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Thread: Petition: Lock Create A Servant Forever

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strife ❤️ View Post
    Go! You two are the last remaining members of Beast's Lair. It's your duty to survive.

    Besides, this is MY forum. Let me at least fulfil my duty here to the end...

    Move it, Snow. That's an order!
    flowers for perm[A]s

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frostyvale View Post
    The freedom of threads is an insult to me. I'd have them all archived.
    We can tell.
    Quote Originally Posted by asterism42 View Post
    That time they checked out that hot guy they were just admiring his watch, yeah?

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    Why are we still here...? Just to shitpost?

    Every night, I can feel my threads, my posts, even my fingers. The sincerity I've lost, the friends I've lost, won't stop hurting.

    It's like they're all still there.

    You feel it too, don't you? I'm gonna make them give back our past.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tobias View Post
    This seems like the appropriate thread to talk about my idea for a simo hayha servant. I think this would be a good servant idea because simo seems like he would be easy to gender flip. And then she would have a cool sword, and a dog, and maybe the dog would actually be a furry. This furries name would be snow. And whenever snow got his, or maybe her head caught in a window or a peanut butter jar, and simo had to get it out, then simo would roll her eyes and be like "you know nothing snow."
    dont mind me, just leaving this here to make the back of seika's neck itch
    Quote Originally Posted by Bird of Hermes View Post
    The moment the opportunity arises for a pun, the one known as 'Taiga's Knight' will be there to deliver whether you like it or not.

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    ^ Exactly where it looks like I am, except metaphysically.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snow View Post
    I'd be tempted to agree with you because none of your points are actually wrong. There's just one problem: you're still here, which completely invalidates your entire argument.
    That said, Draconic will probably always fail to recognize sarcasm. So if it is, I done fucked up.

    To be honest though, I'd actually suggest making a separate subforum for CaS. It's updated too frequently and basically overshadows everything in the subforum it's already in. Even though updates to actual fics are few and far between, CaS preventing anyone from seeing the latest posts in the subforum makes it impossible to tell when that's happened before clicking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hymn of Ragnarok View Post
    That makes me think of Rin as a loan shark.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hymn of Ragnarok View Post
    Admittedly, she'd probably be the hottest loan shark you'll ever meet. She'd probably make you smile as she sucked you dry.

    Oh dear, that doesn't sound like yuri at all.
    Quote Originally Posted by Techlet View Post
    Not with that attitude.

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    Alright OP, lemme practice that
    Fanfiction, on occasion.

    / lost dream.
    Decoration Disorder Disconnection. Ishizue Arika and Mato Touma. An episode from a hypothetical future.

    Snapshots from the world on the eve of the Third Crusade. A Tuitio Mysterii et Obsequium Reliquiarium prequel.

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