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Thread: Fate/Grand Order - English

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    CA Hassan's PfA copy puts him above kojiro imo

    and just generally higher stats and stargen

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    St. George is great if you need to keep Berserkers alive and don't have D'eon, and Leonidas fills a similar niche (although relies on his NP for Taunt rather than a skill). Of the two I personally prefer Georgios.

    Hans is great, of course. He's a fantastic little support caster - not on the level of the gold ones, but he's really handy. 3-9 Crit stars/turn, +10-40% party-wide crit strength up, +50%NP charge as a skill, and his NP (when it hits) gives +20% ATK/DEF and heals 1000HP/turn for three turns.

    Arash is a nuke, and excellent for farming Sabers. One useful aspect of his NP is that once he's dead you can get another servant on the field, and hence get off their NP as well. When he gets his strengthening quest he'll have +20-30% NP charge on a button, but that's a while off.

    Asterios is a really interesting Berserker if you stick him in a team that can reliably get his NP off repeatedly. He's actually halfway decent at surviving for a Berserker, since he has a fantastic Defense Up skill, but he's definitely nowhere near the level of Herc. No, Asterios' thing is the whole "-60%ATK/-50%DEF for one turn, -20%ATK/-10%DEF for five more" NP. That stacks with itself, if you can charge it again within six turns.
    Also, he has a +20-40% DEF skill. If you're nutty enough to level it up to 10 like I am, you'll find that one turn of effective +100% DEF followed by two turns of +60% and three of +20% really makes life easier.
    Plus he's absolutely adorable and the fluffiest berserker.

    Just don't count on him for damage before his strengthening quest, whenever that's going to be. He's got +10-30% ATK from a skill and is a buster gorilla with +8% to Buster Cards from Mad Enhancement B, but being a 1* means that he's only got 6K ATK. I've got him grailed to 80 with max Fous, but he's still just lying at 9,379HP/8696ATK. Not to mention how he's got an Arts support NP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LostHanyou View Post
    Tbh I originally only planned to roll for Shiki of the 3 but recently changed my mind about it because of the meme tier list. Nero Bride just seems more useful to have and my best Lancer since day 1 has been Cu. I mean I like Nero Bride and Bryn as well, but just not as much as Shiki.
    Before I can help you, may I ask you 2 questions?

    1. What's your goal in FGO NA (eg, getting these and these waifus, or the whole FSN crew, or the whole Emiya house hold.....etc)
    2. How much are you going to spend for FGO NA IN TOTAL.

    These are the 2 question I need my GF to answer before I help her out for a workable rolling plan. Her answers are:
    1. Mo-san and her dad, void shiki, the whole emiya household (and harem) plus Waver and Merlin for functionality, Shishou, blondie Rin and tomoe
    2. $0
    And yes, that yoda -Luke "quartz talks" are in no small parts based on my discussion with my GF.........
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    Quote Originally Posted by eddyak View Post
    Mozart, Shakes and Hans make for good supports- Hans for the longevity and general utility, the other two mostly for cheap damage buffing. Outside of the bronze, Medea will save you a lot of headaches come JP's challenge quests, when things start to get buffed into insanity and you need buff/debuff removal on both the enemies and your own team- also, Casters don't tend to have good damage, and a Caster with a spammable 30k NP is a godsend. Kojiro's good, Caesar's surprisingly strong for a guy with a quick NP and low stats, and look out for the silvers they're going to release from this point on, they get really freaking strong.
    Like Bedivere?

    Add me to your friend list, I hope my Servants are strong enough ^_^

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