Apparently, the Japanese National Tourism Organization is doing a "Come to Japan" campaign, featuring Kizuna Ai.

Hello! I'm Kizuna AI, the (self-proclaimed) world's first YouTuber! Thanks to your amazing support, I've been chosen as the Japan National Tourism Organization's (JNTO) ‘Come to Japan’ campaign ambassador!

This campaign features many components, including a sweepstakes with a pair of round-trip tickets to Japan as its grand prize! You need to get a high score on a quiz about Japan to enter, so there's going to be some studying involved.

Luckily, I've been learning all about Japan with the help of JNTO and Tokyo Otaku Mode, so I'm going to help you prepare for the quiz in this video and others to come! Although I've never actually been to Japan before, I think I'm pretty knowledgeable about the chic way to eat sushi, different types of ramen noodles, and the wonders of wagashi!
Can't hurt to take the quiz and see what you know, right?