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Thread: But For A Stone (A Matou Shinji Series AU)

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    [ ] Miss Lily de Lune

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    [X] Miss Lily de Lune

    There is not much to here to base this on. 1st year Shinji has nothing for him for Lestrange to give him one more moment beyond the minimum polite amount. Croft is blushing and acting rather like Natsumi did at the first part of the year, but I really do not need Shinji to charm the poor girl. Especialy since Natsumi is his companion for this event. So might as well vote for the girl willing to talk to Shinji on a normal level.

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    [x] Miss Lily de Lune

    The boy turned back to Miss de Lune with a hint of a smile, noting that she didn't sound out of place in the crowd of British-folk, as opposed to Mademoiselle Lestrange, whose accent was pleasant, but exotic, with a bit of a lilt to it.

    "I have to say, your English is quite good," he praised. "I can hardly tell you are from France at all."

    "My grandfather is a diplomat, so I have traveled quite widely. I confess, I did spend some years in London," the other replied with a sly smile. "Rachelle is similarly well-traveled, being a ward of the Centre for Alchemical Studies."

    "A ward of...oh." Shinji looked down, his expression tight when he realized what that meant. "I am sorry for your loss."

    "Zit vas many years ago, Monsieur, and ve vere you say...close," Lestrange murmured. "Nevertheless, zankyou."

    "Speaking of being good at languages, you're not so bad yourself, since you came from Japan," Miss de Lune commented. "Unusual, that. One would think you would have gone to Mahoutokoro." One slim, blonde eyebrow quirked upwards. "A parent of yours went to Hogwarts? Your father, perhaps."

    "...I have no father," Shinji nearly snarled, before he forced his expression into something approaching neutrality, aware of all the eyes that must be upon him. "My mother. She went to Hogwarts." Not that he really knew much about her, with his only clue as to her personality being the notes she left in the margin of the text on...necromancy.

    "Ah, my apologies. I had not realized your parentage was a...delicate topic," Miss de Lune said, not unsympathetically, her fingers brushing his upper arm.

    "No, I, uh, I'm sorry. You couldn't have known," the boy replied with a sigh. He casually tried to use his glasses to probe the minds of the girls in front of him, only to find that he could red nothing from Miss de Lune or Miss Lestrange. 'What? Lestrange I understand, since Alchemists probably practice some variety of mind arts, but de Lune as well?' He smiled, his expression somewhat brittle as he turned his attention to Lestrange. "You must be quite skilled at Alchemy," he probed verbally, something of a non sequitur though it made sense to him.

    "I am not up to ze standards set my 'onored ancestors, but one tries, Monsieur," the Flamel Scholar responded with a nod. Her silver eyes regarded Shinji for a moment. "And you? Are you...skilled?"

    "I cannot claim any great talent," Shinji admitted. "Unlike my friend here," he said, nodding at Natsumi.

    "Oh?" Lestrange questioned, her gaze shifting to Natsumi. "Is zat so?"

    Natsumi nodded enthusiastically, flushing a bit at the attention from the pretty older girl.

    "Ah...I suppose," the Japanese girl admitted. "The calculations involved in it are quite fascinating. As are the mental disciplines involved."

    Lestrange nodded thoughtfully at that.

    "You 'ave learned ze mental disciplines?"

    "Yes, from a...friend from Egypt," Natsumi related fondly. "She's even better than I am. Potions comes to her so...effortlessly. Even if sometimes, she seems so far away from all of us."

    "Far away...?" Lestrange repeated.

    "Like she's far in the distance, and its hard for her to remember that we're not where she is yet. Her ahead, on many paths when we have yet to begin on one."

    The Flamel Scholar seemed to go still for a moment, a curious expression on her face as she regard the young girl.

    " is...true zat such learning may...separate one from one's...colleagues. Shall we speak some more of l'Alchemie?"

    "I'd like that," Natsumi said with a smile, leaving Shinji in the company of Miss Croft and Miss de Lune, though the former looked over to the other two.

    "I never got to ask," Shinji realized, turning to the apparently shy brunette. "Do you go to Hogwarts?"

    "If I did, you would recognize me, I think," she said, not looking at him. "You do not, therefore..."

    "Fair point," the boy conceded, noting that the girl seemed very uncomfortable around him through his glasses, as some of her stray thoughts seemed...odd. It was almost like she was afraid of him. 'Maybe she's just scared of boys?' "If you want to go speak to the others, please, don't hold back on my account."

    The girl nodded gratefully and went to join the two potioneers in conversation, leaving him alone with Miss de Lune.

    What should Shinji ask Miss de Lune?

    [ ] (Write-in)
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    [ ] Ask her about Beauxbatons and her fovorite class there.

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