Matsuoka Mark
3:02 PM (Afternoon, 1-3)
Class 2-S

"Yeah sure, it shouldn't be a problem Sensei."

While he had been in the middle of packing away his things for the day, the appearance of the teacher reaching out to him was something that was only vaguely unexpected; his tone towards the staff was amongst the most normal of the Dragon's Alliance, and indeed, there's not a single sign of hesitation in his voice when he agrees to her request, nor does he see it necessary to ask for anything in return...

"She's an interesting girl anyway, and I was the one who called her into class earlier, so it's my duty as the 'first friend' at the new school to do that sort of thing anyway."

He laughs.

Of course, that wasn't the only reason; Shun hadn't been wrong in his worries about his position, it seemed that he had gone and attempted to befriend the one person that would eventually be coming after him -sooner rather than later- and in that sense he at least wanted the atmosphere to become and remain friendly even after they eventually came to blows.

A duel between friends was much better for those purposes, any result of a duel between enemies would have the whole class feeling squashed under the weight of the barely-constrained hostility.

"So don't worry, I'll keep it reigned in and friendly so the others don't get distracted; she reminds me a bit of me to be honest... So it should turn out alright."

Of course he couldn't just lether beat him either, but that was something that just went without words.

In the end...

He did still have to make it to the number one spot.