Thanks for the feedback everyone! Seriously, it was getting a bit lonely when I was the only one posting in this thread.

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Personal Jesus』might be the edgiest appearance for a Stand I've ever read, and I used to lurk the OC Stand tumblr every day a while back.
The concept itself is solid; "faith" becoming power is something I've thought about before too, so it's nice to see it here. However, the last ability seems really tacked on and ruins the flow of the other abilities. Have Stands in canon had weird abilities that didn't correspond before? Yes, but I dunno it kinda took me out of it.
I see what you mean about the third ability feeling tacked on. I envisioned PJ as a "final boss" Stand, so I may've made it a bit more powerful then was strictly necessary.

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Deep In Abyss』 is definitely my favorite of the bunch, but I'm wondering if the user controls the "curiosities" or if they're random.
They're controlled by the user.

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I'm guessing the origin of [Deep In Abyss] was from "Made in Abyss"?