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Thread: Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] Unreleased Music Project

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    Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] Unreleased Music Project

    Hi there Beast's Lair. First time posting here, but I've been a TM fan for years, and I figured if any particular group of people would be interested in this, it would be you folk.

    For the last while I've had a little pet project I've been working on, where I've tried to fumble around in some editing software to isolate musical tracks from Hideyuki Fukasawa's score to the 2014 Unlimited Blade Works anime.

    I've ripped at least 200 or so pieces that weren't, to my knowledge anyway, released on any official OST. It clocks in at around three and a half hours in total, but granted, audio quality's a mixed bag. Believe me, I know from personal experience that I am not an expert at this stuff, so some of it I think sounds fairly listenable, while other parts might cause audiophiles to feel like I personally insulted their aging grandmother.

    I'm perfectly okay with providing links to you all for what I have available, but taking a peek at the rules that seems to be a teeny bit of a no-no, and I'm not here to ruffle any feathers, but they're floating around on a place called ffshrine for those interested.

    Of course, this thread would be kind of pointless if it existed to solely direct you to another forum, and that's why I wanna offer you guys this.

    A playlist I put together that features a variety of cues arranged into suites. Some might be especially interested in the rips I have of Fukasawa's unreleased renditions of the VN tracks, "In the Sunshine", and "Madder Red Town".

    And well, yeah, that's what I have. Hopefully it pleases someone.

    If you have any comments, or suggestions, or heck, if there's some grandmaster audio engineer in the house who wants to smote my offerings with other, superior edits, feel free to do so. I just want to get this stuff out there, cause I think there's a lot of really good music that unfortunately may never otherwise see the light of day.

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    Oh! I know you! I posted on your ffshrine download page! Nice to see you here. And welcome to Beast's Lair.
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    Thanks for the welcome.

    So while I still had a bit of a burst of inspiration, I went and wrangled together a few of the unreleased tracks for Fate/Zero. Due to the way it was all written and arranged, there simply was less music that was left out of the score albums, which is good for me, since that's less work, but there were still a couple missing pieces.

    Unfortunately, the one I really wanted, the reprisal of Let the Stars Fall Down from episode 23, didn't come out as clean as I would have liked, but hey, what are ya gonna do?

    On the plus side, I managed to snag a pretty darn okay sounding rip of Bluebeard's Theme.
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    Wow, soundtracks went pretty great.

    I'm sure they'll appreciate the effort, especially now that you have what they wanted: Berserker dubstep.
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    Man, I have been waiting since the anime aired for someone to do this! Thank you so much TS2000!
    (All credit on Aron Headbutt on Youtube)

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    Listening to it right now. This is epic. You are epic bro

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    I'm very glad to hear people are enjoying this. It took a while to compile and edit everything, but I'd rather get this stuff out there in this state than for it to never get a release at all.

    I was wondering though if maybe one of you folks who might be more knowledgeable than me would be willing to verify if I'm not crazy for a second.

    This little instrumental segment here, is that featured on any of Kalafina's records? A guy on youtube requested it, and for the longest time I assumed that it was just the opening to "Ring Your Bell", but when I went to take a quick skim, it's on neither the full version, the TV edit, or the "In the Silence" rendition. It leads right into the outro, but its unavailability makes me question if whether or not it's some work from the band that was left on the cutting room floor, or if that's actually a tiny addendum Fukasawa just wrote that's used to occasionally bleed into the credits.
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    So earlier today, I was looking through some things, and found this.


    It's from one of those little art books that the production staff at Ufotable put together, and on this one page, it notates a lot of the principal themes from the UBW anime, and I thought that was real nifty.

    The thing is though, it's pretty incomplete in terms of thematic material, so I kind of spent the afternoon doing some rough transcriptions of a few of the other prominent motifs. These are mostly the primary melodic statements, just like they're presented in the image above.

    Gonna warn you, my ears are most definitely not the best, so if there's someone who comes waltzing in with perfect pitch, and sees how horribly I mangled these, feel free to send a few guffaws my way. You got free reign to laugh.

    Sakura's Theme


    Caster's Theme


    Funny thing about Caster's Theme- at least to me, I guess. I think I literally have the same synth voice sample Fukasawa used in the show. Like, one of my VIs is 1:1 with it.

    Gilgamesh's Theme


    Illya's Theme


    Shinji's Theme


    Kirei's Theme


    With Kirei's Theme I went and tried to make it a tad more thorough, just because I felt like it. That also means there's probably a higher percentage of wrong notes in there too! Gotta love it.

    Anyway, don't know how many people would be interested in this, but hey, it's here.

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    You are doing a good thing. I appreciate your hard work.
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    Hey there guys. So I just did something kind of silly, but you might be interested.

    Bit of a story, see there's this track that plays during the prologue of the show, and every time when I tried to extract it, I came across a lot of issues. I just couldn't get the audio clear enough.

    I realized a little while back though, that it was a real simple piece- only some piano and strings, and kinda half jokingly, the thought shot through my head of, "I bet I could recreate this."

    And then I did.

    I don't know how well. Geez I really don't know, but yeah, I have an acoustic double bassist friend who's super talented, and, while, probably an octave lower than would have been ideal, I got him to record the string part. Then I added in the piano, and mixed and did all that nerdy stuff.

    I also put together a transcription if anyone's interested.


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