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    Quote Originally Posted by Archer
    “But before I leave… Lady Caster, I’m afraid this is a situation where ‘pushing myself’ is required, as much as I would have agreed to prioritizing a gradual complete recovery over hasty fixes. If I may ask, might you be able to allow my arm and leg to function somewhat better, nevermind their actual state of damage…?”
    The girl pursed her lips, her visor lens glancing towards Erika for a moment before looking back nodding. "If that's what you want. Stay still a moment," she instructed him sternly, and quickly untucked his dress shirt again, not asking permission before sliding her gloved hands under the shirt and against his bare skin. The cold fingers grazed his midsection, exploring upwards until they reached the pit of his stomach. Still looking up, Caster sighed, then put on a breezy smile.

    "There we are. Now, I'll warn you, Mister Archer, this may tingle..." She murmured as she planted her fingertips and thumbs around the solar plexus. "...Well, everywhere, really, but I promise it'll be in a good way."

    She paused. "Well, after the first ten seconds, at least."

    An open window.
    A silly dream.
    And with that, she squeezed her eye shut, warbling softly under her breath as she began to run electrical current throughout his spiritual body. "▂▃Focus."

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    When cast, two [Minor Injuries] are immediately healed on the target. However, as the spell acts as an accelerant of natural healing, rather than a bonafide healing spell, it weakens the body’s natural capacity for regeneration, disabling the healing of Minor Injuries for the next two Phases. Wound healing is unaffected.
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