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Thread: When can you begin posting? (Etiquette)

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    When can you begin posting? (Etiquette)

    Is there an unwritten rule of time you need to spend lurking? Are there certain threads which are recommended for newcomers where they are expected to take their lumps? Because, honestly, it's intimidating to see so many people with tens of thousands of posts to their name and to join in their conversation without feeling like you are butting in. It's kind of a weird sensation to have a desire to share something but feel like someone with such an insignificant status simply shouldn't.

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    If you want to post random TM stuff, go here: The Type-Moon Miscellaneous Thoughts Thread

    If you have a TM-related question, go here (probably): Questions, questions and more questions (READ THE OP FOR ANSWERS)

    Powerlevels and vs. thread: Badass Versus Thread

    And don't worry, those "tens of thousands of posts" are shitposts

    But seriously, if you want to share something, imo just do it. Don't be discouraged by sarcastic answers and remarks, don't be stubborn etc.

    Take your time.

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    Also, this:

    Chaldea Heroes

    Personal skill
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    Still sounds really tough but I hope I can just bite the bullet and break the ice somehow. Thanks for the reply.

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    Welcome to BL!

    Rather than needing to lurk a lot, what you should do is participate, pay attention, and embrace the responses you get. Newcomers really only get in trouble with people when they do stuff like ask questions and then just dismiss the answers they get, or get corrected on a statement and then just plow ahead with the same wrong answer.
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    Welcome to BL, you'll do fine
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    Hello, good meeting you all.

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    I'm writing this as a relatively new user compared to the others who posted here already: I think I felt exactly the same way when I first posted here, about an year ago.
    Before that, I lurked for nearly an year, too scared to even make an account. You're much braver than me, and I'm sure you'll have just as much fun as I do right now!

    I started out by posting things I knew/heard, that I thought might contribute to the discussion.
    As others have mentioned, posting questions are tricky, because a lot of questions are answered best by "read [source material/the OP doc in the questions thread]".
    (But if you do ask good questions, a lot of knowledgeable people give detailed answers, which is really cool to read.)
    I've yet to be told I don't belong here or I'm butting in. Maybe everyone's too polite to say so, but I think they're kind enough to welcome newbies like us.
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    Welcome! Don't suddenly post in very old topics unless you have a good reason to, you don't have to have the last word in everything. Oh and don't make new ones for every little thing. Chances are someone already made the thread about said topic.
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    Don't worry too much about whether you belong (as long as it's a general thread and not some person's RP); that's a natural feeling that I and many others had when we first started posting. You'll end up taking a few knocks in the lore threads, but as long as you keep an open mind and retain information you'll be fine. Try reading plenty of source materials like FSN, Tsuki, Zero, and Apoc (CANON VOLUME 3 WHEN), and you'll have plenty to talk about with the other members of the forum.

    Remember, everyone started at 0 posts in the beginning. Have fun!

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