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Thread: [Quest] Lost Singularity - Fimbulwinter

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    Oh yeah, definitely enjoyed it too.

    I hardly go to RP forum at first, but this was posted and sparks a nice instance when I started to lurk on Hermes's QoF for a while, I was thinking "maybe I should join the game like others." Then, both Quest inspire me to start my own and throw away my Sengoku Rance mod idea (who would want to play a mod consist of fanfiction characters?).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafflesiac View Post
    But no NTR? So much for questionably into Javier Assassin and/or healer lady hue
    Ah, well, I just meant no stealing Sakura (as if that could be possible). Everybody else is fair game. Well, except maybe Alicia Drake. That would be hard to pull off, honestly, and you really have better things to do.

    Anyway, Maria's the female protagonist, sure, but this isn't FGO, and Maria's no Mashu. Not that I need to say anything; I know that in the end you'll just go with whatever pulls you the most.

    PS. I was really looking forward to Sakura, so I'm glad you found her relatively quickly.

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    Parish Church of St. Aloysius de Gonzaga, Cerro Alegre, Valparaíso
    Day 02
    Evening Phase - 05
    Severe Cold (-29 °C/-20 °F)


    “Miss Westinghouse.”

    The priest, Ricardo Scherer, calls out to the two women a moment before they reach for the closed double doors of the church.

    “I am sorry I have no useful information for your search, but I can tell you that you are the third person to come to me for similar reasons in the past month.”

    He does not need cueing to go into further detail.

    “The first one was the Living Saint.”

    Maria’s frown is accentuated by Sakura’s gasp.

    “You mean that super-hot lady that keeps appearing in the news?”

    The younger woman’s irreverence elicits a slight chuckle from the priest.

    “Yes, the Living Saint of the Shingon Tachikawa Eiten School, Kiara Sesshouin.”

    “But, what is the Living Saint…?”

    “There was a conference on economic, social and cultural rights a couple weeks ago,” answers the priest before Sakura finishes the question.

    “She was an invited speaker; that is where we met. That woman…her actions make her worthy of being called a saint, but she is also unbelievably hard to read. I would not play cards with that woman.”

    He pauses, as if carefully measuring his words.

    “The only thing I could figure out was that she was looking for a specific someone, and for whatever reason hoped the Nazis would lead her to that person.” He shrugs. “In any case, I could not give her any information, and she left after the conference.”

    “So she’s not here,” Maria infers, and Sakura nods.

    “Yes, I remember I saw her in the news a few days before…all this. She’s involved in the truce talks between Israel and Palestine.”

    Father Scherer nods.

    “The other person was a man who introduced himself as Marco Ahrens.”

    The gruff priest’s expression changes into an unpleasant frown.

    “That man…is dangerous. And I don’t mean it just because he carries concealed weapons. I’ve met a number of ‘Nazi hunters’, but that man…”

    His eyes when he looks at Maria are stern, clad in fatherly worry.

    “Now that I have met you, Miss Westinghouse, I have realized. That man is very similar to you. And that is precisely why you should be careful if you meet him.”

    “With that said, I bid you farewell,” then declares the priest, turning his back to the young women. “As I said before, I do not think it healthy or prudent to move from here, so I will strive to bear with these harsh conditions on my own. Magi as you may be, this church nonetheless shall welcome you anytime.”

    The priest was not being rude by leaving them alone. This became clear the moment Maria opened the doors, allowing the chilling wind to rush into the holy building. Sakura squeaked, shrinking herself as the severe cold caressed her through her thick clothes.


    “Phew,” murmurs Maria who can resist the cold but still feels its merciless touch on her skin. “It’s really getting colder.”

    She frowns at the sight of Sakura trying to sink her head into her clothes.

    “You can stay here if you want. Or hurry back to the house.”

    “N-no. I can take it.” Sakura plants her hands on her hips, but with the bottom part of her face hidden, she just looks childish. “I, I live in Finland, you know?”

    “And do you make it a habit of walking outdoors at minus fuck degrees?”


    Maria rolls her eyes when Sakura inches closer to her.

    “…just don’t push yourself.”

    Together, the two women step back into the dire outdoors. They are not surprised to find the encirclement of undead waiting for them, their even, unchanging expressions the telltale of their unholy existence. They are also not surprised when the wall of the dead parts again, this time wordlessly extoling them to leave. So, they do just that.

    “So, what’s your deal, zombies?” Maria speaks in a carefree manner, making her way past the unliving without a care in the world.

    That is when the unexpected comes.

    “WAtcH Out FOr RiDER aNd LANCeR.”

    The broken, impossible voice of a person without control of its acts using frozen vocal chords.

    Of course, Maria’s reaction is jumping away from the hundred undead. Sakura was considerably slower, but she is given some leeway due to wearing bulky clothes and not being a Servant. The zombies merely acknowledge that the women have made it through and close lines again, becoming an unliving fence between the church and anybody aiming for it.

    “Damn it, if you wanna talk, then come out and talk!”

    Maria’s shouts are not heeded. The undead watch, unmoving. Only the wind replies, its usual deadly whisper. Sakura shudders, and Maria growls at nothing and nobody.

    “Let’s get out of here. Gotta find this Fiore.”

    They take for the Costa Mirador building, a hundred pairs of eyes following their disappearing backs.

    *** ***


    The fresh scent of grass.

    It is cool. The perfect weather. Truly, life is good.

    The rustling leaves are a lullaby, and the rushing waters mere steps away are white noise. This place was made for lazy people like me to settle down and sleep. But sleeping would be rude.


    Click here to toggle visibility of Pixiv image

    “Hey there, ■■■■■.”

    Hmm? Did something just happen?

    She sits down by my side, as always. As always, she carries with herself a sweet aroma that makes my body warm…

    …I should…that should mean something to me, right?

    “What’s on your mind?”

    Strangely, those words make me stop thinking. Really, this is my place to relax. This is the place where everything is calm and peaceful. My life is as simple a child’s life can be, and this is the place where it is at its simplest.

    A beam of sunlight strikes my face, and I bring my small hand up to protect my sight…or I try, but only my left hand obeys my brain’s command.

    Small…my hands…well, yeah, of course. I am a child, after all. But what’s with my right arm, anyway? It’s…warm?

    “You really messed up this time, Javier. You won’t have a convenient savior every single time.”


    “Haven’t you learned anything? Always boldly moving forward, acting like you can do anything and everything, like you need nothing and nobody else, until you mess up and some good Samaritan takes care of you. There is a difference between not caring about pointless things and being blind to the world around you, you know?”

    The face that looks down at me is completely neutral, even like a smooth stone. The voice that scolds—scolds?—me sounds not angry, just despondent.

    “You were away several years. How many people pulled you out of a tough spot in that time? And when they did, did you bother looking back, or just put them behind you like you do every single person in your life?”

    What…is she talking about?

    “When was the last time you called your parents? Do you even know if your parents are still alive?”

    What…is she talking about? Mom should be working in front of the computer like she does every day. Dad won’t arrive home until the evening…

    “A part of me wanted to hate you. You were always so…carefree,” continues my friend as she allows herself to fall flat on the grass next to me.

    “Me, those children, everybody there was bound to the blood. To ‘family’.”

    Why…does that word sound so vile coming from her beautiful lips?

    “Who we were, what we did, how we acted; everything was decided for us. Only you were different. Only you were allowed to do as you pleased, to be…just…you.”

    Why…am I not talking back? Why am I just laying here and listening?

    “I wanted to hate you for that. My mother wanted me to hate you for that. I should’ve hated you, like I did everybody else. But I couldn’t.”

    It is only now that I become awfully aware of how close we are. If I turn my face towards here, there would be only a hand’s length between our noses.

    …did…did she always get this close? I…I don’t think so…I don’t remember, it was so long ago…so long? B-But, we just met yesterday, like we do every day…right?

    “I couldn’t hate you, Javier,” she repeats. She has brought her voice down almost to a whisper; everything that comes from her is sweetness that sends pleasant electricity to the tips of my toes. Is that normal?

    “Because you were free to do anything and be anyone, and you chose to be with me, and be my friend.”

    I feel her face. I feel her, smothering herself in my hair.

    “That’s why you don’t have to worry. For as long as I have life, I will be on your side.”

    A dainty, shameless finger flicks the tip of my nose.

    “Even if you are an ungrateful prick.”

    “Even if I have to defy a goddess.”

    “Even if you don’t even remember my name.”

    “Even if I have to become a true demon.”

    “Even if you choose to turn your back to me every time I help you.”

    “Even if choosing this path leads me straight to hell.”

    “I will be your ally every single time, because you were my ally that one time it mattered.

    I can see her face. She has pulled herself over me. She leans over me, the length of her arms the only thing separating us. She looks down, her inexpressive eyes shedding vacuous tears.

    I look up at her…I know who she is…

    …my fairy…my fairy of the forest, my friend, my…

    “I…I don’t remember…”

    “Doesn’t matter,” she says, but the tears speak different words. “It wouldn’t change anything.”

    It matters to me!

    It, it should matter to me!

    I…I just want to remember you

    “Javier, you have lived too long looking at nothing other than yourself. It’s about time you start paying attention to the world you live in.”

    She brings down her face, and I feel my face heating up. Although, perhaps it is the strange heat in my right arm flowing into the rest of my body, I’m really not sure.

    When her forehead rests on my own, something stirs in the depths of my chest. It…doesn’t feel entirely mine.

    “Face the present. Face the past. Face the world. Only then you can face yourself, and what you truly are. Hmm, maybe then you’ll even remember my name.”

    At least, her face shows emotion. She laughs, and her laughter is moist grass and the cold water of the stream and the aroma of the flowers in spring and the taste of my mother’s cooking.

    She laughs, and her laughter is my childhood.

    “Now, I sure would rather not do it like this, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers. Pucker up, Javier.”

    I am kissed.

    My first kiss, all over again. My first, because I am a child all my previous kisses have been washed away by this one.

    I am kissed, and my brain explodes in pristine white.

    *** ***

    Drake Family Residence
    Temperate (13 °C/55 °F; Indoors)


    I wake up, startled. My heart is beating fast, my body is strangely warm, as if just out of a bout of exercise. I wake up with the lingering feeling that there is a reason for me to wake up. That something happened, and there is something to pay attention to.

    First thing first, I assess the situation.

    I am alone.

    This is…the same bedroom as before. I am still in Mister Drake’s house. It is…warm. It is not just my body that is warm; I already noticed the Jade Lanterns on the corners of the room. It makes me not want to leave this room ever again—

    My heart aches. That psychosomatic tinge of pain that comes when you know you’ve done something wrong. What’s going on? What happened—

    Right. Mister Drake’s workshop. His wife, trapped in ice. My attempt at freeing her, and…

    My arm.

    It’s completely fine.

    Character Status

    Health: Stable
    Sustenance: Good
    Warmth: Good
    Stamina: Good
    To be honest, it’s been a while since the last time I felt this…well-rested. Well-rested, yet restless. Almost like a caffeine high. Gotta do something, anything.

    Let’s find the others.

    I stand before the door when I remember that I still lack suitable clothing for the weather. So, I take one of those oil lamp-like magic items. They are too heavy to be lugging around all the time, but at the very least while inside this house it should be fine. I kinda feel like an Olympic athlete holding the torch.

    I open the bedroom door, and the first thing I see is the unmoving figure of the man of the house, sprawled on the floor.

    Well, shit.

    Fortunately, Mister Drake is not wounded, just unconscious, and I have confidence in my strength, so it’s not too difficult to make him take my place on the bed. Now, I cannot confidently claim he is not in danger; there could be internal damage I am not aware of. There seems to be a swollen spot on the back of his head; was he knocked out with a single blow? That could result in brain damage if he is out of luck.

    There is no trace of Maria or Sakura, nor clue to their whereabouts. A shame, because I know how to break the ice prison now, and I need Maria’s help for that.

    So, what should I do? This whole expedition began this morning because I was hoping to reach Falabella and raid it for clothes. We then got distracted by Sakura, and then zombies, and then Sakura knocked me out—which I still think was really dumb from her part, but whatever.

    I hope Mister Drake wakes up soon. I want one of these Jade Lantern thingies, but I didn’t resort to petty thievery even at my lowest moments, so I’m not gonna start now. Besides, stealing is something you do only when you know you can get away with it.

    Center your thoughts, Javier Lucero. This is the second time you’ve been miraculously healed. These things don’t happen because I’m such a swell guy; sooner or later I’ll have to make up for it. Hell, the fact that I’ve needed miraculous healing twice in as many days is already an issue.

    And I gotta clear my eyes, what the hell, why are they so swollen…was I crying while I was unconscious? Did I have a bad dream or something?

    I…don’t remember.

    Choice Time
    Players have regained control of Javier Lucero.
    Javier Lucero is still not supplying magical energy to Maria Westinghouse.

    Singularity Map (opening in a sperate tab recommended)
    Javier’s Evening Action:
    - Stay and Rest: It’s a little frustrating, but let’s just not move and look after Mister Drake. It’s rather intrusive, but I might as well take also take a look at the house of a magic user.
    - Exploration Action

    1. Atkinson Promenade: Let’s make a quick patrol of the nearby streets.
    2. Cave: In the end I never got Maria’s report on the out-of-place cave. Might as well take a look at it. I think it’s close.
    3. Church: Now that I think about it, I can get to Father Scissors’ church from here. I really hope he’s okay, but if my ideas are correct, he should be trapped in ice like Mrs. Drake. Fuck.
    4. Pantheon Hill: I did get from Maria that there was a bit of a battle in the cemetery hill. That sounds a little dangerous, but it’s on the way to Falabella.
      1. Go through it.
      2. Go around it.

    5. Return to the Hostel: Might as well go back to base. If anything, Maria would know to look for me there.
    6. Write-in.

    *** ***

    Alemania Avenue
    Severe Cold (-29 °C/-20 °F)
    Eight hours of Independent Action remaining.

    If Errázuriz Avenue is the city’s main thoroughfare hugging the coast line, Alemania Avenue (Germany Avenue) is the main uphill vehicular corridor. It is like a great serpent, sinuously zigzagging from hill to hill. Maria and Sakura hurry along this avenue, for once devoid of traffic, their steps a slow struggle in the constantly falling snow. Or rather, it is Sakura who struggles, her legs sinking in the white carpet again and again as she trudges along. Maria is quietly impressed by the older woman’s superlative fitness; her ordinary, pre-Servant self would have been panting in exhaustion by this point, and she did not consider herself particular lacking in stamina.

    Their destination, Costa Mirador Building, also stands on Alemania Avenue. They could simply trudge along the main thoroughfare and effortlessly reach it. However, there is a reason Father Scherer described it as “sticking out like a sore spot”. In Valparaiso, you find less and less buildings the further uphill you go, as the historical and commercial areas are replaced with residential neighborhoods and humbler, single-story homes.

    “We’re way too exposed here,” is the common thought in the minds of the two.

    “Miss Maria!”

    “Aye aye,” manages to reply to pseudo-Servant just before Sakura jumps off the roadside barrier. She fears not the height of the sheer cliff, for Maria is orders of magnitude faster, and catches Sakura before her body hits the ground and with time to spare. Still holding Sakura in a princess carry, Maria takes to the labyrinthine, narrow streetways of Valparaiso’s hillside suburbia, avoiding the sinuous path of Alemania Avenue to instead close in on the landmark white building in as straight a line as possible.

    “I could get used to this, ufufu~”

    “Ah, I just realized I can’t wield my sword and carry you at the same time. Guess I hafta use you as a blunt weapon.”

    “I’ll be good.”

    Of course, no longer limited by Sakura’s pace, Maria displays the superhuman prowess of a Servant, traveling unimpeded by the thick snow. She is not even faster because she remains wary of a sniping attack.

    “Miss Maria?”


    “Why did you lie to Father Scherer? About Mister Javier.”

    “Ah, so you were listening.”

    “You could tell?”

    “Superior Servant senses. And if I had to guess, I’d say he knew too.”



    Maria holds her words for a while. They suddenly enter a forested area, a small green lung for the city. Of course, with the advent of the sheer cold, the leaves froze and fell to be buried by snow. They stand in a field of barren, dead flora. Barren trees do not make as good a cover as buildings, so Maria drops her pace to a fast walk. In the distance, she can see a cliff face; they dropped earlier, so now they will have to climb—well, she is a Servant, so she can just use her bullshit physical prowess and run up the cliff like she did to get to the cemetery.

    “Telling him the truth, what would that achieve? The guy can’t help Javier; heck, he can’t even move from that church, so he’d just worry himself to a heart attack or something. We got what we needed from him, so let’s find this Fiore chick and get Javier fixed up.”

    “But, what if Miss Forvedge is also trapped in ice? We forgot to ask about, um, the person Mister Drake mentioned.”

    “Rosa something? Yeah, never really planned on asking about her,” Maria admits. “It’s not like we planned on splitting up or something. Better focus on the reliable info than look for some random local healer. If Fiore’s frozen, meh, we’ll deal with that if it’s the case. Somehow.”

    “But, if Ms. Rosa is a magus, then she is definitely not frozen—”

    “Only if our guess is right,” points out the younger woman. “Besides, that’s no guarantee of anything. For all we know she’s already zombie food—aw, fuck!”

    Sakura shrieks at the sudden inertial forces acting when Maria abruptly jumps back and away from the cliff face. She does not complain when Maria quickly sets her back on her own two feet.

    “What is it?”

    Maria clicks her tongue and calls upon her weapon.

    “Servant. There’s a Servant ahead of us.”

    (BGM stop)

    To Sakura’s credit, her face promptly projected the significance of that statement. She jumped a step behind and to the left of Maria, gloved fists brought up close to her face like a practiced combatant.

    “Can we avoid them?” she asked, and realized the stupidity of that question the moment it escaped her lips.

    “If I know they are there, they know I am here.” Maria shots a quick glance at her ally. “This is where we split. Find a way around and make it to that building. I’ll catch up to you later.”

    “Wait, what are you going to—” This time, the awareness of the question’s pointlessness stopped Sakura’s voice.

    “I’m a Servant. There’s another Servant over there. What do you think I’m gonna do?”

    “But—!” Sakura can say no more before Maria sprints forward to run up the cliff face. Or rather, she dares not speak any further. Completing that sentence within earshot of Maria could prove dangerous in these circumstances. So, Sakura whispers only to herself.

    “But, you are not really a Servant.”

    Special Choice!
    You get partial control over Sakura Edelfelt.
    1. Go right after her. Screw subtlety, I don’t leave a friend alone.
    2. Do as I was told: find a way around the upcoming battlefield and continue onwards to Costa Mirador.
    3. Do only partially as I was told: find a way around the Servants clashing, watching their confrontation from hiding. If anything I can warn Miss Maria of a trap or enemy reinforcements.
    4. Write-in.
    *** ***

    Bismarck Square
    Severe Cold (-29 °C/-20 °F)

    Upon reaching the top of the cliff, Maria finds a scene resembling one she had seen in Valparaiso’s tourist guides.

    Of course, everything is frozen and coated in frost and snow. The trees are dead and leafless; the small amphitheater cannot be distinguished as the ground has been leveled by the carpet of white. Also, a goddamn rocket is flying towards her.

    Evasion is effortless, of course. She catches sight of the Nazi soldiers standing on the ceiling of a large two-story building at the edge of the plaza—if she had to take a guess, she’d say a school. One of them is on one knee, reloading a tubular weapon she’d say resembles the Raketenpanzerbüchse 54: an 88-mm anti-tank rocket launcher. The others are already aiming at her with their assault rifles, but the figure standing in the center of the square raises a hand in a halting gesture before taking the first step forward in her direction.


    Lancer of the Black Sun
    Ignoring the increasing beating of her heart, Maria centers her eyes on his weapon. It is a large polearm; thick, big, heavy—the kind of weapon Maria can only call impractical. However, the man in front of her is a Servant. If that is the weapon he has chosen, she can only assume he is a master in its use. But it is truly the socket that makes it a strange weapon. Instead of a simple, tubular socket, it is oddly swollen, shaped like a somewhat flattened spinning top. It is large enough Maria can conclude this man’s spear is a terrifying blunt weapon as much as it is a tool for piercing.

    “I take you are Servant Saber,” the man finally speaks when they are some eight yards away from each other.

    I’m not even gonna try.

    “Meh, I guess,” she says lamely, carelessly waving her weapon around. “I mean, I’ve got the sword—ah.”

    Time freezes for Maria Westinghouse.

    Slowly, her head turns downwards, to look at her trembling hand.

    The hand that did not hold to the sword with enough strength.

    The hand that let go of the sword now resting on the snow three yards away.


    The tip of a spear caresses her left cheek, drawing a line of open skin. Maria jumps and rolls, grabbing the fallen blade in the process. The other Servant has not moved a step, the great spear he threw at her having disappeared and reappeared in his hand.

    Fuck, fuck, fuck! What the fuck was that, Maria!? You scared!? You fucking scared!?

    However, no amount of internal berating can switch a person from nervous to calm. The Servant of the Spear, unbothered by the missed opportunity, turns his body to face Maria in her new position.

    “As you can guess, I am Servant Lancer. I bear no ill will towards you, but I must bring you death at my Master’s command.”

    Spinning his massively heavy spear in his hands, Lancer’s stone-cold expression quickly relaxes as he assumes a proper combat stance. As he spreads his legs and lowers his center of gravity, Maria is hit with the fact that this Servant in front of her is just like Archer. This is not some bullshit Nazi officer-turned-Servant she can effortlessly look down on like the piece of human waste he is.

    This is a real legend, manifested into this frozen city.

    It won’t be like Archer’s distant, almost impersonal barrages. It will be an authentic clash of weapons, face-to-face, mano-a-mano.

    She, Maria Westinghouse, is about to fight a Heroic Spirit.

    And that’s terrifying.

    “Now that introductions are behind us,” says the smirking Servant. “Let’s try our best at killing each other, fair lady.”

    Danger! Servant Battle!
    VS Lancer

    Servant Battle Rules
    Maria is about to engage a Servant in battle. Unlike Javier, whose action in case of combat are handled in a manner identical to all other choices, Servant-versus-Servant battles involving our female protagonist are handled a little bit differently.

    Servant battle scenes are divided in Exchanges, each corresponding to a written scene. Quest players get to decide Maria’s general tactics in every Exchange, from three possible choices:

    1. Buster: Full offense relying on overwhelming physical might, with little regard for defense or actual tactics. Just hit the enemy hard until it drops.
    2. Arts: Careful, tactical combat, prioritizing a solid defense while seeking tactical breakthroughs—either a gap in the enemy’s defense, or an environmental advantage.
    3. Quick: Rapid offense relying on speed and precision—provides better defense than Buster, but offensive potential is comparatively inferior. Quick combat seeks to force the enemy to make mistakes and overextend, creating the opportunity to deal a critical hit.

    The effectiveness of each tactic depends, of course, on the Servant’s own preference, the battle’s own circumstances, and any feasible external factors. There is also the obvious fourth option, but Maria’s Noble Phantasms are currently sealed.

    The golden rule of this system is very simple: You cannot pick the same tactic twice in a row in the same battle.
    Well, shit. How are we doing this?

    OR OR

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    Well shit, to think I sank an opportunity to gain points on the Devoted Childhood Friend route. I'm deeply ashamed. I wonder if the fairy is also the Maid. And I suppose Marco is the asshole from the Unimart. Also Kiara? Waaaaait a second, Daneel said there were two canon cameos, not three, and we already know that Sakura is one of them. Something's up here. And apparently Rider's Noble Phantasm is complete now? Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat's not good. At all.

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    canon finish apo vol 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafflesiac View Post
    I hoped they wouldn't feature because not once have I liked Fate's take on ANCIENT ALIENS. It's stupid for beings from humanity's myth and history to be the result of ANCIENT ALIENS all along, even insulting to an extent. Velbers are bad, Alien Trees are bad, Foreigners are bad, stick with humans relating to humans please Nasu.
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    Nasu was always a pen name. It was Georgio Tsoukalos all along

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