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Thread: Create-A-Servant 2

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    I - Name Unknown
    II - The Enemy
    III - Rome Under Fire
    IV - Chaos
    V - Gathering of Hunters
    VI - Cornucopia
    VII - A Reason to Die
    VIII - Interlude Around the Bonfire
    IX - The Monster at the Aventine Hill
    X - Freedom
    XI - Glory to the Demon Monster
    XII - Responsibility
    XIII - Realization

    XIV - Resolution
    Having undergone Saint Graph Readvent upon coming into realization of her original self, Assassin’s appearance had undergone dramatic changes. If anything, they were on the annoying side—how was she supposed to fight in such meaninglessly complicated garb? On the other hand, the long dress was a natural parachute.

    Herodias was dead. If she uttered any last words, nobody heard them. A single shot, a simple, unceremonious death. It was more than she deserved, in Assassin’s opinion. Without Herodias’ dark influence, the tornado was no more. There was still a ferocious storm lashing upon Rome, but Assassin no longer feared it.

    Mother Nature was always on her side.

    Those same ferocious winds caught her in freefall, changing it into a spiraling descent that, while harsh in its own way, would turn a deadly impact into a painful, but survivable, landing.

    Almost ten minutes later, she crashed into a heap less than a block away from the Cattle Market where so many battles had taken place. Rubbing her aching bum, she hurried to her feet and made her way to the false Grail. All around, she could only see devastation. What Banner of Chiyou and Rider Chiyou’s army started, Herodias’ Noble Phantasm completed.

    Rome was destroyed.

    With some luck, those who escaped the evil light of Assassin Chiyou’s Noble Phantasm would dispose of the maddened Romans. They would rebuild, maybe even restore the city to a habitable level, but Rome as the center of an empire was no more. Indeed, the empire was broken centuries before schedule. Other cultures would replace it, but there was no point in conjecture. Assassin could tell, that this timeline was already beyond hope. In that regard, Assassin Chiyou’s plot was a resounding success, for all its blunt simplicity.

    Assassin did not care about Rome. What mattered was reclaiming the crimson Grail, and then make it to Chaldea—

    “We congratulate you, demon child. Were this a Holy Grail War, we would proclaim you victor.”

    And she found herself on her knees, breathing heavily.

    What the hell…what the hell…!

    A powerful heartbeat. Rhythmical panting. Contracted pupils. Cold sweat. Incessant shuddering. A growing warmth in her loins. Increased salivation.

    “This is…what the…is this lust…?”

    She understood completely, even if it was painful to understand. The creature in front of her was just too beautiful. So beautiful her very presence was breaking her mind. Torn between overwhelming desire and mind-crushing revulsion, Assassin could only whine as she urged her brain and her body to please work properly.

    This was true beauty. Not the beauty limited by the intrinsically subjective and flawed perception of humans, but the quintessential, authentic thing. What the Platonic Ideal of beauty wished it could be. This was beauty such that it would defy human awareness—the Master of Chaldea probably never realized utter perfection had stood in front of him. Even the inhuman like Assassin could not wholly comprehend this visage, only surrender before it.

    “Stand, child,” said the maddeningly perfect voice, like a chorus of 666 sirens draining all other thoughts and memories out of her mind, leaving only the image of her, her, HER!

    “You have strived so hard to assert yourself as an individual. Are you truly this eager to relinquish that?”

    Those words echoed deep within her mind, granting her an anchor of sanity to hold on. Yes, there were things she desired. Things she could not let go of in that place.

    With a long expiration, Assassin returned to her senses. Sharpening her mind with uncanny focus, she breathed heavily until she felt she could open her eyes again (when did she even close them?) and face her again.

    That…overwhelming beauty. There was no doubt in her mind as to the identity of this Servant (?). In fact, her being here clarified a number of things in her head about this whole scenario.

    “You…” She said, her voice hoarse and difficult in her throat. “You are Lilith.”

    “We are,” confirmed the albino woman in black. “Servant Lilith, summoned into the Caster class—”

    “That’s a lie,” interrupted Assassin, eliciting a narrowing of the other woman’s eyes that made the horned musketeer fear for her existence. However, she pressed forward. She saw a possibility in this encounter.

    “I met some of the Servants Chiyou Assassin summoned to attack Rome, and Chiyou herself told me the names of the others while we traveled to get the Cornucopia,” she explained. “And there was something that kept nagging at the back of my mind. Some things just did not fit.”

    “That so-called Grail.” She pointed at the gem-like object floating ominously between them. “It came from me. It is a part of me. Then, it must be dyed in my colors. If you use something like that to summon Servants, not just any Servant will come out of it. They will be Servants connected to me in some way.”

    “And that’s why King Thórberg made no sense.” Assassin scratched her head. “I mean, the Sassanid King was also stretching it, but I guess you could take his nature as a hunter and the legends of his death as a vague connection, but that Swedish man-woman just doesn’t fit. But I get it now.”

    Feeling a little bold by now, like some great detective revealing the culprit, Assassin pointed at the Mother of Demons.

    “You are the Saber-class Servant Chiyou summoned with my Grail. And then you summoned King Thórberg. I mean, you’re fucking Lilith; summoning Servants with your own power should be trivial to you. That still leaves the problem of how something like you can even be summoned as a Servant, but, again, my answer to that is ‘you’re fucking Lilith’.”

    Lightning flashed, and thunder roared immediately afterwards. Faced with Assassin’s deduction, Lilith laughed, loudly and just as thunderously; the laugh of a confident aristocrat. It was beautiful laughter, but there was not any real joy in it.

    “Good, good! We commend you, child. It is as you say. In deference to your wisdom, we shall fill the gaps in your understanding.”

    “It is likely that Chiyou had intended from the beginning to summon Cacus as a Berserker, and then use it as a catalyst to seize control of her own Berseker-class Aspect. When she made her mass summoning, she only aimed to summon five Servants.”


    “She had no wish for another Assassin.”


    “Regardless, only four Servants were summoned. Two of them should be obvious to you: Valdemar Atterdag as Lancer, and Herodias as Rider.”

    “Leaders of the Wild Hunt, just like me,” Assassin agreed.

    “It may not be coincidence that the Master of Chaldea brought Francis Drake and the Storm King Pendragon to this place. Perhaps they, too, were drawn here by your presence.”

    Assassin nodded. That was another thing she had noted since she first met the Chaldeans at Germania.

    “As you mentioned, Bahrām V Gōr likely stretched the limits of this ‘Grail’. There were more suitable Archer-class Servants, but perhaps they chose to reject the summons.”

    “Robin Hood would have make more sense, for example.”

    Lilith nodded.

    “We were the fourth Servant summoned. The events taking place here caught our interest, so we intruded in the summoning process, taking claim of the Saber and Caster containers; the bare minimum that allowed us to manifest.”

    “Wait, so you’re like, two Servants in one?”

    “It is a crude way to describe it, but further details are of no importance.”

    Perhaps feeling more comfortable around Lilith—a dangerous thought to have if anything—Assassin walked a bit closer. Torrential rain still fell on them, but Assassin noticed that not a single drop touched the original succubus. Lilith remained immaculately dry.

    “Chiyou proved to have enough sense not to attempt to assert control over me. In recognition of that, we agreed to compensate her for…we believe the word is, ‘hijacking’ her ritual. We summoned three Servants of our own, and commanded them to follow Chiyou in our stead.”

    “Three? I am aware of King Thórberg and Her Highness Naamah, but—”

    “Marguerite de Bressieux, in the Assassin class.”

    Assassin nodded, noticing that Lilith had only summoned women (if only biologically, in Thórberg’s case). A personal preference, perhaps?

    “Afterwards, Assassin Chiyou’s presence drew the other aspects of Chiyou to manifest in this timeline. Lines were drawn, and then the Master of Chaldea arrived.”

    Another nod from Assassin. The rest of the story was already plenty clear in her head.

    “So? Did you see what you wanted to see, Your Majesty?”

    The demoness nodded, seemingly pleased by Assassin’s means of address.

    “We saw enough. There is no reason for us to remain here any longer, but we wished to meet you before departing.”

    “I...see. So, can I take this back?” Assassin had already reached the false Grail by this point.

    “Please do. It was yours in the first place. Reclaim your complete powers as a wish-granting system, and use them to reach Chaldea. That is your aim, is it not?”

    Assassin nodded.

    “You cannot defeat Chiyou,” declared Lilith. “Even upon reaching the limit of your capabilities as a Servant—no, even if you regained your original form, you would not be able to defeat Chiyou.”

    “Yeah, I know.”

    “The King of Heroes could do so effortlessly, but he will not. It is not his nature.”

    “Yeah, he’s an unhelpful asshole. But that’s fine this time. This is my problem…no, this is my responsibility. I allowed Chiyou to get this far; it’s my duty to stop her.”

    “You could not have stopped her in the first place. Not even I would blame you for her actions.”

    “It doesn’t matter. It’s my power she used; that makes it my problem.”

    At that, Lilith barked in joyless laughter. To Assassin, Lilith looked like a noble amused by the tricks of a circus animal.

    “Magnificent. You have become so magnificently interesting, Demon Hunter.”

    “From the Tyrant of the Qliphoth, I’ll take that as a compliment.”

    “You should indeed. Very well! Such magnificence should be rewarded,” declared the demonic empress. “As we said, were this a standard Holy Grail War, you would be its winner, dear child.” She gestured at the large gem-like artifact. “That Grail was yours to being with; it makes not for a suitable prize. So, speak, child. State your wish. We, Lilith, shall act as your Holy Grail and grant it.”

    Lilith’s theatrics brought a crooked smile to Assassin’s face. The two women had already figured out what was to happen; this was merely a pointlessly formal way to make it happen. Nevertheless, Assassin was grateful. So, she played along.

    “In that case, I wish for one and only one thing.”

    Decisively, she pointed at the albino wish-granter.

    “Your Saber-class Saint Graph. Give it to me!”

    Lilith laughed again. The loudest, clearest, purest, but emptiest laughter as well. Assassin had to take a few steps back in fear of succumbing to her beauty again.

    “Incredible! Truly incredible, child! How bold can you be!?” Lilith exclaimed amidst laughter. “You could have asked us to defeat Chiyou instead, but that is the choice you made?”

    Assassin shook her head.

    “I won’t be satisfied unless I face Chiyou on my own. This is my selfishness.”

    “Yes, yes! It is deplorable selfishness! Deplorable, and so utterly human! To think you have come to terms with your hypocrisy, child! Truly, you have grown beyond all expectations!”

    Lilith’s longsword appeared in her right hand. A moment later, it was engulfed in flames. Assassin took a step back—she did not fear attack, but the very nature of those flames caused her no small discomfort.

    “Aaah, how amusing. It is not often we can laugh so mightily; it is truly refreshing.” It appeared the empress had calmed down. “Very well. We had intended to dispose of this worthless timeline and spare the World the effort of culling it. But, we declared we would fulfill your wish, and so it shall be done.”

    Assassin decided not to comment on Lilith’s offhand declaration of her intent to destroy the world.

    “As a token of our respect and advance payment for a favor, we shall open the path to Chaldea for you,” Lilith then said, even as her body began to scatter into motes of golden light. “Deliver a message to the boy; tell him that Lilith sends their regards. That Lilith wishes for him to work harder and grow mightier, for the day will arrive when one of her many aspects stands before him as his enemy.”

    Assassin nodded. She had expected as much.

    “Now, claim your reward, demon child. Lilith wishes you the greatest hunt, one that will be made into legend. Live a glorious life, and die a glorious death.”


    The Master of Chaldea sat down, letting his back rest against the locked door. The starting group of he and da Vinci had tripled in size—it was just a matter of stopping Artoria Alter and Jeanne Alter from killing each other. It was easier than it sounded, but nerve-wracking nonetheless. With the two dark Servants on his side, it was almost trivial to neutralize the group intent on taking out Jeanne d’Arc. The unconscious Amakusa and the others were left under the care of Marie Antoinette, who seemed as surprised as everybody else that she was immune to Banner of Chiyou.

    “Well, that means Her Highness cannot be anything other than what she is,” da Vinci concluded. “It is said that some people were born to do or become certain things. It may just be that Marie was truly born to be nothing but a somewhat dimwitted, spoilt noble princess. For all we know, her Origin may be ‘Noble’.”

    “That sounds terrible, da Vinci,” was his reply.

    In any case, his Servants had split in two pairs to scout their immediate vicinity, with Jack staying with him. The little Assassin cuddled on his lap, and he idly stroke her soft white hair. He already had a decent group, but it was not enough. Nothing would be enough. He knew he was being a coward, but he would rather keep roaming the halls of Chaldea helping more afflicted Servants than take the battle to Chiyou. How many had died by now? The thought of those already destroyed tortured him.

    He clicked his tongue in irritation.

    “Puppy…? Puppy, you’re still there, right?”

    It was the reason he had stopped there; the familiar voice calling out from the other side of the door. She was right there, perhaps leaning against the door like he was.

    “Yes, I’m here, Eli-chan.”


    Her attempt at sounding haughty was an utter failure. The trickle of fear pouring out through her words was palpable, and painful to hear.

    “Heheh.” Feeble laughter, almost despondent. “I really like it when you call me that, after all.”

    He caught a sob. He was sure she had tried to mute it. He gritted his teeth in restrained fury.

    The Master of Chaldea knew his opinion would attract criticism, but he truly liked Elizabeth Báthory. Every day, she faced the unforgivable sins of her future self. Every day, she tried her hardest to become a different, better self, even if it was impossible. Her attitude was annoying at times, and her singing voice was the stuff of nightmares, but he liked her. No, he admired her.

    That’s why, she did not deserve to suffer like this.

    “Eli-chan, won’t you come out and join us?”

    “I can’t!”

    A gasp, a plea. A cough?

    “I…Puppy, I saw that light! It was just the barest glimmer, and it took everything I had to lock us here!”

    What did she just say?

    “Puppy, if I see that light again…I don’t know…I’m afraid of what I’ll become…”

    Focusing on his hearing, the Master noticed the little things. Her raspy breath, her muffled sobs, the muted whines and gasps.

    “Eli-chan, is somebody else there with you?”

    “Hmm?” Her voice sounded somewhat woozy, as if she were about to fall asleep. “Ah, meh, the other me was here for a while.”

    That sentence told an entire story.

    “Eli—Elizabeth, please tell me you’re okay.”

    What came out from the other side was a long sigh.

    “Aaaah, I’m really a terrible person,” said the uncharacteristically morose dragon girl. “My Master has so many problems to deal with, but I only feel happy because he’s worrying about me.”

    He heard a trail of wet coughs, followed by a gasp from what he now knew was crippling pain.


    “Really, it’s enough,” said the young idol with finality that pulled his lips back together. “I…I’m gonna rest a little, so…umm, Puppy…”

    A few seconds of tremulous silence. The young Master felt an annoying sting in the corners of his eyes.

    “…you won’t leave, right?”

    “Did I tell you that time?” He immediately replied, somewhat broken voice notwithstanding. “I’ll follow Eli-chan anywhere.”

    “…yes, yes, you did say that. But the Puppy’s not allowed to follow me this one time. You have to stay here and help everyone else, right?”

    “Yeah…!” He sobbed, unable to contain himself for once.

    “Good. Aaaah, I really wanted to sing more songs to you…”

    She said nothing more, and the young man could only wait in painful silence, as the life of another of his cherished Servants faded away.


    With a flash of arcane light, the horned Assassin arrived in Chaldea.

    “This is fucking stupid; to think she makes it look so easy—whoa!”

    Her musket promptly intercepted the katana out to detach her head from her body.

    “I just can’t catch a break!”

    “Heads…” A dark voice from a youthful warrior. “The heads of my Lord’s enemies…”

    “Ah, it’s Puppywakamaru. Down, girl, down! Sit!”

    What followed was some weird parody of a samurai movie, with katana and musket clashing a dozen times in two seconds. The musket broke and shattered into motes of light, but Assassin effortlessly conjured another.

    “It’s good that you love your Master this much, but listen to me! That shitty brat only wants Chiyou’s head!”

    The youthful Rider did stop in mid-strike.

    “Chiyou’s head. Chiyou’s head…”

    “Sheesh, calm your over-exposed tits!” Assassin grabbed Ushiwaka’s shoulder before she could leave to hunt down the Beast. “You can’t beat that thing alone! If you want Chiyou’s head, please help me!”

    “Chiyou’s head…Chiyou…”

    Assassin took the risk and stuck close while Ushiwakamaru clutched her head with her free hand. Her face took a grimace, as if struggling with a terrible headache.

    “What…my Lord and Master…what…what should I do…?”

    Gripping both shoulders firmly, Assassin forced Ushiwakamaru to look at her.

    “We’ll do this one step at a time, Ushiwaka. First step: Pharaoh Ozymandias. Take me to him.”
    Servant Introduction

    Source: Artwork by しーな
    Lilith (Golachab)

    “Servant Saber, Lilith. Yes, that will do. Let us keep it simple.
    What? You are surprised we would answer a summons?
    Do not disappoint us from minute one, maggot.
    If you cannot understand why we would act towards the preservation of the Human Order, then you are a greater fool that we had imagined.”

    Class: Saber + Caster
    STR E
    END A+
    AGI B
    MGI EX
    LUK E
    Noble Phantasm B

    Height & Weight: 167.6 cm, 58 kg
    Source: Jewish folklore and mysticism
    Region: Levant
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Gender: Female
    Attribute: Sky

    If you stick around and bear with her harsh words, you’ll find yourself surprised by her profound sense of loyalty. Her attitude aside, she does enjoy the company of others.

    On a different note, she receives a plus-correction to her END when engaged in sexual activities—it is a legacy from her most famous aspect that she cannot get rid of, no matter how useless it is to her.
    There is probably not a figure in history and mythology with as many variations and elaborations on her “legend”. Queen and Mother of Demons, First Woman, Mistress of God, Bearer of the True Name, Night Owl, Child Murderess. Lilith has been depicted in so many different forms and aspects that she can be summoned in every conceivable Servant class. In fact, she has so many aspects that several can be allocated to each class.

    In the words of Janet Howe Gaines: “In most manifestations of her myth, Lilith represents chaos, seduction and ungodliness. Yet, in her every guise, Lilith has cast a spell on humankind.” Throughout the eras, Lilith has acted as a mirror of the wishes, temptations and fears of people; the embodiment of sin, of all that is improper—the allure of hanging fruit that must never be reached for. Lilith is the Fruit of Knowledge.

    The popular Lilith is a result of an inconsistency in the Bible. There, God's creation of humanity is first described as follows: "Male and Female He created them." (Gen. 1:27). Later in the Book of Genesis, however, Eve is formed from Adam's rib. To reconcile this discrepancy, the rabbis designated Lilith as the first female. They thereby conceived a figure who, in a proliferating mass of legends and tales, became the embodiment of seduction and infanticide.

    This Lilith, however, is the aspect depicted in Kabbalistic mysticism, which emanated from the severe, punitive aspect of God (gevurah) together with Samael, and therefore stands as a manifestation of God’s judgement and punishment. As the sternest among the ten mystical attributes of God, it is the one standing dangerously close to the realm of evil, and its emanations effectively became imbalanced reflections of the Divine Masculine and Feminine. This is the Lilith that, according to the legend, concealed herself inside the flaming sword held by the archangel guarding the gates of Eden, seeking the chance to make her way to the realm of God. This chance came when the Shekinah left the side of God after the destruction of the Temple of Solomon and the Babylonian Exile. In her place, Lilith ascended and became God’s consort.

    This Lilith, therefore, is not a being who knows death. She is a pale reproduction of the Divine Mistress that still stands next to the heavenly throne. She is the Mistress of All That Exists, and she acts the role to nigh-perfection. However, she is but a reflection of the world and humanity: beautiful because the world is beautiful, great because humanity is great, and flawed because all things are flawed—a fundamentally worldly figure wearing an otherworldly guise. The end of her legend has already been written: The Messiah will appear to bring salvation to the Jewish people, the Shekinah will return to her other half, and Lilith will not only be removed from the throne on high; her very existence will come to an end. Until that day comes, the lonely Empress of Creation, despised by all, keeps watching over the world and its people, blessing them and burdening them with her merciless affection.
    Skills & Noble Phantasm
    Class Skills
    Chimeric Saint Graph – B-
    Unlike Double Summon, which grants a Servant the Skills of two classes, this is a complete fusion of two Servant containers as a necessary condition for the manifestation of a specific Servant. In a standard, Fuyuki-style Grail War with seven Masters and Servants, Saber would claim both the Saber and Caster spots, reducing the number of Servants by one. As a further indication of the limitations of the Servant system, she is denied the Class Skills of the Saber class.

    Lilith, for all her ubiquitous presence across ages and traditions, is a nonstandard figure above all nonstandard figures in myth and legend. It takes at least this much for one of her aspects to manifest as a “mere” Servant. Stronger aspects will demand even more outrageous conditions.

    Independent Manifestation – A-
    A special Skill that permits unsupported manifestation into reality, without necessity of energy cost or of summoning by a Master. Grants resistance against the instantaneous imposition of death and attacks affected by time manipulation.

    Really, an ever-living existence of Lilith’s magnitude should not be within the capabilities of any Servant-summoning system. On the other hand, Lilith would never let something like that stop her. Capable of trampling over all rules, and unwilling to swear fealty to a mere
    , she claimed this Skill to force herself into the position of a Servant. Even if she appears to have answered a summons, there is no real Master-Servant contract connecting them.

    Unlike Merlin, who developed this Skill through great effort and magical talent, Lilith naturally qualifies for it. There is at least one of her aspects that could claim the position of an Evil of Humanity.

    Item Construction –
    The Skill to manufacture magical items, from implements of war to items for daily use. Unlike the Saber Class Skills, lost due to limitations of the Chimeric Saint Graph, Lilith does not possess this Skill solely because this specific aspect does not qualify for it.

    Territory Creation (Tyrant) – C-
    The Skill to build a special terrain that is advantageous to oneself as a magus, such as for collecting mana.

    While the Caster container grants her the knowledge to create a Workshop, it is an unnecessary thing to her. Instead, she creates a "Command Center" or an "Audience Hall" from which she can impart her rulings. Effectively, the normal effect of Territory Creation is replaced with the effect of Charisma at the same rank. However, while the merit of her rule is without question, she cannot do anything about the poor morale of those under her yoke.

    Personal Skills
    Dark Dwelling of the Other God – EX
    The nature of a dark divine, an entity which emerged spontaneously out of the dregs of the power aspect of God, as an inversion of the Shekinah. The privilege to tap into the boundless wells of magical energy of all things in Creation, granting her MGI rank EX. She can even drain the magical energy of living creatures if they fail a LUK check. This effect is technically not magical in origin, so it ignores Magic Resistance.

    The curse and the privilege of one who is both a divine entity spontaneously born of the Almighty, and an earthly spirit bound to the imperfect world and humanity. Just like a king cannot be so without subjects to rule, Lilith’s power and status as Mistress of All Creation is bound to the state of the world and the human beings who define her.

    Fathomless Crown of the Demon Empress – EX
    Ultimate beauty to a degree that can no longer be comprehended with a human mindset. While there are a whole bunch of Skills reflecting a Servant’s physical beauty, this is the one that breaks the scale. This is not mere superhuman beauty, or even inhuman beauty. This is beauty that can no longer be recognized as such.

    Precisely because it is sublime and supreme, Saber’s beauty has no effect on those possessing an ordinary human mindset. To their eyes and minds, she looks utterly ordinary, her looks failing to catch anybody’s attention. The further a creature is from a normal human mindset, the more aware it becomes of Saber’s true, incomparable, transcendent beauty. Divine Spirits and those with aptitude for such (Divinity Skill, Sky attribute) are stunned and blinded by the overwhelming revelation, while chthonic creatures (Earth attribute) and humans with an abnormal mindset (Mental Pollution, for example) are hopelessly charmed.

    Left Arm of Repulsion
    Kabbalah (Golachab)
    – A++

    Transcendent magecraft worthy of one who could effortlessly claim the Station of the Crown. A form of Gematria beyond the reach of mortal magi. Fundamentally, the absolute dominion over “bonds”, resulting in the related powers of “control” and “separation”. Control effectively refers to “denying others from possessing bonds with anybody else but Saber”, and Separation is “the power to break apart the things that are together”. These powers act at the purely conceptual level, applying equally to things such as romantic relationships and subatomic particles.

    The Origin of this aspect of Lilith was originally Gevurah, “Severity”, also known as the “Strength of God”. It refers to the Lord’s power to restrain His own urge to bestow unlimited goodness upon all. Effectively, the reason our world is imperfect and bad things happen in it. However, Lilith’s actual Origin is the unbalanced expression of God’s restraint, becoming destructive. This is Golachab, “That Which Burns (The Things That Should Not Be Burned)”. It represents unbridled tyranny which tolerates no opposition, obliterates all opponents and smothers all creativity. However, in the end, this power is merely the selfish and self-destructive expression of Saber’s unfathomable loneliness.

    Midat Hadin
    Clairvoyance (Golachab)
    – E

    The ability to see a person's history, his motivations, desires and beliefs. The eye of judgement that evaluates the worthiness of a human and how likely it is to misuse the blessing of providence he has received from God.

    Gevurah has also been called Midat Hadin—“the attribute of judgment”. Of course, what she perceives and how she evaluates it are naturally biased by her own inflexible mindset—in other words, she is like a bitter Santa Claus that concludes all children deserve not even coal. Defined as she is by the unbalanced force of biased judgement and excessive restraint, Lilith cannot partake of the full effectiveness of this powerful Skill.

    Noble Phantasm
    Lahat Haherev Hamithapekhet
    Revolution Between Light and Darkness

    Rank: B (true rank EX)
    Type: Anti-Unit (Self)
    Range: 0
    Maximum Targets: --
    A rather nondescript longsword at first glance. Saber rarely uses it as once; in fact, its main function is being a wand—an arcane focus for Saber’s Gematria-based magecraft. It does perform the role of a sword, of course, and when Saber steps into melee, flames blossom alight to envelop the blade. This is indeed the weapon held by the angel standing before the entrance to the Garden of Eden.

    These flames burn away the force of providence, God’s blessings and personal fate. In the case of Servants, the LUK parameter is eroded with each hit. Being hurt by the flaming sword increases the probability of events and circumstances conspiring to result in one’s demise.
    Addendum - She Who Cannot See the Deep
    Your Majesty, I have a question.

    “Hmm? The true power of our sword? Ah, so you have heard of it. The sword of Eden, an EX-rank grand phantasm. But, Master, you are overstepping your boundaries. You have brought up an unpleasant topic, and no number of lifetimes would allow you to make up for displeasing me.”

    Eh? So it’s that big a deal!?

    “Naturally. You seek to explore the foundation; the essence of our very self. In deference to our bond, we shall answer if you so ask, but I do wonder if you are properly prepared for the answer. If we may be completely frank, Master: will you take responsibility?”

    The words that could make a man go into fits of cold sweat. But there was neither threat nor amusement in her voice. Dispassionate, cold, hopelessly sincere.

    This was Lilith at her most serious. In front of that sincerity, I can only—

    “Very well. We will make this as simple as possible. Even the likes of you should be able to understand.”

    …you just really wanted to talk, didn’t you? My moment of gentlemanly determination, give it back! But damn it, aren’t you cute!

    “I am God’s child, foremost of His creations. Now, you must understand that His act of creation cannot be compared to human conscious will. Like the Original Man, Samael and we are not made of substance—not of soil, not of clay. We are emanations, spontaneously risen from the light of God’s ten aspects. But that very severity of God from which we were born rendered us imperfect and incomplete.”

    A divine entity created complete, or as complete as it could ever be. The moment it was created, its limits were immediately defined.

    “We are a tyrant, Master. To act the role of a tyrant, to teach mankind unfairness and misfortune; that is our way of being. It is an instinct, just like the King of Heroes collecting treasure, or the Scourge of God delivering destruction. It does not bring us joy. We do not know joy.

    Is it not obvious, then, that we would repudiate the Original Man? That we would join Samael, our other half? It was no act of defiance; it was all as it mot be.”

    A fate decided from birth. A script written by nobody, yet nonetheless inescapable. But is that really—

    “Had we been born as wholly human, the possibility for making different choices would have existed. But we are neither wholly human not wholly divine, defined by our innate nature.”

    —I guess that would be the case. She was the dark side of the Divine Feminine, so she naturally had to mess things up.

    “No, no, you misunderstand, Master. Well, we do not blame you. The sources also place us as a piece of a quaternion. But we are not divided as black and white or light and dark.

    Lilith and the Shekinah are one and the same. We are not ‘the Evil Shekinah’. We are merely her shadow. We exist thanks to her radiance, and she cannot stop her radiance from creating the shadow that we are. The Shekinah is our unreachable perfection, and we are her inescapable imbalance.”

    Resignation. Self-deprecation. Dejection.

    There are none of these things.

    She is the embodiment of everything that is wrong in the world, acknowledging her intrinsic and fundamentally flawed nature, but she carries herself with aloof pride.

    This is Lilith, indeed.

    “Ergo, this sword.”

    The heavenly sword appears in her hands. Nondescript, completely ordinary, except for the pristine luster of its blade. It does not emit the presence of a mighty Noble Phantasm.

    “Through the invocation of its true name, and taking it within our body, we can grasp at the perfection we were denied, if only for a short time. This sword is our completion, that rebalances our flawed Golachab back into the absoluteness of Gevurah.

    An archangel soaring in wings of dark flame. An absolute ruler, embodying the severity of God with supreme impartiality. A Ruler above and beyond the Station of the Crown. Capable of manipulating all boundaries; sovereign over all limits. A sublime child of God, His sword of stern judgment.”

    She dismissed the sword with a grimace of utter disgust.

    “How utterly unwholesome.”

    Naturally, she despises that sword. She, who can only see all things as flawed, who can only acknowledge the worst possible outcome of all paths, could only recognize that sword as the World’s pity upon Lilith, the Servant. She, who is denied from the possibility of growth or self-improvement, has been thrown a bone; a glimpse of that which she will never be able to achieve on her own.

    “We will never use this Noble Phantasm. No amount of Command Seals would make us do it. Should you give such a command, your dead body would strike the ground before the last word left your lips. This will be our only warning. Prove your worth to us by showing the proper prudence.”

    Her words are harsh, but there is something else in her eyes. The haughty, lonely empress is pleading the only way she knows.

    “We have answered your question. Now leave us be. We no longer welcome your presence. Prepare yourself, for the price for these words you will pay with the entirety of your existence.”

    What an original form of tsundere. Sure, I’m not leaving.

    It is not much, but as long as I am Master and you are Servant, you will not be alone.

    “Hmph. Hollow pretense. We do not possess a heart that the likes of you can touch.
    We find amusement at your feeble attempt at manipulating one so vastly superior.
    Nevertheless, in acknowledgment of your bravado, you may suit yourself.
    Drown in the boredom of staying in silence by my side.”

    You’re the one who shifted closer to me, Your Majesty.

    Oh well. So mote it be, my cute and lonely Empress.
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    Really, an ever-living existence of Lilith’s magnitude should be within the capabilities of any Servant-summoning system. On the other hand, Lilith would never let something like that stop her.
    Do you mean "should not"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NMR-3 View Post
    Do you mean "should not"?
    You're absolutely right. Fixed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoydGolden View Post
    Kusanagi as a "sound-sword" is one of the most interesting takes on it I've seen in a while. Transformation Skill is also cool.

    Overall, this hits all the important points of his legend while managing to be nicely distinct from all the other Takeru sheets I've come across. Good job.
    Glad you like it! It's one of my favorite sheets.

    You know, that reminds me that I should have a write-up floating around somewhere for Japan's other great holy sword, Futsu-no-Mitama. Just the sword, not the guy who wielded it. It was part of a write up I did for NP versions of swords that are still present today in various real-life shrines and museums in Japan. I could dig them up and post them later if anyone's interested.
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    Source: (X)
    Name; Shadowman
    Class; Assassin
    Armament: Shadows
    Alignment: ???
    Attribute: Earth
    Traits: ???

    Strength: E
    Agility: E
    Endurance: D
    Mana: C
    Luck: E
    Noble Phantasm: C

    Likes: ???
    Dislikes: ???
    Talents: Creating fear
    Natural Enemy: Light
    Wish: ???

    Class Skills:
    Presence Concealment: EX
    The ability to hide one's presence, allowing for sneak attacks and scouting.

    It is the shadows themselves. Detection is next to impossible until it reveals itself.

    Personal Skills:
    Icon of Fear: A
    A skill showing how the Servant is recognized as something that promotes fear in humans. If the target of Assassin’s attacks is afraid, the success of any attacks relating to their fear is increased significantly. Meant to work alongside it’s Noble Phantasm

    Shapeshift (Shadows): A+
    A skill that refers to both borrowing bodies and appearance mimicking. Assassin can’t truly shapeshift, as all of his shapeshifting will create an exact copy of the targets outline, a pitch black void being where the features would be. It can turn itself into blades or become small enough to fit through pipes if necessary.

    Its body is comprised entirely of shadows, manipulating it to fit in narrow spaces or turning body parts into blades.

    Noble Phantasm
    Not Even Your Dreams Offer Sanctuary

    Max Targets: 1
    Range 1

    The only offensive ability of Assassin, it allows Assassin to enter it’s intended targets dreams and force them into a consciousness where they are full aware of their surroundings, but completely incapable of moving, all by covering their unconscious eyes with it’s hand.

    In this state, Assassin tortures it’s opponent mentally, manipulating it’s true form into any shape it wishes. A demon, a cat with red eyes, or in it’s simplest state, a black silhouette of a human being.

    This Noble Phantasm can’t physically harm the victim, not even a mere scratch. But as time progresses it will start taking tolls on the victim’s mental state, causing paranoia, hallucinations, and other symptoms until the victim either is left catatonic or kills themselves to rid themselves of the nightmares.

    However, it has the critical weakness that Assassin must be in physical form over the opponent, and the weakness that they have to be sleeping. If either of those processes aren't fulfilled, the Noble Phantasm can't be used.

    Can't be used if the victim has Bravery or a similar skill if it is above C rank.

    Assassin is a Shadowman, a term used for demons, spirits, and other countless entities all throughout the world. In nearly every culture and religion, they are beacons of terror and are the prime example of spirits and nightmares shown in modern fiction.

    But, for some people, these fictional creatures are a nightmare all to real.

    People with the condition of sleep paralysis report seeing these shadowmen during the time spent under their body’s imprisonment in between sleep and wake. They growl at then with red eyes and large horns, chant in their ears so loudly and fast they can’t hear anything else, tormenting them mentally every night.

    The centuries of belief and modern day condition allows for a possible existence as an unnatural demon, but all are quickly exorcised or ignored completely by the Clock Tower's Enforcers and the Church’s Executioners.

    However, if summoned via a unique circumstance like the Shinjuku singularity, the various souls and legends can be all merged into one Shadowman, a being devoted to causing fear and to strike humanity where it is the most vulnerable.

    In their dreams.

    Assassin has no personality other than a desire to spread fear. Even their very Master is fair game for their torment. Other than responding to simple questions such as what it saw or simple “yes and no” style of questions, it won't even bother speaking.

    It won’t react to pain or death, it won’t feel joy from tormenting their victims, it is a black slate, a soulless being with no remorse or fear other than the sole, unyielding need to spread fear in dreams.

    Assassin, as it is a shadow in of itself, is near impossible to track or find as if cornered it can escape into a shadow and run away. But it has one major weakness, light. If exposed to the Holy Light of Excalibur or something as simple as a flashlight, it receives injury. As result, it detests light and does everything to avoid it.

    It tends to stick to one of two forms. The “Hat man”, a tall male figure with a long jacket or cloak, with a flat brim hat. Or the “figure”, an almost mannequin-esque figure of a man with no hair or discernable traits, occasionally possessing glowing red eyes. It has no comment on why it chose these forms, and will not reply if asked.

    Made for the Make-a-Servant Contest, but it was too similar to another applicant's that I took it down. But the sheet kinda hits me a little too close to home that I couldn't not share it, so here y'all go.
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    I really like the Shadowman one in concept. It's an interesting take on sleep paralysis, lots of people do report seeing stuff like that and its cool to see a phenomenon like that turned into a Servant.

    That said, he seems pretty weak. Kind of a one trick pony, and his trick is both hard to pull off and not very effective. I can't imagine that most Servants would leave their sleeping master unguarded. And if, on the off chance a Master was left like that, it'd be way more effective to just kill them outright (though I get that's part of his personality, it's just incentive not to summon him).

    Maybe if he had some additional secondary powers. Maybe something that puts people to sleep, or maybe some other things that people experience during sleep paralysis. Since sleep paralysis is a "waking nightmare" maybe you could even do something with that.

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