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Thread: Is a Hollow Ataraxia Anime possible?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddyak View Post
    I'd say the episode starts out light and cheerful, things are slightly off every so often, and then the end of the episode is night, and they try to progress.
    Well, you get very good lore at times you never figured you'd find out in humorous slice of life, like Saber given an actually heartfelt account of how she felt marrying Guinevere, or Sakura looking around while cleaning the Tohsaka mansion and Shirou noticing her being lost in thought in one room. Nuggets like that.

    I mean, after the ghost story bits, there was that tear Shirou sheds seeing Saber that tells you things aren't right off the bat.


    Easily 30 minutes an ep. Especially if ufo are as hardcore fans as I think they are, you can definitely elaborate on many things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GundamFSN View Post
    That reminds me of xxxHolic and Tsubasa.
    Yes. With the advantage of a completed story to work with rather than kinda losing where they were going with it and bailing out.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mattias View Post
    Like Danganronpa S3 did?
    Wakarimasen lol

    Quote Originally Posted by astrartoria View Post
    This could be a nice idea, so both sides of the game would be explored in a proper way.
    This makes me wonder, what if emiya gohan is already the series with the fluffy slice of life setting? Even though itís supposed to be a series on its own the setting still reminds of hollow ataraxia.
    Hmm... I think it's just an adaptation of the Fate Cooking Manga. Just the vaguely Ataraxiaesque setting seems the default non serious Fate setting.

    Quote Originally Posted by Altima of the Gates View Post
    Eheh, imagining the rising disturbing undertones capped off with the mood whiplash from the end of the three day cycle in what would otherwise be the 'happy slice of life' series. A lot of the most awesome scenes are Shirou-side actually.

    Then carry on next ep as if nothing happened for some wierd feel. Ahh... the loop mechanic...
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