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Thread: [A story about Artoria (Lancer Class) during the 4th and 5th Holy Grail Wars] Fate Vary Night

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    [A story about Artoria (Lancer Class) during the 4th and 5th Holy Grail Wars] Fate Vary Night

    Excuse this mess.

    In my homecountry, one of the biggest innernet(Yeah, there is actually no internet back there) cooperation's foolish policy had forced me no where to share my story. It drove me away so I came here to find new friends.

    You might have already found my English is poor. By the way I am NOT an expert for TM world, some setting might looked wired, but I still want to share this story to any TM fans. Again, please e
    xcuse this mess and try to take this as an English writing practice. (I appreciate anyone to correct my vocabulary mistakes or grammar errors)

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    #3 Prologue

    #4 Chapter 1 A Mistake
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    Let‘s start this story with a certain girl.

    She was born in a family, been thought was better than anyone else, embraced by two completely different but mutually compatible worlds. The girl grew up, lived healthily and complacently.

    Normal people's lifestyle, modern tech by her father, and the mysterious tradition, powerful blood from her mother, combined and protected her. The gifts and education provided by both her parents, were almost destined to lead her towards a bright future.

    However, just like the beverages with different colors mixed together would finally show a turbid appearance, when the girl prayed for better tomorrow with her parents and brother, the fate suddenly decide to trample on her family.

    A bullet which would ruthlessly destroy everything, brutally repair everything on its way, charged into her life… When she finally recovered, everything she knew had become fragmented.

    She couldn’t do anything except crying in in the hot wind, holding her own relatives.

    Her clock stopped at the moment when the fire started.

    But a new page of her life just opened, to remind her justice must be done…

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    Chapter 0 A Mistake


    The explosion that occurred in front of the eyes rapidly engulfed the church, leaving the magus killer to catch his breath.

    <What the… ?>

    He lifted his head away from the scope, stared blankly at the fire rising on the church. He could not get better view down here, but he knew the big bang and the fire would cause at least 2 dozens of deaths.

    However, just after a few seconds, he calmed down and quickly checked the target by the scope.

    <Kill confirmed.>

    It was over.

    Today’s primary objective had been reached and Kiritsugu Emiya was worthwhile to trace that guy all the way down here.

    Although there were some casualties of innocent and none of them would have any ideas about their deaths, he still believed such scale of sacrifice was worthy.

    Of course, the magus killer would not categorize such result as "Perfect". Kiritsugu just fortuitously moved into the near town in this southern country to pick up a simple gear, but he got eyes on a target, a magus who had already hided for years without any trace to follow. Kiritsugu’s preparation time and action window were tight. It was not even easy to buy a sniper rifle which could fire his special bullets.

    Moreover, it was impossible to determine whether that guy got associates or not nearby. Kiritsugu could not stay here for long.

    He would soon catch a ship aboard this country to Europe, and meet the with Einzelbelen family in German deep mountains. His schedule is too full to allow any delays.

    While the magus killer packed gears and quickly pulled out from the his sniping point, a magus was driving towards the church.

    Although it was estimated not able to arrive in time, the middle-aged man was still driving his old Porsche on a rough dirt road, hurried to the destination.

    <It was too unlucky...>

    The magus , Rase Algodon, who took alchemy as his major, used one hand unconsciously pulled his tie, and imagined the ambiguous atmosphere in the church he would face when he finally arrived.

    Someone said Algodon family had to be cursed – No matter married with which other family, there will always be one or two of members in each generation, no matter how calm the personality is, how much time spent, always could not reach certain destinations in time.

    Today's wedding was hold by his younger apprentice... Although that man is away being good at Magecraft, Algodon had never looked down upon him. That man’s great efforts used ot be always seen by Algodon. He knew the guy. In order to achieve the foundation of a magus, he paid hundreds times more than others.

    This was just a difference in talents. It was due to the deterioration of the blood. Algodon's own family did not have this problem, but just because of this advantage, he had no any attention to deny his younger apprentice’s efforts.

    Moreover, Algodon's own daughter Brigitte, did not chase the magi. She rather became a police officer in a local small town. Compared to her, Algodon thought his younger apprentice ‘s attitude was away better than the average level.

    Aother reason to trouble Algodon was his own student, Natalie Sinclair. She was almost the second daughter for him, but she highly unlikely show up on today’s wedding.

    Sinclair family of four was scheduled to go to visit the father’s parents’ resting place in Japan. It should be impossible to get back here in time.

    Of course, this might be cruel for Natalie's sweet daughter, the 4-year-old smart child might not have chance to eat the milky cake on the wedding though she always prefer that.

    Unless her old-fashioned father changed his mind and cancel their grave visit, or just go through the motions and return immediately.

    <Really. Why did Kuraki's parents had to die this date... I am doomed by the coincidence!... If Natalie didn’t help me, my speech on the wedding would be a huge joker for everyone... >

    Algodon knew he should an important one for this wedding, but he was already late. In addition, for the first time he needed to make speech completely by his own. He rather killed himself than suffering in front of so many eyes.

    However, when his car finally threw the forest behind, Algodon found the sky in front had been cut by a dark column of smoke.


    The old man also smelled the pungent smell brought by the wind. It was the smell of wood that was roasted. It was also mixed with the char smell of meat.


    It was not a cheerful barbecue party held in the suburbs... No one there would have such a pungent barbecue near the church, not even a wedding.

    It was someone who turned a wedding banquet into a barbecue — His younger apprentice’s.

    "My God... What happened...?!"

    After been terrified by the scale of the smoke, Algodon immediately pressed on the accelerator, ignoring the unpleasant bumps on the road, letting this many times repairing Porsche speed up to the church. .

    <This must be a joke... God please! It must be a joke they showed to me because I am late! >

    But this was only self-deception. The smells could not mean other possibilities. As the distance approached, Algodon could see the white church roof resembling like a whale that had been slain by a monster.

    He circumvented the car in windward area and managed to get rid of the disgusting odor of someone who was definitely burned to death.

    There was no doubt that was an explosion. The distorted body is everywhere like scattered by dump truck on the road. It might be a modern weapon called fighter bomber to create this site, a large-scale bomb dropped from the sky... Or, it was a long hidden bomb under the floor.

    “Hey!! Can anyone hear me?!”

    Except the crackling sounds of various things burning, the church was silent for Algodon. He stared his eyes on the dead toasted bodies and cross them, searched for his brother’s couple. The result was even more desperate to find them because there was fewer bodies with appearance to be identified.

    "Who did this... Who did this...?!"

    Algodon scratched his own thick gray hair, trying to force himself to calm down. He wanted to make this just like researching a topic. It could not be done by aimless. Must establish a solid starting point first, then…


    The young voice was suddenly spoken. It was not English but Japanese. There was few people Algodon knew would use Japanese to communicate with him.

    Without difficulty, he immediately recognized who the voice belonged to. Algodon quickly passed around a chair burned to the frame, and two young figures in sight.

    No mistaken. The children calling him "Grandpa", was Natalie’s second child, the daughter, Virginie Sinclair, black eyes and hair, like her father.

    Back to the past, the couple had temporarily sent their children to Algodon in order to deal with enemies’ pursuit. Both children spent a period of joy on Algodon’s knees during a winter.

    " Vier, where is Leon...?"

    No, no need to answer, Algodon had seen him. The first child was lying in Virginie’s arms, still breathing, but eyes closed.

    Now Algodon didn't expect them to come back anymore...It’s totally a mistake. They shouldn’t be here at all! Shouldn’t they go to Japan in order to mourn the deads? And it will take at least a day before they return…

    But this is not hallucinations, there should not be such cruel hallucinations. The girl sitting on the floor like a doll thrown into a garbage dump. Her beautiful hair is spread out and covered with terrible smell of dust. The red stains sticking to the clothes and skin, is not a tomato sauce or a strawberry jam...


    She tried to drag her weak brother, yelling in the tone like someone who was being crushed by a mountain. She tried to dragging her older brother, to close the man.

    She was watching him as her God. The man whom she once regarded as God, her father, had been dead, just like her mother.

    "It's all right...Vier...I’m...I’m…"

    Algodon could only embrace her and the boy who could no longer speak in his arms.

    "...I'm here, it's okay now...everything will be fine…"

    Since that day, he became her god.

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