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Thread: Fate/Grand Order - English

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    Hm, this challenge is quite the puzzle. I think I'll wait until I recover all my CSes to do it again.
    My fanfics:
    The Gift (a Fate/Stay Night one-shot)
    - A duel between Cú Chulainn and Scáthach.
    Passion Acknowledged (a Fate/Stay Night one-shot) (Lemon) - Shirou and Shinji finally acknowledge their feelings.
    He Was a Good King (a Fate/Stay Night one-shot) - A short exploration of Beowulf's character as a hero and a king.

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    Ditto. I attempted it twice last night when I really should've been sleeping. I'll wait until tomorrow night for my command spells to regenerate and retry it.

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    Dear god clearing cookies and never coming back
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    The Crying_vegeta Game
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    tfw no Fate/One
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    “She is, like, really viscerally repulsive to look at. The thirst for forbidden money of perverts that this predatory jailbait seethes with practically condenses inside the phone, and leaves my screen all foggy.”
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    Oh, Mike. Sweet, poor, naive Mike. Wants his waifu to be loved, doesn't realize that he's the reason more and more people have grown to dislike her. It's so pure and tragic I could cry.
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    sakura wasnt that great
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    I'm sorry I was brushing my teeth she is fucking important how dare you


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