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Thread: Monthly Create-A-Servant Contest

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    "Fabricated Virtual Noble Phantasm, activate! Deploying Substitute Name, Ars Nova!"

    Source: Solomon from KawaiiStrike: Cute to Kill, with a few editing

    "I ask you, am I the Servant that will be contracted to you or not?
    Kidding, a little bit test of character is not going to hurt, am I wrong? Because I am, the wise King of Israel!

    Class: Caster
    Origin: Abrahamic religions
    True Name: Solomon (?)
    Height/Weight : 168 cm/ 50kg
    Gender: Female
    Master: Gudao
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Attribute: Earth

    STR: E MGI: D
    AGI: E LUCK: B
    END: E NP: EX

    A woman dressed in an impossibly beautiful purple garment, but her lovely figure doesn't even compete with the high-quality man-made dress that previously mentioned. Her way of speeches bring the air of a university professor trying hard to impress her students, but by no means, her intelligence is something to be underestimated like what fresh college students thinking about her.

    She advertises herself as the one that rules 72 Demon Pillar for her bidding, King of Israel Solomon. It's true that the Demon Pillars she deploys is the genuine article. She also claims as the wise and intelligent aspect of Solomon, the master of riddles, but- did she really?

    Indeed, a woman that full of riddles, like the very same riddles that King Solomon infamously play.

    Class Skill:
    Item Construction E

    It is the Skill to manufacture magical items, from implements of war to items for daily use. Also, this Skill requires time to gather components and manufacture items. Able to construct various items and daily needs that potentially can make one prosper for their entire life. But all of the items unable directly help in combat nor they are classified as Mystic Code.

    Territory Creation A (-)

    The Skill to create a territorial area that can be used as an advantage. At this rank, she able to create a Palace. Or so that's how supposed to be, but she never did lift a finger to perform anything for its creation. She simply commands her Demon Pillars to construct it for her.

    Personal Skill:
    Magecraft -
    King Solomon is credited as the founder of magecraft. It is very odd for her that unable to perform a simple magic bullet. But, she says that she is closest to the version from religious texts, where she solely command demons and didn't practice magecraft.

    Her Demon Pillars mostly do the dirty work for her, not like most people can stand a chance against them. But, for such heavy reliance toward them, the Summoning skill that supposedly allows her to summon them is nowhere to be found.

    "Good question. However, did those Caster and Assassin have a skill listed for summoning dragon tooth soldier? Smart one, you found your answer."

    Charisma B+

    Having B Rank in this Skill is sufficient to lead a nation as its Queen, the plus modifier allows her to seduce those King or Queen which perhaps have a higher Charisma than her. But for some reason, she doesn't like the idea using its special effect.

    Golden Rule (Wealth, Body, and Wisdom) A
    It is a rare talent for having either a lasting riches, a perfect beauty and an intellectual brain. But, having three of them is something closest to a miracle. It is something that acceptable for the King of Israel to possess, but she claims that Queen of Sheba is way perfect than she hopes to be.

    Riddler B
    Riddle is a wordplay or question with hidden meaning behind what is shown on the surface, an ability to create any kind of riddle from prior design. At this rank, it is possible to grasp the true nature and capability of her enemy if it utilized smartly.

    Though she claims to be the master of riddles, like in the texts. She says that she already met someone who is a better riddler than her. Whos that might be...?

    Noble Phantasms:

    Ars Nova

    The same Noble Phantasm that Gudao and co personally watch at use during the Final Singularity, taking form as a ring. But, supposedly- there is no way it can be deployed again. She says it kinda useless most of the time, having the very same effect that other Solomon use. She assures you the reason she has it because she is a Solomon from different universe just like Arthur and Musashi before her. Its appearance also very different with the one that other Solomon had, nor did the ring itself is the Ars Nova, but the act of returning it.

    As you observe her more and think deeply, with the help of your Servants providing various cryptic and not very helpful knowledge, you found hundred of error that this Servant made, and able to reveal her true form...
    True Nature

    Halqat Makada (Ring of Makeda)
    Ring of Proven Ancestry

    Rank D

    The true name of the "Ars Nova" that 'Solomon' claim to be. It actually the ring that Solomon give to Queen Makeda as a token of faith in Ethiopian myth, which later carried by her son to prove his blood relation with Solomon and David. It is a Noble Phantasm that allows her to assume the identity of any figure in Solomon's ancestry. Unlike Helmet of Pedigree, it doesn't obscure her true stats and skills, but it allows her to convince people, items, and even Noble Phantasms that she is indeed Solomon with the simplest of logic. The downside of this Noble Phantasm, despite being able to bypass most conceptual effect, is the fact that it able to be dispelled with another mundane logic, meaning that even ordinary person is able to beat it.

    The status screen above is the prime example how this Noble Phantasm works, all of the Skill are the genuine article: Charisma is something that she possess to rule the Kingdom of Sheba and persuade Solomon; she was described as beautiful beyond compare, her kingdom blessed with unnatural prosperity, her intelligence only second to Solomon himself and lastly she has tendency to make and challenge riddles as a test of wisdom. All of these means the information mentioned there still highly accurate, only distorted to make her little masquarade convincing.

    That is right, her true identity is Queen Makeda, also known as Bilqish the Queen of Sheba.

    "You have found out? That's right, I am not Solomon. I am the one that referred as the princess, the queen, my name is Bilqish. Congratulation, Master, you uncover my biggest riddle."

    It is confirmed that very same Solomon married her, or at least the phantom fused with her, the Pharaoh's daughter, but-
    It is unknown whatever he turns into idolatry for a period of times like the one mentioned in Hebrewic account or not.

    Mahinat Sulayman
    Degradation Solomon

    Rank EX

    The Noble Phantasm mainly used by her to control the 72 Demon Pillar of Goetia, due to her direct involvement in the fall of Solomon and occult interpretation of her as the Queen of Demons, Lilith. However, since she doesn't know the original purpose of their creation, only saw the glimpse of their power to instantaneously transport her to Solomon's court, their true power has been sealed. As the demon she saw is a faithful slave, the demons only able to manifest as mindless Demon Pillars without any distinction and purpose, monsters that are no different with animal except its physical power that only able to follow simple commands.

    Its true nature is a crystallization of Bilqish and Pharaoh's daughter role as the woman that bring Solomon to idolatry, taking form as the pagan temple that he builds to honor the later. It is a Reality Marble that realizes her powerful charms to bind anyone regardless of their status and faith, turning the believer Into unbeliever, the triumph of the old over the new. In summary- bringing back the old belief system from Age of God to present day, while destroying the advances of man that Solomon credited to, even if only for a few moment.

    Originally, Bilqish doesn't have an access to this Noble Phantasm, but Pharaoh's daughter did. In turn, the one that watches one of the Demon Pillar in action is Bilqish, not Pharaoh's daughter, allowing this NP to control Demon Pillar that its originally can't. Summoning them separately will only summon a very weak Servant, but combining them allow her to stomp many Top Servants with ease.

    While she is pragmatic enough to use the demons, she herself doesn't like the idea of using its true nature, as she already changes her faith and too drowned in her own self-guilt.

    "Don't you think this Noble Phantasm should be called 'Degradation Bilqish' instead? I mean, it practically denies all of my character development."


    The biblical queen that appear in the story of King Solomon that is known as Bilqish in Islamic tradition, she reigns from a prosperous kingdom called Sheba. Infamous for being an intelligent queen, she visits Solomon due to her interest in his intelligence and power, while Solomon himself interested to convert her to the path of God. Supposedly, after various of drama her visit ended up to satisfy both parties, but-

    This Servant is a composite Servant between the queen and the Phantom Pharaoh's daughter, a woman that charms Solomon to the point of building a pagan temple for her, inviting God's warning. Pharaoh's daughter is a rare case where a mythological figure not reaching the Throne of Heroes. The reason behind this is due to her minimal account of her existence in history, being referred on a single story whos only serve the purpose to turn Solomon from God, then disappear. The Pharaoh identity is not known nor mentioned anywhere else, let alone his daughter. The result is a small speculative legend between historians and religious scholars regarding her existence and purpose in the narrative.

    Both figures above are credited as "the woman who bring Solomon to idolatry" in Hebrew or some Biblical accounts. But being the woman who changed him means she already reaches her late stage of life, which at that point she already fall for Solomon and embrace his faith. Such contradictory is her main reason to be here, to prove his innocence. It is speculated that both figure actually is the same person.

    The speculation itself is not without basis. The ruler of the historical kingdom of Saba is reportedly called as Fir'aun (Arabic for Pharaoh), which perhaps affected by the long-standing Egyptian's culture and a female Pharaoh is not uncommon. Note that, Sheba was said as a worshipper of the sun, which can be identified as Ra, the sun deity of Egyptian origin. Not only that, it is even said that Egypt is part of Sheba's domain during that time.

    However, whatever or not she is the same person, which version of the story is the truth, she leaves the answer to her Master and the current historian to solve the mystery.

    "You are curious to the truth about me? Where is Sheba actually located? Teehee~ it is for you guys to find out!"

    The queen that love riddles, indeed.
    Bond 10 CE

    Instrument of God

    A man that only goes to the battle he absolutely win

    A man that only make a riddle he absolutely confident to be unanswered

    It is foolish to doubt him

    It is stupid to consider him doing such thing

    For he to turn into idolatry,

    Let alone because some noble woman,

    It is the greatest insult to her of such accusation toward the man she loves

    For I am the one who met him personally

    For he is an existence that closer to instrument more than human

    For he is a person without the concept of good and evil

    A perfect king created by God to lead humanity to rightful path

    And so I have been guided by his brilliant light

    Relationship with canon Servants

    "A gentleman that so good on solving mysteries, I see. Let's see whatever your ability at making one is as impressive or not?"

    Da Vinci
    "Goddamn it, Solomon. Hundred of concubine + me is not enough for you!?"

    "Father in law, yet quite the perverted fellow. You ask if I'm the one that makes your son a little odd? You are the one that referred as The Wise, you know well the truth more than I am."

    "You, also the one inside you, I like you. Do you mind to be my advisor?"

    "The King of Kings, our highest ancestor. Bow and worship you, you ask? That's quite the impossible request, pagan."
    Trivia if anyone care

    - Obviously, this one is a fusion of both Hebrew, Biblical, Islamic and Ethiopian story.
    - The reason her NP is in Arabic is to make it compliment with her Arabic originated name. My approach that the Kingdom of Sheba being an African-Middle East nation have the same reason.
    - I omitted the whole half djinn/demon thing. It becomes redundant anyway if you took her Degradation Solomon into account. (She being identified as Lilith a demon, during its activation)
    - Her purple dress is based on how she brings a number of maidens in purple dresses.
    - The whole witnessing Demon Pillars come from the Islamic story where he commands his djinn to teleport her to his palace. Since in TM he deploys Demon Pillars instead of djinns, I changed it into a Demon Pillar.
    -Golden Rule (Body) A? Did you forgot that Sheba has hairy legs!? Foolish mortals, of course I already knew that! With the power of wa- I mean fused with Pharaoh's daughter, her beauty has been upgraded!
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    Tell me if you want a Medb or Quetz for Rider, or...
    ASS : No, can you change the Saber slot with the superior Seibaface pls-
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    "Congratulations my new Master, you have just summoned the almi- Wait, what was that? You don't know who I am? ...Urgh."

    "Anyways, wanna grab a beer before we start?"

    Class: Saber
    Other Classes: Berserker
    True Name: Yagyuu Juubei Mitsuyoshi, “Unrivalled Swordsman Under the Heaven
    Chaotic Neutral
    Region: Japan

    Height/Weight: 183cm/67kg
    Likes: Overwhelming & Undisputed Victory
    Dislikes: Personality Conflicts
    Talent: Swordsmanship
    Natural Enemy: Yagyu Munenori, Muramasa
    Attribute: Man
    Traits: Servant, Male, Humanoid, Demon
    Armament: Sword, Mantle


    STR: A
    END: C
    AGI: A+
    MGI: E
    LCK: D
    NP: A

    Class Skills:

    Magic Resistance: B
    Grants protection against magical effects. Differing from the Resistance effect that merely rejects Magical Energy, this ability cancels the spells altogether. Cancel spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for them to be affected.

    Riding: C

    Denotes the ability to ride mounts and vehicles. Most vehicles and animals can be handled with above average skill. However, cannot ride the likes of Phantasmal Species such as Monstrous Beasts.

    Personal Skills:

    Shinkage-Ryuu: A

    Has completely studied the secrets of the Yagyuu Shinkageryuu.
    From infancy till maturity, Saber was trained in the art by the legendary Yagyu Munenori. Being endowed with over A Rank in this skill, Saber possesses not only sword techniques, but also resistance to mental attacks. An expert of the Shinkage-ryuu - which views zen meditation as indispensable - has no doubts nor hesitates. However due to interference from the bonded Phantom and the incomplete state the servant was summoned in, the rank has decreased.

    Inversion Impulse: A

    Also known as the ‘Ancestral Return’, it is possessed by those with Oni blood in their veins… supposedly. Despite a complete lack of evidence, it was said that Saber possessed blood of the Oni-kind – granting one’s parameters an immunity to debuffs. By giving into to the savage impulses within, Saber can be enhanced greatly, surpassing even the Mad Enhancement in pure power. However the mind will be taken apart piece by piece until the transformation is complete and becoming a blood crazed demon. Due to the existence to the phantom bonded with Saber, these impulses are harder to resist.
    In this state; horns will begin to grow alongside red markings throughout the body with one’s irises turning black with white sclera.

    Mana Burst (Blood): B

    The increase in performance caused by infusing one's weapons and body with Magical Energy and instantly expelling it. Simply put, recreating the effect of a jet burst by expending large amounts of Magical Energy. This also grants the abilities to the ‘Blood-Sucking’ skill.
    By drawing blood and taking it in either through direct intake, absorption through the skin or even through the sword, it can be released in a torrent of energy, greatly amplifying speed and power for a single instance. Saber has no connection to the skill naturally, whatever those implications may be.

    The Art of Looking at the Moon: -

    A unique skill of Saber’s, subliming all her technique and knowledge but due to her youthful incomplete state and the interference of the Phantom bonded with her, the skill has been lost.

    Noble Phantasm

    Juuchi Yosamu
    Evilist Sword – False Magnum Opus

    Type: Anti-Unit
    Rank: A++
    Range: 1-999
    Maximum Targets: 1 Person(?)

    The Noble Phantasm of this ‘Phantom Saber’ has become the very phantom he was bonded to. By consuming a considerable amount mana (with a necessary portion from the master), the sword transforms to become the dark pinnacle of Muramasa. The Juuchi Yosamu transforms into the single concept of the legend of this blade; ‘That Which Cuts Everything’. Here it acts akin to a Pseudo pair of Mystic Eyes of Death Perception as upon contact; it can ‘Cut’ the target for a single stroke. It can be a physical target or even metaphysical concepts such as Causality.

    “Ya know, it makes more sense the less you think about it.”

    The drawback of gaining this Noble Phantasm in this state is that her ‘true’ Noble Phantasm as a Saber,
    Musha Shugyo
    Pilgrimage of the Demon Warrior
    has been overwritten as its nature clashes with his state of being.


    The most famous swordsman of the feudal era.

    Yagu Jubei Mitsuyoshi was the child of Yagyu Munenori. He grew up trained by her father and fought for the first Tokugawa shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu, at the Battle of Sekigahara, expanding the Shogun's territory. For his efforts, Jubei was made the Shogun's sword instructor and a minor daimyō , by extending his family hereditary massively. Despite not being the heir the Yagyū style the position was granted for court intrigue and politics (which Jubei was far superior to his siblings by). Jubei would go on to train three successive Shoguns: Ieyasu, Hidetada, and Iemitsu.

    Despite surpassing his father in many ways, he was expelled and she embarked on the Warriors Pilgrimage where his history was unrecorded for over a decade. After which he returned for a brief time as government inspector and fully taking over his father’s lands. Here he wrote a book called ‘The Art of Looking at the Moon’ which hinted at his adventures. After foiling an assassination attempt against his life from her half-brother, he ended up dying of a heart attack.

    Juuchi Yosamu was one of the ultimate swords forged by Sengo Muramasa or rather the Guardian Spirit dwelling within the blade. During Muramasa’s youth he created the most evil blade ever to be in its time, the “10,000 Cold Nights” which sliced apart anything in its way. However it failed in comparison to the blade of Muramasa’s teacher the Yawarakai-Te "Tender Hands” which cut nothing. A travelling monk decided that the Yawarakai-Te was superior to the Juuchi-Yosamu.

    "The first of the swords was by all accounts a fine sword, however it is a blood thirsty, evil blade, as it does not discriminate as to who or what it will cut. It may just as well be cutting down butterflies as severing heads. The second was by far the finer of the two, as it does not needlessly cut that which is innocent and undeserving.".

    And so, the tale of the sword ended, forever slandering the name of its maker.


    “Please, just call me Jubei.”

    Yagu Jubei Mitsuyoshi
    has been summoned in his younger self, bold and brash. He’s the best, he knows he’s the best and doesn’t mind telling you he’s the best. Unfortunately due to his talent and keen insight, he’s always right which makes him a most insufferable genius. If he feels the need to be completely silent because others around him aren’t worth his time then that’s what he’ll do, likewise he’ll but in and drop a single sentence that blows the conversation out of the water if he so pleases. Lacking the maturity that his older self gained on her pilgrimage where he repressed her “demon side” as he puts it, it’s clear to see why he was banished. Even his eye patch is a fake, losing an eye in his later years but insecure about figuring out that he’s “Incomplete” took the hilt of a sword and uses it to cover a perfectly functional eye.

    These… negative aspects have been brought out further by the phantom Juuchi Yosamu. As a symbol of the darker side of the blacksmith Muramasa’s legends it amplifies his irritability, his anger and dark powers in a very middleschoolery way – goading him further and further till he becomes a True Demon and the sword can take him over completely.

    Together the Brat of Munenori and Arrogance of Muramasa make for a troublesome servant for enemies and allies alike, their duel incomplete nature complementing each other into the full brutal war machine they should be… maybe.

    Bond 10 Craft Essence

    Double-Tiered Kasa

    “This takes me back, I was trainin’ with pops one day when I was a runt and he pulled this sick move out of nowhere. I wasn’t even thinkin’ at the time, I just grabbed the closest thing to be and blocked with those hats. He was so pissed off by that, I think he’d have been happier if he sliced my eye out.”

    “I used those hats to do a lot more crazier stuff later, mostly to piss him off.”

    Creators Notes:

    So after three glasses (or five) of wine the other night, I remembered that someone made a living sword sheet in the CaS thread. I then hunkered down and did this whole thing in one sitting while still a bit drunk. Now I can stop using this sheet as an excuse for procrastinating the next QoF entree. Also literelly everything I know about the newest EoR addition is that skill I borrowed and the fact it's apparently the best thing since the 7th singularity.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also I got inspiration for the blood drinking sword bit from the Sword of Kos of D&D (I've watched a lot of Critical Role lately)
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    "You must feel terrible, summoning a useless and cowardly Servant like me. Still, as long as I draw breath I promise I'll do my best to keep you safe, Master."

    Servant Lancer:


    Source is here

    True Name: Cowardly Lion/Androcles Lion

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Strength- B
    Agility- B
    Endurance- C
    Mana- D
    Luck- C
    NP- C

    An incredibly meek, shy and timid individual, a far cry from the composed haughtiness one could expect of a king of beasts. Lancer is scared of just about everything, jumping at his own shadow and fleeing at the first sign of combat. He is self-effacing and has terrible self-esteem, constantly disparaging himself as weak and useless.

    Yet despite his fearfulness Lancer shows incredible bravery when it counts. When the lives of his friends are on the line Lancer will charge into battle even as every instinct screams at him to run and hide. While he calls himself a coward, it is only because Lancer is unaware that true bravery is not the absence of fear but the willingness to fight on in spite of one's fear.

    The influence of the Androcles Lion on Lancer's personality is minimal, as that beast's only exceptional trait- its undying loyalty to its master- was already present in the Cowardly Lion. The only effects of their fusion are making Lancer slightly clingier to his human master and giving him an additionally intense dislike of thorns and other prickly objects. (Not that he'd need a reason to be afraid of them anyway)

    Incidentally, Lancer's hair is incredibly soft and comfortable. Though Lancer is shy about personal contact he enjoys being stroked and petted, especially by small children. For someone who believes himself weak and useless, knowing that his presence brings happiness and security to others is truly something that gives Lancer the greatest joy.

    Likes: kind young girls, snuggling
    Dislikes: scary people, thorns
    Talents: being cute and cuddly, acting heroic in spite of his fear
    Natural Enemy: Wicked Witch of the West, his own fearful heart

    Class Skills:

    Magic Resistance- C
    Power to neutralize the effects of Magecraft aimed against oneself. At this rank, spells with a chant below two verses are cancelled. Cannot defend against Magecraft at the level of High Thaumaturgy or Greater Rituals.

    Personal Skills:

    Honor Of The Cowardly- A+
    The opposite of Bravery, yet at the same time a version of it. A Skill for those cowards who continued to fight despite their fears. The more Lancer is afraid of an opponent, and the more he desires to retreat, the more his parameters are increased. Those who feel no fear are merely fools or beasts. Heroes are those who keep fighting in spite of being afraid.

    Upon invocation of Lancer's second Noble Phantasm, this Skill is temporarily sealed and replaced by Bravery at the same rank.

    Lion's Pride- N/A (EX)
    A Skill that crowns the lion as a king of beasts, whom all lesser dwellers of the jungle instinctively tremble in fear of. Lancer radiates a magnificent aura that commands both devotion and fear, comprising the effects of A-ranked Charisma and Dread Visage. Furthermore, while fighting another being conceptualized as a "wild animal/beast", Lancer's parameters are automatically raised to one rank above the opponent.

    In the jungle, there is only one absolute. The lion is king, an absolute existence that none born from the animal world can surpass. However, as Lancer does not think himself worthy of the title "King of Beasts", this Skill has been subconsciously sealed away until he can reconcile that aspect of his identity. Temporarily unsealed upon invocation of his second Noble Phantasm.

    Guardian Beast- B
    A variation of Guardian Knight, given to animals who would defend their owners to their dying breath. Grants Lancer a bonus in his defensive attributes while acting to protect his
    . Both the Cowardly Lion and the Androcles Lion were defined by undying loyalty to their human companions, so their fusion naturally boasts a high affinity for this Skill.

    Self-Suggestion- C+
    A form of self-hypnosis with oneself as the target, raising resistance against mental interference attacks. At this rank, an "I am not afraid = truly stops feeling fear" level of assumption becomes possible. However, at least until Lancer comes to an important self-realization, activating this Skill is only possible with his second Noble Phantasm as a catalyst.

    Noble Phantasms
    Thorn Of Beast's Burden

    Rank: C

    Type: Anti-Unit

    The thorn the slave Androcles pulled from the wounded lion's paw, earning the king of beasts' undying affection and loyalty. That very thorn has become Lancer's primary Noble Phantasm, symbolizing both the suffering he endured and the eternal bond between man and beast. While officially a "thorn", it has been greatly lengthened and enlarged to a long spear made of plant material, with countless vicious barbs sprouting along the shaft.

    Every time the
    cuts an opponent, one or more barbs will break off and lodge in their body, prolonging their suffering and inflicting weak but continuous damage over time until the thorn is removed. When the true name is invoked, every dislodged barb will instantly sprout up into a complete
    , an exact replica of this Noble Phantasm. If done while the barb in question is still lodged in the victim's body, it will gruesomely impale them from within. Despite the great power of this technique, Lancer generally refuses to use it because of his kind-hearted nature. It can also be used to set traps, littering the battlefield with tiny barbs that erupt into impaling spears on Lancer's command.

    ...Totally not a palette swap of a certain Celtic hero's spear.

    Wizard's Gift
    Elixir Of False Courage

    Rank: -

    Type: Anti-Unit (Self)

    A small glass vial of mysterious green liquid, given to Lancer by the Wizard of Oz at the end of his journey. A single sip of its contents fills Lancer with courage, temporarily purging all fear and self-doubt from his mind. His Honor Of The Cowardly Skill is overwritten by Bravery at the same rank, Lion's Pride is unsealed and all parameters are ranked up by one.

    While Lancer believes this potion to be his greatest Noble Phantasm, the truth is that it is not a Noble Phantasm at all. It is merely a perfectly ordinary vial of harmless liquid, which has no magical effects whatsoever. The true worth of this Noble Phantasm lies within Lancer's own mind, a hypnotic suggestion which allows him to unleash his true strength as the king of beasts.

    The vial itself only contains enough liquid for three drinks, limiting the usage of this Noble Phantasm to three occasions in any given Holy Grail War. Once ingested, the believed effects of the potion last for around half an hour before Lancer's newfound bravado fades and he reverts to his usual cowardly self. However, should he realize the truth that the courage dwelt inside him all along, it is possible for the effects of this Noble Phantasm to become permanently active.


    So after jumping between like two or three different ideas (including Francis Drake/Flying Dutchman and Melies/Barbicane combos) I finally settled with the original idea I had when the contest was announced. I'm not expecting it to win since there's a lot of really great and creative entries this time around, but I at least hope the concept will strike some people as interesting.

    Comments and criticisms are always welcome. Thanks!

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    "What majesty! To think that a war of humanity's greatest could exist, and that I could witness it! Now, show me your resolve! Let me see the passions of one deemed a hero of mankind!"

    Class: Berserker
    Other Classes: Archer
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    STR: B+
    END: A+
    AGI: B
    MGI: E
    LCK: C
    NP: B+

    Height: 180 cm
    Weight: 70 kg
    Likes: Fire, ambitious people, grilled meat
    Dislikes: Peace, boring people, porridge
    Talent: Political maneuvering, hostile takeover
    Attribute: Man
    Armament: A longbow and a suit of armor.
    Catalyst: A medallion, embedded with his family's emblem
    Interlude: His Burning Passions

    Before becoming a Heroic Spirit, Berserker had another name, and lived another life. In this life, he was both a warrior and a leader, one who led his subordinates to victory upon the slaughter of their foes. He was relentless in securing every advantage he could for his clan, expanding their political power to better their lives. His actions were calculated and dispassionate- despite his role as head of the clan, he had little personal inclination for their goals. They were not his own, but he fought anyway, for leading the clan for his own personal aspirations was not permitted by his obligation as their leader.

    But then he met the warrior. The warrior, the leader of another clan, joined Berserker on the battlefield. What Berserker saw was a blade swung without hesitation. The warrior strove for power, not only for his clan, but for himself- he sought to make his clan the most powerful in the nation, with the warrior himself at its head. Berserker had never before seen such selfishness, such ambition. As the battle raged on, the warrior stood alone against an entire onslaught of soldiers. Where Berserker would have resigned himself to his fate, the warrior let loose a battlecry, a declaration of his future victory, and swung his blade once more, besting them all. The warrior's courage lit a spark in Berserker. For the first time, Berserker wanted to be selfish, to let loose his own passions. He wanted to burn with the same ambition as the warrior.

    And so, Berserker antagonized the warrior on every front. Their two clans became the strongest clans in the nation, and so they were in constant conflict. Berserker had decided that he too would lead his clan to become the greatest in the nation, but most of all, he wanted to see the warrior shine brightly once more, as he did on that battlefield they shared. Eventually, Berserker and his clan cornered the warrior, and just as he saw the warrior's fire stirring, it went out. Berserker was victorious, yet he felt empty- his rival, the source of his aspirations, had fallen, and Berserker was rendered aimless. Yet he, realized something else.

    As he burnt out, his last moments were so beautiful.

    In his unrest, Berserker resolved himself- that he would let his own ambitions drive himself to that same state of beauty that the warrior had achieved in death. He would seek all power, conquer the nation, and annihilate all who opposed him, to ignite the fire of his life, no matter how short it might be, and see how brightly those who challenged him could shine as well.

    Even after death, upon becoming a Heroic Spirit, Berserker held onto that wish. In the Holy Grail War, he could see the greatest humanity had to offer, and his soul was set ablaze with anticipation. He had been summoned, prepared to challenge whatever Heroic Spirit came his way.

    Then, he saw her. A mere child of a warrior, too short to even look him in the eyes. Yet, when she swung her sword, she did so with no hesitation. When she fought, she did so singlemindedly, with victory as the only option. He saw that same warrior's spirit in this child, and the same image that spurred him to fight all those years ago appeared before him once more. He smiled furiously as he readied his bow. This was his child, Berserker thought. And so, child of my rival, let our souls do battle, so that I may admire your burning resolution as well. He let loose a flaming arrow, and with fierce determination, she cut it down. Their feud recommenced, and once again, Berserker could witness the passions of a burning star of mankind.

    Class Skills:

    Mad Enhancement (D+): While capable of communication, Berserker is single-minded in his pursuit of fiery conflict. He may not leap into the fray immediately- from his skill with politics, he knows to strike when the iron is hot, when the situation is most ripe for war- but once he has chosen to strike, he will continue to fight until one side has been reduced to ashes.

    Personal Skills:
    Charisma of a Tyrant (C): In life, Berserker was a tyrant who sought total annihilation of his enemies and to amass all political power available to him. Yet, those who served under him shared in his ambition, in his desires and in his wrath. His skill affects those who would seek to serve a despot.

    Mana Burst (Flames) (A): With this skill, not only his bow and arrows, but Berserker's entire body is esconced in flames. They do not hurt him and when at rest, they are merely embers, warm to the touch to anyone else, but during battle, he wears a fierce blue inferno. By shooting an arrow, he leaves jet of fire in its path, and at close range, his hands can function as a flamethrower. Strangely, Berserker seems to show no aptitude for magecraft, or even any magical strength. When asked about this skill, he simply laughs and replies, "Of course I would be clad in flames! Who do you think I am?"

    Siege Warfare (B): A specialization of Military Tactics. Berserker can identify weak points in large structures, allowing him to demolish them with ease. Additionally, this skill causes his flames to quickly spread in buildings, turning skyscrapers into blazing symbols of his conquest.

    Noble Phantasms

    Unrelenting, Merciless Domination
    Flames of Naraka

    Type: Anti-army
    Rank: B+
    Range: 1-100
    Max Targets: 100 people

    The manifestation of Berserker's ruthlessness, of claiming what he wants, tyrannizing those below him, and setting his foes ablaze. He activates it by creating a large fire, encompassing a tall building, a field, or even a small town, acting as a signal flare to hell. Whatever was used for the activation becomes his "domain", and will not give in to the fire. Additionally, he will summon 10 Oni Warriors who serve him, in the sense that all he desires is destruction and they share that desire. Though they cannot leave the domain, they are unaffected by the flames, and will use them to their advantage when fighting. The Oni are little match for a servant in a fair fight, but they serve as sentinels of the domain, lying in wait to slay any who come by, and alerting the others to enemy presence. Berserker gains a minor boost to his parameters while in his domain as well. He may only use this Noble Phantasm once per summoning.

    Ambitions That Set My Life Ablaze
    Feverish Vision of Hell

    Type: Anti-unit (self)
    Rank: C
    Range: 1
    Max Targets: 1

    A Noble Phantasm to be used when nearing death. It is an embodiment of the story that Berserker died with a burning fever, dreaming of Hell for his life of sins. He allows the candle of his life to burn bright in its last moments, increasing the intensity of his flames and all of his parameters by one rank, but will kill him after half an hour. His body is claimed by Hell and protected by an armor of fire until his time runs out. When using it, he proclaims, "WITNESS MY LIFE, SHINING WITH GLORY IN ITS LAST MOMENTS!" and unleashes his nature as a Berserker.


    Berserker's true name is Taira no Kiyomori, a head of the Taira clan, military leader, and man who claimed the role of Chief Minister of the imperial government. He and Minamoto no Yoshitomo suppressed the Hōgen rebellion, leading the Taira and Minamoto to become the dominant samurai clans. He then became rivals with Yoshitomo, eventually leading to the Heiji Rebellion in which Kiyomori claimed victory, having Yoshitomo and his two eldest sons killed. He allowed some of his former rival's sons, including Minamoto no Yoritomo and Minamoto no Yoshitsune, to live, but exiled them. To add insult to injury, he took Yoshitune's mother, Lady Gozen, as concubine.

    After defeating the Minamoto, Kiyomori turned to the government, rising in the ranks through his ambition and ruthlessness, eventually becoming Chief Minister, one of the most powerful men in the imperial court. Eventually, he wed his daughter to the Emperor, making their son, Kiyomori's grandson, a prince. His ambitions grew as he drove out his political enemies, filled the court with his allies, and forced the Emperor to abdicate, making his infant grandson Emperor.

    Kiyomori's ambitions became his end, as his number of enemies had grown too wide. All who had been trampled amidst his conquest rallied against him in the Genpei War, especially the Minamoto clan, led by Yoritomo. It was also during this time that Kiyomori led the Taira to burn down two Buddhist temples, Todai-ji and Kofuku-ji, for opposing him. He died early during the war, before he could see his clan crumble and to see Yoritomo, the son of his former rival, become Shogun. It is said that on his deathbed, Kiyomori was ravaged with a fever, so hot that nobody could touch him. In his fevered dream, he was visited by demons, the ghosts of his victims, and King Enma himself, sentencing him to Hell.

    Due to his affiliation with fire, Kiyomori's Saint Graph merged with that of a Phantom, Jack O'Lantern, or Stingy Jack, an Irish drunkard said to have fooled the devil into forgoing claim to Jack's soul, but as a result, sentencing himself to roam the Earth after death, unclaimed by both Heaven and Hell, armed only with a lantern housing a flame from Hell. This is embodied by Kiyomori's Mana Burst (Flames), utilizing that fire from hell as his source of power, and also contributes to the strength of his Noble Phantasms. Though Jack has no effect on Berserker's personality, Kiyomori is bemused by their coincidental fusion. He sees Jack as a coward, but admires his sheer boldness in fooling the devil himself. "We two are fated for hell, so let us make the best of our time on Earth."


    Strife. Warfare. Fire. These are things Berserker believes to be essential to the human spirit. It is through hardship that strength is cultivated. It is in times of chaos that heroes are born to challenge it. It is in fire that warriors forge their blades. This is the philosophy of conflict that drives Berserker's actions. He is neither deeply philosophical nor altruistic in his actions- when he desires something, he goes to arms over it, and his goals are his own. But Berserker believes that by pursuing his own ambitions, he will drive others to seek their own as well. As he stands in the center of the flames, he invites others to join him. For this, he was depicted as a man destined for hell by his enemies. Berserker does not deny this, instead welcoming the demonic image he is portrayed with. Even as he died and had a vision of himself burning in hell, he simply laughed, anticipating whatever tortures Enma had in store for him.

    When Berserker meets another Heroic Spirit with deep goals, he fixates on them. Berserker becomes obsessed with pitting their desires against each other, to see whose determination is greater, and whose goals will win out. Because of this, he will take every opportunity to challenge the object of his obsessions, interfering in their actions towards their goals, stoking the flames of desire in them too. At his core, Berserker is an observer, and rejoices in seeing powerful people burn their brightest with passion. The actions he undertakes empowers those passions, guiding them to that ephemeral state of beauty, and trying to reach that state himself.

    For a Berserker, he is relatively intelligent. Rather than enter battle immediately, Berserker waits for when the flowers of the battlefield, fire and chaos, are ready to bloom, then joins the fight. Due to his life of manipulating political figures, Berserker has a sly tongue, ready to spread the seed of conflict among those who hold power, believing that those who hold power should always be wary of those who would aim to claim that power themselves. When he himself fights, however, Berserker sheds all pretenses of being a politician, and showcases his singleminded desire for victory as a member of a warrior family.

    Yoshitomo was Kiyomori's first rival, and because Kiyomori respected him, he wrought total destruction on Yoshitomo. Killing him, his eldest sons, and taking his wife as concubine were all symbols of Kiyomori's respect, believing that a man whose passions were so strong that he had to destroy them without relent. Though his decision to spare Yoritomo and Yoshitsune was seen as a fatal mistake driven by arrogance, Kiyomori knew well that his rival's sons would return to challenge him. In fact, he welcomed their presence, as it were as if his former rival had been revived in them. Though he saw Yoritomo as weakling lacking his father's courage and samurai spirit, he respected Yoritomo's political wit, acknowledging him as another man capable of leading the country. In Yoshitsune, he was a true successor to Yoshitomo, as she was both a skilled samurai and courageous warrior. Kiyomori scorns Yoshitsune's selflessness in serving Yoritomo, as she forgoes her ambitions for her brother's, but he acknowledges that in some way, Yoritomo's desires are Yoshitsune's, and so she fulfills her ambitions with resolution. If he were to ever encounter a warrior of the Minamoto clan in a Holy Grail War, he would immediately fixate on them as a rival, but he reserves his deepest passions for Yoshitomo and his children.

    Oda Nobunaga claimed descent from the Taira clan, and the two heroic spirits have much in common, as they were both known for burning down temples, having vast political aspirations, and portrayed as demons. Kiyomori admits Nobunaga is the most ambitious Heroic Spirit from Japan, and would treat her as a grandchild, letting her play with his flames and wrestling her without holding back. Despite their commonalities, they in fact differ greatly in philosophy; while Nobunaga seeks to unify Japan and leat the nation into the future through Western technology, Kiyomori believes that maintaining civil war will best keep the population strong and hungry for power. Were their goals to ever come into opposition with each other, the two would quickly turn to blows, though they would still treat it as playing. The veracity of Nobunaga's claim is unknown, but Kiyomori believes that regardless of descent, Nobunaga carries his spirit.


    Berserker's wish for the Holy Grail is to revive both the Taira and Minamoto clans, and continue their civil war, looking forward to seeing his rivals yet again.

    Long time lurking, and I was looking forward to finally entering one of these competitions. It's been a while since I've done some creative writing, but it was fun using it again. I've had this idea for a while, originally without the phantom, but I figured it helped justify having all of the fire stuff, so I accidentally made a Halloween servant. Maybe I should have referenced the phantom more, but the main point was Berserker himself, and the phantom was meant to be more supplementary.

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    Kiyomori: When I first read his Interlude I thought for a moment this guy would be a Kenshin/Shingen hybrid. The idea you went with is probably cooler though. Reminds me of a darker version of Iskandar personality-wise.

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    “When from this wreathed tomb shall I awake!
    “When move in a sweet body fit for life,
    “And love, and pleasure, and the ruddy strife
    “Of hearts and lips! Ah, miserable me!”

    Character Image/Faceclaim:

    Class: Caster
    Other Classes: Assassin
    True Name: Lamia
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Place of Origin: Lamia, John Keats, 1819


    STR: E
    END: E
    AGI: E
    MGI: E~EX
    LCK: D
    NP: A

    Height: 168cm
    Weight: 49kg
    Likes: Passionate love, Keeping secrets
    Dislikes: Introspection, Inquisitiveness
    Talents: Appearing innocent, self-deprecation.
    Natural Enemy: Philosophers
    Attribute: Sky
    Armament: N/A
    Catalyst: Crimson-striped rainbow-colored snake hide, Keats’ pen.

    Class Skills:

    Territory Creation: A-

    There was a noise of wings, till in short space
    The glowing banquet-room shone with wide-arched grace.
    A haunting music, sole perhaps and lone
    Supportress of the faery-roof, made moan
    Throughout, as fearful the whole charm might fade.
    Fresh carved cedar, mimicking a glade
    Of palm and plantain, met from either side,
    High in the midst, in honour of the bride.

    Creation of a “Palace”, superior to a Workshop, becomes possible, but due to the nature of Lamia’s abilities, scrutiny of its design and ability will cause it to drastically decline and perhaps even leave it entirely defunct.

    Item Creation: D

    Of wealthy lustre was the banquet-room,
    Fill’d with pervading brilliance and perfume:
    Before each lucid pannel fuming stood
    A censer fed with myrrh and spiced wood,
    Each by a sacred tripod held aloft,
    Whose slender feet wide-swerv’d upon the soft
    Wool-woofed carpets: fifty wreaths of smoke
    From fifty censers their light voyage took
    To the high roof, still mimick’d as they rose
    Along the mirror’d walls by twin-clouds odorous.
    Twelve sphered tables, by silk seats insphered,
    High as the level of a man’s breast rear’d
    On libbard’s paws, upheld the heavy gold
    Of cups and goblets, and the store thrice told
    Of Ceres’ horn, and, in huge vessels, wine
    Came from the gloomy tun with merry shine.
    Thus loaded with a feast the tables stood,
    Each shrining in the midst the image of a God.

    Besides her ability to produce minor tokens capable of granting invisibility and hiding all trace of someone, Lamia’s Item Creation is limited to conjuring incredibly beautiful, sensual and aesthetically pleasing mundane objects, as well as food and drink worthy of a god’s court.

    Personal Skills:

    Alluring Nightingale: C++

    Her throat was serpent, but the words she spake
    Came, as through bubbling honey, for Love’s sake.

    The ability to mesmerize others through the use of a naturally beautiful voice. Lamia, a nymph, was born with an incredibly sweet and alluring voice that is able to seduce men, and to a lesser extent even women, with but a few choice words. The effectiveness of this is greatly increased, however, when the target is not someone ruled by reason or logic, but instead by passions and emotions. Young heroes swayed by romantic fervor fall under her sway at the first syllable out of her mouth.

    Divinity: C

    “Leave thee alone! Look back! Ah, Goddess, see
    “Whether my eyes can ever turn from thee!
    “For pity do not this sad heart belie—
    “Even as thou vanishest so I shall die.
    “Stay! though a Naiad of the rivers, stay!
    “To thy far wishes will thy streams obey:
    “Stay! though the greenest woods be thy domain,
    “Alone they can drink up the morning rain:
    “Though a descended Pleiad, will not one
    “Of thine harmonious sisters keep in tune
    “Thy spheres, and as thy silver proxy shine?
    “So sweetly to these ravish’d ears of mine
    “Came thy sweet greeting, that if thou shouldst fade
    “Thy memory will waste me to a shade:—
    “For pity do not melt!”

    The skill that measures one's Divine Spirit aptitude. As the nymph of a sacred forest on Crete that Satyrs and Tritons worshipped for her beauty, she possesses abnormally high Divinity for a Phantom.

    Romantic's Delusion: EX

    Do not all charms fly
    At the mere touch of cold philosophy?
    There was an awful rainbow once in heaven:
    We know her woof, her texture; she is given
    In the dull catalogue of common things.
    Philosophy will clip an Angel’s wings,
    Conquer all mysteries by rule and line,
    Empty the haunted air, and gnomed mine—
    Unweave a rainbow, as it erewhile made
    The tender-person’d Lamia melt into a shade.

    A skill that manifests as Lamia’s critical misunderstanding with the workings of the world. The deliberate shunning of reason and thought to construct a perception of reality that revolves around lofty oaths, beautiful words, immortality and destined lovers. This cheerful but ultimately damaging mindset is extremely contagious because of Lamia’s great charm, and those cannot hold logic and reason tight will find themselves swayed towards Lamia’s line of thought.

    Those without adequate willpower will, via continuous contact with Lamia, begin to slowly stop questioning their surroundings or thinking for themselves, and thus falling into utter mental stagnation, eventually becoming a brainwashed primitive with faith that everything will still work out, that some god-written destiny is on their side and will see them through everything.

    Belief in Lamia’s delusion, the half-lie that she herself earnestly wants to believe in, strengthens her hold on the world and her Noble Phantasm, and while it is her preference to keep a low profile to avoid suspicion, her power will balloon rapidly if a massive amount of people fall under her sway.

    However, this power comes with a risk in that the moment that Lamia’s little world of romanticism is exposed for what it is by someone of reason and rationality, it will utterly collapse, and all those present during the exposure will snap out of their trance. Those free of her influence can only ever be affected once more if they still believe in things such as true love.

    Shapeshift: D-

    Left to herself, the serpent now began
    To change; her elfin blood in madness ran,
    Her mouth foam’d, and the grass, therewith besprent,
    Wither’d at dew so sweet and virulent;
    Her eyes in torture fix’d, and anguish drear,
    Hot, glaz’d, and wide, with lid-lashes all sear,
    Flash’d phosphor and sharp sparks, without one cooling tear.
    The colours all inflam’d throughout her train,
    She writh’d about, convuls’d with scarlet pain:
    A deep volcanian yellow took the place
    Of all her milder-mooned body’s grace;
    And, as the lava ravishes the mead,
    Spoilt all her silver mail, and golden brede;
    Made gloom of all her frecklings, streaks and bars,
    Eclips’d her crescents, and lick’d up her stars:
    So that, in moments few, she was undrest
    Of all her sapphires, greens, and amethyst,
    And rubious-argent: of all these bereft,
    Nothing but pain and ugliness were left.

    The ability that governs both borrowing bodies and changing one’s appearance. Thanks to the blessing of Hermes that she received in return for selling out her fellow nymph that she had made invisible to avoid the god’s lecherous gaze, Lamia gained the ability to freely transform between her female form and a gorgeous, many-colored snake. However, this transformation is extremely painful and should her Romantic's Delusion skill be compromised, she will immediately be transformed back into a snake out of panicked reflex. As a snake, her parameters drop immensely and most of her skills are rendered null.

    Curse of Separation: C

    And Lycius’ arms were empty of delight,
    As were his limbs of life, from that same night.
    On the high couch he lay!—his friends came round—
    Supported him—no pulse, or breath they found,
    And, in its marriage robe, the heavy body wound.

    The double-edged sword that is Lamia’s destiny. Every time her Romantic's Delusion is exposed for what it is to her lover, he or she will leave her in heartbreak and die the next time they fall asleep. Lamia will love him or her despite them leaving her, causing her immense mental damage until she finds a new lover. So the cycle continues. The Corinthian youth Lycius was not the first, nor the last.

    Noble Phantasm:

    The leaves of willow and of adder’s tongue
    ’Real are the dreams of Gods’

    Type: Anti-World
    Rank: A
    Range: 10 meters - 2 kilometers
    Max Targets: N/A

    If Lamia’s Romantic’s Delusion is her mentality intruding upon the minds of others, then her Noble Phantasm is John Keats’ world of wild romance and tragedy made manifest. A passive Noble Phantasm not entirely un-akin to a Reality Marble, Real Are The Dreams Of Gods fundamentally changes Lamia’s surroundings so long as she remains unexposed, eroding the rules of the world, grounded in uncaring physics and emotionless numbers, into a world of wonder, destiny and increased mana density. This area, little more than an a passing thought in the minds of dreaming gods, is essentially a small pocket where the world reverts itself to the Age of Gods. While the mana density in the air can become dangerous to modern humans if her Romantic’s Delusion allows her power to swell to greatly, it is hugely beneficial for the use of magecraft and works under every rule that applied in the Age of Gods, making things such as casting spells with merely words a reality. These advantages are not unique to Lamia, however, and so Servants from the Age of Gods will find that their power rises within her sphere of influence.

    While Lamia has no real combat ability of her own to utilize this, being neither a trained mage nor someone who has ever taken part in combat, the bubble that re-establishes the Age of Gods in her proximity will allow the many nymphs, tritons and other spirits and beasts of the wild who swore her under their protection in Keats’ poem to manifest and do combat in her stead. While not able to stand up to many of the heroes they were contemporaries with, these spirits of the wild will still put up a fierce fight to protect Lamia.

    Lore: The titular character of John Keats’ famous poem, Lamia was a nymph of incredible beauty trapped in the form of a snake. When Hermes descended from Olympus to Crete to search for an equally beautiful nymph he had seen from the mountain’s heights, Lamia appeared before the Olympian and begged before his winged feet to restore her to her original shape, that of the beautiful nymph, in return for revealing the nymph that she had previously rendered invisible to Hermes.

    With her original beauty restored, she soared off to Corinth to meet the young man Lycius, with whom she had fallen in love at first sight when she saw him in a dream. Guilt-tripping and seducing her way into his graces and then marrying him, Lamia was ultimately exposed at her lavish wedding feast by the unfeeling philosopher Apollonius as a metaphorical snake who got into Lycius’ good graces for her own benefit, causing her to panic and return to her form as a literal snake, slithering back into the woodlands of Crete as Lycius died of heartbreak.

    Personality: A hopeless romantic, but also a deceitful liar. ‘A virgin purest lipp’d, yet in the lore of love deep learned to the red heart’s core’. Though she tries extremely hard to preserve her image as a pure, innocent romantic, Lamia is willing to do anything for love, including deceit, murder, and selling out those who are in her trust, as the nymph in her forest on Crete once learned. Even if she trusts her Master deeply, she is unlikely to let down this facade.

    As a Servant she is extremely likely to fall for a handsome or beautiful Master, and will in that case try to ensnare them in her delusions. If given an unattractive Master, both emotionally and physically, she will likely try to find herself a new Master, even involving people with no magical talent or capacity as a Master into the Grail War for the sake of her love, only to once again jump ship if that new Master would be in danger.

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    That Lamia sheet is really cool. At first she just seemed like the usual "sympathetic monster" Servant, but it was her Romantic's Delusion Skill that really sold me on the concept.

    Reminds me of how much I disliked that part of Keats' poem too. That just because you can explain something with logic it's no longer enjoyable or interesting is one of the most pernicious ideas of the so-called "romanticist" movement. (I do have a lot of sympathy for romantic ideals in general, but not that)

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