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Thread: Fate/Hollow Ataraxia Voice Patch

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrazenEric View Post
    Apologies if these are dumb questions, but I'm a little confused. Am I supposed to install this new version of patch3 along with patch4? What exactly would you want us to test?
    My apologies, I will edit the posts so it become clear what works. First try adding patch4.xp3 with the original patch3. If it does not boot then try just the new patch3.xp3 and delete patch4.xp3

    If neither work then I need to figure out why.

    I would also like to make clear that the issue of the patch not working is on my end with rebuilding the .xp3. It has already been confirmed that the code fix is correct.

    New patch 3:

    Once again I apologize for the complications here as I as still becoming familiar with the kirirkiri2 and krkrz engines.

    EDIT: I have confirmation from a user that both of these work. To prevent clutter use the patch3.xp3
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    I'm double posting in case anyone is watching this thread. I have received confirmation from another user that the fix is functional. The previous posts have been updated/deleted to prevent any confusion. The link to the post with the patch on the first page links to the correct fix.

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    Everything so far has been working without a hitch for me, thank you and everyone else for the help!

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