Tsugumi Uro
Location: Northern Cross Academy (Eclipse)
Morning, April 12th, 2056
Event Stock: 2
Seither Rating: 80
Union Phase: 3

Chiasa is still alive, and that at least was good news.

Breathing, acting all for the world as if she was simply asleep, a quick once-over doesn't reveal the location of her Drive Crystal, and even though you feel strange there's still enough of a sense about you to know that peeking under someone's clothes to try to find something was wrong in a definite sort of way.

She's not heavy though, so picking her up and running off if you have too should be perfectly possible...

On the other hand...

Vaguely hostile, but only in the sense that the threads were glittering and waving like some sort of heat-seeking monster; the ghost girl listens to your words without doing anything at first, and loyal to a fault, the doll simply maintains a protective stance in front of her, as if it expected you to come charging in and would attempt to remove your head the exact instant you came into range.

But when you stop talking, hand still outstretched, inquiring as to her name and who exactly she was, an odd expression crosses that normally expressionless face.

"Who am I...? My name...?"


Suddenly clear eyes and a mouth twisting into a grimace as hands slowly jerk their way towards her chest as if clutching at her heart.

"My name? My name? Mynamemynamemynamemynamemynamemynamemynamemynamemy namemynamenamesnamesnamesnamesnamesnamesnamesnames namesnamesnamesnamesnamesnames-"

It's like watching someone's mind just snap in half.

Sinking to her knees, hands first clutching at her chest and than at her head as she starts screaming questions at the floor; the doll shows what could only be a form of alarm as it turns it's head more towards it's owner than you and starts tugging on her hem of her shirt as it to snap her out of it.

The movement of the wires starts to not only speed up, but whip erratically around the room; jerking along with each and every rapid fire word that shot out of her mouth, a storm of crimson that lacked the accuracy that it had possessed before, and would have been exceedingly dangerous if not for the fact that she didn't actually seem to be aiming at the two of you in particular.


Windows reappear.

Outside them it's no longer night, the fog is white instead of black and the light of an invisible sun peers in through the windows.

A blue door emerges on the far side of the room, it's glowing unlike the others, and clearly of a more supernatural nature... It's quite the run, but...

If that was 'the door' Zero had talked about...

Now might be your chance-!