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Thread: Nightfall (IC)

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    Yuu Kurogami
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    “Miss, we’re being followed.”

    Hoooo ~

    Ah I see my greatness can still beguile even the gods how amusing.

    Subtlety motioning for Kaede to prepare and look after the group I look back and tuck my hands into my pockets in feigned unguardedness, fools are so quick to forget their place after all so it’s not unimaginable that they would commit the terrible sin of trying to strike a heavenly star such as me.

    Yet let’s not get ahead of ourselves after all anyone who would pick a fight with me like this would only do so with a plan, thus I am compelled to study the situation and our surroundings to puzzle it out.

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    Taka Nishi
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    A good gambler knew when to cash out, even if there were still chips on the table. Taka wasn't 100% certain that rattling in the back of hiragami's whiskey soaked brain there wasn't a critical clue, but at this point it appeared diminishing returns was coming into play. Taka had a few names and a few leads, and the mark had yet to sober up to the point that he stopped paying attention to the card and started paying attention to things fare more concerning.

    "...Good man." Taka clapped hiragami on the shoulder, releasing his fingers from the carefully arranged bribe. "One of the folks who is gonna be at the table is a European loud mouth who likes to bluff a lot. He taps his chips if he has anything over two pair, so have him for lunch."

    The hell of it is, Taka wasn't kidding. nor was the bribe fake. He had burned off a couple favors getting invited to the game, and had been prepared to make a mint. Idly, as he stood up, Taka wondered if Hiragami could actually win. For all the money at the table, everyone at it was terrible. It would be a total crap shoot. But with Taka's tip even Hiragami would likely be an early chip leader, maybe that would be enough. At any rate, information bought and paid for. Now he needed to get what he knew to Mei and let her start putting feelers out.

    Taka may be clever and good at getting people to open up, but Mei's hostess crew was far superior when it came to talking to a bunch of people quickly. He would let Mei have her own in put of course, but his tentative plan was to let his mother work on compiling information related to this occult business while he focused his efforts on the family's, starting with Izanami Zaibatsu.

    Taka stood and, nodding once more at Hiragami, holding the card up to the light as if expecting a "treasure found!" BGM to play and left the room, stopping only to pay the tab and put put a few bills in the pocket of the bartender. These were to pay for any more drinks Hiragami wanted. Far as Taka was concerned, while he wasn't going to pour them down the jack ass's throat, if Hiragami wanted to blur his memory with a few more drinks, that was all to the good. If not, a server at a seedy bar got an extra special tip. No big deal.

    A cab was quick to the curb, as expected. Cab driver's loved fairs coming out of bars late at night. The tips were good.

    Asuka, are you watching? I have a plan now. who knows, by the time you wake up, maybe I will be the brains of the operation!
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