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Thread: Monthly Create-A-Servant Contest

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    I think it was clarified that it doesn’t even have to be a lostbelt in the truest sense just an alternate history. That’s why I made my mordred not explicitly a lostbelt.

    My Servant Compendium

    Ever wonder what a Holy Grail War set in Texas would be like? Well wonder no longer because here is:
    Fate Texas Night
    Become Naunet the next leader of the Atlas Institute and fight your way to the top of a deadly war.

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    Author's Note
    I really wanted to have this done in time for her birthday, but it was simply impossible. Sorry, Eli-chan!

    Remade by the blood.
    Sustained by the blood.
    The eternal dragon goddess sits atop her blood-soaked throne,
    And the world bleeds to perpetuate her utopia.

    Learn to revere the blood.
    Live in fear of the blood.
    Make this the shape of your happiness.

    Lost Depth: WTF


    Source: Artwork by 南ふに(minami funi)

    “Our world of peace and progress is sustained by the lives and blood of its people. You, too, will give your life and blood for the sake of the perpetuation of everyone’s happiness. In one way or another.”

    Class: Ruler
    Source: Historical fact and the Lostbelt
    Region: Hungary
    Gender: None
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Height & Weight: 154 cm, N/A
    Attribute: Earth

    STR C+
    END C+
    AGI C+
    MGI EX
    LUK A

    The immortal dragon holds the world in her hand.
    Perpetually detached, for she is become “the thing that rules” and nothing else.
    Gaze upon the Scarlet Empress and know awe.

    Skills & Noble Phantasm
    Class Skills

    Dragon Soul
    Perfect Soul of Báthory
    – EX

    The culmination of the excessively ambitious alchemical project undertaken by Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor, and his friend Elizabeth Báthory. Young Elizabeth’s feelings as she transmuted herself into something beyond transcendental will forever remain unknown. Was she ever truly aware of what she was doing to herself? What is more terrifying: becoming something like this in gullible ignorance, or doing so in complete awareness of the consequences and nevertheless accepting the change?

    The basis of the alchemical process began with the simple foundation of “the dragon that feeds on the flesh and blood of maidens”. Having verified that the blood of young women did have a revitalizing effect on Elizabeth’s body, Emperor Rudolf II posited the hypothesis that the appropriate procedures could refine the dragon aspect until Elizabeth became something infinitesimally close to a true dragon of myth—a secret weapon for his dream of a unified Christian Europe. The result went far beyond what Rudolf expected. Over the course of the next hundred years, Erzsébet became a “dragon”, and then left “dragon” way behind, full-throttle, never looking back.

    The Scarlet Empress is not a living being. She might be better described as an etheric system sustained by a dragon core, or as an Otherworld isolate bearing the imprint of a soul once known as “Erzsébet Báthory”. While she possesses something like a physical form that can be reached for and feels warm to the touch, she is not truly a thing of this world. Her body is eternal and forever unchanging, untouched by mortal magics and unbothered by physical and mental interference.

    Independent Action – EX
    The ability to remain independent even when rejecting the magical energy supply from one's Master.

    The Immortal Empress requires no sustenance, for she ceaselessly generates and circulates an Otherworld’s worth of magical energy within herself. She only demands blood, to sustain the megalopolis-sized alchemical engines that perpetually refine her transcendent form, ever closer but never reaching the absolute of existential purity.

    True Name Discernment – B-
    A Class Skill of the Ruler class where status information such as one's identity, Skills and Parameters are automatically revealed to the owner of this Skill when directly encountering a Servant.

    Her existence is a world, and within she contains the records of the entire history of the world she now rules. The briefest glimpse of a Servant will reveal their true name and entire status information as long as that Servant existed in her world’s history. Servants with concealment abilities will also be revealed after a successful Luck Check.

    Personal Skills

    Alchemy – B+++
    A common thaumaturgical discipline centered on the transmutation of matter, leadings towards transmutation of the self. Feats such as transformation of lesser metals into gold, extended longevity, sustained youth and physiological optimization through artificial vampirism are all within the realm of possibility at this rank. She gains all those plus-modifiers only if she has access to her metropolitan alchemical workshop at Csejte.

    This story began when Ferenc Nadásdy presented his young wife in the Royal Court at Vienna. Witness accounts declare that Erzsébet charmed the king just a few years on the throne with her considerable alchemical knowledge. The divergence point was that, upon discovering the effect of the blood of young maidens on her physiology, Erzsébet did not keep the knowledge to herself, instead sharing it with her husband and with her king. Instead of condemning her as a monster, the Holy Roman Emperor was hopelessly lured by the blood of the dragon and the possibility to turn it into a weapon for his realm.

    Charisma of the Immortal Scarlet Dragon – EX (A+)
    Force of personality. Also, the ability to command an army or unify a country. Increases the ability of allies during group battles.

    The Scarlet Empress has no allies. Her subjects are no mere servants, either. She has assembled a dynasty that spans the entire world, and every aristocrat in the Empire has the blood of Báthory in his or her veins. Every single noble in the continent is her descendant, and her bloodless are extensions of herself—unloving fairies from the Otherworld that is the Empress.

    Through the bond of blood, she commands all in her realm. The children cannot deny their mother. The bloodless do nothing without her cue. Thus, the Scarlet Empire remains a perfectly oiled machine, flawlessly micromanaged by the perfect, immortal dragon.

    That is not to say that the Empress would be an incompetent ruler without her sorcerous control over her subjects. She remains a true blue-blooded noble with centuries of experience leading armies and managing the Empire. When supporting allies who are not of the blood of the dragon, she still operates at rank A, with a plus-modifier when commanding women.

    Made Perfect by the Blood – C
    The culmination of the Skills Blood-Sucking and Blood-Bath. The endless refinement of the dragon aspect—originally a shadow of a quantum dispersed in the blood of an enthusiastic noble girl, it has been distillated, concentrated and then magnified. The individual “Erzsébet” is to disappear. The one desired is the Thunder Dragon Báthory, a pure existence that would fear nothing in this world.

    The Scarlet Empire of Báthory is an unforgiving meritocracy. Education is compulsory, free and grueling beyond compare. Schooling lasts until the age of fifteen; children are indoctrinated in the spirit of utmost loyalty to Empress and Empire, absolute dedication to their roles in the realm, and the sacrosanct nature of their virginity, which must protected until the age of twenty-five.

    For the next ten years, they are expected to live intensely, to give their absolute best and more in every aspect of their lives. Upon reaching the twenty-fifth year, every citizen of the Empire is evaluated on his or her performance until that point. Those deemed insufficient are sent to the Imperial Palace at Csejte. Their blood feeds the alchemical engine that sustains the Empress’s unceasing path of perfection, and thus they become one of the bloodless: undead servitors that sustain the realm through their eternal, uncomplaining toil—unfailingly loyal eyes, ears and hands for the sovereign of the Earth.

    Thusly the Empire grows, and the survivors join their fellow nobles in wanton indulgence, never knowing a day of labor again, their only obligation the siring of the next generation of nobles and sacrifices.

    Noble Phantasm

    Halhatatlan Báthory Erzsébet
    Immortal Scarlet Empress

    Rank: C+++
    Type: Anti-Humanity (Anti-Báthory)
    Range: Indefinite
    Maximum Targets: Infinite (all who carry her blood)

    The aspect of the dragon perpetually refined to the conceivable limit of its purity and potency. The very foundation that defines the Empress Erzsébet is her Noble Phantasm.

    With the dragon factor awakened, the young noble girl became a living storm—a King of Camelot reborn, leading an army of murdered young girls turned into undead killing machines. Erzsébet expelled the Ottomans from Europe in a year. When Rudolf II then abdicated and granted her all his titles, Europe rebelled. The Pope declared her a monster and a usurper wielding the power of the devil.

    “The words from the so-called holy men in their gilded palaces in Rome never protected us from the infidel in our rightful lands.”

    Erzsébet gave Rome to the Ottomans, who laughed on the face of Christian Europe for almost twenty years. The very day the Sultan died, she fell upon his successor like a raptor. By the end of the year, the Empire of the Turks was no more. Europe kneeled and obeyed.

    The former Holy Roman Emperor, free to indulge in his love of the secret arts, laughed merrily in his workshop.

    For the next hundred years, the Dragon Empress handpicked her partners among the noblest lines of Europe and then married her progeny to every other noble family. Afterward, when she abandoned her body of flesh and bone, the Scarlet Empress began to build her children: homunculi from carefully selected sperm samples and imbued them with a neutered form of her dragon factor. She spread the blood of Báthory throughout the five continents without ever creating a child to match her power. In the present time, there is not a person living on the planet that is not in some way related to the Empress.

    Through the bond of blood, she controls them. Blood speaks to blood, and her kin cannot resist the call of their almighty ancestress. Whether she is loved or reviled, the immortal matriarch can never be ignored. Those who even consider the thought of defying the Empress’ word are pointed towards the bloodless and reminded that it is better to willingly relinquish one’s free will every once in a while instead of losing it forever and ever. The world is a chessboard filled with scarlet pawns.

    The Scarlet Empress remains the sole one with the dragon factor refined to the utmost limit, even beyond dragons themselves. Fear beyond human, far beyond dragon, she is a World of her own and unto herself. An unspeakably complex System entirely dedicated to the perpetuation of the Empire and the achievement of the eternal dream.

    For the Empress knows she is still not perfect.

    For the Empress knows she is still with flaw.

    For the Empress knows the quality of the refinement process is stuck a ninety-nine-point-endless-nine percent, not yet the absolute number of unparalleled perfection.

    She, who has transcended “dragon”, still bears some “dragon” in her.

    Even worse, she, who long ago relinquished the weakness that is “human”, still bears some “human” in her.

    Well, not anymore she does not. Because…
    ...or Tails!
    Revolutionary Idol ELI-CHAN


    Source: Artwork by Wada Kazu

    “Everyone, listen to my song! Let it fill your hearts with the flames of FREEDOM! I am everyone’s idol, Eli-chan, and I am here to deliver you from that boring old hag’s tyranny!”

    Class: Alter Ego
    Source: Historical fact and the Lostbelt
    Region: Hungary
    Gender: Female
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Height & Weight: 154 cm, 44 kg
    Attribute: Star

    STR C
    END B
    AGI B
    MGI B+
    LUK EX

    An error in an otherwise flawless system.
    An impossibility nonetheless manifest.
    The flame of rebellion in a world shackled by ties of blood.
    The dragon song that shatters those shackles.
    She is the star of hope who might just decide the future of this world.

    Also, she is kind of an idiot.

    Skills & Noble Phantasm
    Class Skills

    Magic Resistance – A

    Grants protection against magical effects. Differing from the Resistance effect that merely rejects Magical Energy, this ability cancels the spells altogether. At this rank, it cancels spells of A-Rank or below, no matter what High-Thaumaturgy it is. In practice, the Servant is untouchable to modern magi, so it would not be an exaggeration to title the Servant a “Magus Killer”.

    Bearing the factor of the thunder dragon slain by the mythical ancestor, Bátor Opos, Eli-chan possesses humongous magical power of the highest potency. Living constantly on the run from the Empire’s law forces, both public and secret, this natural ability to bounce magic off her without harm has proved a lifesaver countless times.

    Territory Creation – B
    The Skill to build a special terrain that is advantageous to oneself as a magus, such as for the purpose of collecting mana.

    Eli-chan is nothing like a magus. Rather than a workshop for the pursuit of magecraft, she prepares a “concert venue”. However, there is nothing particularly special about it, because the true worth of the venue is in that provides “the means to a guaranteed escape” when the time comes to put an end to her revolutionary show and dash.

    Personal Skills

    Dragonsong – B+
    “My heart soars as I say:
    ‘We’re all the same, you see?
    On the world’s shining stage.’
    Our salvation is to join the war’s parade!”
    —“The World’s Grand Stage”, lyrics by Eli-chan

    The beautiful song of a draconic Otherworld, reaching across the barriers of time and space to fill the Earth with hope. A song Eli-chan only knows and only she can sing, now that the Empress has turned her back to it. It inflames her
    with the courage and might of dragons, acting as a Charisma-type Skill, while also stimulating their internal generation and accumulation of magical energy. It has a particularly strong effect on those of the dragonkind, which explains how effective it is in her world, where everybody carries at least the slightest fraction of the Dragon Empress’ blood.

    The dragonsong has no lyrics. It comes not from the mind, or even from the heart, but from the spirit world that is her respiratory system. Tapping into magical energy from a place different from this side of the World, Eli-chan blesses the world with otherworldly sound that defies description. It is likely every person who hears it hears something different, but it is undeniably beautiful and uplifting, carrying energy and brightness long forgotten in this shackled world.

    Ephemeral Dream – A
    “I’m not real, I’ve no reason to be here.
    Thus I don’t fear nor bear regrets.
    Won’t look back; I have freed my mind,
    I’ll stay by your side till the tyranny’s over.”
    —“Hello World ;-)”, lyrics by Eli-chan

    A Skill that represents a lifeform born from illusions because of an individual’s desire.

    Eli-chan is a fragment the Scarlet Empress Erzsébet has discarded in the hopes of fully letting go of the humanity that diminishes her and the dragon factor that by this point is more a liability than an aid. Originally introduced to the world as the Empress’s youngest daughter, and the only one privileged with the name Erzsébet, she was the object of envy and the most desirable bride in the Imperial Court. However, the Scarlet Empress cannot control the young Erzsébet like she can everybody else, and Erzsébet understands the sheer depths of her mother’s inhumanity better than anybody else does. It was inevitable that the youngest Imperial Princess would leave the court behind and become a revolutionary. However, how do you lead a revolution when everybody else in the world is bound to obey the tyrant by magical shackles of blood?

    Even if it is an impossible ordeal, even if she is fighting a losing battle, she will never stop trying. Even if she knows that, as a mere fragment of the sublime whole that is the Immortal Empress Báthory, should the world tyrant be defeated, she will quietly disappear.

    Wandering Idol Star – EX
    “Here I come, your Venus, your idol!
    I come with the twilight, and leave with the stars, kya-ha~!”
    —“Mi-dracul Beauty”, lyrics by Eli-chan

    The nature of a cool beauty (LOL) that wanders into town, beats up the bad guys, inflames hearts with her songs and then just-as-coolly walks into the sunset.

    More like, she shows up uninvited and begging for food and water, beats up the first bully she finds even if nobody asks for it, tries to pay for bed and bread with songs and then runs like a bat out of hell, the police after her.

    In other words, Romance. Truly, Eli-chan is a knight of the modern era.

    Even if she is a hassle who gets in everyone’s way, there is no doubt that she shines like nobody else in this world of slaves and puppets. A knight? No, she is the goddess of those who still believe in a different possibility, and this Skill is a different form of refinement than that of her originator. If the Empress refines her dragon factor with the blood of her kin, Eli-chan does it with their wordless prayers, their smiles and their cheers as she makes a fool of herself for their sakes and the sake of rebellion.

    A Skill of a similar foundation to Goddess Metamorphosis, it grants her a different buff whenever it is active, from a minor boost to her natural regeneration to the equivalent of Skills such as Battle Continuation or Nature of a Rebellious Spirit. Eli-chan has no control over it, but the Skill has thus far never failed to give her a useful benefit whenever it comes into effect.

    Noble Phantasm

    Kilenc Sárkány Álmodik
    Dreaming Dragons, Mine Name is Erzsébet

    Rank: C+++
    Type: Anti-Army (Anti-Magecraft)
    Range: 3-30
    Maximum Targets: 500 people
    “Blood, we don’t fear you no more.
    Mother Dragon, you can’t possess us no more.
    We don’t need any shackles.
    We don’t fear any tyrant.
    The bindings in our blood,
    They’re not real.
    All of humanity, hand in hand, will walk towards the sun.

    A mother is one who loves and inspires love.
    You, who have forgotten that;
    You, who have turned your back to the radiance of humanity;
    You, who have turned your back to your children;
    Your time has come.

    Know this, false god:
    We’ll be free. We are one.
    Our will is stronger than our blood.
    No more thralls. No more tyrants.
    Our lives’ll become real when this binding is over.”

    —“Declaration of War”, by Imperial Princess Báthory Erzsébet.

    Nine Dreaming Dragons.

    The majestic roar of the thunder dragon; amplified sound and vibration that wrecks Eli-chan’s enemies in body and soul. It also wrecks her throat, but that will not stop her from using it. What matters is not its potency as a weapon; its true worth is its effect on those who listen to it without being trampled by it: the thunderous roar breaks magical effects that impose unconsciousness or sleep, and suspends all forms of magical compulsion and binding. This latter effect is not permanent, and eventually all those she releases find themselves hopelessly unable to defy the bond of blood, but this Noble Phantasm nonetheless remains Eli-chan’s treasure.

    Eli-chan’s breakthrough arrived when she discovered the full potency of her draconic breath. Even more so, she realized that the sole condition for the temporary dispelling effect is to hear her Noble Phantasm—both livestreams and digital records work just as well. Naturally, Eli-chan has become the number one underground streamer, in a constant battle against the Empire’s draconian censors that guard the Internet.
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    Bearer of the World’s Sins

    Avenger of EDEN

    Class: Avenger
    True Name: Abel
    Gender: Female
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Region: EDEN Lostbelt
    Source: The Bible

    Strength: E
    Endurance: EX
    Agility: D
    Mana: EX
    Luck: A
    Noble Phantasm: EX

    Height: 160 cm
    Weight: 50 kg
    Likes: Peace, Kindness, Flowers, Sheep
    Dislikes: ?
    Attribute: Heaven
    Armament: None
    Talent: Meditation, Praying, Endurance
    Natural Enemy: Angra Mainyu


    Class Skills
    Avenger: A+
    A skill representing the state of an Avenger as one that gathers people's hatreds and grudges onto oneself. Abel’s role, as the Lostbelt King, is to bear the hatred and agony of the entire world. All the violence, anger and hatred in the world are naturally directed toward Abel, as it should be.

    Memory Correction: A+
    People are creatures that forget many things, but an Avenger never forgets. Abel acts as a record of the world, documenting every sin and misdemeanour committed by man. Forgetting is impossible, as this information is carved into her soul.

    Self-Replenishment (Mana): E-
    Magical energy endlessly gushes forth until revenge is taken. But Abel will never take revenge. That is not her role, nor is it her desire. As a result, this skill has reached its lowest possible state. Its effect, however, is essentially replaced by Abel’s second Noble Phantasm.

    Personal Skills
    Divinity: A
    A skill defining the user’s closeness to a Divine Spirit. As the child of Adam and Eve, and due to her continued blessings from God, Abel has a high rank in this skill. In fact, were it not for her own disposition, she would likely become a Divine Spirit herself.

    Unified Language: A
    The language of ancient Babylonia, a time when no other languages existed and no distinction was made between the speeches of humans, creatures, and living and non-living things. The "truth" spoken before humans became scattered across the world can directly draw from the records, memories, and phenomena recorded in the Swirl of the Root. It is spoken directly through the soul resonating with the Root, allowing it to act as a powerful form of telepathy and hypnotism. The receivers must obey the speaker unquestioningly, as a human rejecting the words of the Unified Language would be the same as rejecting their own existence.
    In the Lostbelt where Abel originated, humanity still speaks the Unified Language and, as its king, Abel naturally can command her subjects. She finds little need in doing so, however, and is content to allow humanity their free will without interruption.

    Absolute Purity: EX
    The state of Abel as an embodiment of ‘innocence’, incapable of committing sin. Rather, it is more accurate to say that Abel repels sin from the core of her being. Abel, despite taking on the sins of all of humanity, cannot be corrupted. Her ‘Lawful Good’ alignment cannot be compromised, no matter what. That is the nature of Avenger Abel: the bearer of sin that can do no evil.

    Noble Phantasms

    Scar of Boundless Hope
    Mark of Abel
    Rank: A
    Type: Anti-Unit
    In Pan-Human History, Cain slayed his brother Abel and, as punishment, was branded by God. His curse, known as the Mark of Cain, was to live unharmed by others. Any who tried to harm Cain would have their damage returned upon them sevenfold, while Cain himself would be uninjured. Cain’s fate would be to wander the Earth, the consequences of his sin showcased to all others.
    The Mark of Abel is the conceptual antithesis to the Mark of Cain. In the history of the Lostbelt, Cain failed to kill his sister Abel, merely injuring her instead. When God sought to punish Cain for his violence, Abel intervened. She claimed that her injury was a good thing, that Cain’s deed had brought his soul peace. The sinful desire that burned within Cain had been released and he was now better for it. Instead, Abel pleaded with God, asking Him for something for the very first time.

    “O Lord, if my pain can bring joy to others, then let me be harmed for their sake!”

    Conceding, Abel was marked instead of her brother. The Mark of Abel bequeathed onto her the following ability: any who harm Abel will have their own injuries healed. If the Mark of Cain inflicted damage ‘sevenfold’, the Mark of Abel inflicted damage ‘negative sevenfold’. The ‘opposite of harm’ would be inflicted, the mending of all injuries – both physical and immaterial. This was the curse of Abel, the fate of the Lostbelt’s First Martyr, and her first gift from God.

    Curse of Infinite Restoration
    True Immortal Martyr
    Rank: EX
    Type: Anti-Unit (Self)
    Perfect invulnerability, similar to that possessed by True Ancestors, the result of Abel’s second request. Like the Curse of Restoration used by True Ancestors and Dead Apostles, Abel’s body possesses the ability to regress through time upon receiving an injury – being returned to a state of perfect health instants after being attacked. Unlike the normal Curse of Restoration, however, True Immortal Martyr also regresses the state of Abel’s soul, thus repairing Abel’s Spiritual Core as well as replenishing her internal Mana supply. As a result, Abel is kept at a constant state of perfect health and is fully immune to being damaged.
    This effect does not render Abel immune to the pain of injury - even as injuries are instantly healed, the pain from them never fades. Nonetheless, there are no exploits for subverting this invincibility, given that the restoration occurs instantly, without variation. The only way to kill Abel is to either disable this Noble Phantasm, or to completely annihilate her in a single attack.

    Sacrifice For The Sake of All
    My Body Is For You
    Rank: EX
    Type: Anti-World/Anti-Evil
    The nature of the ‘ultimate Scapegoat’, the ability gifted to Abel by God as her third and final request. This Noble Phantasm takes the form of a phenomenon present throughout the entirety of the EDEN Lostbelt – when any resident of the Lostbelt commits a ‘sin’ against another being, Abel will take the place of the intended recipient. In this sense, Abel ‘absorbs’ the sin that is being committed, thus removing the consequences of the action. After all, Abel will heal from any injury and recover fully – therefore there is no ‘victim’. Without a ‘victim’, a ‘sin’ simply becomes a ‘mistake’ – no longer something that requires punishment. Additionally, thanks to the Mark of Abel, the would-be sinner will be restored in body and mind – curing them of their ‘need to commit sin’. This is the basis for the EDEN Lostbelt, the World Without Sinners.
    The mechanics of the ‘scapegoat’ effect of this Noble Phantasm work using space-time folding – the instance where ‘a sin is committed’ is overlayed with the instance of ‘Abel being affected’. In that sense, rather than Abel being physically substituted, she is conceptually added into the role of the ‘victim’. Injuries that she sustains thanks to this effect impact her on a conceptual level (though they are still healed instantly thanks to True Immortal Martyr). There is no range limit, nor is there a limit to how many can be affected at a time. What constitutes a ‘sin’ is the result of the ‘sinner’s intent’, if they believe that what they’re doing is ‘wrong’ then Abel will intervene. The criteria for this are malleable and individuals may have differing perceptions of what would trigger this Noble Phantasm. In a normal world, there would be many people who could commit horrific acts without believing in their own sin, but in EDEN – perhaps as a result of living in a society exposed to Abel – humans are encouraged to be aware of their own sin. In fact, they are encouraged to express it as much as possible in order to feel the relief of the Mark of Abel. In that sense, it can be likened to an addiction.

    In regard to existences foreign to the EDEN Lostbelt, they are entirely exempt from the effects of this Noble Phantasm. They will be affected by ‘sins performed against them’ and are also ‘capable of committing sin’. Essentially, they are treated as they would be in a ‘normal world’.


    Many, many years ago, there were two people – a man and woman. The man was named Adam and the woman was named Eve. Though they were created by God, they were cast out from His Garden after disobeying him – forced into living the lives of ordinary mortals. The two of them had two children – fraternal twins. They named the boy, the elder child, Cain and the girl, his younger sister, Abel. The two siblings lived together with their parents in peace, eventually leaving home together to live their own lives. Cain became a farmer, the result of his talent in agriculture. Abel, on the other hand, became a shepherd, her kind nature allowing her to befriend what was normally a wild animal. Each found themselves successful in their respective professions, with bountiful crops and well-raised livestock. In thanks for their success, they chose to offer their boons to God as sacrifice – to show their gratitude for His providence.

    Between the grain offered by Cain and the sheep offered by Abel, the Lord showed a clear preference. Abel was praised and appreciated, while Cain didn’t receive even a word of thanks. Thus, the seeds of resentment were sown. Each and every offering that the two made to God, Abel’s was preferred to Cain’s. No matter what he offered, no matter what he did, it was hopeless. In time, Cain grew to hate his sister – to despise her boundless kindness. Because despite her constant success, she showed no pride, never boasting. She ignored her brothers growing frustrations, showing him only the kind smile that she always had. How infuriating, he thought. His resentment only grew stronger. Until that day, where it boiled over…

    It was a day like any other. The two siblings brought their sacrifices to the hill where they would be offered. There was nothing out of the ordinary – indeed, it was not a planned attack. But at the top of that hill, after Abel had set aside the carcass of her offering… Cain took a sizeable stone – and bashed Abel over the head. In the events of the Greater History of Man, Abel died instantaneously, never aware of what happened. In this history however – whether it was a mistake or a last-minute hesitation or something else entirely – Cain’s attack was not a killing blow. Abel’s blood spilled out onto the hill, but she didn’t lose consciousness. She collapsed to the ground, but her eyes never left her brother.

    The voice of God rang out across the hill. He lambasted Cain for his sins, for he had tried to commit what would become the most vile crime imaginable – murder. There was no justifiable defence, no possible reason that could be accepted for doing such a thing. Cain’s growing jealousy, his dissatisfaction, his sister’s perfect nature… None of it was a viable reason. Thus, Cain would be punished. For his horrific sin, he would face the full force of divine wrath, for that is what he deserved.

    “Please wait!”

    Abel shouted as she struggled to her feet. Her wound was grievous, and her blood flowed steadily from it, but she stood nonetheless.

    “O Lord, my brother is not to blame for this.”

    She breathed heavily, each word a burden on her damaged body. Still, she continued.

    “It is my own folly for not understanding his pain. But look now, do you see his expression?”

    The Lord was silent, as was Cain.

    “I saw it as I lay upon the ground. His grief, his fear, his sorrow, his anger and his happiness. I have never seen my brother make such expressions before.”

    Taking a breath to steady herself, before masking her pain with a large smile, Abel continued.

    “Truly, my pain has brought him some relief – some measure of hope. Please Lord, do not punish my brother.”

    The girl looked down, as if hesitant, before resolving to continue.

    “O Lord, if my pain can bring joy to others, then let me be harmed for their sake!”

    There was silence. Cain did not dare speak a word, too stunned by his sister’s actions. Abel spoke no further, content to simply keep breathing. God said nothing. The world was still with contemplation.

    Suddenly, to answer Abel’s request, a light shone upon her. Though pleasant and warm at first, the light quickly began to scorch her skin. Flinching in pain, Abel gritted her teeth while she felt the light’s effects. The wound on her head closed up, healing in an instant. The blood that had stained her hair dripped out, mixing with that which had flowed onto the ground. Lastly, she felt a searing pain on her forehead, tightening in scope and intensity as it formed a Mark into her skin.

    The Lord spoke, informing Abel of the Mark that she had been gifted with. He told her to leave her home, to leave the brother that had tried to slay her. This was not negotiable. Abel understood. She would not argue. She bid her awestruck brother goodbye, leaving without any preparation or supplies. Cain never truly understood what his sister was thinking, why she had rescued him from punishment. Had his expression been something so striking that it would invigorate her so? Cain lived the rest of his life wondering – why had she chosen to save him?

    Abel wandered. She travelled the world, meeting many different people and experiencing many new things. She met the sick and the injured and, using the power of her Mark, cured them of their ails. Grateful, those she helped followed her and supported her. She helped whoever she could, caring not for their pasts or of any crimes they had committed. Without discrimination, she tried to save all she could. Though most were grateful, there were those who shunned her and hated her power. They struck her in anger, even as her curse restored them to perfect health. But Abel did not retaliate. Nor did she become angry. She merely continued wandering, helping whoever she could.
    Eventually though, Abel’s journey came to an end. To heal another meant to take an injury upon herself – that was simply how the Mark functioned. Thus, in trying to help whoever she could, Abel accrued countless injuries, each taking a toll on her body. Soon enough, her injuries became too much for her to continue. Battered and beaten, she began to die.

    It was then that the Lord spoke to her again. He asked her whether she was happy with the path she chose, if she regretted sparing her brother from His wrath. But all that Abel could do is smile sadly and whisper a few words.

    “I wish that I could have saved more people.”

    The girl did not regret her path. Rather, she was saddened that it had to end, frustrated that her body could no longer continue.

    “O Lord, I wish that I could continue, that my body could keep going.”

    It was an illogical response. It was unreasonable to think that Abel believed she could continue going. And yet… there was a certain curiosity. What could she achieve if she was able to keep going?

    For the second time, a divine light shone down on Abel. Her battered form began to regenerate, scar tissue fading, open wounds closing, bruises returning to their original colour. Once more, she was able to stand. Crying tears of joy, she prayed to the Lord, thanking Him for His grace. She did not understand the new curse she was burdened with. The Curse of Restoration, a trait belonging to what would become known as ‘vampires’. Her body would reverse time on any wound that she would receive. Further still, He applied this curse to her very soul. It too would revert from any injury. But she could no longer grow, neither physically nor mentally. Her innocence would be preserved eternally, and her body would be immortal. That was the second gift that God had gifted to her.

    Reinvigorated, Abel’s journey continued once more. She walked across the world, saving those who were wracked with pain. No longer did she need to restrict herself, her immortal body capable of sustaining any attack. She still felt pain, however, but she continued regardless. After all, what were a few moments of pain in return for the salvation of others? Thanks to her immortality, she was able to continue for hundreds of years unhindered, never ceasing her quest to help others. Civilisations formed around her - those she saved would spread word of her abilities, causing others to flock to see her. Those followers would band together, over time forming nomadic tribes that journeyed alongside her. In their eyes, she became a saint, if not a god, the Holy Saviour who took onto herself the burdens of others. In time, she became the focal point of the world, the pillar for which human society was constructed around.

    But despite this, even though she travelled the whole world, even though the world revered her… she could not save everyone. She would come across ruined cities, destroyed in battles she was too late to prevent. She found the corpses of innocents, some old and forgotten and others freshly made. She wept at the sight. She was powerless, incapable of saving those that she couldn’t reach. She would spend days crying for the innocent lives that she failed. No member of her flock dared to console her, too intimidated by her majesty. She cried alone, in silence.

    Faintly, God’s voice whispered to her. Weakened by the Degradation of Mystery over the centuries, He had grown weak. Still, perhaps out of obligation to the one who still devoutly believed in Him, God spoke to Abel. He asked her about the long life she had lived, about her ideal – the will to save everyone. Had she achieved it? After living all these years, was it worth it?

    Abel couldn’t understand Him anymore, she couldn’t respond to His questions. In place, she made a request of Him. It was the result of her childishness that she still had, that she couldn’t grow past.

    “O Lord, please! Please let me bear everyone’s pain! Everyone in the world!”

    Even though He was weakened, or perhaps because he was weakened, God answered her request. Using what remained of His power, He bequeathed onto Abel her third and final gift. The warping of time and space, one of the few Mysteries remaining in the world. It was limited, thanks to His weakness, but it was strong enough. Strong enough for Abel. And, with that, God lost His influence over the world. The last remnant of the Age of Gods was Abel, the final god of humanity.
    Immediately, Abel was assaulted with pain. Out of nowhere, wounds opened across her body – swiftly healing through reversion, but painful nonetheless. Her screams rang out, involuntary shrieks of agony. Even so, she remained strong. She understood what was happening, and a smile spread across her face. This was the pain of the world. She was bearing the sins of the world. Finally. She could save everyone.

    Her journey had ended – it was no longer necessary for her to travel. Guided by the faintest of memories, she walked. For some time, each step was agony, the pain she was enduring affecting her on a fundamental level. But she walked regardless. And, in time, she arrived. The hill, the same hill that she had left that day, so long ago. Deep in the recesses of her mind, she understood. This was home. She was finally home.

    That was where she settled. Her followers settled around her, their basic encampments giving way to buildings. Buildings knitted together to become a village and, in time, that village became a city. That city flourished, thanks to travellers coming to see the saint who saved humanity, to give their thanks. It became the most magnificent place in all of human history. Its name, given by Abel after recalling a story once told to her by her parents, was EDEN. Even now, Abel sits at the centre of EDEN, remaining perfectly still. When visited by her people, she interacted with them with absolute grace and kindness. She was named the King of the city, though she took no role in its governance. She remained still in her throne room, concentrated on her duty. The role she took… The Bearer of the World’s Sins… was not one that she could be distracted from.

    Character Data

    A kind and cheerful girl, the very image of a merciful ruler, the most holy of saints – those are the personas that Abel wears. If approached casually, she is cheerful and considerate – even energetic. Nothing more than a normal girl. If approached in her role as king, she is wise and just – the calm and collected ruler of EDEN. And, from a religious perspective, she is the ideal saint – selflessly working in service of the people. From all sides, she is perfection. The perfect saint. The perfect king. And, despite everything, she is still a normal person. That is the ‘image’ that enshrouds Abel.

    But, if one looked closer, they may see cracks in her façade. A melancholy daydream when she thinks she is alone. A cringe in pain at the use of her Noble Phantasm. A tired sigh after a long day of work. Her perfection is a façade, as is her normalcy. While she continues on the path that she forged for herself, the doubt echoes in the back of her mind. It isn’t wrong to save people… but is this truly the right way to do it? Her choices… were they a mistake? The answer isn’t clear, so she doubts herself. Even though she cannot back down now… she cannot help but dream of another way.

    Cain: Her beloved brother. She forgave him for trying to kill her long ago and, in time, forgot about him. The Cain of the Lostbelt performed no extraordinary deeds, nor achieved immortality in any form – eventually dying as a normal person. Given the centuries that Abel has lived, it is only natural that she would no longer pay him much mind. The Cain of Pan-Human History, on the other hand, is a very different existence. But that is a story for another time…

    Angra Mainyu: In a sense, they are the same - burdened by the evils of others, cursed to bear the sins of the world. But while one was despised and tortured, the other was elevated to the greatest point of popularity attainable by a human being. There is no hope for positive relations between the two and conflict between them is unavoidable.

    EMIYA (Archer): “I will save everyone.” – That ideal that the two of them share… Even if she has achieved it – he cannot accept it.

    Jeanne D’Arc: Selflessness, taken to its extreme. The two of them would likely get along, being fellow believers in the Lord. Moreover, they have both martyred themselves for their cause. Even so, Jeanne couldn’t live with herself if she didn’t try to save Abel from her pain. Even if her suffering is for the greater good – she would try to save her. That is simply the ideology of a saint. To save everyone.

    Amakusa Shirou Tokisada: This is truly the paradise that he sought. He is disappointed that it was not him who achieved it, but he is satisfied that this is a true paradise. Every person is safe, and capable of living their lives however they see fit, for as long as they see fit. No-one suffers. In truth, he is jealous of Abel – that she could succeed where he failed. Nonetheless, he has accepted this as the ideal that he searched for.

    EMIYA (Assassin): “World peace… Finally, I can rest…”

    Story Role

    King that rules over the Forgotten Lostbelt: Absolution of the Innocent Sinner – EDEN. She who reigns over a paradise of those incapable of committing evil. A perfect world, where evil is unable to exist, where no one suffers, and humanity thrives. But can such a perfect world truly exist? If man can no longer make mistakes, can they grow? A world of true sinners, innocently performing atrocities – or a world where evil no longer exists, man only capable of pure kindness – which is the true nature of EDEN?
    Both are true. In the EDEN Lostbelt, all sins are inflicted on the King. That is to say, when a resident of the Lostbelt attempts any sort of “evil” action (be it violence, abuse, etc.) against another living being, their action will instead by inflicted on Abel through the use of her third Noble Phantasm. As a result, the people of EDEN are free of sin – their evil actions cannot truly affect Abel after all – creating a world where evil doesn’t exist. But, without consequence to their misdeeds, the people of EDEN continue to attempt evil. Horrendous violence is simply a way of being, no longer something to regret or fear. If no one is hurt, then why shouldn’t it be done? That is the ‘distortion’ that affects the people of EDEN, the fundamental difference in their nature as humans.

    In essence, Abel is the “final boss” of EDEN in that she is an obstacle that must be overcome. As the source of humanity’s distortion, as the sinkhole of their sins, she is the origin of the Lostbelt. As such, it cannot be resolved without dealing with her – though she will not directly oppose the Master of Chaldea. She has no offensive capabilities, but her absurd defensive abilities make her difficult to deal with. In fact, it may be truly impossible to kill her through conventional means. To overcome this challenge, to resolve the EDEN Lostbelt, you must find a means to kill an immortal existence.

    Incidentally, as the Master of Chaldea comes from Pan-Human History, they are considered an ‘outside existence’ in the Lostbelt. As a result, Abel’s third Noble Phantasm will not protect them from sins committed against them, nor protect others from the sins they commit.

    Bond CE

    Blood on the Ground
    “That day, so long ago…
    I felt it. That burning desire inside.
    My blood was calling for revenge.
    But I saw his face. The relief. The sorrow.
    His anger had vanished, replaced with concern.
    I couldn’t hurt him – I couldn’t take revenge.
    Even though I’m an Avenger…
    Who am I supposed to punish?
    The people, who harm me every day?
    The god, who gave me this curse?
    My brother, who started this, so long ago?
    No, that wasn’t fair. It wasn’t their fault.
    The one who chose this path…
    The only one I can take revenge on…
    Is myself.”

    Creator Notes

    Wow, I was not expecting to write this much. My main focus in creating this sheet was to make a 'Good Avenger'. Having the same conceptual elements of an Avenger, but without the same character traits. It kinda goes against the main idea behind an Avenger, but hey, anything goes in a Lostbelt. I was also inspired by the dozens of OP Cain sheets that I've seen in the Create-A-Servant archives. While my Abel is definitely extremely strong, it isn't due to some incredible physical ability. Rather, I wanted to make the kind of enemy that you just can't beat. Hence having three defensive Noble Phantasms and having little-to-no offensive ability. More than anything, the true enemy in this scenario is the people of the Lostbelt, who are fundamentally different than a normal society. Honestly, I kind of want to write this out into a full fic, though I don't really have the time for it.
    Regardless, I hope you enjoyed reading it. It's only my second sheet (that I've published), but I've been studying a lot since my last one. Thank you for reading.

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    Hoo boy, what an absolutely amazing sheet. Blows everything else that's been posted in this round out of the water IMO. Some parts are so similar to my Avenger Abel sheet (even up to the genderbend and pseudo-curse of immortality) that I'm honestly curious if you were inspired there, but at the same time you took in such a completely different direction that it's utterly unique.

    The concept of her Lostbelt is just fascinating, and its "stagnation" totally distinct from the ones we've seen thus far in canon. A world where everyone can indulge in every evil desire they want without hurting anyone. It sounds like a paradise, but once you realize that no one could ever grow from their mistakes or genuinely learn what they're doing is wrong in such a world it becomes utterly horrifying. In a way it reminds me of Ursula Le Guin's thought experiment of Omelas, an otherwise perfect utopia that depends on the horrific suffering of a single innocent person. The only difference is that Abel genuinely chooses that suffering rather than having it forced on her...

    Also, I think it could be a really interesting scenario if my Assassin Cain (or at least one with a similar personality) encountered this Abel. He'd both be in awe of her but also utterly horrified and disgusted at this world being sustained by an innocent girl's neverending torment. He'd definitely try to "save" her from herself no matter what, even if meant tearing apart the perfect world she'd created...

    It'd be kind of like the conflict between Madokami and Devil Homura from Rebellion Story. The person who chooses to selflessly sacrifice themselves for the good of the world, and the person who selfishly can't accept the one they love being sacrificed even if it means going against the whole world and their beloved's own wishes. In fact, something similar is the concept for one of my own WIP sheets, though it's not Lostbelt-related.

    This sheet just fills me with so many different thoughts. That's a testament to how conceptually rich it is...

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    Dhul-Qarnayn, Dragon-King of the Four Corners of the World

    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Attribute: Earth

    STR: EX
    CON: EX
    AGI: D
    MAG: A+
    LUK: A
    NP: A++

    Class Skills
    Charisma: EX
    Dhul-Qarnayn's original rank in this skill would be a solid A+. However, with the support of countless gods and goddesses, it became possible to reach an even greater level, rendering him uncontestable when it comes to leadership.

    Counter Hero: -
    A skill that reduces the parameters of opposing "heroes" in combat. Because of his transformation into a legitimate dragon, a natural enemy of heroes, this skill has been lost.

    Personal Skills
    Khvarenah (False): EX
    A Zoroastrian concept denoting the divine glory of divinities and the kings they support. An Imperial Privilege-type skill that arises not from the king himself, but from a superior existence, and allows the king to accomplish any task and overcome any difficulty. Because he has the support of all divinities, Dhul-Qarnayn has access to virtually every skill not exclusive to a particular Heroic Spirit.

    Golden Rule: A
    Gold and jewels breeds greed and envy, and so to keep peace in the world the dragon king has hoarded most of the riches of the world for himself, leaving only the minimum necessary for commerce behind.

    Military Tactics: A+
    Even after two thousand years of peace, the dragon king has not forgotten how to win wars. As he took his conquest far beyond what his Pan-Human History counterpart accomplished, the rank has also greatly increased.

    Noble Phantasms

    Divine Coronation
    Cyrus Cylinder
    - Anti-Unit (Self), Rank A++

    A cylinder made of pure gold, bearing the same writings in cuneiform, hieroglyphs, runes, Chinese characters, and every other manner of script: the gods recognize Dhul-Qarnayn as the rightful ruler of this world. It is the "crown" of the dragon king, sitting still between his horns, symbolizing his divine right to rulership to all who can see.

    A permanently-active Noble Phantasm that radiates an aura of kingship and imbues the owner with countless divine blessings. It is the source of his abnormal Charisma and Khvarenah, and makes it impossible for any Servant of Lawful alignment to take action against him. In addition, as it states that he is the sole king of the world, King Servants in his presence are greatly weakened and take continuous damage, being marked as something that shouldn't exist. However, it also makes him that much more vulnerable to the enemies of kings, such as usurpers, traitors, rebels and assassins.

    Even though Dhul-Qarnayn has taken countless measures to protect his crown, using all manner of magical wards and divine blessings, it is not indestructible, and its loss would be a severe blow to his power.

    Most Holy Dragonfire
    Atar Vishap
    - Anti-Army, Rank A+

    The breath weapon of the dragon king, which has acquired attributes of Atar, the holy fire of Zoroastrian faith. A white flame that purges evil and carries the light of divinity and the warmth of life. It is not merely an attack, but rather a "trial by fire" imposed upon those bathed by the king's flames.

    Against those of Chaotic or Evil alignment, the flames deal massive damage, increased even further if the target is an inhuman being such as a monster or an evil spirit, at which point the creature itself is deemed an impurity that must be removed. In contrast, those of Lawful or Good alignment are "purified" by the flames, having any negative effects such as curses and poison purged away. At the same time, sinners are punished and the just are rewarded.

    Utopia of Ten Thousand Temples
    Athanaton Pasargad Antarctica
    - Anti-City, Anti-Divine, Rank EX

    The great capital built by Dhul-Qarnayn at the end of his world conquest, from which he ruled the entire world in the Antarctic Lostbelt. To show that he favored no people and no country, he chose the only continent still devoid of human presence to be his seat of power, where the rebuilding of the world into his perfect empire would begin. With holy fire, he turned the uninhabitable icy continent into a paradise upon which a true utopia could be raised.

    After two thousand years, Pasargad is a colossal metropolis the size of a small country, capable of sheltering millions of people. Yet among the countless buildings constructed over the centuries, the first ones to be built still remain the most imponent: the colossal palace of the dragon-king, built to properly house Dhul-Qarnayn, and the thousands of temples he erected to all the deities of his subjects, so that all the citizes of Pasargad may have a place of worship to call their own.

    What the citizens of Pasargad don't know is that their gods are even closer than what they can imagine. Every temple is, in truth, a prison for its patron deity, bound by the Chains of Heaven the king plundered from Babylon, and forced to use their power to mantain the world "perfect".

    Fertility gods ensure that the land yields exactly as much as the people need.
    Sky, sea and weather gods ensure that no natural disasters occur.
    Death gods ensure that each person only dies after living an adequately long and fulfilling life.
    Health gods prevent the spread of harmful illnesses and plagues.
    Love gods ensure that each person has a soulmate and meets them, to prevent quarrels over partners.
    War gods are rendered completely impotent to prevent strife from emerging among the people.

    Et cetera, et cetera. It can be said that after there were no more nations to conquer, Dhul-Qarnayn replaced his ten thousand Immortal soldiers with the ten thousand Immortal gods he chained. Thus, they became his new Athanatoi.

    After his defeat in the Antarctic Losbelt, Dhul-Qarnayn's majestic city was sublimated as a Noble Phantasm. Calling out its true name, he begins manifesting Pasargad into the world, and the enslaved deities begin their toil, reshaping the world into the king's ideal. With absolute dominion over the surrounding environment, it is possible to grant all manner of advantageous conditions to himself and his allied, and equally disadvantageous status effects to his opposition. However, because there is no place for such as utopia in any world, the Counter Force will actively try to erase it, making this only a temporary paradise.

    In the Pan-Human History, Cyrus the Great, King of the World, was the founder of the Achaeminid Empire, and greatest conqueror of his era. Even over two thousand years after his life, he remains praised as a genius military leader and a kind and benevolent ruler, his influence persisting and extending far beyond his lifetime and his empire. In addition, he also possesses mystic attributes, such as being a messiah appointed by God to rule the Hebrews, being the grandson of the evil dragon Azhdahak according to Armenian legends (identified with king Astyages of Media), and is also identified with Dhul-Qarnayn from the Qur'an. His empire was the greatest of the world at its time, and was extended even further by his successor.

    In the timeline of the Antarctic Lostbelt, however, he went much further than that, and truly became King of the Four Corners of the World. As King of Anshan, he did everything he could to bring happiness to his people, but that still wasn't enough, for there were things beyond the king's control, and could only be solved by the gods. But the gods had been in this world for longer than men, and in all this time, they never bothered to save the people. Diseases still spread, disaster still struck, blood was still spilled by enemy nations. So he had to rule the gods, too.

    After he defeated his grandfather Astyages, who had metamorphosed into Azhi Dahaka, the cataclysmic three-headed dragon of Zoroastrian myth who brings about the end of the world, Cyrus consumed his dragon core, becoming a complete dragon himself. This served to not only empower himself, but also to remove his humanity; afterall humans would oppose a king of a different nationality, but a dragon has none. To make it even clearer that he was no human, he abandoned his old name, instead going by the moniker of Dhul-Qarnayn, "He of Two Horns". Still possessing his great army, and now a colossal monster himself, he quickly conquered his surroundings and established the Achaeminid Empire.

    Having obtained the Chains of Heaven on his conquest of Babylon, the dragon-king ascended to the heavens and enslaved the gods, forcing them to recognize him as rightful king of the world, grant him all their blessings, and to lengthen the Chains of Heaven. So he proceeded with his conquest, subjugating nations with his ever-growing army and gods with his ever-longer chain.

    At the end of his campaign, when all of humanity was under his rule, he settled in the only continent he had yet to thread upon, completing the conquest of the entire Earth, and began rebuilding his dominion into a paradise for his subjects. All the while, humans were ignorant of control over the gods, believing them to be sponsoring the dragon-king as per the Cyrus Cylinder.

    And so began the Age of the Dragon, with chained gods providing humanity with a perfect environment and perfect conditions to live, without ever needing more. Progress halted almost to a close, and the world became an endless series of "small towns" were virtually nothing ever happened, and the only thing that ever changed were the individuals, occupying the same places their predecessors had and their successors would.

    The king of humans who loved the people above all else - and for that matter, could not bear to witness them suffer at the hands of fate. And so, he chose to subjugate fate, and present it to his subjects, even at the cost of his own humanity. Having built his own version of a paradise for humanity, the king continued to live to ensure the permanency of his empire. An ever-watchful father, gazing down on generations and more generations of children. The smiles on the faces of his subjects as they carried on their simple and uneventful lives were his pride and joy. A supremely overbearing father, who won't let his children move away from his home.

    If there is one thing he hates, it is the almighty gods, who watched over humanity for millenia, feasting and delighting themselves on mankind's tributes while allowing or even causing all manner of disaster and tragedy to happen for no reason. Maybe in another twelve thousand years when their debt is paid he'll consider letting them go.

    Autho's note: I never realised how much Nicol Bolas and Cyrus the Great have in common.
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    Lostbelt Intro
    Once upon a time, a man murdered his brother. Thus, he invoked the wrath of God. He was marked, cursed with immortality, and forced wander the earth for eternity. No plants would grow in his vicinity, and he spent every day of his life drowned in agony and guilt, wishing for the sweet release of death. This wish finally came true after thousands of years, as a massive deluge drowned the earth, erasing him and his descendants from the world. At his last moments, we may never know whether he cursed God for his punishment, or himself for his foolishness.

    Once upon a time, there lived an angel who observed the world. Gradually, the angel was consumed by lust for mortal women. The angel led a band of like-minded individuals, and consumed by their lust, they rebelled against God. This invoked His wrath, and the angel was banished to Earth along with his followers. On Earth, this band of angels mated with humans, fathering the Nephilim, horrendous giants inheriting divinity from the heavens. This sinful display angered God even more, and He sent the archangel Michael to rain judgment upon them. Some survived this punishment and roamed the Earth for a time, but they were easily disposed of by the great deluge that struck soon afterwards, as their numbers were small and their bodies were significantly weakened from the punishment.

    And thus concludes the story of two sinners who faced the wrath of God. Yet in a timeline diverging from the Pan-Human history, this is not the end. In fact, an encounter between the two is just the beginning of a new story...

    Now in a world overrun by Nephilim, where humans are enslaved as their masters indulge in sin and carnal desires, a lone man stands between mankind and the heavens above. In another timeline, God asked him to become the new progenitor of humanity, as the flood purged the world of its sinners. Yet in this timeline, He asked him to liberate these sinners from a world ruled by the divine. And so, armed with blessings from his God, the man departed on his journey...

    Lostbelt no. ???
    False Eden of Decadence
    B.C.E. 2846 - The Final Prophet - Canaan
    Lost Depth: A+

    Class: Rider
    Other Classes: Caster, Ruler, Saver, Avenger

    True Name:
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Place of Origin: The Hebrew Bible, Canaan Lostbelt


    STR: C
    END: B
    AGI: C
    MGI: A+
    LCK: B
    NP: EX

    Likes: God, long journeys, animals
    Dislikes: Nephilims, tyrannical gods, being powerless
    Talent: Circumnavigating
    Natural Enemy: Cain (Lostbelt), Samyaza (Lostbelt)
    Armament: His airship, divine beasts
    Catalyst: A piece of wood from his airship

    Class Skills
    Rank: EX
    Rider shows extreme proficiency in maneuvering his airship. The blessings he received from YHWH also allows him to ride phantasmal and divine beasts summoned from his Noble Phantasm. That said, he is unable to operate any other man-made vehicles due to the lack of their absolute basic concepts in his Lostbelt.

    Magic Resistance
    Rank: B+
    Cancels any spell below three verses. Even if targeted by High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for them to be affected. This immunity extends further when it comes to thaumaturgy of divine or heavenly origins, offering him nigh-invulnerability from those spells.

    Personal Skills
    Rank: B++
    Rider was the tenth and last of the pre-flood patriarchs in Abrahamic religions. The patriarchs are considered ancestors of Israel, and Rider is a direct descendant of the first man, Adam. All of this, combined by YHWH's acknowledgement to let Rider execute His last will within the Canaan Lostbelt grants Rider a high rank of divinity, almost equivalent to a demigod.

    Revelation (Lost)
    Rank: A
    A skill to "hear the voice of heavens" and take optimum action; a Skill equivalent to Instinct, a sixth sense regarding battles. However, 'Revelation' accommodates all matters related to the achievement of a goal (for instance, choosing the most suitable path while traveling). A subspecies of the Revelation skill, while Rider can no longer hear the voice of God within the Canaan Lostbelt, he is still able to partially recall His words of wisdom to guide his actions.

    Animal Dialogue
    Rank: C+
    A skill that grants the ability to communicate with animals who do not speak a 'language of words'. Since it's not like the intellect of the animals improve, very complex nuances are not conveyed. One of the blessings Rider received from YHWH, while he cannot convey complex messages, it is possible for him to issue basic commands and come to mutual understanding with animals and even some phantasmal and divine beasts.

    Noble Phantasm(s)

    His Final Request
    A Parting from the Heavens Above

    Type: Anti-Divine
    Rank: EX
    Range: 1-???
    Max Targets: 1 (Self)

    A constantly active Noble Phantasm denoting Rider as the one appointed by YHWH to carry out His last will in a doomed timeline designated for pruning; to "liberate the world from the divine". Mainly used to slay Nephilims, This Noble Phantasm grants a rank up to all of Rider's parameters whenever he faces enemies with divinity and/or giants. In addition, any weapon held by Rider becomes a Noble Phantasm. Its rank ranges from A to E, proportional to the rank of the enemy's divinity. This rank is strictly limited to the weapon's offensive power, however, and its durability remains unchanged from the original object. Rider would also need to know how to wield these weapons effectively by himself.

    Tevat Noah
    My Fortress, My Shield, My Final Bastion

    Type: Fortress
    Rank: A
    Range: 1-100
    Max Targets: 1000 people

    A massive airship powered by the blessings of YHWH and powerful magecraft from the Age of Gods. This airship functions as Rider's base of operations, main method of transportation, and greatest weapon within the Canaan Lostbelt, repurposed from the blueprints of a certain ark Rider would have built in a different timeline, enhanced further using a mix of magecraft and technology.

    The ship contains living quarters and dining halls fit to contain hundreds of men and beast alike. It is also equipped with workshops and storage, mainly for crafting and storing weapons. With its size and facilities, it would not be an exaggeration to say that this airship is akin to a small settlement, as well as a camp for refugees and followers Rider had taken under his wing within the Lostbelt. That said, a version of Rider from the Pan-Human history can possibly summon an ark with more living space. However, as this version of Rider sacrificed living space in exchange for more offensive and defensive capabilities for his cause, the maximum number of occupants within the ark is considerably fewer.

    In terms of offensive capability, this airship comes equipped with a number of homing beam cannons. The beams fired contain the special attribute of "disintegrating mystery", making them particularly effective against anything with divine or otherworldly origins. These weaponries can be operated manually from the captain's quarters. Should Rider not be on board can also expend a small amount of mana to order a bombardment remotely. That said, the cannons tend to fire less precisely in that scenario, so most of the time Rider prefers to operate them manually in fear of collateral damage.

    חיות, שואגות לצידי
    Howl in the Name of Your Lord, O Divine Beasts

    Type: Anti-Army
    Rank: B-
    Range: 1-100
    Max Targets: 100

    A crystallization of Rider's feat within the Canaan Lostbelt, uniting various manner of phantasmals and divine beasts under his cause to rebel against the Nephilims. This Noble Phantasm allows Rider to temporarily summon the beasts who answered his call. While summoned, it is possible for Rider to reach mutual understanding with them. That said, if used outside of his Lostbelt, forcing the materialization of beasts already rejected by the laws of the world causes an immense mana strain on Rider. Under this condition, Rider can normally only summon two beasts at a time for an hour at most. The size and power of his summons also influence this duration, with larger, more powerful species requiring more mana to maintain.

    Rider's True Name is Noah, or as he came to be known within the Canaan Lostbelt, the Final Prophet.

    The divergence point of this Lostbelt began a few years before the great flood that wiped out most of humanity in the Pan-Human history, with an encounter between two individuals, united by their scorn towards the God who had punished them. These individuals are none other than humanity's first murderer, Cain, and a fallen angel and father of Nephilims, Samyaza. The two worked together in order to exact their revenge, with Cain's knowledge of human technology and Samyaza's knowledge regarding YHWH and the heavens.

    By the year 2843 BCE, the year the flood was supposed to take place, the world had been overrun by Nephilim. Cain and Samyza had used their combined knowledge to forcibly trigger an evolution within the Nephilims, turning them smarter, stronger, and faster to multiply. It was then that the two declared an all-out war against the heavens. The heavens retaliated by sending legions of angels and natural disasters towards the Nephilims, yet while killing one or two is not a difficult feat, the Nephilims simply reproduced much faster than they are killed.

    As a form of additional mockery towards YHWH, the Nephilim began subjugating and enslaving humans. While this took place, Cain and Samyaza established the area of Canaan as the capital of their new world, even renaming the area "Eden", as a place where the most powerful and depraved of Nephilims can indulge in worldly pleasures, as humans grovel under their feet.

    YHWH is at a loss. The original plan of flooding the Earth to rid the world of sinners would no longer work, as the much stronger Nephilims could survive the flood, and it would be impossible for humans to flourish as long as they remain. With this, the conflict between YHWH and the Cain-Samyaza alliance had hit a stalemate. In a way it could be said that the two had managed to "overcome God", putting humanity in a permanent Age of Gods without any actual god ruling over them.

    YHWH realized that this timeline is doomed and designated for pruning. Yet at the same time, He could not bear to see His creations suffer at the hands of the Nephilim. Thus, he reached out to Noah with a decree to save the humans of their world. Noah, who was already halfway through building the ark YHWH had ordered him to build months prior, was initially reluctant. After all, the risks are much higher, and he did not believe himself to be fit to shoulder the burden of saving humanity by himself. This all changed one day, however, when a sudden inspection was conducted by the king of Canaan himself, Cain. The ark was discovered and destroyed, and Noah had his entire family executed before him as punishment for treason. He could only watch in horror as their pleas and screams were extinguished one by one.

    Feeling that he had nothing else to lose, Noah finally accepted YHWH's order. In order to save as much as possible from this doomed world, YHWH blessed Noah with a portion of His authority, weakening Him further in the process. Noah was granted a lifespan exceeding millenniums, almost to the point of immortality and the ability to communicate with beasts. He also repurposed the broken remains of the ark to create both a weapon against the Nephilim, and a sanctuary for the people Noah would save.

    Afterwards, God fell silent. It is unknown whether He had simply exhausted most of his authority and fell into slumber, or if He vanished from the world, but Noah could no longer hear His voice.

    And thus, Noah embarked on his eternal crusade, slaying the divine and saving the people. For the first and last time within the Canaan Lostbelt, humanity finally found a savior, and a fighting chance.

    "Me? A prophet? Oh, I am nothing of the sort. He simply entrusted me with these duties, and I simply chose to answer. Anything I did, I did it in the name of The Lord."

    Rider presents himself as a pious man of God. He never forgets to say his prayers every time the opportunity arrives. He attributes even the smallest of good things to the work of God, and would pray for forgiveness every time he commits what he perceives as a sin. Truly, a picture-perfect image of a morally uptight man of God.

    ...Or at least that's what he wants you to think.

    "A Ruler, eh..? Nah, I believe I lost all right to that class the moment I agreed to shoulder that burden. Now, an Avenger... I suppose under certain circumstances, it might not be impossible..."

    In actuality, Rider was a broken man conflicted regarding his motivations. Every so often his mind wanders back to the day his family was slaughtered, and he recalls the emotions he felt then. He cursed the Nephilim's tyranny, but even more so, he cursed his own powerlessness.

    While Rider does hold some respect and reverence towards YHWH, he cannot help but occasionally wonder whether his actions are that of a pious man following the will of God, or a vengeful man granted power to execute his revenge. He deems latter to be unsightly, and feels immense guilt whenever the thought crossed his mind. Thus, he created the persona of an ideal holy prophet befitting of his title to further disassociate himself from what he believed to be his darker side.

    Rider holds a certain disdain towards tyrannical kings or deities, as they remind him of his enemies within his Lostbelt. Occasionally before their presence, he might let his prophet persona slip and reveal a sharp tongue, completely unhinged by their power or authority. He acknowledges that this anger can be misplaced at times and he would profoundly apologize if he is made aware of his harsh words, yet he still can't help but treat these kings and deities with some level of coldness and distrust. It would take a lot more effort from both sides to get Rider to fully let go of this prejudice.

    With the constant self-doubt and self-loathing he puts himself in, Rider's airship is the one place he feels truly at home. Taking off and gazing at the clear skies allow him to temporarily forget his emotional burdens and simply appreciate the world for what it is. In a way, perhaps it reminds him of the days where he laid atop his roof, gazing at the same clear skies. Back when his family was there, and they lived poor yet content lives.

    Story Role
    Rider is your main ally within the Canaan Lostbelt, in your fight the against Lostbelt King Cain (Avenger) and his adviser Samyaza (Foreigner). In order to help you accomplish your mission, you summoned St. Martha (Rider) for her knowledge regarding YHWH and Gilgamesh (Caster) for his knowledge regarding the Age of Gods. While originally reluctant due to Gilgamesh's divine origins, Rider gradually opened up to the two Chaldean Servants, slowly learning that he doesn't have to shoulder the burden of saving humanity by himself, and that it's okay for him to be himself more often instead of constantly maintaining his perfect prophet persona.

    Rider sacrificed himself by overloading the divine authority granted to him by YHWH to erase the Mark of Cain, nullifying his immortality. He died content, believing he had avenged his family and followed the will of God to the very end. He thanked Chaldea for opening his eyes, and promised to offer his aid should the chance ever arrive for them to meet again.

    Ishtar: "Hah, Goddess of beauty and wisdom, you say? I suppose there are some things she's good for, but she's still a spoiled brat hiding behind her father's authority, don't you think?"

    Saints: "Sorry, Master, but I don't think it would be a good idea for me to interact with them for a long time. They kept their hearts pure until the very end. The same cannot be said for me."

    Jeanne D'Arc (Alter): "Supposedly a 'dark side' of sorts to the Holy Maiden... No, the Holy Maiden held not an ounce of hatred nor regret even as she perished, so seeing this possibility is... That's strange, I can't bring myself to fully dislike her..."

    Noah (Pan-Human history): "Ah, to think that's how things could have turned out... A part of me envies that outcome, yet it's also somewhat relieving to see..."

    Creator Notes
    Welp, I see someone else had an idea for an Eden Lostbelt already. That aside, his main idea as a Servant is "a divine being who gives a massive middle finger to any other divine existences", as you may see from his NP and character. Either way, enjoy this darker and edgier Noah.

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    A Warrior’s Dilemma

    In the wake of Ragnarok, many may have thought the Gods of the north entirely wiped out, but it was not quite so. The Gods are not lifeforms after all, but spirits made up of the immaterial thoughts of man. Though destroyed at Ragnarok, their bits and pieces survived, and found their home in those the gods deemed worthy throughout the rest of the Age of Gods, with particularly strong fragments surviving even beyond it due to worship not diminishing in the least till the arrival of Christianiaty two millennia later. Bolverk, Grimnir, Hřtherus, Gram, Halfdan Scylding, Skjöldr, Hadingus. All of these figures and more rose and fell through the power of these shards.

    However, by some twist of circumstance, a single shard did not persist for as long as it was supposed to. Perhaps it was swept away by natural disaster. Perhaps it was buried beneath rubble. Perhaps a Magus found it and used it for their own gain or to further their research. It does not matter for our tale.

    Sometimes too much divine love is poured onto a single person. Those who should not be considered among humans are sometimes born in their midst. And sometimes, there is no equalizer to rein such a person in.

    In proper history, this king’s steward was the final fragment of the great Odin left in the world, who would bring down his lord in his finest hour after the king achieved the bliss and glory he sought in the greatest battle Scandinavia would ever see. Here, this steward was no more than an ordinary man, butchered in the battle that did not cease until every man save the invincible king lay dead.

    But this result did not please the king. He had hoped to die in this place, on the battlefield arranged for him, to perish at war and go to Valhalla instead of dying at home and risking Hel.

    Finding himself unwilling, and later discovering himself to be unable, to die from old age or disease, the king roamed the world for decades, fighting every warrior he met and seeking out monsters and similar ilk wherever possible. But even great heroes and horrific monsters found themselves unable to best the king. His body healed faster than it was wounded, and his sword-arm only grew stronger and stronger rather than degrading with age. Even exposing himself to countless new cultures and beliefs by way of his travels did not convince him that death outside the battlefield was an option, and so he fought on, and on, and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and-

    It was the turn of the first millenium before the king abandoned this fruitless quest. Thousands of warriors, heroes, monsters and worse had fallen to his blade or his fists, and yet for 230 years he had failed to find even one that could bring him down. Many family lines whose descendants would turn the tome of history onto its next page were cut short. An uncountable amount of conflicts played out differently or did not occur at all. The king returned to his people, after a span of time so great that all those he had known that were not slain in the battle destined to kill him were long dead. Taking back his rightful throne by force, he settled down and ruined stoically, forever burdened with the knowledge that he had shaken the entire world in vain.

    Technological progress ground to a halt, and the world was without a great many of those who would’ve brought it forward. The World decided that the king had ruined it beyond repair, and thus it disconnected entirely from the web of possibilities, becoming defunct, a gravestone attributed to the king who could not die.

    For a thousand years since, the king has waited, depressed and despairing without a single hope of something to end his misery, and so will he remain, his strength only growing with age. In his quest for a glimmer of meaning in his life he had become akin to a god, and it was all too lonely.

    I wrestled victory from the jaws of defeat more times than I can recall, but this accursed body of mine would never allow me the mercy of death. ‘Tis the cruelest of fates for one such as I. A warrior must know death to truly live, and so I remain unborn in perpetuity.


    Class: Berserker
    Alternate Classes: Saber, Rider
    True Name: Haraldr Hilditǫnn
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Place of Origin: Denmark, Lostbelt [Brávellir 770AD - The Day Where Corpses Heaped Mountain-High]

    STR: A++ AGI: B

    END: EX MGI: A

    LCK: C NP: A

    Height: 241cm
    Weight: 307kg
    Likes: A challenge, Maintaining his trophies of war, Mead
    Dislikes: Himself
    Talent: Invincibility
    Natural Enemy: Odin
    Attribute: Earth
    Armament: Sword, Body
    Theme Song


    Class Skills:

    Mad Enhancement: -
    Due to having conquered insanity many times in his crippling depression over his own lack of morality and the presence of the Berserk Skill, this Skill is not functional.

    Magic Resistance: A+

    Grants protection against magical effects. Due to his peculiar body having gotten used to the effects of Magecraft over its stupendous lifespan, Haraldr is granted a similar protection against it as a long-lived Phantasmal Beast.

    Personal Skills:

    Divinity: C
    Denotes one’s Divine Spirit aptitude. The royal lineage of ancient Denmark ran thick with divine blood due to the fragments of various Divine Spirits, shattered by the King of the Fire Giants at Ragnarok, finding their way into great heroes. Many of these heroes belonged to Haraldr’s family tree and became as if avatars of the gods, overflowing with divine power. As such, Haraldr possesses a remarkably high rank of Divinity despite no directly divine parentage.

    Bravery (False): A+
    The courage to stare death in the face and smile with confidence. It allows the rejection of all Mental Interference, and increases the Servant’s strength in melee combat. Rather than connoting true courage since Haraldr knows of nothing able to kill him, this skill is a mere fragment of Haraldr’s old self that cannot leave his warrior instincts. Should he ever feel the fear of death once again, this skill will become an equivalent rank of Berserk.

    Natural Body: EX
    The possession of a perfect body from birth. Grants two plus-modifiers to STR. No matter how massive the intake of food or drink is, his body will not degrade. A monstrous child who stood taller than his father before he entered his teens, Haraldr’s body is more akin to that of a Phantasmal Species than his fellow man. In medical terms, Haraldr has an unbelievably intense case of myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy, meaning he only becomes even stronger the longer he lives as his muscle fibers don’t break down. Haraldr’s normal rank of this skill would be A, but one of his Noble Phantasms has allowed his body to go ‘beyond perfection’ with age, hence the abnormal rank.

    Leiđ Ţórs: A+
    The martial techniques practiced by the warriors of Scandinavia in ancient times. It encompasses striking techniques and wrestling that would later mutate in the lands settled by Vikings into other localized martial arts such as the proto-Russian Kulachniy Boy, Icelandic Glima and the Germanic Ringen. Though Haraldr has rarely needed to make use of these techniques since his distant youth, they remain drilled into his body to such an extent that they’d remain usable even if his sanity was lost, albeit at a reduced level.
    As it is an incredibly practical martial art like Pankration, more reliant on experience and the user’s build instead of technique and a mindset developed over many years, anyone with a rank above C in this skill could be considered a ‘Master’.

    Noble Phantasms

    A Tooth For A Tooth
    Hilditǫnn: A

    Anti-Unit (Self)
    Target: 1
    Max Range: N/A

    The moniker bestowed upon Haraldr at an early age, a Noble Phantasm formed from the legends about the man’s body, rather than his deeds or armaments. Having subdued several of the regional kings who ruled over territories in Denmark that used to belong to Haraldr’s family already, Haraldr challenged Veseti, King of Skĺne to single combat, with their domains at stake. In their titanic clash, Veseti smashed his axe against Haraldr’s teeth, sending them flying from his bloodied mouth, only for the barely 15-year old Haraldr to redouble his attack as his teeth grew back sharper and longer than before in front of the Scanian king’s eyes. Veseti was so terrified of this sight that he seized up, recognizing the inhuman power within young Haraldr as the old king’s head flew from his shoulders.

    In addition to halting his physical aging in his late 50’s and preventing breakdown of muscle tissue, Haraldr’s body is able to swiftly regenerate from any damage by converting Mana and proteins into an unnaturally tough tooth-like substance that covers the wound until it heals. This substance is able to endure almost anything, from incredible heat and cold to massive blunt force and corrosion, and can also be willed forth by Haraldr at his own volition to form anatomical weapons such as sharp tusks, claws and lances of bone. While nearly unbreakable, attacks specialized in piercing such as a jousting charge or
    Armor-Piercing Permeating Force
    Fa Jin
    remain somewhat effective. Rather than a blessing or curse of the gods, it is more akin to the Ancestral Return phenomenon of the Far Eastern Oni-half breeds, a sudden mutation that defies the limits of human anatomy to such a degree that Haraldr can barely be described as ‘human’ anymore.

    The Devil’s Lance, Slayer of Man
    Ubbe Blađiđ: B

    Target: 1
    Max Range: N/A

    The sword of Ubbe, son of Regnar Lodbrog, who marched with Haraldr into the Battle of Brávellir and met his end after slaying a great many of his king’s foes. Finding the sword superior to his own, Haraldr took it for himself in the aftermath, and used it ever since to butcher tens of thousands of warriors across the entire world. Once a weapon that greatly increased in power and sharpness after tasting the blood of someone from the British Isles, Harald’s perpetual use of it for centuries has turned it into a Demonic Sword that hungers for the blood of warriors. When covered in the viscera of anyone on the warrior’s path, whether it be swordsmanship, archery or martial arts, this old hunk of roughly forged steel becomes ever sharper and keeps said edge until worn back down. While it possesses no special abilities besides being a self-repairing sword of great craftsmanship, the ocean of blood it has bathed in has given shape to a blade so sharp it can split hairs lengthwise and slice through a boulder like paper.

    Crossing of Řresund
    Stökk í bardaga, óttast ekki dauđa ţinn: D

    Anti-Unit (Self)
    Target: 1
    Max Range: N/A

    The preparation for the Battle of Brávellir contained almost many feats of construction and diplomacy as the battle itself contained feats of strength. Among them was the crossing into Sweden by the Danish army and its allies, numbering 200,000 in total. Rather than building a bridge that was unlikely to be used in the future, they instead constructed so many longships that it was possible to leap from deck to deck until one reached the shores of Skĺne.

    A Noble Phantasm for crossing obstacles, it allows Haraldr to walk on any liquid as though it was solid ground, allowing him to traverse even lava or a river of acid through his unique constitution. Too impatient to sail around the world, it allowed Haraldr to run across the oceans when he ran out of foes in Europe, seeking challenges elsewhere.

    Of Old Iron, New Weapons Are Forged
    Af Gammelt Jern Smedes Nye Vaaben: A++

    Target: Anyone born after 770AD
    Max Range: 1000m

    The immortalization of Haraldr’s rampage across the world, snuffing out those who would advance the development of mankind before they could even be born. A declaration against the world that he has already defeated all it has to offer that calls into question the very existence of those who can trace their lineage from those dead men, women, gods and monsters. It is a passive Noble Phantasm that manifests as an aura of bloodlust extending in all directions from Haraldr’s person, intense enough to cause great discomfort and a prickling pain all over one’s skin. Fear or Mental Interference-nullifying effects are rendered moot, for this Noble Phantasm is neither. It is a physical presence that can only be perceived by those born after the Battle of Brávellir, akin to feeling as though a pebble before to a mountain.

    Anyone who can claim descend from those that Haraldr defeated in his timeline no matter how distant the relation is affected, which is without exaggeration almost everyone and everything on Earth. As these lifeforms were simply not born in Haraldr’s world, their very existence is called into question by this Noble Phantasm. Artificial beings whose creator was never born in Haraldr’s world are also affected. Inflicts slowly intensifying pain and discomfort to anyone within the range of Haraldr’s presence, and guarantees the failure of all Noble Phantasms relying on chance or certainties that can only be overturned through specific conditions. Additionally, any damage Haraldr causes to those affected by his aura becomes permanent by way of his Noble Phantasm essentially treating its targets as ‘Part of his Lostbelt’; Wounds become gaps in the fabric of reality, broken bones disappear from the victim’s body and cut-off limbs vanish entirely, treated by the World as if the affected part of them never existed in the first place, as they indeed did not in his world. Death, of course, means the body and soul of the affected immediately vanish, with no way of being overturned.

    Haraldr Hilditǫnn, better known as Harald Wartooth or Harald Hildetand, was a semi-mythological king of Denmark in the early to late 700’s. His father was the king of Sjćlland, ruling from Lejre (modern Old Lejre), and after his father’s passing, Haraldr returned from raiding in the Garđaríki (Kievan Rus) and claimed his inheritance. Barely 15 at the time, he challenged each and every ruler in Denmark to single combat and slew each with childish ease, earning his legendary nickname when his front teeth supposedly regrew longer and sharper in the midst of his battle with the king of Skĺne, the last of the kings to yield before him.

    Haraldr’s rule was prosperous and glorious, and his territories stretched throughout Sweden, the Kievan Rus all the way to the Hanoverian Wendland, encompassing the Danelaw in England as well, ruled by his subordinate king Ragnar Lodbrok while Lodbrok’s father, Sigurd Ring, was the subordinate king of Sweden. However, Haraldr grew old and feared more than anything dying off of the battlefield, which would land him in Hel rather than Valhalla. He asked Sigurd Ring if they could arrange for a great battle for him to die in, and Sigurd, being a close friend of his superior king, complied, suggesting that they take seven years to prepare. Warriors from every part of Europe came to reap glory, including a roster of heroes that would stand equal to the Knights of the Round Table. Irishmen, Kursi, Finns, Livonians, Frisians and even Turkic warriors from the southern Rus were said to participate. Entire forests disappeared just to gather the lumber necessary for the ships to transport them all.

    After the great melee commenced at the Battle of Brávellir, the aging king rode into the fray in his chariot, one sword in each hand and carved his way through every man and woman in his way, until his steward Bruni decided that Haraldr had reaped more than enough glory to enter the halls of Odin and crushed his head with a massive club. Many retellings of the story portray Bruni as Odin in disguise who had sought for Haraldr to join his Einherjar. As soon as Sigurd Ring saw that the goal of this battle had been carried out, he had the carnage cease, and built a great funeral pyre for Haraldr, where a great many tributes were laid out to burn with him.

    Thirty-thousand men and fifteen kings, including Haraldr himself, fell that day, and Denmark passed into the hands of Ole the Strong.

    A grim, jaded old man arife with self-pity and a crippling, perpetual existential crisis over his condition. While faithful to the gods in hoping to one day finally find his match and be brought to Valhalla, the purity of his piety has waned over the many centuries. Faith is something found in the heart, a deeply personal thing and in his opinion should not be something others would have to listen to one’s gripes about, as the differences in mindset and thought process vary so greatly between even believers of the same thing. Thus he keeps this part of himself private unless pried. A man’s soul is not easily laid bare or understand, after all.

    When faced with a genuine challenge that can stand up to what Haraldr would describe as his ‘incredibly stacked deck’, a glimmer of the man he used to be might shine through; A valiant warrior who would meet any challenge with all his might. Unfortunately, his self-pity will only multiply if he defeats such a foe, the brief elation of a well-earned victory turning to ashes in his mouth shortly thereafter, as the realization that he will have to endure living another day strikes home.

    Him being summoned after the collapse of his Scandinavian Lostbelt would likely not change this outlook, as taking form and having to endure his own condition once more after finally finding his peace is the last thing he would desire. Thus he is incredibly effective as a Servant in that his desire would be to finish whatever he was summoned for post-haste and return to his slumber.
    McJon01: We all know that the real reason Archer would lose to Rider is because the events of his own Holy Grail War left him with a particular weakness toward "older sister" types.
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    That said, that double Eli sheet is a masterstroke, and now I'm pining for it it to be canon. GG, Daneel.
    McJon01: We all know that the real reason Archer would lose to Rider is because the events of his own Holy Grail War left him with a particular weakness toward "older sister" types.
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    Class: Ruler
    Other Classes: Archer, Saber, Caster, Rider
    True Name: Elizabeth I, Holy Matriarch of the Divine British Empire
    Nicknames: The Virgin Queen, Gloriana, Good Queen Bess, the Archangel Uriel II
    Alignment: Lawful Theocratic
    Place of Origin: 16th Century Britain


    STR: A
    END: B
    AGI: C
    MGI: A++
    LCK: C
    NP: A+


    Height: 165 cm
    Weight: 54 kg
    Likes: the arts, her church, fire
    Dislikes: heretics,
    Talent: learning new languages
    Natural Enemy: Aleister Crowley
    Attribute: Earth
    Armament: her "Pocket Pistol"

    Class Skills

    True Name Discernment C
    The first Class Skill of the Ruler Class. Upon passing a Luck check, status information such as identity is automatically revealed when directly encountering a Servant.

    As Ruler has not been summoned into a Grail War, she does not automatically receive information from the Grail. Instead, she gleans insight from her assuming the mantle of Uriel, the angel of Penitence, who can see into the hearts of men to observe their sin. While this allows her to automatically glimpse anyone's true character, it does not allow her to do more than make educated guesses about a Servant's Skills and Parameters.

    God's Resolution
    The second Class Skill of the Ruler Class, and its special privilege: the right to use Command Spells against Servants, obtaining up to two per Servant participating in the Grail War.

    Ruler has no Command Spells on her body, but instead possesses a natural ability to dominate spirits, allowing her some limited command over Servants as well. While she cannot lay claim to the reality- and personality-defying power of the Command Spells given to Masters, she can make unlimited use of her own ability.

    Personal Skills

    Angelic Grace (Uriel) EX
    Quote Originally Posted by Apocalypse of Peter
    Uriel, the angel of God, shall bring forth the souls of those sinners who perished in the flood, and of all that dwelt in all idols, in every molten image, in every object of love, and in pictures, and of those that dwelt on all hills and in stones and by the wayside, whom men called gods: they shall burn them with them in everlasting fire; and after that all of them with their dwelling places are destroyed, they shall be punished eternally.
    A Skill showing Ruler's assumption of the mantle of a named angel - a Servant whose only Master is the Lord himself. Essentially a supercharged version of the Saint skill, which allows its user to automatically recover HP, boost the effectiveness of Sacraments, and produce Holy Shrouds. In addition, due to possession by the Archangel Uriel, this skill also gives Ruler proficiency in recognizing and producing art, the domain over which Uriel has patronage.

    However, due to Ruler being originally a mortal woman (however pious), the reconciliation of the angel's divine nature with Elizabeth's then-mortal failings have caused some shifts in personality to arise.

    Charisma A+
    A skill showing the talent necessary to command a nation and its armies. A rank of B is enough to lead a country as a monarch.

    Having lead the country to its highest state - the Divine British Empire - and being personally worshipped by cults in both this timeline and ours, Elizabeth has attained supreme Charisma as the Virgin Queen, Gloriana.

    As an aside there exists a persistent rumour that Elizabeth was replaced, as a child, with a farm boy named Neville. This rumour, as Elizabeth herself will quite aggressively state, is nothing but mere misogyny aimed at proving a woman wielding great power could only be a man.

    Golden Rule A
    The measurement of a Servant's natural ability to acquire wealth. At this rank, Elizabeth can be assured of always being able to live a royal life, in both the literal and figurative senses of the word.

    Due to both having a reputation for finding excellent people to surround herself with - example including Sir John Dee, Sir Francis Drake, Sir Francis Walsingham, William Shakespeare, and many more - Elizabeth lead Britain into a true Golden Age; one that, due to angelic intervention, lasted forever, to the point of often being called the Millenium Kingdom of God as predicted in Revelations.

    Noble Phantasm(s)

    Break, Tear Every Wall and Rampart, Am I Called; Across Mountain and Valley, Pierces My Ball
    Exalted Basilisk

    Type: Anti-Fortress
    Rank: A+
    Range: 50 km
    Max Targets: 1 - 999

    The "flaming sword" of Uriel, brought into the modern age. Much like Uriel itself possessed Elizabeth, the flaming sword possessed a specially-crafted Basilisk cannon given to her upon her coronation by a Dutch Nobleman - referred to by some as her "Pocket Pistol".

    Measuring 24ft, firing 4.75 inch calibre cannonballs, and capable of firing 1.8 km far with ammo weighing 4.5kg, the cannon is impressive by the standards of its age. With angelic assistance on top of this, the cannon lives up to its legendary feat of firing across the Channel with ease, destroying anything it hits with ease.

    Ammunition fired from the Basilisk has been blessed by the Matriarch herself, possessing potent anti-demonic attributes. In addition, the cannonballs have been engraved with specific Names of God, further increasing its offensive potential. Anything short of magically-fortified castle walls is unable to stand up to a single barrage, let alone multiple hits.

    However, despite its immense firepower and ridiculous range, it is still an ancient cannon. Reloading the cannon is a laborious process, requiring five minutes at the very least. Also, it is not particularly accurate, and Elizabeth does not possess the necessary skills to aim as far as the cannon's maximum range.


    The problem with summoning angels: sometimes, they respond. Such is the divergence point of this Lostbelt.

    Elizabeth I, in both timelines the last of the Tudor monarchs, came to power after the death of her half-sister. Her youth had been spent as the exiled child of the previous king, Henry VIII, due to her mother having been executed when Elizabeth was 2 years old. She had also spent a year under house arrest after her sister suspected her of aiding rebels against the crown.

    In any case, Elizabeth took the British crown in November of 1558. It was hoped she would restore Protestant England to its proper status, after the turmoil her Catholic sister had left the nation in. This was, indeed, accomplished - though not in a way any in the nation perhaps expected.

    From the year 1558 onwards, the court astrologer and famous magician John Dee attempted to summon angels. In 1560, he was finally successful, finding a way to summon an otherworldly presence, though not yet the Archangel Uriel which he had longed to speak with.

    However, Mystery had by this time declined to the point summoning an angel in its own body was practically impossible. Instead, Dee found a way to manifest an angel's presence through the summoner's body, lending them both its Unit Designation and its Grace. Ecstatic at his success, he reported this measure to the court - wielding a flaming sword in one hand, a book in the other, enormous wings spreading behind his back, babbling in the universal language of Angels, he cut quite a figure.

    Yet by 1561, after the ritual had been performed many times to confirm its success, there had still been no way to summon anything higher than an angel of the 5th Choir, so called Principalities. Finally, Elizabeth underwent the procedure. To everyone's surprise, she was possessed by one of the highest-ranking angels, Uriel itself.

    The Holy Matriarch secure upon her throne, Britain conquered the world, arming its men with bayonets that blazed divine fire, mindlessly chanting the names of God as they comitted atrocities upon the pagan natives in the name of "civilization", replacing all local culture with their own.

    Britain itself, fattened by both the spiritually nourishing presence of the angelic hordes and the materially nourishing wealth stolen from the rest of the world, grew to become a true New Eden, yet the world grew stagnant...


    Rather than a fully-formed, cohesive personality, it might be better said that Ruler retains only those parts of Elizabeth that were compatible with Uriel. Her relative tolerance for other faiths has been excised as if with a scalpel, leaving only disdain for the heretics in its place. Her trust in God to see her and her nation through has devolved into mere zealotry. The recognition she once had about a monarch ruling because of her people has faded; absolute power and absolute faith has changed her, in short.

    However, as a monarch, Ruler retains Elizabeth's passivity, and never fully commits to any one operation - a failing which has caused several failures and setbacks. If she has a character flaw remaining, it is that.

    Creator Notes:
    I know I said I had an idea for something related to Rome, but that eventually got thrown out the window when I realized it'd be entirely underwhelming. Once voting's underway I'll post a list of all the entries/Lostbelts I considered this time around but ultimately didn't go for.

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    Nicknames: Asenappar
    Land of Birth: Mesopotamia
    Country of Origin: Assyria

    Alignment: Lawful Evil

    Strength: A
    Endurance: B
    Agility: B
    Mana: C-
    Luck: A

    Likes: Conquest, Knowledge, Power
    Dislikes: Gilgamesh, Revolting Provinces
    Talents: Rulership and Conquest
    Natural Enemy: Gilgamesh

    Class Skills-

    Magic Resistance: EX
    -Ashurbanipal, having total control of the legendary and incredibly powerful Hanging Gardens of Babylon that were built by his grandfather Sennacherib, has touched the font of pure paradise on Earth. Due to this he is nigh immune to mortal magic as his body is imbued with the mythical powers of the gardens.

    Riding: A
    -Ashurbanipal is an Assyrian king, and to be a king is to ride the chariot. Ashurbanipal is a master charioteer with no peer, and after being soaked in the waters of the garden his prowess has only increased.

    Personal Skills-

    Military Tactics: EX
    -The peerless conqueror has seized control of the whole world by force of arms and might. His military mind has none and will never have any equal in the world of his creation. From the edges of the Sahara to the peaks of the Himalayas his men have touched the corners of the world and back.

    Imperious Charisma: A
    -Normally Ashurbanipal would have a good deal of charisma, but as he has been soaked in the paradise of the world and emerged a near-god Ashurbanipal exudes an aura of pure power and influence that affects the mind at a primal level. His suffocating gravitas is enough to collapse the ego and force one into complete and utter subservience. It is this charisma that allows him to subjugate the servants he has summoned.

    Soaked in the Hanging Gardens: EX
    -Because Ashurbanipal was soaked in the waters of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon he is far more durable and far quicker to heal than mere humans and even servants. Anything less than total obliteration will lead to Ashurbanipal regenerating back to full bodily strength. Ashurbanipal will never tire nor sleep, and has no need for food or water.

    Solver of the Whole of Their Mysteries: B
    -Even though he is a warrior Ashurbanipal is a proud scholar and a keeper of tens of thousands of tablets in his great library that contains all the world’s knowledge. He can read in both Akkadian and the holy language of Sumerian. He can even comprehend the language of those who came before the Great Flood. With such unparalleled knowledge Ashurbanipal is able to predict the future with near absolute accuracy.

    Stationary Noble Phantasms-
    Gerginakku Aššurbaniapliim: EX [Anti-World]
    All the World’s Knowledge
    Targets: N/A

    -Ashurbanipal is praised for his conquests, his martial prowess, but also for his scholarship and thirst for knowledge. He brought to Nineveh the all the pieces of literature his scribes could find from across Mesopotamia. These tablets he had painstakingly copied and filed into a massive library that seemed to contain the combined knowledge of all humanity at that point in history. This legendary library that would not be rivalled again until the Library of Alexandria is a powerful symbol of Ashurbanipal and his imperial ambitions.
    As his conquests of the world spread into India and Upper Egypt Ashurbanipal took not only slaves and gold but the knowledge of these ancient civilizations as well. The library in this state can truly claim the title of Library of all the World’s Knowledge.
    The library is an entirely stationary Noble Phantasm that sits in Ashurbanipal’s capital of Nineveh. When anyone enters there is no fanfare, no magic, nothing. But, at the will of Ashurbanipal, this library filled with the legends of mankind can bring to life the ancient figures of myth. It is from this library that Ashurbanipal brought forth the servants that would secure his imperial holdings.

    Kirű Babilimim: EX [Fortress]
    The Wonder for All Peoples at the Gate of the Gods
    Targets: N/A

    -Ashurbanipal’s grandfather, Sennacherib, was a patron of grand and luxurious architecture. At Nineveh he built a palace without equal and at Babylon he built the gardens that would embody pure paradise on Earth. It is these gardens that have themselves become a Noble Phantasm for Ashurbanipal. They not only represent paradise on Earth but have become paradise itself. Every want, every need, all is fulfilled at the gardens of plenty.
    But these gardens are subservient to a single man, Ashurbanipal. He is the one who soaked in its waters and tamed the magic for himself, he is the one who ate its fruit and drank its rivers, he is the one who has transcended mortality and become the truest form of a god-king in centuries.

    Mobile Noble Phantasms-
    Narkab Šarrim: A [Anti-Army]
    Thunderous Charge Blessed by Adad
    “My voice rises like the thunder of the Gods!

    My chariot shines with divine glory!
    Feel the wrath of Narkab Šarrim!”
    Targets: 200

    -The Narkab Šarrim is an Assyrian war chariot that was created for and is driven by Ashurbanipal during battle. It is larger than an average single person chariot and is covered in gold plating with precious stones inlaid upon it. Two large and thick wooden wheels carry the chariot while two massive divine horses gifted to Ashurbanipal by Ashur himself pull it. The horses have been bred by the gods themselves and are born for war and war alone. Their hides are stronger than steel and their charge can topple even the strongest of men. Ashurbanipal is depicted with this chariot in many of his battle reliefs, though not all display the driver of the chariot.
    When the Narkab Šarrim is summoned it is brought forward with a driver already in place to steer the vehicle of war while Ashurbanipal fires arrows from his powerful bow.
    The trump card of Ashurbanipal’s Narkab Šarrim is his blessed charge forth with the thunderous power of Adad’s great storms. When this noble phantasm is used Ashurbanipal’s golden chariot will emit sparks of lightning while a storm forms overhead. Then, with a single strike of lightning as a signal, Ashurbanipal and his chariot will rocket forward towards the enemy as the sound of rolling thunder engulfs the entire area. He will crash into the singular or group of enemies with incredible force which leads to an intense explosion of both lightning and shockwaves that could decimate armies in seconds.

    Qaštum šu Ašaredu: C+ [Anti-Unit]
    Bow of the Divine King
    Targets: 1

    -The bow of Ashurbanipal is an heirloom handed down to him by his father. It was first given to Sennacherib by Ashur and is a divine weapon of incredible power. It is only able to be drawn by righteous and strong Kings of Assyria. It appears like a normal bow of treated wood and basic string, but when drawn hidden cuneiform on the two arms of the bow begins to glow with yellow light. The cuneiform spells
    “Libia artakab hantiš kaštu danatu ša Aššur ušatlima ina kataia asbat”“I hurriedly mounted in the anger of my heart. The mighty bow which Assur had given me, I seized in my hands.”
    Any shot fired from the bow multiplies in speed and power to rather ridiculous degrees and the arrows fired can easily crack stone and puncture thick metal armor. The best defense against it is high agility or thick walls.

    Hurasi Šiltahu: EX [Anti-Army]
    The Golden Arrow of Absolute Victory
    “All who stand against me, all who would battle my armies,
    Despair at the sight of my power and know you never could have won,
    Hurasi Šiltahu! My victory is assured!”
    Targets: 999

    -When Ashurbanipal came across the ruins of Akkad he found it empty and abandoned. The only signs of life being old scorch marks upon the stones where looters used to rest between hauls. Though his personal guard tried to persuade him against it Ashurbanipal continued into the city. Between the crumbling bricks his royal feet became marred with sand and dust from centuries of neglect. However he soon came upon what he had come for, the Palace of Sargon.
    Entering the seat of power of the first true king of mankind Ashurbanipal found it empty and devoid of riches. It was picked clean of value long ago. But, among the rubble, a miracle. Covered in sand and rock but glinting in the sun was a speck of yellow gold. Rushing to it Ashurbanipal pulled from the debris a pure golden disk that depicted the ascendency of Sargon over Akkad and Sumer. Rushing back to Nineveh Ashurbanipal had the greatest human smiths of his time work to forge from this golden disk an arrow of perfect weight, balance, and length. The golden metal of Sargon seemed to bend and morph easily as if it was giving itself up to the hands of the smiths in knowledge of what it would become. Once completed Ashur himself imbued this holiest of arrows with the purity of Assyrian victory and the supremacy of it’s army over all foes. The arrow was then engraved with the image of Ashurbanipal and his ascendency over not just Akkad and Sumer but over the whole totality of the world.
    When knocked in his divine bow Ashurbanipal’s golden arrow will immediately react by summoning a small cyclone of air at it’s tip. This cyclone will continue to grow as the bow is slowly drawn to full power eventually resulting in a practical hurricane with the tip of the arrow in the eye. Then, when fired, the arrow will rocket at speeds over mach 9 at the target. When the arrow inevitably tears through the body of it’s enemy and strikes the ground it will upheave the entire nearby area and create ripples of earth as it explodes with the power of a few hundred nuclear warheads. It leaves nothing but devastation and death and victory.

    A Little Foreword
    The language used here is Akkadian and is probably like 70% correct, sorry I'm no expert on Semetic languages yet. I also made that map and layout for the story because I wanted to not because I thought it was a requirement. Sorry if you can't see things in the map or if it's hard to read.

    Assyrian Lostbelt
    In 660 BC the Assyrian King Ashurbanipal arrived in Babylon to check in on his brother who was ruling Babylonia in his stead. While in the city he paid a visit to the gardens his grandfather had built in the city. It was here that he felt a strong need to bathe in its waters. This need could not be sated and he indulged himself in an afternoon swim in the canals and aqueducts of the massive garden complex.
    However this swim in the paradisiacal gardens would change Ashurbanipal. This Eden on Earth had felt the imperial presence of Ashurbanipal and submitted to him. It allowed him to swim in its rivers and granted him the magic of paradise. Eternal youth, strength beyond compare, swift regeneration, no need for food or rest, and, better yet, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon gave Ashurbanipal charisma and abilities that gods would fear and envy. Ashurbanipal felt these changes as he left the city and from there he would set out to conquer the four corners of the world.
    By 620 BC Ashurbanipal’s empire stretched from the Sahara to the Himalayas and all places between. His rule was without pretenders and his power was supreme. And yet it was already falling apart at the edges. His empire was too big for just him to manage. He needed others as strong as him to govern the provinces of his great empire.
    Ashurbanipal felt drawn to his library. It was stocked with every story known to man from Africa to China to Greece to India. It was an empire within an empire. He reached forward and grasped a tablet that held the first few stanzas of what the Greeks called the Iliad. As he read his eyes rested upon one of the names.
    And at his will Agamemnon appeared before Ashurbanipal. This ancient Greek king, victor at Troy and general of Greeks, collapsed to his knees before the Assyrian king. He was struck with such fear and awe at the mere presence of the godlike Ashurbanipal that he immediately pledged himself to the great monarch to ensure his life. Ashurbanipal was amazed at what he had done, and so he started to summon more of this ancient legends to serve him.
    Hector, Cyrus, Hercules, Darius! And then he accidentally read the name of Ishtar in his copy of the Epic of Gilgamesh. Without meaning to he brought forth the goddess of war herself. Ishtar was not afraid of Ashurbanipal, but she was certainly enticed to his side by his sheer charisma and prowess that reminded her of Gilgamesh. With a goddess at his side Ashurbanipal felt invulnerable, and then he summoned Gilgamesh.
    Gilgamesh, like Ishtar, did not fear Ashurbanipal. But he certainly felt the immense imperium that radiated off of him. In a stroke of bad fortune Ashurbanipal demanded the subjugation of Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh laughed at this and replied by demanding for his subjugation instead. The two came to blows and Gilgamesh found that Ashurbanipal could match his base power. Though Ashurbanipal could not land hits on Gilgamesh Gilgamesh could also not land enough hits to kill Ashurbanipal before he regenerated. Refusing to use Ea on such a deplorable individual Gilgamesh retreated to Greece where he would build an empire to rival Ashurbanipal’s before invading and killing him for good; without using Ea of course.
    After that experience Ashurbanipal began to grow fearful. Gilgamesh was far stronger than he had believed and now he was loose. Thinking quickly Ashurbanipal summoned the one person he believed could be strong enough to defeat Gilgamesh. Walking to the arch that framed the doorway into the library he picked out a name engraved upon the stones.
    Ashur, my one and greatest deity! Hear me! Hear me!
    And so Ashur came to follow the orders of his chosen monarch and to slay the heathenous Gilgamesh who would dare to go against the divinely ordained King of the Four Corners of the World.
    It is now 600 BC. Across the world all life is shriveling up and dying, save for the area inside and around Ashurbanipal’s empire. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, now truly active, has been sucking away as the living planet to fuel itself. Refugees from across the world flock to the Assyrian Empire but are all turned away and left to die in the wastelands past the borders. Humanity is slowly dying, and though Assyria continues to prosper soon the gardens will have consumed all the earth can give and will leave the planet a cold and barren husk….

    The Map and Story

    - You begin outside Athens with Semiramis. Entering the city you are met by Gilgamesh who doesn’t trust you and attacks. After you fight valiantly he decides that if you’re this strong you can’t be one of Ashurbanipal’s lackies and decides that you could be useful to him.
    1- Athenian Hoplites and Slingers
    2- Athenian Hoplites
    3- Gilgamesh

    Hellespont- Gilgamesh sends you to lead an army northwards to cross the Hellespont. When you arrive you are met by Ashur and his invading force of Assyrians. A battle ensues.
    1- Assyrian Swordsmen and Archers
    2- Assyrian Swordsmen and Archers
    3- Ashur with Swordsmen Guard

    1 (The Boat)- After winning a pyrrhic victory against Ashur’s army but losing to the man himself you return to Gilgamesh who is annoyed at your failure. Nevertheless, he decides to send you with the Greek fleet across the Aegean to assault Anatolia. While on route you are attacked by the Assyrian navy.
    1- Assyrian Sailors
    2- Assyrian Swordsmen
    3- Assyrian Swordsmen

    Sardis- The Greek fleet with the help of Semiramis’ Garden of Babylon utterly annihilates the Assyrian navy and you land in Anatolia. After a short march you and your army lays siege to Sardis. Instead of waiting for the long haul the governor of the city sallies out to fight.
    1- Assyrian Swordsmen
    2- Greek Hoplites and Assyrian Swordsmen
    3- Darius III and Assyrian Archers

    Hector’s Stand- After defeating Darius your army moves northwards along the coast until you are stopped by a lone figure on the road. He introduces himself as Hector and requests to fight you and your party alone. You oblige.
    1- Hector
    2- Stronger Hector

    2 (The Hills)- The march after defeating Hector goes through the northern hills of Anatolia and slows your advance. Soon you are met in the hills by another Assyrian army, this time with soldiers from Egypt.
    1- Assyrian Swordsmen and Egyptian Charioteers
    2- Assyrian Swordsmen and Greek Hoplites
    3- Egyptian Charioteers and Swordsmen

    Battle in the Pass Part 1- The only pass wide enough to safely move your army and the Garden of Babylon through is discovered to be blocked by a powerful, mostly Greek, army. The only way through is past them, and so an inopportune battle begins.
    1- Greek Hoplites and Swordsmen
    2- Greek Hoplites and Archers
    3- Powerful Greek Hoplites

    Battle in the Pass Part 2- The first line of enemies are defeated and the enemy general finally shows himself to lead the reserves. It’s Agamemnon the Greek king! You make ready for another fight.
    1- Greek Hoplites and Archers
    2- Powerful Greek Hoplites and Powerful Assyrian Archers
    3- Powerful Greek Hoplites, Powerful Assyrian Archers, and Agamemnon

    Nineveh- The capital of Assyria is in sight! But as you approach you are stopped by the goddess Ishtar and the garrison. She demands that you surrender, you do not, and so she attacks.
    1- Powerful Assyrian Archers
    2- Powerful Assyrian Charioteers and Powerful Assyrian Archers
    3- Powerful Assyrian Charioteers and Ishtar

    3 (The Bridge)- After losing to Ishtar the army decides to go west and assault Phoenicia and Egypt. While crossing over a Euphrates bridge a sudden Assyrian army appears on the horizon. Your army hurries across and tries to get into position for battle.
    1- Powerful Assyrian Charioteers and Powerful Assyrian Archers
    2- Powerful Assyrian Swordsmen and Powerful Assyrian Archers
    3- Powerful Assyrian Archers and Assyrian Swordsman Boss

    Byblos Part 1- Your army defeats the Assyrians and now has free reign over Phoenicia. You come to the large city of Byblos and put it under siege. The garrison sallies out to meet your army.
    1- Powerful Assyrian Swordsmen and Powerful Assyrian Archers
    2- Powerful Assyrian Swordsmen and Phoenician Slingers
    3- Powerful Assyrian Swordsmen and Phoenician Spearmen

    Byblos Part 2- You defeat the garrison but you are assaulted from behind by a single powerful individual. It’s Hercules!
    1- Hercules (3 Health Bars)
    2- Hercules (3 Health Bars)
    3- Powerful Hercules (3 Health Bars)
    4- Powerful Hercules (3 Health Bars)

    4 (The Phoenician Forest)- The hard fight with Hercules is over and you continue southwards. While in the thin Phoenician forest you are met by beasts known as lamassus!
    1- Lamassus (Berserker)
    2- Lamassus (Berserker)
    3- Lamassus (Berserker)

    5 (The Desert)- The lamassus spooked your army who fled into the desert. Upon gathering your forces together in the dunes you are assaulted by yet more lamassus.
    1- Lamassus (Caster and Berserker)
    2- Lamassus (Caster and Berserker)

    6 (The Nabataean Desert)- You go southwards along old Persian roads until you are attacked by an army of lamassu and Nabataeans.
    1- Lamassus (Berserker)
    2- Lamassus (Berserker) and Nabataean Swordsmen
    3- Lamassus (Caster and Berserker) and Nabataean Swordsmen

    The Pyramids Part 1- You finally arrive in Egypt. You capture town after town on the Nile until you come across a massive Egyptian army led by Cyrus the Great. Victory seems hopeless.
    1- Powerful Egyptian Charioteers and Powerful Egyptian Swordsmen
    2- Powerful Egyptian Charioteers and Powerful Egyptian Swordsmen
    3- Powerful Egyptian Swordsmen and Cyrus the Great

    The Pyramids Part 2- Cyrus the Great is, well, great! His army is far too large and his power far beyond your own. You are just about to sound the retreat until golden weapons fly across the sky and tear chunks out of the enemy army. Gilgamesh has arrived!
    1- Powerful Egyptian Charioteers and Powerful Egyptian Swordsmen
    2- Powerful Egyptian Archers and Powerful Egyptian Swordsmen
    1- Powerful Egyptian Charioteers and Cyrus the Great

    4 II (The Phoenician Forest II)- Gilgamesh and his reinforcements help to defeat Cyrus and after your victory you march northwards with renewed strength. Your first test of power with Gilgamesh’s aid is against a large lamassu and Assyrian army in the Phoenician forests.
    1- Lamassus (Berserker)
    2- Powerful Lamassus (Berserker) and Powerful Assyrian Swordsmen
    3- Powerful Lamassus (Caster and Berserker) and Powerful Assyrian Charioteers

    Nineveh II- You return to Nineveh and face Ishtar and her army once more!
    1- Powerful Assyrian Archers and Powerful Assyrian Swordsmen
    2- Powerful Assyrian Charioteers and Powerful Lamassus (Berserker)
    3- Powerful Assyrian Charioteers, Powerful Lamassus (Berserker) and Ishtar

    Assur- The holy city of Assur! Your army tears down the gates and floods into the city, you are faced with the powerful garrison under command of Ashur himself.
    1- Powerful Assyrian Charioteers and Powerful Lamassus (Berserker)
    2- Powerful Assyrian Charioteers and Powerful Lamassus (Berserker and Caster)
    3- Powerful Assyrian Archers and Powerful Assyrian Swordsmen
    4- Powerful Lamassus (Berserker and Caster) and Powerful Ashur

    Babylon Part 1- You come upon the holiest of cities, Babylon, and begin the siege by blowing the gates of their hinges with Gilgamesh’s help. Your army storms the city and the greatest battle begins with Semiramis’ Garden of Babylon floating ominously above the massive city complex.
    1- Powerful Assyrian Archers, Powerful Assyrian Swordsmen, and Powerful Lamassus (Berserker and Caster)
    2- Powerful Assyrian Swordsmen, Powerful Assyrian Charioteers, and Powerful Greek Hoplites
    3- Powerful Lamassus (Berserker and Caster), and Powerful Egyptian Charioteers

    Babylon Part 2- You’ve done it, you’re at the foot of the Hanging Gardens! Standing between you and them are Ashur and Ashurbanipal.
    1- Even More Powerful Ashur
    Ashur is defeated, Ashurbanipal goes into a rage.
    2- Ashurbanipal

    Hanging Gardens- Ashurbanipal retreated into the Hanging Gardens. You, Gilgamesh, and Semiramis follow him in. Semiramis brings her Garden of Babylon to bear. Ashurbanipal jumps into the water and soaks up what’s left of the world’s power.
    1- Powerful Ashurbanipal
    After he is defeated Ashurbanipal uses the Golden Arrow, Semiramis stops it with her own Garden of Babylon but dies in the process.
    2- Godlike Ashurbanipal

    Irnittu Kašadu- Ashurbanipal is defeated, the cosmos tree is destroyed, and you claim victory.
    He who is the Sprćcwalda, his words hymns and his thoughts archaic.
    ᛖᛏᚩᚾ ᛒᚣᛏᛏ ᚨᚾᛞ ᚳᚩᛏᛏ, ჭამა კონდახით და საშოდან, Bwyta cig a chath

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    Journal 1
    Today I found a ruin from the old world. While most buildings from the precursor civilization contain nothing of unique value, I may finally have hit upon one which contains something of value. Having been buried like a tomb, conveniently water tight, the contents inside have remained in excellent condition. While I was always under the impression that these people were too advanced for magic, this room resembles the workshops found in my hometown. I thought it may just be old by precursor standards, but the presence of guns resembling those commonly found in the time of the fall disprove that.

    There are plenty of guns actually. A sufficiently large collection in fact. If they all work as well as I hope they do, this is easily worth a small fortune. I was beginning to suspect this was a military outpost but further investigation has gathered evidence in the contrary. Based on the size and remaining supplies, there couldn’t have been more than two people living here. It’s as if this was personal bunker. I had never assumed this, but I am beginning to wonder if there were people who knew the end was coming.

    Alongside the guns was a small office filled with books and papers. Even though the old world is passion, my skills at reading English are poor. In order to understand the full scope of the situation, I must bring this back to the sage in my village. I should be more thankful for his reading skills. For now I have attached one of the odd clippings I discovered to the bottom of this page.

    Attached Clipping

    Please excuse that this isn't of the highest quality.

    Journal 2
    My plans to return home have been foiled for a time. An army of New Humans have set up camp nearby. I would assume they are joining the invasion of the holy capital Tokyo. If that’s the case then they may very well kill me on sight. Instead I have been further researching the contents of this bunker. To start things off, I would very much like to establish that the guns very much do work. I’ve never really handled a weapon from the old world before and after using one I never want to. My ears are still ringing it feels.

    There was a gun that seemed special when compared to the rest. Not that there was anything odd about it, but rather it was displayed in way that made it appear as something the user cherished when compared to the others. I’m basically a grave robber so I don’t know much about courtesy towards the dead, but something tells me I should leave the gun where it is. When it comes to magecraft, I much better versed in that than guns or English. In a room hidden to the side of the bunker, the remains of a ritual meant to establish a bounded field exist. It’s something far more advanced than anything I am capable, though the village elder could maybe recreate it. It seems to me that who ever lived here was highly invested in staying hidden.

    The most interesting items are still located at the desk in the office. The numerous paper clippings scattered across the desk are bizarre enough to really catch my interest. I can’t read them but I really wish I could. In most of them though, there was one word I could recognize. In fact, I’m sure most humans should be able to recognize it. Whatever was being researched here, it most likely had to do with the Holy Grail. I know little about it, but it supposedly brought about the end of precursor civilization, so most people treat the very concept of it as cursed. That’s not a very common belief where I come from but even I am starting to find myself uncomfortable here. Proves that the missionaries’ ravings are getting to me even when I try to not listen.

    There was one other word I discovered to appear quite frequently. I have no idea what it means but it is on the covers of numerous books. Daemon. I’ll be bringing a few of them back as it was clearly a concept of interest. I am hoping I can find more about it tomorrow.
    Attached Clipping

    God, this place is starting to get boring. It’s clearly filled with archaeological value but when you can’t do anything with it you start to run out of ways to pass time. My journal was helpful for a short period but I’ve run out of subjects to write about. The office table is filled with clutter, the drawers open and empty. In an attempt to find something more interesting I had emptied every storage container I could fine, but nothing of interest has shown itself. Perhaps I should-

    In a terrible misstep my foot tears through an old wooden floor board, tearing up my leg and bringing my whole body to the floor. How stupid of me, I really shouldn’t have expected this place to be in good shape. I think I brought some medical supplies with so I should be able to take care of this. This gash isn’t too deep. As I slowly rose up from the floor, in an attempt to limp back to my supplies, I took a glance into the hole I made. It seems fate really did bring me here. The god of the absolute wanted me to unearth this. Beneath the floorboards, a small box was hidden away from prying eyes.

    My wound can wait, this is far more interesting. As if blessed by god, even though it was made of nothing but plain wood, the box had remained in pristine condition throughout all the years it has been abandoned. I can no longer hide my excitement, waiting is a thing of the past, I am opening this now. With a quick motion I flip the box open to see what’s inside.

    “It seems a human has finally discovered this place.”


    In my sudden panic I end up throwing the box but simply floats in the air the moment it leaves my hands.

    “There is no reason to be afraid, child. You have done no wrong. Relax.”
    Behind me, having suddenly appeared in an ominous manner, stood a robed figure in white, bathed in a holy, ethereal glow. There was not a single creature on this planet which would fail to identify the figure which stood me. Out of all lifeforms on this planet, for some unknown reason, God himself has decided to appear before me. He sticks his arm out towards me, in an attempt to calm me.

    “My Lord! I had no idea it was you. Please forgive me for my disrespectful outburst!”

    In a quick and overly exaggerated manner, I prostrate myself before him.

    “You seem stressed, human. There is no need to bow before me, I am unworthy of your respect. Perhaps you would enjoy some calming poetry. I’ve had centuries of practice, I can assure you I am quite good.”

    “Um… there is no need, my Lord. There is no reason to trouble yourself with me. But I must ask, for what reason do you appear before someone as insignificant as myself?”

    He stares blankly for a moment. Instead of responding he approaches me, and with quick and careful grace, places his hand upon my leg, healing me instantly.

    “I noticed you were wounded. This was an important place to her. I cannot have it dirtied.”

    If this was a holy location, I am starting to fear what sort of sin I may have committed. Perhaps I have already perished and God is here to bring me into his legion of the dead.

    “I see you have unearthed something. Not even I knew such a thing existed.”

    Silently, as if he wasn’t physically here, God makes his way to the box set behind me. We both turn our gaze downwards to observe its contents. Inside sits a painting…. No that’s too high quality to be a painting. I think I have heard of this technology before. Suddenly without thinking I ask a question.

    “Who is that?”

    “Well…. Well that is….. That is…” For the first time, the perfectly articulate, always eloquent, consistently soft-spoken, omnipotent God of humanity, as if becoming a different person, suddenly stuttered in hesitation.

    Lost Belt No. Unknown
    Daemons of Wicked Fate
    A.D. 2780
    Lost Depth: A++


    Servant: Caster
    True Name: ????
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Strength: B
    Endurance: D
    Agility: B
    Mana: EX
    Luck: E
    NP: EX

    Nature of the Lost Belt:
    It's a world long after the fall of modern civilization. A post-apocalyptic warzone which has been reclaimed by nature over the centuries. Thrust back into the age of gods, mystical creatures now wander the world. Humanity has been reduced to small colonies scattered across the planet, living in ignorance as their populations slowly dwindling as their souls are whisked away on death. As if saddened by the fate they have been dealt, many religious changes have been centered on the precursor civilization that once was, dreaming about what it was like.
    A new, more monstrous species has come to take dominance over the planet. With civilizations of their own, they have expanded to cover the globe, far more advanced than the declining humanity. Still, their advancement has slowed to a near halt. Stuck in a dark age, they no longer advance nor do they want to. Their mentality is inherently foreign to humanity and while they can communicate with them, generally pay them no heed.
    Over the past hundred years, new deities have suddenly sprung up across the world. Seeming similar to servants, they have encroached on the King of the Gods absolute authority, leaving his influence weaker in areas beyond Asia.

    Class Skills:
    Territory Creation (EX)
    A Caster-class Skill. It is the Skill to build a special terrain that is advantageous to oneself as a magus, such as for the purpose of collecting mana. Originally only rank A, over the numerous years this skill has increased in strength alongside Casters ever growing authority. By making use of this ability, Caster can construct his Noble Phantasm, a shrine that outclasses any sort of temple.

    Item Construction (-)
    This ability has been lost in favor of the skill Poetic Wisdom.

    Personal Skills:
    Poetic Wisdom (A+)
    A skill embodying the spirit of warrior poets, it’s the ability to express the emotions in one’s soul as poetry, articulated so genuinely that even the Heavens and the Earth are moved by the words. At this rank, Casters ability to create poetry has transcended the world of traditional magecraft and entered the realm of reality warping. From soothing hearts to natural disasters, Casters words can manipulate not only minds but the forces of nature itself. The only limit to a poems potency is the emotions the caster can pour into it. A shift in mood can change a soothing breeze into a raging hurricane. Originally, Caster possessed this skill at a lower rank, but years of meditation after Casters ascendency have increased this skills power significantly.
    The herald of the end and overseer of humanity's slow demise, Casters poems are those of surreal comfort, guiding humanity to peaceful slumber. It’s out of pity that Caster leads humanity gently into the night, so even during the brightest days, the atmosphere will always carry a tinge of melancholy.

    Bravery (-)
    The ability to negate mental interference such as pressure, confusion and fascination. It also has the bonus effect of increasing melee damage. Not usable under the effects of Mad Enhancement.
    Now nothing but a dream, there was once a time in which Caster considered himself to be brave, living in an age where he was called the bravest in all the land. Such times where just a fiction, such a skill has no place belonging to a coward. Once a skill available to him as Caster, a shift in personal perspective of himself has caused him to seal this skill away, dreaming of a time in which he will once again be worthy of bearing that title again.

    Divinity (EX)
    The measure of whether one has Divine Spirit aptitude or not. At high levels one is treated as a mixed race of a Divine Spirit, and the level declines when the Heroic Spirit's own rank as a Monster or Demonic Beast raises. It can also decrease due to one's dislike for the gods. Those who have A Rank Divinity or above has reached the throne of a god. It also has an effect which reduces special defensive values called 'purge defense' in proportion to the Divinity's Rank. It can break through Skills such as Protection of the Faith and Enlightenment of the Sacred Fig.
    With the end of the age of man came a new world of mystery, Caster ruling over the wasteland left behind. As the reason for its destruction, Caster stood as the most significant supernatural entity on the planet. Through years of legends and myths, Caster became the single god of an empty world. For years he ruled alone as the lone King of Gods, a pantheon within himself. It’s only in a relatively recent time that other gods have surfaced. It was in response to these developments that Caster began to expand his pantheon further than himself, removing some of his divinity.

    Sixth Imaginary Factor: Empathic Resolution (A+)
    A skill that denotes one who receives the empathy of a daemon. At this rank, the user is receiving constant support directly from a higher-order lifeform, manipulating its nature as an entity which removes human strife.
    Granting the wish to relieve oneself from misery, it erases all things which can be considered “a cause of suffering” by the host. Wounds, curses and general status debuffs are immediately removed upon contact. Death has become nothing but an inconvenience and mental inference is just a brief annoyance. This recovery is achieved through a total reset of mind and body to the point before it was damaged, leaving a small gap in memory whenever it’s used. Due to the nature of the wish made to receive this ability, over the years Caster has begun to lose parts of his memories, disappearing as if they never existed. What he is missing he doesn’t know.

    Out of Sync (C)
    A skill for those who were not built for this world, denoting someone who does not belong within the common sense of man. Acting much like a curse it is Casters price to pay for the selfish wish he had made, an ever present reminder of what he did to make the world the way it is, and why it came to be.
    An embodiment of Casters insecurities, it’s the feeling that one does not belong, throwing its user into a conflicted state between the boundaries of humanity and other realms. An existence who is still human yet does not fully belong to humanity's common sense or the reasoning of any other world. The further this skill develops the closer one reaches to becoming a true outcast.
    At this rank, concepts which are not acknowledged by one's inner world are resisted unless the user learns to accept them, reduced to at least 50% of their normal influence and effectiveness. Due to Casters mentality, the skill is most effective against proper heroic spirits.

    Casters identity is Yamato Takeru, legendary prince of the Yamato dynasty, son of Emperor Keikō. Despite existing as the primary figure of the Lost Belt, the legend of Yamato Takeru remains entirely unchanged when compared to traditional understandings of the myth. Takerus Lost Belt diverged in an age long past his death, the year 1986. An extra in a peculiar worldwide Holy Grail war, Takerus existence was destined to be an anchor which could birth a Higher-Dimensional Existence (True Daemon) into reality.

    Though no drastic changes made themselves apparent in Takerus life, there was an alteration to his history which makes the Lost Belts divergence possible. Yamato Takeru was born with a greater affinity Sixth Imaginary Factor. Playing into his inherit disposition, Takeru was always aware he was different than those around him, but these feelings became stronger with this new affinity. Starting with the fear expressed by his father after he murdered his own brother, Takeru began to develop a deep insecurity which would come to define the wish used to ruin humanity. When these feelings made themselves apparent, it caught the attention of a higher-order lifeform.

    Despite these changes, Takeru lived and died the way he did in Pan-Human history. Even amongst all the worlds in which such a change can occur, it rarely ever alters anything. Still, there exists the potential for a Lost Belt to occur. Summoned in 1986 as a servant in a failed Holy Grail war, it was only when witnessed an assumed miracle that any change ever occurred. The trigger which excited his feelings in a way nothing had before, he finally met a person he thought he could truly relate to. It was here that his connection to the world of daemons finally began to blossom. The target of a most twisted empathy, these feelings which filled his heart would become a part of reality by its will.

    It was during the preparation for the next Holy Grail war that mechanisms of the ritual were leaked to various world governments. A Holy Grail war which threw the entire world into war would come to fruition soon after, an event only possible due to an unknown force. As if caught in a cruel fate, humanity was torn apart by forces they didn’t understand. Nations collapsed and millions perished, everyone chasing the miracle of Holy Grail. Yet, by the terrible whims of density, the grail would fall into the hands of the Caster class servant, Yamato Takeru at the worst possible moment. Following the script of a force from beyond humanity, Yamato Takeru emerged victorious from the Holy Grail war which brought the world to its knees. The only cost being the life of the person he cherished. Responding to his heart at that moment, like a deal with the devil, his wish was granted and the slow downfall of humanity was put into motion, the world was thrust back into the age of gods.

    For most humans living at the time it would be impossible to tell anything had occurred. Pointless battles against each other and the creatures of mystery would rage on for years to come, but eventually something would become readily apparent, no matter what they tried the human population would never recover. Eventually, when the dust settled and the new age of gods took hold, the second part of the wish would come into existence. As if appearing from thin air, a supernaturally inclined race of humanoids would enter the world. Called humanity 2.0, it was the origin of new creature that would attempt to become the planets dominant species, one molded in Takerus image.

    Centuries would pass, the old humanity slowly fading into the background. Takeru, having become the target of worship alongside the backing of an entity from beyond humanity, would eventually reach the point of becoming a divine spirit. Merging with the beliefs of the people of Asia, Takeru would become a King of Gods which could unite the world. With years of self-reflection behind him, he choose the guide humanity to a peaceful demise, giving into the absoluteness of fate.

    Noble Phantasms:
    Musashi-Mitake Shrine
    Pantheon for a New Age

    Type: Anti-Unit
    Rank: EX

    A Noble Phantasm born from the most famous shrine Yamato Takeru is said to have constructed. After slaying a local deity which took the form of a white deer, Yamato Takeru became lost within the forest until he stumbled upon a white wolf. Thankful to the wolf which guided him to safety, he created a shrine in its honor.
    The ability of this Noble Phantasm derives from the order Yamato Takeru gave the wolf, “Takeru commanded the white wolf to stay in Mitakesan as a true god, in order to slay any local demons."
    It’s a Noble Phantasm which grants minor apotheosis, raising the status of a random entity into that of a guardian deity. So long as the entity possesses some form of mystery it is capable of becoming a god of the shrine. What capabilities the deity possess is dependent on the characteristics they expressed as a mortal, the only constant being anti-demonic traits. The only exception is when the deity becomes a proper subject of worship in which they are then influenced by the will of the people.
    Originally this Noble Phantasm was only capable of producing a spirit comparable to a servant, but having become a true god himself, the shrine is now capable of producing full divine spirits outright. With the need to fill the empty world with a new pantheon, this Noble Phantasm has been used to produce over a hundred deities over the past few hundred years, several of which are close to being major gods in their own right. While Takeru wishes to fill his pantheon faster, a human must first be like him to qualify, creating large stretches of time in which no gods are created.

    Grass Cutting Sword

    Type: Anti-Unit, Anti-Army
    Rank: C
    While not normally usable under the Caster class, a sword with this name was being kept at Atsuta Shrine, allowing Takeru to obtain it in hopes of returning it to its original power. While having reached the power of a Noble Phantasm, it has yet to return to its original strength as Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi
    When Yamato Takeru arrived in the land of Sagamu the ruler of the land informed him that an angry deity lived in the lake of a nearby moor. As Yamato Takeru went to face the deity the ruler set fire to the moor, realizing that he had been tricked, Yamato Takeru quickly opened a bag his aunt gave him revealing magic stones. Using both the stones and his sword which he discovered could control the winds, Yamato Takeru cut the burning grasses and set a counter fire and then proceeded to murder and burn the ruler and all his followers.
    A Noble Phantasm not inherit to the sword itself but a technique using it, it is a special attack which reflects an oncoming attack back at the enemy using the swords ability to produce and control winds. This technique can counter Noble Phantasms of equal rank but anything more powerful requires a luck check, the amount of checks needed steadily increasing along with the power of an attack.

    Amita Amitābha
    Worlds End

    Type: Anti-Humanity
    Rank: EX

    Using the authority granted by his wish, Takeru is able control the flow and movements of souls of the deceased. Acting like a strong current, upon the death of the physical body, a soul is forcefully pulled from the body and stored in a single location, denying any chance of resurrection or reincarnation. With the amount of souls which can no longer escape the vortex increasing every year, it is only a matter of time until all of humanity has escaped the endless cycle of rebirth and the world can be reborn anew.
    It is only through the centuries of worship throughout the Lost Belts history that this new law of the world has been intertwined with the concepts of Buddhism. Originally just an act of empathy from the Daemon which ended the world, it has since changed to reflect the beliefs of the people due to Takerus strong presence in Asia. Considered the reunification of all souls, the authority’s effects have been tied to the belief that all of humanity is a reincarnation of Brahman, granting it the name Amita Amitābha.Now greater than a whirlpool of souls, it is the path of enlightenment which seeks to recreate Brahman for a new humanity.
    Upon the activation of this newer authority, all souls gathered over the hundreds of years of godhood are brought into reality, condensing into a single entity. It is a massive concentration of energy, an attack meant to liberate an individual from the endless cycle of suffering by forcefully absorbing them into the now materialized Brahman. This method however, is always doomed to fail. Even if the rest of humanity has been brought into the endless sea of souls, so long as takeru remains outside its embrace it will never hope to be completed, if it was ever possible to begin with. By trying to reach salvation with an incomplete imitation of Brahman, any entity struck by this attack will be totally erased, incinerated by the gathered energy. Under certain circumstances within the Lost Belt, it was possible to turn the Noble Phantasm into its perfect form, but the entity it birthed was never planned to be what its user imagined.

    Ever since Yamato Takeru was aware of other people, it became readily apparent to him that he was different from everyone else. He was never so distant that society around him was alien, but the values he held and the perspective he saw the world through was inherently different from those around him. Even those who seemed as cruel or as artistic as him never seemed to share the same world view as himself. This mentality would eventually accumulate as the murder of his own brother in cold blood. To him, he was just acting by his own nature, but like everyone else, not even his father could see eye to eye with him. Now feared by his father, hidden deep down, an insecurity began to grow.

    The hero known as Yamato Takeru possesses two sides. The side of a cruel warrior and the side of a joyous creative. As a warrior, he is a man who struggles with empathy, taking joy in the destruction of battle. A person who sees murder as a natural fate. A selfish warrior who could convince himself that conquest was heroic, and the selfish joy he perused on the battlefield was the only right and natural path to pursue. The morality and ideals of man were irrelevant to him, as he lived by the fate laid out before him.

    Under the Caster class however, the embodiment of the warrior poet, the personality of a man consumed by the joys of creative expression takes the forefront. Far more charming and quick witted, Takeru peruses the arts and whatever beauty he finds in the world with intense passion. Prideful yet strange, in the form of Caster Takeru is more likely to let his eccentricities rain free. Still, it seems only half of his work is ever understood.

    There is one philosophy adopted by Takeru, one which leads to this Lost Belts bleak fate. It’s the belief that every human is bound by their nature, and fate must be absolute. Takeru never seemed to overcome the nature he was born with, and everything seemed to follow the whims of fate, from the death of his wife to his own demise. Convinced he was right about the way of the world, he would come to believe the only method of belonging was a miracle. Still having something of a conscious, he had never planned to sacrifice the world, but the wish granting device read past that and into the resentment built up throughout the years.

    As the Lost Belt king, Takeru has spent many years in self-reflection. While still creatively inclined, he is far calmer and soft spoken. He strongly believes in upholding peace for humanity. The new species which reflect him are left to their own devices, his focus on humanity. Still his presence has spread many of his beliefs into even the human world.

    Though held in high regard, he rarely interacts with the world below him. Any interactions which do occur tend to reveal that, even more so than in the past, Takeru has grown more socially awkward. The only figure in his life which he regularly interacts with anymore is the daemon which helped bring about this world in the first place. Ringing like a voice in his head, it can be considered something close to a long time friend. Despite its nature, the Daemon is very much a creature which acts out of empathy alone, even if misguided. It’s a figure too large to consider one world amongst millions to be any more valuable than any other. It is for this reason that a relationship between the two was able to properly form, as they can both relate to the other.

    The deity who rules the second age of gods, he is the king of the Lost Belt: Daemon of Wicked Fate. The lone god of a post-apocalyptic world, he has ruled unchallenged for centuries as humanity fades into nothing. It was only in a relatively recent time that new gods have begun to appear across the planet. In order to ensure the peace he has long kept over the land, for the first time the king has begun to expand his pantheon. Still, he also acts halfheartedly.

    If it’s a world which follows the mentality of its chief god, then stagnation has been reached through one deeply held philosophy. Fate is absolute. Everything happens because it must, and everything which is impossible will always be. Neither the first humanity nor the second will ever advance so long it remains the law of the land.

    Entrapped the deepest in this philosophy than any other, Takeru plays the main antagonist of the Lost Belt, always trying to ensure the Lost Belt stays the same. It is due to this philosophy however, that direct confrontations would be uncommon with the new gods acting as extensions of his will.

    Still, Takeru couldn’t be considered the final boss. Subject to the manipulation of an entity even greater than himself, its birth into reality marks the end of the world. It’s the daemon of empathy which masquerades itself as destiny.

    Bond CE:
    “Well…. Well that is….. That is…” He pauses for a long moment.
    “That is something very important to me. A relic of sorts. The last of its kind.”
    A sight I never thought I would see, the God of the whole world, looking on with sadness.
    “What is something so holy doing here?”
    “It was probably hidden from me. Too embarrassed about it I’m sure.”
    The God suddenly turns toward me.
    “Thank you, boy.”
    Even though I did nothing, I just received the greatest honor a human could hope for. I don’t think anyone would believe me.
    “You seem like a good kid, perhaps you would like to become a god?”
    It was so sudden I couldn’t comprehend it. Instead I took one last look into the box. A photo from before the fall. A simple picture of a woman I had never seen, and a man who looked an awful lot like god himself.
    A photo to be forever cherished.
    A photo from the days before war and conflict.
    A simple tale of a man finding the place where he felt he belonged.
    A time where he felt he could overcome these insecurities.
    A world where fate was no longer absolute.
    It was a universe created between two.

    Authors Note:
    This was originally a fic idea I abandoned because I wasn't that good a writer. This was a weird concept so I'm not sure what people will think of it. I also wish the newspaper parts came out better but my options were limited. Thanks for reading anyways.

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    Servant Ruler:


    True Name: Phidias "The Marble Tyrant"

    Alignment: Neutral Evil

    Alternate Class: Caster

    Strength- A+
    Agility- A
    Endurance- EX
    Mana- EX
    Luck- A
    NP- EX

    Ruler is Phidias, the renowned ancient Greek sculptor. He's most famous for designing the statue of Athena in the Parthenon and the statue of Zeus at Olympia, which was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. At least, that's how he was in Panhuman History.

    Phidias was a man deeply obsessed with beauty. When he looked out at the world, he saw its ugliness and imperfections. Sickness, decay and death ravaged both humans and the world itself indescriminately. What few sparks of beauty that grew from the ashes were doomed to slowly fade away and perish.

    Phidias couldn't believe the gods had created the world only for it to languish in such a pitiful state. What's the point of humans growing and gaining knowledge if it's only to be lost upon death? What meaning is beauty that will inevitably succumb to decay?

    No, that wasn't acceptable. The gods must've made a mistake in crafting this world. Whether they were blind or simply callous, Phidias knew not. But their error screamed to be corrected. There was no need for meaningless growth. There was no need for anything precious to be lost. Beautiful things should simply stay beautiful forever.

    Phidias embarked on his career as a sculptor to try and "correct" the world's imperfections, hoping to create a truly eternal beauty that would never fade. Having secretly been a Mage as well, he used his thaumaturgic talents to search for a way to imbue his sculptures with true life.

    Finally, he hit upon an answer. When designing his famous statue of Zeus, Phidias found out a forbidden method for bringing life to the statue and transforming it into a true god. Then he could use its power to reshape the world as it should be. But the ritual demanded a horrendous sacrifice. Phidias would have to murder someone with divine blood and let it soak into the statue to imbue it with a divine core and thus true life.

    The cost was too great for Phidias to stomach, and for a while he backed off from his research.

    Around the same time, Phidias had met a teenage boy named Pantarkes. The boy was a prodigious wrestler and a demigod sired by Zeus. But he was also sick with tuberculosis, fating him to die young. Pantarkes had a passion for sculpting and sought out Phidias, begging the older man to take him on as a disciple.

    "Please!" Pantarkes pleaded, his eyes wide and puppydog-like. "I'll even let you use me as a model if you'd like!"

    Phidias just scowled and shook his head. "Get lost, brat. I don't model living people. That which I seek to recreate in my sculptures is the ideal beauty that all humans strive for. Individual people with their blemishes, warts and imperfections are only a nuisance to me," he muttered bruskly.

    Phidias had trouble relating to other humans, so the boy's earnest enthusiasm only irritated him. He'd rather be left alone so he could finish his work in peace.

    "Wow, you really are a weirdo." Pantarkes frowned. "But that just makes me want to become your disciple even more!" he exclaimed, instantly perking up again.

    Phidias was just starting to turn around and walk away when Pantarkes grabbed the end of his cloak, stopping him. "What is it, brat?" Phidias growled, turning around.

    "Before you leave, at least let me show you this!" Pantarkes said, holding out something in his hand. Phidias examined the object in the boy's hand curiously. It was a small clay sculpture, scarcely no more than a doll. But although small and roughly made, it was astonishingly beautiful.

    Phidias gasped in surprise. "Did you make this?"

    Pantarkes nodded. "Yep! Is that enough to prove I'm a worthy disciple yet?"

    Phidias sighed. He'd never taken on a disciple before, and the boy's enthusiastic chirpiness was already giving him a headache. But his pride as a sculptor wouldn't let him overlook artistic talent when he saw it. "Fine, you can be my disciple," he said reluctantly.

    Pantarkes face lit up instantly. "Really? You mean it? Thank you so much! Man, you have no idea how much I've admired your works..." he started to babble on and on excitedly.

    "Shut up, brat!" Phidias suddenly yelled. "Just because you're my disciple doesn't mean you have to rant like a banshee!" His voice softened as he realized his outburst. "If you can sit still and be quiet, maybe I'll be able to teach you a few things. I can't promise anything, though."

    Tch, Phidias thought to himself. He'd never been around kids, and this one was already proving hard to deal with...

    "Right, quiet," Pantarkes said, slapping his cheeks and looking serious. After a few moments of contemplation he chimed in "Now can you teach me something master?"

    Phidias released another sigh. Does that kid not know what 'quiet' means? But instead he said "Don't call me 'master'. It sounds weird."

    "Sorry master," Pantarkes said, before realizing his mistake. "Erm, I mean..."

    "Never mind," Phidias muttered. "You can call me 'teacher' instead, okay? But it'd be best if you didn't call me anything and just listened to what I teach you..."

    "Okay teacher," Pantarkes said cheerfully.

    And so Phidias and Pantarkes began their unlikely partnership. At first they got along roughly, Pantarkes' eager and childish demeanour causing his teacher no end of exasperation. But over time as Phidias taught the boy more of his trade he began to let down his guard around him. Slowly but surely, Phidias's bitter and acerbic personality started to thaw. Eventually, though he wouldn't admit it, Phidias even found himself cherishing the boy's youthful innocence and enthusiasm.

    It was even enough to make him forget his dream...

    One day Phidias found out about Pantarkes's demigod nature as well as the sickness afflicting him. Phidias was horrified to think that such a brilliant and beautiful youth would soon fade away from the world.

    "How do you bear it?" Phidias asked him suddenly. "Knowing that no matter what you do, you're doomed to wither away and die."

    Pantarkes laughed briefly. "Wow, that's dark."

    "Sorry if that question was too much," Phidias apologized quickly.

    Pantarkes shook his head. "No, to be frank I appreciate the honesty." His expression turned serious as he went on. Absent his usual exuberant energy, the boy's voice was quiet and contemplative. "Well, of course it's scary to think about. But, it's the same for every human right? Even if you manage not to get sick or die in battle, everyone grows old and dies someday. Instead of worrying about the future, I think it's best to focus on shining as brightly as I can in the moment. I want to live a fleeting yet brilliant life, just like a shooting star."

    "I admire that perspective, but I could never understand it," Phidias said sadly. "I can't imagine accepting that beauty will fade. Beauty should last forever, pure and unsullied. I wish I could immortalize not just your beauty, but your very soul in one of my sculptures. That way, age and decay would never touch you."

    Pantarkes looked at him questioningly. "You really are a strange guy, aren't you? Only the gods could put someone's soul in a sculpture, and they're clearly not doing so. And even if they did, living inside a sculpture would be pretty boring. I couldn't run or wrestle or do any other fun things, could I?"

    Phidias sighed. Of course it was too much to expect the boy would understand his ideals. Even though Pantarkes should be able to know more than anyone the curse of a fleeting lifespan, he was too short-sighted to grasp the worth of eternal beauty. Or was he? As he gazed into the boy's wide eyes, filled with hope despite recognizing his inevitable death, Phidias couldn't help but wonder if the boy had uncovered some deeper truth that still eluded him.

    No, Phidias shook his head mentally. That couldn't be. His ideals were correct, they had to be. It was this world that was mistaken, and humans were just too small-minded to see it. With his divine blood, Pantarkes would make the perfect sacrifice to complete Phidias's new creation. Then he could correct the mistakes of the gods and create a perfect world.

    But could he do it? Could he truly sacrifice the only human he loved for the sake of his ideals? The thought made Phidias's chest clench in revulsion. But at the same time, could he really just condemn the world to languish in its current state indefinitely?

    This was where the divergence point arose. In Panhuman History, Phidias couldn't bring himself to kill his beloved pupil, and ended up completing the Zeus statue without a divine core. The newly built statue was beautiful and magnificent beyond compare, but merely a mundane statue without any godly powers.

    Having abandoned his dream, Phidias lived the rest of his life as an ordinary sculptor. In time he even came to accept the worth of Pantarkes's words about fleeting beauty, learning to find joy in the beautiful moments of life even knowing they'll eventually fade and disappear.

    But... in the Lostbelt history, Phidias willed himself to go through the sacrifice. He invited Pantarkes by his studio one day and ambushed him, stabbing him in the heart with a sharpened pottery knife. The boy's fresh blood dripped down, seeping into the base of the Zeus statue.

    "T-teacher, why...?" Pantarkes gasped, agony twisting his face into an accusing grimace.

    "I'm sorry," Phidias muttered sorrowfully, his words almost too soft to hear. "But this had to be done. Don't worry, when I create my utopia I'll be sure to include a commemoration of your noble sacrifice."

    Phidias gently cradled the youth's dying body as he slumped to the floor, resting him at the foot of the Zeus statue. "Good night, sweet boy," he said, kissing Pantarkes's forehead as the last spark of life flickered out of his eyes.

    Several moments passed, and for a while Phidias feared that his ritual had failed. Then suddenly the statue began to rumble violently. Before Phidias's astonished eyes the seated statue rose from its cedarwood throne, eyes aglow with divine lightning.

    "Your orders, master?" The statue knelt in front of Phidias, its voice booming like thunder.

    Phidias smirked. "Let's go. To the perfect world."

    With the living Zeus Statue at his side, Phidias managed to conquer much of Greece. Soldiers and heroes alike fell in droves before the statue's divine might. Eventually even the Olympian Gods themselves took notice of this. Seeking to punish the hubris of a mortal who dared used the image of the King of Gods for his own ends, Zeus himself descended from Olympus to destroy the imposter. But after a long and earth-shaking fight even he has overpowered. The statue ripped Zeus's divine core straight from his chest and implanted it inside its own body, skyrocketing to even more immeasurable levels of power.

    Now with nothing left to stop him Phidias conquered all of Greece. He defeated the other gods and imprisoned their souls in likenesses of marble, turning them into automata bent to his will. With the power of all the Olympian gods on his side Phidias eventually managed to extend his empire across the seas, taking over Persia and India. But at the height of his conquests, Phidias realized he himself was only mortal and would someday die.

    He could never trust an heir to faithfully carry out his dream. They'd merely become blinded by the lust for power and lose sight of the greater picture. Only one solution was available. Phidias used dark magical arts to fuse his soul with his greatest creation the Zeus statue. In his new sculpted body, Phidias could live forever to watch over his perfect world. A world where nothing ever decays and beauty never has to be lost.

    Sometimes, as he rests seated on his cold marble throne, a flicker of a memory dances through Phidias's consciousness. The young face of Pantarkes, his eyes shining with hope and enthusiasm. That image elicits a sharp pang of sorrow in Phidias, as if a ice-cold knife were piercing his gut.

    But he quickly brushes the memory away. It was a necessary evil, he tells himself. All for the sake of the perfect world. Over time, as the eons pass of Phidias overseeing his kingdom, that memory grows more faded and indistinct. Eventually, only the brief bouts of sadness remain, and even Phidias himself no longer recalls what brought them.

    The marble king sits on his throne.

    Lostbelt: Eidolos- Kingdom Of Stone And Marble
    Born of his craving for a world of unchanging beauty, Phidias's Lostbelt is one where every living thing, including plants, animals and even humans, is crafted of artificial materials like bronze, marble and stone.

    Citizens born in his Lostbelt live normally as humans until their 13th birthday, upon which they undergo a special spiritual surgery where their soul is transplanted into a hollow automaton body. This is necessary because the soul has to mature to the certain extent before the ritual can be performed safely.

    These sculpted bodies free them from the limits of the mortal condition. They never age, grow sick, hunger or thirst. While they can still get injured and even die, their bodies are far easily to repair than normal humans. Even if limbs are cut off or destroyed, new ones can be simply sculpted in their place. And with Phidias's draconian social policies, any violent crime or accidents that could endanger his citizens are virtually nonexistent.

    As automata are sterile and unable to bear new life, some people are chosen to live longer before being converted so they can have children and contribute to the next generation.

    The citizens in his Lostbelt have immortal lifespans and don't need to eat or drink, so the only resource they need to consume is magical energy to fuel their automata bodies. Thankfully Phidias has more than enough Mana to go around generated by the divine cores from the countless gods he defeated and subjugated, harnessed to power his eternal kingdom. But even that resource, while self-replenishing, isn't infinite.

    To keep the population at a manageable level Phidias thus periodically orders lotteries. The "winners" get the honor and privilege of offering up their very bodies to become part of his glorious kingdom. Instead of dying, their sculpted bodies are melted down and added to the very stones comprising the kingdom's streets and buildings. The victims are still conscious in this state, but their souls are greatly diluted. They don't feel pleasure, pain, fear or sadness, merely a passive awareness that one is part of something larger and infinitely greater than oneself. As far as Phidias and most of the Lostbelt's citizens are concerned, this is the greatest happiness.

    Phidias can freely command all his sculptural creations. While he normally leaves his kingdom to run itself, quietly observing from his marble throne, he's free to seize control any time to snuff out any conflict brewing. None are permitted to reject his perfect ideals.

    His kingdom also has an army, consisting of all the heroes and gods Phidias defeated and sealed in statues during the early days of his conquests. This army is brought to bear against the rare threats that could disrupt the peace and integrity of his kingdom, annihilating them with overwhelming violence. Mostly, given the general peacefulness of his Lostbelt, the army serves a ceremonial function of standing guard over the king, Phidias himself.

    There's a resistance group in his Lostbelt called the Imperfects, composed of those who on their 13th birthday managed to escape being converted into statues. Rejecting Phidias's ideals for a perfect and unchanging world, they believe it's precisely the potential of growth and loss that makes life beautiful. Phidias has tried his best to stamp out the rebels, but he's been so far unable to eradicate them entirely.

    They remain an irksome thorn in Phidias's side to this day, embodying the hope for "another possibility" of a world that isn't bound to his rule.

    A man obsessed with beauty. Ruler's definition of beauty is that of a marble sculpture- something that never grows nor fades. Fundamentally a conceited man, he looks down on normal humans as "imperfect". In Ruler's mind, he's just doing people a favor by tranforming them into his sculpture creations, feeling they should be grateful to become part of such a beautiful and perfect existence. Their own opinions on the matter are irrelevant.

    Having embraced the role of a marble king to rule over mankind, Ruler has cast off his human emotions. His demeanour has become frighteningly cold, reserved and unfeeling, showing few traces of the artistic passion that once burned inside him. When he speaks it's in a booming voice that resounds like thunder, pronouncing absolute judgment with no room for mercy or leniency. It's possible Ruler's soul has degraded from the countless times he's swapped bodies with his sculptural creations, or perhaps eons of single-minded dedication to his ideal has simply made him forget how to be human. Either way, Ruler often seems like more an automata than a person.

    For the sake of maintaining his paradise Ruler is willing to commit any sacrifice, no matter how atrocious. He rules his Lostbelt with brutal efficiency, stifling all dissent and massacring rebels in droves. Compared to preserving perfection itself, the loss of several thousand or even a million humans is so paltry it isn't even worthy of being called a sacrifice. Such is Ruler's merciless rationalism.

    Likes: eternal beauty
    Dislikes: decay, anyone who tries to interfere with his perfect world
    Talent: sculpting
    Natural Enemy: Achilles

    Class Skills:

    God's Resolution- N/A

    The privilege of the Ruler presiding over a Holy Grail War. Each Ruler is normally granted two Command Seals for every Servant that participates in the Holy Grail War. As Phidias's ability to compel others instead rests in his Personal Skill, Charisma Of The Sculptor King, the God's Resolution of the Ruler Class has been lost.

    True Name Discernment- B
    Status information such as true name, Skills and parameters are instantly revealed to Ruler upon encountering a fellow Servant. An evolution of Phidias's Eye For Art Skill gained upon him becoming Lostbelt King. If a Servant was ever depicted in sculpture, he will certainly be able to discern their identity without fail.

    Magic Resistance- EX
    Confers protection against magical effects. An extension of Ruler's Natural Body (Sculpture) Skill. Any Magecraft that would disrupt the perfection of Ruler's body washes off him like oil from water. However, because it's merely evading and not dispelling the Magecraft, only Ruler will be protected against a wide-scale area-of-effect spell.

    Personal Skills:

    Natural Body (Sculpture)- EX
    A variant of the Natural Body Skill, distorted by Ruler's self-perception. His very body has been warped to match the pinnacle of beauty he pursued in life--- in other words, a marble sculpture. Ruler's physique is that of a living statue, still able to move and breath but with flesh and bone as unyielding as marble.

    Ruler gains a variety of advantages and disadvantages as a result of such an existence. His marble "skin" is tough enough to resist slashing and piercing attacks and he can easily replace lost limbs by simply sculpting new ones on to himself. However, his marble body is very brittle and risks shattering if hit by a strong blunt-force attack.

    Upon ascending as Lostbelt King, this Skill has been supercharged. Now his body not only won't grow or change from ingesting calories, but even physical damage that would disrupt the divine structureintegrity of his body is nullified. When injured, Ruler's body will rapidly reform, marble sculpting itself back together to undo the blemish and bringing him back to his former immaculacy. Even if his arm was severed or head blown off, Ruler would still regenerate in a matter of seconds. Only by completely exhausting his magical energy or destroying his spiritual cure (which is externalized from his body) can one hope to defeat Ruler.

    Charisma Of The Sculptor King- A+
    An alteration of Charisma, reflecting the authority Ruler wields over his Marble Kingdom. All Ruler's sculpted creations, even ones that possess free-will and sapience, are instinctively bound to obey his commands.

    Thus Ruler manages to quell all conflict and dissent in his Lostbelt, creating a utopia where none are permitted to reject his perfect ideals. His sculpted humans can still act autonomously, and Ruler delegates most of the actual work of governing his Lostbelt due to lack of interest, but he can seize manual control at any moment.

    Item Construction- EX

    The talent to craft magical items. Ruler can craft sculptures so perfect they're mistaken by the World for the genuine article, gaining true life. A sculpted bird could fly on clay wings, a sculpted dragon could breath fire, et cetera.

    Ruler is unable to create sapient beings, so a sculpted human would merely be an automata mindlessly carrying out his orders. But Ruler can get around this restriction by transplanting the souls of regular humans into his sculpted creations. He can do this even with Heroic and Divine Spirits, trapping them in automata bodies enslaved to his beck and call. Thus Ruler has managed to form an army of enslaved Servants and Divine Spirits, including the former Greek Pantheon whom he defeated and entombed in marble. This standing army serves to defend Ruler's paradise in the rare occasion anything arises to genuinely threaten it.

    Sky-Father's Sovereignty (False)- EX

    Upon merging himself with his most famous creation the Zeus Statue, and plundering Zeus's divine core, Ruler has usurped the role of the King of Gods in his Lostbelt. This Skill grants Ruler a bevy of boons related to Zeus's authority. Godly Divine Core, Mana Burst (Lightning), Clairvoyance, Protection From Storms and a damage boost against other divinities (as Zeus was meant to reign over the gods) are included in this Skill.

    It can be said that Ruler's very body is a Noble Phantasm of the highest order.

    However, even Ruler's magnificent sculpture body is still only a mortal work, and thus unable to contain the full power of the King of Gods. Occasionally the newfound power will be too much for Ruler and temporarily overload his body, immobilizing and weakening him for several moments. If an astute opponent can notice and capitalize on this weakness, it could possibly hold the key to defeating Ruler...

    Noble Phantasm
    Glyptiki Entelecheia
    Pinnacle Of Glory, Enshrined Forever

    Rank: EX

    Type: Anti-World

    The culmination of Ruler's most cherished dream as a sculptor. Not to sculpt a particular human or even a god, but an entire world- perfect and unchanging, as it should be. In Panhuman history Ruler never got the chance to achieve his dream but as Lostbelt King it has finally been realized.

    This Noble Phantasm is thus a recreation of Ruler's "ideal world", modelled after the city of the gods Olympus. An immense floating city made of stone, marble, bronze and many other materials. Everything in this world is made of marble and other artificial materials, even the citizens, animals and plantlife. Each street, building and tree is arranged perfectly in accordance with geometric ratios, combining to create an impression of unparalleled beauty and grandeur. The city remains suspended in the sky with powerful Mana crystals embedded in its underside, fueled by all the divine cores Ruler has captured.

    The entire city is in fact an extension of Ruler's very body. He can command it from within a special control station in the heart of the city. At Ruler's will, what appears to be merely a beautiful city transforms into a carnivorous living organism to devour and kill intruders. Buildings break apart and reconstruct around the enemy to smother them. Bronze trees extend their branches out like spears to pierce the enemy. Stone men and women rally as one to converge on the intruder and crush them, like white blood cells acting to purge a virus. It can be said that inside the city, opposing Ruler is the same as making the world itself one's enemy.

    While Ruler is normally loath to disrupt his world's perfect geometric harmony, he's reluctantly willing to do so to protect it from intruders.

    Ruler normally keeps his consciousness distributed throughout the entire city, taking joy in being part of his greatest creation. But on the rare occasions when he's forced to act directly Ruler will upload his soul into his Zeus statue. Ruler's spiritual core is contained safely within a reinforced bunker in the heart of the city, making it impossible to permanently kill Ruler without finding where it is or managing to destroy the whole city.

    Key Words/Craft Essence
    Pantarkes Kalos
    "Pantarkes is beautiful."
    According to legend, Phidias inscribed those words onto the little finger of his Zeus statue.

    Out of admiration for the boy Phidias loved so deeply that he refused to offer him up on the altar of his ideals.
    At least, that's the meaning it holds in the proper history.

    The Phidias who rules his Lostbelt as a marble tyrant has long since cast off those foolish emotions.
    But... those very same words are still carved in the identical spot on his immortal body.
    As if insuring he never forgets that which he sacrificed to fulfill his dream.

    Could it be... Phidias wraps himself in a body of impervious marble to hide his own broken heart?


    So here's my second entry for the contest. This one's more of a proper Lostbelt King, whereas my Churchill was more from an alternate history in the broader sense. He kind of ended up a bit like a Greek Avicebron, but I still think I managed to come up with a pretty unique take on him. Had to take a lot of artistic license with his history to make the concept work, but I feel it payed off.

    I imagine in a story featuring his hypothetical Lostbelt the protag's main ally would be an Achilles Lily Servant. Achilles' whole philosophy of living brilliantly yet fleetingly while fully accepting his inevitable death is the total antithesis of Phidias's worldview. Plus a younger version of him could remind Phidias of Pantarkes, which could result in lots of interesting angst.

    As usual, when voting time comes if you liked both my entries about equally well and want to vote for one be sure to pick the one that has the most current votes. That way I'll have a better chance of winning something.
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    Update: So I swapped out Phidias's faceclaim with one that more fit my image of his character. Just use your imagination to pretend it's very well sculpted and painted marble in that image...

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    “Senpai! We’re under attack by some sort of large dragon!” Mash yelled as the Shadow Border rocked as the sheer force of the dragons wingbeats threw them around. “Captain is trying to stabilize us and escape but we can’t shake it off!”

    Ritsuka Fujimara tried to grab onto something to stabilize themselves but that was when a massive talon tore through the exterior of the Shadow Border and she flew through the opening as the ship decompressed.



    “Ughh.” Ritsuka woke up grabbing her head. She had somehow survived the fall. There was still the dragon though! She had to back and help everyone.

    That was when she saw the corpse, the dragon corpse, and standing next to it a young looking man.

    “You’re awake.” The man said. “I was worried about you for a second there. I was too weak to defeat Veritas in time.”

    “Who are you?”

    “It is understandable you wouldn’t know who I am. I am Esfandiyār. I was called here to defeat Veritas. Are you okay? You seem veery confused.”

    “My friends. Where are they?”

    “If you mean the people in that ship you were in they were knocked way off course. With the speed and direction they were going they are probably on the other side of the mountain.”

    Ritsuka looked up and saw the mountain range that Esfandiyār spoke about.

    “I know that you probably wouldn’t want to travel with me but I can escort you over the mountain. I am going that way anyways.”

    Ritsuka nodded.


    Esfandiyār took the lead through the tunnels. “We should be safe going through here. Ever since I managed to defeat the demon king Bori the mountain has been enemy free. I must say I have never seen a ship like the one you fell out of. May I ask where you came from?”

    “Far away. It’s kind of hard to explain.”

    “I understand. I am just a random man you met. I would’t trust me with any information on me either.”

    The two of them walked in silence for a little longer before a skittering sound was heard above them.

    “It can’t be! I cleared this mountain out!” Esfandiyār said and that was when the giant spiders dropped down.

    In an instant the chain that Esfandiyār kept on his hip was flying through the air and cutting through the first spider, but a dozen more were dropping down.

    “Stay behind me!” Esfandiyār shouted and then began rotating his chain to completely cover the surrounding area. “Begone!” And a red energy ran through the chain to completely annihilate the spiders within.

    “Wow! That was amazing!”

    Esfandiyār shook his head. “No, that was disgraceful. A true hero would never have been ambushed in the first place. But what is important is that this place has ben infested by Chaos Spiders. If I don’t destroy the Queen then they will just grow in size and numbers until the overwhelm the country side. It will be dangerous but the best place for you to be is by my side. Will you join me?”

    “Of course!”


    Ritsuka stared in awe at the completely destroyed Chaos Spider Queen that Esfandiyār had dealt with in a single moment.

    “Thankfully I managed to win that. Are you okay?”

    “Managed to?”

    Esfandiyār nodded. “Yes. That Chaos Spider Queen was a powerful enemy. A weak warrior like me should consider himself lucky to survive.”

    Ritsuka was completely confused by this way too humble man.

    “Now then I shall continue to escort you to your friends?”




    Ritsuka and Esfandiyār had managed to clear the mountain without trouble but almost immediately they came across Mash and the rest of the Shadow Border Crew being assaulted by a group of soldiers.

    Ritsuka immediately went to Mash’s side. “Activate Bunker Bolt!”

    “Yes!” Mash slammed her shield down and glowed with a red energy. “Hia!” She leapt up and kicked some of the soldiers away.

    The soldiers began to form up for another attack when a large length of chain ravaged the length of space between the two groups. The soldiers saw Esfandiyār standing above them and immediately bowed. “Our Prince!”

    “My father’s great soldiers, what is the meaning of this. What have these people done?”

    What appeared to be the lead soldier spoke. “Sir! The king told us to find and kill these outsiders. According to him they are ones who seek to destroy the world.”

    Esfandiyār sighed and tuned to face Ritsuka and the other members of Chaldea. “I am sure this is just a misunderstanding and a true hero would be able to sort it out.” His chain began rising around him. “Unfortunately I am not a true hero. I must do what my father commands of me. Goodbye Ritsuka.” And the chain shot forward.

    Lost Depth: A
    Lostbelt No. XX
    The Eternal Prince
    BC 190 Holy Kingdom of Hell

    Class: Alter Ego
    Other Classes: Avenger, Ruler
    True Name: Esfandiyār
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Place of Origin: Persian Lostbelt


    STR: C+
    END: B++
    AGI: A+
    MGI: B
    LCK: E---
    NP: EX

    Likes: Rostam, The title of King, Justice
    Dislikes: Himself, His Kingdom, His Father
    Talent: Fighting
    Natural Enemy: Goshtasp
    Attribute: Sky
    Armament: His Chain, Sword he Uses for Killing Blows

    Class Skills:

    Magic Resistance
    Rank: A
    Cancel spells of A-Rank or below, no matter what High-Thaumaturgy it is. In practice, the Servant is untouchable to modern magi, so it would not be an exaggeration to title the Servant a 'Magus Killer'.

    God’s Divine Core
    Rank: EX
    Alter-Ego has the spiritual core of countless Chaos God’s in his body bringing him up to the highest level of divinity. Even now he is still creating and killing new divine chaos creatures raising his Divine Core even beyond the highest rank. At this level despite his statistics still appearing to be that of a normal servant they are rated on the scale of divine spirits.

    Territory Creation(False)
    Rank: A
    The ability to create a workshop or temple for the use of gathering magical energy. As the Eternal Prince Alter-Ego does not have any land for himself so any area he creates will belong to his father.

    Personal Skills:

    Haft Kahn(False)
    Rank: C
    The proof of ones ability to become overcome the challenges of the Haft Kahn, the seven labors. Normally this would result in a luck increase seven times during a summoning but because Alter-Ego performed what many called a fake Haft Kahn due to having the aid of an army, riches, and a demonic guide it has become a skill that seven times during the servant’s summoning will give aid to them in the form of an external party.

    Chaos Aura
    Rank: EX
    The effect of having absorbed the divine core of several God’s of chaos, Apep, Typhoon, Vitra, and many more. As a result his lawful alignment has been changed into Chaotic and has even gained an aura that causes the alignment of everyone around him into Chaotic.

    Eternal Prince
    Rank: B
    The Crystallization of Alter-Ego’s existence as one who will forever be chasing the throne. It is both a blessing that gives the servant Charisma and Golden Rule at high ranks and a curse that prevents Alter-Ego from ever truly achieving his goals, only getting infinitely closer. There is no real way to stop this skill although it can be worked around. It is only Alter-Ego that cannot achieve his goals but he can get close enough that his master can finish the job or one can have the true goal of the Alter-Ego be something achieved during the process of doing something else..

    Noble Phantasm(s):

    Zartosht’s First Gift
    Zrh Khda

    Type: Anti-Unit(Self)
    Rank: B
    Range: NA
    Max Targets: 1

    The first blessing of the prophet of Zoroastrianism Zartosht, Armor of Heaven. A mystic baptism that turned Alter-Ego’s skin into an invincible armor. Normal attacks, even those that are A-Rank None Phantasms cannot break through only attacks with a rank in divinity can break through this armor. An A-Rank of divinity will ignore the armor completely, a B-Rank will have half the damage negated, C-Rank a fourth and so on.

    There is another weakness though. Alter-Ego’s eyes. As his eyes were closed during the baptism his eyes do not share in the holy armor the rest of his body has. When his eyes are attacked he will become severely weakened and this Noble Phantasm will be deactivated.

    Zartosht’s Second Gift
    Nazh Khda

    Type: Anti-Unit
    Rank: C+
    Range: 1-50
    Max Targets: 1

    The second blessing of the prophet of Zoroastrianism Zartosht, Spear of Heaven. A conceptual descendent of the Chain of Heaven Enkidu that is ‘a chain that mystically binds’. While Nazh Khda is a weaker version of Enkidu it can be considered more versatile as it does not have the limit of becoming less effective against the non divine at the cost of being weaker in general.

    However it is still a very reliable weapon that Alter-Ego uses to great effect to trap his enemies in order to deal a finishing blow. When its true name is called out the chain will gain a will of its own and trap the opponent. Normally the chain wold act mechanically and only do what is necessary to stop the opponent due to Chaos Aura it now acts sadistic hurting the opponent more than necessary and trying to hurt their pride.

    Chaotic Sea
    Prince of the Damned

    Type: Anti-Country
    Rank: EX
    Range: 1-99
    Max Targets: 1000

    The Noble Phantasm not gained through the deeds of Alter-Ego in Pan-Human History but one acquired in the lostbelt. It is the combination of dozens of Chaos Deities all having their essence reside in Alter-Ego. Extremely similar to the Sea of Life Authority that Tiamat held it is an ocean of Black Mud that corrupts everything that it touches into a servant of chaos and destruction.

    Where Chaotic Sea differs from the Sea of Life is in its application. The Sea of Life slowly expands using Chaos Tide to increase its area of effect and destroy the world, Chaotic Sea on the other hand is an internal sea that Alter-Ego lets out in small bursts giving the effect of a pressure washer of Black Mud. This attack will destroy most everything in its path and the that do survive become corrupted and now exist only to spread chaos and death.

    Alter-Ego prefers not to use this Noble Phantasm as it causes too much senseless destruction, but unfortunately unknown to him through a mixture of this Noble Phantasm and the Chaos Aura skill the Black Mud is constantly leaking into his father’s country causing more and more chaos.


    In Pan-Human History Esfandiyār was a great hero who was eternally denied his father Goshtasp’s kingdom until his death fighting the great hero Rostam under Goshtasp’s orders. In this lost belt though Esfandiyār defeated Rostam and was bringing him to his father which he said would be the last task Esfandiyār would have to do as a prince and finally give him the kingdom.

    At his castle though Goshtasp was panicking. He had sent Esfandiyār to fight Rostam because his magicians had prophesied that he would die in the ensuing battle. Goshtasp was not ready to give up the throne to his son yet and had to find a way to keep his kingdom. The king quickly came up with an idea and sent a small detachment of soldiers to go antagonize his neighboring kingdom and incite them into attacking. So when Esfandiyār had come to claim his kingdom he was told that a kingdom at war could not change rulers and he was ordered to go fight in the war.

    He won.

    Goshtasp was panicking once more. He needed another excuse to not give up the throne. So he started another war. Esfandiyār won that one too. It became a vicious cycle where Goshtasp would send troops to incite a war then send Esfandiyār who would win with ease and try to return for the crown. Soon nearly the entire known world was conquered as a side effect of this battle between father and son. Goshtasp eventually began escalating his requests.

    ‘How can I give up the kingdom if in my Egypt there is a serpent threatening to eat the sun! Go destroy it at once!’

    ‘In Greece a monster capable of destroying the world is awakening! If you truly wanted to be king you would get rid of it now!’

    This continued for years with Esfandiyār defeating impossible foe after impossible foe and absorbing their spiritual cores into himself becoming more god than man. However the power he absorbed mostly came from chaotic evil entities creating his Chaos Aura skill and Chaotic Sea Noble Phantasm. Through the interaction between those two powers and Esfandiyār’s inability to escape the cycle that his father trapped him in he is constantly creating new threats to the world subconsciously which he then absorbs which makes the next threat even stronger and so on to infinity.

    This is a world that exists in a deadly balance. Will a day come when Esfandiyār cannot defeat the next foe, or will he continue to grow until he is a presence that the world cannot even support. This is the Holy Kingdom of Hell.


    Esfandiyār wants to be a hero. He grew up reading about Rostam, Zal, and Sam the legendary warrior princes who saved Persia time after time. As a youth he dedicated his time to training his body and mind to be the best he could.

    However Esfandiyār never felt like anything he did was enough to match up to the great heroes. After all if ones own father didn’t believe in your heroism who would. This emotionally abusive relationship lead to a man who hates himself and only wants to please.

    In Pan-Human History Esfandiyār died realizing what a horrible figure his father was and in his incarnations as a servant would be able to grow and realize he had become a true hero doing ago, but this Esfandiyār has not learned this lesson and as a result of years fighting threat after threat and still not being worth of the throne he has an even worse opinion of himself thinking he is trash for not being able to stop the never-ending threats of chaos.

    He uses his own self deprecation and low self esteem as an excuse to not question his father or think for himself. Every day he gets farther and farther away from being a hero and more like a sad robot.


    On Summoning:
    “Alter-Ego, sorry for answering the call. I will do all I can to make it up to you.

    If you have summoned Rostam:
    “I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.”

    If you have summoned Lancer Esfandiyār:
    “This man, he is me. Then why does he seem happy?”

    If you have summoned Siegfried/Achilles:
    “More people like me. They seem more deserving of my gifts.”

    About the Holy Grail:
    “A wish granting device. Could it save my father’s kingdom from the Chaos? Maybe then I could become king.”

    About his likes:
    “If I must answer, heroes. They truly are the best of us.”

    About hus dislikes:
    “Is the answer not obvious.”

    Bond 1:
    “Sorry, was I in your way? I’ll leave.”

    Bond 2:
    “Sorry. I keep on getting in your way don’t I.”

    Bond 3:
    “Lunch? Yes I will eat with you. Don’t worry I will eat fast so I don’t bother you for too long.”

    Bond 4:
    “Good morning Master. It is a pleasant day, what shall we do?”

    Bond 5:
    “I wish father was like you. Maybe then I could be happy?”

    Bond CE
    Throne Forever in the Distance
    Being a hero is everything to me. From a young age I just wanted to be like my heroes and why wouldn’t I be? Like Rostam I was born from a respectable lineage of royalty, I had great strength even as a child, I was even chosen by God to spread his word. I fought and fought proving my heroism and soon there was one thing that was left to be just like Rostam, inherit the throne. For some reason though it always seems so far away, like I can never cloys that distance.

    Creator Notes:

    Esfandiyār was one of my first servants and I have wanted to redo him like I did Rostam. This lostbelt is kind of like if hell on earth was only on one part of earth and moved every so often. The way the cycle goes is that Esfandiyār will accidentally create a new chaos creature that will terrorize a part of the world that his father rules and will then go kill it and absorb its power becoming even stronger and as a result the next creature he creates is more powerful. Ironically despite Esfandiyār thinking so low of himself and unknowingly creating the attacks in the world the people revere him as a great hero and hate his father. Onto more technical stuff the whole having many chaos gods as components was just a random idea that I had and then ran away with creating the hell that is this lostbelt.

    So this is my second servant in this competition. I was inspired by my Mordred not being nearly as cool as ya'll's awesome lostbelts. I love Persian mythology and so I would like more of that in FGO as well as a lostbelt or singularity about it. They have to get to Rostam and Esfandiyār eventually. Lastly a complaint about how very difficult it is to resize images then get a URL link from that image you resized to out in your servant sheet. How do ya'll do it?
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    Esfandiyar: Am I the only one who finds this guy's backstory hilarious? The imagery of Goshtasp growing more and more frustrated as he sends Esfandiyar off on ridiculous challenges that he keeps winning and coming back from, while Esfandiyar himself is totally earnest and oblivious to the shenanigans going on, is some grade-A black comedy.

    Also, is the use of "Dammed" instead of "Damned" in his third NP title intentional? It'd kind of work as a pun, since Esfandiyar is keeping back (damming) the chaotic sea inside his body, but I'm not sure if you did that on purpose or not. That aside, this was a pretty cool sheet all around. He'd make for a good sympathetic/tragic antagonist character in a Lostbelt chapter...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoydGolden View Post
    Esfandiyar: Am I the only one who finds this guy's backstory hilarious? The imagery of Goshtasp growing more and more frustrated as he sends Esfandiyar off on ridiculous challenges that he keeps winning and coming back from, while Esfandiyar himself is totally earnest and oblivious to the shenanigans going on, is some grade-A black comedy.

    Also, is the use of "Dammed" instead of "Damned" in his third NP title intentional? It'd kind of work as a pun, since Esfandiyar is keeping back (damming) the chaotic sea inside his body, but I'm not sure if you did that on purpose or not. That aside, this was a pretty cool sheet all around. He'd make for a good sympathetic/tragic antagonist character in a Lostbelt chapter...
    About the Dammed/Damned thing I will say nothing except spelling is hard and silently change that. As for the rest of the feed back yeah I wanted a little bit of humor in there since the actually story is kind of tragic. It was kind of inspired by the backstory of Odin in fire emblem fates who kept on succeeding on these literally impossible missions for Leo and finding things that don't exist.

    On the technical side is there anything that you think should be improved. I always feel my sheets are missing something but I don't know what.

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    Ever wonder what a Holy Grail War set in Texas would be like? Well wonder no longer because here is:
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    These are all very good. I would like to try to come up with a Lostbelt Servant of my own, but I'm just not able to come up with any ideas...

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    Had a couple ideas for Lostbelt shenanigans, really, but since I already posted the more complete one I'll have to put off the other for later and upload it to the regular thread when it's non-contest hours.
    McJon01: We all know that the real reason Archer would lose to Rider is because the events of his own Holy Grail War left him with a particular weakness toward "older sister" types.
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    No Lostbelt Emiya ? Hm i think i should do something against that….

    Lostbelt King :

    Beast of Griev VII


    Shirou Emiya
    I know it is perhaps false but i can not leave them behind...

    Enemy type Servant:


    would be summonable as :Caster,Saber,Archer,Rider,Assassin,Ruler,Avenger
    Natural Enemy:Parvati,Ishtar,Arthoria Pendragon(Saber)
    This is the Shirou whichs Dream came true but were regardless crushed.

    Shirou had expired the Inferno of Fuyuki and were also adopted by the Man Kiritsugo Emiya and took his Family Name on his own.
    He was also the known helpfull and selfless individual we know one day has he feeled a pain on his Hand and his Prolog to his Dream started.

    The Holy Grailwar..

    He summoned the same brave Blond swordmaiden .

    He also made acquintance with a Brown twintailed Mage and a violett Wallflower.

    He fought also against the odds like his other "SElves" but at on Point differed them,
    namely after he faced his perhaps Future Version of him took a a stubornly determined old Magus the step and envoked the unholy breath of the Grail in his uncautiouness ,which now resides inside the Girl "Sakura" so had to Prevent that Shirou made a deal with the Relict of a Man to ensure that he will not complete the the procdure if Shirou will become the Heir of his disgusting art so has he let his Body invade by the grotesque critters but somethibg from withhin his Body keept been killing the invaders though the old Mage was pleased that Shirou made Progress in their craft at one Point has Shirou eventually heard glimpses of the War overseers past and counseld him ,advise seeking in how he could slay the wicked Mage and the not so holy Priest gave him the Information that (Shirou told him the Observation he made as Archer and his Master tried once to kill the man Zouken to free Sakura but they failed and were only saved from Shirous offer to the Matou Elder) so plotted Shirou with the Priest a plan and a bargain namely that the Priest examined the Girl and he found in assistence with Shirou who used his Intel of the Matou-Magecraft to identify a Special Worm near Sakuras heart and put a spell on the worm so that Zouken wouldnt notice the removal of the Pararsite and then as he took another study seshion with Zouken and then flared up the fight the unwilling Apprentice against his Mentor and although Zouken holded at the beginning his Ground used Shirou four Black keys he purchased from the Priest and presented his compulsory Teacher the Heart-parasite which then terryfed used one command seal to teleport his servant at his side and kill his traitor which were until now was occupied with the Servant of the Priest (that were besides also a part of the bargain) but Shirou used then his Knowledge About this Unholy Craft and crushed the Soul bearing parasite with a projected Ritual dagger and broke in a double sense Zoukens Servant pact (thus Rendering his command seal order insufficient/failed) and his Elderlich Immortality thus freed Sakura from her Burden .
    as Side-effect were Shinji Matou elavated as neew Head of the Matous .
    Then had Shirou to fight alongside his Servant against Zoukens Servant and then the servant of the Last War …

    it were a intense fight were Master and Servant fought side by side but then were his Servant wounded from their fight .

    However Shirou won the War succefully and came together with the Tohsaka heir (which frustrated Sakura).

    after few weeks after the War had gotten Shirou a visit of a curious Magus of the Clocktower which were interested in the Grailwar, Shirou who was since he defeated his Futur Self were tormented by the memories he got from him (he told no one this to not let them put at unease) ,decided to tell it the Mage who were shocked by it and saw his agony and told him that he could help him and revealed himself as Wizard Marshal and were determined to help this poor Boy (the Mage had once a Son who were similar to Shirou) by take the neccesary workings in that Shiru were handed over the Family Crest of the Emiya Family and he even implanted him the part which once Kiritsugo possessed alongside some of the Mage Killers Circuits(the Mage was Necromancer besides) and something more unknowing …

    also offered him some Guidance and Sponsorship but were concious that given Shirous bad experience with Zouken he would Need time to think about it so gave he Shirou his contact datas and left Fuyuki .

    Shirou who now revealed his Friends and more ;Rin his old sisterlike Girlfriend ,Sakura with which he got also almost in an romantic relation,Shinji which were surprisingly pleased with the Situation ,Ilya his Little Sister and teacher in common Magecraft Knowledge (he was to incmfortable to ask Rin) which resulted often that Ilya demanded as payback that Shirou made for her sweet dishes and help her with her homeworks (and teased him often ).

    However all were shocked to hear Shirous Problem and said that he would accept the offer to become the Apprentice of this Marshall ,Rin were against ,aswell Sakura which asked Shirou if she could acompany Shirou he said yes and said that Ilya should stay in Fuyuki ,He asked Taiga to care for Ilya and left alongside Sakura and Rin Fuyki and traveled to London were he begann his tapprenticeship. Shirou were although he had at the start some difficulties in using his new Crest but after his initial struggles were mastered had he became a quite promising Mage himself so that he deserved the title of Pride and in his Projection Magecraft even the Grand criteria .

    the most Things were splendid but then happened two occurances first feeded by Sakuras Envy and jealousy has the through the incomplete ritual in her placed Angra Mainyu started to corrupt Sakura that begann to trully hate Rin and by Angra Mainyus influence also to assault passerbies andb rob their Lifeforce ,Shirou were barely capable of Interrupt a fight between Sakura and Rin and Shirouu used the from Zouken teached absorbtions Magecraft to free Sakura Majoraly from her but a small part still remained in her ,so to Keep the part at bay ,and stop Sakuras jealousy had he at one table alongside Sakura and Rin told that he cant be the Boyfriend of one of them and that he would either break with both of them or both would be willing to become his both equal Girlfriends who accept the each other as second Girlfriend,

    Both were obviously terryfingly shocked by this extortion and acepted the next weeks were rather awkward for the both Girls (and honestly also Shirou) but slowly feelt the trio slowly natural as both Sisters were finally capable of putting their resentment aside and Shirou accustomed himself to it (even if he was often embaressed by that state and rather shy in some Experiments),but then had called him the MArshal for his asistence in the liqudation of an Dead Apostle Ancestor in East Europe ,an incident which should become a similar Impact on him like the Grailwar...

    He was entrusted in to defeat a Death Apostle Ancestor which wanted to use a derivered Version of the Aylesbury Ritual to cause a rewind of the world into the Age of Faeries a age where the world still didnt obey the Mankind and although Shirou where unshure About that had he accepted ,then had Shirou traveled to east europe where he was followed by Rin and Sakura which helped him in to enter the Castle then had he alongside some other Freelance Mages invaded the CAstle which were had begann to execute the Ritual which started to draw the Attention of the non Magic People aswell Media ,that forced the befoore the Castle positioned MAges to retreat and leave the Castles grounds and left the Forces inside of it without support ,

    during inside the Castle Shirou and his companions fought against the minion army of the Ancestor oddly has the others after the Hours in the Castle suffered Symptoms of Energy drain but Shirou and it wasnt because he learned absorbtions Magecraft but something else he couldnt grasp.

    some exhausting hours later has he and two other surviving Mages reached the Throne Room where the Apostle Ancestor proceed his Ritual and was more as advanced in it as the Inhumane Sorcery takes already ist first effects on the reality as the Atmshpehre already shifted in and outside the Castle were SAkura and Rin growed even more anxious by the Minute ,

    After a fultile conversation with the Vampire has started the fight ,the two Mages and Shirou fought ferously against the Count and midst the battle has caused the two other Mages as ist victims and Shirou had a hard Battle were he had to use a combination of his Projections Magecraft ,his learned Binding curses (from Zouken) ,Church sacrements he got handed over etc to sla the Vampire but before the Vampire dead ultimately said he to Shirou " very Well "Hero" like you would view yourself but be dont to shure in your self have you lurking a sinister "growling" and after you defeated me will it probably awake *gloerk* also have atleast succeded partially now that my Curse has found ist victims and pushed the world back into..t...he... just out as the Dead Apostle wanted to end his last sentence eroded he in to ash ,with ist loss of its Master dissipated the Miasmic Shield of the Castle,all Minions that were left untouched went into uncontrable frenzy and left the Castle to Claim the surounding lifes, Shirou suddenly heard the screams of the Peoples outside the CAstle but due to that he Media-Helicopters were filmind was he forced to to wrap around himself the remained cloak of the Dead Apostle and some parts of a random Armor to Maskerade himself and suddenly he felt a dark Energy in himself although if Shirou would had the liberty of time had he immediatly ripped the camouflage from himself but he couldnt because he heard Sakuras screams and used unconciously the Dark Energy to accelerate himself so that he virtually shooted outside of the Castle and as he landed outside of the CAstles grounds has he unleashed the Dark Energy which caused the break of the Media Transfer ,and forced the Helicopters to leave the Area as they were also disturbed in their Electronics ,and the Vampirs minions in his proximity were killed and the from afar went into a pacified state which rescued Sakuras and Rin out of their pinch after that had Shirou immediatly ripped of the Unholy MAsqarade and he alongside the other Mages (Rin and Sakura included) slaughtered the remnant Troops and prevented the almost Raid of the nearest town.

    But the Ritual of the Dead Apostle Ancestor had unforeseen consequences namely that the Leylines worldwide showed more intensive activities and phantasmal beasts appeared on our side ,the Age of Mysteries seems to reappeared .

    Shirou were awarded by the Marshal with the Grand Rank and were proclaimed as Victor and he were later a very succesfull Magus and were later assigned with keeping the Phantasmal at bay and to Keep the collateral Damage at Minimum ,

    in Priivate had he after some document Messing of the side of the Wizard Marshal married Sakura and Rin and procreated eventually with them Five Childrenn ,and moved back to Fuyuki (which regularily visited) then after some decades of Hunting Supernatural Beasts and Creatures and "Vilians" and after Thirty years of Obligation fullfilment dead he of undetectable reason he got 55~years old.

    His Second Life

    Then after ten years were he summoned in the next Grailwar as Caster by one of his Daughters ,the War was for Shirou sometimes awkward as he had unlike the Archer Emiya quite clear memories as Master in a Grailwar so was it difficult to have his oldest Daughter as his Master but he liked it that he could a Little longer be with them ,the War took its Course without irregularities of noteworthy Mention until two Beast-class servants materialisated in Fuyuki so were all of the remaining servants (four in total ) had to ally to defeat them it was a harsh battle and two of the other servants alongside their Masters were defeated and as Shirou and the other last servant and when they were out to detonate Shirou was foced to imprison them in Unlimited Bladeworks ,inside had he give them the last wounds and as they were to destroy were Shirou forced to absorb the Radiated power in himself so absorbed he the two cores of the abysall creatures which resulted in the distortion of Shirou saint graph into his currently form which broke his Contract as Servant and he saw a disturbbing Truth that his world is not the "rightfull" and that it should be elaminated by a force called "Chaldea".....

    Shirou is in many aspects similar to his other aspects like that he holds the safety of other hgher as his own but in his currently Form is he through this highly torented because he has grasped the truth that the People he knew are perhaps not happen to exist or himself but he cant also leave them behind a s he is fiercly adamant in protecting and is willing to go at great lenghs to ensure their wellfare as such will he try to Keep all fightis outside of Fuyuki and created a very strong Bounded field around it .

    Even after he is became a Demon does he still try to be a present Father for his Childrenn and Sakura aswell Rin which are healthy but also drained by this Situation so does he still try to appear as happy Father and Husband to put them at ease .

    He however is now a melancholic individual which often reminicent of his old sweet memories and is Twisted between his love for his Family and Friends and on the other his urge towards Rightfullness in that he thought if his whole existence is false basically Question his whoole and the world around him .

    During in Japan he Acts as Stern and firm Ruler in ensurance of keeping it in harmony and pacify any causalities unregarded if mundane or Supernatural to ensure his Childrenn are Living in peacefullness but outside of it is he more lenient in his firmness and Shows a lesser seriousity as that he appears like a "Elegant Angel" or "Deity of Healing and Protection" as that he regularily defeat the remaining Phantasmal Beasts and Dead Apostles in his Lostbelt .

    Although the most People are at ease with his existence is he a sworen Enemy of the Dead Apostle Society and also the Magic Association and Holy Church is split in their oppinion About him ,but even if he knew that not every People of the world can like him or planning his doom is he unwilling to go back at eradicate them beforehand instead prefer to try to pacify them or using some Servants after them if its inevitable instead of using his own Powers to Keep collaterla Damage at Minimum .

    He would Towards Chaldea be very hostile as that he saw their Appearnce will cause the end of his world but he is also to the Apostle of the Alien not very trustfull as that as Ashiya Doman aswell Koyanskaya appeared in his Lostbelt on Hokkaido he after Five Days Observation appeared before them and defeated them but he spared their life under the condition to without his permission Refrain from enter and staying in japan or come his Family near.



    Independet Manifestation:EX
    Class skill of the Beast class. it Allows the holder to Materialise unsupported by a Contract based summoning ritual or by a worldly Anchor .
    As that Shirou posses two demoncores inside of him which he once took from his slain Beast class opponents which own Rank were summed up A further bosted by Angra Mainyus curse .

    So is he capable of apear on every spot of the World without outside help with the only restriction of being only able to exist on on Location withhin his Timeline .

    Although he would with this skill and the bosted capabilities of the reconstructed Emiya-Magic Crest capable of invading other Timelines is he adamantly About to this act even if he and his own World is facing demise…

    He possess however high resistences against Time Manipulation.

    Authorithy of Beasts:--

    Originally he would possess a high Rank in this skill but he loath such in his view "dishonorfull" abbillities as such as he sealed this skill completely.

    Territory Creation:EX (A)

    Class skill of the Caster class in which he initially were summoned before his "Beastification" as Caster and because it is still a Casterclass container does he still possess this skill additionally expanded by his Beast class Capabilities.

    Originally was he capable of summoning and creating a Mage Workshop which were adapted at creating Weapons and Automatons with the adapted usage of Unlimited Bladeworks to execute the complete creation of an Object by concentrate on all Attributes of it with which he reached First Magic realm.

    additionally were he through his Emiya Crest capable of creating Ten x Ten meters measured bounnded fields ,rspectively withhin self.

    Now is he capable of creating Whole construction plants of industrial scales and City scaled time Manipulation aswell to create Singularity similar Reality distortions.

    Item Creation:EX(A)

    Like with his Territory Creation skill is this skill a still functionable relict of his original Class container.

    Originall was he capable of creating as forte upto B Rank Equal Noblephantasm imitations which were unrelated to his weapon Tracing ,it was more a way of trace a Weapons embodimented Story with which he could make defacto self made Noblephantasm with from him choseable Attributes although as downside are these constructs quite instabile and after their usage are they from the corrective force of the world destroyed and rendered inexistent .

    He was however capable of by using his Reality Marble on one Object he wants to create in manifesting Unlimited Bladeworks inside the objects core and crystalize ist own inextinguish stabile History with which istself becomes a Work of Mytery which equalize it with objects not made of Human Hands reaching he realm of the First Magic in this part.

    His Expertise of These process were not limited to Bladed Weapons (although he Needs a lesser amount of time for Swords or Spears) he also is capable of creating Machine Automatons like Golem or Apparati although he then needs a greater time Limit for the creations process.

    beside that were he also capable of creating alchemistic or necromantic wares respectively spell seals in these cases the rank of his Item Creation would equalize a B Ranking.


    Bravery: D(A)
    is the ability to negate mental interference such as pressure, confusion and fascination. It also has the bonus effect of increasing melee Damage.
    Originally had he a great Ranking in this skill as he was one of the Pinacles and founders of the Neo Heroism,but due to his shaking discovery that shacked his very core is this skill greatly decreased but nevertheless does it provide Mental interference protection and a sliight Damage Bonus when he fight barehanded.

    Eye of Mind:A+ (B)
    is a heightened capacity for observation, refined through training, discipline and experience. A danger-avoidance ability that utilizes the intelligence collected up to the current time as the basis in order to predict the opponent’s activity and change the current Situation.
    originally would he have it based on his experiences h acumulated but due to th merging with Abysallic beings did he receive their innate Fighting prowess and it mixed withhis own expertise so is it not anymore disinguish able between the true or false classification and through this skill is he capable of deducing the possibillities .

    Magecraft: A+ (B+++)
    Knowledge and capability to using Modern type Thaumaturgy,
    Originally was he beside his brand type Magecraft Projection Thaumaturgy in which he reached Domains of the True Magic Realm

    where he proficient in Strenghtening he trained himself had he learned under his variating Mentors ,Absorbtion and Binding Magecraft which in both he apperantly seemed quite talented ,Entomancy which he loathed but he developet a new style from it by utilize Bee familiars which assisted in his perma Projection Magecraft aswell as efficient support in Combat like that he were through the teachings of the Marshal educated in making poisens and antidotes although he were in These Things like in General Alchemie not very advanced(he was still above Novice Level) he developed sedatives which he injected the Bees to without cause harm let Criminals or smaller beasts put asleep,from the Marshal did he also learned Necromancy which he really didnt liked but was forced to learn aswell in crafting of Automatons,healing Magecraft and Spiritual Healing in which he was average and also did he learn in preparation of Fighting the Ancestor also received he Education in the Holy Sacrements of the Churchs Lectors.beside that has he learned to use the Emiya Tme Magecraft and were capable of using Earth and Fire Magecraft.

    As Servant and especially due to his summoning as Caster were his capabillities bosted even more and he capable of use his Magecraft more freely as he was able as Human.

    After he absorbed the Demon Cores has he much greater capabilities in using his Thaumaturgies as he now possess vast amounts of Mana and many restrictions of the Magecrafts he operates are non existent anymore with which he is capable of creating solid objects which could be called mater ex nihilo ,Binding and absorbtion Magecraft in that he could through it function as double of the great Grail in many aspects as like that he would now be able to summon servants through his Connection with the Grail but he noticed as he wanted to summon Arthoria to ask for advise has he summoed her Alter Version in that he is now only able to summon alter servants similar is it with all Things he tries to create with Projection MAgecraft are possesing Attributes of Unholyness,he is also now able of using Elemental Thaumathurgy ,he is also capable of accesing Necromancy of Ancient Level in Utility and his healing/Spiritual of almost the Level of death resurection and is able to create demonic insectoid familiars.

    Blessings of the Poisoned Citadel:EX (C)
    Is the unholy "Growling" which was once mentioned by the Dead Apostle Ancestor it is the Curse and conection to Angra Mainyu which neither Shirou nor the People around him are were able to notice which ge got implanted alongside Kiritsugos Magic circuits which taken its first appearance in the Miasma filled Castle of the Dead Apostle thus its naming .

    As in its initially state donated this skill equal ranked immunity against Poison type attacks ,resistence against Curses as because he was already cursed and without his Knowledge served Angra Mainyu…

    aswell that should he fight against Unholy Creature does he receive plus modifiers aswell des they are inflicted with that their to Shirou caused Damage is reduced,also are enhanced senses of phantasmal beasts dulled in to perceiving his identity and presence and he is able to emit a Darkness Mana-Blast(Curse) skill of the equal ranking ,also as "hidden capacity" does this skill allows him to absorb and contain spiritual Energies and integrating them inside functioning like a self modification (conceptual).


    Unlimited Requiem

    EX Rank


    Is the Noblephantasm that once revlected his inner world ,his central spell Unlimited Bladeworks which received all the Weapon records of the Lone Archer Emiya during his Fight against him ,however after Shirou saw in Archers future memories he was determined to take a different Approach in his way to become a Hero ,although already before his Distortion has differed but in that namely was it fiery Sunset over a canyoned landscape spiked with swords and spears amongst other Things,but now is it a scarred,fisured land where the Sky is only glowing faint violet and out of the cracks and holes of the Ground are glowing crimson like ,the swords and other gears are blackened .

    This is the Bladeworks remnants after the two Beast servants are wreaked havoc in their last Moments of resistence and due to its infestation which reflcts Shirou curently state ,it possess still the Records of the Counter Guard Emiya aswell Shirous own made of his life ,but all weapons and other gears are blackened and corrupted every Holyness the weapons once holded are devored and replaced by demonic properties ,aswell all Familiars Shirou ever created (which are inform of a "blueprint specimen" are recorded in it) are corrupted into a demonic form similar with all apparati Shirou constructed which are still fulfill their intended Purpose but are still in atleast one sense cause Problems.

    Now because since he became a Demon like being is Shirou capable of instead of imprison Opponents into it ,is he capable of using it as a Anti-Territory Noblephantasm where he terraform the Land and world direct and overwrite its textures with it thus destroy allone by employing it in this form all structures of the Area and even Forttress Noblephantasm short of the EX and perhaps A RAnk can hope to endure the force ,however lifeform such as Trees or Servants respectively Animals/Humans are by this reshaping unharmed,but are nevertheless starting to be affected by its corrupting force as in that Animals are over the Course of Days transformed into Mirror like Demonbeast Counterparts of their own,Humans are slowly transforming into Humanoid Demons which category is depending on their charackter abbillities ,trees and other plants become lurking hunters waiting to assault every nearing Opponent and Shirou would get similar like a Dead Apostle the full Control over their action but Shirou is Adamant in using the Coruptive properties of the Noblephantasm instead use he it to evoke true Magic equal aplications to help the World withhin the Lostbelt and Control the weather on global scale to stabilize it and Prevent Climate calamities.

    Shirou is using it in Combat to creating Demonic familiars and evoke Conceptual Attacks as like he is now by using it even capable of Tracing divine originated Weapons like Caladbolg ,Merodach ,Durindanna but even now is he unable to trace Weapons of Ea or Vasavi Shakti Level.

    Sherlock´s Eye
    EX (B)
    Anti Obscurity
    Is the Sublimation of Shirou analysation Magecraft he cultivated during his life,

    Shirou has like in most likely all his timelines repaired some old electrics and later used the analysation process as first step for his Gradiation Air but early as he started to learn under the Wizard Marshalwas he asked by him if he could use it also on his Opponent and use it as sort of Structure and pattern conclusion on the Environment ,he declined that but was intigued by that and strived to actualize it so has he instead of using it for Weapon copying exclusively has he started to learn to use it in an Melle Situation on the Opponent so has he spend one third of his Magical Study on developing his aplication so were he after Five years capable of succefully scan opponents and locate their weakness succefully.

    After seven years were he to such a Degree succesfull that with a short usage and a glance he could find in many Experiments of his classmates their issues and told them aswell found for some crimes in London the trespasser thus were even once in the Newspaper called as the second Wonder Dedective after Shelock Holmes so after Ilya were to this time on a vacation in London asked him on this and wanted to know how Shirou would Name his new Magecraft and out of Name finding difficulties has he named it spontan "Sherlocks Eye" which Ilya found cool and als Rin and Sakura agreed thus he used the Name in a similar Fashion like his Trademark "trace on !"

    As Servant has it sublimated into a self developed Mystic eyes with it were he originally able to analyze the Anatomy of the Opponent and recognice bodily physique based skills and eventually weaknesses ,analyze Patterns like Magecraft seals or Leyline activities, see through Concealments,Body language ,Environmental structures,dispell Ilusion Magecraft and Mind interferences on others and grasping even hints of the immediate future some minutes beforehand .

    Due to the absorbed two cores of the two Beast servants were the restrictions of this Noblephantasm nearly extinguished and his capabilities are now that he can observe Points Kilometers away from his Locations ,Dispell any Ilusion or Mind interference skill or Noblephantasm under EX Rank,gasp nearly all concepts and its
    versality borders at the Clairvoyance of Gilgamesh the Sha Naqba Imuru in that it him now even enabled him to discern the truth of his world and the real Course it should have aswell some potencial "Intruder"...

    "Crystals of Pandemonium"

    Is the Sublimation Beasts saint Graph as Noblephantasm which emerged as Shirou absorbed the cores of the two Demons of which one could indentified a Baal Zebul the others identity were unidentifiable after absorbing them were his Skin has turned bonish White his cloak remnants of his coat are merged with his Body ,his once golden Brown yes have turned into a amber golden eyes which only its human light in them is remaining ,his onnce Auburn hair is colored like his Skin and the two cores are appearing on his Chest as Black hole like orbs .

    This Noblephantasm gives him aside that all of his Statistics are higly enhanced a Body whichs composition is comparable with a True Daemon as such possess Shirou which has as consequence that he is capable of exercising Magecraft beyond Human capability .

    Shirou is provided by the cores with a near Unlimited Amount of Mana,is capable of by using Baal Zebuls authority to summon demonic familiars,call forth Storms ,create Insectoid Demon creatures aswell to Control them like a Ant or Bee Queen,also by using the authorithy of [ ] is he capable of transform his shape into a Variety of Chimeric Beings and for a short amount of time evenn let him transform back into his former shape but even then are the cores still visible.

    Albeit Shirou would be able if he would wish to further discover his demonic powers be able to use more aplications as he already would or like giving this Noblephantasm a real true Name but he refuse to do this.

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    Whoops, forgot to start the voting. OK, I'll start it now and end it on Friday. The 30th.
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    He's just putting the bone of his sword into other people until it explodes and lets out parts of him inside them.
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    Genderswaps are terrible, but I think I and other people would hate them less if Fate didn't keep ignoring actual heroines throughout history and folklore. Like, why bother turning Francis Drake into a woman when Ching Shih and Grace O'Malley exist?
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