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Thread: Anima Kiseki // Gate: Future (IC thread)

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    Shuugetsu Heika
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    "Tch... You are the one who's getting in my way, dumbass..."

    Strangely annoyed for having been 'saved', Agnethe mutters a couple of additional curse words under her own breath. Truth to be told, she never had any intentions to dodge the bullet, because she felt no real need to do so. Small adjustments would have been enough to prevent it from hitting in a vital spot, and thus avoid being eliminated instantly. However, even a strong combatant would not be able to dismiss the resulting wound as something of little importance, especially in a race, where being able to keep moving properly is crucial to succeed. It is then than one begins to notice that Grieser's psyche is distorted, for she constantly puts herself in harm's way just to experience the thrill only extreme pain can bring. Normally, the sensation of pain students feel is greatly diminished to the point that, so long as one's body remains functional, one can recover from almost any attack. This is possible thanks to the pain inhibitors that work alongside the student's Folding Jacket. But... There are those that have found or been taught how to disable them, opening their eyes to a different battlefield, one where one's life feels always at risk, even if, in the end, real bodies are never at risk. Agnethe is one of those individuals. But, above all, Agnethe is also a masochist, so being denied the 'pleasure of pain' has been enough to wipe the last traces of 'good mood' that remained within her.

    ---As evidenced by the 'ugly' yet powerful noise that drives your attention towards the 'presumed' position of the sniper.

    After firing twice, the bot did the smart thing and broke into a sprint to reach a more favorable position as soon as possible. Little did he know his body, alongside two of the upper floors of the building where he was hiding, would be suddenly smashed by the force of the massive wrecking ball that is Grieser's Miracle. Being able to alter its size at will is a simple yet useful ability to have, and it appears that there are little restrictions on how big it can actually get. On the other hand, it is safe to say it cannot grow smaller than the size of a tennis ball, which has proved to be more than enough to sneak past the buildings that would have otherwise acted as obstacles for anyone down the hill. Yes, in the blink of an eye, with a heavy crashing sound that resembles an explosion, the red-haired girl from the Russian Institute sets the score 2-1.

    "An artist, huh? Well, I guess that explains why every word that escapes your mouth sounds like non-sense. Enlighten me: Do you have any idea of how we're going to get to the top of the hill in under a minute?"

    Stripped of all physical enhancement formulas, victory seems to have already left your grasp. Even if you take the shortest route -which would naturally require more physical effort- and put all you have into it, it's likely that you won't be able to reach the goal in time. But, what are you supposed to do then...? Stand here and admit defeat, perhaps blame it all on someone else? Or should you fight on and challenge the odds recklessly, knowing that defeat awaits at the end of the road?

    Or maybe you can come up with a way to solve this puzzle by thinking outside the box, and create a method to make the impossible possible. To create what human beings call 'a miracle'.

    Regardless, you appear have reached the critical point of this brief trial. Whatever goes on during the next dozen seconds will most assuredly determine whether you emerge victorious or are sent straight to 'jail'.
    [18:30] RacingeR: Max S.Link with hero is when you promise your daughter to him
    [18:31] RacingeR: Which means Airen and me are the only ones that maxed it (I promised Spin to him, and Spin is my daughter)
    [18:32] hero: oh shit
    [18:32] hero: spincess get
    [18:32] hero: suck it fuckers

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    Shuugetsu Heika
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    Shuugetsu Heika let out a tired sigh and cracked his neck, running his fingers through his lustrous hair.

    "... And that is why you are such a disaster of clothing, make-up and horrendous sense of what's 'hip' and 'cool'," Heika spoke, his voice suddenly missing its venomous bite, as if he was concentrating on something else. "You have no eye for detail whatsoever. Well... I suppose it is something that can be fixed, along with that rat-ugly wardrobe of yours. Even a piece of coal can be made into a diamond if enough pressure is applied."

    Having said that, Heika focused his gaze onto his naginata, boring a hole through it with his snake-like stare. His mouth began mumbling something odd, and there was a slight shock of energy that pulsed out of him. Inside his miracle, he began work around the limitations set by this challenge, utilizing his only spell slot. In other words, he began reassigning the spell he had slotted to it, foregoing his form of defense. Instead, there was only one he needed right now. This was no longer about combat prowess, but about succeeding in the task set before.

    --- And doing it with such a style that it shamed those fools that even dared to question his worth.

    "Reassign. Kouzan Ryuusui."

    As the process began, Heika finally turned to face Agnethe once again. His face was as full of distaste as ever. However... something was off. It was not his expression, not the tightness of his lips, not even the refined taste (at a level far higher than the actual girl before him had) he had put on make-up. No... instead, there was something shimmering in his eyes. Those serpentine, cold eyes were now shining something. Like a flame of autumn colors that had taken ember and lit up into a forest fire that was quickly spreading.

    For some reason, Shuugetsu Heika was getting excited.

    Like an artist that had just been struck by inspiration.

    "The challenge never required us both to be present at the goal. Only one is enough. Therefore..." Shuugetsu Heika pointed behind him, to the destruction caused by Agnethe's weapon. "... We shall use that to our advantage. You shall throw that brutish thing you call a weapon as hard, as fast as you can towards the goal. Straight towards it, with all the power you can. Make it travel with everything you have in that jailbait body of yours."

    A sadistic smile, wishing for the humiliation of this test and its makers, spread to Heika's face as he stepped before Agnethe, towering above her like a lithe, colossal shadow.

    "... And I'm going to grind my heels into your ball(s) and ride them until the climax, all the way to the finish line."

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    Faced with a clear gap in power, you choose to remain calm and device an strategy to make the most of the current situation. Clever use of Crest Arts and sleight of hand can create a window of time where the two of you can be evenly matched, but you discard it in favor of using a 'triumph card' and 'going for the kill'. Someone like Shiomi Misao will overcome such weak limitations in no time.

    Optimal application of battle theory is rare to see even in humans your age, yet for you it appears to come naturally, almost like a sixth sense. It wouldn't be a mistake to claim that doing so in the heat of a battle such as this is only possible thanks to Heaven's Gaze, but it would also be foolish to deny the talent that lies within you. Born from the desire, no, from the necessity defend yourself against those stronger than you, Nakamura Amaya has condensed it into her very own fighting style. Some may call it recklessness, some may call it ruthlessness, but for you it's just pragmatism.

    Yes, your eyes, which have seen the 'reality of humans' countless times, can 'predict' the future in a way that neither science, nor magic can. Because you have learned how humans behave, you feel right at home when fighting against someone of your own kind. And because your logic adheres to that 'reality', the future you anticipate usually has the highest odds of being the right one.

    A diversion and a trap within a trap.

    Certainly, the ruse is so elaborate that Shiomi Misao never sees it coming. While the first part of your plan would have a greater effect on a less headstrong individual, the fact that one has to pay attention to the arcs drawn by your blade once one knows about Crest Arts is an absolute truth few can ignore, and Tir Na Nog's Ace is not one of them. This allows your second attack to slip past her defenses, making it so that even if the girl tries to put up a guard, it will be a half-assed one. So, the natural course for her to take it is to avoid it by a hair's breath and press on, tipping the scales in her favor.

    But that is okay.

    Hitting her has never been your intention.


    You grab her and push her towards the arcs your blade has drawn. Normally, against someone who bears such physical strength, doing so would be hard if not impossible, however, by using her own momentum against her, the effort you have to make is negligible in comparison. Making sure to break her stance you even manage to make her feet leave the ground for an instant. And fortunately, an instant is all that is needed for you to...

    ---A sudden, brief gleam on her eyes, followed by the clean sound of metal cutting through the air.

    ------It feels familiar: That's because it's a sound similar to the one called 'Aunt Rose' uses when she intends to 'finish the fight in a single swing'.


    ... Lose...?

    Even with your refined eyesight, the few moments you are granted before your body fades to light are not enough to completely understand what happened.


    Nakamura Amaya X X O X O X X O O X
    Shiomi Misao O O X O X O O X X O

    After a long series of matches where you literally give your best effort to prove yourself a worthy challenger, you are finally given a moment of respite. Despite having fought using a 'fake' body, its exhaustion has been ported over to the original, alongside the pain of stepping over your physical limits for an extended period of time. The whole thing might have lasted a good half an hour or so, but for you it felt like an entire-day training session. Overall, you did well, emerging second with a 4-6 record anyone would be proud of. You've managed to snatch quite a few victories against an ace, and you can be sure that will give birth to some rumors in the days to come. But also it has allowed you to have a good grasp of where you stand today. The final score might look even, but as it stands, Misao is on a completely different league. It's painful to admit, but you didn't stand a chance from the get-go.


    You strangely don't feel as frustrated as you originally thought you would be. The way your body feels is an indicator that you can still grow. And, having seen True Magi and other strong combatants in the past, you can say with confidence that Shiomi's strength is not one that cannot be surpassed with effort...

    ... And better gear.

    Some of her formulas were just overkill.

    "Sounds good, right? You should try it if you've got the time."

    The girl has just finished whispering some 'tips' regarding Crest Arts to your ear. From the looks of it, Misao was -and still is- quite interested in your unique formula. Her suggestion brings something new to the table that you haven't really thought before, is easy to apply and meshes well with your way of thinking. You make a mental note to practice later to see if the results satisfy you.

    "Still, that's quite a good combo you got there... Pinball is usually a game-changer, but against you, I couldn't afford to use it past the third round."

    Ah, that's what she used turn the tables at the end of the first round...

    The stage slowly reverts to normal, revealing a huge crowd surrounding the two of you. Fortunately, despite being quite excited about what they've just witnessed, they seem polite enough not to rush in and throw either of you in the air in celebration. That's good, because there is a part of the deal that has not been fulfilled. That's right, you have yet to surrender the formula you lost in the bet. Although it's regretful that you are about to lose something the headmaster herself has trusted you with, it cannot be helped. You settle with watching expectantly as your schoolmate pries open its contents...


    And suddenly breaks into mad laughter...?

    Well, her 'dad' is supposed to be a 'mad scientist', after all so this shouldn't be surprising, but-

    "I see! Now it makes sense! No wonder she didn't give it to me!"

    Slightly dumbfounded, you are given back the formula you surrendered.

    "Idaten... I've already been taught this formula. It's kind of a must-have at some point in our career for us sword-users. It's rather dangerous to use, but... Hah! So that's why! Yeah, I think, you may be able to turn it into something much better."

    For some reason, Shiomi Misao's mood appears to have improved quite a bit.

    Maybe she's just happy to have found out that her mother didn't just hand out something unique to someone that isn't her...?


    D-rank - Common
    The presumed upgrade of grasshopper. It creates from one to several small foot-sized platforms that propel the user in a specific direction. Fairly popular among Knights who favor mobility, as it is both good to apply pressure and to fool the opponent with a good feint. A common strategy is to surround the opponent with these platforms -which can also be placed in mid air- assembled in a circled cage like pattern. The user then jumps from one platform to the next, chaining one attack after the other in a hit-and-run fashion that exploits the target's blind spot. Overall, a fairly versatile formula, as it can be used to propel small objects forward or use it to prank opponents by making them step on them as well...

    B-Rank - Common
    A spell formula that greatly enhances the user's speed for a brief period of time, propelling them forward in a pre-determined pattern that must be traced beforehand. The velocity acquired is such that not even the user can consciously grasp what happens as they move from point A to point B. This creates a delay if one intends to deliver an attack which allows the target to defend even if one moves behind them. Because of this a lot of Miracle Wielders who favor this formula use 'the movement itself to attack'. Complex patterns can be given but simple patterns are what's most used. Naturally, since one cannot do much until the movement is complete, should the trajectory be predicted, one is left extremely vulnerable to a counter-attack.

    Wise-Up! (Full Details Revealed!)
    Beagalltach- Little Fury
    (B)C-Rank - Semi-Unique
    Moralltach is a long-range offensive skill which was designed using information accumulated from the mages Nakamura Akio and Reynard Everheart. First mimicking Akio’s Minor Arcana: Swords, Misao summons forth an array of mass-produced 'Fragarach' swords. Then, emulating Rei’s magic to a certain extent, Misao is able to 'fold space' and fire these swords at the opponent by means of a high-speed spatial catapult. The resulting attack is one that leaves the enemy dazzled and mystified while simultaneously overwhelming them and breaching their defenses. Furthermore, should she so choose, Misao is also capable of surrounding her opponent in a prison of these dimensional swords. Doing so however requires a lot of energy and concentration. However, because this formula wasn't taught to Misao but rather was reproduced 'from memory', it suffers a rank down.
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    [18:30] RacingeR: Max S.Link with hero is when you promise your daughter to him
    [18:31] RacingeR: Which means Airen and me are the only ones that maxed it (I promised Spin to him, and Spin is my daughter)
    [18:32] hero: oh shit
    [18:32] hero: spincess get
    [18:32] hero: suck it fuckers

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    Nakamura Amaya
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    "You're surprisingly tricky yourself."

    It's not an insult.

    By the time the last blow is dealt the only sense of annoyance that remains within her thoughts isn't even directed at her opponent, while losing again after talking a big game was slightly embarrassing, it was still the result and she could accept it, yes...

    The only person she feels even a light irritation at is her own self. Even then, it's only because of a bad habit. If this had been back in the day, losing would have had far worse consequences than a simple blow to the pride, and thus she's somewhat more strict on herself than most others in the same situations. She doesn't think losing should ever be too comfortable of an experience, because there are times in your life where you will need to win because a loss might have severe consequences, still...

    It's just a bad habit that she can shake off with a bit of effort, life isn't nearly as dangerous now as it had been back then; and so she could ultimately laugh off the way she had lost, because in retrospect, it was actually pretty funny...

    Platforms eh?

    That had always been a joke around the family table, so...

    The idea alone -as well as how effective it was- had made her chuckle in a sincere way.

    Seemed she needed to work a bit more on defending herself against 'x' factors.

    The tunnel-vision had perhaps been a bit too extreme at the start.


    She had gotten a few pointers out of all of this from an ace, and hadn't gotten crushed in a completely one-sided way, so she couldn't be too hard on herself in the end-!


    The laughter of the girl confuses her at first. Handing over the envelope had been accompanied with thoughts of having to apologize to Sawai (horrifying in and of itself) after failing her literally an hour or so after being entrusted with something, but the revelation that it hadn't been quite so dramatic as a secret special attack is... Also slightly annoying/disappointing in and of itself-!

    But only slightly.

    "Idaten, huh? That woman... Acting so dramatic all the time...Haha...!"

    She had even waited to throw them off of the school before revealing what it was, she had felt more or less obligated to fight to protect it because of that-!

    Of course, creating mystery like that might have been the point.



    After a moment, she starts laughing again anyway.

    "Well, it's too early for her to hand out unique secret techniques to anyone anyway. I probably should have seen it coming."

    She shakes her head, chuckles fading to silence.

    "But yeah, looks like it'll be pretty useful."

    If her eyes cooperated anyway.

    A pause, then:

    "Sorry it wasn't something flashier, my bond with Sawai seems to extend to being bullied slightly harder than the other students," A laugh, "And thanks for the tips. It was a good match."

    That girl would be acknowledged by her mom one day.

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    Death is nothing but a disease.
    But it is one that often comes from all sides.
    An end like that is coming, and yet here you are.

    Tell me.

    Could you kill someone you love for the sake of everyone else?

    What a cynical worldview, Messiah.
    Real heroes would find a different answer.

    Right, right.
    The power to break through a sad reality—
    I wonder—

    Will they be able to show it to me?

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    Jade Sapphy
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    Monday - Morning

    Jade managed about a half step off Ino's lap before face planting into a mountain of displaced sand kicked loose by her own over aggressive usage of the petroglyph.

    Jade's stomach had that strange feeling you get when you step off a treadmill or roller coaster and your body has trouble assimilating what its like to move under its own power again. It was only pure willpower that kept her from passing out into at least a short nap.

    Well, pure will power and a giddiness bordering on the euphoric.

    "Hee!" Jade squealed, knuckling her mouth impishly. "That was fun! Can we do it agai...oops!" Jade shifted her hands slightly, going from girlish glee to a cartoonist caricature of silencing herself upon realizing just how much Ino had exhausted herself. Jade only allowed her hands, covering her mouth to relax when she realized In appeared to have lapsed intp a deep, dreamless slumber.

    ...Jade was internally workshopping drawing her into a celebratory hedgehog visage when a new voice cut into her thoughts.

    The starlight academy headmaster seemed to have an almost maternal understanding and affection for Jade's racing partner, she had a lot to say about Alexiel and Ino's mildly quixotic force of will power. Demonstrating the breath of her understanding of not just her own school but the entire tourney at large, the True Magus even identified Jade at a glance as a new student. To put that another way, Nanako had swiftly demonstrated multiple highly admirable qualities about her kindliness of heart and intelligence of mind.

    ...However, those were not the two exceptional qualities Jade picked up on.

    "Holy cow, its the booby lady from earlier!"

    Jade pointed slightly south of Nanako's chin as if the area she was referring to was in doubt.

    "You can stay with us, sure! I'm gonna be in the tourney thingy with Ino and Alexiel! I'm Jade, ima knight. Ino's got lotsa guts, so ima make her my partner! Well, one anyway, gotta have 4 in all. Some people want an operator, but I dunno about all that. My team is gonna be about what's on the inside!"

    "Speaking of insides, do you drink lotsa milk?"

    It...probably took an intellect considerably less accomplished then that of the starlight academy leader to realize Jade probably had never once in her life had a thought she did not immediately articulate.

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    Takumi Hokuto
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    Monday- Morning


    My body will naturally move on its own, but I can quickly find myself in deep trouble if I up and lose my cool. What I need to do is keep cool and push forward.

    The next move is a spell. Not exactly the rush that I was hoping for, but so be it. I guess my opponent doesn't want to recklessly run into my range without getting a better idea of what I can do. So, I guess I can rally some attacks for a bit and see what happens.

    My feet slide into position the second I see my opponent's shoulders move. I take a deep breath and set my sights ahead.

    Taking in the image of Ishibashi's spell, I take note of why I should fear it. It's large, powerfully, and frighteningly fast. Furthermore, such a troublesome attack is coming from a range. It's obscuring my vision and it can even open me up for a follow-up attack. In short, I have to defend myself. If I can't avoid it, then I have to block it in some way. Only there's one problem... I have no defensive spells. Not really, anyway...

    But that won't stop me from facing my opponent. Because, even without a fancy shield spell like Ishibashi's, I have the tools available to me to meet this hurdle head-on.

    "Sekken Sou'ou Ryuu-!!"

    I grab my wrist with one hand and aim with the other. Remembering the teachings of my master, I keep it simple while also challenging the idea of what I can do with my spells. 'Magic is only limited by your mind' is something that has been beaten into me from day one. So... If I want to block at a range...


    Then why not try giving my shield some range.

    A small bug-like shield is projected in front of my palm and immediately fired forward with a gust of wind. The air tremors and my arms buck back from the recoil. At the same time, my attack rushes forth like a cannonball to a speeding car. It may not be the best defense, but hey... Nothing ventured nothing gained.

    Wise Up

    Rank: Variable (E~C)
    Type: Common
    Hokuto’s trademark spell. Gust is a spell which allows for Hokuto to create and generate luminous gales of wind that shine with a pale teal light. It is a mainstay in the young man’s fighting style and is the source of his nickname, “Fuukami”.

    Rank: F
    Type: Common
    A generic spell known by all Miracle users. It creates a small bug-like parrying shield.


    Sekken Sou’ou Ryuu: Rasenken
    A concentration of wind that is gathered in the fist and launched forward as a projectile. This technique creates a drilling blast of wind that rushes forward and bombards the enemy. It sports incredible breakthrough power.
    A single activation of Gust to create a blast.

    Sekken Sou'ou Ryuu: Mushidan
    A projectile attack that uses high-speed winds to launch a shield like a bullet. It is similar in many ways to the Rasenken technique, but lacks the precision movements. Instead, the shield allows the attack to have a harder impact.
    Gust + Ladybug to create a solid-surface blast.

    Sei "Kanra" Slayers
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    With all the euphemism present in your plan, it's only to be expected that Agnethe would fail to catch on immediately. But that's okay, deciphering the message has never been her job. She's a simple-minded individual trying to prove her superiority. Therefore, she won't let an opportunity such as this pass. Not when you are wearing such a smile.

    "Whatever, pipsqueak, I'll humor you." Standing behind you, the girl adjusts her stance slightly, as if preparing herself to throw a particularly heavy object. Thinking of the odds you have of failing, she can't help but draw a smirk herself. "Don't mess up the timing, or you'll never catch up-! my 'Iron Giant' reaches speeds someone like you can only dream of-!"

    Oh, but you can.

    The expression you wear already says that much.

    It might be an absolutely reckless plan, but it's not one hard to come up with. There is no doubt that such idea would cross the mind of anyone with the bare minimum skills at observation at least once, most likely during times of desperation. However, in your case, it's different: The aura that surrounds you spreads no doubt nor fear. You have already pictured the future in your head, so all that needs to be done now is paint it in the canvas.

    Sadly, that future is missing something. Something that, perhaps, even the glorious artist Shuugetsu Heika forgot the moment he was struck with a sudden rush of inspiration.

    Something that Agnethe Grieser would have seen coming, had she fully understood the plan you tried to convey.



    An official team is usually composed by four members. This one is no exception.

    Also on a rooftop close to the top of the hill, the main task the bot has been given is to cover its teammate, the sniper. Unfortunately, given the sudden turn of events, the unit that was meant to merely provide cover fire should the enemy get to close is now the only one left. In a direct confrontation, it most likely lacks the skill to immobilize even one of its opponents. Surprise attacks won't make a difference either. It's not that the bot is a pushover, its difficulty levels have been set to 'hard'. But the enemies it is facing are monsters, both of them, regardless of how many spells in their repertoire are sealed away. If it isn't careful, it will be eliminated in an instant, much like its teammates. For now, it'll play safe, like it's supposed to. If the time runs out, it will be its team victory, so maybe this whole thing ends without it having to do anything.


    It easily locates both targets. The redhead's attack has cleared a lot of the visual obstacles that were on the way, but it is not geared to engage in combat from this distance. It will wait until they get dangerously close to the goal, then rain bullets on them in order to slow them down. In a duel it would be a fool's errand, but here, it should be able to buy it the few seconds it needs to claim victory.


    What's that...? A sudden maneuver takes the bot by surprise.

    The giant iron ball has been tossed once more at full-speed. It is indeed moving at absurdly fast speeds. But that is not what's within its calculations. Given Agnethe's nature, it anticipated she might just destroy the rest of the buildings in a frenzy to eliminate any remainders of the opposing team. Yeah, the ball is certainly not what the eyes of the automated doll are focused on:

    ---It's the pair of Miracle Wielders following closely after it, bound by a 'string of fate'.


    Realizing it's do or die, the man readies its automatic rifle and opens fire immediately. But even from an angle that leaves them mostly unguarded against the attack, the 'Iron Giant' absorbs most of the projectiles in their stead. Not willing to give up, the bot displays insane reflexes and dexterity as it proceeds to empty another clip in an attempt to slow its foes down.

    But what happens is exactly the opposite. As the duo 'collides' into the enormous sphere, this only causes it to speed up further. Now riding on top of it, they've somehow managed to create a suitable vehicle to take them both to the finish line in time.

    It's absurd. Ridiculous.


    Even though it has not been programmed to have such thoughts, it cannot help but to wonder, if only for a moment:

    ---Just who on Earth are these people...?!


    It's not over. Not over yet.

    It's not over yet-!

    The bot uses the team's last resort: It detonates all the explosive mines previously set by the Pawn members at the start of the game. The number and potency of the explosions are such that even if Agethe's Miracle soars through the sky, it's easily engulfed by the flames. Seeing as a single one is more than enough to eliminate a fighter, this should at least prevent them from reaching the finish line in time. Since he is within the range of the explosions as well, it comes at the cost of its 'life', but seeing as this last attack holds the entirety of its team's 'will', there is absolutely no way it will fail, so it can perish without regrets.


    ---Or so it thought.

    Emerging from the soaring inferno and still racing against a torrent of flames, the spiked metal ball is plunged out from hell and tossed straight to the top of the hill. In what can be called a 'close call', the giant projectile violently crashes against the building with the goal on it.

    "Damn it..."

    (bgm off)

    Moments later, the two of you are returned to the rooftop where you've first met.

    ... It's been a rough ride.

    "Tch... Pretty convenient, that Miracle of yours." The girl says, rubbing her wrist, still feeling the phantom pain left by the handcuff that used to be there. "Still, most of this mess was your fault and it was only because of mine that victory was within grasp to begin with. Soo..."

    All of a sudden, the blame is being placed entirely on you. This... Doesn't feel accurate.

    Fireworks and a big 'Congratulations' message announce your victory. Naturally, they are both holographic. Following this, white numbers appear above your head. These are your points, your total 'score'. The eighty points the challenge was worth are split evenly between the two of you, quickly bringing both scores up by forty points. You can't help but notice that Agnethe's score is higher than yours at the end of it all -Because she had a higher starting total-, being 13 points above you. Naturally, she hasn't missed this, either. This is the first time the two of you share your totals and it's, perhaps, against your will.


    She already has a big mocking grin on her face.
    [18:30] RacingeR: Max S.Link with hero is when you promise your daughter to him
    [18:31] RacingeR: Which means Airen and me are the only ones that maxed it (I promised Spin to him, and Spin is my daughter)
    [18:32] hero: oh shit
    [18:32] hero: spincess get
    [18:32] hero: suck it fuckers

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    A sigh.

    A big, heavy, sigh.

    For some reason Shuugetsu Heika reacted to Agnethe's merciless glee at their point difference not with barbed words, hidden anger or deep glare but... but with disappointment and frustration. It was clear in his exasperated expression and hand raised to gracefully facepalm himself (how that was even possible was a question for the ages), as well as the way he rolled his eyes afterwards. Then, muttering something like an 'a rank-amateur' under his breath, Heika marched over to Agnetha, snapping his fingers like a whip to catch her off-guard.

    And in that moment, the venomous tongue of the viper lashed out once again.

    "For heaven's sake, don't verbalize it! You come across as a tryhard at best and insecure little tart at worst," Heika started, glaring a hole through Agnethe. "When you are to mock someone after something signals your superiority, do it without words! Let the implication and the judgment hang in the air! Raise one eyebrow, sneer down the length of your slightly wrinkled nose, mouth in an arrogant smile that's more of a line! And keep your damn chin up! You're already short enough as it is, so you need to get the most out of what you have."

    Then, without a warning and like a strict drill-sergeant, Heika slapped Agnethe on the back to straighten her posture while forcibly lifting her chin with one finger, fast as a whip. It was almost like something had boiled over within Heika, having had enough of Agnethe's attitude and behavior. The tone he used was almost like a frustrated director trying to get something out of a half-baked movie star or a annoyed artist trying to direct an incompetent model for his painting.

    "It's like those points. If you think any of that matters because you were a big fish in small pond, you need to realize the truth or get eaten," Heika continued, something black burning in his eyes. "It's good to be confident, that is needed to intimidate your enemies, but a moronic confidence like yours just gets you beaten down the moment those bothering to humor you get tired and leave."

    Those bothering to humor her?

    Was Heika talking about himself?

    In any event, heaving yet another sigh, Heika looked at Agnethe with a face of disappointment.

    "What I mean is..." he concluded. "... Is that you're clearly not very good at this 'bully' thing. You need to practice."

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    Ryuzaki Nanami
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    “Ah, sorry, I didn’t mean to disrespect you. I kinda just jumped in on instinct.” Nanami apologized sincerely to Tenshin while making her way to the side, following the ash-haired man, having to reposition herself to avoid hitting her with her tails. “Didn’t mean to imply you couldn’t defend yourself.”

    There, she watched the combat with some interest, but she was obviously not paying her full attention to it. Rather, Nanami seemed to be quite lost in her own thoughts. She turned towards Tenshin once again.

    “Name’s Ryuzaki Nanami, from Ravensworth.” She added, somewhat unnecessarily as the uniform at least gave away her school, and her fox tails made her very recognizable for those who kept an eye on potential contenders. “If you don’t mind, could I ask you from which school you are?” Nanami’s voice carried nothing but innocent curiosity.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike1984 View Post
    Besides, I don't see what's so terrible about looting anyway. It's only property, they're not actually harming anyone.
    Quote Originally Posted by lantzblades View Post
    when I say hero I don't mean hero in the spirit sense. I mean a morally grounded, good natured person who doesn't slaughter innocent people. No such person exists in the Nasuverse.
    [00:12] <~Katie> i can't defy my origin
    [00:12] <~Katie> of gay memes

    [16:15] <~Katie> lesbians has always been my gimmick and i will exploit it to the fullest

    [22:56] <@Sei> airen is pegging hero this time
    [22:56] <@Sei> for once airen isn't the uke
    [22:56] <@Kuroyuki> I thought Air was the Woman in the Relationship?
    [22:56] <@Airen> Yeah I kinda thought I was the girl too!

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    Ryouji Kurosawa
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    "Alright, alright, quit it with the whining."

    That was the only response Ryouji had to the almighty mage, a palm covering his face as the reality of the situation dawned on him. Regardless of whether this girl was talking rubbish or just another weirdo like his dear old headmaster, she wasn't about to leave him alone anytime soon.

    A quick shake of the head and a sigh before a sarcastic remark escaped him.

    "Is Fate also the reason you're running around looking for a free meal... I guess great power comes at great cost, huh?"

    Still, she wasn't wrong, there was always one desire that burned within him. The goal he had set for himself, a singular drive that kept him moving forward.

    To reach higher than anyone else, to reach his limit and to go above and beyond, to become the strongest.

    And if she was... whatever the hell she called herself, then hell why not? It was the better than the alternative: constant complaints.

    In the end, it was the stubborn types that caused the most trouble and she had that air about her... well that and the rather pathetic look she had. Just when did she last eat anyways to be this desperate.

    Irritation to pity in less than 10 seconds flat. Was he getting soft? Or just an inability to deal with these kinds of people. It would've been easier if they were just another punk...

    "Not like I had plans for this cash anyway.," He finally looked at the girl, almost fearing her reaction, "So where do you want to eat, at this rate I'm going to feel bad if I leave you like this."

    Ah, that terrible feeling, it was only getting worse as he noticed her reaction.

    Against his better judgment he finally said it, leaving no doubt in her mind about what he was offering.

    "My treat, I guess."
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