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Thread: Fate/Grand Order -turas realta- and -mortalis:stella- (FGO manga adaption)

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    You're awesome.

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    Also thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi_Leonhart View Post
    canon finish apo vol 3

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    In which Siegfried ascends, and Gudao gets a Reverse Dragon Scale.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi_Leonhart View Post
    canon finish apo vol 3

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    In which George chops off Lancelot's arm

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    lol, George tanking so Gilles can strike Lance.
    Shame that they don't show us a fight between Jeanne

    War bring nothing but loss for both sides

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    Pfft, Mortallis Stella got localized.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi_Leonhart View Post
    canon finish apo vol 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafflesiac View Post
    Pfft, Mortallis Stella got localized.
    Wait really?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shrapnel View Post
    Bob the Builder's evil twin.
    Quote Originally Posted by Imperial View Post
    HF felt like Nasu holding up a megaphone and screaming, "LOOK AT HOW SAD THIS IS! ISN'T IT SAD? YOU SHOULD FEEL SAD!"

    Quote Originally Posted by Altaris View Post
    > Einzbern

    > Making smart decisions

    Pick one

    Quote Originally Posted by You View Post
    Palingenesis just sounds like we're creating Sarah Palin.

    Quote Originally Posted by Leftovers View Post
    >tfw you betray your ideals to get some

    Quote Originally Posted by Mizukume View Post
    In short, Japan's syncretism BS striked again.

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    Do they not know how these will work? I hope they're planning to license the other one too.

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    does anyone know where to find Nortallis Stella raws past chapter 5 / 5.2 ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi_Leonhart View Post
    It does mean that, but not literally.
    Quote Originally Posted by Deathhappens View Post
    Literally none of this addresses my complaint. What we see in the story IS all there is of him. A footnote in a side material book saying "oh btw that's totally not his real self" is irrelevant to the way he's presented in the game.

    Quote Originally Posted by SirGauoftheSquareTable View Post
    With Grail Mud, I got rid of all my extraneous divinity, two feet of height, and a burning desire to get revenge on the Gods! Try Grail Mud today!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laserman View Post

    Yeah like Pinetree said, I hope they know how the story is divided and license turas realta too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost47 View Post
    Update: Chapter 1 of -mortalis:stella- is now typeset

    Anyway, these manga are much better than the first order anime, but no one has translated it yet (apart from one chapter 10 months ago)

    I plan on translating the two manga, but it will be text only for now, unless someone wants to typeset it.

    -turas realta- chapter 1: Singularity F 1, translated by /u/Luna333 over on the FGO subreddit.
    -mortalis:stella- chapter 1: Human Order Security Organization Chaldea , now typeset thanks to Cessa.

    -turas realta- chapter 2: Singularity F 2 (text only)
    -mortalis:stella- chapter 2: Flame Contaminated City: Fuyuki (text only)
    I loved the first chapter of -mortali:stella and seeing the battles RAW is still amazing. I just hope the translations are still being continued

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    As a consequence of Mortalis:Stella being now localized, I have decided to stop the edition of the manga.
    It is a real shame, as we were already working on it and we had a sizable amount done of the next chapter, but I think it is better to stop here, for several reasons.

    Thank you to Ghost47 for the translation, and to Hakimiru for the extensive PR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafflesiac View Post
    Pfft, Mortallis Stella got localized.
    How does that work thou? Stella has been the one that's kind have just stopped while Turas has been getting updates? I do not know how that will work.

    In any case thanks guys for you work on translating it, thanks very much. It was great
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    anywhere than here

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    turas realta?

    War bring nothing but loss for both sides

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    So Mortalis Stella has been licensed by Kodansha USA. Not many Fate manga get officially licensed, so that was a surprise.

    I'll keep doing translations for Turas Realta, unless they announce that at some point as well. It seems pointless to release one without the other, but whatever. It's probably a business decision of some kind. Turas Realta was the better version, anyway.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Chapter 3

    Page 111:
    Servant, Caster.
    Cu Chulainn…?
    Chapter 3 > Singularity F 3
    You didn’t think I saved you out of the goodness of my heart, did you?
    I have my own objectives.
    Let’s get straight to the point.
    Will you guys team up with me?

    Page 112:
    Cu Chulainn
    A great hero appearing in the “Ulster Cycle” of Irish legend.
    He has been part of many great battles, wielding the demonic spear Gae Bolg and rune Magecraft.
    Although normally he would be summoned as a Lancer wielding the demonic spear,
    In the Holy Grail War of Singularity F, he was summoned as a Caster.

    Page 113:
    Is that a Joke!!
    You appeared so suddenly… now you expect us to trust you!
    One wrong step and I would have been burnt to death as well!
    I did that to save you, you know.
    Please calm down. It seems as though he’s a Heroic Sprit we can trust.
    Anyway, let’s hear his story first. We can decide after—
    What should we do, Senpai? The director doesn’t seem to be calming down…
    SFX: Um…
    That should be first…
    Cu Chulainn

    Page 114:
    Thank you very much for saving us.
    I’m Fujimaru Ritsuka.
    Let’s work together from now on.
    SFX: Wh…
    That’s a nice greeting kid.
    I must have gotten lucky.
    Looking forward to working with you,

    Page 115:
    Before we knew it, our Holy Grail War had gone crazy.
    One night, flames covered the whole city, and all the people disappeared.
    Only us Servants were left.
    Saber defeated everyone but me.
    That’s odd though.
    Those guys before were still alive…
    It’s a strange story.
    The guys Saber defeated ended up as underlings.
    Get it?
    If we can’t defeat Saber, this Holy Grail War won’t end.

    Page 116:
    Having said that,
    Saber’s hiding away over there.
    …The mountain?
    That’s right. Inside the mountain.
    Inside the limestone cavern.
    She stays there,
    Protecting the Grail.
    The Grail!
    That Grail’s your objective, right?
    I’ve got it now…
    That’s the reason you’re lending us a hand.

    Page 117:
    You want to defeat Saber and end this Holy Grail War.
    We want to obtain the Grail and return to our original time period.
    It’s because our interests align.
    Ok, we’ll trust you.
    Ha. Thanks very much.
    So, do you know Saber’s identity?
    There shouldn’t be any heroes more powerful then you, right?
    The hero of “The Legend of King Arthur”, The King Arthur.
    Wielder of the Holy Sword Excalibur.
    The strongest of Heroic Spirits.

    Page 118:
    The King of Knights, Artoria Pendragon.
    That is our enemy.
    Are you alright, Director?
    We’re still only halfway.
    I’m fine.
    No problem.

    Page 119:
    What’s wrong Mash? Are you feeling okay?
    A, um…
    Hearing that our opponent would be King Arthur…
    I don’t feel that an incomplete Heroic Spirit such as myself could match that…
    Well, Arthur is rather famous, so he’s probably pretty strong.
    But what do you mean about being incomplete?
    Is that the Demi-Servant thing?
    The Director called you a Demi-Servant, but…
    What the heck does “Demi” mean?

    Page 120:
    I fused with a Heroic Spirit.
    In order to investigate and resolve Singularity F,
    Chaldea had prepared a Servant beforehand.
    Heroic Spirit
    I’ve fused with, he’d lost his Master in the explosion, and was going to vanish.
    However, just before that, he offered a contract to me, just as I was on the verge of death.
    He saved my life by fusing with me, and in exchange he wanted me to eliminate the cause of this singularity.

    Page 121:
    So Mash,
    Can you use that Heroic Spirit’s power?
    Not all of it.
    He vanished before he could tell me his name.
    Therefore, I don’t even know what Heroic Spirit I am—
    My “Noble Phantasm”,
    It’s the symbol of a Heroic Spirit. I can’t even use that…
    Noble Phantasm?
    Ah, so that’s the problem.
    A Servant who can’t use their Noble Phantasm certainly is incomplete.
    Come on… There’s no need for that.
    Mash fought really well—
    Listen here, kid.

    Page 122:
    For a Heroic Spirit, their Noble Phantasm is a weapon or power they can always use.
    It’s a symbol of that Heroic Spirit’s achievements or legends.
    All of them hold a power that far exceeds anything that can be achieved through modern Magecraft or science.
    Far exceeds…
    Are they that amazing?
    Blowing away a town with a swing of the sword.
    A Noble Phantasm like that isn’t uncommon.
    What the hell, that’s crazy.
    Yep, Noble Phantasms really are crazy.
    That’s why I’m so anxious…
    From the beginning, I was different from Cu Chulainn and King Arthur…
    I may be a Servant, but I’m not a “Hero”…

    Page 123:
    See, I can’t use my Noble Phantasm.
    A person like that can’t compete with The King Arthur…
    You’re shaking…
    …When that time comes, I’ll lend you a hand.
    When you were protecting your Master, I though you looked very much like a
    Heroic Spirit
    That hasn’t changed.
    Don’t worry.
    Say you’re worth only half a Heroic Spirit.

    Page 124:
    I, Cu Chulainn am worth more than 1.5 Heroic Spirits.
    We won’t lose!
    Th- Thank you… !!
    Right, break time’s over.
    Let’s keep that energy up, boys and girls!
    Text outside bubble: Wait…
    Small bubble: *gasp*
    Small bubble: *gasp*

    Page 125:
    We’re here.
    Saber is in the heart of this cavern,
    As is the Grail.
    You don’t need to tell me…
    The concentration of magical energy leaking from here is abnormal…
    It’s strange though…
    “He” hasn’t shown up yet.
    The Servant’s Saber defeated that became underlings.
    There was 4 of them.
    Between me and the girl, we defeated 3 of them.
    Lancer, Rider and Assassin.
    That means “He” should still be here.
    He obeys
    the wielder of the Holy Sword
    , her greatest defender—

    Page 126:
    Servant of the bow

    Sword Barrell
    Total Projection

    Full Open
    Consecutive Copy Type

    Page 127:
    You guys go on ahead.
    Don’t worry.
    I’ll catch up later.
    Cu Chulainn!!
    Stay back, Senpai!! The entrance is collapsing!

    Page 128:
    You’ve really lost your confidence.
    With only those few swords,
    You should have been able to carve at least one rune for defence…
    But as for separating you from those drifters,
    I’ve already achieved one part of my objective.
    That was your aim?
    That’s a terrible personality you’ve got there, you bastard…

    Page 129:
    As always, I choose the method with the greatest chance of victory, no matter how small the difference.
    From here it’ll be the close quarters combat you enjoy so much.
    You may be a Caster,
    But shall we see how long you can last?

    Page 130:

    …So you’ve come.
    I’ve confirmed it Master.
    Saber is at the top of that rocky mountain.

    Page 131:
    King Arthur!

    That’s an interesting servant…
    This voice… A girl?
    King Arthur was a woman…?
    No, more importantly,
    What? This pressure!
    Even this far away I have to brace myself,
    Otherwise I’ll collapse…!
    No doubt about it…
    She’s the strongest out of all the Servants we’ve faced so far!
    Well then—

    Page 132:
    I’ll test you out.

    Page 133:

    Page 134:

    Page 135:
    You messed up fighting me one on one, Caster.
    That failure of a Servant can’t match the King of Knights.
    What’s more, it seems she can’t use her Noble Phantasm.
    Of course, you’re just as stupid, accepting hand to hand combat as a Caster.

    Page 136:
    You don’t know how wrong you are, bastard.
    Messed up?
    No need to spout that crap.
    That girl and I are the best combo out there.
    From this point on,
    I’ll show you.
    He got behind me!?

    Page 137:
    That light’s a body strengthening rune!
    No, more importantly—
    This is bad.
    That stance—!!
    Let’s go, Archer.
    This blow,
    Will be my parting gift to you!

    Page 138:
    It’s no good…
    We can’t win with things as they are!
    We’re going to die like this!!
    We won’t get back to Chaldea either…!!
    How boring.

    Page 139:
    I’ll end this
    Right now.
    Magical energy reaction increasing!!
    Get behind me, Master!!
    Her Noble Phantasm!
    The Holy Sword is coming!!
    Swallow up the light,
    Excalibur Morgan
    Sword of Promised Victory

    Page 140:

    Page 141:
    I’m scared.
    Since that first battle I’ve always been scared.
    So scared that I just want to run away.
    I’m scared.
    This muddy stream of light is swallowing everything.
    There’s no way I can hold something like that off by myself.
    The shield’s getting too heavy…
    I can’t keep holding it.
    Someone, someone save me.

    Page 142:
    That’s right. Senpai is here as well.
    He’s been supporting me this whole time…
    Senpai. Senpai.
    You’ve helped me along—
    I won’t… let you die…!!
    What was I misunderstanding? Whether he’s a hero? That he can stand up strong, even when the opponent is a Heroic Spirit?
    That shouldn’t have been the case, but this person, despite his fear, with a sliver of courage…

    Page 143:
    Why are you trying to protect me?
    The one who should be fighting is me.
    Stand up…!!
    Even if I’m not a legendary hero,
    I’ll do it because I’m his Servant—!

    Page 144:
    Can I use it…
    I will use it!!
    The Holy Sword is being pushed back…?
    If I don’t use my Noble Phantasm now, everyone will be erased.
    I don’t care if it’s a fake!!
    I don’t care if it’s only this one time!!
    I have to use it.
    Otherwise, everyone will disappear!!!

    Page 146:
    Page 147:

    Noble Phantasm
    The light was completely erased—!!

    Page 148:
    Well well…
    I told you, didn’t I?
    The best combo out there.
    That girl’s class.
    Because she’s not a fighting type of
    Heroic Spirit

    Her Class is,
    That’s right,
    That girl
    Is the type of
    Heroic Spirit
    who protects.

    Page 149:
    Servant of the Shield

    I, I did it…
    Noble Phantasm deployment confirmed…
    Sen pai…
    It seems my magical energy was exhausted first…
    That old man leaves nothing but trouble…
    So indulging my own fixations finally ended in this…

    Page 150:
    Did you come to laugh at me?
    Ireland’s Child of Light.
    That’s not something I enjoy.
    I’m just here for the finishing blow.
    There’s a rune carved into the end of this staff.
    When I activate it, liquified magical energy will
    Be expelled at ultra-high pressure.
    So you defeated Archer as well…
    It’s fine. Do what you like.
    See you around, Saber.

    Page 151:
    This time for sure,
    I’ll take your heart.
    SFX: ZZZ
    Please calm down.

    Page 152:
    If you use your Noble Phantasm, your magical energy will decrease.
    If you don’t have enough magical energy, it will be drawn from your Master.
    He was worn out, so he’s sleeping.
    You stay still as well. I’ve applied healing Magecraft.
    Ah, yes…
    What did you think about using your Noble Phantasm?
    Do you know your true name?
    I was so focused that, in the end, I didn’t learn it…
    Is that so…
    Small text: Heh
    “It doesn’t matter that I’m not a legendary hero”
    “It doesn’t matter that I’m only a temporary Servant”
    With that wish you could use your Noble Phantasm.
    You saved us.
    Me, as well as this one here.
    As a whole
    Heroic Spirit

    Page 153:
    Your Noble Phantasm responded to that wish.
    It really is a moving story.
    You could even call it a fairy-tale.
    Sorry, forget what I said.
    It must be difficult to use a Noble Phantasm without it’s true name…
    We’ll have to think of an incantation…
    The name Chaldea has meaning for you as well.
    What do you think?

    Page 154:
    …It’s good!
    Lord Chaldeas.

    Page 155:
    My own
    Noble Phantasm—

    Page 157:
    Please wake up, Senpai.
    Yes, good morning Senpai.
    Good morning?
    What about King Arthur?
    There’s no need to worry. King Arthur was defeated.
    It was our victory.
    We… We won…
    Hold on Mash, Are you okay!
    You weren’t hurt, were you?
    I-I’m fine! I’m a Servant you know!
    What am I doing…

    - - - Updated - - -

    Chapter 4

    Page 158:
    Chapter 4 > Singularity F 4

    Page 159:
    He’s up in heaven now,
    Our father.
    3 years ago,
    Father passed away.
    I allowed myself to cry for Father.
    Just this once.
    I was to follow in Father’s footsteps.
    I had a duty.
    As the head of the noble Magecraft family Animusphere.

    Page 160:
    To Chaldea which my father had built.
    As its new Director.
    However, I—
    What is this!
    Did you think I would approve this report!
    Don’t you get it? Humanities future is depending on us!
    Don’t half-ass your work!

    Page 161:
    That director’s impossible.
    She probably doesn’t want us underestimating her because of her age, but she’s way too arrogant.
    In the end, she’s just using her parent’s status. She doesn’t have enough skill of her own.
    That’s enough, everyone. It’s time to change shifts, Isn’t it?
    P-Professor Leff, we’re terribly sorry.
    Not everyone thinks like that.
    Don’t let this discourage you too much.

    Page 162:
    I get it.
    As long as I get results they’ll understand.
    There’s no need to worry, Professor Leff.
    I’ll show you that I can do it.
    I believed that.
    Even so,
    Half a year ago, that occurred.
    Global Environment Model “Chaldeas”
    This isn’t a normal globe. You could say it’s a miniaturized version of the planet itself.

    Page 163:
    Therefore, the scenes projected are “events that have occurred” on this planet,
    Or “events that will occur”.
    Through observing that, we were able to guarantee humanity’s future.
    The city lights shining when seen from space.
    From the future, that light is proof of humanities continued existence.
    However, that light was extinguished… from the end of 2016.
    The city lights, the light proving humanities continuing existence, disappeared.
    Between all the objections and my staff’s confusion,
    I was at my limit.
    There was no way a little girl like me could shoulder the future of humanity.

    Page 164:
    I’ve brought medicine from Romani.
    If you’re in pain, you should take this.
    If only you had become the Director…
    You hold the staff’s trust, you’re kind to them. You’ve got the power to gather people to you.
    More suited than someone like me-
    That’s not like you.
    Not like me!
    Are you really saying you know me!
    Your father once said:
    “No matter the circumstances,”
    “Doing your upmost is the pride of the Animuspheres.”
    It’s just like he said.
    You’ve been doing the best you can, following in your father’s footsteps.

    Page 165:
    Don’t worry, Mari. I’m here with you.
    I’ll be here, supporting you.
    He was true to his word.
    He gave me his support.
    That’s why—
    The survivors number less than 20.
    Professor Leff isn’t one of them.

    Page 166:
    Anyway, we’ve gotten close to the grail…
    What do we need to do now?
    Don’t worry about it. I was just lost in my thoughts.
    If a Servant touches it, the grail should materialize.
    Right, Cu Chulainn?
    But I’ll hand that duty over to the girl.
    She’s the hero this time, anyway.
    No way…!
    But more importantly, I’m glad you’re safe.
    Thanks for that.
    But there’s no need to be so modest y’know.

    Page 167:
    Stopping that holy sword was no easy task.
    Girl, you’re a damn fine Servant.
    And with that…
    Your body…!
    It seems like my part’s over now that Saber’s been defeated.
    For it to end this suddenly…
    Hah, A Servant’s parting is rather quick.
    …You did well too, kid.
    You may still be a novice as a Master,

    Page 168:
    But you’ve got the most important thing a voyager needs.
    The will to oppose fate,
    And that decisiveness you showed before.
    To help that girl,
    You stood up to face a Servant.
    Don’t forget that recklessness.
    With that you’ll receive the divine protection of the start.
    He’s gone, hasn’t he…

    Page 169:
    Let’s take the grail and get back to our original time!
    Again, I wasn’t acknowledged…
    It’s obvious, isn’t it?
    In the end, I didn’t accomplish anything.
    Whether in Chaldea, or here in Fuyuki, I did nothing but make a lot of noise.
    What a sight.
    There’s no way a person who just wanted to do their best would be acknowledged, but—

    Page 170:
    Thank you.
    Without you we wouldn’t have survived.
    It was like that.
    After getting to Fuyuki, you were the one leading us in the right direction.
    If you weren’t there, Director, we wouldn’t have made it this far.

    Page 171:
    …You too.
    Despite being an ordinary person who knows nothing,
    You were of assistance…
    I’ll acknowledge it.
    Fujimaru Ritsuka,
    As the director of Chaldea,
    I acknowledge your accomplishments.

    Page 172:
    This makes me feel sick.
    Be careful, Master!
    There’s someone inside there.
    No way…

    Page 173:
    Leff Lynor…?
    Thank goodness! You’re alive—
    You can’t go near that.
    There’s something different from the Professor we know.
    Wh… What are you saying, Mash?
    Hello! This is the Chaldea control room! Romani Archaman.
    Professor Leff…
    You were still alive…
    Ah, a transmission from Chaldea.
    And from Romani too.
    You were left alive as well…
    Really now…

    Page 174:
    You don’t follow your orders.
    Every last one of you
    Are nothing but scum!
    The 48th candidate,
    Who I overlooked because you didn’t know anything.
    You became a Demi-Servant.
    Mash Kyrielight.
    You didn’t listen to what I said and ended up surviving.
    Romani Archaman
    All these unexpected events are really pissing me off.
    And the most unexpected thing of all.

    Page 175:
    The girl who hasn’t realized that she’s already dead.
    The miserable, pathetic, Olga Marie.
    Why are you so dim-witted?
    Has your brain stopped working since you’ve died?
    That unpleasantness won’t change.
    The explosion started beneath your feet.
    Why? Because I put it there.
    Your body’s long gone.
    There’s not even a trace left.
    The you here with us now is nothing but your regrets.
    Just a residual consciousness.

    Page 176:
    What are you saying…?
    I mean, I’m alive—
    Did you forget how rayshifting works?
    A rayshift converts a person’s soul into data, extracts it from their body, projecting it to a different time and space.
    In other words, to rayshift, they only thing holding you back is your body.
    Do you get it now? For you, without any aptitude,
    What would cause you to be able to rayshift?
    That would be your body no longer existing.
    It’s obvious.
    That can’t be….
    That’s why you won’t be able to return to Chaldea.
    You’re wrong!
    You see,
    The moment you return to Chaldea,
    You’re wrong!!
    Since you don’t have a body,
    Your consciousness can do nothing but dissipate!

    Page 177:
    I care too much for you!
    Since you gave up so much of your life for Chaldea I’ll show it to you.
    This is the state Chaldea is in right now.

    Page 178:
    Wh… What is that…
    Chaldeas has turned pure red…?
    It’s not true, right?
    Fujimaru? Mash?
    It’s just a fake image, right?
    Look very closely.
    I’ve connected space-time to show you this.
    There’s not a sliver of the blue that shows humanity’s existence.
    All that’s there is a blazing crimson.
    Isn’t that great, Mari.
    This is the outcome you brought about.
    Stop messing with me!!

    Page 179:
    Stop, Director!
    Please, return at once!
    This isn’t my fault…
    I haven’t failed!
    I definitely am not dead!
    What is with you!?
    What are you saying you’ve done to my Chaldeas!!
    Isn’t yours.

    Page 180:
    No way…
    My body’s floating—
    Right until the end, you were nothing more than an annoying little brat.
    I’ll be merciful.
    I’ll allow you to die at the hand of “your treasure”.
    Chaldeas is a high-density information field…
    An area of differing dimension.
    It’s similar to a black hole.
    If you touch it, it’ll disintegrate you on a molecular level.
    It’s the embodiment of hell.

    Page 181:
    No why?
    Why did this happen?
    No, I’m going to die here?
    I had finally been praised.
    I had finally been acknowledged.
    I don’t want to die here—!!
    Someone, save me!!!

    Page 182:

    Page 183:
    My body…
    Why! Even though I worked as hard as I could, I have to go through this!
    For Father’s desire!
    To protect humanity, I tried my best!!!
    I don’t want to diiiieeee!!!

    Page 184:

    Page 185:
    Well then, can you hear me, Doctor Romani?
    As an old school friend who studied on the path of heresy with me, this is my final warning.
    No longer has a purpose.
    You can’t see the future anymore, right?
    You can’t make contact with the outside world, right?
    And the personnel you sent outside to check on the situation?
    They still haven’t come back, have they?
    The conclusion has already been decided.

    Page 186:
    You, humanity has
    At this moment, fallen into ruin.
    Unfortunately, I’ll have to get going before too long.

    Page 187:
    What! What have you done, Leff!!
    When Saber was defeated, the singularity began to collapse. That’s all.
    So with that,
    Mash, number 48.
    I will now take my leave.
    I’ll give you at least some mercy.
    I shall allow your end to come from this!
    Number 48!

    Page 188:
    Can you hold my hand?

    Page 189:
    Honestly, I don’t understand anything…
    The Director might be dead.
    Humanity might really have fallen into ruin...
    That’s exactly why…
    I won’t let this end while I don’t know what’s going on!
    Will you lend me your hand,

    Page 190:
    Of course, Senpai.
    We won’t let you end it here!
    We’ll force our way through.
    Your orders,

    - - - Updated - - -

    That brings us to the end of volume 1 of Turas Realta. Still a bit more of Singularity F to go though.

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    2 Wtf at the end? They skip Septem? I don't mind about skipping it cuz it's the worst of part 1, but they skip Flauros fight just like that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knight of Rebellion13 View Post Wtf at the end? They skip Septem? I don't mind about skipping it cuz it's the worst of part 1, but they skip Flauros fight just like that?
    The other one was supposed to cover 2,4,6
    And this one covers 3,5,7 or something like that
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