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Thread: Unpopular TM opinions you have

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    I like Last Encore's atmosphere and basic plot but its problem was how much stuff wasn't explained in the anime, in favor of the website or drama CDs. It seemed like the process of changing Nasu's original LE novella into an anime script cut a bunch of stuff for time.

    Most of the characters fell flat for me too, but that was probably more on my end for not being familiar with the Extra cast at the time I was watching LE. I still stand by that the stated goal of making LE enjoyable both for fans and people new to Extra failed, because for new to Extra people you only just barely meet most of the cast before they die an episode later and move on to the next guy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mizukume View Post
    Since mod wanted no more of this I will stop. But then again there's not much to be said when all is already said here:

    That's the problem I had with your statements in the first place, also the very reason I told you to get out of your well, namely stuffs you could access atm in the west, dig deeper until you've got enough experiences, because the amount of stuffs you used to base your arguments on is just a drop of water in the sea and thus laughable for me (I used to watch most if not EVERY anime of a season back then, especially when I just got in university I watched all from the good to the trash because I was in charge of a mini review section of the university's media forum. I also played a lot of JRPGs and visual novels growing up, so don't be surprised about my reaction when I look at a casual's opinion).

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    And yes I do have an unpopular TM opinion, no, severals: ufotable is not that good with their adaptations outside of some cool CGI, HF is the worst FSN route I did not like any part of it, Extra's gameplay system is good, all timeloop settings after FHA are not as good as FHA.
    Important. I don't really need to dig deeper. Arguably, I would need to change my taste, which is the issue. Trust me, I know how things roll over there, but I am certain normal people from outside the "bubble" don't feel the same. Hence the issue. The only jumping to conclusions here was that your interest was shallow.

    I know my stuff, but I was arguing for the people that don't. You aren't the Western common denominator (and arguably aren't Western, thus major dissonance, and thus went the argument.

    Hopefully it's dead now.

    Also, I will never overcome the horror that was Extra CCC...

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    Quote Originally Posted by I3uster View Post
    If you guys actually wanna continue that discussion before we're getting everyone doing one last comment round with an on-topic afterthought you might as well make a thread in AMGD.

    It's a good discussion but it's taking over the thread, that's all.
    Missed this...

    Quote Originally Posted by Walnut Sparks View Post
    Lotsa reasons... although I'm not gonna go off on them unless you actually want to read it.

    I expect even people who don't like her would agree that she has a pretty design.
    I am talking after seeing her Liner design, where she looks like a cute onee-san type.

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