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Thread: The Great Heracles Hunt - Redux (IC)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casimir Zaleski View Post
    "Immediately, Mr. Knellwulfr."
    Xherdan’s grin widened.

    “Excellent. I’ll tell my people to be ready.”

    He closed the phone and placed it on a crate to his side. As he regained his posture, Xherdan took a deep breath in, before exhaling, his smile exiting alongside it.

    “Alright, let’s get this show on the road.” Xherdan looked down towards the silver watch that sat on his right wrist. 5:48. Time really does fly.

    Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.

    He smiled again, he just couldn’t help himself. Not only did he get to go out in the field again for this job, the job just keeps getting more interesting.

    Tick. Tick. Tick.

    Xherdan put his hand to his watch, rotating the face around 90°.

    Tick. Tick.


    His fist clenched as the circle of needles entered his bloodstream. A soft trickle of blood ran from his wrist, veins expanding as the foreign substance entered his system. It wasn’t that it hurt, Xherdan had used it enough to the point it was just another part of the business, but the initial prick always surprised him.

    Xherdan straightened his tie, picking himself up from his tense posture. His mind had already begun to deviate from its cardinal structure. Flashes of images.

    All vivid. All false. All necessary.

    “Jimouthy,” The flustered recruit ran from the adjacent hallway, standing at attention in front of his employer.


    “I’m assuming everything has been set up?”

    “Yes, sir. The cameras are in place, Unit 18 is primed, and all men are accounted for.”

    “Perfect. Tell Tear and Grace to start tailing all the targets, and get a landing crew ready at the airport.”

    Jimouthy straightened himself out before quickly walking out of the central chamber.

    Xherdan looked to his right. Focusing on the standing mirror propped up to the wall.

    Focus. My name is Xherdan Knellwulfr. Remember this. I am Xherdan.

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