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Thread: Badass Versus Thread

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    I mean, we know Karna and Siegfried smacked each other from night to morning and Karna was still fine to go on longer.

    I doubt Achilles can sustain his chariot and shield for that long.

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    You also need to take into account Achilles' fame boost, according to volume 1 Vlad's boost is about the highest possible for a Servant and Achilles has fame comparable to him, which I'd assume means he'd be boosted up too.

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    Yeah but Karna perform fine wherever he goes because his base as a Heroic Spirit is ridiculous

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    Makes you wonder what he'd be like in India
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    What I meant was that they were only sort of equal with Karna still kind of edging out ahead of him in Romania despite Achilles getting what's presumably close to the highest boost possible from fame according to volume 1's description of the boost Vlad got, and that if hypothetically they were placed in some sort of environment where neither got fame boosts Karna would probably be a little more clearly > Achilles

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    Just like how he pulled out a anti-tiamat np and one shotted her right and then went on to pull out a anti-goetia np and one shotted him
    You're comparing a too-big-for-his-boots vampire who had to go to somebody else to grant him his immortality to two literal gods. Pretty big difference between the two scenarios. One is a DAA, roughly equivalent to an average Servant. The other's one of the strongest beings humanity's ever had.

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    Makes you wonder what he'd be like in India
    He'd be breaking universes and shit, those superweapons they used to have were ridiculous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zurvan View Post
    Makes you wonder what he'd be like in India
    Bonker stats except Luck.

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    Hopefully the doujin does him justice. Lol if he still jobs in Srivijaya. it's literally set in the country next to India where he'd get a high fame boost since Indian legend is supremely well known here and we have our roots from India.
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