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Thread: Help with my video about fate.

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    Help with my video about fate.

    I've been doing a LOT of research on the fate franchise, playing the games, reading up translations and salting myself up in grand order for a series of videos about the servants in fate. I've had a lot of problems with recent fate/videos where they try to substitute stuff that's been established by nasu in his cannon/stories with real world stuff or them not having a good grasp of the concept of the series.

    So I wanted to try my hand at it.

    I've spent the past few weeks digging through translations and gamestrying to make an overview of the holy grail wars.

    But I'm still not confident with what I've made, so I'd like to ask you guys if you were a new fate fan or a fate fan who wants to know more, is my current writing enough to get you a decent understanding of the grail war?

    Here it is, I'm more than willing to accept corrections, advice and ideas.

    Most of the resources I've checked are in the TMdictionary, chaldeum, tsukikan and translations of fate/complete material. I use the typemoon wiki to point me in the right direction but the lack of sources is a bit off putting. Which... are all very cluttered sources. Here's what I got so far.
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    Late reply but two things you have off.

    1. The Holy Grails purpose was never supposed to be used to grant wishes, it's meant to open a pathway to the route and achieve Third Magic. The wish-granting part was just another way how it could be used and what was advertised to the other Masters outside of the Three Familes, but that wasn't why it was built.

    2. It's the 2nd War that had no rules and was plain chaos, the first wasn't even a HGW in a sense and all it amounted to was some disagreements that ultimately stopped the ritual.
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    Not sure if you're also interested in the Art Graph grails in FGO as well as some weird grails aka Poseidon's and Gil's cup of Uruk but those are pretty different compare to the other ones.

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