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Thread: [Quest] Lost Singularity - Fimbulwinter

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    Oh yeah, definitely enjoyed it too.

    I hardly go to RP forum at first, but this was posted and sparks a nice instance when I started to lurk on Hermes's QoF for a while, I was thinking "maybe I should join the game like others." Then, both Quest inspire me to start my own and throw away my Sengoku Rance mod idea (who would want to play a mod consist of fanfiction characters?).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafflesiac View Post
    But no NTR? So much for questionably into Javier Assassin and/or healer lady hue
    Ah, well, I just meant no stealing Sakura (as if that could be possible). Everybody else is fair game. Well, except maybe Alicia Drake. That would be hard to pull off, honestly, and you really have better things to do.

    Anyway, Maria's the female protagonist, sure, but this isn't FGO, and Maria's no Mashu. Not that I need to say anything; I know that in the end you'll just go with whatever pulls you the most.

    PS. I was really looking forward to Sakura, so I'm glad you found her relatively quickly.

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