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Thread: Monthly Create-A-Servant Contest

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    3 points: Captain Ahab
    2 points: Sir Breuse Sans Pity
    1 point: Judas Iscariot

    Honorable Mentions: Scylla, Lamia, Hera

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    3 points: Sir Breuse Sans Pity
    2 points: Hera
    1 point: Scylla

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    3pts: Captain Ahab
    2pts: Hera
    1pt: Sir Breuse Sans Pity

    Honorable Mentions:​ Lamia, Scylla
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    3 points: Judas Iscariot
    2 points: Sir Breuse Sans Pity
    1 point: Hera
    Feel free to look at my Servant sheets here.

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    3 Points: Hera
    2 Points: Sir Breuse Sans Pity
    1 Point: Judas Iscariot

    Honorable Mentions: Phix, Sethos I, Ahab, Mahendradatta

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    Um. Is it over?

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    3rd place, with 14 points

    Captain Ahab

    2nd place, with 15 points


    1st place, with 18 points

    Sir Breuse

    See you in December
    Quote Originally Posted by Sandstorm77 View Post
    He's just putting the bone of his sword into other people until it explodes and lets out parts of him inside them.
    Quote Originally Posted by AvengerEmiya View Post
    Genderswaps are terrible, but I think I and other people would hate them less if Fate didn't keep ignoring actual heroines throughout history and folklore. Like, why bother turning Francis Drake into a woman when Ching Shih and Grace O'Malley exist?
    Quote Originally Posted by Five_X View Post
    Fate Zero is just Fate Stay Night for people who think Shirou is too girly

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    Well, things seemed to have ended pretty quietly, but congrats to PitViper for winning with your very first post

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    Congratulations for PitViper, well deserved indeed.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bugs View Post
    Well, things seemed to have ended pretty quietly.
    Yeah, this thread's been noticeably quieter and less enthusiastic.
    Though I didn't get the chance to either participate nor vote myself

    - - - Updated - - -

    just to put it out there, i woud've voted

    Sir Breuse

    in no particular order

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    might I suggest A idea after all starting January it will be type moon 20th birthday perhaps have it be a year sequal contests aka using any of the previous contest ideas and start them anew so people who missed out on the previsous contest can make one or if they want to anew they can

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    Quote Originally Posted by PitViper
    It's a fairly simple theme, but I was thinking Archer-Class Servants? In all honesty, I was half-tempted to suggest "Archers that actually use bows", but that seems a touch restrictive, and there's only been a single pure class-themed prompt previously anyhow, so it isn't like extra restrictions are really needed.
    December prompt. You want a Christmas themed Archer, go nuts.

    Bowpersons preferred, but not mandatory. Deadline is 22nd.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sandstorm77 View Post
    He's just putting the bone of his sword into other people until it explodes and lets out parts of him inside them.
    Quote Originally Posted by AvengerEmiya View Post
    Genderswaps are terrible, but I think I and other people would hate them less if Fate didn't keep ignoring actual heroines throughout history and folklore. Like, why bother turning Francis Drake into a woman when Ching Shih and Grace O'Malley exist?
    Quote Originally Posted by Five_X View Post
    Fate Zero is just Fate Stay Night for people who think Shirou is too girly

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    Class: Archer
    Other Classes: Rider, Caster, Berserker, Saver
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Place of Origin: North America

    STR: C
    END: D
    AGI: B
    MGI: B
    LCK: B
    NP: D

    Height: 241 cm
    Weight: 130 kg
    Likes: Collecting items that catch her eye, physical activity
    Dislikes: The sound of thunder, ice
    Talent: Lacrosse, making faces
    Natural Enemy: Red Horn
    Attribute: Earth
    Traits: Divine, Female, Humanoid
    Armament: Bow
    Catalyst: A fossilized red horn

    Class Skills

    Independent Action - Rank A: The ability to remain independent even when rejecting the Magical Energy supply from one's Master; the ability that allows for action even in the absence of the Master. At higher ranks, it is also possible to remain for extended periods of time in this world without an established contract.
    At Rank A, it is possible for a Servant to stay in the world for about a week without a Master. It is possible for Archer to take action without a steady support of magical energy, as long as Noble Phantasms aren’t used.

    Magic Resistance - Rank C: Grants protection against magical effects. Differing from the Resistance effect that merely rejects Magical Energy, this ability cancels the spells altogether.
    Cancel spells with a chant below two verses. Cannot defend against magecraft on the level of High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals.

    Personal Skills

    Monstrous Strength - Rank D: A Skill that temporarily grants a rank-up to one's Strength parameter for a time limit determined by the ranking of this Skill. It is borne from the holder's nature as a monster or Demonic Beast.
    A remnant of Archer’s original nature as a man-eating giantess. Due to the root of her monstrous ways being removed by her husband, her rank in this Skill and status as a monster have both been lowered.

    Divinity - Rank C: The measure of whether one has Divine Spirit aptitude or not. At high levels, one is treated as a mixed race of a Divine Spirit, and the level declines when the Heroic Spirit's own rank as a Monster or Demonic Beast raises. It can also decrease due to one's dislike for the gods. Those who have A Rank Divinity or above have reached the Throne of Gods. It also has an effect which reduces special defensive values called "purge defense" in proportion to the Divinity's Rank. It can break through Skills such as Protection of the Faith and Enlightenment of the Sacred Fig.
    A Skill borrowed from the Heroic Spirit Archer is standing in for. Sent to earth as a full Divine Spirit to serve as a savior to humanity, he eventually failed in his task. Archer’s own rank in this Skill is further reduced by her monstrous original nature.

    Phantom Arrow - Rank B+: A Skill that allows the firing of arrows without a physical form. When the user draws their bow, a spiritual substitute is formed in the place of the arrow. When fired, the invisible projectile harms the spirit as well as the flesh it strikes. Phantom Arrow is unique to the Herok’a, a tribe of Native American hunting spirits and those related to them.
    Archer gains this Skill due to her status as chief of the Herok’a. As their chief, she also gains the benefits of their ability to ‘never miss a target’, reducing the effectiveness of evasion against the shots from her bow.

    Noble Phantasm
    The Red Star Arrow

    Type: Anti-Unit
    Rank: B+
    Range: 5~300
    Max Targets: 1
    A Noble Phantasm that manifests as the only true arrow in Archer’s use. Due to the circumstances of her manifestation, He-Pųjoge-Šujera is also the only truly present part of the Heroic Spirit that Archer is standing in for. Drawing on that Heroic Spirit’s status as a star, Archer can manifest him as shining red arrow, seemingly crafted from starlight.
    When loosed, the arrow accelerates to massive speeds, appearing as a single stream of light as it speeds towards the enemy. When the massive speed of the arrow is combined with the arrow’s status as a ‘star’ and the Herok’a’s ability to ‘never miss a target’, the resulting attack gains the quality to bypass any and all obstacles on the path leading to the target. He-Pųjoge-Šujera punches straight through armors and barriers, and due to its unique spatial qualities as both an ‘arrow’ and a ‘star’, it can even cross dimensional barriers.
    The arrow’s strike carries a moderate chance of causing instant death.

    Archer’s True Name is He-šucka, also known as Red Horn, the Chief of the Heroka. However, it appears that the original Red Horn has not bothered to respond to the summoning and is unwilling to manifest. As such, his wife, known as Pretty Woman, has manifested in his place.

    Red Horn was the penultimate of the five sons of the Earthmaker in Hocąk mythology. The sons were sent as Divine Spirits onto the earth to bring salvation to humanity, and up until Red Horn himself, all others had failed in their task. Red Horn himself came close to success, but was slain in competition with the man-eating giants, the Wąge-ručge. Another factor in his failure as a savior was his lack of dignity, stemming from a pair of animated faces that hung from his ears. In his many adventures, Red Horn was accompanied by his companions, Turtle and the thunderbird Storms-as-He-Walks.
    Red Horn’s final adventure came when he and his friends challenged several tribes of the Wąge-ručge into a series of contests in order to defend humanity from them. Each of these contests were to the death, and consisted of things such as archery, games of dice, diving, lacrosse and wrestling, the last two of which were the most notable.
    During the game of lacrosse, Red Horn and his companions were each matched with a formidable opponent. As the mightiest of his team, it seemed that Red Horn would lack a fitting competitor, until a giantess with hair as red as Red Horn’s own stepped forth. Once the game began, Red Horn’s companions proved superior to their opponents, but Red Horn himself struggled with the giantess. Their game was equal, but eventually the giantess burst out in laughter and fell behind. Throughout the game, the faces Red Horn wore on his earlobes had been making silly faces at her, and she could contain her mirth no longer. With his foe thus distracted, Red Horn secured victory for his team.
    The losing giants were to lose their lives, but Red Horn and the giantess he had faced had fallen in love with each other. Sparing her, Red Horn and his companions killed the rest of the giants.
    A later game of wrestling with another tribe resulted in a loss for Red Horn and his companions, and they lost their lives.
    Red Horn was survived by his two wives, one of whom was the giantess she had spared, who was given the name Pretty Woman by Red Horn. Through the later actions of Pretty Woman and the two wives’ sons, Red Horn and his companions were eventually returned to life.

    As for Pretty Woman’s own side of the tale, she was born a princess of the Wąge-ručge. As she grew up, she was far more slight of frame than the rest of her people, and she served her tribe with the rest of the womenfolk. During one game of lacrosse, however, she refused to serve refreshments to the players with the other women and barged onto the playing field. Due to her prowess, having proved far superior to any of the other giants, she was accepted as one of her tribe’s warriors.
    Though still ostracized for her gender and small size, she was let into the games against Red Horn and his companions. Pretty Woman took an instant liking to the red-skinned man that shared the color of her hair, but wished to show no mercy to him despite this. Though pressed by Red Horn’s skill, Turtle’s tricks and the sheer force of Thunders-as-He-Walks’ lightning, Pretty Woman proved a match for Red Horn’s team. All throughout the intense game, she had noticed the faces that Red Horn’s earring’s were making at her. Growing more and more amused as the game continued, she did her best to press on until she could bear to play no longer, and burst out laughing. With Pretty Woman thus stalled, Red Horn won the match. However, to her surprise, it seemed that Red Horn shared the same feelings she had felt for him, and decided that she should be spared. Thus did Pretty Woman come to be Red Horn’s wife.
    However, there was still a trial ahead of her: her man-eating ways, preventing her from living in Red Horn’s society. Red Horn took her into seclusion, and through several rituals exorcised from Pretty Woman’s body her evil nature, the same frost and hunger that fuels the Wendigo. Thus cleansed, she was given the name Pretty Woman, abandoning her former name and coming to life with Red Horn.
    After the adventures of her sons and the resurrection of Red Horn, Pretty Woman came to live with her husband as one of the Hesok’a, the tribe of hunting spirits her husband eventually became the chief of.

    As she is standing in for her husband, Pretty Woman goes by his name, preferring to be called He-šucka. This is both a rejection of her former identity and a way to honor her darling husband. Pretty Woman is also her husband’s pet name for her, and as such she does not wish others to use it.
    He-šucka is a wild, almost ferocious, fun-loving warrior woman. She is easily excitable and greatly enjoys physical activities, giving the impression of a flighty nature. Though she initially presents a front of being serious, she cannot maintain a straight face for long periods of time. This habit is in mimicry of the Herok’a, who she perceives as very boastful of their weaponry, often spouting lines like: “Who can miss anything, with this gift the Creator has given me?” or “I wield a holy weapon, who dares cross my path?”.

    However, beneath the bright and chirpy exterior, He-šucka’s inner nature as a monster still exists. She exhibits worrying behavior at times, and does not truly care for human lives. Indeed, her only reason for denying herself the souls of humans as a source of energy is due to the removal of her hunger for human flesh. She can also be remarkably selfish, having consideration only for herself, in the fashion of a solitary beast.
    He-šucka has a love for objects that catch her eye, and she often tries to strike wagers with others for them. Whether through a contest or combat, she tends to challenge other Servants for their belongings. Even in a life-or-death battle, she does not feel that anything is truly at stake unless a possession of value can be lost or gained. This could be chalked up to manifesting as a Heroic Spirit, but is actually a product of her upbringing among monsters.
    While she fights for something which she wishes to attain, He-šucka grows more serious, and follows certain ritualistic actions before partaking in combat, actions that eventually found their way into the rituals associated with historical lacrosse.

    He-šucka serves her Master, but not quite out of loyalty. As she is acting in her husband’s name, she simply wishes to make a good showing. She can be quite a hassle for a formal Master to handle, with her free-spirited and moody ways causing friction. Nevertheless, she does her best to deliver what her Master asks for, but she can sometimes interpret order mischievously, especially if her Master is beginning to irk her.
    Still, should one work along with her tendencies, she can serve with joy, even coming to see her Master as a companion. Due to her inhuman inner nature, however, actually connecting with He-šucka is difficult.

    Her wish to the Holy Grail is something that she has not actually decided yet, and she would likely default to the first thing that crosses her mind should the occasion arise. Alternatively, she would consult the spirit of her husband on the matter.

    Red Horn: Her beloved husband. She is forever grateful to him for removing her hunger for human flesh. However, now that the opportunity has risen, she wishes to explore the human world without her husband as a guide, making her own path just as she did among the giants.

    European Heroic Spirits: By and large a boring bunch. Having been used to the wild and strange appearances of the creatures of her homeland, the humans of Europe seem to be remarkably uniform and disappointing in terms of appearances.

    Iskandar: Towards Iskandar, she feels a fearful sense of awe. She equates him with the strongest of her husband’s companions, Thunders-as-He-Walks, due to Iskandar’s connections with lightning. The trauma associated with lightning that she gained from fighting the thunderbird is in full effect, and she is also impressed with his stature.

    Heracles, Spartacus, Leonidas etc.: She is impressed with both the men’s stature and musculature. Particularly in regard to Heracles, however, she is apprehensive due to his nature as a slayer of monsters.

    Tristan: A fellow proponent of bowmanship that forgoes the use of arrows. Despite initial interest, however, Tristan is too dour for her liking, easy on the eyes as though he is.

    Creator Notes
    I should probably work on being less verbose with my sheets… This is probably a chore to read through.
    Should go for quality rather than quantity in the future.

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    "Ja wohl mein Master. Servant Archer, Wernher Von Braun at your service. As long as you can help me fulfill my research, I'd gladly follow you into the very depths of Hell."

    Servant Archer:



    True Name: Wernher Von Braun "Father of Rocketry"

    Alignment: True Neutral

    Alternate Classes: Rider, Caster

    Strength- D
    Agility- B
    Endurance- C
    Mana- C
    Luck- A+
    NP- A++

    Simply put, Archer is a man in love with science. From even a casual interaction with Archer his passion for his craft shines clearly through, like a supernova in the darkness of space. When it comes to talking about what he likes, which is outer space and building rockets, Archer shows a cheerful and passionate nature that can be likened to an excitable schoolboy. He's capable of babbling at length on subjects that catch his eye to the point of boring everyone around him. An insufferable, but endearing genius.

    However, Archer's passion has a darker side as well. His heart that was wholly infatuated by science, has no room for human emotions like love and friendship. Archer believes that emotions merely stand in the way of science. For him, a true scientist must discard their emotions in order to pursue the optimal result without hesitation. He openly refers to himself as a man who gouged out his human heart to dedicate himself utterly to advancing scientific progress.

    Bereft of sympathy, bereft of ideology--- a heartless bloodless calculating machine wearing a smiling mask, that is the true nature of the man called Wernher Von Braun. He cares not for the humane costs of his research, only that it yields results. Even if his inventions were used to massacre millions, Archer could still smile with pride and happiness, knowing that his beloved tools managed to prove their worth.

    While Archer is outwardly cheerful and polite, he regards humans as no more than machines like his rockets. His friendliness is just an act of "maintenance" to get the
    to work in the way most advantageous for himself. He believes the human heart to be like a mechanism, something he can easily manipulate with the proper inputs. Even so, Archer is capable of being genuinely kind to the rare person who catches his eye, which is mainly others who share his scientific passions. It might be the last vestige of humanity from a man who sacrificed his heart to science, though Archer would surely scoff at such notions.

    A self-serving manipulator, a grinning devil, a sociopath who'd brush off the deaths of millions as long as they vindicated his research; all those words and more apply perfectly to Archer. But because of the sincere passion for science that burns in his eyes, others can't help but be enthralled by him even knowing his true nature. Viewed from a certain light Archer has an almost childish innocence. Like a little kid playing with toy rockets, he innocently indulges his curiosity absent any concern that his actions are "good" or "evil".

    Archer disdains direct violence, as he considers it unbecoming for a man of science like himself to dirty his hands in bloodshed. So he prefers to scheme from the shadows and get enemy Servants to kill each other off rather than engaging himself. Even so, Archer is willing to fight when necessary. In battle- as with anything else- he prizes efficiency, prioritizing ending the conflict by obliterating the enemy as quickly as possible. Thus Archer acts very cunning and ruthless. He has no qualms taking hostages and relying on other dishonorable tactics to gain an advantage when his own strength isn't enough.

    Attitude to his Master
    Archer regards his Master solely as his "employer". He'll act the part of a devoted Servant as long as it's convenient for him. But his loyalty is purely opportunistic. Should his Master prove weak or unreliable, Archer wouldn't hesitate to betray them and ally with a stronger Master he deems more likely of winning the War.

    Ultimately, Archer doesn't hold true loyalty towards anyone. Not to his Master. Nor the nations he served in life. Only his dream. Science itself.

    Wish on the Holy Grail

    In life Archer had a great dream of bringing humanity to outer space, which he fulfilled by creating the first manned rocketship to reach the moon- Saturn-V. As a Servant now that he's attained his dream Archer has greater sights in mind. His wish on the Holy Grail is to establish an extraterrestrial empire of man, one fit to go out and conquer the very stars.

    It's not out of some sense of brotherhood to his fellow man, but merely a desire to broaden his sights to the farthest possible extent.

    Likes: stargazing, tinkering with machines
    Dislikes: politics, being distracted from his work
    Talent: rocketry
    Natural Enemy: Tom Lehrer

    Class Skills:

    Independent Action- B
    The ability to sustain oneself in the World without a supply of magical energy from one's Master. At this rank, Archer can linger in the World for up to two days in the absense of an active contract. The
    spirit that let Archer freely defect to the United States after the fall of Nazi Germany to resume his work has given him a high rank in this Skill.

    Magic Resistance- E-
    Confers protection against magical effects. At this rank, it doesn't cancel spells at all but merely reduces the damage a little.

    Archer lived in the modern day and had no anecdotes of encountering Magecraft, so he only has a bare minimum rank in this Skill.

    Personal Skills:

    Self-Preservation- A
    A Skill to preserve one's health so the user can escape. As long as he preserves his Master's safety to the lowest possible degree, Archer is able to escape from nearly all harm.

    In life, Archer was someone who didn't care who he was working for as long as he could advance his research. Building missiles for Nazi Germany's horrific bombing campaigns, and later defecting to America to work on the Space Race. It wasn't that he had a change of heart, Archer simply didn't care as long as he had the opportunity to fulfill his dream.

    "I make the rockets go up, where they come down is someone else's responsibility." So said Wernher Von Braun.

    Pioneer Of The Stars- EX
    A unique Skill given to heroes that became turning points in human history. All difficult voyages and challenges which are considered "impossible" turn into "events that can be realized". As the man whose research brought humanity to the stars, Archer possesses EX-rank in this Skill. Even if he didn't personally undertake the journey, it never would've occurred without him.

    Whether he's revered as a patriotic hero or reviled as a self-serving demon, Archer's contributions to the field of space travel can't by any means be overstated.

    Aptitude For Slaughter (Tools)- B
    A curse-like Personal Skill held by those who invented tools used for mass killing, even if they didn't wish for it. Implements used gain a + modifier in their damage dealt against humans. In Archer's case this Skill expresses his bloodstained history in creating rockets of war for the German regime. Even if he doesn't intend it, any rocket Archer creates will inevitably possess applications for warfare・destruction.

    Noble Phantasms
    Terror Raining From Heaven

    Rank: B+

    Type: Anti-Populace

    A Noble Phantasm crystallizing Archer's invention of the fearsome V-2 missiles used in Nazi Germany's bombing raids on London and other allied cities. While Archer himself never fired or aimed these missiles in life, he possesses this Noble Phantasm due to his infamy in having made their launch possible in the first place.

    This Noble Phantasm allows Archer to materialize and fire a limitless amount of V-2 missiles. The missiles are formed from Archer's magical energy and detonate in a burst of Mana upon hitting anything, on par with a B-ranked Broken Phantasm. The more Mana Archer puts into a missile, the bigger it'll be and the more destructive power it has.

    When Archer deploys this Noble Phantasm, magic circles appear in the air with Germanic runes on them and the missiles start emerging from them as if portals. Archer normally conjures the missiles from thin air in front of him but he can also create them in the sky to rain down on the enemy or behind to attack from an unexpected angle.

    Mankind's Chariot To The Stars

    Rank: A++

    Type: Anti-Fortress/Anti-Beyond

    Archer's greatest invention, the rocket ship that brought mankind to the moon. Though Archer never manned the vessel in life, as it was the culmination of his dream for space-flight Archer can summon the ship as his Noble Phantasm. Because he doesn't have the ability nor training to actually ride it, Archer instead exploits the ship's size and bulk in a direct offensive attack. Upon invoking the true name, the Saturn-V emerges from a massive portal covered in astronomical sigils behind Archer before flying forward to ram into opponents like a missile.

    Carrying mankind's dreams to reach beyond the farthest horizon, this Noble Phantasm has the special ability of piercing through any barriers or boundaries that stand in its way whether physical or magical. Even Reality Marbles can be broken through and destroyed. It also deals greater damage against existences that stand "beyond the reaches of man", like monsters, deities and Foreigner-Classed Servants. Without revealing its true name and at a lessened Mana cost, Archer can summon only part of Saturn-V instead of the whole ship. In combat he favors manifesting just the engines to bombard his opponents with scorching plumes of rocket fire.


    So here's my entry for the contest. Dude's been hanging around my WIP file for a while now, but since he fit the theme I decided to polish him up (mostly personality-wise) and submit. Hope y'all enjoy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiki-pon
    He-šucka, also known as Red Horn, the Chief of the Heroka
    Ah, so this is the Star Arrow servant you were asking for help a few days back?

    Pretty solid overall despite your fears of being too verbose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skull View Post
    Ah, so this is the Star Arrow servant you were asking for help a few days back?

    Pretty solid overall despite your fears of being too verbose.
    Yup, this is the one. She was originally supposed to be a very unorthodox (not to mention failed) Saver, but since she happened to wield a bow and the prompt was Archers...

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    Archer of Mysore

    "As you are my retainer, allow me to establish some rules between us, since I cannot risk you throwing a wrench on my plans. Your duty is simply to provide me with mana, use command spells, and speak only when you are permitted. Abide by these rules, and I promise to bring victory upon the two of us. Transgressions will be met with a warning, and a second one will grant you punishment. Do I make myself clear?"


    Class: Archer
    Other Classes: Saber, Lancer, Rider

    True Name:
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Place of Origin: India


    STR: C
    END: C
    AGI: B
    MGI: E
    LCK: A
    NP: B+

    Likes: Being in power, order, weaponry
    Dislikes: Things outside his control, incompetence, disorder
    Talent: Military strategies, suppressing enemies
    Natural Enemy: Lakshmibai, Spartacus
    Armament: A Mysorean rocket, also usable as a spear, dagger
    Catalyst: His sword and ring, taken from him by British forces as war trophies

    Class Skills

    Independent Action
    Rank: C
    The ability that allows for action even in absence of the Master.
    At higher ranks, it is also possible to remain for extended periods of time in this world without an established contract. It is possible for Archer to stay for up to one day without a Master.

    Magic Resistance
    Rank: C+
    Cancel spells with a chant below two verses. Cannot defend against magecraft on the level of High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals. Archer possesses a slight plus modifier on this skill due to originating from a place with relatively high mystery, even in the 18th century.
    Personal Skills

    Tiger of Mysore
    Rank: B+
    Archer's epithet as the king of the Hindi kingdom of Mysore. Archer is both revered and feared as a great king who fought colonialism, as well as a brutal tyrant who massacred anyone who opposed his will. As a skill, this is a subspecies of charisma enough to govern an entire kingdom and lead it to glory. That said, should a charisma check fail and one refuses to follow Archer, they will instead feel an underlying sense of fear and unease whenever Archer is nearby.

    Rank: A
    A skill signifying one who opposes colonialism. Allows Archer to deal more damage to Servants of European origins, particularly those originating from 15th to 19th century Europe. Archer was an implacable enemy of the British East India Company, defeating them in three consecutive wars before dying valiantly in battle during the fourth. While his reception is somewhat controversial in the present day, no one could deny that he was a symbol of colonial resistance during his time, regardless of his own personal motives.

    Rank: C+
    The tactical knowledge used not for one-on-one combat situations, but for battles where many are mobilized. Archer was a brilliant strategist who emerged victorious multiple times against the British East India Company despite being constantly outnumbered. As a pioneer of modern rocket artillery, this skill also grants Archer and his allies a moderate power and accuracy boost when wielding long-range weapons.

    Noble Phantasm(s)
    Fathul Mujahidin
    Bombardment - Roaring Tiger

    Type: Anti-Army
    Rank: B+
    Range: 1-99
    Max Targets: 2000

    A display of Archer's most famous legacy, the Mysorean rockets that he used in various battles against the British army. The Siege of Seringapatam, one of Archer's last few decisive battles against the British, reportedly began with showers of roughly 2000 rockets fired simultaneously, leaving rampant destruction on its wake. A punishment only fitting for anyone who dares to disrupt the king's order.

    This Noble Phantasm allows Archer to manifest up to ten cushoons (regiment) of his army, with each cushoon wielding 200 rockets. Affected by his anti-colonialism skill, this Noble Phantasm reenacts his victories, dealing extra damage to European Servants from the colonial era. In addition, based on anecdotes of how the rocket was used during the beginning of war, as well as Archer's mentality of "not holding anything back from the get-go", this Noble Phantasm also gains a plus modifier when used immediately at the beginning of confrontation.

    Damage-wise, while this Noble Phantasm is slightly weaker compared to similar "bombardment" type Noble Phantasms such as Three Thousand Worlds, this Noble Phantasm has the added effect of confusing and scattering enemy forces as well as drastically altering the terrain due to the flames, smoke, and shrapnel following the initial bombardment. It is also possible for Archer to unleash a very limited release of this Noble Phantasm, manifesting up to three rockets to assist him in combat at any time for little to no mana cost.

    Archer's True Name is Tipu Sultan, a ruler of the Hindi kingdom of Mysore, as well as a pioneer of rocket artillery. A military genius who led multiple campaigns and emerged victorious against the British East India Company. His rule was known for multiple administrative innovations such as a new coinage system and calendar, as well as various economic development policies that established the Mysore silk industry and turned his kingdom into a major economic in the 18th century. However...

    "Why I fought against the British, you ask? Simply put, they interfered with the order that I have established in my kingdom. Thus, they must be punished accordingly for the sake of my kingdom's prosperity."

    A man who values order above anything else, Archer is a highly distrustful individual. In order to realize his own view of the "ideal kingdom", he is a firm believer of "if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself". Unlike many other kings who prefer to simply sit on their throne, Archer is a highly proactive individual, mostly due to the fear of his men's incompetence potentially jeopardizing his plans. He is also a highly egocentric ruler, believing his ideas to be the best way to reach the optimal solution. His thoughts are not entirely unfounded, however, as he does possess the capabilities, cunning, and wisdom of a master strategist, although his strategies rarely account for things outside his control.

    Due to his own egocentrism, Archer despises protesters and those who disagree with his ideas. To him, they are an insult to his capabilities as a ruler, as well as a cause of "disorder". Thus, he would not hesitate to punish them in the harshest ways possible to ensure that these movements cannot rise again, all to maintain his order. That said, he may be slightly more lenient to his own Master, as long as he believes that they still serve a purpose to him.

    As a military strategist, Archer is highly fascinated by various weapons from different times and cultures. Oftentimes, he would analyze these weapons in detail and hypothesize scenarios to use them optimally in battle. Despite his arrogant, egocentric demeanor, his in-depth analysis often prove to be helpful advice for the original wielders of these weapons, forcing them to begrudgingly acknowledge his talent.

    In a normal Holy Grail War, Archer detests holding back and concealing his True Name, as he simply wishes to let loose and annihilate anyone who opposes him. Yet as a strategist, he knows that such impulsivity can be his downfall in war and thus he holds back accordingly during the early stages of the war to assess the situation and observe the other participants. Then again, he certainly will savor the moment he gets to stop holding back and unleash his entire arsenal.

    Archer's wish to the Holy Grail is to reestablish the kingdom of Mysore, with him as its ruler. Believing that his kingdom and its surrounding areas have been thrown into chaos and disorder following his death, he vows to bring about his ideal kingdom once again.

    Truly, both in life and as a Servant, he remained as a brutal tyrant, yet also a terrifyingly effective ruler.

    Tipu Sultan (1750-1799) was a ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore and a pioneer of rocket artillery. He introduced a number of administrative innovations during his rule, including a new coinage system and calendar, and a new land revenue system which initiated the growth of the Mysore silk industry. He expanded the iron-cased Mysorean rockets and commissioned the military manual Fathul Mujahidin. He deployed the rockets against advances of British forces and their allies during the Anglo-Mysore Wars, including the Battle of Pollilur and Siege of Seringapatam. He also embarked on an ambitious economic development program that established Mysore as a major economic power, with some of the world's highest real wages and living standards in the late 18th century.

    Napoleon Bonaparte, the French commander-in-chief, sought an alliance with Tipu Sultan. Both Tipu Sultan and his father used their French-trained army in alliance with the French in their struggle with the British, and in Mysore's struggles with other surrounding powers, against the Marathas, Sira, and rulers of Malabar, Kodagu, Bednore, Carnatic, and Travancore. Tipu's father, Hyder Ali, rose to power capturing Mysore, and Tipu succeeded him as the ruler of Mysore upon his father's death in 1782. He won important victories against the British in the Second Anglo-Mysore War and negotiated the 1784 Treaty of Mangalore with them after his father died from cancer in December 1782 during the Second Anglo-Mysore War.

    Tipu remained an implacable enemy of the British East India Company, sparking conflict with his attack on British-allied Travancore in 1789. In the Third Anglo-Mysore War, he was forced into the Treaty of Seringapatam, losing a number of previously conquered territories, including Malabar and Mangalore. He sent emissaries to foreign states, including the Ottoman Empire, Afghanistan, and France, in an attempt to rally opposition to the British.

    In the Fourth Anglo-Mysore War, the imperial forces of the British East India Company were supported by the Nizam of Hyderabad and Marathas. They defeated Tipu, and he was killed on 4 May 1799 while defending his fort of Seringapatam.

    In modern India, reception to Tipu Sultan is highly divisive, with some celebrating him as a hero of colonial resistance, and others criticizing his heavy, oftentimes brutal repression of various religious groups for both religious and political reasons. His army was also known for their brutal massacre of British prisoners, after a number of prisoners were found dead with nails driven into their skulls.

    Gilgamesh (Archer)
    "Your arrogance will always become your downfall, King of Heroes. Despite having all the power in the world, you hold back because you deem some people unworthy of witnessing your power? How foolish, dissenters who cause disorder are worthy of nothing less than the harshest of punishments."

    "I must applaud your efforts, despite overwhelming odds, you continued to fight and protected your homeland against those invaders, truly, it reminds me of myself. That said, hm... something tells me we wouldn't get along due to a fundamental difference in our beliefs. I suppose that can't be helped.

    "Hm, you have the right idea. You can't expect peaceful negotiations to work, the only way is to take what you want with your own hands. That said, with the chaos you caused then... I suppose we will always remain as an oppressor and the oppressed."

    Napoleon Bonaparte
    "Hoho, have you come to grovel before me again and ask for another alliance? I might consider it if you ask nicely. After all, our last alliance was quite fruitful, admittedly."

    Marie Antoinette, Hans Axel von Fersen
    "See, that's where you're wrong. You can't satisfy everyone's demands all the time, and you can't expect peaceful negotiations to work out back then. Therefore, the only solution was to crush dissenters beneath your feet."

    Oda Nobunaga
    "Ahahaha, This girl really gets it! Convoluted strategies are nice and all, but sometimes, nothing feels better than overpowering your opposition with sheer firepower, don't you think!?"

    Creator's Notes
    A fairly vanilla, straightforward sheet all around, been working on this guy for a while and he happened to fit this month's theme. A foil to the usual "lazy, smug king" type, he's basically a jerk, but at the same time, he has the skills to back up his ego, as well much less willingness to hold back for the sake of his own amusement, unlike Gil. Overall, I'm not entirely satisfied with him, and I'm considering making a second entry if I have the inspiration, preferably with an actual bow wielder next time.
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    Feel free to look at my Servant sheets here.

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    Okay… Imma just get over with this and put the author notes here first. I got slightly inspired by the even about to go on at the F/GO Arcade with Christmas!Helena, and things spiraled out of control with the idea that this was supposed to be the gacha servant on mind. It’s not a sheet you should take 100% seriously, despite I having put my best in creating it… I don’t know if I could make you understand what I tried to say in this sentence hahaha…

    Anyway! December prompt: an Archer (bow-person preferred, Christmas-themed being optional) is completed. It’s my first time participating in this challenge, and I hope I could deliver something that can be considered a proper entry…. I’m kinda nervous……. ;;

    Archer of the Moon

    Other Classes: Berserker, Rider.
    Alignment: Lawful Good.
    Place of Origin: China.

    Height: 178cm.
    Weight: 70kg.

    Attribute: Sky.
    Traits: Brynhildr’s beloved, Servant, Humanoid, Male, Divine, Weak to Enuma Elish.
    Armament: Bow.
    Catalyst: A piece of an arrow dusted with offering incense.


    STR: B
    END: B
    AGI: C
    MGI: D
    LCK: C
    NP: B

    Class Skills

    Divinity: D

    Born as the son of a god and a mortal, he possesses the Divinity Skill. But, because legends can’t quite agree if he is a full-fledged god or a demigod, his rank is uncertain.

    Independent Action: B

    As a Servant, he can stay in the world for two days without the support of a Master. However, this is the ideal value achieved by conserving mana and avoiding battle.

    It looks like his original parameter was supposed to be C, but thanks to his personal Skill Blessings of the Moon, he somehow got a rank up. One explanation can be that, by being the owner of an unshakeable faith that he is favored by the moon, he can actually survive quite longer when it is dark in a sort of Placebo-effect phenomena. (Though, his official explanation is just, “My wife just loves me that much.” What does that even mean!?)

    Magic Resistance: C+

    Cancel spells with a chant below two verses. Cannot defend against magecraft on the level of High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals. He has a remarkable resistance to Chinese-related Witchcraft.

    Mad Enhancement: E-

    What is this itchiness in his arm? Is that the presence of a Sun-blessed Servant in the same vicinity…!?

    Apart from the strange feeling in the pit of his stomach every time he gets too close to a child of the sun, there is no effect or benefit at all from this Skill at this rank. Actually, overall, Archer just got a little tougher against physical pain.

    Personal Skills
    Blessings of the Moon: EX

    A composite Skill unique to Archer’s existence. After his wife, Chang’e, ingested the immortality pill and rose up to the heavens, he presented many offerings to her in his grief. But since they loved each other so much, she did not want to go too far away and so she chose the moon as her new home.

    By his appraisal to the Moon Goddess, and for being loved so deeply by her, he receives a multitude of blessings even when not bathing under the moonlight. (Some may say that its effects are similar to the Imperial Privilege personal Skill, in the sense that this is nothing but a shower of benefits, but to that he says: “Yeah, right!” Can they get this sweet, sweet Guts effect too with their puny Skills!? No? Hah! He thought so! His love is clearly superior!)

    Beast Slayer: B

    Archer is regarded as a full-fledged hunter of mythical beasts in his legends; an ability recognized by King Yao, who sent him on many errands to eliminate the ones who were tormenting mankind.

    Mana Burst (Sunlight): A

    A Skill that came attached to the Noble Phantasm that he received from the Jade King. A bow that was bathed in the sacred light of ten scorching-hot morning stars and acquired its luminous radiance. It is difficult to keep one’s eyes in his weapon for too long, as it is like looking directly into the sun (and quite frankly, he does not like that at all. Sunlight is an enemy!) As an aditional feature, it seems that this Skill also imparts a tremendous strength and sturdiness to his arrows, making them capable of piercing virtually anything.

    Noble Phantasm
    JinWu Shi
    Fall Down, O Bright Morning Star

    Type: Anti-Army
    Rank: B
    Range: ??
    Max Targets: 1~10

    “O ever-burning fire of destruction, perish by this hand of mine. Spring forth from my bow and pierce the heavens above――
    Fall Down, O Bright Morning Star
    JinWu Shi

    The divine bow said to be granted by the mythical Jade King Yao to Archer in order to shoot down the ten suns. Yangwu is the name given to the ten three-legged sun crows, and it is said that when they all flew together the Earth was almost reduced to cinders. Sublimated into a Noble Phantasm, this is the mission of a man who was supposed to save the world. An enemy standing in front of his arrow is automatically seen as “a drop of the sun”: therefore, an enemy. The explosion released by these arrows is equivalent to the Earth-shattering experience of the sun falling down.

    ――Also, Archer usually treats this very important detail as a side-note (when he remembers of ever telling someone about it anyway), but it is indeed recommended that a Master should keep their distance from the battlefield when this Noble Phantasm is released, as the heat wave liberated from the attack is said to be massive.

    Hou Yi is a mythological demigod Lord Archer whose prowess with a bow earned him undying fame. His wife, Chang’e, is the lunar deity of immortality.

    According to Chinese mythology, ten three-legged crows shone in the sky as ten suns. Initially, they would cross the sky one by one, but one day all 10 suns came out at once and were scorching the earth. Hou Yi was, then, tasked by the mythical King Yao to rein in the suns. He tried to reason with the suns at first, but when that didn't work, he began to shoot at them one by one. When only one sun was left, the Jade King and the raven’s mother asked for it to be spared for the sake of the prosperity of mankind.

    He was rewarded for his good work with the pill of immortality by the gods. But one of Hou Yi’s apprentices, Pang Meng, broke into Hou Yi's house in search of the pill of immortality while his master was out hunting. His wife Chang’e swallowed the pill before Pang Meng could get it. After eating the pill, Chang’e rose up to the moon as an immortal deity. Hou Yi could only build temples for his wife and offer sacrifices and gifts in her name. Their tragic love story inspired the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, an important occasion in Chinese culture.

    Despite the pain in his heart, his heroic deeds continued; with his bow and arrow, he saved the moon during an eclipse and rescued the country from a variety of plagues, one of which involved a wind monster who was wreaking havoc across the land.

    ―Anyway, it seems that he has learned in the Throne of Heroes that there is this miraculous holiday called Christmas, where all your wishes come true if you are a ‘good boy.’ Frankly, no one could stop him after he gained this knowledge.

    I’ve heard that, for the Westerns, Christmas day is a time of gathering, praying and being thankful for the ones you have close to your heart. Well, it is just like the Mid-Autumn Festival, you know! ――Besides, isn’t this baby Jesus whose birth is also celebrated in the same day related to the Sun through the use of such phrases as ‘Sun of righteousness’? It’s almost like I was born to be an exclusive Servant for this sort of event, Master! Well, well, let us get this thing going!”, he will bullshit his way through the explanation without a single speck of shame. Honestly, just let him see his wife already!


    Likes: His wife, Mooncakes.
    Dislikes: Too much sunlight, Bitter medicine.
    Talents: Saving people, Being an airhead.
    Natural Enemy: UV-rays.

    Easygoing and straightforward. Charming and honest. His greatest assets are his confidence in his own decisions and his courage in the face of adversity. A serene appearance that betrays a heart bursting with feelings. Archer goes about his life with a boyish heart, a taste for dramatic flair and an unshakeable hope for meeting again a certain person…

    He is easily impressed and just as easily amused. He is also a natural airhead, incapable of understanding subtleties when communicating with someone else, mostly taking things at face value. (He broke many hearts by just being himself, but obliviously kept going.) He admires heroes of justice and people who stood against the world for their ideals, broken as they were; for him, these are the bravest souls. The owner of a deep spiritual core, he offers respect and prays to all the departed souls, no matter their side in a War. All lives deserves the cycle of birth and rebirth, and all lives deserves to be mourned.

    But... Truth to be told... He still has some doubts about the power of the Holy Grail… Is this object as strong as a Santa Claus? If so, he doesn’t mind asking for it to have a chance to meet his dear wife again. He really wants to test this “kissing under the mistletoe” feature, you see.

    ――He is also the one person always urging his Master to get a parasol, for the UV-rays in this time of the year are just brutal on your skin. (Even if it is hiding under layers of clouds, Master! Why must he know more about that than a person of this time, frankly!)

    “Ho… So you, too, is waiting for your wife? Uhm, uhm, I can understand that. ――Huh?? Four years and nothing of her yet!? M-Master! That’s terrible! What if I have to wait that long as well!?”

    Helena Blavatsky (Santa):
    “Master... Could you help me? Perhaps I am too naïve in the ways of Christmas, but... When a woman says that ‘we are kindred spirits in our lonesome interpretation of the world’, and then proceeds to talk about someplace called Lemuria, she’s not talking about that wondrous place where Santa Claus makes our presents, right…?”

    “But I must say… Why a goddess of the bright Venus is associated to a Christmas event anyway? Are you people trying to tick me off or something? ――Wait a minute…! I’m also a deity associated with Sun myths…!? Awawawa, what is this urge to point an arrow to my own chest!?”

    “A reflection of the Sun Goddess herself? I know for myself the gods are flimsy things but worry not, Master! I won’t lose! I am peerless when it comes to shooting down the Sun, after all!”

    “Wah, the child of Ra is here as well!? One… Two… Huh? What I’m doing? I was just counting how many Sun descendants we have in Chaldea… I have to prepare countermeasures soon…”

    “A son of the Sun God, huh. How strange... I don’t feel like shooting down a warm spirit like yours at all.”


    The First Star

    There are so many things he wanted to tell her.
    ――The flowers were blossoming beautifully.
    ――The night sky was still as breathtaking as ever.
    And yet, she wasn’t there no longer. So, he could only pray from the bottom of his heart for the gentle light of his dreams.

    ――Up in the skies, she smiles at the prayers made with love and sorrow.
    “My beloved…
    The silver moon gently shines down upon you.
    It still watches over you tonight.
    I wish with all my heart that you will be happy.
    My beloved… The silver moon gently shines down upon you.
    ――Even if you never know of it.”

    “――In other words, look! Look very well! Isn’t my wife just perfect!? ❤”
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    Blog Entries

    Archer of insignificance

    "I'm not the strongest, but i have my way."

    Class: Archer
    Alignment: Neutral/good
    Region: France
    Height: 180cm
    Weight: 64kg
    Likes: target practicing, honor, merciful men
    Dislikes: vengeful people, unnecessary violence, giving up
    Talent: marksmanship, cooking
    Armaments: crossbow
    Natural Enemy: Mercadier


    Str: E
    End: D
    Agi: B
    Mna: D
    Lck: E
    NP: E~A+++


    class skills

    Independent action(A): the ability to remain independent even when rejecting, or unable to receive a prana supply from the Master. Archer can remain in this world for a week even after losing his Master. However, to use Noble Phantasms back up from the Master, or other Prana source is necessary.

    Magic resistance(D): Cancel Single-Action spells. Magic Resistance of the same degree of an amulet that rejects magical energy.

    personal skills

    Insignificant insect(A): A Skill that preys upon the pride of the enemy. It causes Archer to generate a Weakness Aura, causing enemies to not take him serious and do things like not attacking or leave themselves open.

    Makeshift equipament(B): The Skill to find new and often unusual uses to objects. Archer can, for example, use a pen as a dart or a frying pan as a shield and etc... Itens used in this way are reinforced for better effectiveness.

    Kingly pardon(E): A Skill that would protect Archer from Skills that reflect damage back to the attacker. However, at rank E, he can only delay the effect of said skills for a time.

    Noble phantasm

    The Ant Slays the Lion
    King Killer

    rank: Anti-unit, E~A+++

    Archer's Noble Phantasm, it represents the shot who with he killed Richard the Lionheart.
    This attack has the special ability of dealing more damage the more stronger opponent is, using Archer as a base of comparison. Against a weak opponent it is just a small bolt, but against a strong one this Noble Phantasm can become extremely powerful.
    But that is more all. If the target don't die immediately, the bolt will embed itself on the body of the target and slowly kill them from inside, with attempts to remove causing even more damage.
    With the mana cost for activating being very low, it is what allow the bottom tier Archer to defeat even Top tier servants.


    Archer is Pierre Bassile, also know Bertran de Gurdun and John Sabroz, although none of these are his real name.
    He was just a young boy guarding Château de Chalus-Chabrol and his life was of very little importance. He would have disappeared from history without leaving a mark, if it wasn't for his last act.
    In 1199, King Richard the Lionheart decide to take the castle, inspired by rumors of a Roman treasure trove hidden inside. English army openly mocked its defenses as the siege continued. The ramparts were cobbled together with makeshift armor. A shield was constructed out of a frying pan.
    It was early evening, March 25, 1199, when Richard walked around the castle perimeter without his chainmail on. Arrows had been shot from the ramparts by Basile but were paid little attention. The king applauded when one arrow was aimed at him. The next arrow fired struck the king in the left shoulder near the neck.
    The king returned to the privacy of his tent to pull it out. He couldn’t. The surgeon Hoveden, Mercadier’s personal physician, was summoned. He removed the arrow, but not swiftly, or cleanly. Gangrene quickly set in. The king asked for the crossbowman. The boy, Basile, appeared before the stricken king, expecting to be executed on the spot. The boy spoke first, saying he had tried to kill Richard because the king had killed the boy’s father and two brothers.

    “Live on,” the king replied, “and by my bounty behold the light of day.”

    He ordered the boy set free and, further, sent him away with 100 shillings. Deliriously jubilant at the king’s decision, the boy quickly returned to the castle.
    On April 6, in the arms of his mother, Richard I died. His remains were buried at the foot of the tower from which Basile shot the arrow.
    And with the king died his chivalry towards Basile.
    Mercadier, who had entered the king’s service in 1184 and fought in battles in Berry and Brittany, Flanders and Normandy, brought the castle’s defenders to a swift and punishing death.
    Hanging the defenders, he took the boy and flayed him first — that is, he removed the boy’s skin while he was still alive. Then Pierre Basile was hung, and his body consigned in an unmarked grave.


    Archer has been described as someone with the "piercing as the eyes of a hawk that has sighted prey, but also kind". While he himself is not at all imposing, one can see the strong will in his eyes. once he decided to do something, he goes with it until the end.
    Archer can be very shy, especially around girls, since he had barely any contactwith them while alive. He talks little and mostly hide his gaze, which sometimes makes him look cool and mysterious and other like a dork.
    Despite being someone he killed, Archer actually has high-opnion of King Richard. Is with his executioner, Mercadier, who he holds a grugde against, Not For killing him, but for so readily disregarding his King orders for something as unfufiling as revenge.

    here is a list of my servant sheets(new and improved format for my servant sheets)

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    Servant Archer:


    Slender, but athletic build. Dresses in a light green chiton dress cut short for ease of movement, her winged sandals, and white wrappings around her lower legs akin to the kind martial artists wear. She also sports anachronistic fingerless gloves and aviator glasses to add to her "daredevil image".

    True Name: Hermes

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Alternate Classes: Rider, Caster, Assassin

    Strength- C

    Agility- A++
    Endurance- D
    Mana- B
    Luck- A
    NP- B+

    A cheerful and fun-loving girl. Archer loves using her speed to prank people by tying shoelaces together, flipping up skirts and the like. She's very cocky, bragging that no god or hero can rival her speed. Archer acts like a bit of a ditz sometimes, but that's only because her brain works much faster than normal people. She's actually a quite cunning and tricky person. While selfish and often amoral, Archer is just as rarely truly malicious, and she can show kindness and affection to those who earn her trust.

    Archer has a deep love of travel, and hates being held down in one place for very long. She's borderline hyperactive and has to keep moving or she'll quickly get pouty and irritable. Archer has a childish side, which is best displayed by her love of pranks, but despises being thought of a child, as she insists that she's a "full and glorious Olympian god!". Due to her cockiness Archer never turns down a challenge, especially when it comes to racing. She's an extremely sore loser, tending to pout and throw a temper tantrum in the unlikely event she doesn't turn out first place.

    Archer is quite fond of humans, being the god tasked with delivering messages of the divine to mankind. While the other gods often looked down upon humans Archer tends to see them as equals. Out of all the Olympian gods, she was seen as one of the friendliest to humanity. This doesn't mean Archer won't gleefully trick and steal from humans when it strikes her fancy. But it does mean she doesn't see herself as above them. She's the kind of woman who'd pick your pocket one moment and have your back in a barfight the next.

    Summoned in the modern world, Archer acts like a tourist, being fascinated by all kinds of human inventions like cars and soda. She doesn't have a wish on the Holy Grail, choosing to be summoned merely for the chance to explore a new time and meet other legendary heroes from across history. After all, isn't that any traveller's dream?

    If Archer did win the Grail, her wish would likely be to reincarnate in the present so she could continue her travels.

    Attitude to her Master

    Despite being a god, Archer doesn't mind subjecting herself to a human in a temporary partnership. If she's summoned by a kind-hearted Master Archer will enjoy teasing them goodnaturedly and dragging them along on her various antics. However, Archer can't forgive a domineering or arrogant Master who'd treat her merely like a glorified familiar.

    In that case Archer will openly flaunt their authority and quietly scheme to humiliate them when she has the chance.

    Bond Lines:

    Lvl 1: Waha! The messenger of the gods, Hermes, has arrived like a storm! Try not to fall behind me, okay Master?"
    Lvl 2: "How about a race? C'mon, c'mon, you're not worthy of being my Master if you're such a slowpoke!"
    Lvl 3: "Even though you're slow like most humans, you still do your best to support me from behind. I-I'm grateful. Really, I'm happy to have someone like you as my Master."
    Lvl 4: "Since our feelings have deepened, how about a kiss? Here, just close your eyes, pucker up and lean in... Oh man, I can't believe you sucked on that sour lemon candy I'd hidden in my mouth. You're hilarious, Master! Talk about easy to prank! W-wait, what do you mean you still want to kiss me for real? It was just a joke! I don't really like you that way! U-um... but if you really insist, then I guess I wouldn't mind just this once..."
    Lvl 5: "You've finally caught up to me, Master. From here on out, I won't be racing ahead of you. I'll be fighting by your side as an equal. Got it?"

    Likes: humans, travelling, pranks, having fun

    Dislikes: being stuck in one place, people who can't take a joke
    Talents: travelling, racing, thieving, trickery, etc (truly a woman of many, if not entirely scrupulous trades)
    Natural Enemy: Hera

    Class Skills:

    Independent Action- A
    The ability to sustain oneself in the World without a supply of magical energy from one's Master. At this rank, Archer can linger in the World for up to a week in the absense of an active contract. As a wanderer god who goes wherever she pleases, with no one home or lord to call her own, Archer naturally sports a high rank in this Skill.

    Magic Resistance- C
    Confers protection against magical effects. At this rank, spells with a chant below two verses are cancelled. Cannot cope with the likes of High Thaumaturgy or Greater Rituals.

    Personal Skills:

    Mana Burst (Speed)- A
    As the god presiding over travel, Archer can reach speeds impossible for any mortal. Her variation of Mana Burst reflects this, along with her self-declared status as swiftest of the Olympian Gods. By pouring Mana into her legs, Archer can momentarily skyrocket her Agility. Even without her first Noble Phantasm Archer can achieve brief bursts of extreme speed akin to teleportation, making her movements hard to track even by fellow Servants.

    Archer can also weaponize this Skill by carrying her overwhelming speed into a kick, for predictably devastating results. "Rider... Kiiiiiick!"

    Goddess Divine Core- C/EX
    Expresses one's nature as a perfected god(dess) from birth. A composite Skill that includes the effects of Divinity, repels mental interference and preserves the body from growth and change no matter how many calories are ingested. As a full Olympian god Archer would ordinarily have an EX-rank in this Skill, being impossible to summon under the Heaven's Feel system.

    However, thanks to her nature as a god of transgressing boundaries Archer managed to straddle the border between a Divine and Heroic Spirit. By emphasizing her characteristic as "one who wanders in the realm of men", Archer has successfully diluted her divine nature to the point where she can be summoned as a Heroic Spirit. As a consequence, this Skill's rank has been lowered to C.

    At no doubt a cheat-like effect worthy of one extolled as a god of cleverness...

    However, this self-seal is highly unstable, and Archer can willingly release it to reveal her true power as a Divine Spirit. Doing so, though, will overload and irrepairably scar Archer's saint graph, killing her instantly in the aftermath. Archer would only be willing to use this trump card to defend someone she values more than her own life.

    This is a digression but, a similar explanation for her sealed divinity is probably true of why Archer manifests in the form of a young girl despite being recorded as a male deity in life. Male and female is just another boundary, so it's only natural Archer could "cross" it as well. Then as for why she chose a female body, the person herself says:

    "Isn't it obvious? Girls totally have more fun!"

    Ah, in other words, it's just another one of her capricious whims.

    Silver Tongue- B-
    The talent to speak persuasively and charm others with honeyed words. As a god Archer was known for her craftiness and deceit. Her words carry a potent charm effect that make others instinctively believe even the most outrageous claims are trustworthy coming from Archer.

    ...At least, that's what she convinces herself. In reality Archer just babbles on quickly enough to confuse whoever she's plying her trade on and distract them while she runs away. Since Archer is convinced she's a master swindler, she manages to bluff herself into possessing this Skill at B-rank, with only a - modifier to reflect her lack of actual competence.

    In the Assassin Class, that more properly portrays Hermes' role as a deceiver, this Skill would be elevated to rank A.

    Psychopomp- D
    One of Archer's roles was shepherding the souls of the dead to their final rest. As a Skill this allows Archer to absorb the souls of the recently dead into herself to grow stronger and/or use as a substitute source of Mana. It differs from the normal soul-eating that all Servants are capable of both in garnering a significantly greater boost, and the fact that Archer isn't limited to absorbing the souls of those she's personally killed as opposed to people who merely died in the vicinity.

    The souls of Heroic Spirits normally flow directly into the Holy Grail when killed, so Archer won't be able to absorb them unless she personally ends their life. The massive amount of Mana contained in a Heroic Spirit's soul grants Archer a rank-up to all her stats if she manages to claim it. If Archer herself is killed, all absorbed souls return to their proper places.

    Despite this Skill's great potential, because it conflicts with her current mentality Archer has chosen to mostly seal it. In her words "Looking after a bunch of crusty old dead people sounds so dull and gloomy! I'd much rather go out travelling and have some fun!" Truly a girl who lives as she pleases.

    If summoned as Caster, the Class that emphasizes Hermes' aspect as "the sage presiding over boundaries of life and death" instead of "the carefree traveller" she would possess this Skill at B+ rank.

    Noble Phantasms
    Swift-Winged Shoes

    Rank: B+

    Type: Support

    Archer's iconic winged sandals, given to her as a gift by the smith god Haphaestus. They crystallize the concept of "safe travel", letting Archer ignore any condition that could hinder her movements. This includes gravity, which is the true reason behind the shoes' flight-capability, their wings being far too small to carry Archer's weight. With them Archer can not only "step" on thin air but even other normally impassable surfaces like water and molten magma.

    This Noble Phantasm also has another function, one that takes the concept of "safe travel" to an even more outrageous extreme. By invoking its true name and selecting a target within her line of sight, Archer can bring herself there instantly by warping space itself. Akin to the thought experiment of the Alcubierre Drive, space in front of Archer contracts and space behind her expands, propelling her forward at relativistic speeds.

    Upon reaching her destination Archer instantly comes to a graceful stop, ignoring the effects of momentum that would normally leave her a splatter on the ground. Needless to say, the effects of Archer's physics-breaking voyage on her surroundings are devastating beyond measure. The earth buckles and heaves in her wake, and chaotic tornado-force winds lash the landscape, causing immense destruction.

    It's as if a localized natural disaster scoured the area Archer just dashed through. Anything blocking Archer's passage will almost certainly be totally obliterated, reacting as if she'd just rammed into it at speeds verging on light itself. Similarly, Archer herself is practically invulnerable during the dash, as the sheer acceleration protects her from almost any harm.

    This attack is known as
    Talaria Hodios
    Declaration Of Inexorable Passage
    , and is considered a secondary A+ ranked Anti-Army Noble Phantasm in its own right.

    While powerful, this Noble Phantasm is limited by the fact Archer can only warp to someplace she sees. If she can't see her destination, the true name release of this Noble Phantasm is unusable. While "travelling" she's also forced to take the swiftest possible path- a straight line- to her destination, making her movements extraordinarily predictable. However, there's few if any opponents who can rival Archer's speed, making this weakness tenuous at best. As a final weakness, invoking this ability "overloads" the shoes, requiring Archer to wait a full day for them to cool down before she can draw on their power again.

    Incidentally, as for why Hermes qualifies in the Archer Class despite lacking any obvious projectile weapons, it can only be said that she launches her own body as a projectile. It may be a stretch, but for a god who flirted with transgressing boundaries like Hermes, it's only fitting she weaselled her way into a Class based on a loophole.

    Ever-Watchful Hundred Eyes

    Rank: C++

    Type: Variable

    A Noble Phantasm that recalls Archer's slaying of the hundred-eyed giant Argus. After killing the giant, Archer pilfered his hundred eyes as trophies. Now, she can summon them as her Noble Phantasm. Each eye is a familiar that Archer can conjure and remotely command, taking the form of luminous orbs of light floating in the air.

    She can link up her gaze with any of the eyes, peering through them at will like a scrying lens. By scattering the eyes across a given area, Archer can keep a constant bead on the location and movements of all beings therein. As such this Noble Phantasm is excellent for the purposes of spying and covert reconnaisance.

    Additionally, while it wasn't recorded in legend, many of Argus' hundred eyes were actually Mystic Eyes with unique effects- ranging from common ones like charm and combustion, to rarer types like petrification and future-sight. Even Archer herself doesn't know what they all do, but she can unleash their effects at will by channelling Mana into them. Given her curious and impulsive personality, she'll most likely want to find out by experimenting in the middle of battle. "Hey, I wonder what this one does?"

    The eyes are individually quite weak, being destroyed after a single attack. As she only has a hundred in stock, and they don't respawn, Archer has to be careful not to waste them. If all are destroyed, this Noble Phantasm is sealed for the remainder of the Grail War.

    As a digression, taking Argus' hundred eyes might be called a spiteful act of graverobbing on Archer's part, but she actually just did it on a whim. "They were so glowy and cool-looking, I just had to take them!" she says with an innocent expression. Geez, what a troublesome person...

    In the Assassin Class Hermes would possess this Noble Phantasm in an entirely different form, based on how she slew Argus rather than the aftermath. It would enact as an attack that "can't be sensed no matter how many eyes one has", recreating how Archer lulled the giant's many eyes to sleep before killing him. As such, this attack could only be evaded through Instinct or a similar Skill that allows one to react to threats outside the normal senses.


    So here's my second entry for the contest. I was struck by inspiration after somebody mentioned the idea of a Hermes Servant in the main thread and ended up writing this one up in a day.

    I'm pretty satisfied with it all around, especially the goofy characterization I gave her. Also as usual with multiple entries, if you like both around equally bunch and are torn between them, be sure to vote for the one with the most votes currently. That way I have a greater chance of winning anything. Anyways, thanks for reading y'all!

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