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Thread: Badass Versus Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squirtodyle View Post
    I was more thinking about the armor that he's wearing, the wings on the back shatter and he gets an icon next to his NP ready icon that's of the shattered wings. Even though he's using Vasavi Shakti, it's clearly a weaker version that doesn't require the actual Noble Phantasm armor to be destroyed, since he gave away that armor. It still destroys the armor he's wearing, and he doesn't get it back until he appears later after the fight. Considering that he gets the armor back in Extella, it seems to work exactly the same as it does in CCC, temporarily destroying the replacement armor he has in place of the actual KnK, which is restored after a period of time.
    Well like I said he only gave away his armor in CCC, not his earrings. The NP is Kavancha (armor) AND Kundala (earrings), it comes in the set of those 2 items. So it's probably because he still has the earrings he can use a weaker version of VS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by You View Post
    That was rin's ice attack
    His swings are also compared to that. Possibly in the first fight. I can't remember exactly.

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