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Thread: Crashing while launching alternate scenes or after Caren 5

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    Crashing while launching alternate scenes or after Caren 5

    Well, now that i have resolved my text problem i'm encountering some crashes near the end of the game (92.8%).
    The first problem is that i have no new scene after the the Caren 5 even after searching for every anoying places (school and forest) i have no new content and when go to
    the black holy grai
    on the 4th night i always get the bad end, but that's another problem that i corrected by getting a 100% save file and watching the scenes i missed.

    My actual problem is that i cant watch those scens because the game crashes once i start the scene from the extra menu. i would like to link the log file but i dont find it in my game directory (i can link the content if needed).
    The game crashes too when i try to see an alternate h scene.

    So if anyone could give me a little help that would be appreciated.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Okay, it seems that the crash problem was coming from the save itself, but i still cant see the alternate ones, and i cant continue the story after the flag Caren 5.
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