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Thread: Google Japan/Tokyo Tech Companies

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    Google Japan/Tokyo Tech Companies

    Exciting news for me, recently: I've been delving a lot into machine learning/DevOps at my current workplace, and a connection opened up with Google! In the application process currently for a US position; chances are low, I'm sure, but I'm working hard to study and prep for it.

    But I was curious about y'all's experience with tech companies in Japan, as I saw Google had a branch there, which I could transfer to; their Search division has open positions within my specialties, limited Japanese required (the office is all English speaking). Are any of you aware of the technology culture in Tokyo? It'd be a fun job for a few years; get to experience a new culture still working for the same company. But I've also heard worrisome things about Japanese work culture; wasn't sure if that extended to foreign companies like Google and others.

    If anyone has experience or knowledge about the tech culture in Tokyo, let me know! Would be good to know going forward, even if I fail the interviews.
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