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Thread: Create-A-Servant 2

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    Agave: Interesting sheet for a very obscure mythical figure. Getting stronger the more inebriated she gets is a fun concept, and definitely fitting a follower of Dionysus. Anthesteria is a very generic buffing NP though. I think it'd be more interesting to give her an NP that makes other people go mad and lose their inhibitions (possibly spread through some kind of alcoholic mist), rather then just acting as Mad Enhancement on steroids.

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    Thanks for the tip, i alredy started working in another sheet with this

    here is a list of my servant sheets(now with my mages sheets too!)

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    I think the innocent monster skill is a bit contrived, and subsequently the focus on brains. I can blame the later on ME so that’s fine but I think the jump from “Ate a guy’s brain once” to zombie is a leap across the valley. Also, I din’t think Tydeus had Hephaestus armor. His was just blessed by Athena, Diomedes got his own cuirass instead of just hand me downs. I may be wrong though. I do like the idea of a zombie servant but I think Tydeus isn’t it.
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