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Thread: Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua] Vita TL insertion project

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    Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua] Vita TL insertion project

    So with Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua] PC version Mirror Moon TL insertion project inserting it backwards shouldn't be that hard right...? Well yeah really in theory(and in practice) it's not... expect the patch uses commented out lines from the PC version that don't exist in the Vita version... they also added/removed lines(I assum combing lines).... So of course we can't make this easy and just do a quick switch...

    There is also the fact that tools exist to extract the HuneX engine. They also provide tools for repacking... kind of. You see there is two different formats the engine seems to mix. the 3 file format(hed, mrg, name) and a single mrg file containing all three. The single file format of course also does things differently... making one for this isn't super hard once you just look at what already exists.

    So working on and off this I have to prologue done(including word warping which was apparently an issue). Is anyone interested in a back port back to the vita? Besides adding/removing lines from the vita to line up with the existing English scripts, there is also the part of missing voice lines... besides line changes I noticed lack of voice for parts that are voiced in it's PC counter part(patched and unpatched) for example the flash back at the start with the young rin and her father, rin is voiced but not her father. So add adding new voices to the mix.

    So since all the tools are available(I assume including what ever the sound is encoded as... I think it was some CRI Middleware nonsense...(why can't we just use normal audio files...)

    So anyone interested? I was just planning on doing text insertion, but I'm sure possible to do the rest. if people want they can help out... it's not hard or anything, just time consuming.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention... there is a funny issue with the Vita version. I'm not sure about version 1.0... but in version 1.01 when you first start(don't have a save) it disables Rin's voice. So you have to go in and enable it in settings. Also forgot to add some images.


    Fine and dandy but how do you know it's actually on the Vita...?

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