect names, incorrect author names or otherwise incorrect data. Thanks!

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    Old Index

    Quote Originally Posted by Petrikow View Post
    [ ] Plausible Servant
    { } - Dubious Servant
    ( ) - Comment

    Mythology and History

    [Saber - Francisco de Miranda] by Duncan Idaho
    [Saber - Isaac Brock] by Funderfullness
    [Saber - José Francisco de San Martin] by Mazyrian
    [Saber - Maria Ursula d'Abreu e Lancostro by Zork Knight
    [Saber - Tlahuicole] by Asdfghl
    [Saber - Simon Bolivar] by Schattenbach
    [Saber - Simon Bolivar] by Amaranth
    [Saber - Simon Bolivar] by Duncan Idaho
    [Lancer - Abdón Calderón by KAIZA
    [Lancer - Manco Cápac] by Daneel Rush
    [Lancer - Moctezuma II] by petalferrous
    [Lancer - Pocahontas] by Bird of Hermes
    [Archer - Annie Oakley] by RoydGolden
    [Archer - Annie Oakley] by AsGryffynn
    [Archer - Billy the Kid] by castor212
    {Archer - DRIFTER}{v2.0} by MssrNeko
    {Archer/Rider - Eliot Ness} by AnonTheMouse
    [Archer - Geronimo][v2.0] by petalferrous
    [Archer - He-no] by chaosdude222
    [Archer - Hunahpu] by Constructman
    [Archer - Hunahpu and Xbalanque] by Mazyrian
    [Archer - Hunahpu & Xbalanque] by Clockehwork
    [Archer - James Butler Hickoc] by Hawkeye
    [Archer - Lampião] by Zephyr
    [Archer - Raven] by I Am The Table
    [Archer/Lancer - Squanto] by RoydGolden
    [Archer - Tecumseh] by Sesto
    [Archer - Zumbi] by Zork Knight
    [Rider - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid] by asterism42
    [Rider - Calico Jack] by ThePaperMan
    [Rider - Christopher Columbus] by RoydGolden
    [Rider - George Washington] by Illusion
    [Rider - George Washington] by WalrusMcDerp
    [Rider - Matthew Calbraith] Perry by Jetkinen
    [Rider - Neil Armstrong] by Milbunk
    [Rider - Neil Armstrong] by Zevrand
    [Rider - Neil Armstrong] by MssrNeko
    [Rider - Paul Bunyan] by Zork Knight
    [Rider - Paul Revere] by ZSB1999
    {Rider - Paul Tibbets Jr.} by G-man
    [Rider - Pecos Bill] by AvengerEmiya
    [Rider – Simon Bolivar] by KAIZA (second profile of two)
    [Rider/”Striker” - Teddy Roosevelt] by Funderfullness
    [Caster - Abigail Williams] by Nuclear Consensus
    [Caster - Abigail Williams] by Dozer095
    {Caster - Adam Savage} by Gunbazca
    {Caster - Alice Cooper} by I Am The Table
    {Caster - Barack Obama} by RoydGolden
    [Caster - Bridget Bishop] by Rin-chan Kaihou
    [Caster - Delphine LaLaurie] by Funderfullness
    {Caster - Donald Trump} by RoydGolden
    {Caster - Edgar Allan Poe} by Matthias Levi
    {Caster - Edgar Allan Poe} by Panncakez
    [Caster - El Dorado] by Vagrant
    [Caster - Emperor Joshua Abraham Norton I] by Barbarossa
    [Caster/Shielder/Ruler – Emperor Joshua Norton I] by RoydGolden
    {Caster - Harry Houdini} by PBlades
    {Caster - H.P Lovecraft} by The Big Cheese
    [Caster - John Moses Browning] by Constructman
    [Caster - John the Conqueror] by RoydGolden
    [Caster - Johnny Appleseed] by Iron Minister
    {Caster/Assassin - M. Night Shyamalan} by NailsInYourFeet
    [Caster - Marie Laveau] by asterism42
    [Caster - Nikola Tesla] by Ogodaka
    [Caster/Archer - Samuel Colt] by Omida
    [Caster - Thomas Edison] by JetKinen
    {Caster - ”Weird Al” Yankovic} by NailsInYourFeet
    [Assassin - Br'er Rabbit] by Dozer095
    {Assassin - Carlos Norman Hatchcock II} by NightEye
    {Assassin - Chuck Norris} by Flame
    {Assassin - H. H. Holmes} by Five_X
    [Assassin - Itzpapalotl] by Vagrant
    [Assassin - Mad Gasser] by Zork Knight
    {Assassin - Mothman} by Zork Knight
    {Assassin/Caster - Richard Nixon} by RoydGolden
    [Assassin - Thomas Edison] by TypeWannabe
    [Assassin/Caster – Yaahl, Raven] by Constructman
    {Berserker - Arnold Schwarznegger} by I3uster
    {Berserker - Arnold Schwarznegger}{v2.0} by mewarmo990
    {Berserker - Audie Murphy} by I Am The Table
    [Berserker - Bigfoot] by I Am The Table
    [Berserker - Coyote] by petalferrous
    [Berserker - Galvarino] by Daneel Rush
    {Berserker - Gene Simmons} by I Am The Table
    [Berserker/Lancer - John Henry] by TheDivineDemon
    {Berserker - Lizzie Borden} by BehemothV2
    [Berserker - Popocatepetl] by Vagrant
    [Berserker/Lancer - Tlahuicole] by SVNB Backup
    [Berserker - Wendigo] by Funderfullness
    [Berserker - William T. Sherman] by RoydGolden
    [???/Caster/Berserker - Nikola Tesla] by Asdfghl
    [Saver - Ce Acatl Topiltzin] by gyrowins
    {Avenger - Donald Trump} by Strife
    {”Chuck Norris” - Chuck Norris} by SPARTAN 119 Returns
    Lancer/Rider - Neil Armstrong by RoydGolden (genderswap)
    Lancer - U'tlun'ta by AvengerEmiya
    Caster - Machado de Assis by sumthing
    Caster - Nun'yunu'wi by AvengerEmiya
    Caster/Assassin/Archer/Berserker - Jack Fiddler by Funderfullness
    Berserker - Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow by I Am The Table

    Ancient Mesopotamia
    [Saber - Enmebaragesi] by Daneel Rush
    [Saber - Sargon of Akkad] by Daneel Rush
    [Saber - Sennacherib] by NMR-3
    {Saber - Tiamat} by The Big Cheese
    [Lancer/”Striker”/”Savior” - Enkidu] by SVNB Backup
    [Lancer/Saber/Archer/Rider/Assassin - Enkidu][v2.0] by Christemo (the beginning of the Enkidu arms-race)
    [Lancer - Enkidu] by Knick
    [Lancer - Enkidu] by BlackField
    [Lancer - Enmerkar] by Seika
    [Lancer - Sargon of Akkad] by BehemothV2
    [Lancer - Semiramis] by NailsInYourFeet (second of two profiles in same post)
    [Archer - Ashurbanipal] by Daneel Rush (genderbent)
    [Archer/Lancer - Enmerkar] by Vagrant
    [Archer/Saber/Caster - Sargon of Akkad] by Lord Hierarch
    Archer Ur-Nungal by Constructman
    [Rider - Etana] by NailsInYourFeet (first of two profiles in same post)
    [Rider - Nebuchadnezzar II] by Skylar
    [Rider - Ziusudra][v2.0] by Vagrant
    [Caster - Ashurbanipal] by Sherrinford
    [Caster - Hammurabi] by ylas
    [Caster - Hammurabi] by Clockehwork (second of two profiles in same post)
    [Caster - Lugal-Kitun] by Daneel Rush
    [Caster - Nergal] by firloz
    [Caster - Peshtur] by Daneel Rush
    [Caster - Semiramis] by NZXT
    [Caster - Semiramis] by Daneel Rush
    [Caster - Sîn-lēqi-unninni] by Daneel Rush
    [Caster - Zuisudra] by firloz
    [Assassin - Arda Mulissi] by Lycodrake
    [Berserker - Enheduanna] by Daneel Rush
    [Berserker - Nebuchadnezzar II] by NMR-3
    [Ruler - Urukagina] by Omida
    {”Striker”/Berserker/Rider/Lancer - Enkidu} by Vagrant
    Berserker - Gugalanna by Zork Knight
    Caster - Ereshkigal by asterism42
    Caster - Adapa by Funderfullness (genderswap)

    Arabic Mythology & History
    [Saber - Ali ibn-Abi Talib] by SVNB Backup
    [Saber - Ali ibn-Abi Talib] by Nerdguy
    [Saber - Ali ibn Abi Talib] by Christemo
    [Saber - Amir Arsalan] by RoydGolden
    [Saber - Khawla bint Al-Azwar] by Vagrant
    [Saber - Mavia] by Tohno (Second of three profiles in same post)
    [Saber/Archer/Rider - Muhammad] by Christemo
    [Lancer/Caster/Berserker/Ruler - Fereydun] by Arkanian
    [Lancer - Semiramis] by Christemo
    [Rider - Aladdin] by Bird of Hermes
    [Rider - Rahmah ibn Jabir al-Jalahimah][v2.0] by Arkanian
    [Rider - Sinbad] by Kamillia
    [Rider/Caster - Tammuras] by Sherrinford
    [Rider - Zubaidah bint Ja'far ibn Munsa] by IRUn
    [Caster - Aladdin][v2.0] by firloz
    [Caster/Saber/Berserker - Ali ibn Abi Talib] by Iron Minister
    [Caster - Artephius] by Vagrant
    [Caster/Monster - Azi Dahaka] by Vagrant
    [Caster - Fatima al-Fihri] by Funderfullness
    [Caster - Harun al-Rashid] by Christemo
    {Caster - Iblis} by XarksTheHunter
    [Caster - Jamshid] by Funderfullness
    [Caster - Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī] by Nuclear Consensus
    [Caster - Sabbatai Zevi] by NMR-3
    [Caster - Scheherazade] by MssrNeko
    [Caster - Scheherazade] by Verg Avesta
    [Caster - Scheherazade] by Arkanian
    [Assassin - Fatimah bint Muhammad] by Christemo
    [Assassin - Hassan-i Sabbah] by Apple
    [Assassin - Hassan-i Sabbah] by Daneel Rush (first of two profiles in same post)
    [Assassin - Hassan-i Sabbah] by GaterJ4wz
    [Assassin - Hassan-i Sabbah] by I3uster
    [Assassin - Hassan-i Sabbah] by Seika
    [Assassin - Hassan-i Sabbah] by YeOfLittleFaith
    [Assassin - Hassan-i Sabbah] by Aladar
    [Assassin - Hassan-i Sabbah][v2.0] by machiavellianFictionist (v2.0 is fourth of four profiles in same post)
    [Assassin - Hassan-i Sabbah] by Knick
    Assassin - Hassan-i-Sabbah by ZealousChristian24
    [Assassin - Hassan-i-Sabbah] by Clockehwork
    [Assassin - Hassan-i-sabbah] by Master of Chaos
    [Assassin - Hassan-i-Seibah] by AvengerEmiya
    [Assassin - Hassan-i-Sabbah] by Uralmash
    [Assassin - Hassan-i-Sabbah] by Crying
    [Assassin - Hassan-i-Sabbah] by RoydGolden
    [Assassin - Hassan-i-Sabbah] by Constructman
    [Assassin - Hassan-i Sabbah] by KAIZA
    [Assassin - Hassan-i Sabbah] by asterism42
    [Assassin - No-Name Assassin] by Vagrant
    [Assassin - Rashid ad-Din Sinan] by Gunbazca
    [Assassin - Rashid ad-Din Sinan] by Master of Chaos
    [Berserker - Zahak] by Crying
    [Ruler/Assassin/Caster/Saber/Rider - Harun al-Rashid][v2.0] by Asdfghl


    [Saber - Agravain] by sutaa
    [Saber - Alice Pleasance Lidell] by RoydGolden
    [Saber/Rider/Ruler - Arawn] by Master of Chaos (second of two profiles in same post)
    [Saber - Artegal] by Verg Avesta
    [Saber - Arturia Pendragon] by G-Man
    [Saber - Bedivere] by Merciful Idiot (first of three profiles in same post)
    [Saber/Lancer/Caster/Berserker - Bedivere] by Zephyr
    [Saber - Beowulf] by Bloble
    [Saber - Beowulf] by ScarletWeather
    [Saber - Beowulf] by Cyber Angel
    [Saber - Beowulf] by castor212
    [Saber - Beowulf] by Vagrant
    [Saber - Beowulf] by Master of Chaos
    [Saber - Beowulf] by Arjuna
    [Saber - Bors] by Merciful Idiot (fourth of four profiles in same post)
    [Saber - Breunor] by BehemothV2
    [Saber - Elizabeth Tudor] by Bird of Hermes
    [Saber - Galahad] by AvengerEmiya
    [Saber - Gareth] by Virtue
    [Saber - Hueil mab Caw] by Seika
    [Saber - Jack the Giant Slayer] by You
    [Saber - Kay] by Merciful Idiot (second of four profiles in same post)
    [Saber - Lewis Carrol] by NailsInYourFeet
    [Saber - Mary Tudor] by sutaa
    [Saber/Assassin - Meleagant] by Blastedspider
    [Saber - Mordred] by Cyber Angel
    [Saber - Mordred] by Vagrant
    [Saber/Berserker - Mordred] by Omida
    [Saber/Rider - Palamedes] by Virtue
    [Saber - Pellinore] by Merciful Idiot (third of three profiles in same post)
    [Saber/Rider/Ruler - Pwyll] by Master of Chaos (first of two profiles in same post)
    [Saber - Rhydderch Hael] by Vagrant
    [Saber - Scarlet Pimpernel] by ZSB1999
    {Saber/Rider - Thomas Marshall} by Christemo
    [Saber - Uther Pendragon] by Vagrant
    [Saber - Uther Pendragon] by Zephyr
    [Saber/Caster - Uther Pendragon] by Omida
    [Saber - Uther Pendragon] by Bird of Hermes
    [Saber - William of Ockham] by RoydGolden
    [Saber - William Wallace] by Bird of Hermes
    [Lancer - Artoria Pendragon] by bigblack
    [Lancer - James Scott] by Funderfullness
    [Lancer/"Leader" - Mary Tudor] by Master of Chaos
    [Lancer/Berserker - Mary Tudor] by Bird of Hermes
    [Lancer - Peredur/Percival] by Daneel Rush (double feature)
    [Lancer - Percival] by Merciful Idiot (second of three profiles in same post)
    [Lancer/Saber - Percival] by Bird of Hermes
    [Archer - Abraham von Helsing] by Bird of Hermes
    [Archer - Jack Frost] by TheDivineDemon
    [Archer - Oberon] by NightEye
    [Archer - Richard the Lionheart] by NailsInYourFeet
    [Archer - Robin Hood] by Scarlet Weather
    [Archer - Robin Hood] by Knight of Khaos (genderbent)
    [Archer - Robin Hood] by Crying
    [Archer - Robin Hood] by Bird of Hermes
    [Archer - Tristan] by Merciful Idiot (first of four profiles in same post)
    [Archer - Tristan] by asterism42
    [Archer/Caster - Winifred Owen] by Gentlewoman with Thistledown Hair (genderbent)
    [Rider - Boudica] by Five_X
    [Rider - Bercilak "Green Knight" de Hautdesert] by BehemothV2
    [Rider - Blackbeard] by DarkWarrior
    [Rider - Clydno Eiddin] by Vagrant
    [Rider - Davy Jones] by DarkWarrior (second of two profiles in same post)
    [Rider - Edward IV] by Oddric
    [Rider - George Clifford] by Cyber Angel
    [Rider - Gowther] by Zork Knight
    [Rider - Gwyn ap Nudd] by Obsidian Pharaoh
    [Rider - Henry V] by RoydGolden
    [Rider - Henry VIII] by Bird of Hermes
    [Rider - Horatio Nelson] by KnightoftheChurch
    [Rider - Johnnie Armstrong] by Vagrant
    [Rider - Lady Godiva] by Merciful Idiot
    [Rider - Olivia Cromwell] by RoydGolden (genderbent)
    [Rider - Sir Kay] by Master of Chaos
    [Rider - Tam Lin] by asterism42
    [Rider - Tor] by Virtue
    [Rider - William I of England] by asterism42
    [Rider - William Marshal] by Dawnfeld
    {Rider - Winston Churchill} by RoydGolden
    [Rider - Ywain] by Daneel Rush
    [Caster - Ada Lovelace] by Cyber Angel
    [Caster - Ada Lovelace] by Bird of Hermes
    {Caster/Assassin - Agatha Christie} by asterism42
    {Caster - Alan Turing} by RoydGolden
    {Caster - Aleister Crowley} by Paorou
    [Caster/Berserker - Bloody Mary] by I Am The Table
    {Caster - Charles Babbage} by Five_X (genderbent)
    [Caster - Charles Darwin] by RoydGolden
    [Caster - Dr. Moreau] by Zork Knight
    [Caster - Elaine of Astolat] by Cyber Angel
    [Caster - Elaine of Astolat] by asterism42
    [Caster - Elizabeth Tudor] by asterism42
    [Caster - Florence Nightingale] by Bromancing
    [Caster/Berserker - Guinevere] by Crying
    [Caster - Gwrhyr] by Knick
    [Caster - Isaac Newton] by Knick
    [Caster - Isaac Newton] by asterism42
    {Caster – J.R.R. Tolkien} by Crying
    [Caster - John Dee] by Luvia Edelfelt
    {Caster - Mary Poppins} by Bird of Hermes
    [Caster/Saber - Menw] by Imperial
    [Caster/Berserker - Merlin] by Iceblade44
    [Caster - Morgan le Fay] by Sherrinford
    [Caster - Morgan le Fay] by Imperial
    [Caster - Morgan le Fay] by Omida
    [Caster - Queen of Hearts] by Magikewl
    [Caster - Taleisin Ben Beirdd] by Sherrinford
    [Caster - Thomas More] by ZSB1999
    [Caster - Titania] by Cataquack Warrior
    [Caster – William Shakespeare] by DarkWarrior
    [Assassin - Agravain] by NMR-3
    [Assassin - Artoria Pendragon (Alter)] by KAIZA
    [Assassin/Saber - Dafydd Gam] by ZSB1999
    [Assassin - Dame Ragnell] by Rathilal
    [Assassin - Dorian Gray] by RoydGolden
    [Assassin - Grendel] by The Big Cheese
    [Assassin - Guy Fawkes] by Hanimir
    {Assassin/Saber/Rider/Berserker/Archer - Jack Churchill} by Erlking
    {Assassin - King of Fools a.k.a. Lord of Misrule} by Verg Avesta
    [Assassin - Peter Pan] by Bird of Hermes
    [Assassin - Romeo & Juliet] by asterism42
    [Assassin - Sawney Bean] by Crying
    [Assassin - Sherlock Holmes] by Crying
    [Assassin - Typhoid Mary] by You
    [Assassin/Archer - William Wallace][v2.0] by NailsInYourFeet (second of three profiles in same post; second version is second of two profiles in same post)
    [Berserker/Rider - Boudica] by Vagrant
    [Berserker - Grendel] by Cyber Angel
    [Berserker - Gowther] by BehemothV2
    [Assassin - Jack Ketch] by ZSB1999
    [Berserker - Lucy Ashton] by asterism42
    [Berserker/Saber/Assassin - Macbeth] by Funderfullness
    [Berserker/Lancer - Mary I] by Neco Arc Chaos
    [Berserker - Mary Tudor] by RoydGolden
    [Berserker - Mina Harker] by Bird of Hermes
    [Berserker/Lancer - Pellinore] by Vagrant
    [Berserker - Sir Dagonet] by Master of Chaos
    [Berserker - Vortigern] by Crying
    [Ruler - Alfred The Great] by Clyton
    [Ruler - Alfred the Great] by Bird of Hermes
    [Ruler/Saber - Galahad] by Merciful Idiot (third of four profiles in same post)
    [Shielder/Saber/"Leader" - Edward the Black Prince] by MasterOfChaos
    {”???” - William Blake} by Seika
    {"Warship" - The Mary Rose} by PBlades
    Lancer - Bercilak "Green Knight" de Hautdesert by Bird of Hermes (genderswapped)
    Assassin - Matthew Hopkins by sumthing
    Berserker - Anne Boleyn by Bird of Hermes
    Berserker/Saber/Lancer/Rider - Sir Pellinore by RoydGolden
    Berserker - Mordred by bigblack
    Saber - Sir Bors by Bird of Hermes
    Rider - Robert Falcon Scott by 4score7years
    Rider/Saber/Berserker/Assassin/Ruler - Robert I "The Bruce" by Ramseph Boltstar
    Archer/Rider - Woodes Rogers by 4score7years
    Assassin/Rider - Richard III by Ramseph Boltstar
    Lancer - Gareth by Cyber Angel[/post] (genderswap)
    Shielder - Gareth by Bird of Hermes[/post] (genderswap)
    Berserker/Saber/Rider - Edward of Westminster by Ramseph Boltstar

    Caucasian Mythology & History
    [Saber - Batraz by Sherrinford
    [Saber - Tamar the Great] by Funderfullness
    [Archer - Hayk] by Arkanian
    [Archer - Hayk] by RoydGolden
    [Archer - Tigranes Orontid] by BehemothV2
    [Berserker - Tomyris] by Funderfullness

    [Saber/Rider/Assassin - Cao Cao] by Bird of Hermes
    [Saber - Da Yu] by Rathilal
    [Saber - Dong Zhou] by JetKinen
    [Saber/Caster - Gan-Jian & Mo-Ye] by Funderfullness
    [Saber - Hua Mulan] by Bird of Hermes
    [Saber/Archer/Lancer/Rider/Caster - Qin Shi Huang] by Funderfullness
    [Saber - Unknown Assassin] by Constructman
    [Saber - Xuan Yuan] by Daneel Rush (companion piece to Daneel Rush's Chi You)
    [Saber/Rider - Zhao Yun] by Codebreaker
    {Lancer - Bruce Lee} by MssrNeko (second of three profiles in same post)
    [Lancer - Dian Wei] by NightEye
    [Lancer - Guan Yu] by Apple
    [Lancer - Hua Mulan] by Cyber Angel
    [Lancer - Li Shuwen] by JetKinen
    [Lancer - Lunar Hare/Moon Rabbit] by Vagrant
    [Lancer - Nehza] by Duncan Idaho
    [Lancer - Sha Wujing] by DarkWarrior
    {Lancer - Sun Wukong} by ScarletWeather
    [Lancer - Xing Tian] by Constructman
    [Lancer - Zhang Fei] by RoydGolden
    [Lancer - Zhou Tai] by JetKinen
    [Lancer - Zhou Tong] by Mellon
    [Archer - Gan Ning] by JetKinen
    [Archer – Houyi] by Panncakez (second of two profiles in same post)
    [Archer - Hou Yi] by Paorou
    [Archer - Hou Yi] by Uralmash
    [Archer - Hou Yi] by RoydGolden
    [Archer - Hou Yi] by Bird of Hermes
    [Archer - Hua Mulan] by Vagrant
    [Archer - Sun Shangxiang] by NailsInYourFeet (second of three profiles in same post)
    [Archer - Sun Shangxiang] by Daneel Rush
    [Archer - Yue Fei] by ZSB1999
    [Rider - Cao Cao] by Virtue
    [Rider - Cao Cao] by JetKinen
    [Rider - Ching Shih] by Verg Avesta
    [Rider/Caster/Assassin - Daji] by NailsInYourFeet
    [Rider - Emperor Wu] by Funderfullness
    [Rider/Saver/Ruler - Fenghaung] by Schattenbach
    [Rider - Guan Yu] by ZSB1999
    {Rider - Sun Wukong} by DarkWarrior
    [Rider - Xuanzang] by Vagrant
    [Rider - Xuanzang] by Bird of Hermes
    [Caster - Daji] by sutaa
    [Caster/Saber/Rider - Qin Shi Huang] by Lord Hierarch
    [Caster - Wen Shi] by Funderfullness
    [Caster - Xuanzang] by Cyber Angel
    [Caster/Ruler - Yu the Great] by Lycodrake
    [Caster - Zhang Jiao] by Bird of Hermes
    [Caster - Zhuge Liang] by NailsInYourFeet (first of three profiles in same post)
    [Caster - Zhuge Liang] by Ran-Rii
    [Caster - Zhuge Liang] by castor212 (genderbent)
    [Assassin - Bodhidarma] by Illusion
    {Assassin - Bruce Lee} by RoydGolden
    [Assassin - Daji] by Vagrant
    [Assassin - Diaochan] by Bird of Hermes
    [Assassin/Caster - Hua Tuo] by Cyber Angel
    [Assassin - Tianshan Tonglao] by Daneel Rush
    [Berserker/Caster/Archer/Lancer/Saber - Chi You][v2.0] by Daneel Rush (genderbent; v2.0 is second of two profiles in same post)
    [Berserker/Assassin/Caster - Diaochan] by PBlades
    [Berserker - Guan Yu] by JetKinen
    [Berserker - Hong Xiuquan] by Five_X
    [Berserker/Lancer/Caster/Rider - Sun Wukong] by Vagrant
    [Berserker/Caster/Saber - Zhang Xianzhong] by RoydGolden
    [Ruler - Hei Bai Wu Chang] by Daneel Rush
    [Shielder - Qin Shi Huang] by gyrowins
    Caster - Song Jiang by Desuclocker
    Assassin - Liu Qizan by AvengerEmiya
    Rider - Sun Wukong by Desuclocker
    Rider - Huangdi by RoydGolden

    Christianity and Judaism
    {Saber - Archangel Micheal} by Archetype EMIYA
    [Saber/Rider/Berserker/Ruler - Baldwin IV] by Crying
    [Saber/Lancer/Archer/Assassin/Berserker - Cain] by Wiseman
    [Saber - Eleazar] by ZSB1999
    [Saber - John of Capistrano] by I3uster
    [Saber - Judah Maccabee] by RoydGolden
    [Saber - Lilith] by NailsInYourFeet
    {Saber - Lucifer} by Der Ritter
    {Saber/Caster - Lucifer} by XarksTheHunter
    {Saber/Caster/Berserker - Lucifer} by Erlking
    [Saber/Lancer/Caster - Methuselah] by RoydGolden
    [Saber - Nameless Crusader] by RoydGolden
    [Saber - Saint Catherine] by asterism42
    {Lancer - Eve} by Funderfullness
    [Lancer - Jashobeam] by ZSB1999
    [Lancer/Rider/Assassin - Joshua] by Funderfullness
    [Lancer - Longinus][v2.0] by Asdfghl
    [Lancer - Longinus] by Five_X
    [Lancer - Longinus] by Arch-Magos Winter
    [Lancer - Longinus] by Brolaire
    [Lancer - Longinus] by Vagrant
    [Lancer - Longinus] by RoydGolden
    [Lancer - Saint George] by NailsInYourFeet (only Noble Phantasms)
    [Lancer/Rider/Saver - Saint George] by Master of Chaos
    [Lancer - Saint Sisinius] by Funderfullness
    [Archer - David] by NZXT
    [Archer/Ruler - David] by Master of Chaos
    [Archer - Ishmael] by Funderfullness
    [Archer - Jacob] by PBlades
    [Archer - Jonathan] by ylas
    [Archer - Jonathan] by Bird of Hermes
    [Archer - Nimrod] by Illusion
    [Archer/Rider/Caster/Berserker - Nimrod] by Lord Hierarch
    [Archer - Nimrod] by Erlking
    [Archer - Nimrod] by Crying (two versions)
    [Archer - Saint Barbara] by RoydGolden
    [Archer - Saint Philopater Mercurius] by ZSB1999
    [Rider - Absalom] by ZSB1999
    {Rider - Adam} by RoydGolden
    {Rider/Archer - Conquest} by Allon Marton (Part of the Four Horsemen)
    {Rider/Lancer/Assassin - Death} by Allon Marton (Part of the Four Horsemen)
    [Rider - Elijah] by The Big Cheese
    [Rider/Caster - Elijah] by RoydGolden
    {Rider/Caster - Famine} by Allon Marton (Part of the Four Horsemen)
    {Rider - Mother of Harlots} by BehemothV2
    [Rider - Noah] by Bloble
    [Rider - Saint Martha] by Funderfullness
    [Rider - Saint Nicholas] by firloz
    [Rider - Sisera] by Sherrinford
    {Rider/Saber - War} by Allon Marton (Part of the Four Horsemen)
    [Caster - Enoch] by Hakuro
    [Caster - Gideon] by RoydGolden
    {Caster/Ruler/Any - God} by Five_X
    [Caster - Jezebel] [v2.0] by KAIZA (v2.0 is first profile of two)
    [Caster - Lilith] by Aiden
    [Caster - Mary the Jewess] by Nuclear Consensus
    [Caster - Moses] by Funderfullness
    [Caster - Prester John] by Five_X
    [Caster - Queen of Sheba] by NMR-3
    [Caster - Saint Francis Xavier] by Asdfghl
    [Caster - Saint Nicholas] by Oddman
    [Caster - Saint Nicholas] by Rin-chan Kaihou
    [Caster - Saint Peter] by BehemothV2
    [Caster - Solomon] by Lycodrake
    [Caster - Solomon][v2.0] by ScarletWeather
    [Caster - Solomon] by Agailius
    [Caster - Solomon][v2.0] by machiavellianFictionist (first of two profiles in same post; v2.0 is third of four profiles in same post)
    [Caster - Solomon] by Haseo Nanaya
    [Caster - Virgin Mary] by Phibrizzo
    [Assassin - Cain] by Arkanian (third of three profiles in same post)
    [Assassin/Caster - Cain][v2.0] by ForeverHero
    [Assassin - Cain] by legoguydude
    [Assassin - Cain] by Brolaire
    [Assassin - Cain] by RoydGolden
    [Assassin - Delilah] by asterism42
    [Assassin - Ehud ben-Gera] by Funderfullness
    [Assassin - Judas Iscariot] by Funderfullness
    [Assassin - Judas Iscariot] by ZSB1999
    [Assassin - Lilith] by Oddman
    [Assassin - Salome] by NMR-3
    {Assassin - The Devil} by NMR-3
    {Berserker - Adam} by Funderfullness
    [Berserker - Cain] by aldeayeah
    [Berserker - Goliath] by Master of Chaos
    [Berserker - Goliath] by Bird of Hermes
    [Berserker - Joshua] by Notan
    [Berserker - Saint Christopher] by RoydGolden
    [Berserker - Samson] by aldeayeah
    [Berserker - Samson] by Thatoneguy
    [Berserker - Samson] by Illusion
    [Berserker - Samson] by Master of Chaos
    [Berserker - Samson] by RoydGolden
    [Berserker - Shammah] by ZSB1999
    [Avenger/Assassin/Caster - Cain] by Aladar
    [Avenger - Nimrod] by ylas
    {Avenger - Satan} by Iceblade44
    {Ruler/Caster - Adam} by Notan
    {Ruler/Caster - Jesus} by Knight of Khaos
    {Ruler/Caster/Saber/Saver - Jesus Christ} by Christemo
    [Ruler - Lazarus] by Funderfullness
    [Ruler - Mary Magdalene] by NMR-3
    [Ruler/Shielder/Caster/Saber/Berserker - Paul the Apostle] by Nuclear Consensus
    [Ruler/Rider - Saint Martha] by You
    [Ruler - Serah bat Asher] by Funderfullness
    {Saver - Jesus of Nazareth} by Zork Knight
    {Beast - Antichrist} by RoydGolden
    {Beast - Antichrist} by Constructman
    {??? - Abraham} by Asdfghl
    Rider - Noah by RoydGolden
    Caster - Elisha by RoydGolden
    Ruler - Adam by Dalorian Riften
    Assassin - Cain by Bird of Hermes
    Caster - Eve by Dalorian Riften
    Ruler - Joseph Funderfullness
    Caster/Berserker - Asmodeus by NMR-3
    Rider/Lancer - Saint Margaret by Bird of Hermes
    Assassin/Avenger - Cain by Fish11
    Berserker/Assassin/Avenger/Lancer - Cain by Crying

    Classical Mythology & History
    [Saber - Anesidora] by Vagrant (first profile of two)
    [Saber - Asterion] by Zork Knight
    [Saber/Lancer - Chrysaor] by Sherrinford
    {Saber - Chronos} by AvengerEmiya
    [Saber - Chrysaor] by RoydGolden
    [Saber - Cincinnatus] by ZSB1999
    [Saber - Dionysius II of Syracuse] by Apple
    [Saber - Gaius Julius Caesar] by Five_X
    [Saber/Ruler/Caster[/”Leader”] - Gaius Julius Caesar] [v2.0] by Master of Chaos
    [Saber - Galatea] by Funderfullness
    [Saber/Lancer - Hector of Troy] by Imperial
    [Saber - La Flamma] by Vagrant
    [Saber - Leonidas] by Imperial
    [Saber/Avenger/Ruler - Nero Claudius Caesar] by Master of Chaos (genderbent)
    [Saber - Pandora] by Vagrant (second profile of two)
    [Saber - Perseus] by Vagrant
    [Saber/Archer - Rhadamantys] by Christemo
    [Saber/Rider - Romulus] by Arkanian (second of three profiles in same post)
    [Saber - Spiculus] by NightEye
    [Saber/Lancer/Berserker/Archer - Telamonian Aias] by Five_X
    [Saber – Theseus] [v2.0] by Sherrinford
    [Saber – Theseus] by RoydGolden
    [Saber - Titus Flavius Vespasianus] by asterism42
    [Lancer/Rider/Berserker - Achilles] by Master of Chaos
    [Lancer/Avenger - Achilles] by ylas
    [Lancer/Saber/Rider - Aeneas] by Barbarossa
    [Lancer - Androcles] by Brolaire
    [Lancer - Asteropaios] by Petrikow
    {Lancer - Athena} by NightEye
    [Lancer - Britomartis] by Hakuro
    [Lancer - Cadmus] by Sherrinford
    [Lancer/Archer - Camilla] by Funderfullness
    [Lancer/Saber/Archer - Cyrene] by RoydGolden
    [Lancer – Diomedes] [v2.0] by BehemothV2
    [Lancer/Rider/Shielder - Diomedes] by Bird of Hermes
    [Lancer/Rider/Saber - Gaius Julius Caesar] by aldeayeah
    [Lancer/Rider/Saber/Ruler - Hector] by Cyber Angel (second of two profiles in same post)
    [Lancer/Archer/Ruler - Hector] by Master of Chaos
    [Lancer/Saber/Rider - Hector] by Asdfghl
    [Lancer/Archer/Berserker - Hippolyta] by G-Man
    [Lancer - Hippolyta] by Lycodrake
    [Lancer/Caster - Kekrops I] by RoydGolden
    [Lancer - Leonidas] by MssrNeko
    [Lancer - Nerites] by asterism42
    [Lancer/Rider/Berserker/Saber - Patroclus] by Funderfullness
    [Lancer - Patroclus] by RoydGolden
    [Lancer - Peleus] by castor212
    [Lancer - Penthesilea] by hero (first of two profiles in same post)
    [Lancer - Penthesilea] by castor212
    [Lancer - Penthesilea] by Bird of Hermes
    [Lancer - Perikles] by Seika
    [Lancer - Poppaea Sabina] by sutaa
    [Lancer - Prometheus] by asterism42
    {Lancer - Publius Quinctilius Varus} by PBlades
    [Lancer - Procris] by Asdfghl
    [Lancer - Romulus] by Sherrinford
    [Lancer - Scylla] by ItsaRandomUsername
    [Lancer - Semele] by asterism42
    [Lancer/Saber/Archer/Berserker/Shielder - Telamonian Aias] by NMR-3
    [Lancer/Berserker - Tydeus][v2.0] by BehemothV2
    [Lancer - Xenophon by NMR-3
    [Archer - Achelous] by RoydGolden (genderbent)
    [Archer - Arcas] by Lycodrake
    [Archer - Arcas] by asterism42
    [Archer - Arcas] by Hakuro
    [Archer - Aspalis] by Vagrant
    [Archer - Atalanta] by Vagrant
    {Archer - Cupid/Eros} by RoydGolden
    [Archer - Europa] by Zork Knight
    [Archer - Helen] by Daneel Rush
    [Archer - Heracles][v2.0] by machiavellianFictionist (v2.0 is second of four profiles in same post)
    [Archer/Lancer - Hippolyta] by Imperial
    [Archer - Hippolyta] by RoydGolden
    [Archer - Hyacinth] by Funderfullness
    [Archer/Lancer - Lucius Siccius Dentatus] by Blastedspider
    [Archer - Narcissus] by asterism42
    [Archer - Odysseus][v2.0] by Cyber Angel
    [Archer - Odysseus] by Bdoom
    [Archer - Orion] by Master of Chaos (no multi-classing?)
    [Archer - Orion] by Clockehwork
    [Archer - Orion] by Wiseman
    [Archer - Orion] by Vagrant
    [Archer/Assassin - Paris of Troy] by Cyber Angel (first of two profiles in same post)
    [Archer/Assassin - Paris of Troy] by Cyber Angel (genderbent)
    [Archer - Paris] by RoydGolden
    [Archer - Philoctetes] by MssrNeko
    [Archer - Philoctetes] by Bird of Hermes
    [Archer - Psyche] by Funderfullness
    [Archer - Taygete] by Funderfullness
    [Rider - Adrastus] by castor212
    [Rider - Aristophanes] by Vagrant
    [Rider - Augustus] by Paorou
    [Rider - Augustus] by asterism42
    [Rider - Bellerophon] by Cataquack Warrior
    [Rider/Lancer - Bellerophon] by Christemo
    [Rider - Bellerophon] by asterism42
    [Rider - Byzas] by asterism42
    [Rider/Berserker - Caligula] by Blastedspider
    [Rider/Berserker - Caligula] by NailsInYourFeet
    [Rider - Castor & Pollux] by RoydGolden
    {Rider - Charon}by Funderfullness
    [Rider - Diomedes] by Zork Knight
    {Rider - Echidna} by Blastedspider
    [Rider - Endymion] by asterism42
    [Rider - Erichthonius] by Funderfullness
    [Rider - Europa] by RoydGolden
    [Rider - Gaius Augustus] by Phantrosity
    [Rider - Ganymede] by RoydGolden
    [Rider - Ganymedes] by Ayr
    [Rider - Hamilcar Barca] by Vagrant
    [Rider - Hannibal Barca] by SINIB
    [Rider - Hannibal Barca] by Cannongerbil
    [Rider - Hannibal Barca] by Vagrant
    [Rider - Hannibal Barca] by NightEye
    [Rider - Heracles] by Seika (just a Noble Phantasm)
    [Rider - Horatius Cocles] by Five_X
    [Rider - Icarus] by RoydGolden
    [Rider - Jason] by Apple
    [Rider/Assassin - Jason] by Ratman
    [Rider - Jason] by You
    [Rider - Jason] by Sherrinford
    [Rider - Medea] by NailsInYourFeet
    [Rider - Minos I] by Christemo
    [Rider - Minos] by Clyton
    [Rider - Odysseus] by Sushiman
    [Rider/Archer/Assassin - Odysseus] by Bird of Hermes
    [Rider - Periklymenus] by Rin-chan Kaihou
    [Rider/Caster - Persephone] by RoydGolden
    [Rider/Lancer - Perseus] by Master of Chaos
    [Rider - Phaëton] by aldeayeah
    [Rider - Phaëton] by Sherrinford
    [Rider - Phaëton] by Rin-chan Kaihou
    [Rider - Pyrrhus] by Omida
    [Rider - Sciron] by Rin-chan Kaihou
    [Rider - Theseus] by Seika
    [Rider/Ruler - Theseus] by Master of Chaos
    [Rider - Theseus] by Wiseman
    [Rider - Triptolemus] by Sherrinford
    [Rider - Troilus] by AvengerEmiya
    [Rider - Zenobia] by Cyber Angel
    [Caster/Archer - Abaris] by Funderfullness
    [Caster - Aeacus] by Yakumo-san (external website)
    [Caster - Aeacus] by Christemo
    [Caster - Aeëtes][v2.0] by Milbunk
    [Caster - Aglaopheme and Thelxiepeia] by Cataquack Warrior
    [Caster - Arachne] by RoydGolden
    [Caster - Aradia] by AvengerEmiya
    [Caster - Archimedes] by Christemo
    [Caster - Cassandra] by I3uster
    [Caster/Berserker - Cassandra] by Bird of Hermes
    [Caster - Chares of Lindos] by Funderfullness
    [Caster - Cicero] by ZSB1999
    [Caster - Circe] by castor212
    [Caster - Circe] by Sherrinford
    [Caster - Circe] by Bird of Hermes
    [Caster - Crassus] by SINIB
    {Caster - Dido} by Crying
    [Caster - Diomedes] by Seika
    {Caster - Echidna} by Bird of Hermes
    [Caster - Euclid of Alexandria] by firloz
    [Caster - Ganymede] by asterism42
    [Caster - Geminus of Rhodes] by Christemo
    [Caster - Helen of Troy] by Cyber Angel
    {Caster - Hephaestus} by RoydGolden
    [Caster - Hermes Trismegistus] by Christemo
    [Caster - Hipparchus] by Funderfullness
    [Caster - Hippasus of Metapontum] by NMR-3
    [Caster - Hippocrates] by asterism42
    [Caster - Homer] by asterism42
    [Caster - “Jorogumo”] by asterism42
    [Caster - Midas] by Milbunk
    [Caster - Nabis] by Zork Knight
    [Caster - Numa Pompilius] by Hakuro
    [Caster - Orpheus] by Rin-chan Kaihou
    [Caster - Orpheus] by asterism42
    [Caster - Pandora] by ItsaRandomUsername
    [Caster - Pandora] by Clockehwork (first of two profiles in same post)
    [Caster - Parminedes the Eleatean] by Seika
    [Caster - Paulina Busa] by Funderfullness
    [Caster - Plato] by petalferrous
    [Caster - Pythia] by asterism42
    [Caster - Romulus & Remus] by Five_X
    [Caster - Scaevola] by Seika
    [Caster - Sokrates] by Seika
    [Caster - Tantalus] by Sherrinford
    [Caster - Tithonus] by Funderfullness
    [Caster - Valentinius] by Constructman
    [Caster - Vergilius] by Sherrinford
    [Berserker - Achilles] by hero (second of two profiles in same post; genderbent)
    [Berserker - Achilles] by Petrikow
    [Berserker/Assassin - Lamia] by Funderfullness
    [Berserker - Asterion/Minotaur] by sutaa
    [Berserker - Catullus] by NMR-3
    [Berserker - Commodus] by ZSB1999
    [Berserker - Dido] by Seika
    {Berserker - Echidna} by Imperial
    [Berserker - Erysichthon] by asterism42
    [Berserker/Assassin - Herostratus] by Funderfullness
    {Berserker - Lupa} by Bird of Hermes
    [Berserker - Lycaon] by castor212
    [Berserker - Lycurgus] by RoydGolden
    [Berserker - Marcus Cassius Scaeva] by Clockehwork
    [Berserker - Medusa] by Crying
    [Berserker - Mithridates] by Barbarossa
    [Berserker - Nero Claudius Caesar] by Sherrinford
    [Berserker/Rider/Archer/Assassin - Odysseus] by Asdfghl
    [Berserker - Odysseus][v2.0] by Arch-Magos Winter
    [Berserker - Odysseus] by Vagrant
    [Berserker - Oedipus] by You
    [Berserker/Caster/Assassin - Olympias] by RoydGolden
    [Berserker - Scylla] by Ximsol182
    {Berserker - Thanatos} by Crying
    {Berserker - The Spartan} by qsurf
    [Berserker - Thessalonike of Macedon] by NailsInYourFeet (third of three profiles in same post)
    [Assassin - Agrippina] by Cyber Angel
    [Assassin - Agrippina the Younger] by Bird of Hermes
    [Assassin - Arachne] by Funderfullness
    [Assassin - Danaides] by Funderfullness
    [Assassin - Gello] by Funderfullness
    [Assassin - Gyges of Lydia] by Pblades
    [Assassin/Caster - Helen] by Omida
    [Assassin - Helen of Troy] by Bird of Hermes
    [Assassin - Lamia] by NightEye
    [Assassin - Locusta] by asterism42
    [Assassin - Marcus Junius Brutus] by Bird of Hermes
    [Assassin - Medus] by Constructman
    [Assassin - Odysseus] by Sherrinford
    {Assassin - Phobos} by ZSB1999
    [Assassin - Romulus Augustus] by Clockehwork
    [Assassin - Sporus] by NMR-3
    {Assassin – “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”} by Apple
    [Avenger - Pandora] by Lycodrake
    [Avenger - Scamandros/Astyanax] by NMR-3
    [Shielder - Scaeua] by Seika
    [Shielder/Caster/Lancer/Saber - Numa Pomilius] by Funderfullness
    {Shielder/Lancer - Zeus} by Bird of Hermes
    [Ruler - Roma] by Crying
    {Beast - Nemean Lion} by Funderfullness
    {Striker - Melankomas} by Funderfullness
    {"Monster" - Antaeus} by RoydGolden
    [Any - Heracles] by Seika (just a Noble Phantasm)
    [Any/Not Caster - Heracles] by Christemo
    {Any - Heracles} by TypeWannabe (just a Noble Phantasm)
    Rider - Diomedes Thrakes by Hakuro
    Berserker - Orpheus by RoydGolden
    Caster - Sappho by asterism42
    Caster - Ariadne by Bird of Hermes
    Caster - Pasiphae by Bird of Hermes
    Rider - Deucalion by Constructman
    Caster - Hamadryas by Funderfullness
    Caster - Empedocles by RoydGolden
    Berserker - Sisyphus by ZSB1999

    [Saber/Lancer - Unas] by Sherrinford
    [Lancer/Saber/Rider/Caster/Berserker - Unas] by iceblade44
    [Archer - Tutankhamun] by Funderfullness
    [Rider/Caster - Hatsheput] by Funderfullness
    [Rider - Hatsheput] by Wiseman
    [Rider - Horus Narmer] by Constructman
    [Rider - Menes] by Constructman
    [Rider - Ptolemy I] by Barbarossa
    [Rider - Ramessess II] by Five_X
    [Rider - Ramessess II] by Christemo
    [Caster - Cleopatra VII] by Cyber Angel
    [Caster – Cleopatra VII] by asterism42
    [Caster - Cleopatra VII] by Crying
    [Caster - Imhotep] by castor212
    [Caster – Jannes & Jambres] by Funderfullness
    [Caster - Neferkaptah] by Vagrant
    [Caster - Nefertari] by Christemo
    [Caster/Avenger - Tutankhamun] by Master of Chaos
    [Caster - Tutankhamun] by NMR-3
    Assassin/Caster - Cleopatra VII] by Master of Chaos
    [Assassin - Meretseger] by Funderfullness
    [Berserker - Akhenaten] by Bird of Hermes
    [Berserker - Tutankhamen] by Erlking
    Caster - Se-Osiris by RoydGolden (genderswap)

    Fairy Stories


    [Saber/Rider/Berserker - Lemminkäinen] by Verg Avesta
    [Archer - Joukahainen] by Verg Avesta
    {Archer/Assassin - Simo Häyhä} by Break
    {Archer/Assassin - Simo Hayha} by Rafflesiac
    {Archer - Simo Hayha} by RoydGolden
    [Rider - Kalevipoeg] by Mellon
    [Berserker - Kullervo] by ylas (first of two profiles in the same post)
    [Berserker/Caster - Kullervo] by Malornarys
    {”Sniper” - Simo Häyhä} by SPARTAN 119 Returns

    [Saber - Balian of Ibelin] by Oddric
    [Saber - Charlemagne] by BehemothV2
    [Saber - Charlemagne] by Barbarossa
    [Saber - Charlemagne] by Bird of Hermes
    [Saber - Charlemagne] by Zork Knight
    [Saber - Charles Sanson de Longval] by ZSB1999
    [Saber - Cyrano de Bergerac] by ScarletWeather
    [Saber/Ruler - d'Artagnan] by Master of Chaos
    [Saber - Ganelon] by Hakuro
    Saber - Georges Danton] by asterism42
    [Saber/Ruler - Godfrey de Bouillon] by BehemothV2
    [Saber - Godfrey de Bouillon] by Wiseman
    [Saber - Gradlon] by Mellon
    [Saber - Hans Axel von Fersen] by Sesto
    [Saber - Henry IV] by Rin-chan Kaihou
    [Saber - Julie d'Aubigny] by Panncakez (first of two profiles in same post)
    [Saber - Julie D'Aubigny by Bird of Hermes
    [Saber/Caster - Maugis D'Aigremont] by Sherrinford
    [Saber - Ogier the Dane] by Verg Avesta
    [Saber - Olivier] by Master of Chaos
    [Saber - Roland] by Dante
    [Saber – Roland] [v2.0] by ThePaperMan (genderbent)
    [Saber – Roland] [v2.0] by Vagrant
    [Saber/Rider - Roland] by Omida
    [Lancer/Saber - Godfrey de Bouillon] by Lycodrake
    [Lancer - Robert de Sable] by Maple-tan
    [Rider - Astolfo] by NZXT
    [Rider - Bradamante] by Funderfullness
    {Rider - Cernunnos} by BehemothV2
    [Rider - Charlemagne] by ylas
    [Rider - Charlemagne] by Cyber Angel
    [Rider - François l'Olonnais] by Gunbazca
    [Rider/Saber - Ganelon] by NMR-3
    [Rider - Louis XIV] by RoydGolden
    [Rider - Napoleon Bonaparte] by legoguydude
    [Rider- Ogier the Dane] by Spinach
    [Rider/Saber - Ogier the Dane] by Bird of Hermes
    [Rider - Renaud de Montauban] by Spinach
    [Rider - Roland] by Aladar
    [Rider/Saber/Berserker - Roland by Bird of Hermes
    [Rider - Roland (Alter)] by Bird of Hermes
    [Rider - Ruggiero] by Five_X
    [Rider - Vercingetorix] by RoydGolden
    [Caster - Atlantes] by Spartacus
    {Caster - Captain Nemo} by Arkanian
    [Caster - Comte de Saint Germain] by NMR-3
    {Caster/Saber/”Chef” - George Auguste Escoffier} by NMR-3
    [Caster/Saber/Lancer - Jeanne d'Arc] by Vagrant
    [Caster - Madame de Pompadour] by Verg Avesta
    [Caster - Melusine] by BehemothV2
    [Caster - Nicolas Flamel] [v2.0] by Funderfullness
    [Caster - Nicholas Flamel] by Bird of Hermes
    [Caster - Nicolas Léonard Sadi Carnot] by Zork Knight
    [Caster - Nostradamus] by asterism42
    [Caster - Nostradamus] by utautai
    {Caster - René Magritte} by Sherrinford
    [Caster - Richelieu] by ylas
    {Assassin - Jean Valjean} by Christemo
    [Assassin - Jeanne de Valois] by Funderfullness
    {Assassin - Inspector Javert} by Christemo
    [Assassin - The Man in the Iron Mask] by NMR-3
    [Berserker - Roland] by Tohno (First of three profiles in same post)
    [Berserker - Roland] by Sanguine
    [Saver/Saber/Ruler - Jeanne d'Arc] by Master of Chaos
    Assassin - Charlotte Corday by sumthing
    Caster - Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin by Zork Knight
    Saber - Olivier de Vienne by RoydGolden
    Berserker - Jeanne de Clisson (Alter) by Constructman
    Saber/Rider - Godefroy de Bouillon by Hakuro
    Caster - Eleanor of Aquitaine by You
    Saber - Armand Jeanne du Plessis 'Cardinal Richelieu' by RoydGolden (genderswap)
    Saber - Tancred by Sesto
    Saber - Charles d'Artagnan by Bird of Hermes
    Rider - Raymondin Lusignan by asterism42

    Germany and Germanic Peoples
    [Saber - Kriemhild] by Zork Knight
    [Saber/Rider - Lohengrin] by NMR-3
    [Saber - Mad Meg a.k.a Dulle Griet] by Apple
    [Saber - Pier Gerlofs Donia] by Kotonorris
    [Lancer - Ardaric] by bigblack
    [Archer - Der Freischutz] by Vagrant
    [Archer - Der Freischutz] by RoydGolden
    {Lancer (Caster/Rider/Berserker) - Hitler} [v2.0] by RoydGolden
    [Archer - Kaspar the Hunter] by I3uster
    [Archer - Wilhelm Tell] by Omida
    [Archer/Assassin - William Tell] by RoydGolden
    {Rider - Adolf Hitler} by GaterJ4wz
    [Rider - Alaric I] by Crying
    [Rider - Attila the Hun] by Five_X
    {Rider - Erich "The Black Devil" Hartmann} by Rin-chan Kaihou
    {Rider - Erwin Rommel} by Yakumo-san (first of two profiles in same post; genderbent; external website)
    {Rider - Erwin Rommel} by Paorou
    {Rider - Hendrick van der Decken} by ScarletWeather
    [Rider - Klaus Störtebeker] by Arch-Magos Winter
    {Rider - Manfred "The Red Baron" von Richthofen} by Feren
    {Rider - Werner Herzog} by ZZ-3000
    {Caster - Adolf Hitler} by NightEye
    {Caster - Alraune} by asterism42
    [Caster - Atilla] by bigblack
    [Caster - Faust] by Bird of Hermes
    {Caster - Franz Bardon} by Constructman
    [Caster - Frau Troffea] by Funderfullness
    {Caster - Johannes Gutenberg} by Nuclear Consensus
    [Caster - Ludwig von Beethoven] by Hawkeye
    [Caster - Ludwig Van Beethoven] by RoydGolden
    [Caster - Otto von Bismarck] by Crying
    {Caster - Sigmund Freud} by The Out of World
    [Caster - The Queen of the Night] by asterism42
    [Assassin - Christman Genipperteinga] by Uralmash
    [Assassin - Erlking] by Constructman
    {Assassin - Gavrilo Princip} by gyrowins
    [Assassin - Hagen] by Zork Knight
    [Assassin - Olympia Spallanzani] by asterism42
    [Assassin - Peter Stumpp] by Sei
    [Assassin - Peter Stump] by Erlking
    [Assassin/Archer - William Tell] by Vagrant
    [Berserker - Baron Münchhausen] by Cyber Angel
    [Berserker - Baron Munchhausen] by Zork Knight
    [Berserker - Dietrich von Bern] by ZSB1999
    [Berserker - Lorelei] by asterism42
    [Berserker - Rapunzel] by Bird of Hermes
    [Berserker - Thiess of Kaltenbrun] by Sherrinford
    [Avenger - Kriemhild] by bigblack
    Rider/Assassin - Manfred von Richthofen by Constructman
    Caster - Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm 'The Brothers Grimm' by RoydGolden
    Lancer/Rider/Caster/Berserker - Vortan by Hakuro
    Saber - Dietrich Von Bern by NMR-3

    [Saber/Archer - Abhimanyu] by Gunbazca
    [Saber/Saver - Acala] by Christemo
    [Saber/Berserker - Bhima] by Gunbazca
    [Saber/Rider - Sahadeva] by Christemo
    [Lancer/Archer/Rider - Atikaya] by Gunbazca
    [Lancer/Caster/Rider - Yudhisthira] by Gunbazca
    [Archer/Rider - Arjuna] by Petrikow
    [Archer/Rider - Arjuna] by Master of Chaos
    [Archer - Arjuna] by castor212
    [Archer/Rider - Arjuna] by Clockehwork (first of two profiles in same post)
    [Archer - Arjuna] by Arjuna
    [Archer/Saver/Rider/Caster/Berserker/Assassin - Ashoka] by IRUn
    [Archer - Bhishma] by Gunbazca
    [Archer/Rider/Lancer/Saber - Bhisma] by Christemo
    [Archer - Bhishma] by Bird of Hermes
    [Archer - Drona] by ZSB1999
    [Archer - Ekalavya a.k.a. Bambang Palgunadi] by Gunbazca
    [Archer/Rider/Lancer - Karna] by Vagrant (first of two profiles in same post)
    [Archer - Lakshmana] by asterism42
    [Archer/Rider/Saber/Caster - Nakula] by Funderfullness
    [Archer/Lancer - Rama] by Clockehwork (second of two profiles in same post)
    [Archer - Rama] by IRUn
    [Archer - Sita] by NailsInYourFeet
    [Archer/Assassin - Srikandi] by Gunbazca
    [Rider/Archer - Arjuna] by Junky
    [Rider/Archer/Lancer - Arjuna] by Vagrant (second of two profiles in same post)
    [Rider - Ashoka the Great] by Funderfullness
    [Rider - Ashoka the Great] by Sherrinford
    [Rider/Lancer - Balarama] by Gunbazca
    [Rider - Indrajit] by castor212
    [Rider - Indrajit] by AvengerEmiya
    [Rider - Kalki] [v2.0] by Constructman
    [Rider - Ravana a.k.a. Lankeshwar by Blastedspider
    [Rider/Saber - Ravana] by Bird of Hermes
    [Rider - Shalya] by Gunbazca
    [Caster - Ghatotkacha] by Christemo
    [Caster - Mahendradatta] by Funderfullness
    [Caster - Parashurama] by Gunbazca
    [Caster/Saber - Sahadeva] by Gunbazca
    [Assassin/Rider - Antareja] by Gunbazca
    [Assassin - Ashwattama] by Gunbazca
    [Assassin - Mohini] by Funderfullness
    [Assassin - Raden Wijaya] by Slamatee
    [Assassin - Vish Kanya] by Crying
    [Berserker/Rider/Archer – Duryodhana] by Christemo
    [Berserker - Ghatotkacha][v2.0] by Gunbazca
    [Berserker - Ghatotkacha] by bigblack
    [Berserker - Kumbhakarna] by Gunbazca
    [Berserker - Minak Jingga] by ksatria
    [Berserker/Saber/Lancer/Archer/Caster/Rider - Parashurama] by Bird of Hermes
    [Berserker - Vemacitrin] by Sei
    [Saver - Amitabha] by Christemo
    Saver Rama by Christemo
    [Saver - Vajrapani] by Christemo
    Saver - Mahatma Gandhi by Master of Chaos

    [Saber/Lancer/Archer/Rider/Berserker/Caster/Assassin - Connla] by Firstdisciple
    [Saber - Diarmuid Ua Duibhne] by Zephyr
    [Saber - Diarmuid Ua Duibhne] by castor212
    [Saber - Diarmuid Ua Duibhne] by Rin-chan Kaihou
    [Saber - Fergus mac Roich][v2.0] by Knight of Khaos
    [Saber - Fergus mac Roich] by Master of Chaos
    [Saber - Naoise] by asterism42
    {Saber - Nuada} by DarkWarrior
    {Saber - Nuada Argetlam} by Crying
    [Lancer - Celtchair mac Uetchar] by Optimus
    [Lancer - Celtchair mac Uetchar] by machiavellianFictionist (first of four profiles in same post)
    [Lancer/Caster - Connla] by Bird of Hermes
    [Lancer - Cormac mac Airt] by Verg Avesta
    [Lancer - Culhwch] by RoydGolden
    [Lancer - Dubtach Doeltenga] by ZSB1999
    [Lancer - Ferdiad] by Rin-chan Kaihou
    [Lancer/Caster - Ferdiad] by Iron Minister
    [Lancer/Caster - Ferdiad] by Bird of Hermes
    {Lancer - Lugh Lamhfada} by Skyswimsky
    {Lancer - Lugh Lamhfada} by castor212
    [Lancer/Rider - Morholt] by Imperial
    [Lancer - Muirisc] by Bird of Hermes
    [Lancer - Oengus Gaibuaibthech] by Vagrant
    [Lancer/Caster/”Striker” - Scathach] by Vagrant
    [Archer - Fionn mac Cumhaill] by NailsInYourFeet
    [Archer - Furbaide Ferbent] by RoydGolden
    [Rider/Lancer/Caster - Aife] by Bird of Hermes
    [Rider - Ailill mac Mata] by Rin-chan Kaihou
    [Rider/Lancer/Caster/Berserker - Cu Chulainn] by Funderfullness
    [Rider - Dullahan a.k.a. Gan Ceann] by TheDivineDemon
    [Rider/Avenger - Dullahan a.k.a. Gan Ceann] by Master of Chaos
    [Rider - Dullahan a.k.a. Gan Ceann] by The Big Cheese
    [Rider - Dullahan a.k.a. Gan Ceann] by castor212
    [Rider/Saber/Lancer - Oisin] by Cyber Angel
    [Caster - Alice Kyteler] by Funderfullness
    [Caster/Rider - Mug Roith] by Master of Chaos
    [Caster/Ruler - Saint Patrick] by RoydGolden
    [Caster - Scathach] by Jormungandr
    [Berserker/Caster/Ruler - Cú Roí] by Daneel Rush
    [Berserker - Cu Chulainn] by Apple
    [Berserker - Suibhne] by Vagrant
    Saber - Lugh by Bird of Hermes

    [Saber - Antoku] by asterism42
    [Saber - Emperor Jimmu] by Mazyrian
    [Saber - Himiko] by Hakuro
    [Saber - Issun Bosshi] by Hawkeye
    [Saber/Archer - Minamoto no Yorimitsu] by Daneel Rush (first of two profiles in same post; genderbent)
    [Saber - Miyamoto Musashi] by Cyber Angel
    [Saber - Miyamoto Musashi] by The Big Cheese
    [Saber - Mori Ranmaru] by Cyber Angel
    [Saber - Oukunikushi] by Blastedspider
    [Saber - Shoutoku Taishi] by Daneel Rush
    {Saber/Caster/Berserker - Susanoo} by Knick
    [Saber - Tachibana Dousetsu] by JetKinen
    [Saber - Taira no Atsumori] by Nuclear Consensus
    [Saber/Lancer/Archer - Tomoe Gozen] by Vagrant
    [Saber/Lancer/Archer/Rider - Tomoe Gozen(?)] by Imperial
    [Saber/Archer/Lancer/Rider - Tomoe Gozen] by Master of Chaos
    [Saber - Torii Mototada] by Xyphos (genderbent)
    [Saber - Toshizou Hijikata] [v2.0] by Arashi_Leonhart
    [Saber - Uesugi Kenshin] by Gunbazca (genderbent)
    [Saber/Berserker - Uesugi Kenshin] by Spartacus
    [Saber - Watanabe no Tsuna] by Daneel Rush (second of two profiles in same post)
    [Saber - Yagyuu Juubei] by Sei
    {Saber – Yamata-no-Orochi} [v2.0] by Bird of Hermes
    [Saber - Yamato Takeru] by RoydGolden
    [Saber - Yamato Takeru] by Kamillia
    [Saber - Yoshiteru Ashikaga] by JetKinen
    [Lancer - Empress Jinguu a.k.a. Okinagatarashi-hime] by G-man
    [Lancer - Hikoboshi] by Milbunk
    [Lancer - Tadakatsu Honda] by Yakumo-san (second of two profiles in same post; genderbent; external website)
    [Lancer/Saber/Archer/Rider - Tomoe Gozen] by RoydGolden
    [Lancer - Usui no Sadamitsu] by Daneel Rush (second of two profiles in same post; genderbent)
    [Archer - Date Masamune] by Bird of Hermes
    [Archer - Emperor Jimmu] by Funderfullness
    [Archer/Saber - Oda Nobunaga] by Vagrant
    [Archer - Urabe no Suetake] by Daneel Rush (first of two profiles in same post)
    [Rider - Hata no Kawakatsu] by Daneel Rush
    [Rider/Caster/Assassin - Jiraiya] by Dozer095
    [Rider/Caster/Assassin - Jiraiya] by Kamillia
    [Rider - Maeda Keiji] by Verg Avesta
    [Rider/Berserker - Mononobe no Moriya] by Daneel Rush
    [Rider/Saber/Archer/Berserker - Oda Nobunaga] by RavenNox
    [Rider - Tomoe Gozen] by Zankaze
    [Rider - William Adams] by Funderfullness
    [Caster - Abe no Seimei] by Knick
    [Caster - Abe no Seimei] by Master of Chaos
    [Caster - Abe no Seimei] by YeOfLittleFaith
    [Caster - Abe no Seimei] by RoydGolden
    [Caster - Chikamatsu Monzaemon] by JetKinen
    [Caster - Fujiwara no Chikata] by asterism42
    [Caster/Ruler - Himiko] by Master of Chaos
    [Caster - Himiko] by Mazyrian
    [Caster - Himiko] by Altaris
    [Caster - Hoichi the Earless] by Seika
    [Caster - Hojo Ujiyasu] by JetKinen
    [Caster - Kaguya-hime] by Daneel Rush
    [Caster - Kaguyahime] by Vagrant
    [Caster - Momotaro] by Cyber Angel
    [Caster - Orihime] by Xyphos
    [Caster - Sen no Rikyu] by Jetkinen
    [Caster - Sengo Muramasa] by Jetkinen
    [Caster/Saber/Berserker - Sengo Muramasa] by RoydGolden
    [Caster - Sutoku] by Blackdeath6031
    {Caster - Yuki Kajiura} by Apple
    [Assassin – Fuuma Kotarou] by Clyton
    [Assassin – Fuuma Kotarou] by RoydGolden
    [Assassin - Fuuma Kotarou] by KAIZA
    [Assassin - Hashihime] by asterism42
    [Assassin - Hattori Hanzo] by Uralmash
    [Assassin - Hattori Hanzo] by NightEye
    [Assassin - Hattori Hanzo] by Bird of Hermes
    [Assassin - Hijikata Toshizou Yoshitoyo] by JetKinen
    [Assassin - Ishikawa Goemon] by Cyber Angel
    [Assassin - Issun-Bōshi] by G-man
    [Assassin/Berserker - Kuchisake-Onna] by G-man
    {Assassin - Masutatsu Oyama} by JetKinen
    [Assassin - Mochizuki Chiyome][v2.0] by hero
    [Assassin - Mochizuki Chiyome] by Vagrant
    [Assassin - Nōhime a.k.a. Kichō] by Cyber Angel (real authorship: unnamed friend of Cyber Angel)
    [Berserker - Kiyohime] by NailsInYourFeet (second of three profiles in same post)
    [Berserker - Kiyohime] by Vagrant
    [Berserker - Shuten-Douji] by asterism42
    [Berserker - Tawara Toda] by Vagrant
    [Ruler/Archer/Avenger - Oda Nobunaga] by Master of Chaos
    [Saver - Tokugawa Ieyasu] by JetKinen
    Caster - Nayotake no Kaguya-Hime by Hakuro
    Saber - Masamune by AvengerEmiya
    Assassin/Saber/Lancer/Rider/Caster - Okikurmi Aynurakkur by Hakuro
    Assassin - 47 Ronin by sumthing
    Caster - Orochimaru by Bird of Hermes

    [Archer - Sejong the Great] by Funderfullness
    [Rider - Kim Yushin] by Cyber Angel
    [Rider - Yi Sun-shin] by Funderfullness

    The Māori
    [Lancer - Māui][v2.0] by MssrNeko
    [Rider - Māui] by Asdfghl

    Maritime South-East Asia

    The Netherlands
    [Lancer - Jan Matthys] by Funderfullness
    [Lancer - Saint Christina] by Funderfullness
    {Caster - M.C. Escher} by RoydGolden
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    Wow, it's finally happened. Thanks, Seika!
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    Well if you ever want to make good posts, you know where to start.
    Quote Originally Posted by Spinach View Post
    Canada might be the ideal.
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    Thanks Seika, anyways time for Create-a-Servant Season 2.

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    Wow, we actually overloaded the original thread. That's... pretty incredible.

    Now to get a Servant done so I can be the first to post one upon this fresh, unconquered territory! Except likely not, since I haven't been able to think of many good Servant ideas as of late... (well, I had one, but I accidentally deleted her and lack the will to write it up again)

    Also for some reason the link for my Se-Osiris doesn't work properly.

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    Failed tag close. I caught a couple in Hermes' list, but missed that one. I'll fix it.
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    Wow, that's kinda amazing. Cheers to Hermes and Seika for compiling and moving all the servants. I've been super busy as of late, but that's starting to clear up now, so I might actually be able to make a couple more servants for the new thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4score7years View Post
    Wow, that's kinda amazing. Cheers to Hermes and Seika for compiling and moving all the servants.
    Servant Assassin, 4score7years

    Noble Phantasm: Misplacement of Praise (B+)

    The enemy servant's achievements and legends are transferred onto another servant, demoralising the enemy and reducing their mystery. All stats and skills are rank downed by three levels and all noble phantasms are sealed.
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    Speaking of old achievements, since the old index is now archived here, I'm inclined to restore I3uster's Assassin Shiki.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Strife View Post
    Servant Assassin, 4score7years

    Noble Phantasm: Misplacement of Praise (B+)

    The enemy servant's achievements and legends are transferred onto another servant, demoralising the enemy and reducing their mystery. All stats and skills are rank downed by three levels and all noble phantasms are sealed.
    Did I misattribute something? I'm sorry. Well, at least I got a cool NP at out it.

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    Hey Seika, you made this thread in the wrong forum!

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    Oh also, the link to the unnamed Hunter in the Australia section of the first index is broken, I believe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4score7years View Post
    Wow, that's kinda amazing. Cheers to Hermes and Seika for compiling and moving all the servants. I've been super busy as of late, but that's starting to clear up now, so I might actually be able to make a couple more servants for the new thread.
    It was nearly all Seika, I just compiled a list in dropbox to keep track and update the OP. Seika was the one who implemented it all and moved everything.

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    - Saint Barbara -
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Strength: D
    Endurance: C
    Agility: C
    Mana: B
    Luck: B
    Noble Phantasm: C


    Character details
    Likes: Guns, explosions, reading
    Dislikes: Being cooped up, snake-like men
    Talents: Assembling weapons, receiving blessings
    Natural Enemy: Her Father
    Class Skills\
    ~Magic Resistance: [A]
    A Servant's ability to resist thaumaturgical effects. Unlike most Servants, Archer's [Magic Resistance] stems from her piety, despite her father being pursued by her father, her faith in the Lord never wavered. Such piousness has earned her an A-rank, basically making her a magus-killer, unable to be touched by great rituals or high thaumaturgy.

    ~Independent Action: [C]
    A Servant's ability to remain independent even while rejecting their Master's magical energy. At the higher ranks, it becomes possible to remain materialized in this world without an established contract. At C-rank it is possible for a Servant to remain for one day without forming a contract.

    Personal Skills\
    ~Eternal Arms Mastership: [A+]
    A Skill spurned purely from Archer's status as a Patron Saint of artillery and metallurgy. For centuries, smiths and warriors crafted their arms and fought their battles while receiving her blessing. Her name and image have become so synonymous with weaponry that it is not uncommon to find a depiction of Archer wielding a sword or standing beside a loaded cannon by her side. Such iconography has had a direct influence on how appears in the Archer class.

    Having been depicted as a wielder of arms and tools of warfare for so long, Archer possesses an A+ rank in this Skill, which
    prevents degradation of fighting skills when under the effect of mental hindrance. Such mastery of combat arts should not be possible for someone like Archer, but through the faithful patronage of believers and reflection of her fame, she has achieved it regardless. By complete merging of mind, body and technique, it is possible to make use of full fighting skills even when under the influence of any sort of mental hindrance.

    ~Saint: [B]
    A Skill that denotes that one is acknowledged as a saint. When summoned as a Servant, the ability of [Saint] is selected among "raising the effectiveness of sacraments", "automatic HP recovery", "1 Rank-Up to Charisma" and "production of a holy shroud is possible".

    Naturally, Archer has chosen "automatic HP recovery", as the Lord blessed her with a similar ability to endure her father's torture.

    ~Holy Patron (Artillery): [EX]
    A Skill that can only be exercised by patron saints. Though the conditions for the activation of this Skill varies (Saint George being summoned in England or Catalonia is an example of one), when the conditions are fulfilled, the patron gains an ability relating to their patronage. As the Patron Saint of Artillerymen, Archer gains the ability "manifest popular arms of the era which she was summoned." While she can still manifest weapons like swords or cannons, being summoned in contemporary times has caused her to have the highest affinity with firearms.

    Handguns, rifles, automatic weapons, grenades, rpgs - Archer has become infatuated with the weapons of this tune. Anything that fires lead and explodes, she absolutely adores. Also, as these weapons are the byproduct of others faith in Archer, they operate similarly to Conceptual Weapons, making them perfect for smiting unholy monstrosities and unjust heretics. Or so Archer claims. This Skill also gives her a C- rank in [Marksmanship], with the negative modifier stemming from Archer's twitchy trigger-finger, which occasionally causes her to miss targets when she gets too excited.

    Noble Phantasm

    Noble Phantasms\
    Thirteen Miracles--Through the Power of Divine Intervention--
    [Support] C(Range/Target: NA)
    As with all the Fourteen Holy Helpers, and servants of the Lord in general, Barbara's faith was heavily tested. None would have blamed her or looked down on her had she simply gave up, had she surrendered to her father's demands, had she not attempted to run away, had she stopped trying to endure the punishment she dealt out; but she refused. Her faith was like that of steel, and in response to her belief, the Lord intervened a total of thirteen times on her behalf. Even with Barbara as a Servant, he still does.

    When Barbara's life is in mortal danger, when she is faced with a challenge that seems unsurmountable, when she is unsure of what action to take - a Luck roll is performed. If Barbara passes it, regardless of how imminent the danger, how impossible the feat, or how arduous the path, the Lord with guide her to glory. It is similar to the Skill [Miracle], but much more malleable and powerful. It is also much more unpredictable, and does not always activate when one would imagine it would. Thirteen Miracles is capable of being performed up to thirteen times in single war, and each miracle is more powerful than the last. Only the first twelve are capable of being used when Barbara is active. The thirteenth miracle can only be triggered when she is killed.

    Archer's True Name is Saint Barbara, one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, also known as the fourteen Auxiliary Saints.

    Before she was recognized as a saint, Barbara was the sole child of a rich man named Dioscorus in mid 3rd century. Her father, a possessive man who did not want his daughter to be "tainted by the outside world" kept Barabara locked in a tower for most of her life to preserve her innocence. During this time, Barbara took to reading, then prayer and eventually became a Christian, though she kept this a secret from her father. When Dioscorus finally let Barbara out, it was only so she could accept an arranged marriage - an offer which she rejected. Dioscorus gave her some time to think it over, and had a bathhouse, meant solely for her use, be built near her tower. Sadly for the rich man, the opposite effect occurred - Barabara fully accepted the Lord while in that bathhouse, admitted so to her father, and definitely rejected the marriage proposal.

    Infuriated, Dioscorus drew his sword to kill her, but the first of several miracles occurred: An opening was created in the bathhouse which transported Barbara to a mountain gorge. Her father continued to chase after her, and Barbara continued to flee, divine intervention constantly at her aid to keep Dioscorus at bay. Even after she was caught and tortured, the miracles kept healing her wounds, making torches which were meant to burn her go out, and causing knifes meant to cut her bend. Finally, her father had enough, and had her beheaded by her own sword. After which, the final miracle occurred, and lightning struck Dioscorus and consumed him in flame.

    Her veneration became common from the 7th century onward
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andaeus View Post
    Oh, fun! How often does a story actually leave the Idea Thread?
    Fate/Grand Order Doujins That Don't Suck [Updated: 3/2]

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    Funny that we both went with a very similar take on Saint Barbara as an outgoing, gun-toting saint. Well, it is a natural choice given her association with firearms.

    In general, it seems you've had her as a lot more powerful then I did. Well, I gave her three NPs whereas you stocked most of the benefits into her Skills, topped off with one very versatile NP. Holy Patron (Artillery) and her variant of Eternal Arms Mastery are very fitting Skills that add a ton of flavor to her sheet.

    I really don't think Saint should be rank EX, though. It's way too high, given that far more well-known saints like Jeanne D'arc have it at only B. Barbara's not even a very well-known saint, and her legend isn't thought to have much historical merit so I can't see her rank being much higher then C honestly.

    Where'd you get the bit about God sending thirteen miracles specifically to help her? I don't recall finding anything about that when researching for my own Saint Barbara profile. The NP itself reminds me a little of Proto!Heracles, only with 'miracles' instead of 'victories'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mewarmo990 View Post
    Hey Seika, you made this thread in the wrong forum!
    Honestly this. This seemed like a good time to move the thread to somewhere it actually belongs.

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    Oh I wasn't aware of the change of threads. But well, posting my new Servant Archer. The Wiki says something about the use firearms reduced the number of people who were able to turn into Heroic Spirits. So I wanted to make a Servant that would be part of the turning point between the use of common weapons and firearms.

    (Still too Japanese for a Chinese Servant tho)

    Identity: Jiao Yu (Chi: 焦玉)
    Title: “Fire Dragon”
    Alternative Classes: Lancer, Rider, Caster, Assassin
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Background: Jiao Yu was a Chinese military officer of the Ming Dynasty. He was the leader of the artillery of the rebel army of Zhu Yuanzhang that became the first Ming emperor. He was an alchemist and one of the first person who used firearms in combat, and a pioneer in the use of the gunpowder in weapons. He wrote a book, called Huolongjing (Manual of the Fire Dragon) describing the use of a variety of firearms. Although not being the first to use firearms or gunpowder in war, his uses, strategies and writing made the biggest advance in changing the wars from swords and spears to the use of guns and fire.

    Strength – D
    Endurance – E
    Agility – B
    Mana – A
    Luck – B
    Noble Phantasm – B+
    Weaponry: Archer has a stock of primitive gunpowder-based weapons, such as fire arrows, fire lances, cannons, mines, matchlocks and others. He can manufacture any firearm with his Noble Phantasm Huolongjing. He also possess a rocket, Huolong Chushui.
    Armor: Archer wears light armor.

    Class Skills:
    Magic Resistance (C) – Grants protection against magical effects. Spells with chant below two verses does not affect Archer. Cannot defend against Magecraft on the level of High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals.
    Independent Action (B) – The ability to remain independent even when rejecting the Magical Energy supply from the Master. Archer is able to maintain herself two days without an established contract with a Master.

    Personal Skills:
    Item Construction (C) – The skill to manufacture magical items. Archer is specialized in gunpowder, and can produce explosives, projectiles and poisons with it.
    Pioneer of the Stars (EX) – The unique Skill given to heroes that became turning points in the human history. Archer’s tactics and usage of gunpowder in was changed forever the way wars are fight.
    Military Tactics (B) – Tactical knowledge used not for one-on-one combat situations, but for battles where many are mobilized. Archer is able to command troops of thousands of men successfully.

    Dragon of Fire, Bestow Me Thy Flame
    Anti-Unit / C

    Huolongjing (Fire Drake Manual), is the compendium of firearms made by Jiao Yu and how use them in battle. Many of these tactics were a big innovation for his time, and accelerated the process of war technology. Jiao Yu was an alchemist who focused in many uses of the gunpowder.

    Huolongjing as a Noble Phantasm possess three different abilities. Using the first one, Archer is able to manufacture any firearm of his time in minutes, but also, permits him to analyze modern weapons and create them as well. The time needed to create a new weapon depends of its complexity, but in about thirty minutes, Archer can create a simple, modern gun. Archer only need to see a weapon working or its detailed model once to be able to copy it.The second effect is the ability of stock all weapons used by Archer. When he is summoned, he will possess a large stock of the weapons described in his work, such as fire arrows or early grenades, but Huolongjing will also stock any new weapons created by Archer.

    The third and last effect is the magical bullets created by Archer using alchemy. They can be made in different sizes and shapes, and with the most diverse effects. Some will engulf in flames when activated, some are poisonous, some explode when in contact with a target. All of Archer’s bullets are considered E+ Noble Phantasm, and it will have increased damage on Servants that lived before the usage of the weapon used by Archer to shot it. Archer’s weapons cannot support entirely his magic bullets, and most of them will break after five or six shots. Because of that, Archer may have multiple copies of all the weapons he likes to use.

    Huolong Chushui
    Dragon of Fire, Emerge From the Sea and Burn Down My Enemies
    Anti-Army / B+

    Huolong Chushui is one of the earliest designs that can be called a “rocket”. It was a gunpowder-based weapon used in Chinese artillery, and used and described by Jiao Yu. The “Huolong” on its name means “Fire Dragon”, as it was normal to make it in the shape of a red dragon.

    Huolong Chushui is one of the weapons stocked in Huolongjing, and the favorite weapon of Archer. Its gunpowder is different from the ones created by Archer. Instead, it was made by an ancient Fire Dragon, making it capacities much superior than any weapon other weapon used by him. Archer also cannot create another Huolong Chushui, making this Noble Phantasm able to be activated only once.

    After its name is evoked, Huolong Chushui will ascend to heavens and explode. The explosion is so bright, that when used at night, for some seconds will be like if the sun was in the sky. Then, a serpentine dragon made entirely of flames will return to earth and pursue Archer enemies. The duration of its effects depends of how much mana Archer applied during the activation, however Archer may not be able to make it last for more than 300 turns.

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    Saint Barbara: She looks like tons of fun and Holy Patron (Artillery)really stands out as a skill - basically the embodiment of "More Dakka".

    Jiao Yu: He seems alright with a pretty visual second Noble Phantasm. However as you've emphasised the modern aspect of him I'd need him a bit myself. Magic Resistance and Military Tactics should be lowered by a rank in my opinion and I'd also drop Pioneer of the Stars to A.

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    I'm to lazy to actually do it, but I think you could actually make a pretty decent case for a servant Phelps, considering he has just smashed a record that was set before Jesus walked the earth, becoming the most decorated Olympian ever.

    take that, Leonidas!
    Ever wonder why Shirou likes Saber to have some tea when he starts cooking?

    Quote Originally Posted by hero View Post

    But I can admit Manny is a better character, he´s an idol after all.

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    Or just make Olympics itself a Servant.
    Quote Originally Posted by Andaeus View Post
    Oh, fun! How often does a story actually leave the Idea Thread?
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