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Thread: Help with xp3 file repacking

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    Help with xp3 file repacking

    Some days ago I got interested in changing text and BGMs in the Réalta Nua VN (patched), so I used KrkrExtract to extract the content of the allpatch_vita_ost.xp3 encrypted archive. I replaced the BGMs correctly, also edited the file associated with the songs (.sli if I remember correctly) for a good looping. The problem went when I was repacking the archive: when I choose the output path of the xp3 file, the tool lags and then crashes along with the game (it needs to be opened in order to use the tool). I also tried:
    • Insani's xp3 tools, but they are too obsolete and don't work (maybe only worked with the original edition of the game?)
    • the official Kirikiri tools with the Bluefire101 patch
    • ExtractData but it only extracts from xp3 archives (and in addition it can't extract files with Japanese filenames...)

    What should I try and what software do you use for xp3 repacking? Thanks and sorry for the bad english
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