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Thread: Fate/Grand Order - English

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tamamo-no-Mae Goshujin-sama View Post
    Since this is the last re run of this event will there be other times when Tama Shark is on rate up or is this my last chance?

    She'll be back next year before the summer rerun, while Squirtoria goes on rate-up after the new summer event.

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    That's good to hear. So I just need to save up.

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    Cleared the shop but still no ce drop. Guess I'll not be mlb summertime mistress.

    Since they don't rerun events twice I'll just burn the 4 copies I got for extra salt.

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    Keep farming.

    I got 6 CE drops already.

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    Even I got one, and despite having +10 bonuses on most mats I haven't cleared the shop yet (though I HAVE bought pretty much anything I cared for). And on that subject, remind me what was it we can trade ascension mats for in two years time? Rare Prisms?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Broke View Post
    Keep farming.

    I got 6 CE drops already.
    Do you drop a ton of apples on every event or are you just a magnet for them? I've gotten a few drops and gotten lucky on events like Valentine's but you're on a league of your own.
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    tfw no Fate/One

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