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Thread: Girls' Frontline

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    Type-97 is almost exactly the same as her sister. She trades 1 fp for 1 more rof, which might not seem like a whole lot, but that 1 point of firerate actually lets her start firing a bit earlier, and the 1 point missing in firepower doesn't actually do any real difference. They have the same initial cooldown on skills (2 seconds) and the same skill uptime (15/16s), but instead of a 50% FP boost, 97 has a 50% rof boost. So instead of taking her already good FP and putting it even higher while staying at a really pretty bad rof, she instead boosts the latter up to 108 rof, which is very good. This means that in all cases, on average, 97 will pull ahead of her sister in terms of dps.
    The thing you'll want to consider when choosing what one to use, however, is the fact that 108 rof is actually very close to the cap for ARs (the in-game menu says 120 rof is the cap, but ARs cap out at 116 rof), which leaves very little room to utilize any other rof buffs from your team. This means that if you're already stacking rof buffs on your team, 95 is gonna get a lot more value out of those along with her FP skill, whereas if you're stacking a lot of FP buffs 97 is gonna get more value out of those.
    But in the end they both perform so very similarly and it's a waifu game so unless you're super min-maxing it won't really matter who you go for (but they do share a timer and all so you prob won't have much say in it either way).
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    the grind is finally moving along, slowly but surely. Almost at 100 build tickets too (but not even close for resources if I want to build the dolls I need)
    I hope I have enough cores to link AR team when they hit 70.

    In other thoughts, I guess I'll try GF JP when it comes out because the text is likely to be better.

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