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Thread: Fate/Prototype: Blue Silver Fragments Complete Version

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    Lancer: “And Ge Bolg?”
    Misaya: “Not yet.”
    Tough being a lap dog in any universe huh, Lancer.

    I've always wonder how does Misaya and Ayaka manage the income when their parents are dead. Misaya is probably very competent so she knows how to financially manage her company and allocating resources. Ayaka on the other hand.... is like rin? I'm getting a picture that she lives of at the grace of her dead parents' life insurance and work part time to pinch pennies. Then Saber comes in to help with the labor lol.

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    Hi guys,
    As promised, here is Part Two of the completed translation of Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver - Arc 2: Best Friend Arc - Act 1.

    Part 2-A: Third Person Misaya's Perspective

    It was a quiet morning.
    The morning air which never usually changes at all.

    Although there is still a lingering coldness in the air, the cooling down of mid-winter is calming down somewhat, as it makes the premonition that the arrival of the next season is approaching. The next season. Sure enough, Misaya Reiroukan couldn’t bring herself to think about, whether she would be able to meet it and so on.

    By accepting the natural world, she could just walk by her natural self.
    She can keep walking as a splendid, and refined, monarch.
    By freely exerting her wisdom and command, she could only crush them if they are something that possibly stands in her way.

    Even if, it’s the world.
    Even if, it’s Heroic Spirits.
    Even if, it’s the Holy Grail.

    It was a situation that she could never change whatsoever.
    The world is going to change its shape, with her continuing to behave as herself.
    The reverse is unlikely.

    It was, her answer from her experiences of these past eight years where she had to mysteriously keep her reign as the Reiroukan family head.
    Reiroukan. Her own family lineage. Her own name. Is it her intangible status which has been handed down for generations? Or is she on the side of control, because she succeeded her family? No. No, she can say that it’s different. Although the power which had certainly been bestowed on her family name of Reiroukan considerably exists, what made Misaya Reiroukan who reigns over both the magical world and global society, by herself, is her choices, her own persistent abilities and nothing but the boundaries of her own actions.
    It is only one of the powers which she grabbed, and wielded, because her title of Reiroukan family head, was close at hand.
    She will change the world by her nature self.
    It is, true beauty. It is, everything to her.

    8:10 A.M. ――――
    Tokyo Suginami Ward, a certain private high school.

    By the window of a third-floor classroom in the south side school building.
    Misaya was quietly looking down, at the unchanging scenery.

    She had arrived at a bit of an early hour.
    Since she was thinking about going to school on foot this morning, she had slipped past the main gate of her mansion at a back-calculated time, though she came across a Daimler AG manufactured limousine that was waiting to pick her up instead. Something that was arranged at the discretion of one of Nagatachō’s old men no doubt. If she had planned on going to school by car, then she would’ve used one of her mansion’s own ones, so although in truth, it was an unnecessary assistance, Misaya got into the limousine without ignoring it.

    If they are saying that they want to make a loan that much, should she attempt to make one?
    Although it’s true that she even thinks it’s amusing what you can lend during the few minutes that it takes to just go to a prefecture high school, it’s not so bad to run some tension on the elders’ power diagram, by smoothly getting into a limo. Stagnation invites carelessness. Sometimes, stimulation is also necessary.

    Misaya: “――――”

    Silently, she stares at the scene of students going to school.
    The same scenery as yesterday. No, anything normal, is the same.
    The crowds of innocent boys and girls, who didn’t know what is going on, nor what is beginning here in Tokyo.
    Those innocent, blameless, unknowing, ignorant and pitiful lambs――――

    Misaya cannot grasp them.

    Whether she’s a secular ruler, or a magus who controls the darkness, there are a further number of those who look down on the people called the general public or the so-called masses, and she could even immediately recall the specific names and faces of those people. It is the height of foolishness to speak of trends, but if she did deliberately speak of it, Misaya’s position of self-awareness will probably enter the rare class.
    Of the boys and girls below.

    As they are liable to do, they will have their lives stolen through the use of rudimentary sorcery that’s not even a Great Magic, lives that will be harvested by the one small action of a Heroic Spirit in the Holy Grail War.
    Resources for exploitation and the consumption of their futures.
    She won’t deny that there are such sides, but, it’s never just that.

    While smiling together at times, bickering occasionally, or while worrying about their loved ones, their grades or their futures, the boys and girls who spend their mornings like this, are weak creatures. Ephemeral creatures.

    For her, there is a clear power in herself.
    If that’s the case, then――――
    To Misaya, there is one thing signifying the scene below.
    Those who she must protect.
    Those who she must rule over, protect and bestow as much as happiness as possible onto them.

    ――――Thus, Misaya Reiroukan reigns over them.
    ――――There is one way. To just keep staying as her natural self.

    Quietly, Misaya keeps on staring.
    At the students. While vaguely grasping at the innocents, who she must protect with these hands, as a whole image.
    And then, suddenly, someone returns her gaze.
    She observes an individual student, which she doesn’t carry out usually.
    Half-unwarily, half-warily, Misaya caught notice of one girl’s figure.

    ――――A female student who hid her clear eyes behind glasses.
    ――――Her name is, Ayaka Sajyou.

    If she just glances at her like this, then she is one of the average female students.
    One of the blameless innocents who should be under her protection as such
    However, she is different. That is, a Magus.

    One of the people who knew enough about the existence of mysteries in this world, and who possess the power to exercise it albeit a bit. Furthermore more than anything, she is even a Magus who participates in the Holy Grail War same as herself.
    Ayaka Sajyou. Her Master’s rank is Princes which is the lowest of the seven ranks.
    The survivor of the Sajyou family, who won and advanced till the end in the last Holy Grail War.
    Going to school quietly like this, was she overconfident from having survived the other’s day raid, or did she realize that there is no point even in shutting herself at home which is her magic workshop, or is she thinking about trying to even use the students as a fleshy shield, or, as expected, did she have confidence in her own Servant’s abilities?

    Misaya: “She’s quite carefree.”

    She slightly mutters, as she sharpens her gaze a bit.
    She didn’t plan on staging a fight at school during the day
    More than the cover up of mysteries which is a magus’ obligation, Misaya contemplates that she wants to avoid hurting the students who should be under her protection, within her dominion, as much as possible.
    Besides, now that Ayaka Sajyou is oh so majestically strolling into school, the probability that she is being served by Servant who had spiritualized the same as her own is very high――――

    Misaya: (Besides…...)

    She turns her gaze to the north side school building.
    Although she can’t accurately identify it, she is sensing that there is something in the school building over there.

    Misaya: (The enemies inside the school isn’t just limited to that girl.)

    Briefly, she entertains herself in her own mind.
    And then――――

    ???: “Oh Miss Misaya, Good Morning!”

    She turns around to a familiar voice.
    She had already sensed their presence since long before. Several of her female classmates.
    Covering herself in the mask of a girl her age, Misaya cheerfully responds unchanged as usual. She returns a “Good Morning” to they who express their morning greetings with their mouths.
    Did someone, happen to see her with her friends?
    As they were asking for the reason why she was standing by the window, slowly she shakes her head ――――

    Misaya: “No, it’s nothing.”

    Friends. That’s right, friends.

    Such a thing――――

    For herself.
    She didn’t even have one person who she could call, “a friend,” in the proper sense.

    To rule over the transient masses that must be protected, to lead them, to surely bestow peace and happiness onto them, for her――――
    For this natural Misaya Reiroukan.

    To stand side by side, with someone.
    It’s unnecessary.

    Part 2-B: Journal Excerpt

    The Holy Grail War is a solitary battle.
    If there is a person who can be called your “friend,” only Heroic Spirits have the character for it.

    Though some exceptions do exist.
    Types of familiars, are the same as Servants in a substantial sense.
    There are also cases where they may use a magus of the same family lineage as yourself as a subordinate. If you gather attention with your candid group behaviour, if it’s possible to counter even the likelihood of the danger of suddenly being assassinated in your sleep by Assassin, then it’s also not a bad move.

    However, be beware.
    You mustn’t be influenced by your own children.

    The safety of those who will inherit your magic circuits takes precedence over everything.
    Magi are not individuals, so I must definitely stress the importance of the succession of your family lineage’s blood.

    Thus, bear in mind.

    You mustn’t challenge the Holy Grail War while still keeping your children beside you.
    If there is a magus who is perhaps, doing this.

    Then are you a fool who doesn’t realise the severity of the Holy Grail War?
    Or, are you an absolute strong man who is convinced that he can survive even in a heroic fight?
    You must be one of the two.

    (An extract from an old notebook)
    Part 2-C: 3rd Person Narration

    ――――And then, time goes back.

    To 8 years ago.
    The year is 1991 AD.

    When the First Historical Holy Grail War begins.
    When a battle is about to unfold now between seven Masters and seven Servants.

    When the ruler was still young.
    In those days, she didn’t know about her Origin or her own essence yet.

    She was young.
    And immature.

    ――――The days, when she was under someone’s warm and gentle protection.

    Part 2-D: Misaya's First Person POV

    I walk, through a second-floor hallway with shining moonlight.
    I hate my own young body a bit.
    Even though I am often compared to, “a child who is very mature for her age of 10 years old,” I knew well enough that the narrowness of my own steps as I’m walking at a quick pace like this are unpleasant.

    I want to grow up, quickly.
    My body too.
    My mind too.
    Even as a human, even as a Magus.

    I, wanted to become an adult as soon as possible.

    I’m a bit, tired, of being a child who is said to be “amazing” just for walking in the darkness.
    The gloomy hallway which is lined up bit by bit by just the lights of candlesticks which have been lit by magic, yes, I might describe it as creepy if I were a same-aged elementary student.
    As far as looking at the state of my classmates, the kids who are the same age as I are all fraidy-cats.

    The dog with the face of a human.
    The slit-mouthed woman.
    The violet coloured mirror.
    The white thread.
    The red and blue papers.
    The 13 steps.
    The human anatomical model who walks during the night.
    The portrait with the moving eyes.
    And at the end, whether there is a girl in the school toilet?

    All of them are childish, a gossip that’s whispered between children. A scary story. Even if I could grasp a ghost story as logic, I can’t actually feel it.
    Such things, what’s so scary about them?

    There is nothing in the darkness unless a magus does something, so there shouldn’t be no way for a Phantasmal Species to appear downtown so easily, if there is a chance that a rumour will sublimate into a mystery, rather it’ll become a target of great interest for us, Magi.

    That’s why, even as I walk alone through the gloomy hallway, I cannot feel anything.
    In the normal and unchanging scenery, I especially mustn’t feel fear.
    Besides, tonight’s sky is clear, and a huge moon is coming out.
    I can say that it’s more than enough for a bright night.

    There’s nothing to be scared of.
    However, it’d would be a lie if I said that I wasn’t nervous.

    Misaya: “………...”

    I exhale some white breath――――
    Casually, I, gaze at the front yard through the window.
    At this distance and in this darkness, I can’t properly see the Hydrangea flowers, which I had planted together with my Mother. It appears there’s no change to it whatsoever. The same-old garden.

    Even though it shouldn’t be like that.
    It shouldn’t be the same, as usual.
    Even the flower which I had planted while getting dirtied by the soil, should be filled with lethal curses.

    However, I couldn’t think of anything besides it.
    The magic workshop. It’s death to intruders.
    That’s too, obvious.

    After all, the Holy Grail War, has already begun.

    Misaya: “You called for me, Father?”

    I knock on the door of the living room.
    I think it’s the first time, that I’ve entered here at such a late hour.
    Although it’s a time where I should’ve already gotten into bed and be sleeping as usual, I walk through the hallway like this, and arrived at the living room where Father awaits me.
    Because he told me to “come to the room” through a familiar.
    Since I was hesitant about going there while still in my pjs, I instantly change my clothes, after I slip out of bed. Even though we are family, we must offer every courtesy to each other.

    Especially so, if I am to meet directly with Father.
    Ever since he was chosen to be a Holy Grail War participant and got his Master Degree which is proof of a Master, Father has been busy day and night. Since Mother and the servants moved to our Izu villa, I’ve been helping him somewhat too, though Father manages everything and protects the Reiroukan main mansion, by himself.

    Despite fulfilling his duties as the Reiroukan Family Head, at the same time, they are overlapping with his Holy Grail War preparations.
    He carries out intelligence gathering regarding the other Masters, and he even searches for general mobilizing Servant summoning catalysts with both a front and back connection――――

    I bet, Father is active without distinguishing between day or night.
    Saying that it’s because it’s night, I couldn’t possibly show myself in something, like pyjamas.

    Lord Reiroukan: “Oh, Misaya? Please come in.”

    A reply. Quietly, I open the heavy door.
    Inside the wide room, was the figure of my father.
    As he sits deeply down onto the sofa, he is looking at me with a gentle expression.
    While, I’m half relived by Father’s expression, still, I feel half insecure.

    Misaya: “Is the reinforcement of the workshop not necessary? Already, the Holy Grail War is….…”

    Yes, so. The Holy Grail War.
    About this magical ritual of unprecedented scale and the first historical that’s to be performed here in Tokyo, I already heard some things about it from Father.
    It is a grand slaughter by seven Masters and Servants.

    Heroic Spirits and Magic, offerings to the Holy Grail that bestows and consumes all the hidden secrets of the mysteries that it holds.
    A battle that sacrifices lives to reach the “Root” which is the 1000-year old grand ambition for us Magi.
    I, undoubtably believe in Father’s victory. In the land of the Far East which is said to be even a frontier in the Magical World, I hear that the Reiroukans are conveyed to be an exceptionally noted family to the Clocktower Magi. Even among them, Father is known to be particularly outstanding among the successive generations of family heads.

    Even so.
    An uneasiness, inevitably lingers, in the corner of my mind.

    The Holy Grail War. It is absolutely unprecedented, and even Heroic Spirits are treated to the level of a type of familiar, but before this unprecedented event which will probably be deeply engraved into magical history, there should be no way for him to get absolute peace of mind.
    But even though I say that――――

    For whatever kind of reason, Father is showing a smile on his face tonight.

    Misaya: (Why? Why are you like that, Father?)

    I tilt my neck.

    Misaya: “Father.”

    As I am about to speak――――

    ――――My time, suddenly stops, for just a moment.

    I saw it.
    I found it.
    There was “something” next to Father.
    Perhaps there was something which had been concealing itself through magic there.
    Right away, I rammed my attention into my own vision. My magic circuits. My prana. My vision. As I connect everything simultaneously, I charge a formula to crush magic into my vision.

    An intruder?
    No, that shouldn’t be possible.

    I begin to imagine a few reasons for what had changed Father’s appearance. Rather than the walk through the night-time hallways, rather than gazing at the uninhabited garden, and rather than the silent moon, my imagination at this moment was the most scariest thing above all else.
    Consciously I stop my thoughts midway through it. It’s no good. I should’ve made sure of “something” by this point now!

    Beside my Father.
    No, to be more precise, standing beyond the sofa.
    Is a thin――――

    A “shadow” clad in black itself was there.
    I can’t make out it clearly.
    Even though, there is definitely something there, a clear image won’t transmit to my brain as visual information.

    Misaya: “Who……?”
    Shadow: “You’re a clever child indeed. Although you persisted in the basics, you tried to see through my concealment magic. There is your lineage too, but it’s a great thing to diligently study and hone yourself. I bet, you’re master’s instructions are excellent too. ”

    A voice I haven’t heard before.
    Is it terribly calm sounding, on the contrary, it’s scary.
    I shift my gaze to Father. By the time of the Holy Grail War, I had never even heard one story where another magus receives someone as a comrade. Then, what is this “shadow” then? Father. If, if this shadow is an enemy then――――

    Lord Reiroukan: “My apologies.”

    As he says that.
    Father smiles with his head bowed.


    What is he doing? Father.
    No way, for a shadow that is unknown to everyone.
    No good.

    It’s hopeless. Father, it’s almost as if, you are an incompetent pupil who is begging to be taught by a great master.
    Father is the greatest Magus in the Far East. Besides for Grandfather who had passed away much earlier, it’s weird for him to be acting that way.

    And yet. Why?

    Lord Reiroukan: “The reinforcement of our magical workshop has already been done, Misaya. The magical workshop, no, now, I don’t even mind if it’s designated as a temple. Because he, has reconstructed our mansion into a fortress with unprecedented mysteries fluttering in it through the use of magnificent skilful magic.”
    Misaya: “Temple…...”
    Lord Reiroukan: “Greet him, Misaya. For he is the one who shall bring the Root, to us Reiroukans.”

    I don’t understand the meaning of his words.
    Father, what are you saying?

    The Root?

    I had no choice but to look up at the shadow with unsightly embarrassment.
    I can only express it as, “creepy.”
    As the tall black shadow, gapingly shows his two eye-like luminous points on his head, he is looking down at me as if he is peering into me.

    Shadow: “It’s a pleasure to meet you, little Miss.”

    The shadow said.
    It was ice.

    His voice, it makes me feel something that’s terribly cold, in its clearness.
    Which is why, I think of ice.
    An ice demon. A ghastly thing who wears shadows. What should I do?
    Do I need a fire? Though I don’t have much pride in my elemental conversion magic, but, if, if it keeps me in touch with this shadow then I shall fire at it. No. No. That’s not it. I properly recognise Father’s words. The workshop. A temple. A person who shall bring the Root.
    Am I, confusing myself?

    Finally, I realize that my lips are slightly trembling.
    The “shadow” approaches such a me.
    As Father calmly watches over me, it takes the long way around from the other side of the sofa, and expressly comes over to the place where I was standing.
    And then.

    Caster: “O’ scions of the many children who hath received my teachings. I am an ancient one who has manifested into the class of Caster. Same as yourselves, I too am one of the magi who seek the Root.”

    Gently, the shadow ――――

    Caster: “Together with your father, please, with me.”

    Reaches out his hand to me――――

    “Let’s be friends.”

    Quietly, he whispered――――
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    My actually fave volume.

    Loving all this oujo-sama Misaya screentime.

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    After all although she was thinking about going to school on foot this morning and had googled it at the main gate of her mansion in back-calculated time
    Does it actually say "googled"? In 1999?
    Quote Originally Posted by Rafflesiac View Post
    Punching out some nerd doesn't make you a better magus.

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    @All fictions Sorry that was my mistake, I messed up the verbs when I was typing it out. It's been fixed to "slipped past the main gate of her mansion."

    But, Google was indeed around in 1999 in BETA format.

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